Resistance [CORTEZ]


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Hauptsturmfuhrer Otto Metzler studied the young Frenchwoman standing in front of him. He smiled as he noted the usual signs of fear as she moved uneasily from foot to foot; the sheen of sweat on her forehead, the goose bumps on the soft honey coloured skin of her arms and the faint trembling of her limbs as she tried to maintain some self control under his unblinking gaze.

He noted that she was flushed and breathing heavily no doubt she was still recovering from the intimate fondling and probing shed just undergone at Ingrids hands Metzler knew that the only female member of their little team always tended to be that much more painfully thorough when the subject was young, attractive and female. And Corporal Ingrid Volmer knew how to please her bosss tastes too, thought the Hauptsturmfuhrer no brassiere for the prisoner although shed let her put the ripped remains of her blouse back on for the short walk through the prison to their special interrogation centre.

He allowed himself another thin smile. Knowing Corporal Volmers tastes, this one probably had no panties either under that modest black skirt something he and Oberleutnant Krieger would be confirming for themselves in a few minutes if she proved to be as stubborn as she looked.

From the signs it was clear that Ingrid had taken time to masturbate their prisoner to a climax whilst she was supposedly searching her. Funny how often the stress of the arrest and the knowledge of what was about to be done to them, made the women so responsive to the corporals skilled ministrations. This one was certainly attractive, he thought, perhaps thats why the corporal had allowed her to keep her jaunty black beret, touch up her red lipstick and comb her heavy, shoulder length blonde hair so it framed her face like a gleaming silken cowl.

And, of course, having finger-fucked her once, Corporal Volmer would even more eager to join in the more searching interrogation later on when they took her to the other room down in the basement

Allowing the silent tension to build, Metzler flicked an imaginary strand of hair from the immaculate black cloth of one sleeve. Arrogant, Aryan and blonde; he was the image of the perfect SS officer. Whipcord britches tucked into gleaming black leather jackboots, a crisp white shirt under the black uniform jacket and a polished Sam Browne belt completing the ensemble. Everything set off by the touches of silver, the jacket piping, the lightning flash runes on each collar and, completing the deliberate menace of the uniform that had terrorised most of Europe, a silver deaths head badge gleaming from his carefully adjusted cap.

When he spoke finally, Hauptsturmfuhrer Otto Metzlers voice was quiet, cultured and controlled; it was only the coldness in his pale blue eyes that hinted at his taste for refined sadism and ingenious cruelty. He tapped the papers on the desk beside him.С So, Madam Deschamps, I believe you have things to tell us?

Her reply was quiet, trembling with suppressed terror. СM-mademoiselle, its M-mademoiselle and my n-names Liseux, Monique Liseux she pointed with one finger. СT-those are my papers, there on the desk next to that folder. She shivered despite her poise, the darker points of her body showing as shadowy discs, the tips tenting the sheer fabric of her unbuttoned blouse.

Metzler waited until the shirt-sleeved figure of his partner, Oberleutnant Franz Krieger had moved closer to the young Frenchwomans side. Then he shook his head in slow disbelief. СOh dear, just as thought Monique, if thats what you prefer to be called do you think were stupid? We know all about the so-called resistance the Marquis and their pitiful sabotage operations in this area. One or two of your colleagues have been most forthcoming. So, when I am told that a new radio operator is arriving all I have to do iswait until the package is delivered, so to speak…

Moniques eyes flickered between the two men; the edges of her torn blouse fluttering slightly as her breathing became rapid and shallow as she panted in rising fear. She lifted her hands, trying vainly to preserve some shreds of modesty but gasped as she prevented as each man gripped one of her arms just above the wrist.

For a few moments they just held her still, letting their victims fear and anticipation grow before her two interrogators gently peeled back the sides of her blouse and pushed the white fabric off her shoulders so the high, full curves of her breasts were completely revealed. Metzler studied the firm globes with their prominent, upturned nipples, watching as Monique Liseux bit her lip and a red flush of shame spread across the upper slopes, up her neck until it bathed her cheeks with glowing warmth. He circled one wide aureole very delicately with a manicured fingertip, watching intently as the peak rose and hardened at the caress.

Monique, realising what was about to happen, stared round wildly at his touch; craning her head to look at all corners of the plain, empty room. But there was nothing to see, just plain walls and bare floorboards. For furniture there was only a single wooden desk and telephone, a couple of upright wooden chairs, a battered metal chair frame in the corner and a small wooden crate pushed against one of the iron supporting pillars that braced the centre part of the ceiling.

Hauptsturmfuhrer Metzler knew exactly what she was thinking, what she was looking for and how mistaken she was. He traced his fingertip round the other aureole in turn. Amazing how much more obviously naked she looks like this, he thought as her body responded to the stroking touch.

СAh, I see you were looking for something from all the stories youve heard about the things we do to young womenyou expected something more, some equipment special devices of some kind perhaps? The smile was wolfish and without warmth. СDont worry, Mademoiselle, we have another place that is rather more fully equipped than this office, somewhere youll visit very soon I expect. But for encouraging stubborn little girls to talk we dont need anything elaborate really.

On her right Oberleutnant Franz Krieger released the shivering nineteen-year-olds arm and casually lit a cigarette before gripping her elbow once more.

СLet me show you or rather Ill let the Lieutenant show you a taste of what is to come if you persist in defying me. Just a light touch, Franz, on the outer edge I think

In the silence there was a tiny Сpsssst of sound.


Moniques breath hissed raggedly between clenched teeth after the initial gasp of agony as the lieutenant touched the tip of his cigarette to the outer edge of her left aureole very gently. She bucked against the cruel male hands holding her still but managed to stifle her reactions to the sudden, blazing pain of the little circular burn. Taking a deep breath she stared defiantly back at the smooth, expressionless face before her.

СBastards! My names Monique Liseux Im a teacher from Lille and Im visiting my aunt in Nantes. Youve no right to do this!

СWrong Im afraid I have every right. We are at war and this district is under military occupation. You are undoubtedly a spy, caught wearing civilian clothes and carrying false papers. Therefore you are mine to do with as I wish! The last words were rapped out like a drumbeat. Metzler paused, eyes raking over the half-naked young Frenchwoman. СNow, before I ask Oberleutnant Krieger to continue will you tell me where your transmitter can be found?

The reply was almost a whisper, Сmy names M-Monique Liseux, Im a teacher not a spy! Please dont hurt me, please

Hauptsturmfuhrer Metzler nodded slowly, glancing across at Krieger with a half smile of satisfaction. СThen, unfortunately for you, you give me no choice, mademoiselle. He took two paces back and with a swift, practised movement drew his Luger. He lifted it until the muzzle was pointing at Moniques knee. СNow, if you would be good enough to remove your skirt and shoes

I, I…

СYou will do as I order now or I will shoot you in the knee and then Oberleutnant Krieger will strip you naked anyway You have three seconds to decide

Monique Liseux sobbed in shame and fear as she scrabbled to push the waistband of the skirt down over her hips. Just as Metzler had suspected, beneath it she was quite naked. As the skirt dropped to the floor she kicked off her black shoes and crossed her thighs, arms held across her breasts and groin in the classic gesture of concealment.

СAnd now against the pillar if you please, with your hands behind your back.

Under the pistols menace she shuffled across the boards and was about to move the small wooden box out of the way when Metzlers cold voice interrupted once more.

СNo, mademoiselle, with your back to the pillar, arms behind you and standing with your feet on either side of that box if you please.

As Monique obeyed she felt Kriegers hands pulling her hands together behind the rounded upright. There was a metallic rattle, followed by the sharp click and biting pressure as he snapped the handcuffs closed round her wrists.

Instantly she was held fast, pinned back helplessly against the cold iron of the pillar with the box forcing her to keep her feet wide apart. The Nazi captain holstered his luger and ran his fingers up one tanned thigh, barely brushing the carefully trimmed fur at her groin before moving up to caress the soft undercurve of Monique Liseuxs right breast.

СListen carefully mademoiselle, Oberleutnant Krieger is about to cause you very considerable pain with such ease remember how that first little burn felt? Let me assure you that he is an expert in these things and this will be much, much worse as you are about to discover. If you wish him to stop, you only have to tell me what I want to know.

СGo fuck yourself, Captain!

Grinning broadly at the outburst, Lieutenant Krieger drew heavily on his cigarette then, at Otto Metzlers nod, touched the brightly glowing tip casually between Monique Liseuxs breasts. Once again there was the soft, muffled Сpsssst! as the red-hot ash seared the delicate skin and the young French woman threshed from side to side as the pain scalded through her body.

СAaaah! Ah, ah you, you You anima. AAAAHHHH!

Her words were cut off by another gasp of outrage and pain as the Lieutenant touched the burning tip against the soft delicate underside of her right breast. Again he paused, letting the pain reach full intensity before drawing the cigarette to full heat once more for the next application.

Working with a dreadful, slow precision Oberleutnant Krieger embossed a series of agonising burns down the young Frenchwomans naked front. The clenched teeth and agonised jerks of each torturing touch of the cigarette were accompanied by a series of half-stifled cries and gasps of agony as Monique Liseux fought to deny her torturers the pleasure of hearing her scream at the unrelenting agony of their branding.

СBastards! Bastards! Filthy Nazi bastards You creeps, you perverts Aaaarrrgggh!

Moniques litany of curses was finally broken as the lieutenant gently rotated the glowing tip of his cigarette against the soft bulge of her mound pressing it into the strip of carefully trimmed hair arrowing down to the slick, prominent lips of her cunt.

This time, the nineteen-year-olds control finally broke and she arched back against the unyielding pillar. Her anguished wail rang out in a single piercing cry as the crinkling hiss of burning hair added its particular acrid smell to the blue haze of tobacco smoke filling the interrogation room.

At the sound Hauptsturmfuhrer Otto Metzler raised his hand and the two officers stood back to watch the beautiful, naked young Frenchwoman writhing and twisting dementedly at the cumulative agony from the chain of small, raw circular burns now pock marking her slim, tanned figure. She was shivering uncontrollably with a combination of shock and pain although her skin gleamed with perspiration, a few single droplets even trickling down her flanks and into the soft crease of her groin.

СMonique, open your eyes look at me Metzlers voice was still soft and coaxing as he waited for the pinioned, helpless figure to react to his words. Slowly, very slowly, she looked up, the dark blue eyes brimming with tears as she blinked to focus on the uniformed figure of her interrogator.

СThat took less than five minutes think of what we will do to you in the next three or four hours unless?

СGo to hell and take this other Nazi animal with you She spat the words out between heaving breaths. СNothing to say, nothing at. all!

СThen Im afraid you must receive a more intimate lesson You really are a very foolish young woman. As he spoke, his manicured fingers cupped the bulging lips of the pretty nineteen-year-olds cunt; his touch bringing another gasp of outrage and a frantic craning forward of her head as Monique Liseux tried to watch the Captains fingers sliding into the intimate folds of her body so casually.

She squeezed her eyes shut with shame as she realised that she was still wet and slippery with unwanted arousal. Just like that moment during the examination when she knew that the mannish-looking Corporal was going to make her come, like it or not, and shed actually wanted to reach that delicious peak of feeling; pressing herself down onto the womans knowing, prying fingers as they thrust deep into her vagina.

The shame deepened as she heard the two men laughing aloud when the captain held up his hand, the fingers gleaming wet with her juices. He reached down again, using just his forefinger this time, and stroked the soft crease of her slit, carefully stimulating the tissues so the lips swelled and parted to reveal the startling pinkness of her inner labia and the little tented peak of the fleshy hood protecting the erect stub of her clitoris.

СAnd this is the place that gives you much pleasure oh yes, I can see it does the finger circled the hood so that Monique bucked and moaned with the sudden sensation. СBut, for dirty little spies it should be pain not pleasure. Lets see how you like Oberleutnant Kriegers special touch just there instead shall we

The two men crouched down on either side of the prisoner, Metzler carefully placed one hand on her right thigh, pulling her leg so that the wet, glistening leaves of her cunt were fully displayed. The lieutenant lit a fresh cigarette and drew on it heavily so the tip glowed angrily against the soft honey-coloured skin. Then, holding the cigarette vertically between forefinger and thumb he brought it up to touch the wildly sensitive tip of flesh guarding the nineteen year olds clitoris. This time there was a longer, louder Сpsssst as he pressed and twisted the glowing end carefully and precisely against the entrance of her slit

СYyyyyyyyyyyyiiiiiihhhhhh! NOOOOoooooooo!

Monique Liseux slammed back against the pillar, muscles locked rigid and her whole body arched in a single rictus of blazing agony. Her eyes were wide and her mouth open in a circle of disbelief as the wild, animal scream was ripped from her throat by the scalding torment. Krieger smiled satanically, brought the cigarette to his lips and took another long pull before tapping the ash to the floor. СReady again, little spy

This time, the lieutenant carefully parted her labia with his other hand so the little burned nub was fully exposed before bringing the cigarette slowly between the wet, scorched lips once more. Again they heard the soft brief hiss of contact with the raw wet flesh; the moments silence then the mad, rattle of the handcuffs against the pillar, the clatter of the box on the floorboards and the prisoners wild, demented scream echoing round the smoky interrogation room.

The harsh burr of the telephone broke the awful application of the torture and allowed the woman to slump, sobbing and mumbling, against her bonds. Krieger flicked one breast in arrogant dismissal as he straightened up, smoking unconcernedly and waited for his superior to answer the call.

СYes, Hauptsturmfuhrer Metzler speaking Colonel Reitz, yes Sir Metzler straightened to attention. СNo, nothing more yet No sir, the more rigorous interrogation has only just started I see of course, Sir yes at once. The receiver clattered onto the rest. СOberleutnant Krieger


СThe Colonel has ordered me to see him immediately it seems there may be at least one more subject for our particular attentions in a few hours. He paused and looked at Moniques hunched figure. СBearing in mind the offensive comments Mademoiselle Liseux has been making about Officers of the Reich, I suggest you take her to the yard and administer some suitable reprimand. Enjoy her charms if you wish but do not damage her unduly I will want her taken downstairs in an hour intact she still has things to tell us after all.

СOf course, Captain, I understand completely. Krieger saluted as the captain picked up the buff file and Moniques papers from the desk and marched out. СNow, my little French spy lets get these cuffs off

СOh God, what have you done to me Moniques words were muffled as she crashed forwards onto her knees, one hand buried in her groin whilst the other clutched the worst of the angry red dots scattered down the length of her belly. СAh, no, no dont t-touch me, leave me alone you bastard Arrrrgh!

СGet up, mademoiselle, up at once! You and I have an appointment outside so come on One hand seized her upper arm in a vice-like grip and the Lieutenant half pulled; half dragged the sobbing young woman to a door at the back of the room. Monique was still desperately trying to soothe the agony in her breasts and groin as she was forced along a short corridor and out into the inner courtyard of the old prison.

Krieger paid no attention at all to her pleas and protests, twisting her arm to force her across the cobbles to where two uprights, about eight feet apart supported a strong iron rod. He held her in position beneath the bar by the simple device of grabbing a handful of hair and pulling her head back.

СHold your arms up bitch or Ill burn you again

СOh no, please no, please dont Monique whimpered lifting her arms above her head in a desperate attempt to avoid the threat. The Lieutenant grabbed her left wrist and snapped the cuff dangling from the bar tightly closed. Then her right wrist was jerked up and outwards so she was forced up onto tiptoe in a crucifix position as he snapped the second cuff shut.

СDont do what you little French slut. As the captain said, time for a lesson in manners With that he marched back to the open doorway and disappeared in side. Monique Liseux snivelled and sniffed, shuffling her toes on the cold stones as she looked around.

The courtyard was surrounded by high brick and stone walls, some pierced by the tiny slitted windows of prison cells, some with larger, heavily barred windows. At one end a curved arch sealed by heavy, grey gates was obviously some kind of vehicle entrance. Two or three other doorways opened onto the cobbles but it was the equipment scattered around that made her catch her breath in horror.

Beside the metal frame she was dangling from there was a single post, thick and black with preservative set in concrete. Straps were attached and different points and a pair of cuffs was fastened with a length of chain to the very top. Right in the middle of the square was a wooden platform about three feet high. In the middle was a peculiar triangular shaped object about waist high. Steep at one end, the other sloped away to a pair of brass handles. Padded with dark brown leather it looked both old and menacing even if Monique wasnt quite sure what it was.

It was only when the morning sun came from behind the clouds and she was able to see the detailed curves and heavy straps that she understood the object was a whipping frame, designed to hold someone for a prison beating or flogging and raised so that others could watch the punishment being delivered.

No, no, they cant beat me, no I havent done anything its not fair, they cant, she thought. All those stories, true, all of them true Her useless recriminations were stopped dead as she looked up at the movement in the doorway then she screamed as she saw the long black whip coiled in Oberleutnant Kriegers hand.

СTime for your lesson dont worry about being watched, Im sure that your next little dance, especially those delightful bouncing tits will provide some entertainment for the men So, let me remind you that you speak respectfully to German officers at all times


The thin tail of the whip flicked round her torso to snap agonisingly against the undercurve of her breast and Monique Liseux lifted her head and squealed to the sky. Just as the Lieutenant had predicted, she also began a stamping, twisting dance of agony as the blazing pain of the first weal seared across her skin.

СSplattt! СSplattt! СSplattt! СSplattt! СSplattt!

The black tail of the whip, wielded by a master, laced her flanks and buttocks with a network of thin, red lines lines that crossed and recrossed all the places where the flesh was most delicate and most sensitive. Each lash laid on with sadistic carebeneath each breast, along the sides of her ribs and across the soft crease under each buttock. By the tenth stroke Monique was screaming continuously, her dance now a wild fandango of pain as she threw herself in every direction to try and avoid the blazing torture.

Twenty strokes and Oberleutnant Krieger carefully coiled the plaited leather in a circle as he watched the young Frenchwomans frantic threshing movements. Putting the whip down he reached out and slipped his hands between her legs from front and back.

СAaaaaaaarrrgggh! No, hurts, hurts, no, please no

The protest was quite futile as she felt his fingers forcing their way into her vagina and probing the tight ring of her anus. СTime for you to feel the strength of the SS he hissed. СJust like the Captain discovered, youre a wet little bitch arent you

For a blessed moment the hands were gone. Then Krieger was lifting her left knee, bringing it high against her breast so that the wet cleft of her body was held open. A brief fumbling then the warmth of his penis, thick and hard, the wide glans pressing into her vagina so she felt the stretching invasion as he adjusted his position.

СOh no, no please, p-please don Mmmmmff! Ah, ah no! T-t-t-to b-big, s-s-slow Aaaaah!

The dangling nineteen year old cried aloud once more as she felt the head of the Nazi lieutenants cock pop though the entrance. His hip flexed again and she cried out as she felt the whole massive length of his shaft thrust deep into her body.

СBetter enjoy the occupation, slut because you dont have any choice Oberleutnant Krieger gripped Monique Liseuxs hips more firmly and began a steady, driving rhythm, each time pulling out until just the glistening helmet nuzzled between her soaking labia before driving back until the full nine inches were buried and the crest of his penis butted the mouth of her cervix.

Despite the pain, despite the agony of her burns and despite every effort to ignore the signals of her body, Monique felt herself getting wetter and wetter as the slow deliberate fucking continued. The oily piston of his cock was driving her wild and soon it was the young French woman who was trying to speed the pace, jerking and bucking to increase the tormenting stimulation.

СYes, yes, thats it bitch, harder, go on, harder, harder. Yes, yes! YES! There! Im there, Im there Yes! Yes! She felt the warm, spurting flood inside her as he came. Two or three brutally hard thrusts and the lieutenant abruptly pulled himself free of Moniques body leaving her twitching and panting on the brink of coming. He turned away, carefully adjusting his britches and bending to pick up the evil black whip.

СRemember your manners next time, spy bitch! He said softly. СYou can think about things for a little while When the Captain talks to you again it will be downstairs Im delighted to say that youll find it a great deal more unpleasant than the first session unless you decide to talk of course

Monique Liseux hung from her wrist cuffs, flanks wet with sweat, her body scored with weals and small circular burns and her thighs sticky with semen and her own fluids. Her eyes were half closed but her chest still heaved as she tried to bring her breathing back under some sort of control.

The nineteen year old knew that the Lieutenant was right. They had hardly started yet. But her orders were quite clear she had to hold out she just had to.

Unfortunately for Monique Liseux, her Nazi torturers knew that as well

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