Prisoners Of War [MR. KANE’S]


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During the French Revolution, aristocratic women who fell into the hands of the revolutionaries were not always guillotined. Sometimes their torment was more terrible than the fall of the blade…

The Interrogating the False Countess

Claudia has been shut up in the chest for several days now… She knows that at any moment a guard may come and force her to suck him off. She knows too that if she refuses she will be punished with a heavy leather strap.

Jeannette, a poor but beautiful serving girl, posed as an aristocrat when the soldiers arrived, thinking she would be protected by her social status…

But Lieutenant Lecrec saw through her pose immediately. He decided to give her a good fright. A good, cruel fright…

He treated her as if she was the Countess, and accused her of collaborating with the enemy. He forced her to submit to a brutal interrogations session in which she was suspended by her breasts…

The unfortunate girl soon confessed that she was only a servant. She was then lowered and forced to suck her interrogator’s member. Then she was questioned about her mistress’s whereabouts, but said nothing.

“As you wish,” said Lecrec. “I’ll have you suspended by the tits again. Make an effort. Try to remember or I’ll have your tits cut off, both of them!”

The Countess of Fortrois is tortured

Thanks to the information given by Jeanette, the Countess was kidnapped and taken to the fortress of Saint Just.

The trial was fast and the sentence brutal. She too would by suspended by the breasts and her feet would be cut. She would either lose her breasts or die from loss of blood.

She begged for mercy, prostrating herself before Lecrec, offering herself to him to do as he wished with.

He abused her repeatedly in all manner of different ways, and then led her to see her servant Jeanette, whose lovely breasts had suffered so terribly…

At dawn he had her taken to a raised platform, where she was to be suspended.

Tears streamed down her cheeks as she pleaded for mercy. In vain. The ruthless Jacobin took great pleasure in torturing aristocratic women.

“Do you want me to fuck you before I kill you, Countess?”


During the wars that decimated Europe in the 19th Century, horror and unbridled cruelty reigned, and fell most heavily on defenseless women prisoners.

Kidnapping the General’s wife

The much-feared bandits in the mountains grew in numbers and boldness. They had attacked an army outpost, taking General Voncurt’s young wife prisoner. They kept her for a month, raping and humiliating her in every conceivable way, and beating her and flogging her on the most intimate parts of her lovely body.

They were waiting for the ransom they had demanded for her. But instead of the ransom, they received numerous attacks, which gradually reduced their numbers.

They tried to put a halt to these attacks. They sent a message to the General, informing him where he could find his wife. They left her there, suspended from an old oak by her magnificent breasts… and they waited.

The spy

Daniella had worked hard during the early days of the siege, but her movements had aroused the suspicions of Captain Folkov.

She was accused of spying, and interrogated brutally. Meanwhile, the cannons thundered around the fortress, weakening it…

“Come on, you slut!” the Captain shouted. “Tell me where the store is, and the wells, or Boris’s whip will take the skin off you!”

“NOOOOOO!!! Please! NOOOOOO!!!” Daniella shouted in terror. She knew she could not take much more. The terrible rope was digging cruelly into her breasts and into her much-abused, swollen vagina…

Females were often shut up in ordinary men’s prisons, or in barracks, where they served as sexual slaves for the use of enemy soldiers.

A Caravan of Whores

The row of filthy prisoners, ragged and bruised, finally reached the border fortress of Montgore. It was getting dark. The women were struggling not to fall. Some could hardly stand up.

They had all been sentenced to forced prostitution in the barracks. The infamous mark had been branded onto their breasts. They all looked out of the corners of their eyes at the cruel stick, carved into the shape of a penis and covered in blood… The ring around it bore the inscription “The rebels’ seat”.

“You! Blondie! I’ll be down for you tonight. So you can get your cunt working. I want to see it dripping like a witch’s broom on a wet night! I like my sluts nice and affection and ready to fuck!”

The dreaded Harno

Harno is the man in charge of punishing prisoners in Montgore.

His brutality knows no limits. He is the absolute Master in the Tower and the Courtyard of Pain. The only way to reduce the cruelty of the punishment is to satisfy him sexually, but that too is difficult…

“Take a good look, Princess. It’s shitty from this pig’s asshole! Get down on your knees and get working or I’ll skin your clitoris with this!”

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