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Sergeant Alveda glanced over once again at the naked foreign women standing, bound, in the open cell. Who could blame him? The slut’s body, criss-crossed with whip marks, was slender and beautiful, her large, full breasts jiggling and bouncing enticingly as her body wracked and heaved with sobs.

“Ooowww.. eeethh… ooowwww…. aiii aa ooowist… ooowwww…”

If Sergeant Alvedo’s english had been better – if he’d spoken any english at all – he might have interpreted the slut’s words, stifled behind the bright red ball gag, as “no… please… no… I’m a tourist….” But, alas, he spoke no english and, even if he had, it is doubtful that he would have shown any mercy. The woman was a whore… all foreign women were whores… everyone knew that. It was known. But the slut just kept screaming the same words over and over again… sounding like “toorist… toorist…” as the men in the police station, one after another, took each of her holes. As they did with all of the new whores in town. It was practically a tradition.

But the new slut… the men just called her “Toorist” now, bucked and sobbed and screamed incomprehensively… as if the men were not permitted to take their due. Almost as if she didn’t want to fuck them.

Still, as the Captain had pointed out, sluts were sluts and whores were whores. He had demonstrated this point with Toorist the previous evening. Once the men had each had their fill of her, the Captain had spread the women wide and, a grin on his wizened old face, had shown the men just what kind of a whore the woman really was. Toorist had seemed to resist at first, twisting and squirming away from the old man’s fingers, but the Captain had been persistent.

Tears streaming down her face, legs spread wide by the ropes the men had wrapped around her thighs, Toorist had began to respond to the Captain’s grimey fingers. The men had hooted and jeered as the woman, clearly shown to be a slut of the worst kind, had bucked and writhed and, finally, cum on the Captain’s fingers. Just like a whore. Inspired, the men fell upon the bound woman with renewed energy and, one by one and in groups of two and three, took their pleasure from her body. Toorist came at least five more times before they were done with her.

So now, Toorist remained in jail, awaiting a judge to hear her case. Sergeant Alveda smiled. It would be at least a week before a judge became available. In the meantime, he and the other men would continue to interrogate their new prisoner.

“Feel that, you asian cunt… that’s my dick about to bust your cherry ass.”

Su-Lin squealed in panic around the large, green ball gag held firm in her mouth. The young Chinese woman turned her head, looking helplessly back as the man began to jam his thick, heavy cock into her asshole.

It had all started out as a simple speeding ticket. The cop had pulled her over for going 55 in a 50 kmh speed zone. Su-Lin, new to the country and made arrogant by her father’s money and position back home – this would never have happened back in China – had first offered a bribe and, when that hadn’t worked, had started screaming at the cop, berating him for pulling her over. Unlike the obsequious police officers of her homeland, the man had refused to accept her behavior. . Almost immediately, Su-Lin had found herself in handcuffs, in the back seat of the man’s police car. He had told her that they were going to the station for questioning, but instead he had taken her to a run down motel on the outskirts of town. Before the Chinese woman could say anything, he’d slipped a ball gag into her mouth and dragged her into one of the rooms.

That had been over three hours ago. Since then, the man had fucked her in two or her three holes, shooting his cum into her pussy and into her mouth.

“Here is comes cunt… right up the ass.”

Su-Lin closed her eyes against the pain as the cop began to take her remaining hole.

Karen let out a shrill squeal of pain as the detective jerked tight the straps holding the ball gag in her wide open mouth. She had told them, over and over again, that she didn’t know where her boyfriend was. But the cops had been in no mood to listen. Barry, her boyfriend, had killed a police officer and they would stop at nothing to track him down.

The interrogation had already been brutal. After picking her up, the cops kept her imprisoned in a small room, cold and bare. They kept asking the same questions, over and over again… and were clearly not satisfied by the answers. After a while, they had stripped off her clothes, leaving the poor girl naked and shivering in the room. Then came the beatings… the slaps, the kicks, the punches… it had been when Karen was doubled over, mouth open and gasping for air after a blow to a stomach, that one of the cops has stuck his cock into her mouth… Helpless, the woman had no choice but to suck until the man had shot his load down her choking throat.

After that, the questioning seemed to stop as the men began to use her body as a fuck toy. There were so many…

Now, with the ball gag firmly locked into her cum soaked mouth, Karen understood that they believed her when she said she didn’t know where her boyfriend was. They weren’t asking questions any more.

They just didn’t care…

“Oh, that’s right, baby… suck him… suck him good… take that cop’s cock into your whore mouth and suck him dry. That’s good… good girl… I knew you were a slut… a whore… a dumb cunt… From the first day I saw you parading your ass in court, a shit hot defense attorney getting the scumbags out of jail and back onto the street… I knew you were a cunt. Oh yes… you thought you were a big shot lawyer, didn’t you? But I knew better… yes I did… I saw you for the whore you are… for the whore you will be… that’s right… give it a good sucking… it’s good practice… you’re gonna be doing a lot of that where you’re going…. What, you thought you were going to go free after this? Hell, girl… even a dumb ass cunt like you ought to know better…. no, after we’re done with you, we’re shipping you south to a friend of ours who does business in Tijuana… that’s right, no more courtrooms for you, baby… from now on, sucking and fucking dick is what you do… good girl… there you go… just like a whore….”

“Hello, Mrs. Mitchell. Remember me?”

Eileen MItchell remembered him, alright. It was the asshole motorcycle cop who had called her a “stupid bitch” after pulling her over when she had gone speeding through the school zone. It was the cop she had filed a formal complaint against… and who had been demoted when the police board concluded, on the basis of her somewhat creative testimony, that the officer had demonstrated “regrettable sexist behavior”. It was the dumb ass cop who had been suspended for three months and then required him to undertake a course of “sensitivity” training.

“You fucked me over, good, Mrs. Mitchell,” the cop growled, advancing into the room. “And now it’s my turn to do the same for you. We know your husband is gone all week on a business trip. By the time he gets back, you’ll be long gone, spreading your legs in some Mexican whorehouse.”

“Mmmm…” Eileen squealed through the gag.

“But first,” the cop grinned, “I get you all to myself for a couple of days.”

Under communist rule, the secret police of this Republic had unlimited supplies of beautiful, young women to rape. Almost anyone could be accused of plotting against the state, and imprisoned without a trial. Now with the fall of communism, and independence, the secret police developed new strategies to maximize the exploitation of women. Many beautiful, young women were arrested from the poorest neighborhoods, and were quickly forced into signing confessions, and then sent to prison. This did not arouse suspicion, and provided the secret police with plentiful bounty.

All the girls were promised a transfer to a normal jail, once they confessed. The first night, a man would ask for the girl’s signed confession. She always said no, and then she saw a huge smile on the man’s face, as he proceeded to brutally rape her, over and over again. The second night there were two men, with huge smiles on their faces. If the poor girl refused to sign, then they would both rape her, over and over again. An additional man was added every night, until finally, when the group of horny men marched into the girl’s cell, and handed her the confession, she would quickly sign it. The girl thought her troubles were over, but instead, they had just begun. With crooked smiles, and lust in their eyes, one officer would say, OK, but put the time down as 12 hours from now. “NNNNOOOOOOOOO, Pleeeease, I signed the paper, please leave me alone…” The brutal men ignored her pleas, and raped her all night.

But the police were truthful, when ever a female prisoner signed a confession, all other prisoners could see that she was transferred out of this hellhole. But it was really a trap. Several men would guard the “released girls”, as they made their way around a crooked road, only to return to the other side of the prison building. The guards watched the girl’s faces turn from hope to despair, as they realized they were returning to the other side of the same prison. As the girls sobbed, the guards assured them that they would get the best of “care”, especially as they were all confessed criminals with life in prison, without parole.

The poor girls would continue to be the sex slaves of the secret police, only now there was no hope of escape.

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