Kisses Of Dominance [HINES]


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When Millie was first cornered in the alley by the masked robber, she thought that all he was going to take was her money. But after taking in Millie’s pretty face and fine figure, the man decided to take more. Forcing her deeper into the back alley, the robber took his time assaulting his scared prisoner. It was over an hour before he let Millie off the dirty concrete paving.

“Yeah, that was a good bit of fuckin’ we did, bitch. C’mere and show me how much you liked it by givin’ me some good, wet kissin’ with that nice little tongue of yours…”

Great Aunt Hilda’s rancid breath caused her niece Tyra to recoil a bit as the old woman pulled her back close for another kiss.

“Don’t be so shy, girl. Your old Auntie only wants to teach you how to kiss the way I like it. Nothing wrong with us being close is there? After all, I’m afraid that you’ll not be leaving this house anytime soon. Nurse Vilma here has helped me to prepare a little room down in the cellar just for you. Nice and cozy with a sturdy lock. Only she and I will know you’re down there, but don’t worry; I’ll visit you often and I’m sure Nurse Vilma will too. So let’s celebrate your arrival with some more kissing before I put you to work eating this old, neglected pussy of mine, Okay?

“Kiss me real long and deep, sweet niece. Don’t make me have Nurse Vilma spank you again. Yes, such a nice tongue you have, Tyra. Kiss me deeper…Mmmmmmm”

Jeanine’s body was still shaking from the severe whipping that Colonel Adbul had just finished giving her. Colonel Adbul hadn’t liked the defiant way that Jeanine had answered his first question. The long beating had finally jolted her out of the fantasy that this country was a place that a prisoner had rights. She knew that she was innocent of doing anything that might be a crime. Just an exchange student trying to discover what this strange foreign country was all about. Now she was finding out….

“Now, unless you want me to begin hurting you again, I suggest you show more respect and obedience. Or would you rather I give you another whipping?”

“Please, no! Please! ”

“That’s better,” the Colonel smiled. ” You promise to be a good girl? To do what you are told? Promise to obey me in all ways?” He unbuckled his pants, exposing his thick cock. It was clear what he expected from Jeanine… “If not, I will whip you again. Much harder …”

“N-no, don’t hurt me again! Please! ”

“Good, now show me how you foreign girls kiss a man when you want him to fuck you…..”

Bonnie was just the kind of white girl that Reggie wanted as a slave. A tall but baby-faced 18 year – old redhead with a lean body. Just perfect for Reggie to spend hours upon hours fucking and humiliating. It had taken him over a month of searching to finally come upon her working at a bookstore and another two weeks of stalking her and learning her routine before being able to kidnap her without leaving any clue as to her fate. But Bonnie was worth all the effort. After a bit of smacking around and hard application of his clothes hanger, she was turning out to be quite an exciting fuck. Reggie liked the way she cried when she obediently wrapped her long , trim legs around him as he finished off another long rape by emptying his balls and filling her shallow pussy with his thick cum.

Yeah, Reggie just couldn’t keep himself from fuckin’ his slave every chance he got. Like now. He had a spare hour before having to go to work….. Bonnie knew by the hard way he kissed her that Reggie was real horny and his cock was big and ready…. that he’ll fuck her hard and that he’ll hurt her badly…

“Ready for a good one, my pretty?”

20 Year-old Vickie, freshly kidnapped off a street in the States, didn’t know where she was or why she had been abducted. All she knew was that they were speaking Spanish here. Yes, she knew it was Spanish, but she couldn’t understand it. She saw the strange dark men and women who looked in at here as she sat shackled in her cage; saw the exchange of money and knew that she had been sold. But why? Who were all these people ? Vickie wasn’t able to stop herself from constantly crying and trembling with fear…..

The trunk of the car was cramped and uncomfortable and the ride lasted quite a long time before they stopped and took her out of the trunk and into strange house.

Everything was so uncertain and the language barrier seemed to prevent her from communicating with her captors. Except for when the dark-skinned woman named Estela visited Vickie’s cell-like room each night…. Estela’s brusque and direct manner made it very clear what was on her mind. Estela’s aggressive tongue always

forced it’s way deep into the back of Vickie’s mouth; Estela’s tongue, so long and covered in thick saliva….

Then, after Estele had worked herself up, she would rise in order to remove her clothes before lowering her cunt and anus down on Vickie’s own captive tongue…

“You gonna do my three holes, sweetie…. My mouth, my unwashed pussy and my shit stained asshole… you gonna give me a good time, uh?”

It was again noon and like clockwork, Miss Golith arrived at Darleen’s cell for their daily lesson. If Darleen anticipated these visits with dread, Miss Golith was beginning to really look forward to them. Miss Golith, being a professional trainer of slaves, usually cold and calculated approach to training the various young ladies who were brought to the institution in order to be re-made into perfect obedient slaves before being offered up for auction. But this pretty blond Darleen was a different matter. Something about the girl, something that made Miss Golith want to take a more personal interest….

Miss Golith snuggled up close beside the cringing prisoner, taking note of the girl’s smooth, healthy complexion. Darleen’s body might have been covered with the bruising and markings from Miss Goltih’s previous visits, but the skin still retained much of it’s natural radiance and clarity. Miss Golith liked that skin; had a brief, perverted thought of how that wonder skin might look stretched and displayed on Miss Golith’s living room wall.

“Do you want me to show you mercy today, Darleen?

“W-what…?” Darleen recoiled in confusion.

Miss Golith moved tight against the slave. Worship my paddle, Darleen. Caress it with your soft hands while you twine your tongue with mine. Show me that you want my mercy and I promise that I’ll only spank you half as much…”

Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!