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Anne walked past the construction yard every day on her way to work, wearing a blouse that revealed her ample cleavage and a skirt so short you catch the occasional glance at her black lace panties. Her black high heels clicking against the sidewalk were like the call of a siren to the construction workers. For weeks she enjoyed tormenting the hapless men as they stared sweating and grunting from the scaffolding.

Until Dave took matters into his own hands

So you like to show off you little cocktease? Dave grunted, slipping the rough leather work gloves onto his calloused hands.

Please! Let me go Anne whimpered, shivering as her naked body twitched against the rough steel girders. You canТt do this!

And whoТs going to stop me, cunt? Dave asked with a laugh, running his hands down her thighs until his fingers were brushing against her fat cunt lips.

Oh God! Anne shrieked as Dave thrust a finger deep into her hot hole. The rough leather felt like sandpaper scraping across the sensitive flesh of her fuck tunnel, and Dave was already starting to squeeze his middle finger into her tight box.

Yeah, letТs see how deep this cunt of yours goes, pretty lady! Dave hooted as three fingers speared into her. The already huge fingers were made even larger by the rough leather gloves covering them, and Anne was shrieking with pain as they began to stretch and tear her cunt open in their relentless drive to find her bottom.

Aha! Found it! Dave roared with triumph, using his middle finger to painfully probe her cervix. Now letТs see how you enjoy getting punched in the cunt!

Anne began screaming as Dave began forcing his entire gloved hand into her snatch. Anne kept screaming as Dave began to ram his fist in her cunt, driving into her cervix like a punching bag, and forcing her entire body to convulse with each powerful blow


Man, get a look at these tits! Greg laughed, crushing MaryТs breasts between his rough hands. What dТya think, Carl? Double D?

Who the fuck cares what cup size she is! Carl spat. LetТs get Сem tied and swollen!

Carl brought out his retractable measuring tape, pulling out the aluminum ribbon and showing it to Mary.

Wh-What are you going to do with that!? Mary shrieked, struggling against the tight metal wires pinning her to the steel beam.

Carl gave her a vicious slap across the cheek, the back of his hand sending her head whipping and drawing a ragged scream from her now bloody lips.

Shut up! Carl roared, running the metal tab of the measuring tape across her erect red nipples. No one wants to hear anything out of your whore mouth Сcept screaminТ!

Carl began wrapping the aluminum metal tape around MaryТs heaving breasts, the metallic shuttering of the tape as it folded and kinked providing eerie accompaniment to MaryТs screaming.

Fuck man, that ainТt never gonna work! Greg said, watching Carl struggle with the uncooperative tape measure.

Fuck you, itТll work fine! Carl snapped, handing the yellow plastic case to Greg. Just hold that tight!

Mary looked down at her breasts, yards of the shimmering yellow tape ribbon were now circling her tits, but most of it was too kinked and unwieldy to do any real damage. She sighed with relief, and didnТt even notice Carl taking the small metal pull tab in his hands. She didnТt notice until he heaved with every muscle in his body, forcing Greg to kick in his heels to avoid toppling over.

The aluminum tape collapsed in on itself under the pressure, crumpling inward and biting into MaryТs mammary flesh like barbed wire. Some of it folded in on itself lengthwise, turning the broad flat metal into a long knife as the fold cut into yielding flesh. Some near the base of her breasts became so crumpled and compact they began to look like piano wire, slicing into her so deeply that Mary felt sure it would severe her precious breasts from her chest. Every kink, bend, and fold were now cutting, pricking and crushing the two captive orbs.

MaryТs screams were almost loud enough to drown out the jackhammers and steam shovels working just outside the building

Ralph had been an industrial plumber for twenty years. Twenty years skulking around in the dark undergrounds of countless construction jobs. Twenty years of crawling through mud and fighting off rats all to lay down some pipes that were destined to stream shit out of the building for the rest of their existence. Fortunately, his hard work was soon to be rewarded:

ArenТt you just a pretty little whore? Ralph muttered, running a calloused, filth covered hands across the captive girlТs pert tits. The girl had been stupid enough to wander into the dark labyrinth of the construction site on a drunken dare by one of her friends after their girlТs night out. Now, electrical tape strapped across her mouth and her lithe, nude body strapped against the maze of metal tubes, her drunken haze was gone. Replaced by cold, unyielding fear.

Bet a fuckinТ tramp like you donТt much care for workinТ class fellas like myself, right? Ralph spat, pinching her soft pink nipples between his fingers, rolling them like the hand-rolled cigarettes he smoked. Yeah, always the same story with trollops like you

The girl whimpered as Ralph began turning a series of knobs on the nearby junction, she could feel liquid begin flooding through the pipes behind her. The cold pipes were made infinitely colder by the water now flowing through them, her ass cheeks tightening as they pressed against the pipes.

In about ten minutes, the water runninТ through them pipes is going to be at the boiling point. The pipes will heat up and your pretty little ass will melt off you like wax off a lit candle. Ralph said, casually rolling a cigarette in his hands. Now IТm liking the sight of that taut ass myself. I donТt wanna see it all ruined. So hereТs what IТm goinТ to do for yayou wrap them nice warm legs around my hips and fuck yourself on my cock. ThatТll take you off the pipes and if you fuck me real good, milk the cum out of me, IТll let you down and we can go somewhere real privateaway from any more god damn pipes.

The girl refusedat first. When her ass began to blister against searing hot metal, however, she flung her legs around old RalphТs hips and fucked him like a nymphomaniac, ramming her dry, tight cunt onto his old thick cock. Ralph came after only a few minutes, pouring his hot jism deep into the girlТs fuckbox, but he didnТt let her down. Instead, he decided to use her tits as an ashtray until his cock got hard again. At his age that meant at least half an hourluckily heТd rolled himself two packs of cigarettes that morning.


Anne was screaming…that was all she seemed to do now. ItТd been a week since Dave had grabbed her. A week of vicious cunt busting, ass ripping, tit crushing agony. At least a dozen men had fucked her so far, and thatТs if they were feeling generous. More often they did things to her that involved far more than normal fucking

No! Not again! Anne shrieked as EdТs fat cock began tearing open her swollen, bleeding rectum yet again. The men were cruel, they had given her ass a couple days to heal, but only so that it could scab up and really begin to swell. They wanted to rip her open all over again, and thatТs exactly what they were doing now.

To Anne it felt like a thick butchers knife was cutting into her, splitting open from anus to cunt, maybe even splitting up along her spine. She stared over her shoulder, staring at the men with her tear-streaked eyes, silently begging them to show her some mercy.

There was none forthcoming


HankТs shrewish ex-wife had been dragging him through the courts for months, trying to bleed him of more alimony payments. The wretched woman was fucking a high priced attorney, who was now of course working for her pro-bono. Of course what could Hank do, he was barely making his current alimony payments, he couldnТt afford a lawyer on top of it? Luckily for him, his ex-wife was stupid enough to bring her victorious court ruling down to him in person.

I donТt know why they always deliver these things in blue envelopes? Hank muttered, watching the documents burn. He stared at his pretty ex-wife, tied taut as a bowstring on the metal work table, her titflesh jiggling and bouncing as she sobbed and struggled against her bonds.

Patience honey! Hank said. I know you like those big udders of yours to get the attention they deserve! Just give the soldering iron here a chance to warm up.

Greg laughed as his ex-wife began shrieking even louder behind the gag.

What, not the soldering iron? Greg asked, laying down the instrument and picking up a big sledgehammer leaning against the wall. How Сbout this? You just lay those big floppy tits down on the table and IТll give them a good pounding?

His ex-wifeТs gurgling told him she didnТt like this idea any better.

How about this? Greg asked, picking up a nail gun. Couple dozen good shots through each? Maybe one right down the center of each nipple?

Hank laughed at his own little joke; it wasnТt like she had a choice.

He would use all of them on her tits eventually…

Countless crates and shipping containers flow into the factory every day, and of course there’s always so much noise no one can ever hear the screaming and thumping of the girls inside.

“Let’s see…Crate 15 C-7, this is it!” Mike said excitedly, quickly peeling off the lid with his crowbar.

“MMMM! HLLLLPPPPHHHH!” The girl inside immediately started shrieking. Mike’s cock immediately went hard in his pants as he stared down at the terrified girl. Tied and gagged, the smell of her sweat gave her an intoxicating aroma, and he couldn’t wait to take her out and play with his new toy.

“Yeah, you and me girl, we’re gonna have a lot of fun! Me and the boys have been needing some fresh pussy around here, and I bet your tight twat will make a real good fuck. You ever been fisted before? Dave likes to fist the girls, it really makes them scream and squirm! Too bad they’re usually too torn up afterward to be a good fuck.” Mike said, casually stroking the girl’s tangled black locks as he detailed his plans for her.

The girl shook and sobbed, closing her eyes and hoping she would wake up from this horrible nightmare.


“Yeah, I think that’ll do real nice!” Dave said, cinching the knot around Melissa’s ankles.

Melissa was tied to a hard wooden rod, which was tied to a metal pipe, making a kind of upside down crucifix. Her ankles were spread apart and her quivering cunt was spreading open from the extreme angle, as if her pussy was reaching out to find a cock to fill it. As if it hadn’t had its fill from the last three days of constant gangbangs and threesomes.

“Please…not again! Not again…!” Melissa blubbered pathetically as Dave began stroking her sore labia, the glove’s coarse leather scraping across her tender flesh like sandpaper.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Melissa had felt the harsh, tearing pain of Dave’s gloved fist up her twat. She could still see the dried blood on the glove from the last time he’d fisted her, the memory of the nauseating pain flooding back into her mind.

“Please, just fuck me! Please! I’ll ride you good! Please, I’m your little whore! Your slut!” Melissa babbled desperately as Dave’s first and middle finger began tearing into her hole. Dave smiled to himself. Even after fisting her for nearly an hour last week, her cunt was still as tight as ever. He wondered just how much punishment it would take before it split open.

He was eager to find out!

“Pleeeaasseee! NOOOOOOO!” Melissa screamed as four fingers began tearing and scraping through her cunt, ripping open old wounds and ramming into the bruised walls of her birth canal. “You’re killing me! Mercy master! MERCY! HELP ME SOMEONE!”

Despite the heartbreaking cries, Dave roughly forced his thumb into her tight hole and balled his hand into a fist. He loved the feeling of her tight cunt walls clamping down on his hand. The angle of her restrained body meant he could start pounding her cunt at a new angle.

“UUGGGHHHH! UURRRRRKKKKK!” Melissa coughed and gagged as Dave punched the back of her cunt, as if he were trying to pound his way right through her cunt and into her colon.

“I love the way you scream!” Dave laughed as he once again rammed his fist into her cunt.


“Come on, honey, let’s get to know each other!” Larry laughed, dragging the gagged naked brunette by the hair.

“Mmmgghhh!” The brunette shrieked as she tried desperately to free her hair from his cruel grasp.

Just a few short hours ago Trisha had just been another college student, studying architecture at the local university. She had asked one of the workers if she could have a look around, eager to see a building being constructed.

Ten minutes later she was screaming as the construction worker began pawing at her body and ripping her clothes off.

“Come on, honey, sit on daddy’s lap!” Larry said, slapping Trisha on her pale, round ass.

Trisha made one last desperate attempt to flee, but Larry’s huge muscular arms wrapped around her hips like iron braces before she’d made two steps.

“NNGGGHHH! PLLSSSHHH!” Trisha begged behind the gag as Larry began probing the soft folds of her pussy.

“Down we go, honey!” Larry said, pulling Trisha down onto his cock.

ThatТs it you fucking bitch! Mike roared as he pulled the rope taut so that his newest slave was dangling by her wrists. When heТd first taken this girl out of the box, heТd expected, and even enjoyed, her resistance. After two weeks of fucking her cunt and busting her ass though, he was growing tired of constantly wrestling with her.

So you donТt like to screw cocks, huh? Mike said, slapping her across the face. Well by the time IТm done, youТll be begging to fuck every cock within a ten mile radius!

Mike held up the wicked looking drill bit, meant for forcing industrial size screws into metal girders.

This is going up your cunt bitch! At twenty RPM youТre gonna feel like IТm burning your insides! At fifty youТre going to feel the walls of your cunt get torn apart like fucking wrapping paper. If I turn this baby all the way up, IТll be screwing you right in your fucking womb!

The girl was staring in uncomprehending horror at both Mike and the vicious torture instrument he wielded. She didnТt truly understand what was happening until she felt the hard metal head of the screw bit cutting across her labia.

No! NO! Please! IТll do it! IТll fuck you! Please, let me make love to you! Please sir, I love you! I love you master! NO! NOOOAARRRGGHHH!

The girlТs screams as the drill began to screw her cunt could have woken the dead


Meghan was suffering like sheТd never suffered before. SheТd screamed as her cunt was ripped open by the factory workers thick cock, the burning tearing pain ripping through her body. SheТd begged and pleaded when he forced his cock up her ass and fucked her so hard that she shat blood for a week. Yet all of it paled in comparison to her current situation.

Thick leather cables were cinched around her belly and crotch, attached to a pulley that was pulling it so tight that it felt like it would split her pussy open at any moment. Another pulley was pulling on the vicious steel clip that was crushing her nipple between its teeth. Her entire body was shaking with agony.

So how does it feel cunt? IТm really surprised your nip is still attached! Tyler laughed, plucking the string like a guitar player

Please Meghan whispered, too afraid to speak any louder in case it would shake the pulleys and cause her even more pain.

Please what darling? Tyler smiled, gently stroking her tear stained face.

Please…take the clip off. Meghan begged.

Tyler began plucking the pulleyТs rope even harder.

Meghan screamed.


Come on honey, gimme a kiss! Peter moaned in AnneТs ear.

Anne leaned her head back and ran her smooth pink tongue into PeterТs mouth, the taste of alcohol and tobacco making her gag. After a month with these horrific men though sheТd become an expert at suppressing the urge to vomit.

AnneТs body was covered in bruises, welts, cuts and scrapes. Most of the men had grown tired of her now, her broken spirit and loose, sloppy cunt meant she was used as a fuckslave for the new hires. Every worker with less than five years experience had to use Anne for their whore, and they used her plenty.

Yeah, you kiss real good, honey. Peter moaned, thrusting his cock up into her ass and reaching around to finger her red, sore clit. YouТre the best whore IТve ever had!

Poor broken and hopeless Anne began sobbing, thinking of the happy life she would never get to live. She was just a whore now. Her life would only be filled with dicks, semen and pain

It was useless to try and suppress the feelings she was having now. Stripped of all her clothes and bound bent over and exposed, she was reliving every second of what had happened to her as a teenager. Her mind raced back to the beatings she received as a young girl from her daddy. The workers had used a different instrument to inflict pain, wire, but she was instantly transported back to her bedroom and her daddy’s belt biting into her soft firm flesh.

“When I get through banging you baby, my friend here has a leather strap that was made for your ass bitch, and if you don’t make all the nice noises we want, some nipple torture should loosen up that tongue”.


How could she have been so foolish? All she wanted directions and now she was being subjected to the most vile forms of degradation.

The workers had seen her before and would not pass up this chance to satisfy their desires. She was alone and helpless and the knife that had cut off her bra was slowly caressing her smooth white stomach on its way down to her panties. She closed her eyes and emitted a low moaning scream.

“Now you be a good daddy’s girl for us honey and suck our cocks or next time you get to watch your teen daughter get her holes stretched”


She had followed the instructions on the note to the letter. Be at this address at the time specified and dress in all black lingerie with the high heel boots that had been provided.

She had no way of knowing the degrading acts that were waiting to be perpetrated on her once she was inside. She was to be the main treat tonight, a night that would send her down the path to complete submission to her desires.

“Hold still cunt. Tonight you get to pay off you hubbies debt and we’re taking our payment in ass sweet thing and just so you know, this is only the first installment, so we’ll be back”.

Sarah began slowly moving her head up and down, each plunge taking more and more of his swollen cock into her throat. Her tormentor began thrusting his hips up to meet the captives bobbing head. He pulled her hair to raise her face to him so he could see her full lips surround his hard manhood.

His grip tightened on her hair as he jerked the helpless sluts head up and down harder and harder…

“Open your mouth slut. Daddy needs his cock worshipped tonight and make it last this time or I’ll have to take the rod to your ass again”.


When John had informed her that a couple of his friends were coming over for beers she thought nothing of it. That is until she realized that she was the evening’s entertainment.

The drunken men had stripped her naked and strapped her firm young ass down over a bench and were now penetrating her from the front and back. She had been double teamed before but it had been her choice then. This time was different.

“When I get through fucking your ass bitch you’re sucking my cock clean and if I’m not satisfied I’m going to beat you until I can’t swing the whip anymore”.


Naked and shaking she could feel the hot liquid from the man’s balls dripping down her face and running into her mouth. She had already drained his cock once and she thought that would be the end of it but now she realized that the beating and humiliation were just the beginning.

One of her tormentors pulled a knife and pressed it against her smooth white throat as he grabbed a handful of her long black hair and roughly jerked her head back.

“Listen you fucking bitch”, the man with knife said, “when we’re through with you baby doll you’re gonna wish you were never born, and if you breathe a word of this to anybody, well let’s just say that we know where your daughter goes to school”.

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