Barbarian Storms [MR. KANE’S]


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The decadence of the Empire was clear to all, at home and abroad. Hordes of barbarians poured over the borders and killed the defenseless peasants, burning their fields and razing the cities to the ground. Women who were captured were subjected to the most terrible sexual torture.

Inalo, the much-feared chieftain of the Gepidi, always tortures female prisoners personally. Cleandra has dared to defy him, trying to escape to join her allies the Aluri. As a punishment Inalo has her flogged and then raped by his warriors, in front of all the other women, to serve as an example. Finally he subjects her to a slow, merciless impalement. The torturer controls the mechanism carefully. He keeps Cleandra suspended, going up and down again and again on the blunt stake that is penetrating deep inside her…

Salia, daughter of Chief Alsir, has also been sentenced to impalement. She became warrior chieftain of the Bari when her father was killed in an ambush. She rose up against the neighboring tribes who had betrayed her father by supporting Rome. After a number of bloody battles, she was taken prisoner and sentenced to impalement. She would be impaled and abandoned in the wood of Sandadur…

The warrior grasps her firmly to impale her as if she were a hog for roasting.

Salia is terrified. She sees that the chieftains and the Roman Ambassador are enjoying the spectacle…

Maria will be abandoned on a beach. She has been abused and humiliated for days. She was raped by all the warriors on the ship and now she’s left in the deserted bay. The cruel pirate Elrik makes fun of her after he forced her to suck him off in exchange for her freedom. ..

“Stupid idiot… I’m going to keep your tits to remember your fucking mouth… they’ll make a wonderful trophy of war!

The terrible creature’s tentacles come out of the well that has become its sacred lair… The prisoner, panic-stricken but hypnotized by fear, hardly struggles as the priest performs the ancient ritual that will bring the sea monster out of its lair. The beast is a giant octopus, embodiment of the dark gods that rule the tides and the deeps…

The primitive ceremony to launch the new boat demands that the maiden be possessed sexually by all the warriors on board, and then offered to the terrible Olpus. ..

Claudia’s screams are lost in the roar of the storm. The rain falls unceasingly on the lonely village, while the blacksmith does his work. He has been ordered to the torture girl, who has been accused of treason by the Governor Inginus.

Claudia is the Governor’s niece. She was offered to Astroli as a token to guarantee the peace. But Inginus had other ideas. He wanted to use her as bait. The barbarians took the bait, falling into an ambush in the Swamp of Horn. A handful of survivors made it back to the village, and the new chief, Actiu, has sentenced Claudia to be tortured.

Her tortured body will be left exposed in the middle of the abandoned village in revenge for the ambush. Her Uncle, Inginus, will find it waiting for him when he takes the village. ..

Princess Audina has lost all her rights to the Viking throne. Marcia, his stepmother, has seized power and is persecuting her and all her followers.

In a ruthless hunting safari, the followers of Audina were massacred and the villages faithful to her were burnt to the ground. Audina surrendered, hoping for mercy.

But Marcia wants her blood. She wants to watch her die outside the village of Omste.

The blood-chilling torture will be applied mercilessly until the last member of Omste dies out… and as many hooks as necessary will be used to hold Audina on the cliff above the sea…

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