Revenge Of The Poor [HINES]


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The world is in shambles now; all the various societies and their economies have collapsed. There is no order and the only law is that of the gun. The rich, the ones who allowed this situation to occur, are no longer in power. They now cower behind their walled and gated communities, under siege by large and organized mobs of the poor who are just savouring the chance to take their revenge.

Rich girls of legal age are now a prime commodity for trade. They are hunted down, captured and then broken in order that they can be sold or bartered ( usually for food or guns ) to poor people who now would be their Masters or Mistresses. And there were so many otherwise downtrodden men and women who liked nothing better than to have a pretty rich girl now serving as their domestic slave; cleaning their filthy houses, cooking the scraps of food and making sure that their owners never lacked sexual satisfaction to make it more easy to cope in this new but terrible new world….

The Duncon Brothers Slave Slaves: Michael and Ronald Duncon had both been policemen before the country went to pieces. Now they manned a small but fairly thriving flesh-selling business located just at the edge of the former financial district. They both had the expertise to enable them to use their weapons and martial skills to forcefully obtain the girls that they would later sell. In this new society, this was about the best living they could make.

“Damn, I kinda hate putting you out for sale, bitch,” Ronald laughed to the crying former debutant that he and his brother had snatched only a few days ago. “You’re one of the best fucks we’ve had in a long time. Hope you liked it as much as we did.”

“Well, all good things come to an end,” Michael put in. Maybe one of them black pimps will wanna buy ya. Big dicks on ’em and they like to make it rough specially with young white tarts like you …”

The Pimp and His Hoes: Tryrone always made it a point to let his main gals take care of letting a new bitch know her place. He had spent the night ramming the newly-purchased Joyce in all her holes and slapping’ her around a little in order to get her in the proper mood. He’d put her to work out on the streets in a week or so, depending on how fast she accepted her new reality. But right now, he would enjoy himself as his most trusted whores turned Joyce out. He knew that the tall, imposing Wiona would take the lead. She was a committed dyke and a tough one who always got her way with a fresh piece of pussy.

“Welcome to the stable, girl.” Wiona drawled as she pushed Joyce to her knees. “Heard you was some kinda high-society gal or something like that. Hope you ain’t too disappointed with your new friends here. But I promise ya that you’re gonna get to really like us – it might take a little while, but you’ll come around. Our man Tyrone might be a bit harsh with ya at first, but don’t you worry; soon as he sees you are gonna be making him money, he’ll treat ya right.”

“Yeah, and we gonna treat ya right, too,” Rita said from behind Joyce. ” That’s as long as you do your best to treat us right. The new girl always takes care of pleasin’ the rest of us when she comes in….”

“Know what sista Rita is talkin’ about, don’t ya, girl?” Wiona said as she used a hand to urge Joyce’s head closer. ” Look at my pussy, baby. It’s all ready for ya. You know what to do…..”

The Bartoli Sisters and Their New Domestic Slavegirl: The three Bartoli were sisters barely able to scratch out a living scavenging the garbage dumps and landfills in order to find items that could be traded, sold or eaten ( As long as the food wasn’t totally rotten or infested by maggots, it could sometimes be rescued by boiling it into a stew which the sisters sold by the cup-full on a local street corner ). But they had decided that they did need some source of pleasure or amusement in this otherwise grim existence. It had taken them over a week or so to save up enough food scraps to make a full barrel of passable stew that they traded with a local slave trafficker for the captive Denise. The slaver could have sold Denise for as much a ten to twenty dollars because of her pedigree as the daughter of a now – dead rich publisher – but the Bartoli stew smelled good enough to overcome his profit concerns and make the trade.

As she sat in the bed between Nina and Madeleine Bartoli, Denise was so cute as she sobbed in her distress. Gone was the privileged life she had known as a member of the upper-class before the country had imploded upon itself and the old society had been ripped apart. Now in this new society, she was destined to serve the rest of her days as a domestic slave in this crumbling, threadbare shack of a place….

“Mmmmmm….,” Madeline moaned as she forcefully explored Denise’s young pussy with her strong old fingers. “So tight,” she sighed, her breath rancid against the slavegirl’s face. “It’s been a long time since I’ve had a pretty girl like you, baby… long..”

Nina’s aggressive hands fondled the slavegirl as she nuzzled her from behind. “Yes, it’s been a long time for me, too,” she whispered wetly in Denise’s ear. “But you’ll make up for it….”

The Former Debutant Meets Her Former Maid: In times not so long ago, Mildred Samson was the pampered 20 year-old only daughter in the big mansion in the exclusive neighbourhood in which all the homes were mansions. That time had passed; Mr. Samson had been lynched by an invading mob and Mrs Samson had died after being subjected to being raped by over a hundred men. The Samsons had been known for their public disdain for the “lower classes”. And they had paid dearly for it. It was only by the best of luck that Mildred Samson had been able to escape the carnage.

Mildred Samson had stayed hidden during daylight hours and had managed to evade being captured by searchers and marauders. All her rich friends were either dead or disappeared, so Mildred was beside herself seeking a place of refuge and safety. Finally, she had the thought of Maria Diaz, her old maid. Tall, stately Maria had been maid to the Samson family for over a decade; a kind and faithful servant. It was unfortunate that they had been forced to fire her when she asked for a bit more money to help her and her three daughters to get by on – but a maid was merely a maid and there were always plenty available who would be willing to work at the wages that the Samsons were willing to pay. Mildred had not seen any signs of resentment on Maria’s face as they informed her that she had to go. Surely Maria knew the way things worked and she seemed to accept it with grace and humility. Mildred was sure that if she could manage to get to Maria Diaz’s place, she would be safe.

Mildred did find her way to Maria’s family home on the far side of town. Old Maria immediately recognized her and so did her daughters. Mildred had been so wrong about how Maria felt towards her.

“You little puta!” How dare you show up here asking for my help!” Maria Diaz told her. “I have a good mind to call to the men out on the street so they can take you! Daughters, come here and throw this filthy person from my house!”

“Please! Don’t do that! Please don’t make me go!”

“She begs so well, Mama,” said one daughter as she eyed Mildred’s fine looks and figure. “Perhaps she can convince us all that she is worthy enough to us to keep her…”

Maria calmed down enough to consider what her daughter was saying. For the first time, she looked at Mildred from a different point of view…..

“Do you want to say here and belong to me and my daughters?” Maria Diaz asked Mildred pointedly, her eyes stern. “Do you want to stay here and clean our toilets and clean our pussies and assholes with your tongue and keep us happy? Tell me now or go…”

Because she had no choice, Mildred agreed to become the house slave to Maria Diaz and her three daughters.

“Our beloved dog died a while ago, but I must admit his collar and chain look so much better on you,” one of Maria’s daughters giggled.

“And like that dog, you will obey and do everything you are told, si?” Maria Diaz said as she pulled her hanging, floppy breasts from her dress.

“Mama really misses having her tits sucked,” a daughter informed Mildred. “See how big and hard her nipples are? They need a pretty girl’s lips and tongue to make them feel better. Then Mama will be ready to let you eat her pussy.”

The Haughty Niece and Her Uncle Ed: Evelyn Pritchard was another former rich girl who had been seeking shelter from the roaming mobs of poor and slavers. Like some many other upper-class families, the Pritchards had been virtually wiped out when scores of armed marauders, made mostly of vengeful homeless and poor people, broke through the gates and then the doors of their more-than-comfortable home. Evelyn, all of nineteen years, had been the only Pritchard to escape. In desperation and having no immediate options, she had sought out her distant uncle in hopes that he might provide lodging and protection. This uncle had married into and then divorced out of the Pritchard family quite some time ago. In fact, Evelyn had never personally met the man; her only knowledge of him being the less-than-flattering tales about him that had be told and repeated around so many dinner tables and in so many cocktail parties. But Evelyn had full confidence in the strength of her superior breeding and boarding school education: With this she would surely be more than a match for this unseen uncle of hers.

Evelyn soon found her way to her uncle’s place and just as soon found out that her upper-class background and imperious ways would fail her badly. Uncle Ed was worse than what they had told her; she found that out within the first hour of her arrival, in which he had beat her and then forced her into the bedroom of his small shabby shack of a house where he then spent the rest of night introducing her to his big dick. No amount of crying or begging could distract Uncle Ed from doing what her wanted to do and Evelyn quickly learned that any resistance would only bring those head-jarring slaps that caused her to see flashes of light.

“You’re gonna learn what it means to be a whore,” Uncle Ed told her as he flipped her over on her stomach and began forcing his cock up her virgin ass. Evelyn’s screams were loud and heartfelt, but nothing could deter Uncle Ed from continuing his lesson…..

In this world of limited opportunities, a brutal and immoral man like Ed could not pass up the opportunity to earn some badly-need cash off the body of his now-tamed niece. Evelyn had been haughty and self-assured before – but that was all gone now. Now she would only cry and let out a sharp breath as Phil, Uncle Ed’s close buddy-in-crime, began burrowing slamming her already-raw anus for the third time with his excited dick.

“Uhhhhhh, this is good! I see watch mean, Ed; we’ll make some good money putting the word out that this bitch’s asshole stays tight no matter how many times you fuck it.”

“Yeah, we’ll specialize her in taking it up the ass,” Ed told Phil. ” We’ll just keep her strung standing up like she is and the guys can come in and butt-fuck her and leave.

Maybe two dollars for ten minutes? Keep it down to no more than thirty fucks a day and she should last us a month or two before she’s worn down. Then I’ll sell her to one of those freighter captains for his crew.”

“Yer all heart, Ed,” Phil grunted as he drove his shaft to the balls against the slave’s ass and started to deposit yet another load of his cum. ” All heart.”

The Failed Escape of Mayor Janice Lewis: By all accounts, Janice Lewis had been a good mayor for the exclusive, high-income enclave of Regenville. Regenville, a community where the average income was 1.5 million dollars, had been a well-policed and tightly controlled place where large mansions sat hidden up winding driveways and behind acres of lush and perfectly tended greenery. It took thousands of low-income workers to service Regenville, but hardly any of them were permitted to live there: these varied hordes of gardeners, maids, servants and housecleaners were bussed in daily from the ring of low-income apartment-dominated ‘towns’ that surrounded Regenville. Any non-residents caught within Regenville after sundown could expect to be accosted by it’s private police force and escorted out of town or jailed on suspicion of “loitering”. That’s the way it had always been in Regenville. And Mayor Janice Lewis, a member of one of the town’s oldest and most influential families, had been re-elected for two four-year terms because she worked hard to keep it that way.

But now, since the collapse of the nation’s economy and social infrastructure, Regenville was a desperate and crumbling fortress of a place trying to survive the almost daily raids by marauders. Things were getting worse because the attackers had cut off the town’s water supply and had organized a blockade to prevent food from reaching the once-prosperous community. The private police force, through deaths or desertions, had been reduced to only a few officers. Ammunition was running out and there were almost daily reports of yet more families being slaughtered on their estates and of any attractive daughters being carried off into slavery.

Mayor Lewis, along with the ever-dwindling number of Regenville citizens, knew that their only chance of survival lay in trying to escape through the blockade. There was no way of knowing where they might go to find safety, but they knew that to staying here was not an option any more. To Janice Lewis, she knew that her good looks and firm, well – toned body would surely result in her being sold into sexual slavery if caught. A prospect that she considered to be worse than death. So it was with a great deal of dread that Janice, the only one left now of her family, set out in the darkness on her bid to find her way to freedom. She could only wish herself luck …

Luck was not with Janice Lewis that night. She had indeed weaved her way past the various blockade checkpoints and had managed to reach the far limits of one of the now – destroyed towns before she was set upon and captured by a couple of roaming thugs.

“Please don’t kill me ,” Janice, now bound and flogged, repeatedly begged as her two captors took turns raping her throughout the late night and into the dawn.

“Don’t you worry, bitch,” the big black one growled as he rocked Janice’s sore body with the power of his thrusting. ” You too good-lookin’ a woman to have yo’ throat cut – that’s as long as you keep movin’ them hips like this when I is fuckin’ ya. No, me and my partner here is gonna keep ya for a while before we trades ya or sells ya . Now keep rotatin’ them hips, bitch! Faster or I gonna hit ya! Yeah, that’s it, bitch…!”

…In these days of chaotic upheaval of Western society, the divide between rich and poor has become wide indeed – and the rich were losing; their money was now almost worthless and their numbers paled in relation to the population of the poor. The rich were only able to survive so far by barricading themselves behind fortress-like gated communities. But eventually those privileged enclaves began to suffer from a lack of food and water. Raiding mobs of revenge-minded poor people regularly breached the rich perimeters, stealing, looting, kidnapping and killing. The former elite were now suffering more than the poor. There were police around – but the ‘People’s Police’ were now composed entirely of the poor and were generally hostile to those who had formerly been at the top of society. In fact, it was rumored that the ‘People’s Police’ were themselves guilty of many crimes and offenses against their despised masters.

Captain Biggs of the People’s Police Station No. 5 was noted for his blatant hostility towards members of the former upper-class. He never passed up an opportunity to defile and degrade those whining, complaining elitists. So what if their wives and daughters were abused or had ‘disappeared’? So what if raiders had invaded their homes and stolen anything not nailed down? In Capt. Biggs’ mind, they deserved everything they got. So when Mr. Nelson, along with his young trophy wife Marlene, had the nerve to venture down to Station No. 5 in order to lodge a complaint against one of the local raiding gangs that had ransacked what was left of the Nelson’s once-lavish country home, their reception was less than cordial. Especially when a gun was put to Mr. Nelson’s head while pretty Mrs. Marlene Nelson was put to her knees and made to use those beautiful lips of hers on the big, throbbing cocks of Capt. Biggs and his men….

“C’mon, man,” Capt. Biggs chuckled as he urgently stroked another thick cum-load into the waiting mouth of Mr. Nelson’s young wife. “Ain’t you proud of how your wife sucks cock? You rich boys don’t know how to appreciate what your women can do if they put their minds to it. This cunt’s a damn expert at suckin’ and swallowin’. Tell ya what, asshole – you run your sorry ass back home and come back tomorrow and pick her up. Think I’ll keep your little bitch here with me so I can spend the night teaching her how to take a big dick in all her holes and love it!”

The pay for a so-called “People’s Policeman” wasn’t very good, but in these times of economic depression and social upheaval, it was enough to buy food and maintain shelter. That was as much as anyone could expect right now. But being a policeman did have its occasional rewards. Like being able to intrude into the rich enclaves and snatch whatever beautiful female to be found and bring her in to the police station on whatever charge he might think up. Unlike the old days, the social elite had no power now.

Police Private Reggie Brown had only been on the force for a couple of weeks, but he already was indulging himself in one of the department’s entertainment pastimes. He had entered the former mayor’s household and had taken away his pretty daughter Serena at gunpoint. Back in the early days, Serena had been one of those snot-nosed bitches in the car that had nearly run down Reggie as he had crossed the street one night. Reggie still remembered them laughing and insulting him when he complained about their driving. Yes, he had a long memory and a grudge to settle. Now, here in the privacy of one of the isolated cells at the police station, Serena was being given the chance to repay Reggie for her earlier bad behavior…

It was the third time that night that Reggie abused pretty Serena in the jail cell. Serena might have been proud and snotty in the past, but Reggie’s big dick and brutal fucking now had her crying like the lowest bitch. The rich boys’ cocks had never stretched and battered her pussy like Reggie was doing now.

Reggie lifted and pinned her captive body against the wall. “Wrap those legs around me, whore! Wrap ’em tight! Do it or I’m gonna hurt ya!”

Serena could only obey as Reggie began to plow her pussy deep, scratching her back against the wall.

“Uggghhhhh..,” Reggie groaned as his cock bucked and began to pump streams of cum inside Serena’s cunt, impregnating her…

The female members of the People’s Police never failed to do their duties, especially those who served as guards at the various jails and prisons – and especially when females from the former upper-class strata of society were brought in. Being from the ranks of the poor and downtrodden, these female guards were very quick to punish and inflict abuse upon any displays of uppishness or defiance from those rich bitches. If a new society was going to take shape, these pampered ladies just had to be taught the errors of their ways. It was sometimes hard work, but the guards found it to be a rewarding and frequently pleasurable aspect of their duties. Word was out: Being a female police guard at one of the many jails or prisons for women was a job that offered a lot of emotional and orgasmic benefits…

The Orientation Room at the No.7 Women’s Jail was where newly-arrived rich girl prisoners were first introduced to the ways things worked here. The guards knew that it would be difficult for these spoilt young ladies to adjust to their lowly status in life; so it was the guards’ duty to take upon themselves to help show their new wards the proper codes of conduct and attitude. Yes, sometimes the guards suffered from weariness in the arms from having to do all that flailing with the straps, paddles and canes – but it all was worth it in the end. A weeping, begging young prisoner was much more ready to accept the orders and demands made upon her without hesitation.

It was usually a matter of only a couple of days and nights of strict attentions and delectable punishments in Orientation being needed to prepare the new inmates for their new lifestyles back in the regular cellblocks. Back where the dyke guards and hardened dyke prisoners eagerly awaited them…

The sounds never escaped from the thick, sound-proof walls of the Orientation Room at Jail No. 7. So no one outside could hear Madeline’s loud screams as Guard Bertha and Guard Monica took their time whipping her with their well-used leather straps. If Madeline had been privileged snot before, she certainly was being transformed now. Bertha was loving how Madeline’s sore body, jerked and spasmed from every impact of her strap and Monica enjoyed the sounds of Madeline’s shrill but beautiful voice as she begged them both for mercy. But it would be many more hours of agony at the guards’ hands before Madeline would be shown mercy and be allowed to show her devotion to the new ways of doing things.

“That’s it girl, that’s the way to yell,” Guard Bertha urged as she continued to apply a strong strapping to Madeline’s young body. “Ol’ Bertha just loves her gals cryin’ and beggin’! Shows she’s appreciates what I’m doin’! Beg, girl! Beg to get down on yo’ knees and lick Guard Monica’s asshole! See your friends over there? See how she’s lovin’ eating ass? Beg, bitch!”

When a new prisoner was judged ready, she was then assigned to the regular cellblocks. There, she would be allowed to demonstrate her reverence to the new ways things were done. Orientation was usually very effective in making sure that she would be accepting and compliant and the guards and regular prisoners would put her to the test right away.

Madeline was one of the more attractive inmates to be introduced into the cellblock in quite some time and it showed in the rapt attention that she was given within minutes of her arrival. The female guards surrounded her, each eager to have her turn getting acquainted with Madeline, to see just how good she could be. And over the hours and night, Madeline would have plenty of time to show how good she could be.

Guard Sharona fingered herself wetly as she knelt to let new inmate Madeline kiss an offered hand. “Ummm, you some sweet kinda gal, ain’t you? Knows right away how to show respect. You sincere, girl? If you is, me and the other gals here is gonna make sure that you gonna being taken care of. Yeah, take care of you real good…”

In rare cases, a new inmate was spared the rigors of Orientation. In this particular case, Julie was going to be taken directly back to the special Isolation Block of the prison. Julie Harrison was the pretty and very coddled daughter of the late and just-murdered Judge Harrison. The Judge had been a ruthless and powerful force on the bench, known for his harsh sentencing – especially of black and minority defendants, whether guilty or not. But in these times, the Judge hadn’t had the power to prevent the revenge-minded raiding party from invading his home and putting a bullet in his head. Daughter Julie had been delivered to the local women’s’ jail where it was expected that she would serve many years, if she was even released at all.

Luckily for Julie, one of the biggest and most ranking female guards was Miss Maple. Miss Maple, the Harrison’s former housemaid. Big, black and tough, Miss Maple was a natural fit as a jail guard. Her body might have been fat and jelly-like, but her strength was not to be denied. No other guard or prisoner would dare go up against Guard Maple; not if they valued their health, they wouldn’t. So when Miss Maple spied Julie Harrison and said, “Leave this one to me, I is gonna personally take care of her,” no one challenged… Not a word.

Miss Maple had always liked Julie, even while hating the girl’s father. She knew that Julie was so tender and fragile – not one for Orientation and the hard dykes back in the regular cellblocks. She needed to be given the personal attention that only Miss Maple could provide. She needed to be taught how to use her tongue to lick Miss Maple’s needy cunt; she would have to slide her head beneath Miss Maple’s hefty, hanging belly to get there, but she’d be able to find it just fine. Miss Maple would be patient as she instructed Julie how to burrow her face between Miss Maple’s huge buttocks in order to fit that sweet tongue deep inside Miss Maple’s puckered anus and slurp the dark funkiness there. Julie would not resist too much, Miss Maple knew that. No need to spoil the girl’s flawless, white body with red welts. Just some old fashioned spanking. Yes, there would be plenty of spanking, mostly later. Every sweet girl needed a strong spanking every now and then. But for Miss Maple, that would come naturally as something that Julie would submit to for Miss Maple’s Pleasure, not for punishment….

“This here’s one of the Isolation Cells, ” Miss Maple told Julie as she escorted her young prisoner into the room. Miss Maple held Julie tight against her fat, strong body.

“Now, don’t you worry, child, yo’ Missy Maple gonna take care of you. And I gonna shows you how to take care of me. Ain’t no other persons gonna touch you. You Miss Maples personal bitch now. I own you. So why don’t we lay down on that cot over there so I can gets started giving you yo’ first lesson, huh? We is gonna take our time, gal. Miss Maple is gonna be visiting you plenty…”

Size does matter in a women’s’ prison. Guard Rankin was a hefty 300+ pounder who waddled around the prison halls like a giant whale out of water. Ugly, repulsive and socially outcast most of her life, Rankin had finally found a place in life as a guard at Women’s’ Jail No. 74. Here, she found a place where not even the prettiest of female inmates could resist her advances or deny her the pleasures she demanded for them. Rankin especially sought out the inmates from the former upper class. It added so much to her pleasure and sexual gratification to degrade one of those sheltered nellies by making them service her frequently unwashed and smelly pussy until her big body quaked with orgasms and slurped up the rancid juices that flowed out. Guard Rankin never seemed to get enough; sometimes she cummed as much as a dozen times in one day’s time. The attractive prisoners that Rankin sought out could only cringe when she approached and cornered them, but they had no choice other than to submit their mouths to her sloppy, bad-breath kisses and submit their tongues to the servicing of her Quite a nice life for someone who previously had given up any hopes of having her female need met. Now she awoke each morning looking forward to the joys that awaited her.

Being so huge, it was only natural that Guard Rankin frequently needed more than one pretty inmate at a time working their tongues under her sagging bellyfat. So much room under there. So much more two tongues could do at once. The other guards always crowded around to watch the sight of two or more female prisoners working their mouths wetly under Guard Rankin’s hanging heaps of fat and the way the obese guard groaned heavily as those tongues found the right spots…

The huge, floppy Guard Rankin was thrilled to introduce herself to the two new prisoners just brought into the cellblock. A pair of delectable 18 year-old bitches from upper-class families. Yummy.

“Get under there, you sweeties. See my big ol’ pussy? Both of ya, get to work!” Rankin commanded as she started positioning her gross fatness over the girls’ heads. The two prisoners were disgusted at the sights of Guard Rankin’s undersides; the rashes and pimpled molting skin that surrounded her sloppy, leaking cunt.. Their noses recoiled at the sour scents that emitted from her pulsing pussy and dirty, demanding asshole. But they could only obey….

There was nothing more satisfying than the delivery of another rich bitch to be sampled and used. Especially when she was a scrumptious little 18 year-old morsel like Sharon. Petite but solid and well-formed, the blond-haired Sharon make the cocks swell and the pussies moisten when she was ushered, naked, into the living room of the ramshackle house of Terrell and his motley assortment of friends. Terrell, a mid-level thug and criminal who scratched out a meager living doing robberies and kidnappings, was all too happy to have a pretty white slave to use as a diversion from the normal everyday struggles of survival. And his friends shared his feelings.

“Damn, Terrell, I knew that something good would come from puttin’ up with you,” chuckled the tall black prostitute Lily. “Havin’ a nice piece of tail like this one makes havin’ to listen to your bad jokes and drink your cheap wine worth it all!”

“Fuck you!” Terrell pushed his way to the front of the group, taking in the sight of Sharon and what she had to offer. “Where’d you find this one, LeRoy? She’s a damn sight better than any them other gals you been able to get.”

“Got her from a car that tried to run the roadblock we put up this mornin’. Stupid shit father of hers almost run over me before I put a bullet between his eyes. Had three daughters with him. I picked this one; the boys took the other two down to the stockyards to sell ’em to the pimps. They’ll bring a good price. But I just had to keep this one! Tight pussy on her; good fuckin’.”

Terrell’s eyes were wide and his cock at full-mast. “Hey man, we can do a deal on this one! What you want? Got some good dope and got a real nice car in the back that I jacked last night. Wanna trade?”

“Hey, LeRoy” another prostitute guest chimed in. “I gots me some cash hid away. I’ll buy this cunt! How much money you want for her?”

here was quite a commotion as the group of women and men started to jostle and make their different offers for the lovely slave Sharon that LeRoy had brought to the house. For Sharon, no matter who eventually ended up with her, life would be nothing but humiliation and degradation from now on….

Once a slavegirl was captured, she had to learn how to show respect and proper manners . No longer a member of a class that was used to having it’s way in all things and no longer able to lord it over the poor and less fortunate, a rich girl usually needed a short but severe lesson in humility and obedience. Her captors were only too happy to apply the necessary punishments and abusive treatment that would shock her out of her stubbornness. Such was the case with ex-debutante Mandy. Only a few years ago, before the great collapse, Mandy was the typical daughter of a high-society family. That seemed as if that was almost a lifetime ago to Mandy now. This new life had began for her a week ago when that grubby, unkept group of armed men broke into her family’s estate home, killing both of her parents and taking her with them when they left. Mandy’s screams for help did not help her; no one dared come to her aid.

All of Mandy’s resistance had been quickly beaten and whipped out of her and now it was time to begin the process of her attitude adjustment and training. Mandy was such a beautiful young lady. A young lady with so much promise as a slave. She had merely to be taught – and her new owner, a pimp named Marcus, was good at teaching…..

Mandy stretched her mouth wider to fit around the girth of the pimp’s heavily-veined cock as he slowly worked it’s hard inches deeper down her throat. The big pimp grunted in his approval of Mandy being able to take more of his shaft in her mouth without gagging as she had the first couple of times.

“Yeah-h-h-h, baby, keep dat mouth workin’……..Yeah….work it slow, let dat dick touch the back of yo’ throat. Keep on doin’ so good an’ you is gonna be able to take the entire thing down yo’ gullet in a while. Yeah, now hold still while I fucks yo’ mouth, okay? I likes how you swallows my cum….makes yo’ mo’ an’ mo’ a whore every time..”

Speaking of attitude, the rich girl Natalie, had a lot of attitude – the wrong kind for a new slave just purchased and destined for work in the Diaz brothel located in the Mexican part of town. Natalie was proud and defiant, even after enduring four days and nights of the most intense brand of whipping from the canes and straps applied by Laura and Marcia Diaz. Natalie refused to let herself be used as a common whore. The idea of having her pussy and ass used by dozens and dozens of dirty, swarthy-skinned foreigners was something that Natalie just couldn’t fathom. After all, she was the product of superior breeding; her family had a century-old tradition of riches and achievement and had long occupied the highest rungs of society. And now, here she was, the property of people whom she had been raised to think of as inferior and less worthy. It was too much for her to accept.

But Marcia and Laura Diaz were two hard, tough women who knew how to get difficult girls to accept their new positions in life. Both were ex-street prostitutes who had used their wiles and vicious natures to advance themselves to the more profitable businesses running drugs and a string of whorehouses catering to the low-class workers and street people who populated the seedy areas in which they lived. Quite a few competing pimps and neighborhood thugs had tried to take over the Diazs’ operations, only to find themselves with their throats cut or floating face-down in the river. Those were rough, tough people – a lot tougher than Natalie. Compared to them, she was not much of a challenge.

Laura Diaz particularly enjoyed the challenge that Natalie presented. Leaving her sister to deal with the other newly acquired slavegirls, Ms. Diaz took it upon herself to break Natalie down and re-shape her into the most lowly and subservient whore of whores. And she had so much fun doing it….

It was only a few hours ago that slave Natalie had declared to her captors that they would never make her into one of their low-class whores; that she would never willingly let herself be forced to spend the rest of her life as a fuck-whore in the brothel of Laura and Marcia Diaz. Yes, that was only a few hours ago…. How time flies…..

Now Natalie was begging to be allowed to serve Laura. Begging. ” Oh, God-d-d-d! Please! No-o-o-o! Aaaaaaaiiiieeee!” Natalie screamed at the top of her voice.

” Oh, bonita…..Baby – girl, you so sweet,” Laura Diaz murmured softly, her moist lips against Natalie’s ear as she once again pressed the tip of her burning cigarette against her slave’s agonized nipple. ” Ummmmmm….It must hurt so much, Si? I stop burning your pretty tits for a while if you lay down and let me shit in your mouth. You want to eat my shit, don’t you? ”

Some of the formerly-rich female who were snared and forced into slavery were now getting the chance to redeem themselves by serving to help the new revolutionary government that was now coming into being…. The new government’s chief mission was the production of food to feed the many millions of it’s hungry citizens. The slaves would lend their bodies to the effort; they would be the pale bodies twitching beneath the urgent cocks of the many agricultural farm workers inside the “sex shacks” set up at the edge of the countless produce fields and cattle farms around the country. A worker assured of sex was a happier worker, the theory went…..

Manuel was one of the overseers of fieldworkers on the large vegetable farm cooperative that dominated the area. Manuel worked hard making sure that his hard-working men were kept happy. Therefore he took it upon himself to personally inspect and try out each new fuck-whore who was shipped to his location. He had been inspecting and putting his leather crop to the latest arrival, Julie, for some minutes. Nothing like a good whipping to get a new puta’s attention – and he definitely had Julie’s full attention… Manuel was pleased with how Julie’s pussy fit so snugly around his cock as he tested her reactions to his to-the-hilt slam-fucking. Almost made him cum early – something Manuel didn’t want to do right then. Manuel always liked to spew his sperm in a much tighter place….

“Be still!,” Manuel snapped at Julie as he braced her in the proper position for what he had in mind. Her aching shoulders scraping against the rough concrete wall, Julie could only obey as her Master moved in to do what he had in mind.

It was clear to Julie what Manuel had in mind when he placed the head of his long, throbbing dick against the rosebud of her exposed anus.

“Uhhhhhh…,” Julie groaned in pain as Manuel began rudely pressing his hard meat into her rectum.

“Ohhhhh…..puta…Ugggghhhh”. Manuel thrilled to how good it felt – for him – as he drove himself in to the hilt, then began to drive Julie crazy with agony as he to pound her poor asshole without mercy.

Some of the independent farmers – those granted permission to cultivate small acres of cropland and animal operations – also greatly appreciated the chance to fuck a nice piece of slavegirl pussy and ass when taking a break from the ordeals of their often back-breaking work. Nothing better to spruce up the lunch hour than being able to deeply fuck and empty one’s load in the submissive hole of an available fuck-whore who was there just for that purpose. A girl who could not say ‘no’ or resist when rolled over and used hard in any way that the farmer wanted.

Hector Gonzoles worked a small plot of land with his two sisters. Together they managed to produce enough corn crops to maintain a reasonable living. It was hard work and they started at dawn and quit at dusk. Hector, being the oldest and leader of the siblings, had made the decision to make use of an imported slavegirl to serve the family as a fuck-whore; especially in light of the fact that these slaves were provided free of charge by a government intent on keeping it’s food producers happy.

The pretty ex-business executive named Annette was 25, a bit older than Hector would have preferred but she had quite a nice body. Well-formed and strong enough to withstand the rough kind of love that Hector liked to give. He was a lean but muscled man who worked hard and fucked hard – real hard. His two sisters might be somewhat mild with Annette during the nighttime demands that they made of her available tongue; as long as Annette obediently ate their pussies and assed, they were content with her.

Hector, on the other hand, was uncaring and crude in the way he pile-drived Annette with a cock that seemed to never go soft. Each day, Annette was kept bound on a filthy mattress in the back of the old farm truck that Hector kept parked near him while working the fields. And each day he never failed to take his work-breaks by climbing into the back of the truck and spending some time riding her so strenuously that she was often a crying lump of spent flesh when he finished with her.

“Oh, look! Hector’s on top our Gringa again, ” one of his sisters giggled as they peaked in on the action.

“Si,” the other sister answered. “The poor girl, our brother really likes to fuck her a lot. Don’t know if I could take a man fucking me the way Hector fucks her. So brutal!”

Hector didn’t hear them talking. He had first put the slavegirl Annette on her back, putting his dick to her cunt in his hard way. Then when he felt the urge, he had turned her over on her stomach and was now harshly plowing Annette’s sore ass. Annette started to whimper – she knew that Hector would be fucking her in the ass for a long time. He liked ramming her to the balls and making her endure the overwhelming pain of his rough assaults until he finally – finally – slammed that one last time and would shudder as he shoot a gusher of hot cum deep up her asshole.

When their home country imploded, the Harrigan sisters, Victoria and Janet, were touring the countryside of one of the Eastern European Republics. All of a sudden their money was useless and their welcome was no longer the case. The native population here in their host country were all affected by the troubles in the West and quite a few of them quickly developed a deep resentment of those rich Westerners who had let things get so much out of control. Life was normally hard in this region, but now it was getting worse by the day.

It was not a good time for two Western students – especially two attractive female students – to be stranded here deep in the rural backcountry.

Without the use of funds, Janet and Victoria were unable to secure any sort of transportation back to the capital city were their embassy was located. And their lack of acceptable monies also meant that they were routinely refused shelter at any of the local motels or rooming houses. Forced to sleep outside during the brisk Eastern European nights and managing to survive only by stealing bits of food from unguarded farms, it was a daunting task for the two girls just to exist over the first week or so.

It was then that they made the mistake of getting caught while trying to snatch a couple of potatoes from one of the fields owned by the Vranjani family. The Vranjanis were hard-working, hard-bitten simple country folk; not the kind of people who took lightly to having their property invaded and stolen. There was very little law enforcement way out here. People usually insisted on imposing their own style of justice – and Victoria and Janet would quickly learn how the Vranjanis’ sense of justice would play out.

The Vranjani family decided that these two foreign girls needed to be taught how to work hard and also to be introduced to the ways of servile and usefulness. During the days, Janet and Victoria were forced to help plow the fields and to hand-pick grapes, apples and potatoes. At nights, they were put to work pleasing the carnal desires of their captors.

It was morning and time for the two Western captives to be taken out to work in the Vranjani family’s vegetable and fruit fields. But first, there was nothing wrong in having these sweet bitches start the day off right. Janet and Victoria knew the drill: First use their pretty mouths to suck the Vranjani man off nicely and swallow their loads. Then perhaps the Vranjani women would come into the barn in order that these slavegirls have the chance to please the women’s’ eager pussies.

What these poor rich girl captives should have realized was that through their submission and subjugation, they were helping the country on its long and difficult journey to economic recovery and stability. By their forced work in the various bordellos and whorehouses, they were also helping their many customers relieve themselves of the pent-up tensions that were a result of the overwhelmingly depressed environment in which they found themselves.

Dora was another one of these helpful slaves. Pretty and petite, this 18 year-old hailing from a once-powerful and influential business family, was now almost ready to begin receiving clients for Estelle and Harriet’s new inner-city whorehouse. The two aspiring madams had already decided to advertise Dora’s upper-class background as an additional attraction. A lot their projected ghetto customers would really enjoy the opportunity to rudely fuck, then empty their balls an elitist gal. The only problem would be making sure that Dora’s pussy and ass didn’t get used up too quickly. “A lot of them boys got some real big dicks on ’em, so we gots to keep it down to maybe three or four hours a day with her. Don’t wants this bitch so fucked up she ain’t able to move or walk,” Estelle cautioned.

Harriet nodded her big black head, agreeing. “Yep, let’s keep it at three hours. And make ’em pay twice the price of our regular gals. They’ll pay it. And if we save up a little bit, let’s buy us a couple more of these rich girls. Maybe build up a special stable of ’em. Earn us a lotta money.”

They had been giving Dora her lessons the past couple of hours. Amazing how quickly the white girl wilted under their repeated paddling sessions. Her plaintive cries and pleadings touched the two hard black madams, making their wet and anxious to put her to work pleasing their pussies – but it wasn’t the right time yet. Now was the time……

Harriet sighed as Dora obediently began suckling her dark breast as ordered. This white gal was doing a nice job for someone so inexperienced, sending thrills that started at Harriet’s nipple and ending down at her swelling ebony clit.

“Oh, honey-child, you just keep doin’ what you doin’ and pretty soon you gonna have my ‘ol cunt all soaked and ready for ya. Now move over to my other tit. Makin’ me feel good, girl. You keep makin’ me feel good, then you can do the same to my homie Estelle here.

“Ohhhh, you gots me beginnin’ to tremble, baby. You gonna find you gonna like pleasin’ us the way we want. No need to keep on paddlin’ ya if you can keep us cummin’ all night.”

Marcie and her cousin Sharon were in the midst of their long-anticipated vacation to the Midastern countries when the economic and social collapse of the West happened. Suddenly their money was practically worthless. The hotels here would no longer accept American or Euro dollars. The Western airlines were not flying in or out of the countries that the two travelers were visiting. They had no food, no way to contact anyone back home. Things were desperate. Marcie and Sharon were actually reduced to begging for food, shelter and water in order to survive. Then Mr. Shabu came along….

Mr. Shabu looked rather menacing and shady, but he seemed sincere when he said, “You poor dears, I feel so sorry for you. I must warn you that it is very dangerous for two young American girls like you to be staying out here on the streets! My home is near here. It’s not a very tidy place by your American standards, but it is safe. There are a couple of beds for you to rest your weary bodies. And my wife cooks a decent meal. You both are free to be our guests if you wish it….”

The two Western females quickly conferred and despite some misgivings, they agreed to accept Mr. Shabu’s offer. After all, did they really have a choice?

But Marcie’s and Sharon’s choice turned out to be a nightmare. Mr. Shabu had lied. Mr. Shabu and his wife turned out to be the unscrupulous operators of a run-down whorehouse. The two Western girls would be now be forced to whore for the rest of their lives. But first there was the pain and humiliation of the repeated rapes, forced sex and repeated whippings by Mr. Shabu, his wife and the small group of Arab whores who inhabited the prison-like brothel in which they were kept.

Mr. Shabu’s features strained as the Western bitch Sharon used her tight lips to massage his thick dick to another orgasm. He liked how these two American prisoners learned so quickly, learned to please…. He would put them to work servicing customers in a few days, but right now it was so good to spend all this time fucking them, using them, in any way he wanted.

“Uhhhhhh….,” Mr. Shabu grunted as Sharon continued sucking the cum up from his balls.

From behind Mr. Shabu’s wife and one of their whores waited for their turn. They knew that Shabu would need at least an hour or so to recuperate and be ready to have another go at his two prisoners. In the meanwhile, there was much these two American girls could be made to do….

English student Bernice’s vacation to the South American rainforests would turn out to be permanent – and fatal. With no funds and no way to find her way back home, Bernice had also made the mistake of listening to the wrong offer from the wrong person and as a result, was now a helpless and frightened captive. Life for Bernice was now a small, isolated shack located far within the sweltering jungle; a place where no one knew she was and no one could hear her cries and screams.

Bernice’s screams were loud but no one would come to rescue her. But there would be many, many people who would eventually see her screaming. See her screaming

On their video screens and would thrill to them. And be thrilled as they watched what things were done to Bernice to make her scream. Bernice had been snatched by the shady people who made the torture-snuff videos of “Filmus Fatalos”. For those deviant fans of such ‘entertainment’, the action of “Filmus Fatalos” was well worth the astronomical cost of buying them. Millions of dollars were paid by those who liked nothing better than watching real innocent attractive women being tortured to death.

Bernice’s agony was being slowly and lovingly inflicted by the masked older woman known only as “Medusa”. Medusa was so adept at her work and it was clear that she loved doing it…..

“Oh, don’t be that way, pretty girl,” Mistress Medusa whispered as she applied yet another short burst from the small torch. Bernice let out yet another scream at the top of her voice as the small flame burned into her flesh.

“I like your beautiful voice. I just know all the people who will see this will like it too. It’s too bad that I have to ruin such lovely skin – but don’t worry – in a couple of hours, I’m gonna peel it all off of you in one piece….”

At first glance, it would seem that the two American Gringas would be so thankful to be rescued from the clutches of the bandits who had kidnapped them. After all, this was Latin America and these pale foreign gals would bring good money if sold to one of the brothels or even an eager military officer who might keep them as his lifetime pets. Yes, Sara and Amanda should have been extremely happy and relieved when one of the village most senior and revered female leaders stepped forward to demand that the two girls be released to her care. The bandits, all citizens of the village, did not dare refuse Senora Myran’s request. Reluctantly, and for a few coins for their trouble, the muttering criminals turned over Amanda and Sara to the Senora.

It was not that the Senora disapproved of the capture of two pretty Gringas – it was only the case of the Senora simply wanting them for herself and her female relatives.

“I’m tired of the men having all the damn fun!” Senora Myran had said more than once. “We womenfolk work hard here and we deserve to have our needs taken care of too.”

And if the American girls expected that their treatment would be gentler at the hands of their new female bosses, they were so very, very, wrong. This was the Third World, not some cozy Western country. Lorna and Sara might be the property of other women – but they were still property.

“Come here, girl. You’ve learned so fast how to make me tingle with that sweet mouth of yours,” Senora Myran cooed as she shifted herself to better present her wetted cunt to Sara’s mouth. “Lick me again, dear. Come and make this old pussy feel good like you did last time.”

Sara struggled to hold her tears as she moved her face into position. There was no longer any thought of resisting; the Senora’s friends already very quick to punish even the slightest sign of hesitation.

Senora Myran, ever so wise in the ways of village politics, started to use one of her Gringa slaves as convenient chattel. Keeping the slave named Sara for herself and friends, the Senora made Amanda available as trade in return for supplies of food, building materials, etc. Amanda’s compact, well-proportioned body and blond hair made her practically irresistible to many of the horny men with whom the Senora did business. Favors were earned and repaid, arguments and disagreements lessened and settled; Amanda’s holes served and serviced many uses…. Last night it was the ugly, heavyset Indian woman who used Amanda as repayment for a bushel of delicious fruits. The woman was unwashed and stank, but Amanda had no choice but to lick, suck and slurp in every one of the rotund bitch’s foul crevices so many times throughout a very long night. The day before that, Amanda was given to Senior Bernes and his sons; so much of the most painful and humiliating fucking; treated like an animal….

Today Senor Guzman, that rather stingy construction manager from the larger village just down the road, was being given the day with Amanda in return for a wagon-load of building supplies that Senora Myran’s village desperately needed to finish the building of the much-needed food storehouse. Guzman was only too glad to accept the trade. He hadn’t had the chance to fuck one of these exotic Gringas before….

Senor Guzman liked it that Amanda’s pussy was so snug and tight around his cock. Guzman was proud of the size of his cock and how long he could fuck with it before cumming. He was giving it to Amanda hard, but this was only the beginning; it would be almost an hour before he was through with her the first time. The second time, Amanda would be flipped over so that Senor Guzman could assault her asshole. He liked to hear the girls cry as he punished them with his crude style of fucking. He would make sure that before long, Amanda would be crying loud and hard….

“C’mon, chica, tell Senor Guzman you’re likin’ it… You’ve never been fucked like that before, uh?”

In the distorted present world, in this dreary and depressed part of South America, there were some rare times of pleasure that served to make life a little more bearable for some of the people there. One of these bright spots was provided by a sweet, thoroughly broken-in American slave named Amanda. It was rumored that Amanda had been a tourist who was stranded here when the American economy went belly-up. It was known that she had been sold by some villagers last week. Sold to Mr. Tomas, the shady dealer of female flesh who made his living here in the squalid, festering jungle city of Pucha. Pucha had many such men as Senor Tomas, but most of them weren’t as careful and discerning as he. He bought and sold only the more attractive or unusual girls. Girls like Amanda.

American slaves were rare down here. There were plenty of imported Asian slavegirls; so many of them that the novelty had long since worn off. But white gals didn’t show up here often, so they were especially appreciated and sought after. Within hours after bringing Amanda back to his shoddy headquarters and spending a little time trying her out for himself, Senor Tomas spread the word about the new American slave for sale. Of course, the interest was keen and immediate. It would be a quick sale.

The people who crowded around to inspect Amanda were not the ordinary flesh-buyers who populated Pucha. These people bought slaves to be used as permanent house slaves, sexslaves or painslaves. Unlike the villagers who first captured her, these people had access to the funds to purchase Amanda, body and soul. Each one had a particular interest in Amanda and each was intently gauging, judging her. Feeling and pinching her. Deciding whether she was what they wanted at home or in their cages or hidden rooms…There was no price stated on Amanda’s intro card. The bidding for her would be muted, private and discreet.

Whenever one of the rich enclaves were invaded or overrun, it’s more attractive women were always singled out to be taken as human chattel; slaves to be used for the pleasure of their captors or/and to be traded or sold at one of the many slavery houses that thrived in the poor sections. Of course, it was the females 18 – 22 years of age who were the most sought-after by the lusting prurients who regularly made up the crowds at the slave auctions. And the more innocent or virginal – looking the slave, the more she was in demand.

There were many uses for these sweet-looking slavegirls. Some were wanted to serve as special meat in the whorehouses, bringing a higher price than the regular whores; others were desired as personal sexslaves, servicing the special needs of their Masters and Mistresses. Whatever cravings that these unfortunate girls were destined to satisfy, it was clear that their bodies would never be able to endure for very long; The poor, both men and women, had a lot of pent-up resentment and anger toward previous elites who had made their lives so miserable – and they enjoyed nothing better than exacting their rage upon the captive daughters of the rich.

Among the slavetraders, Ms. Ventura had chosen her clientele carefully. No clamorous, noisy auction blocks for her. Ms. Ventura first spent a few weeks training her new captives, making sure that they learned the duties that would make them the excellent slaves that her clients had come to expect from her. Her prices were a bit steeper than the regular slave auctioneers, but when you purchased a slavegirl from Ms Ventura, you knew that you were getting an already broken-in and thoroughly trained piece of quality pussy…

REBECCA GETS TRAINED: Rebecca, a murdered industrialist’s daughter was in her second day as a slave under Ms. Ventura’s control. The girl, Ms. Ventura thought, would bring in a pretty bounty with her blond good looks and firm body. Just a matter of the right direction and guidance to get her prepared for her new life…

“Now Estella here is going to keep you for the night,” Ms. Ventura gently informed Rebecca as she firmly tied the slave’s hands together. “You already know how good she is with her whip… I want you to be as good with her as you were with me last night, understand? I don’t want to hear that you failed to pleasure her. Estelle’s fair, so she’ll let you eat and lick all her holes just like you did mine before whipping you. The severity of the whipping will be according to your performance between her legs… understood?”

The Thurston Street Whorehouse was an unique business in that it was owned and operated by the whores themselves. Each of them shared in the receipts of each day’s work and also pooled their monies for any necessary expenses needed to keep their whorehouse going.

They may have been a collection of motel, aging whores and street prostitutes, but their many years of hard experiences had given them a good sense of what worked and what didn’t. For instance, they didn’t hesitate to pay a bit extra for the biggest and toughest guards to keep them safe and their blue-collar clientele under tight watch. No rowdy, out-of-control, refusal-to-pay louts at the Thurston Whorehouse; everything ran smoothly and the money was decent.

Another thing that the whores had decided on was that, after so much hard, sweaty work put pleasing these untold numbers of randy customers each day, they really deserved some much-need pleasures of their own. After meeting on the subject one day, it was agreed that what these hardened, dirty whores needed was a couple of live-in slavegirls to keep them happy and their spirits up. So it was that the sweet-looking Rebecca was purchased from Ms. Ventura’s slave stable just down the street.

THE WHORES MEET REBECCA: It was nearly midnight when the whores shooed away the last of their satisfied customers and closed down the operation for the night. Now it was time to see if Ms. Ventura’s reputation for selling the best slavegirls was justified. Having won the final card-draw, Angelique would have first rights to slave Rebecca’s services before all the other whores would have their turn.

Angelique was wet and feeling particularly lewd and lascivious as the slavegirl was brought to her. “MMmmm, there you are! I’m ready, you little bitch! I’m really ready! C’mere, baby,” the whore said as she fingered her own asshole in her anticipation for Rebecca. She licked away the slave’s tears with her slimy tongue.

“Oh those sweet tears, don’t cry, darlin’. You’ll get used to it. I promise. It’s just 40 of us tonight…”

Capt. Shala was not a rich man. As the captain of run-down cargo ship that ran regular routes between the U.S. mainland and Asia, it had taken him nearly three years to save up the money needed to buy this cute little 19 year-old slavegirl named Denise. The bidding at the auction house had been so frenzied that Shala had begun to wonder if he was going to have to leave the place empty-handed . But halfway through the many offerings brought up to the block for sale, he had finally lucked out, barely beating out another bidder for the ownership of the lovely, frightened Denise.

Denise had begged and pleaded for Shala to let her go. Such silly crying and tears; Shala had quickly put a stop to her pitiful begging with a few hard slaps from his heavy hands. Back on the old ship, the Captain utilized his trusty belt to further quiet down his pretty slave. Then a few sessions to the most delicious sex: rough and hard, just the way Captain Shala preferred. He was a crude man from a crude background and the sooner that Denise learned to give it to him like he wanted; the better it would be for her.

Denise had been raised in an upper-class, sheltered family before the big depression and social upheavals occurred. The family had managed to survive together for a while – before the raiders came. Father had been killed right off; Mother had been forced to ‘entertain’ one invader after another on the living room floor before being dragged off to be sold to one of the notorious s&m houses.

Denise was now the property of this big, burly owner. He had forced her to swallow a batch of pills, saying ” I am going to fuck you so very much. Don’t want you pregnant yet!”

THE CAPT. GETS READY TO FUCK HIS SLAVE AGAIN. Captain Shala pressed his bulk down against Denise, preparing to ride her again. He was a big man with a big cock. He put Denise’s hand on his cock, grunting in appreciation as the slave obediently began to massage it with her fingers, making it grow in length and girth.

“Ahhhh, yes. You want more, yes? You want me to fuck you more, I know. You gonna get it hard and deep, the way you like it, little whore”

“Please! No! I’m so sore inside! Please…!”

The Captain pressed her back against the dingy pillow, getting her in position. His huge member forcing it’s way into her aching pussy.

“Ughhhh….so tight, still so tight. Spread your legs wider….”

Lisa had been able to avoid being captured by the slavers who had raided her family’s barricaded mansion. She had been able to hide, forcing herself to be silent as she watched her father and brothers murdered and her older sisters raped then led away to be sold. She had managed to flee into the countryside, hiding by day and traveling by night.

She had finally come across the isolated farmstead after almost a week of furtive hiking. Although the property appeared to be somewhat run-down, there was a family living there. After observing them and their activities during the day, she decided that these were poor farmers, not part of those urban mobs and pillagers who had caused so much havoc and chaos. Famers were decent hard-working people, Lisa thought to herself. If there was anyone likely to offer her help and shelter, it would be these rural dwellers.

The family was the Duncans. And they were glad to see Lisa. Especially Luke Duncan, the head of them all. Luke had greeted her kindly – before dragging her into the back yard and cruelly using her for almost an hour before binding her hands and feet.

“Looks like we done got ourselves a piece of rich-gal pussy to keep all for ourselves,” Luke informed his two sisters when they returned from the fields.

“Well, I don’t minds having her tongue up my ass sometimes – I made a couple of little gals do that for me whens I was in the lock-up. But she still gonna have to do some work around the house,” one sister said.

“Some of the work? Hell, gal, she’s gonna be doin’ all the work! Then she can takes care of what we wants at night!”

THE FARMERS’ OWN LITTLE BITCH: The Duncans were happy with Lisa. Very happy. Not too many destitute farm families had their own pretty slavebitch who worked the fields and did all the housework during the day and then used her cute mouth and tight holes to keep them happy at night. Yep, Luke and his two sisters were certainly pleased as hell with the way things were working out with Lisa.

“Damn, this city bitch sure did learn fast,” groaned Luke as the slave’s pretty lips began to milk another load of cum from his schlong. ” Didn’t take more than a little bit of whippin’ with that old hickory stick to get her seein’ things the right way!

The richer they are, the harder they fall. Meredith Stevenson had fallen a lot since she served as the youngest member of the old and now defunct American Congress. At the time, her family’s money and vast connections had caused some newspapers and media concerns to label Meredith as one of the “Up and comers”; saying that she was practically guaranteed to be considered as a Presidential candidate in the near future. But things had changed so much since then, and not in the way that Meredith could have possibly imagined.

Ms. Stevenson, so sure of herself, her social and political skills, had volunteered to be the one to approach the leaders who now represented

the hordes of the poor in order to see if there was some sort of agreement or power-sharing arrangement that might tend this terrible ongoing conflict. But the clueless Meredith had failed to realize the depth of the resentment that the poor had against the once-rich and once-powerful.

She had arranged to drive past the armed barricades and on to the destination where she had been told she could meet with the representatives for the other side. It was quite a surprise for Meredith as she was stopped at the barricade and dragged out of the car.

Instead of the political show that she had expected to initiate, Meredith Stevenson had been stripped naked by the laughing guards before being taken to the wooden shack to served as their guard post. There Miss Stevenson was also stripped of her remaining dignity as she was put on her back and forced to spread her legs for the half-dozen cocks that fucked her while she cried and screamed.

HER TEARS MAKE HIS COCK HARD: Meredith was once proud and rich. Now she could only sob for mercy as one of her captors turned her tender, mistreated body over on her stomach. But her tears of shame and anguish only served to excite his cock into growing even bigger.

“No! Nooooo!“ Meredith screamed.

“Ummmm….,” the nameless man grunted and licked her ear as his cockhead began probing for her anus. “Ahhhhh…..,” he sounded as his shaft found and began pressing it’s way into Meredith’s protesting asshole.

“AAAaaiiiieee….!” Meredith was overcome with the pain as he began to brutally fuck her up the ass, setting his hard and fast rhythm. Teaching her what it meant to be used like a cheap whore…..

“Don’t you like it up there, bitch? A pity ‘cause I’m stuffed with Viagra and I’ll make this a very long, frisky ride….”

Big Louie wasn’t about to spend rare money or trade for a bitch to be used as his slave. Louie was a man who believed in taking care of his own business. Why buy pussy when I can just go and find for myself, he thought. A man of action, a man of the tough, cruel streets even before the days of chaos happened, Big Louie took his time, scouting out and deciding upon his prey. By the time he had made his final choice, he had established her home routine and that of her family. He knew when 18 year-old Marcy went to bed and he knew that she mistakenly assumed that no one would be able climb up to her second -floor bedroom’s open window .

Beautiful, tender and petite Marcy, the apple of her rich father’s eye. White, blue-eyed blond Marcy – just the way big, black Louie liked ’em…….

Louie didn’t take Marcy right away when he climbed silently into her bedroom. He didn’t take her until after he had creped into her parents’ bedroom and surprised Mom and Dad out of their sleep, making them be quiet at the threat of that big pistol of his. He had chuckled as he made Marcy’s scared, good-lookin’ mother tie and gag her husband. He had chuckled even more as he forced Marcy’s dad to watch helplessly as he fucked the wife for over two hours. Louie made the whimpering woman kiss him and tell him how much better he was than her pitiful husband as he rode her naked in that marital bed. He rode her hard, slamming his nearly foot-long black cock up to the balls in her captive, married cunt before turning her over to make her moan in agony as he pile-drived her ass. It was so good to see the shame on Marcy mom’s face as he pulled out of her asshole and ordered her to keep her mouth wide open as he jacked glob after glob of his heavy cum down her waiting throat. It felt so good to make her suck the remaining jism from his slime-covered dick with her pretty, rich mouth.

But best of all, Big Louie enjoyed binding and gagging the mother before whispering in her ear that he was going to take her precious daughter when he left their home. It was so pleasing to ravage her holes with his giant cock while she cried in her gag. “Move your hips, bitch,” he ordered as he shot a thick stream of his semen deep inside her innards. He knew that he had just impregnated her with his black cum.

Marcy was still sleeping soundly in her bed when Louie awakened her and threatened her with his gun. He stripped her naked before binding her hands, arms and feet and carrying her from the house over his shoulder. Big Louie now had himself a wife….

Back his place in the ghetto, it was only a little matter of adjusting Marcy’s view of the ways things were by applying a good dose of belt-whippin’ between the sex sessions. Marcy was tighter than her mom; she had trouble taking Louie’s oversized dick – but she didn’t have a choice but to take it as Louie made her take it. Like her mother, Marcy cried but obeyed when he ordered her to buck and rotate her hips as he ended yet another plowing session by flooding her with his cum. Yes, petite Marcy would be a slave-wife that would be fucked at least three times every day and at least twice every night.

HIS OWN SLAVE-WIFE: Big Louie kinda liked the meal that his captured slave-wife had cooked for him. Being kidnapped from a rich family, Marcy hadn’t had much experience in the kitchen, of course. But no matter, Louie would make sure that Marcy had more than enough experience with his big dick.

Cute, petite Marcy always cried as Louie’s huge cock stretched her pussy as he forced it inside her. And she would cry and scream even more in agony as he began fuck her as only a big, strong brute like Louie could fuck her. Strong, virile Louie, who liked to fuck for hours…

“Now c’mon, girl! You can take it. You my woman now…”

The Assistant Warden

Assistant Warden Al Harding had lobbied to be made part of the administration staff that governed the huge South American Mursetta Womens’ Penal Colony. After all, it was here that the daughters of the former upper class were sent as son as they reached eighteen years. At Mursetta, a place as large as some European countries, these unworthy young females would have the chance to redeem themselves for the social crimes of their parents. There, they would either redeem themselves or die.

Asst. Warden Harding would enjoy himself making sure that these bitches paid dearly for their evil ways – or that they would suffer and be debased for the rest of their lives. Harding looked forward to each new day. another new day of fucking and having his cock attended to by some of the most attractive of the million-plus beautiful young girls that were condemned to spend their lives there. Like Natasha.

Natasha’s first day had been a horrible mix of being whipped, forced work and unwilling sex with a seemingly unending line of older lesbian prisoners. Her second day had begun with her catching of Warden Harding’s jaundiced eye and a summons to his office. Then an order to her knees to get his dick hard with that pretty young mouth. Then it was an almost all-day fuck session; on the floor , the office couch and the desk.

Harding was virile and hung – and there was nothing he like better than abusing the pussy of a former industrialist’s daughter….

“Yeahhhhh….. That’s the way, bitch! Let it all inside ya!” Assistant Warden Harding held Natashain his tight grip, almost like a rag doll, as he started to pump his thick cum deep within her shallow cunt.

“Your father might have been a big-shot in the past – but inside this prison, it’s me who’s gonna be your ‘Daddy’ from now on…….. Got so much more of my cum for ya, girl….. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!”

The Female Guards Indulge

At Mursetta, the female guards ruled. Yes, the administrators and their cronies might have the final say over how things went and made the extra money on the side – but it was the female guards at the vast women’s penal institution who oversaw the day-to-day activities and who knew everything and everybody. Recruited especially from the oversupply of sado-minded women from the depths of the former lower-class, these revenge-minded guards made sure that the young girls held in Marsetta would never forget that their place was thoroughly at the bottom of the Marsetta’s social and sexual order.

And there was no better time to start the attitude-adjustment for those new prisoners than upon their arrival. They guards knew their girls: It took less than a couple of minutes to size up a new girl’s personality and background – and to decide if that girl needed some special attention to get her mentally adjusted and properly prepared for her new life at Mursetta.

Paulina was new to the job, but it was noted that she had a natural talent for breaking in a new girl. The new girl, Blanche, only a few hours off the plane.

“Si, she is yours,” smiled the Guard Supervisor. ” I am busy with two pretty young gals and there is another prison plane due in late tonight. So this one is all yours for the rest of the night. I want you to break her, teach her, make her ready for the other guards. I think that she will be ideal to serve as a sex-slave in our brothel out back, don’t you?

“So why don’t you show me what you can do if you can give a prisoner a lot of attention. Maybe, if you’re good at it, I’ll assign you to choose and train all the slaves who will work our brothels in the region….”

“Now see how this pretty young thing needs you? She’s so scared, her family is gone, she needs a strong hand to show her how to appreciate pain, Paulina. She’s ready to be broken and needs to be taught how good it is to please us with her suffering. So I’ll leave you two together here. Take your time with her, have her spend the night eating your pussy until she knows how to do it good. If you need direction, just watch how the other guards are handling their girls. They’ve been doing it for years.”

Cecile’s Last Chance

Cecile had always been difficult, even in the days before the revolution Cecile had been a person who frustrated her family and friends with her haughty and stubborn ways. Those traits had persisted in her even into Mursetta Prison. But unlike the pre-revolution days, the people who ran Murstta were not patient or forgiving. It didn’t endear Cecile to the Assistant Warden when she at first refused to swallow his semen or impress the female guards when she made faces before going down to lick their cunts.

Nevertheless, it was such a shock when Cecile was notified that in the upcoming week, she would be taken out to the vast swamp that surrounded the cell compound in which she had been kept and then would be fed alive to the oversized crocodiles kept there for just that purpose. Feeding condemned prisoners to the Crocs indeed had become a daily tourist attraction at Mursetta; every day thousands of like-mined visitors paid to watch the bloody spectacles, cheering and jeering at the terrified screams of the condemned. Mursetta’s many hotels enjoyed at least a third of their room booking to the “Sado Fans” who flew in from all parts or the world to savor the special prisoner death sports.

Cecile had begged for forgiveness, but her superiors were not going to be easily satisfied. “You will have one week to convince us that you will be more entertaining alive than dead,” the Wardeness had informed her before Cecile had gotten to her knees to spend time licking the Wardeness’ overworked pussy. It probably helped that Cecile didn’t hesitate to eat out the Superior’s puckered asshole upon command. But she knew that she had a lot of firther convincing to do….

“So this is the bitch who wants to live instead of being fed to the crocs!” The oldest female prisoner of the group, a murderess named Felicia, was not impressed, not at all.

“Yes, this is her,” answered one of the prison administrators. “She seems sincere that she’s changed her attitude. But she still has to prove it. I’m going to leave her with you ladies tonight. Here’s a nice bamboo stick. You can whip her as hard as you want – but no permanent scars! You are to inform me if she fails to please any of you.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that, Madame!” Felicia was already hiking up her dress. ” I’m sure she wants to do just fine!

“Open your mouth, girlie. I’m gonna let you eat my cunt – but first, I gotta full bladder and I need to piss really bad…….!”

Sgt. Diaz Wants Some More

Sgt. Diaz was one of only a few hundred male guards in the mostly-female Mursetta Prison System. Indeed, he was a lucky man. So many former upper-class girls who just turned 18 and who had been sentenced to the hellish Mursetta for nothing more than being the daughters of rich or influential families who had been declared as ‘social criminals’ – a valid charge in some cases, wildly untrue in others…..

Laura had not been anti-social, but her father had been and had been executed. It was a life/death sentence for Laura. She was a good girl in spite of her father. A decent, well-educated girl. A virgin.

Just the kind of girl Sgt. Diaz liked to fuck.

Laura had cried as Diaz grabbed her by the back of her neck and marched her roughly naked down the prison hallway and into his private quarters. She cried when he slapped her hard when she blurted out, “NOOOOOOOO!” as she pulled away from his embrace.

Laura cried in pain as Diaz spread her legs and slowly began fill her virgin cunt, inch by inch, with his 10 inches of cock.


“Shit, girl, you so tight……. Hmmmmm…. So tight……”

“Noooo…. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! It hurts! It hurts…..!”

“Si, si, it does……”

It was 40 minutes of rape on the floor before he slammed his cock against her up the balls and emptied his load in her.

Now it was late evening and Diaz returned to his cell where a cowed Laura waited. She saw the huge head of his dick swelling out of his unbuttoned pants.

She cringed as he pulled her to him for a long kiss.

“I’m gonna fuck you again, Laura. This time, you’re gonna take my dick up your pretty ass. It’s gonna thrill ya because it’s gonna hurt and feel good at the same time. This gonna be all night…. I won’t be in a hurry this time….”

“Please, Sir. Please don’t. I don’t think…..”

Sgt. Diaz tongue filled her mouth, forcing her to stop trying to talk. One of his fingers dug into her butthole….

“Turn around, Laura girl. My dick’s rock hard and it needs your ass…..!”


Kimberly the New Slave Wife

Kimberly Ryan, favored daughter of the executed politician Ed Ryan and his missing wife, Maria, had been sold by the female Warden of Mursetta in one of the many side deals that made the Mursetta Prison System so much of a profit-making venture. The Slave Wives Auction was popular with the big population of mine and agricultural workers who wanted an attractive wife to bred or just to have as a compliant piece of pussy and ass to keep a cock warm at night.

Sencio was a big, tall mine foreman who already had a native wife at home, a wife who needed rest from his relentless, always-hard eleven inches of meat. Eleven inches of excited cock that he especially liked to keep pounding a pretty female ass at night.

Sencio had purchased Kimberly for more thatn he would have liked to pay but he knew now that he’d gotten a great deal.

They had done a great job breaking Kimberly’s spirit inside the prison – but her asshole was still tight.

So tight. “Ugggggghhhh….” Sencio’s mouth slackened as his fat dickhead started burrowing it’s way past Kimberly’s snug anal entrance….. so, so tight……..

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh……” He shifted his weight, forcing another 6 inches of cock up her rectum.

“Uh, uh,uh…Oh, oh, oooohhhhhhhh…..! Kimberly’s ass quivered and trembled with agony as his black meat started to pound her without mercy.

Sencio had intended to take Kimberly straight home after he bought her – but her well-shaped ass looked so inviting that he just had to have some right and there! Her attempts to relieve the pressure of his cock only served to excite him more and he started to put the meat to her, hard, to the balls. Making her understand how low she was she was. Showing her who was boss.


Miss Saundra’s Gift to the Voodoo Lady

Miss Saundra worked in a senior position at the prison. But being cynical and well-educated didn’t prevent Saundra from accepting the tenants of the more darker versions of Voodoo and the dark woman who practiced the darkest Voodoo, Lady Naku. She even ate Lady Naku’s pussy after each spell-session.

For Lady Naku, having Miss Saundra as a ready source of money, contacts and information was good enough – but the real thing was having her deliver new white girls every week or so. Beautiful, young white slavegirls who spent their nights licking the Lady’s pussy to ever higher and higher orgasms and who gave up their souls to her as they gave up their last gasps of breath. Having so many new young white girls in turn gave Lady Naku more power and youth. Now in her biological ninety-eighth year, she easily passed for forty and had the sexual appetite of a horny girl of twenty.

This time the Lady had directed Saundra’s search; there was a certain girl that Naku had discovered and had followed after going through the electronic Prison Files. Heather, virgin, daughter of an executed social criminal businessman, had just turned 18 – and due to Saundra’s unsuspected interference, transferred to Mursetta Prison. Just as Lady Naku had ordered…..

Now Miss Saundra eyes bore into Heather’s as she guided the trembling girl’s hand between Lady Naku’s legs.

“My Mistress has wanted to meet you for such a long time. It is going to be your honor to serve and service her, isn’t that right?”

“Yes, Miss Saundra.” The girl remembered the whippings of the last two nights.

“Look at me, little white girl. Look at me while your soft fingers caress my old black pussy. Feel how my juices are thick and sticky all over your fingers?” Lady Naku’s black face was hard and stern. “I’m going to lay back now and allow you to eat my pussy. I will churning out all kinds of juices, so your face will be covered with it. And my friend Saundra here will be eating your ass all the while. Both of you will provide me the thrills I deserve.”

Myra’s Midnight Visitor

It had been three weeks within the Women’s’ Prison and Myra had given her female guards so much and they were so pleased with her – but there were so many new girls being shipped in.

New young girls with newer lips and cunts – so Myra now became ‘used news’ in the prison terminology. That meant that they had other uses for Myra; usages that would earn them extra cash off her ass.

They bonded Myra in the most humiliating and displaying manner in that cell that they kept for special purposes up on the ground-level cellblock; the one which featured private entry doors for invited visitors. It was a minute past midnight when Myra, her joints aching from her positioning, became aware of the man who had come into the room.

Myra had to crane her neck forward to see who it was. At once she was sorry that she did.

“Hello, my pretty girl. My name is Zaheeb. They have all told me about you and how you are willing to give pleasure, no matter how much you are mistreated. Of course, I have to see this for myself, yes? After all, I have to be sure if you are indeed good selling stock for my business.

“They assure me that your asshole is unused and tight. But I have to see for myself if this is true or not. I have to be able to enjoy my girls before I purchase and then sell them, eh? See how long my cock is? It’s going to be testing your ass all night….”

Myra panicked as Zaheeb’s amazingly long cock began touching against her displayed butthole, the head of it slowing pressing her anus.

“Oh, no!” Myra squirmed and tried to shift away but the strappings kept her in place.

“Here it comes, my lady. It’ll hurt so bad at first, but you’ll learn to love the pain I’ll be giving you all night.”


Myra Meets Her Buyer

Myra didn’t last very long on Zaheeb’s auction block. A girl with her looks, a girl who had been thoroughly broken-in and showed the proper attitude was a real draw. There was even a representative from the Mursetta Prison who tried to buy her back. The bids were high but eventually it was Miss Ginny from the No. 3 Private Guards Union who offered up a price that no one else was willing to match.

The other bidders felt sorry for Myra because the Unions usually bought a lot of girls at the auctions because they used them up at a rapid rate.

“She’s not going to last long,” one bidder offered. “She’ll be dead by the end of next week.”

“Hah! You’re being far too optimistic,” another answered. “They’re really into the BDSM thing. Even put on death shows around town. Word is that they make a lot of money with that. I give her a couple of days, four at the most…”

Miss Ginny gave little evidence to contradict their opinions as she started to give Myra her own special brand of greeting while they waited for the transport truck to arrive.

Myra could only moan and beg as Miss Ginny made her suffer under the relentless application of her whip. Her screams were worthless as Miss Ginny swung her whip non-stop and full-strength.

“Suffer, you little bitch! Suffer! You hear? You better be good! You better obey!”


Myra Learns to Survive

Myra was not one to resist, but even she knew that she must go far beyond previous efforts in order to appease her new Superiors at the shoddy Guards Union camp. So she had been made available only for her woman Superiors – but their demands were every bit as cruel and humiliating as those of any man.

For a slave like Myra, almost everyone in the camp ranked above her; the cooks, the trashpickers, even the most lowly camp whore. And they all made sure that Myra knew it. They chuckled as they peed directly in Myra’s mouth and as they drooled their spit in her opened mouth. Nothing better than relieving the tensions of a long day than being able to brace that white girl Myra against the wall and redden her pale ass with a long, hard spanking until she pleaded for mercy. Her pleadings were ignored, of course, and it only served to excite the spankers into whipping her longer and harder and leaving her laying half-conscious on the ground.

It was the camp whores who made it a point to keep Myra in her place. Especially Edina and Dimone, the lowest-ranked mother-and-daughter whores who worked and lived at the Union Camp. Nothing they liked more than singling out the white girl to tongue-clean their rancid, cum-filled pussies at the end of the day….

Dimone watched closely as Myra suckled Edina’s toes, very closely.

“You better suck my mother’s toes real good before I get angry with you! We’ve whoring all damn day and our cunts and assholes are full of our customers’ cum – but you’ve still gotta earn the right to clean us out real good with that tongue of yours…”

Myra Gets Bred

It was the big black Antwain and his brown-skinned wife Dija who run the No. 3 Private Guards Union. Antwain had ordered that Myra be brought to their private room. After being informed of the news that Dija had given him about this white slave named Myra, he looked forward to meeting her in person.

“So this is the girl you told me about,” he said as he looked the slave Myra over as she stood presented by Dija.

“Si, husband. This is her. This is the only daughter of that racist American politician, Seymour Patterson, the one who we executed some time ago. The authorities didn’t include the information on her when they sent her here.”

“Isn’t it pure justice that the daughter of such a monster of a man ends up here with us? What shall we do with her? Should we invite all the farm workers, tie her down and let them gang-fuck her to death? Or shall we just whip her to death ?”

Antwain gave off one of his mean smiles. “No, That’s not real justice, just killing her. What I have in mind is something that will make her family cry up from their graves.”

“Symour Patterson’s sweet daughter is going to be a breeding cow, putting out a half-black baby every year.” Antwain began slowly stroking his huge dick, staring at Myra. “You understand that, don’t you, white girl? The ghost of your evil father will have to watch as I climb on top of you and shove my cock between your legs and fuck you like I fuck the whores…”

Big Antwain dug his fingers into Myra’s whipped butt, bringing tears from her eyes.

“Come here, get into my bed, bitch! My wife is going to go get all my women to come and watch me fuck you and get you pregnant from the seed of my big dick. You will be betraying your dead white racist father over the years, every time you pop out another one of my black babies…”


The Authorities Examine One of the New Arrivals:

“She looks okay for our section,” noted the Section Five warden, Miss Montez. “Look her over real good, people, if these bitches are going to serve as wives, we want only the best. Only the most deserving and loyal workers get the right to be awarded a slave wife by the State. We want them to be able to have the most top-quality pieces of ass instead just anything that they could purchase at those auction blocks.”

“Well, this one certainly does appeal to my tastes!” The guard Guzman leered as he tried to lick the face of the girl in question.”

“No more of that , Guzman. All of these slaves are supposed to be untouched when they are delivered to their new husbands and it’s my job to make sure of that.”

“Hah! That’s not fair and you know it, Montez! I know that you and Miss Chang here will have at least half these girls eating out your pussies during the next couple of nights! So why can’t I have me a little bit of this young stuff?”

Montez chuckled. “All these girls are virgins – and will be when they delivered into married slavelife. Their eating my and Miss Chang’s cunt won’t change that.

“Oh, come on! If you’re going to visiting this one tonight and havin’ her spend hours lickin’ your pussy, why can’t I also have a little fun by havin’ her spend some time suckin’ off this big boner of mine? I mean, she’ll still be a virgin afterwards, right?”


The Tech-Geek Gets His Dream Girl for a Wife:

Harold Stanski had served the Party faithfully for years. He was good at his good as a high-tech security expert, electronically helping to track down enemies of the State and bring them to justice. It also helped that he had access to many of the most attractive slavegirls in the various women’s’ prison camps which he happened to visit on his rounds. Harold’s chubby, nerdy looks had kept him from getting any dates back in his younger days but now -in most cases- even the most beautiful female slaves had to give in to Harold if he wanted them. And Harold enjoyed the freedom he had in what he could do to them. He liked demanding that a gal spend time licking his big balls and musky, hairy ass before he allowed her the honor of being fucked painfully up the ass, which is how he preferred to do it. Harold liked hear their screams and watching the agony on their faces.

But in Harold’s history, there had been special girl. A girl whom Harold had secretly worshipped from a distance since their high school days.

Yes, Abegaile Brice, the pampered daughter of a influential industrialist, had been the object of Harold Stanski’s secret desire – even though she had never spoken to him or interacted with him in any way whatsoever. Abegaile hadn’t been aware of Harold’s existence….

Abegaile’s father was the kind of man the the Revolution hated and it was only a matter of time, Harold thought, until they charged him with something. Harold had used his technical expertise to hurry things up by planting some false evidence in Mr. Brice’s financial and employer records and then electronically co-opted the prison system in order to make sure that Abegaile herself, still a virgin, was put into the “Slave Wife” and destined for Section Five, assigned to marry a certain Mr. Harold Stanski…..

It was so good to take Abegaile’s virginity. Harold might have been flabby but he had a 10-inch cock that ravaged Abby’s sweet pussy again and again. Harold could never enough of the new Mrs. Stanski. She was still frightened and needed to be kept chained back in his little locked concrete bunker room – but she was slowly being broken in by Harold’s relentless cock and his rough use of the belt and paddle.

It was now time to introduce his young slavewife to being fucked up her ass…..

“NOOOOOOOOO! Please…..! It hurts!” Abegail’s face was contorted by pain as her anal tunnel was being stretched open by Harold’s big cock.

“Now, now, girl. If you’re gonna be my wife, you’re gonna have to get used to taking it whenever I want to give it to you. Now, keep those legs curled up and it’ll be easier to take my cock! Hmmmm… Oh, babe…. so tight…. here’s more…. Mmmmmmmm….”


Zaheeb the Slave-seller

Zaheeb had emigrated to the penal colony of Mursetta in order to take advantage of all the new slave-selling opportunities there. Slavery was in his blood; he loved the tears, the misery, the buying and selling….

What he particularly enjoyed was first raping rights of a just-come-of age European slave girl. Nothing better.

Taking his time. Laughing at her pleas. Watching her pretty, crying face as he lay on top of her, pushing her legs apart so she had no choice but to accept his big cock. Zaheeb would make her tell him how handsome he was and how she wanted his cock to hurt her as he drove it inside her pussy….

“MMmmmmm….take your time, girl. You’ll be able to stretch those pretty lips a bit more – you’ll be able to take more of my cock down your throat. We’ve got the whole night together for me to teach you how to serve and service before you get put out on the auction block tomorrow.”


Myra’s Journey Begins

Myra was the only surviving member of her once-powerful family; all of them except Myra executed in the past months for their social crimes. Myra’s petite good looks and her firm body had saved her when the presiding judge took a liking to keeping her as his chamber fuck-toy during court session breaks. It helped her case that she complied with his every order and was particularly good at sucking his cum up from his balls. That earned Myra a trip the the Mursetta Penal Colony instead of a facing a firing squad or having to climb the stairs to the hanging rope.

Myra hated the pain that was inflicted on her when she arrived at Mursetta – but she also wanted to live. She immediately realized that her only chance to live was to accept the pain, accept it without any resistance. Her Superiors noticed that and liked it. It was her black female guard, Rhoranda, who first decided to give Myra that chance to prove herself. Rhoranda didn’t talk much but there was no doubt of her intentions as she drew Myra’s nude body against her, her big hands holding Myra’s arm painfully behind her back.

The guard’s voice was soft but commanding as she muttered in Myra’s ear. “You are so good at taking all the whipping that I give you, lovely girl. I think you have earned the right to eat my pussy tonight. Do you think so?”

“Yes, Miss Rhoranda.”

“Good, good,” Rhoranda said as she began walking the white girl back to her private room. “I have other things that I’ll want you to do also. Real nasty things…”


The Prison Guard’s New Slavewife

Sgt. Hemenez needed a wife. Sure, being a guard at a Womens’ Political Prison afforded him with plenty of sexual opportunities – like that tall, blonde former judge a week ago; Hemenez had really rode her hard for a few days and nights before placing her in with the general population. He like the idea of sticking his cock deep in the pussy of an ex-powerful judicial big-shot who had wielded so much power over the lives of others and making her rotate her hips and thighs like the lowest whore from the street. But somehow it was still not enough for Hemenez. Deep down, he wanted an obedient bitch all of his own; one that he didn’t have to share with anyone else.

Luckily for Hemenez, his stellar record had finally worked in his favor; his application for being given a virgin slavewife from the State was eventually accepted. The months of waiting for her to be selected and delivered had been so damn frustrating – but then Christine, the 19 year-old only daughter of a recently denounced Party official arrived, ready for fucking.

Hemenez didn’t need much of a ceremony, only the Party’s official certicate of marriage stating that Christine was Hemenez’s property to do with as he pleased. She was still crying, haven’t yet accepted her new lot in life as a slave. Hemenez didn’t care, it only mattered that she was his. His cock strained in his pants.

Now that she was his official slavewife, Sgt. Hemenez wasted no time in showing the frightened, newly broken-in Christine exactly how things were going to be from now on. Not wanting to wait until he drove her home, Hemenez parked on the side of the heavily-trafficked road and climbed on top of his slavewife in the back seat. He didn’t pay much attention when she screamed as he broke open her cherry – all he care about was that her cunt was so tight as he began slamming his cock in her.

The House of Rejected Slavewives

One of the worse things that could happen was for a slavewife to be used by her officially – sanctioned ‘husband’ and then rejected for one reason or another (not that any reason was really needed ). Sometimes it was a case of her not being able to please her husband, sometimes it was just a case of the husband tiring of her and moving on to another availed slave slut.

Whatever the reason, it was usually bad news for the former slavewife as she was sure to be sent to one of the official ‘Free Wives Centers’.

The Free Wives Centers supplied former slavewives to men who for one reason or another, had been deemed as unsuitable for for a slavewife, for especially unattractive men, for those whose were more inclined to mistreat their female sex partners, etc. These ‘centers’ were just a step removed from the all-out sado-sex clubs or the common slavesex whore houses that dotted the countryside.

Right now, rejected wives Caroline and Tonya were being introduced to the two men who had reserved the room (and them) for the night.

Even the Domme guard who had escorted them in silently shook her head in sympathy because she knew these two bastards well; Silas the American, a low-level Party worker and Petrov, the mineworker who was a loud, gross, pile-driving fuck-machine whose skinny looks disguised his overly – virile sex drive. The escort knew that the two slaves would have no choice but service these men and that she would be required to punish them if they had any complaints against them. Too bad.

“Come here, baby, and let’s get acquainted before I sample that pussy of yours,” laughed Petrov as he grabbed at a recoiling Caroline who was clearly disgusted by his ugly features and puss-filled facial pimples. “You don’t want your Domme gal whipping on you, do you? Look at your friend there. She’s already got her mouth full of Silas’ dick! We’ll both just kiss around a bit and watch her gobble down his first cumload before I start fucking you…!”


The Ex-Janitor’s College Cheerleader Slavewife

Big and fat, Henri Robles had a mundane job as a janitor at the women’s’ political prison. But as a faithful member of the Party, Robles was entitled to perks, no matter how lowly his job. The Party took care of his own – besides, word had leaked that thorough observing him on his assaults on the imprisoned girls there that old Robles was gifted with a wide 10-incher that caused a lot of problems, to say the least.

When his bosses spotted Nanette featured on the weekly telecast of the trials of accused political criminals, they all clapped and nodded when one of them ventured, “Wouldn’t she be just right for our Mr. Robles?”

Nanette still hadn’t been able to mentally cope with being declared and sentenced as an enemy of the new Revolution. After all, she was just a 19 year-old college cheerleader! Petite and standing only 5 feet (although with a study cheerleader’s body), Nanette was known for her athletic series of back-flips, not any kind of political activity. Nanette’s real crime centered on the fact that she had fought off the sexual advances of a Party-related college administrator one day in his office. The guy had heard the rumor concerning Nanette’s supposed virginity ( she was ) and was determined to find out for himself. But he instead found out that a perky little cheerleader can also throw one hell of a punch.

After visiting the hospital for his broken jaw, the incensed would-be criminal immediately filed a complaint with the Party’s secret police, alleging that Nanette had attacked him only after he had objected to her anti-Party statements. It did not matter that her family and friends testified to her innocent, church-going and thoroughly un-political nature. The fix was in.

And the arrangements for her delivery to the musty bedroom of Henri Robles down in South America had already been made. Nanette was now Nanette Robles, slavewife.

Robles was delighted with his petite American slavegirl. She resisted, of course but Henri was strong and swung his belt with authority. His fucking was crude as he broke Nanette’s hymen and ravaged her throughout the first night. He was so large of a man and she so small, that for Henri, it was akin to handling a sexy doll. But what he discovered was that he enjoyed making the ex-cheerleader ride him as he lay on his back…

“Ohhhh God-d-d-ddd!” Nanette screamed as she was forced to lower herself again and again unto the massive cock of the equally massive Mr. Robles. ” It’s tearing me up inside! Nooo…Uhhhgggg!”

Robles laughed heartily, gripping Nanette’s hips and pushing her up and down on his 10-inch cock. “Hahhh…Keep on…Keep it up! Ahhhh…Ain’t this better than you cheerleading for some big ol’ college crowd? Si, I will teach you to like it a lot more ……Ahhhhhh! Now buck your strong cheerleader hips…hard!”

“Ohhhhh…. Mercy! Mercy!”


An Ex-Royal Meets Her Master Husband:

It had taken the Party many years to track down the last of the Royal families. Having money and connections, the Benhaud family was able to flee from place to place, each time staying one step ahead of the authorities and their hired party-affiliated thugs. No foreign country would risk a war or conflict by allowing them in, so in the end, it was only a matter of time before the Benhauds were cornered and taken into custody.

Count Benhaud and the rest of the males in his court were immediately executed while the female relative were forced to watch.

Then there was a fine orgy in which even Grandmother Benhaud was fucked endlessly while forced to bark like a dog. Once being a royal family with lots of property and fanciful things, the Benhaud women were now dirty, scratched whores who suffered mightily before they were finally thrown into the river and allowed to drown.

All except Marlena Benhaud, the virgin younger granddaughter. The hired thugs would have had their way with her as they did with the others in it were not for their tall brute of a leader, Jamal. Jamal was not one to be refused; when he stepped forward and grabbed Marlena by her hair and announced, ” This bitch is mine, she will be my wife.”

Only one of his army of followers dare to opinion that, “The Party’s not going to like this, Jamal. They want all of them dead. They’ll be pissed!”

“Let them be pissed. They don’t have power in this region, I do!”

Everyone agreed to that. Jamal paid well and treated his people like an army. Yes, the Party would stay the hell away from here.

Jamal then pulled Marlena to him. “You understand, bitch? You belong to me now.”

“Please let me go! I’m a virgin!”

“Mmmm…Well, we’ll take care of that. And then you’ll start having my children. Lots of them.”

Jamal was in no hurry. He had spent a few days just punishing and humiliating Marlena. After all, the pampered survivor of a Royal family still needed to be firmly put in her place. He would fuck her tonight – while the other women in his harem-type female group watched and cheered. But at the moment her humbling task was jacking off Jamal’s absolutely huge cock with her two soft hands.

“Uhhhhhhhh…,” Jama muttered softly as his cum began to overflow down over the girl’s hands and down the length of his shaft . See how thick it is, girl? Just think how I gonna fill your pussy with it tonight. You’ll scream a lot but you’ll take it . ”

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