Rude Intruders [HINES]


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Mike Thompson thought that it would be a great idea to treat his four daughters to an tropical island holiday. After all, the girls, ranging from 18 to 24 years, had made him very proud through all their hard work in college and in their early careers. They needed a break and this trip would be a good reward. The only thing wrong with all this was that Mr. Thompson also thought that it would be a good idea to avoid the usual tourist-area hotels and chose instead to stay at an rural island motel in order that they all get a chance to experience the island’s “local flavor.”

A big mistake – because the “local flavors” chose them. In fact, the Motobo brothers, the area’s local criminal thugs thought that Mr. Thompson’s four daughters looked quite delicious. “I don’t know about you two, but I’m gonna get me some of that,” Vinny Motobo told his brothers.

Vinny and his brothers broke down the Thompsons’ motel door and took the family by surprise. Now Vinny took the lead by using his big dick to break into Gina Thompson’s 19 year-old pussy. “God, you is tight back there, bitch. But don’t worry, you is gonna open up just fine – I promise ya that.”

Ned Motobo grabbed Annette Thompson and decided to spend some time teaching her how the men on the island liked their sex: Hard and rough. No wastin’ time foolin’ around. Ned wanted to get down to it and take what this white gal had to offer. He was excited when he saw that Annette was shaven; the girl must be into being fucked, he thought. That meant she was probably already whoring around with some pale-skinned rich white boy, givin’ him some of that sweet cunt. Well, Ned was gonna show her what a real man could do.

Throwing Annette down on the living room sofa, Ned immediately let her know who was boss. And Annette knew that Ned was the boss by the way he roughly push that huge black cock of his into her asshole. “You like that, girl? You like that feelin’? Better like it, ’cause I sure like it and won’t stop any time soon!”

Annette’s tight ass gave Ned the pleasure that he wanted, but the night was young and he wasn’t through yet. While he was giving his balls the chance to fill up again, he entertained himself by watching all the great rape action goin’ on in the various rooms of the motel’s suite. The Motobo brothers were really having their fun dipping their dicks into the girls’ holes. Throughout the suite, the air was filled with the anguished moans of the Thompson sisters and the appreciative groans from their respective rapists.

What made it all the better was seeing how the white bitches’ father was practically going out of his mind as he sat tied, blindfolded and gagged on the floor and forced to listen to all the sounds of his beloved daughters being abused by the Motobos’ dark cocks. He would have to be killed, of course, but in the meantime he would suffer from the shame, humiliation and guilt of having ben so stupid as to bring this upon his sweet girls.

Ned chuckled as he examined 18 year-old Diane Thompson’s inviting little asshole. “Your little girl’s gonna bring a nice price when we sell her,” he said to the girl’s father. “I wanna thank ya for havin’ such pretty daughters. They sure know how to satisfy when they put their minds to it. Just wanna tell ya that this one here is probably gonna end up turnin’ tricks down in the shantytown down the way. My sister Rhonda is here and she’s gonna wrap her up and take out to get her ready to meet some big ‘ol boys who are gonna fall all over themselves offerin’ up money for her. You ain’t never gonna see her agian, so I’m gonna give ya the chance to listen to her pretty voice one last time as I start jammin’ my cock up that little crack of hers just like I did your other daughter….”

Annette was by far the best – looking of the four sisters, although all of them were more attractive than the norm. The Motobo brothers all made certain that she knew how much they liked her by taking turns riding her long and hard throughout the night. She might have been popular back on her college campus, but she was being much more popular here. Her rapists made her move her hips and tell them what a whore she was and how much she loved it when they spurted their thick cum deep in her ass and cunt.

“I’m a whore, a no-good white whore,” Annette was made to repeat over and over again as one brother after the other stuffed his shaft in her. It hurt her so bad, but she had no choice.

Poor Annette’s worse moment of the night came when she was forced to use her pretty lips to milk the cum from Chucky Motobo’s throbbing cock right after he had executed her father with a bullet to the head. To save the lives of herself and her sisters, Annette obeyed and said what they demanded she say as she stretched her mouth in order to fit it around Chucky’s monstrous black dick.

“Thank you for killing my no-good, stupid father,” she sobbed as she struggled to fit her lips around his immense organ.

Pleased Annette’s subservience, Chuckie arched his hips, shoving more of his thickness towards the back of her throat.

“Filthy cunt! Here it is! Swallow it all!” His semen was salty and very thick as it spasmed forcefully up from his pulsing balls. Afraid, Annette gulped as fast as she could.


One of the rural motel’s female staff had tipped off the Mototbo brothers about the Thompson family. Sadie Motobo usually earned only a meager living in her position as a clerk at the motel and as she had checked them in, she had readily realized she might be able to make some badly needed extra money by informing Vinny Motobo as to their arrival. A white tourist was practically guaranteed to be carrying a good amount of cash. And Sadie knew that her cousins would be very interested in whatever the white tourist’s four pretty daughters might be able to give them. Now she stood at the Thompsons’ doorway, watching all the forced fucking and sucking going on inside. Sadie loved how those pampered white bitches were being used like common streetwhores; how they cried and trembled as her male relatives gave them the hardest fuckings of their lives.

Now some other native women, having heard all the ruckus, were joining Sadie at the doorway. They giggled as they watched the sometimes frightened, sometimes hopeless expressions on the white girls’ faces as they were raped hard. One of the black women whispered in Sadie’s ear as they both experienced a moistened excitement from what they were seeing.

“Mmmmm…Your cousins are having all the fun, Sadie. Sure wish we womenfolk could have a chance with them sweet little white gals…..”

“Well, you still might be able to get your chance,” Sadie answered. ” See, Ned’s dragging that blond bitch by her hair? He’s taking her out the back; got someone waitin’ in a car outside. Miss Queenie’s car.”

“You mean ‘ol Ned’s selling her to Miss Queenie’s for her whorehouse?”

“Yas, and you know how Miss Queenie likes to share when she breaks in a new girl. So I figure if we stop by there for the next few nights, we’ll get to spend some really good quality time with her prized white pussygirl….”

And Sadie was right; Miss Queenie, having paid all of two hundred American dollars for Annette, enjoyed putting her to work eating out the pussies of the dozen or so black female friends who came to sample what she could do. Life in the shantytown was hard, especially for the women who lived there. Miss Queenie, always the true friend, was all too happy to let them have as much time as possible with Annette. Some just wanted their nipples, clits and pussies licked and sucked on by Annette’s slavish lips; others just wanted to relieve their frustrations by slapping her around a little; some others wanted to humiliate her by pissing in her mouth – Miss Queenie never failed to be surprised at the nasty things a women could do to another woman if given the chance, and before she realized it, a week had passed. Finally the last black friend did leave the place; practically staggering away on legs made weak by the orgastic pleasures that the white slaveslut had repeatedly given her. Now it was time for Miss Queenie to begin Annette’s breaking-in process. She loved this part. She loved putting a new slave through the two to three weeks regimen of practically non-stop whippings, spankings, toilet slavery and forced sexual instruction that was necessary to ensure that a girl was left a completely compliant and servile money-making piece of pussy.

“Now girl, it’s time for me to start training you to be what I want you to be,” Miss Queenie said softly as she pulled Annette against her. ” Ain’t no use to resist. Ain’t nothing that anyone can do to help you in any way. Your father is dead and your three sisters have been sold and have already been shipped away. You ain’t never, ever, gonna see or hear from them again. It’s only you and me now. I’m gonna start beating you now, Annette. I’m gonna beat you, I’m gonna hurt you for a long, long time – and when I’m done, you is gonna the sweet girl who is gonna do her best to please her Miss Queenie by makin’ all kinds of money for her. That’s my sister Ruby behind you. When I ain’t whippin’ on ya, it’ll be her that’s doin’ it. That’s it, girl, cry. I want ya cryin’ all the time while me and Ruby is puttin’ the hurt on ya. It’s gonna hurt ya so bad that sometimes you is gonna think you goin’ out of your mind. You is gonna beg and crawl but it’s not gonna do ya any good, no good at all. Ain’t no hope for you and there’s nothin’ you can do about it. Except love me, Annette, girl. You is gonna love me and Ruby before we is through with you, I promise. Your Miss Queenie is gonna turn you out, baby. And she gonna let you love her when she done….”

Some intruders came solely for matters of plunder; cash, jewelry, laptops, silverware. But the very nature of being an intruder tended to make that person somewhat erratic and unpredictable once inside the targeted home – especially when an attractive woman happened to be on the scene.

Jake had carefully planned out his caper at the Hansen home. He knew that Mrs. Hansen would be home alone and he knew that the wall safe was located behind the painting in the dinning room.

Additionally, Jake also knew that Mrs. Hansen was the type to resist when confronted with his gun. He was a man who knew what he wanted and always planned on how to get it. But sometimes, a beautiful victim can cause even a careful robber like Jake to make an abrupt change of plans…..

Jake usually was the type to merely bind and gag Mrs. Hansen and promptly leave with all money and saleable bonds that he knew was sitting in the safe. But in his reconnaissance of the Hansen home, he spied upon her as she walked nude from the bathroom. Those full breasts, shapely hips and firm ass.
Jake’s cock stirred in his pants at the memory of how she looked.

After Jake had cleaned out the safe, Mrs Hansen must have noticed his change of expression as he now looked her up and down. And might have noticed the growing bulge showing in his trousers. Either way, she knew…..

“Oh, no,” Mrs. Hansen muttered in the realization. “No, please, please!”

“Get your pretty ass into the bedroom, woman. And you also better get that dress off in a hurry…!”

Jake’s cock was raging hard now. He knew Mr. Hansen was away on a business trip – so he had the entire night to take all the pussy that Mrs. Hansen could give him. Even things that are unplanned can be enjoyed, he thought …

Mrs. Hansen’s wide, frightened eyes and her terrified expression had reassured Jake that she’d be no problem to control, and he was right; the trembling wife was obediently dialing the combination that would open the safe.

“Please don’t hurt me,” Mrs. Hansen begged him. “Please take everything that you want, just don’t hurt me!”

“No worries, whore… I’m only going to fuck you all night long… and perhaps we’ll play some nasty games too that you won’t like…”

Julio was a very predictable intruder. And unlike Jake, he was never the least bit interested in taking anything except the frightened sex that his chosen victims gave him with their captive pussies and asses A man who carefully planned his crimes, Julio spent weeks picking out the right quarry, surveying her home or apartment and plotting out her time schedules. He had a thing for tall, trim, model-type blond college girls; liked how it felt to guide them by their hips as he fucked them from behind and how their long legs obediently wrapped around him while he screwed them face-to face. Julio wasn’t one who wanted to hurry once he got his gal under control, so he carefully cruised around until he settled on a victim with which he could take his time, spending the night repeatedly fucking her in her own bed.

Julio had stripped the coed named Nancy, roughed her up a little and then gagged her before walking her to her bedroom. It was only Friday night and Julio knew that Nancy lived by herself and being the excellent student that she was, usually stayed home the entire weekend just concentrating on her studies.

“I’m gonna show you how a real man fucks, bitch. I ain’t one of those small-dick college wimps who goes ten minutes and is done. I’m gonna be rammin’ that cunt and ass for hours, bitch, you hear me? And you better be buckin’ those hips like a whore or else I’m gonna have to hurt ya, understand?” Julio loved to slowly guide his captives into their bedrooms while telling them what he was going to do to them and how he wanted them to do; it was a great build-up to sex.

Nancy was quite a good fuck, one of the best that Julio had ever had. And that was good, because she was also his last. After the fifth rape session, a drained Julio had relaxed a bit too much and his victim had moved swiftly, grabbing the rapist’s knife. Her first strike had intentionally found his limp cock, cutting it off cleanly and sending it flying to the floor….

Colleen Parker was a perky, petite nineteen year-old sophomore at one of the more exclusive liberal-arts colleges who liked nothing better than visiting the red-light Downer district on the ‘ wrong side of town’ on her weekends. She loved spending time with the variety of characters that she met over there in the seedy bars and strip joint. They were so low – class, so clear inferior to herself, Colleen thought. So lacking in terms of intelligence and breeding; they amused her. She loved when she had the chance coyly remind them of her superior status by correcting some befuddled Downer on his or her badly mangled sentence structure or a misplaced noun or some other social transgression. Among such obviously socially inferior people, it was so easy for Colleen to think of herself as queenly. She liked that.

One thing Collen especially liked was being an object of desire; all those lowlife Downer men who practically drooled at the sight of her in her frisky, revealing outfits. And Colleen knew how to flirt and get both a guy’s blood pressure and his cock to rise. She would dangle the false promise of sex throughout the night, then, with a well-practiced act of offended innocence, reject any thought of being ‘more than friends’. Their instantly deflated egos mixed with helpless anger always served to give Colleen a stroke of pleasure – not that she let her face show it, of course. But Colleen was wrong – her inferior friends were not as dumb as she believed them to be. Quite a few saw through her act and began to let her know it.

Colleen soon realized things might get a little dangerous for her, so she abruptly stopped her forays into Downer altogether.

Colleen Parker had put Downer behind her, so she had thought. But she was wrong; someone in Downer hadn’t forgotten about her; about Colleen’s cute body and that unattainable pussy. And that person had been hiding in Colleen’s closet, waiting until she had slipped into her favorite little nighty before emerging and confronting her as she sat sown on her bed….

The hooded intruder had told the thoroughly terrified Colleen, “I’ll kill ya if you don’t do exactly like I say, you little cunt! That was enough for her not to resist. After he had fucked Colleen the first couple of times, it was time to teach her in the ways of truly showing her submission and respect. A pillowed was used to position Colleen’s cute, inviting butt so that it jutted up just right for her captor’s hard cock.

“Better not try to move away from my dick, you little whore,” the intruder warned her in a guttural voice as he began to brutally force his too-thick cock into her tight, virgin ass. ” You start makin’ any loud noise an’ I’m gonna snap your neck!”

For a second, Colleen thought that she faintly recognized the intruder’s voice from somewhere, she couldn’t quite place where….But that thought was quickly wiped away, replaced the sharp agonizing pain of his big cock starting it’s rhythmic pounding of her rectum. “Oh, God! Ohhhh Goddddd-d-d-d-d-…!”

“Yeah, you teasing whore….Yeahhhhhh….!

Unlike some victims, Maxine had a good guess as to who her intruders were. It was just that she hadn’t expected them. After all, it was Maxine’s older sister Kay, the one who had a knack for getting into trouble, who had been the one to rip them off. An entire suitcase full of cocaine stolen right from under them as they both dozed off, courtesy of the doctored beer that Kay had brought over. Snake and Ripper were not the kind to let anyone get away with something like that. But Maxine never assumed there was any danger to herself. She hadn’t had any knowledge of Kay’s plans; of what her big sister was planning to do. The first time Maxine had heard about it was when Kay frantically called her, revealed that she was on the run and explained why.

“Don’t worry, Maxine. Ripper and Snake don’t even know that I have a sister,” Kay had told her. But Ripper and Snake were the type that were good at finding out things – and they had found Maxine.

‘Why don’t you just save yourself a lot trouble and tell us where that bitch of a sister of yours is staying?” Snake had said it in a calm by menacing voice. “We just want our stuff back. So, where the fuck is Kay?”
“I haven’t the slightest idea,” Maxine had lied with a hint of defiance. ” And even if I knew, I wouldn’t tell you! So get the fuck out of my house!”

That had been a mistake. The two drug dealers would make her regret her ill – considered attitude…
Maxine had been defiant at first – but that was before Snake had put her in her place with his hard fists. Now it was Ripper who was putting her in place a bit more with a hard dick. Maxine’s shapely, compact body was now compliant and her strong thighs spread wide, exposing her pussy to yet another pile-driving attack by the man’s cock.

“Not so fuckin’ mouthy now, are ya, bitch? Just a good piece of cunt for my dick.” Ripper’s balls started to convulse and to spew another load of cum deep into Maxine as she whimpered hopelessly beneath him.
“Hurry up,” Snake urged. I want me some more of that!”

“Don’t worry, bro. No need for speed. I think we’re both gonna have a nice little overnight party…”

Mikey and Reggie were two guys who found that home invasions were an attractive alternative to working a regular job when it came to earning a living and finding plenty of sex. They enjoyed the thrill of breaking into a residence and terrorizing the occupants. As a rule, they scouted out homes or apartments occupied by young women who were quickly frightened in submission and easily compelled to hand over all their valuables before being led into their bedroom in order to give up their bodies.

Hanna had been forced to watch her roommate Betty being raped by both Reggie and Mikey in the first hours after the two intruders had forced themselves into the secluded little cottage. Now it was Hanna’s turn as Betty lay tightly bound and gagged in the far corner of the bedroom. Hanna had seen how their captors had slapped and beaten Betty each time she had resisted in the least, so she knew that she had no choice but to submit; to do anything and everything they wanted her to do. With this in mind, Hanna only allowed herself to flinch in the slightest as the black intruder – Mikey behind that handkerchief -reached how and jammed a couple of fingers inside her shaved cunt as she gamely tried to fit her lips around his big cock. She tried to signal her willingness to cooperate by further opening her legs as the man rudely dug his long, hurtful fingers in deeper.

“Heyyyyy, this bitch is hot”, Mikey said to Reggie. ” Yep, she really wants it….!”

Opal Branson was another young woman who had come to deeply regret the decision to rent a house that was located in a thinly – populated area. The place, with it’s small garden and nearby stream, was charming – but the nearest neighbor was over a mile away. And that was no help when an armed, marauding couple decided to force themselves past Opal’s liked weakly locked door and help themselves to whatever Opal had to offer.

The masked man and woman referred to themselves as ‘Bonnie and Claude’. They both enjoyed Opal’s food and were moderately satisfied with her small stash of cash and her jewelry. But ‘ Claude ‘ also had the need for something else. Opal had at first resisted when he ordered her to ” Take them clothes off so I can see what kind of body you got on ya before I fuck ya” but the pistol that he waved at her was all the convincing that she needed.

With girlfriend ‘Bonnie’ looking on and cheering, ‘Claude’ spent the next few hours sampling all his prisoner’s holes. He was hung and he liked it rough; fucking Opal in the crudest ways. And his ‘rest’ periods with her usually meant that that he was using his belt on her, whipping her mercilessly so that her pitiful begging and screaming would excite his sun-coated dick back up to a state of hardness. Then he would slap her back down unto the bed for another one of his punishing fuck sessions….

The male half or the masked couple who had invaded Opal’s home had finally finished his raping – for the time being. Opal’s body was sore, aching from all the mistreatment that man referred to as ‘Claude’ had inflicted on her with his cock and his belt. As she sat crying , wondering what was going to happen next, the female half of the intruder team, the one called ‘Bonnie’, called over to her.

“Get up and come over here, baby. Better yet, why don’t you show your Bonnie how much you want her to treat you right by crawling over here? You do want me to treat you good, don’t you, girl?” Bonnie’s voice purred as she began to remove her own clothes.

“Oh, yum! You look so sweet, the way you’re crawling over to me, baby. I can tell that you’re the type of girl who can do a real good job of lickin’ my pussy so that I get all hot and satisfied. I can tell. Don’t you waste any time thinkin’ about ol’ Claude over there; it’s just gonna be you and me and what you can do for me. And the more you are able to please me, the more I’ll keep Claude away from you…..”

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