Defiled Innocents [HINES]


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Although their mission was simply to aid and help the poor in this 3rd World nation, the dozen or so young apprentice nuns soon discovered that not everyone there welcomed their presence. Their adopted country’s rulers were deeply suspicious and resentful of this cluster of Western female idealists; some thought that they might be covert agents or spies sent in to stir up discontent among the native population against the government. It didn’t take long for the rulers to arrange to have all of the novice nuns arrested and imprisoned on trumped-up charges. Although the ages of the nuns ranged from 18 to 23 years of age, they were taken to a dreaded and particularly harsh prison that existed for the county’s political prisoners…

“Welcome to your new home, girl,” one of the prison wardens greeted Fiona. “You will no longer be a nun in here, just another little bitch. The sergeant here will relieve you of the rest of that silly clothing of yours. You won’t have much use for any clothes in here.”

“Such nice little tits you have,” said the Warden as she reached out and grabbed Fiona’s breasts and started to twists the nipples. “I like doing this. Do you like as much as I do?”

Mr. Mardi stoked his big, pulsing shaft as he approached Yvonne from the rear. As the prison Administrator, Mardi had first pick of the imprisoned nuns before any others could choose. He had liked the tall French nun, liked the way her slim 21 year-old virgin body looked as she was stripped naked in front of him. Yes, Yvonne would be just right for service as his own personal whore….

After a bit of whipping in order to show the ex-nun who was in charge, Mr. Mardi had her put in the proper position to be given lessons on what some of her future duties might consist of.

“You ‘re going to cry and struggle when I start putting this big weapon of mine to you. They all make such a fuss when I force my cock up their asses. It’s going to really hurt! You foreign girls are softer, so I’m sure that you’re going to amuse me a lot with how you scream.”

The giant guard Amad also had a giant dick and that’s why Warden Nersala called for him to come to the cell where she had been using her leather strap to break in the 18 year-old nun Angela. Yes, Angela would be totally broken in no time at all. The apprentice nun from Italy would soon be doing Nersala’s bidding – and making her some extra money on the side. The dark-haired nun’s shapely body and pretty face would greatly appeal to some well – heeled friends whom she had in mind; friends would particularly liked attracted Western girls who would do as they were told.

Warden Nersala estimated that the nun would last a few months before she was used up. She would be kept in a cage in the Warden’s own office while she did her service. After that, Nersala would throw her in the regular cellblock, where she would be more meat for the other women and the always – horny guards.

Warden Nersala watched as Amad, the giant guard hoisted the crying eighteen year-old novice nun prisoner onto his massive cock and walked her against the wall so that monstrous phallus of his would impale every inch of her shallow pussy.

“Hurt her! Use her!” Nersala ordered the big man. ” Treat her as badly as the old whores you fuck out on the street!”

It was no surprise that the young nuns were being broken mentally and physically so fast. This was such a drastic change from the safe, cloistered atmosphere of the instructional nunneries and protectiveness of the Church. Here in this foreign land, there was no one to aid them or intercede on their behalf. Chances were likely that their superiors back home would never be able to discover what had become of them at all. Without any sense of hope, it was almost impossible for these gentle and helpless young ladies to withstand the constant beatings and whippings that they were being subjected to down in the isolated basement cells of the political prison.

Dispirited and in agony, the two English nun novices, Eilene and Rebecca, were breaking under the merciless attentions of the two female prison trustees assigned to make them confess to being spies. Rasheeda and Clomatra were a pair of hardened, older and trusted prisoners who were only too happy to carry out the Warens’ orders. They relished how the two foreign girls, begged and screamed as they beat them. They took such pleasure at their prisoners now wanted to do whatever they were told…..

The trustee Rhaseeda smirked as she regarded how her beautiful victim trembled from the punishment given her by Rhaseeda’s riding crop. ” See how your pretty friend already wants to confess, humm? Maybe my friend will stop whipping her if she thinks it will be a really good confession! But you want to confess also? You want to tell how you and the rest of the nuns conspired against our government, don’t you?”

Rebecca’s voice quivered with hopelessness as she answered, ” Yes, yes…Please let me confess! I’ll say anything you want!”

“Ah, that’s the proper attitude,” Rhaseeda chuckled. She found the lips of the girl’s pussy with a finger, then two, then three….. ” Such a pretty cunt you have, girl. I like it. I like it very much….”

The was no hope for any of the nuns now. They had all been broken and had been forced to sign false confessions saying that they had been part of a plot by outsiders to forment revolution and discontent inside the country. Now they would spent the rest of their lives as prisoners of the regime. Their bodies now belonged to – and would be used by – any warden, guard or other female prisoners in any way they desired and there was nothing any of the ex-nuns could do about it. This was so disheartening that hardly any of them had the will to do anything except submit to even the most degrading and humiliating sexual demands made upon them. And in those dark, smelly prison cells, there were so many such demands by the guards and prisoners. There were no more prayers – only cocks, pussies and assholes to lick, fuck and suck.

Most of the Western nuns were attractive and that made them even more in demand by the guards. For the most attractive ones like blond Rebecca and raven-haired Annete, that meant that they were claimed as person property by the ranking guards; kept as fucktoys to be used any time, night or day. Rebecca had caught the eye of the big African guard Corporal Salam, Salam who liked to fuck her twice a day.

Cpl. Salam had just come onto guard duty and had ordered that the white Western prisoner named brought to join him at the cell called “the Fuck Room”.

“Salam will fuck you now, English girl,” Salam announced as his thick tongue snaked into her mouth and his huge, ready cock brushed against her thigh. ” Get down on your hands and knees so Salam can fuck you in your ass, okay? Salam will fuck your ass hard like always. Then you will suck all the juices from Salam’s cock like you always do and keep Salam happy.”

The nuns were all innocents – and that is what made them so in demand. That is what made their cunts and asses so much more fun to use and abuse. Their tears only made the mens’ cocks grow larger and the womens’ cunt juice flow.

And there was no hope for them. The hope to be had was the hope of avoiding pain by submitting themselves to whatever was asked of them. Their only hope was that they would be able to give pleasure.

The Church made many attempts to find the young novice nuns or at least learn of their fate. But there was no word of their fate. In this country, no one would dare speak of them. For a while, there were some stories in the Western press about the mystery of the missing nuns but that soon faded with time….

The truth was that those innocent Westerners were now unrecognizable to what they had been before. Some of them had been sold to brothels and serviced numerous swarthy customers. Others served in sexshows and danced naked in shady ‘establishments’.

There were some who, like the young English nun Eilene, were claimed as domestic slaves by needy older women like Balda. Balda, the rich but very unattractive wife of the Head of Prisons……

Madame Balda was so neglected, so needy. Her politically powerful husband had all those mistresses and no time for Balda. But Balda’s family was politically connected also – so Balda must be made happy also. So it was only natural that her husband, the Head of Prisons made her the gift of one of those young foreign nuns that had been falsely imprisoned a short time ago.

Yes, the foreign slave Eilene could mop and scrub the house well enough – but it was her pretty mouth and tongue that keep Madame Balda’s interest the most… Such a nice gift to use and share with a few other neglected wives.

“The floor is clean enough, slave. It’s time to lick asses clean. Mine first, then my friends. Mmmmmmm.”

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