Slave Trade [HINES]


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Unseen and sometimes unnoticed, the business of trading in slaves goes on. It’s a well-organized business with clear methods and goals. The traders need slaves on an ongoing basis and there are experienced people in the specialty of obtaining new slave girls to fill the constant demand for fresh meat down at the slave auction houses and by rich individuals who can afford them.

One inner-city group of gangsters specialized in supplying new slavegirls by doing home invasions in the more well-off suburbs. After doing good scouting work or by paying for tips of potential victim, this gang tended to strike fast and efficiently in the late night hours. They were thugs who enjoyed their business, so sometimes they liked to take their time and stay a while…

The gang had long had a grudge against the corrupt County Sheriff, Lucas Bennett. He used to have an arrangement with the gang, taking a percentage of their drug profits in return for ignoring the numerous trafficking and street-corner selling of the illegal substances. But the Sheriff had then reneged on his deal and made a number of high-profile arrests of the gang’s members in order to improve his political prospects. The gang never forgave him.

Sheriff Bennett was now shaking with fear, rage and humiliation as the gang squad was just beginning to enjoy themselves with his two lovely daughters. Before they disposed of him, they would make him watch and listen to his daughters’ screams and moans as their pussies and asses were fucked by those big, dark cocks.

“D-Daddyyyyyyy! Please make him stop!” the Sheriff’s daughter sobbed as she was being mounted by one home invader. “Oh, Daddy! It hurts!”

But with the gun at his head, there was nothing the Sheriff could do.

“Damn, Sheriff, yo’ daughtar’s sure got a nice pussy! So tight! Don’t you look away, now. Want ya to get one last look at how yo’ spoiled little gal is gonna be treated after we sell her back in the city,” the big thug laughed as he kept up his fucking of the sweet 19 year-old. “Ugggg….yo’ daughta is makin’ me cum fast, Sheriff! Gonna fill her up with my spunk! Here it cums! Ahhhhhhhh…!”


Stripped naked, Monique Bennett trembled as one of the gang invaders marched her into her upstairs bedroom. Monique could still hear the pitiful sounds of her younger sister being raped downstairs in the living room. Almost as anguished was the loud crying that came from their father as he was forced to watch it all.

From behind her, the tall black gangster whispered, “Yo’ sure is some kind nice-lookin’ bitch, girl. Real nice. My boy Raymond is havin’ fun puttin’ his dick to your sister downstairs, so it’s just gonna be me and you getting’ together up here.” Monique flinched as the ganger’s hand touched her buttocks. “Yeah, yo’ got a nice little ass on ya, girl. They’s gonna pay some good prices on ya when yo’ gets opn the auction block back in the city.”

“Please don’t hurt me! Please let me go!”

“Can’t do that girl. This is business – well, not all business. Gonna get me some pleasure too…Bend over a little bit, bitch. Don’t make me tell ya again.”

Monique gasped as she looked back and saw that the thug had dropped his pants and was stroking his cock. A huge cock.

“Bend over, girl,” the home invader ordered Monique. “Yo’ is got a sweet-lookin’ little asshole that’s just beggin’ for a big dick like mine to stretch it open! Here, let me help ya by shovin’ a couple my fingers in that pucker to loosin’ ya up a little bit.”

His cock was hardening almost to it’s full 11 inches now.

“All white gals scream a little when theys first gets an ass-fuckin’ – but yo’ is gonna get used to it, I promises you.”


Their captors already had a ready and willing buyer for freshly-kidnapped sisters Daria and Monique. Located deep inside the inner city, where even the most hardened gangs dare not invade, was the decades-old slave auction operation R.I.P. Sales. R.I.P. was run by a relocated hillbilly family, the Hathcourts, headed by a group of elderly sisters. Backed up by their fearless and ruthless country-bred menfolk, the Hathcourt white slavery organization did business with all and was challenged by none.

R.I.P. bought new girls, broke them down over a period of a few months, then put them up for auction. Bids usually started at $10,000, so it was safe to say that this family-run business turned a tidy profit even after all the payoffs to crooked politicians and cops to make sure that there were no unforeseen problems.

When Mina Hathcourt opened the door to admit the newest slave delivery, she was pleasently surprised; Monique and Daria were definitely above-average in looks and their ages of 18 and 19 would bring in really high bids at auction. And not only that, but they both made Mina’s pussy start to wet right then and there. She was one who happened to believe in mixing her pleasure with business..

“Well, well, well….Just lookee what we got here. Two sweet-lookin’ little gals if I do say so myself,” Mina cackled ” You won’t have to bargain with me for the price of these two,” she told the girls’ black kidnappers. Bring them right in. You just earned yourselves top dollar.”

Belinda was one of the Hathcourts’ most reliable female clients. She considered herself a re-seller of attractive girl slaves; buying them, then keeping them for a couple of months in order to refine their talents, she had a waiting list of anxious ladies – most of them brothel Madams – just waiting to see what fine piece of white pussy she had for their inspections.

Belinda paid good money for Daria without any hesitation. She knew that after she was through with her particular brand of training, she would still easily get at least double the profit.

Daria was physically and emotionally broken. She had recently seen her beloved older sister Monique claimed as permanent property by one of the older Hathcourt sisters. Instead of being sold at auction like Daria, Monique would spend the rest of her life being the person slave to an ugly old hag named Rona.

They didn’t even allow Daria to say goodbye to her sister; they just laughed and said, “Your sister’s too busy eating old Rona’s cunt right now to say anything to you. If you listen hard, though, you can hear Rona gruntin’ and moanin’. That’s because your sister’s doin’ such a good job.”

“You is cryin’ ’cause you ain’t gonna see yo’ sister no mo’,” Belinda said as she selected a paddle to begin her training of Daria. “But you ain’t gonna be rememberin’ anything ’bout her in another week or so. All you is gonna be able to think about is pleasin’ me. “Cause pleasin’ me is the only way you is gonna be able to keep me from usin’ this wood paddle of mine on ya.”

“Let me lick all them tears from yo’ face, girl. You is cryin’ ’cause you never is gonna see yo’ sister again. But don’t you worry none – this paddle is gonna makes ya forget about everything ‘cept eatin’ my black pussy time and time again…”


It was three weeks of constant punishment and sexual training before Belinda decided to give Daria a little test in order to see if she had truely began to learn her lessons.

Daria seemed to have been making great progress in becoming a completely compliant and obedient sexual toy. Especially last night when she had opened her mouth wide as Belinda squated over her and used her as a toilet. But tonight Belinda would give her slave trainee a chance to show how she could please one of Belinda’s oldest customers, Senora Trecado.

Senora Trecado ran a string of lesbian bordellos in Central America, catering to the morbid sexual fetishes of those in the highest ranks of the hidden lesbian society. Those ladies had tastes that could only be addressed by someone like Senora Trecado. The Senora was understanding; she didn’t judge, she just got them the pretty Anglo girls that they wanted and sometime took came of disposing of any evidence. And like Belinda, the Senora liked her business very much and made sure to have her old ancient pussy kept pleasured as well.

“So this is the Anglo girl you have told me so much about, the one who swallows you piss and eats from your ass,” Senora Trecado observed as she began removing her clothes. “I’m sure that after she’s finished pleasuring me, she will eat from my ass as well, no?”

“Of course she will, Senora. she’s a sweet girl, a good girl. She’s gonna show you what a good buy she’d be. Yeah, Daria here would be real popular with your clients, I promise you.”

“Come here, Anglo girl,” Senora Trecado ordered. ” It is time to show me how good a girl you are. And if you’re really good, I’ll reward you by letting you eat out of my nasty old hairy ass.”


Monique now had no one left in the world. There now was only the old wrinkled woman who owned her. Rona Hathcourt had put in her person money to defray the losses that the family would otherwise have taken because of Monique’s not going up on the auction block. But to Rona, having Monique’s lovely tongue for her personal use and to be able to fuck Monique’s tight pussy with her big fist would make it worth it all.

But Rona knew that preparing Monique for her role as a life-long slave would require a lot of effort, but that was something that Rona didn’t mind spending time with. Maybe a year, an entire year of training before Monique would be so broken in that she could be given another name and taken into marriage as Rona’s young, obedient lesbian bride.

Rona started things off easy at first, subjecting Monique to long sessions of hand-spanking and belt-whipping. Of sourse, there were many breaks in which Roan allowed the grateful slave the opportunity to lick her old pussy. Rona’s experienced cunt leaked thick, foul-tasting juices, but Monique found herself getting used to it. Monique had even tasted old Rona’s brown asshole without complaint.

She had tried to retain some of her self-worth and dignity but the punishments had begun to make into the nasty little slut slave that Rona wanted her to become.

“Now we’re gonna put on a nice show for my sister,” old Rona informed her slave. ” I’m gonna whip you until you faint, then I’m gonna revive you and then I’m gonna start all over again. You’re gonna scream and cry and my sister there is gonna love it. But it’s gonna be one of the worst nights of your life, dear, I promise…”


Another Slut is Acquired. There was a big demand for pretty white girls by the slave-sellers in the inner city. The pimps, sexshow operaters and brothel keepers needed new flesh and needed it bad. Lots of money to be made. Lots of horny, dark cocks just wanting to have a chance at one of those strange, exotic white gals from the surburbs.

Big Ben was one of the biggest and baddest slavesellers in the area. He run a operation that used enslaved white girls as sex hostesses and strippers in his private clubs before he actually sold them on the auction block. Big Ben always had the word out that he was wlling to pay some good prices for young, good-looking white gals between 18 and 21. Real good money. Just the kind of good money that Jethro was going to get by selling Veronica.

Veronica had been a prancing, carefree college cheerleader until last night. Now she was getting fucked over and over again before Jethro was ready to take down to Big Ben’s to sell her for some quick cash.

“You ain’t gonna be cheerleadin ‘ at that college no more, bitch,” Jethro grunted as he rammed his dick into Veronica. ” Now on, you just gonna be another whore earnin’ money for who is ownin’ ya.


Veronica Arrives At Her New Home. The regular whores who worked at Big Ben’s central city brothel were so happy to welcome the new white girl named Veronica. The past few days hadn’t been good for Veronica and things look as though they were only going to get worse for her.

Big Ben’s wife Orlena had paid out the money, but she knew her husband would approve. This crying, depressed white girl was just the type who would earn them a nice little pile of cash before they finally sold her off to an interested customer.

In the meanwhile, Orlena and the whores would keep Veronica company and make sure that she had the right attitude before meeting Big Ben when he returned from a very busy business trip. Big Ben didn’t like to waste time on a slave; he wanted her ready to do what she was told and start making him money right away. Veronica would need a bit of training before he returned and had his first look at her.

Orlenaknew it was up to her to make sure that Veronica was taught thecorrect ways of a sex slave and how to become one. It would be so much fun for Orlena and the whores to personally teach her….

“No need for all them dears, white girl. Me and all these other bitches is gonna make sure that you gets trained to be a real proper slave. We is gonna hurt you a lot, but you’ll start to like it. I promise.”


Ben Ben’s Slave Hostesses Bring in the Bucks. Big Ben, being a step above the average inner city pimp and slave trader, had a winning formula of making his newly-broken slave bitches earn him big amounts of cash by being sex hostesses in his string of heavily-guarded private sex clubs.

There, compliant white slavegirls danced nude on stage when not entertaining various Masters and Mistresses in their assigned booths. The customers flocked in large numbers to Big Ben’s clubs for the chance to be able to fuck submissive hostesses right in their booths while ordering Big Ben’s overpriced wines and champagnes.

His clubs all had the atmosphere of public orgies. Both rich and the very poor visited and spent their money.

Athough the cheap fabric that covered the seating was frayed, stained and smell heavily of spent semen, the young and obedient slave hostesses could be ordered to suck customers’ cocks and then laid on their backs and ravaged right then and there in the booths. Before they were put up for sale at auction, quite a few of the slave hostesses were bought right at the club. Sometimes there was nothing better than fucking a sweet slave’s tight pussy to inspire a customer to put up the money in order to take her home with him.

It was not unusual for the aging, druggie whore Annie and her long-time pimp boyfriend to visit Big Ben’s clubs in order to scout out fresh potential talent for their thriving street prostitution business. It was Annie who would spot a slave that she liked and recommend that her pimp make the purchase.

Annie liked having the power to pick a slave who would suffer a hopeless fate selling her body and getting fucked on filthy mattresses in dirty back alleyways. At the moment, Annie was in the process of choosing a pretty 19 year-old slave who she knew would lure the eager, ready-to-pay street thugs and bums and their leaking cocks.

“Yeah, girl, you need to use both hands to jerk off my pimp’s big dick. He’s also gonna be your pimp pretty soon ’cause he’s gonna buy you and put you to work on the street…..”

Slave Hostess Vera Gets Used. Killa was immediately interested in having young Vera serve as his Hostess when he saw how she looked in the microskirt that was the standard Hostess uniform of the slavegirls who worked Big Ben’s clubs. Killa’s huge dick – and it was huge – twitched in his pants as Vera walked by wearing that little whorish micro skirt that showed her bare ass and shaved cunt. He paid the twenty dollars fee and also ordered the hundred-dollar bottle of champagne to be brought to their reserved booth.

Killa wasn’t one to waste time. He had made up his mind to spend a lot of his precious money and buy Vera to serve as his domestic slave back at his shabby one-bedroom basement home in the far end of the ghetto. And he would show Vera how lucky she was going to be by being owned by a Master who would keeping her for himself instead of putting her to work as a prostitute.

But Vera didn’t feel lucky as Killa pushed her back on the tattered seat of their booth and pulled out that monster cock of his.

“Please-no!” Vera’s eyes widened in shock as she saw the size of his dick.

Killa slapped her hard and she went quiet and stayed down as he spread her thighs. He really liked how she looked in that microskirt.

“Whore, you little whore,” Killa said as he crudely shoved his dick into her. He wasn’t gentle, hurting her as her unprepared cunt struggled to stretch around that big dark meat of his. “Stay down there and take all this cock I’m givin’ you!”

“You havin’ trouble takin’ all this dick, ain’t ya? Quit cryin’, you whore! You only got half of it in ya!” Killa laughed as he forced more inches of his monster cock up the slave’s pussy. ” Move your hips, baby. Work it in all the way up to my balls, you whore!”


Big Ben Chooses a Personal Slave. Big Ben usually didn’t form any personal relationships with the slavegirls who worked his clubs and who he then sold at generous price to a never-ending stable of eager customers. Pussy was pussy and money was money. But when Ellen was offered to him, something made him decline to put her to work in his club or even consider selling her on the open market.

Ellen was a slender, lithe 19 year-old captive who had been studying to be a ballet dancer. Big Ben practically drooled when he first saw her; she was going to be his exclusive property, he decided.

He really liked having her dance like a whore for him down in the secured basement room of his club. He made her wear one of the microskirts that he liked his slave hostesses to wear along with ankle stockings and big-heeled clog shoes. Ellen might have wanted to be a ballerina, but now she was forced to dance like a whore stripper while Big Ben stroked his huge black cock watching her.

He would command Ellen to bump and grind, sticking her tight, well-shaped ass out from under that little skirt. Then, as always, Big Ben and his big meat couldn’t take it any more and he would grab her from behind and start digging a big finger in Ellen’s pucker, getting her ready…

Ellen would know what was coming. ” Uhhhhh….Ohhhhh Godddd….Nooooooo….” she would plead. Then she would feel the head of his cock against her anus, then the overwhelming pain as Big Ben slowly began to pressin the rest of his hard meat. She had no choice but to give in and accept the torture that was the twice-a-day ass-fucking that Big Ben liked to give her.

Big Ben liked the way Ellen screamed as he fucked her tight asshole hard. Sometimes she almost fainted from the agony. He gripped her by her waist while he starting setting his rythmn, slamming his big cock deep inside her protesting rectum.

“You mine bitch! That sweet ass is mine!”


The Gangster Buys a Mother and her Daughters. Wes had been waiting for a long time for a mother and daughter slave sale, had been saving his money for the occeassion for a long, long time. He knew that Big Ben would charge a steep pricebut he was more than willing to pay it.

Mira Miller was a still-attractive 40 years of age; her two daughters, Bonnie and Mildred, were 18 and 21 years respectively. Mira’s late husband was a big-time drug dealer who had tried to cheat the wrong type of people. The media was full of stories speculating about the Miller females’ disappearance but no one had a clue to their real fate.

The mother and daughters had been especially broken and trained – but not pussy-fucked – by Big Ben and his whores, making their value even higher. Especially for Wes. With the fifty thousand dollars in cash paid to Big Ben, Wes visited Mrs. Miller and her two lovely girls in their exhibition cell before he arranged to transport them to the especially-built cells that he had constructed in the basement of the big, isolated house that he owned.

“Let’s see if your little bitch daughters know how to suck cock,” he told Mrs. Miller. “If they don’t do a good job, it’s gonna get you all a real bad beatin’ when I get ya home, understand?”

They understood and the daughters took turns pleasuring Wes’s throbbing dick with their obedient mouths until Wes could feel the jizism start to churn in his low-hanging balls.

“Keep goin’, the both of ya,” Wes commanded the daughters as he pulled the subbing Mrs. Miller against him. “C’mon, show how good a mom you are and give me some real good kissin’ while your daughters are worshipping my cock.”

Mrs. Miller showed her submissiveness by trading deep wet tongue kisses with Master Wes while her two well-trained daughters sucked his big cock until he rewarded them by filling both their mouths with his thick cum. “That’s it, milk it, swallow it,” Wes ordered.

“I’m gonna breed you and your daughters day and night. All three of ya are gonna belong to me for the rest of your lives. From now on, your duty is gonna be suckin’ my cock to get it hard to fuck your girls in front of ya. Gonna be keepin’ all three of ya pregnant with my black babies. You want that, don’t ya, bitch?”

“Yes, Master.”

Showing Their Sincerity: The two pretty blondes, Rachelle and Mandy, had both been captured about the same time and both had undergone the same relentless, hard training that had stripped them of their identity and self-worth. The merciless whippings and seemingly endless spankings from hands, belts and leather flogs had made sure that Mandy and Rachelle were no longer the defiant, resistant upper class college girls who had been dragged in, kicking and screaming. Now they were thoroughly broken in and ready to be shown to the crowd of eager, would-be buyers who would be arriving in the morning.

The captured pair had shivered when their main trainer had mentioned that maybe they both needed to be subjected to one more night of really hard punishment in order to be sure that they were indeed worthy of being sold. Just the thought of that was enough to cause them to panic and cry. Their begging was enough to convince the Trainer to give them the chance to prove that they were sincere in their determination to serve and service whoever they were honored to be bought by.

Mandy teased the Trainer’s big cock with her soft lips while Rachelle gently sucked his balls. The Trainer’s dick started to grow hard and lengthen in size.

“You two little bitches just might worth sellin’ after all. You both keep on doin’ what you’re doin’ and I’ll fuck ya both instead of spending the night whippin’ ya.”


A Family Matter: Miss Martenez ran a white slave-selling operation that specialized in selling slaves who were somehow connected to the illegal drug trade. This made things easier for Miss Martenez because those type of girls were rarely reported missing and when they were, it was naturally assumed that they were dead. They would be written off by authorities and relatives as most likely done away with by drug organization-connected killers and therefore not searched for as rigorously.

Miss Martenez didn’t sell any girls who took drugs or sold drugs; she preferred those who were unfortunate enough to be the girlfriends or relatives of drug-connected individuals. Some were taken as payment for unpaid debts, others were betrayed by jealous wives or lovers.

The most sought-after slave options were the surviving female family members of a recently-slain drug dealer. Frequently the dealer’s remains simply ‘disappeared’ after being killed, along with those of his family. At least that was the prevailing thought – except for the fact that sometimes the surviving legal-aged females of the family often ended up being sold by Miss Martenez.

Miss Martenez especially enjoyed the selling of a deceased drug-dealer’s surviving female family members. They brought a premium price when all sold together. And Miss Martenez loved all the drama that came with it.

Right now, it was a still-attractive mother and her two pretty daughters. Mr. Fernandez had just bought the three of them and they would spend the rest of their lives satisfying him together…..


Granny Comforts Her Sweet 19 Year-old Slave: Granny Merriweld lived, tucked way, in her old, run-down mansion that was situated in the middle of her vast, isolated property that was located far from the nearest town or city. Mrs. Merriweld might be alone except for the fact that her land was patrolled by many armed guards and usually there was a pretty young slavegirl locked away in one of the many rooms of Merriweld’s mansion. Locked away for the sole pleasure of Granny Merriweld.

For a rich old crone like Granny, there was nothing better than having a beautiful young girl to keep her ancient pussy all warm and satisfied. And Granny could afford the high cost of trading in and buying a new slave every year or so; after all, variety helped keep Granny Merriweld interested and looking forward to new experiences.

Marian was 19 and well-trained, freshly purchased by Granny within the last couple of days. A cute girl. Broken, but still missing her former friends and family. Granny would take her time with Marian. Torment and whip her a few times before teaching her just how Granny preferred having her pussy eaten.

The new slavegirl was all distressed and needed a little comforting before being started on her lessons. Granny knew just how to make her new slave relax a bit more……

“Come here, girl. Put your sweet mouth around my big old nipples and suckle them. You’ll feel all better…..”

The Domestic SlaveТs Duty: Make sure that every dish is absolutely clean and sparkling, Mr. Pauley insisted as he nuzzled his pretty slaveТs bare shoulder with his stubbled chin. We want everything to be perfect here, donТt we? After youТre done here in the kitchen, thereТs plenty of work to be done getting the rest of the house in order. WeТve got company tonight. Some very old friends of mine that IТm inviting over to meet you. TheyТre anxious to see the new slave that IТve paid so much for. Maybe IТll let them sample you and see for themselves how good a piece of pussy you can put out. YouТd like that, wouldnТt you?

18 year-old Fiona paused just a bit in her wiping of the dish she was holding. Yes, Sir. Whatever you wish, Sir. There was no hope for her now, she knew that. There was only her duty to satisfy her Owner.

Mr. Pauley was pleased with FionaТs servile attitude. He nudged close behind her now, his hardening cock touching her. YouТre a good bitch. All sweet and obedient. Maybe I wonТt use my belt on you today. Maybe youТd rather I fuck you a lot instead. Would you like that? He was beginning to feel more and more horny. I think youТd like that. You want to please me, donТt you?

Yes, Master. I want to please you.

Yeah, youТre such a good slave. Worth the price I paid, Mr. Pauley grunted as he guided his cock to FionaТs asshole. You just keep on working while I enjoy fuckinТ your ass.

Ohhhh. Fiona clinched her teeth as Mr. PauleyТs big cock forced itТs way inside her hurting rectum. Uhhhh.Ohhhhhh


Slave Cecile Meets Her Asian Owners: Mr. Watanabe was proud of his latest slave purchase. He was a very fussy buyer and he had spent quite a few weeks on his last European trip searching for just the right slave to buy for his demanding wife and her sister. The French girl,19 year-old Fiona, had been the daughter of a recently deceased French industrialist. A girl who had been a socialite and who had been well-known in the closed circles of the upperclass elite. Just the right kind of girl for being a life-slave to service Mrs. Watanabe and her horny sister, Iko. And it didnТt hurt that Fiona would be available as a fucktoy for Mr. Watanabe whenever he had the urge.

For a previously sheltered and spoiled girl like Fiona, the last few days had disorienting and practically imaginable. The strange men who had kidnapped her had been so mean and had hurt her so much when she had not followed their orders promptly enough. She had soon learned to respond to her rapists like a well-trained street whore; otherwise there would be those painful punishments.

And then the strange Asia man had come and taken her; shipped her in a crate on his private plane.

Mrs. Watanabe was pleased with the new slave that her husband had brought, although she was careful not to show it too much.

You are sure that this white girl is the kind who will attend to her duties? I donТt want to waste too much time having to whip her into line, Mrs. Watanabe sternly told her husband as she and her ever-present sister, Iko, had their first look at Fiona.

You donТt have to worry about this one, Mr. Watanabe told his wife. She comes from a upper-class background and understands what it means to service oneТs Superiors. SheТll do a good job of keeping you and your sister satisfied.

Good. That means weТll only have to punish her for the fun of it.


Ivana Is The Property Of An Arab Master: It was a long way from her native Russia and it was not the fate that Ivana had in mind when she had interviewed for the modeling position advertised in the ad. The ad had promised great pay for beautiful blonde models and travel to exotic locales around the world. Ivana had been surprised and confused when the modeling job was replaced by the job that the big, rough men had in mind when they had her out of the country.

Through months of nothing but rapes and beatings, Ivana learned that her new job would be as an obedient fuck-whore whose duty was to please any cock that used her. In whatever way it used her. Failing to please meant immediate and very painful punishment; even more painful than being fucked hard repeatedly in her well-shaped ass. Soon, for Ivana, her dreams and family were nothing but distant memories. She was now ready for her final destination, the Middle East.

Master Abu catered to a clientele of middle-class merchants and businessmen who particularly liked to be able to fuck young, pretty Western blondes. Ivana was his newest purchase. Abu would put her with the rest of the Western slaves – after he was done using her himself. He was of the opinion that if a slavegirl could get used to taking his big cock, she would have no trouble servicing those of his many customers.

She had such a hard time taking AbuТs giant dick and the way he fucked her. Even all the brutal rapes she had previously endured had not prepared her enough for what Abu had to offer her.

Are you sure she can handle another fucking from your cock? Master AbuТs assistant was worried. She looks like she canТt take any more of you, Master.

Master Abu laughed. Of course sheТll take it! SheТll take all the cock that I put to her! ThatТs how I break them in! Climb onto AbuТs cock, Western girl, and ride until you faint again!

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