Mines Of Terror [MR. KANE’S]


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Antea, an Amazon Princess, was captured in a recent battle together with Inea and Aulia, her lovers and loyal Captains. Some fifty female warriors were also captured with them. They were branded as “ilots” and taken to the island of Antropos, a mining center in the Aegean. For some time they were not noticed, and they worked with the other slaves. But one day the Hegemon of Latomina, the organization responsible for the prison-mine, received news of the true identity of the Amazon Princess. They ordered exemplary punishment for the Princess and all her followers.

Antea is separated from her lovers and from the other Amazon slaves. She is taken to the physically most grueling section of the mine, the Shaft of Gelios. The women will only leave this infamous, inhospitable place to suffer beatings and abuse in some other infamous, inhospitable place. The guards beat the female prisoners continuously as they walk along the terrible tunnel to hell. The women are handcuffed and wear tight, hard ropes as punishment panties.

Inea spends her time transporting material in the dampest and coldest part of the mine. Each time a stone falls, she is whipped. Like her fellow slaves, she is exhausted by the long hours, the repeated whiplashes and the constant physical abuse.

Antea has been chained to one of the wheels that are used to grind the minerals. The Hegemon has ordered her to move the wheel alone, to undermine her haughty pride. Her body is covered in whiplashes, her tits and her crutch are bound tight in leather. The unhappy Princess goes wearily round and round, with hardly a rest, not knowing whether it is day or night. She only has one wish: that her guard would stop bringing the whip down onto her.

Hipala, once one of the bravest and most feared warriors, spends the long day on her knees crawling up the narrow shafts that lead to the surface. She pulls the wagons with her hair. The guards always see to it that the wagons are full to the top. When she finally reaches the top, she receives her reward: she is flogged all over her lovely body and her mouth and throat are penetrated. She always swallows all the semen, as food and drink are severely restricted in the mine.

She unloads the wagon and goes down by another shaft. When she reaches the bottom she is forced to load yet another wagon. If she stops for a rest, she is obliged to open her legs and push her pelvis forward, presenting her vagina for punishment. The guards then beat it with many different kinds of canes and rods, especially birch rods.

Antea grits her teeth as the guard flogs her to make her grind the ore faster. The Princess’s only hope is that he will lose interest in beating her, but he seldom does so, and when he does it is only to rape her mouth. The punishment panties make it impossible for him to rape her vagina. The Hegemon does not want pregnant slaves. Buggery is permitted, but only by special license. All the slaves can be raped in the mouth at any time…

Cina and Moira are sentenced to dig two shafts for the rest of their days. They do not know, but they will never leave the shafts. The guard orders them to dig deeper, and promises them that they will be allowed out when they have finished their exhausting work.

Aulia has managed to get to the surface, even if it is only to take ore to the port area. The countryside around her is not very encouraging. It is a desolate area, criss-crossed with pathways worn by tired feet. Women like her run under the whips of the guards. Overlooking them, on the top of a hill, are the severed heads of rebels, impaled and left to rot for all to see.

Antea has reached the end of her considerable stamina. Her body has been terribly beaten and she can hardly hold herself upright. She falls to her knees, exhausted, while the guard brings his whip down on her again and again…

Ingana, one of the most powerful of Amazon leaders, does her best to endure the rigors of her captivity. Her back is lacerated by the enormous weight of the basket that she carried from one end of the mine to the other, day after day. The previous day the Hegemon granted her guards permission to bugger her. She is still sore from the long night of anal abuse in which all her jailors willingly participated.

The guard has grown tired of flogging Antea, and he kicks her to the ground. At least in this way she gets a few minutes’ rest…

Celia does her best to drag the wagon up the ramp to the top of the enormous piles of raw material, from where the ore will fall to the wheels or to the blast furnaces. It matters very little to her where it goes. She only knows that she is pulling a wagon like all the other slaves, and that, like them, she will beg to be allowed a minute’s humiliating rest.

Antea shudders and opens her mouth. She takes in the hot stream of her guard’s urine. It is the only liquid she is allowed to drink, apart from semen. She cannot take much more. She prays that her suffering will end soon…

Ifigenia is brutally treated by her personal jailor. He follows her, sticking close to her like her own shadow. He does not give her a moment’s respite.

The brutal guard has been given permission to penetrate her anus. He is aroused and will celebrate by beating her with a rod, all over her lovely body, including her face.

Antea has been given a brief respite. But she will spend it with her nipples cruelly stretched. Her guard has gone to receive instructions from the Hegemon. The die is cast, the Princess’s fortune is decided…

16.- Antea’s guard waits in the Atrium. He watches, fascinated, as a girl cleans the floor. She is a slave who has been allowed out of the mine to serve the physical needs of the members of the Hegemon. The guards look at her and joke. They too will be allowed to abuse her, and she does not wear punishment panties…

The orders of the Hegemon are bloodchilling. Three guards will flog her in turn, and she will then be taken to the punishment cells, where she will be tortured in front of the assembled prisoners.

18.- Antea has been suffering torture by stones for some hours now, in the well in front of the punishment cells. The torturers gradually place more and more stones on the baskets, tightening the straps and strangling her breasts. At the same time, they stretch the lips of her vagina. The tense straps dig deep into her lovely soft flesh, slowly cutting into her swollen breasts.

The torture will finish when all the stones are in the baskets, and her breasts and vulva are cruelly mutilated.

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