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This is based on the true story of the Iciny Queen Bodicea and her daughters, as written by the Roman historian Tacitus it happened 61 a.d.

Boudicca, known in Roman annals as Bodicea, was born into aristocracy around 30 A.D. Little or nothing is known of where she came from; many believe that her name, Boudicca, was not her name at all, but that she may have been called Boudiga — the Celtic goddess of Victory — by her followers, which would lead to the Latinized name given as ‘Boadicea Victoria’ given by Roman historians.

Boudicca married into the Iceny royalty in southeastern Britain, believed about 48 A.D., and bore two daughters who had reached adolescence before her husband died of illness in 60 or 61 A.D. After his death came a series of surprising and ruthless attacks on her and her daughters by the Romans, and for this the Iceny tribe became outraged and Boudicca ultimately led a force believed to number over one hundred thousand or more, in a massive rebellion that left a permanent thorn in the side of the Roman Empire.

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Posted August 20th, 2004

Part 1 – Roman Law

The Romans came late in the morning, and their sheer numbers warned Bodicea that this was not a common courtesy visit.

“Go inside with the other people,” she shouted to her two daughters as they tried to accompany her to the village gates to welcome the guests.

“But mother, I…” Bodicea interrupted Sioras with a harsh gesture as she tried to argue with her.

“NO, follow Isolda, it is important that you go inside. I trust that you will prevent the men from doing anything silly.”

“Why is this? Do you think there will be trouble? We are allies of the Rome and…” She spat out the word allies, like most of the Iceny people she hated the conquerors of their country. Her father had been clever enough to avoid fighting this overwhelming power and tried to arrange agreements with them so his people had some kind of freedom. Bodicea was sure he had done the right thing, even though she would love to thrust her sword into the grinning faces and lustful eyes of those who stared at the young Isolda.

“Maybe you know that we cannot pay the taxes that the new Emperor of Rome has ordered. I want to be sure that nothing happens without my orders, now go!”

“Yes, my Queen!” Still furious Siora stepped away. She had calmed down a little, happy in the fact that she had been given an important task to do.

‘One is too calm, one too excitable,’ thought Bodicea with a groan, neither of them is well suited as heirs to the throne of the Iceny people.


“You are this… Bodicea?”

“I am Queen Bodicea, daughter of Prostitotas and leader of the Iceny people!” She swallowed hard in response to the insulting address of this Roman Centurion who had halted his horse next to her. Bodicea stood her ground and did not retreat a step even though the hair on the horse touched her arm.

“Queen… hmmm…”

It took a lot of effort for her not to grab her sword when confronted by this mocking and condescending face.

“To me and for our glorious Emperor you are a nothing but a thief!”

Furious with this new insult Bodicea bit her lip and clenched her fist, almost drawing blood.

“We Iceny are not thieves, we CANNOT pay this new tax to your Emperor! Look here…” She pointed to her desolate village. “This is all we have after you took all our riches!” A furious rage welled up inside her; she remembered the treachery of this new Emperor. He denied all the old contracts and just took the villages from the Iceny nobles and enslaved whole families. Their legions were countless and extremely strong, so she managed to calm herself down and stopped herself from cutting the throat of this grinning bastard on the horse.

“Looking at your jewellery, I see we have not taken everything!”

“These are the symbols of my people and family… you will never have it!”

“No?” Without warning he kicked her in the chest and knocked her backwards into the snow that as yet had not melted in the weak spring sun.

Without thinking she grabbed her sword

“You want trouble?” With clenched fists the Centurion looked down at her.

She looked towards her men for she knew they were ready and hands were upon their swords just waiting for one word from her. They would probably kill a few Romans but without doubt there were many more in the woods behind them and that a legion would not be not too far away.

It would be the end for her people if she started a fight now. Also the sharp tips of the Romans pilums were at her neck making the decision easy to let go of her sword.

“No… !” Bodicea swallowed hard and put her sword back into its sheath while she stood up. “We are loyal allies of the Emperor, we would pay the tax if we had that much!”

“Too bad…!” The Roman looked disappointed, maybe because they had no gold or maybe because she didn’t want to fight him. “But if you insist on being a thief then you will be treated like a thief! On your knees Queen of the thieves!”

“What?” Suddenly she found herself surrounded by soldiers with raised pilums, her heart pounded. “I will never kneel down in front of a common soldier like you!” Her hand flew to her sword but before she reached it a blow hit her from behind that caused her stagger. Having grabbed her arms all efforts to fight became futile. She was pushed then dragged into the middle of a fenced area and forced onto her knees below a wooden construction.

“Queen, I can see you are lying!” He laughed out loudly as he looked down at her, he held her with a tight and painful grip. “You will get the punishment of a thief and I hope you will learn your lesson so that I won’t have to return.” He looked at the wooden fencing then to his soldiers. “This will make a perfect whipping frame, tie her to it.… and invite her people to watch, they shall all see what happens to people who don’t obey the glorious Emperor Nero!”

Everything went too fast to get any clear thought. Ropes were bound tightly around her wrists and moments later Bodicea was crudely pulled up until she stood with her arms spread wide apart. Her helplessness excited the mocking soldiers that surrounded her. She tried to calm her pounding heart and had to watch as the Roman soldiers forced her people out from inside their houses. She was satisfied when no one resisted as to fight these Romans would surely be the end for them, she knew this only too well.

With tight lips she shook her head as she saw the beseeching looks that came from her warriors. They were waiting for just one sign from her to pay the Roman back for his insults. But the Roman soldiers were everywhere and even more continued to enter the village, they came in there hundreds. They were all heavily armed and ready for a fight. She groaned quietly to herself and tried to loosen the rope that now cut into her arms. She desperately wanted to avoid this humiliation; meanwhile the Centurion addressed the angry crowd.

“…And we don’t waste time when we need to punish criminals as you will know see!” He finished and turned to Bodicea with evil grin. Free the Queen from her armour!”

Bodicea stiffened. Of course they wouldn’t whip her in her armour but the true meaning of all this was now beginning to dawn on her. The mocking soldiers began to cut the straps of her armour and present her naked torso to all her people and surrounding soldiers.

“Then show us your royal breasts that will soon shake in your whip dance!” The soldier to her right pulled the armour aside and as he did so she muttered a harsh curse at him. As the fresh wind blew it gave her goose bumps and made her nipples erect which made her feel very ashamed.

“I see the queen is as excited as we are,” the centurion advanced, his eyes fixed on her breasts. “Bring me the whip, I will do it by myself to make sure that it will be hard enough and also leave some welts on this royal skin that she will never forget!”

And so her ordeal began, she braced herself to receive the pain that would surely come from the centurion’s fearsome bullwhip. She trembled from the cold wind that blew on her naked body.

“I see you tremble from the cold, this will soon warm you up!” The centurion turned to his men with a cruel smirk on his face. He looked like a man who relished his work.

The first stroke tore the very breath from her lungs as it was delivered with such ferocity. The cruel leather thong snaked across her bare back, the tip curling itself around her chest catching her right breast and nipple. The pain was like no other pain she had ever experienced, it felt like a cross between a punch and a cut from a rapier.

“Mmmmmppphhh.” She tried to stifle a scream at the intense pain of the blow.

“Please feel free to scream and beg for mercy your ladyship, there are many more strokes to come.”

The centurion delivered a second heavy blow across her back causing another crimson welt to form just above the first. Again the tip of the whip snaked itself around her upper chest, this time catching the top of her right breast.

The people of the village looked on with horror at this terrible and barbaric treatment of their Queen. They felt utterly helpless as Bodicea had made it known that they must not intervene in any way. She alone was going to bear the brunt of this inhumane treatment and mutilation of her body.

Now the blows were incessant, Bodicea tried in vain to lessen the impact of this ferocious implement by trying to ride the blows and hopping from one leg to another. Soon the welts became cuts and her bear back became a criss-cross of blood filled lines.

“Ahh, see how she dances to my whip, sing for me Bodicea, sing for my men and your people!” With that the centurion landed some more well aimed and excruciating strokes.

Bodicea could hardly speak, such was her agony, her back was on fire. Never had she experienced such severe pain as this

“Y…y…you will pay for this assault on my person Roman, you had better kill me now for I will repay you for this violation!” With that Bodicea’s legs started to sag, her strength was leaving her.

“When I am done, you will be in no fit state to repay anything to me bitch!” The centurion continued his relentless torture of Bodicea’s body.

Soon the last vestiges of the Queens modesty began to diminish as the razor like blows of the whip began to tear away at her skirt. The villagers felt her shame, however Bodicea was in no fit state to worry about such things as modesty. Her mind was in a delirium; her brain was starting to shut down from the ever-increasing pain emanating from her back.

The centurion began to feel disappointment as his quarry was noticeably wilting before his eyes. Despite this he continued his relentless strokes upon her bloodied back until finally Bodicea collapsed into welcome unconsciousness.

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