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Antonio’s Pig Farm

Antonio considered his pigs more important than people. Everyone knew about his pigs and his hatred of the outside world, so they left him alone. No one came near. No friends, no visitors, just pigs. He had plenty of sows, some of which walked on two legs instead of four.

He sold some pigs for money, but he had an arrangement with a certain butcher shop: Pigs for Pussy.

The butcher lived near a large city where girls always came up missing. Most were considered runaways but many of them wound up on Antonio’s farm. The screams, the late night whipping sessions, the naked women tied up inside the barn, they all went unnoticed.

“Some pigs are good for eating”, Antonio thought, “Others just good for whipping and fucking!”


Welcome to Pig City, Bitch!

Elise’s screams were muffled as Antonio tore off her dress and exposed her nude body to the cool country air. Her nipples grew hard from the chill. She fought hard but Antonio was too strong for her. He tore off his belt and began whipping her.

“Into the barn pig cunt or I’ll whip you to death. Run whore…Faster!!”

Elise tried to run in the opposite direction but Antonio was too fast and too strong. Into the barn she went where she saw a chamber of horrors. Women, everywhere she saw women, some were hogtied, some spread-eagled, others hanging like giant flies in a spider’s web but all were naked and had been whipped and beaten. Antonio’s fuck sows sharing the barn with his meat pigs.

Elise screamed as the other women looked her way. A noose slipped around Elise’s neck and Antonio hauled her up. Suddenly, all that was keeping Elise from strangling was Antonio’s huge cock pushing upward into her clenching asshole. Her arms and legs flailed and kicked. Every muscle in her body convulsed in an attempt to break free. Her large breasts swung alluringly from side to side…

Not good enough whore, you’re just another of my fuck-pigs. If you want to stay alive long, you’ll learn to live like the pig you are. Here’s your pig slop!”

Antonio dropped Elise to the ground and spurted cum across her face and into her open mouth as she gasped for breath. “That’s your meal for the day whore,” Antonio said as he bound the girl, “I’ll be back to feed you again later when my nuts are full of cum again!”


Yellow Silk

“AAAAAAIIIEEEEE!” Sun Yee screamed and bucked hard as the whip landed across the small of her back just above her ass. Soon her stomach and breasts would feel the long leather bullwhip.

As Antonio’s only Asian slave, she got plenty of his attention. Her screams were always lusty and genuine and she was very sensitive to pain. He loved to watch her body convulse and twist as the whip or, if he was in the mood, the cattle prod caressed her pain racked body. Invariably he would become so turned on by her screams and the sight of her perfect naked body that she would soon feel him pressed against her as he invaded one hole or another.
“That’s a good girl, just scream all you like. I’ll let another of my human sows lick your ass after I’ve pumped you full of cum!”


The Runaway

Heather was a runaway. She’d argued with her parents about her boyfriend and they’d had a terrible row.

Now Heather had a new boyfriend and new playmates. The boyfriend was a sadist who only enjoyed to fuck his girlfriends when they were bound and in pain. Heather soon found herself tied, blindfolded and surrounded by the smell of pig shit. Soon she heard footsteps…

“Who’s there? Please help me before he comes back. Untie MEEEEEEEEEAAAAUUUGH!”

The whip began to fall across her luscious ass as Antonio gave her a warm welcome to his pig-farm.

“Pigs don’t talk you stupid sow. They get fucked or they get fried. Which one do you want to be?”

Heather was young, barely 19, but she and her now ex-boyfriend had experimented sexually more than once. She loved to jack him off and see how far she could make his cum fly. She also knew how to suck cock quite well. So when Antonio pressed his hard prick against her mouth she went to work on it with all her skill. She knew that she might very well be sucking for her life and her once perfect ass still stung from the cut of his whip. She jumped and let out a yelp when she felt the wet muzzle of a large pig sniffing around her.

“Looks like you’ve made a new friend,” Antonio said as Heather sucked and slathered his cock with drool,

“His name is Oscar. If you don’t do a proper job I’ll get you to know him better later on. He likes human pigs as much as I do.”

Heather gagged a little as Antonio held the back of her head and pushed his fat cock into her throat.

Heather began to cry as Antonio began to cum. She gagged a little more this time as she gulped his slimy load down her gullet…


Heather in School – Denise in Pain

Denise had been here longer than any pig still left in Antonio’s barn but he never grew tired of her. Her huge tits never got boring. He loved listening to the sound they made and the way they shuddered when the whip slapped against them. He tied Heather on her knees nearby so that she could see what she would have to go through.

“GHUH…UUNNGH…NNNGH!” Denise grunted loudly each time Antonio threw the whip against her naked flesh. The blows were vicious and immediately visible. Tears fell from her eyes as she and the new girl made eye contact.

“See how she suffers, Heather? See how hard it makes me? Now she will get her reward!”

Antonio slapped Heather hard across the face.

“If you take your eyes off us for a second I’ll break your jaw and give you to the pigs. They haven’t eaten yet today and I’m sure they’ll find your useless carcass quite delicious!”

Heather watched, never turning away, as Antonio spit on his raging hard-on and slammed it into Denise’s well worn cunt. She heaved forward and back with each brutal thrust, her large breasts flailing and flopping in time with Antonio’s rutting strokes.

“Now for her sweetest meat Heather, keep watching…”

“NNNGGHHAAA!” Denise, with the eyes of a wild trapped animal, grunted loudly as Antonio pistoned repeatedly into the poor girl’s bowels.

“Now Sweet Heather, you get to prove your worthiness to live here and serve me.”

Antonio withdrew his huge cock from Denise’s ravaged ass and offered it to Heather.

‘It was just up her ass’ Heather thought in horror as she tried to back away, but then she saw the insane look in Antonio’s eyes at her reluctance. Sobbing, Heather opened wide and took his shit-stained cock into her mouth. She tasted and smelled Denise’s cunt and ass followed by jets of cum as Antonio, the pig farmer, emptied his balls again. Heather swallowed it all.


Slop Feeding Time

Sun Yee slept, exhausted and weak from hunger when Antonio came back in to the barn.

“Wakey wakey piggys! It’s feeding time.” Antonio pulled Sun Yee into the arena with all the pork on hoof and made her kneel once again before his limp cock. S he knew what she had to do if she wanted to eat today and not be eaten by the boars that watched from the next pen. They eyed Sun Yee greedily waiting for Antonio to let them at her.

Sun Yee took the flaccid penis into her mouth and massaged it tenderly with her tongue as it began to grow and fill her throat. Now full and erect Sun Yee, still tied and bound with her hands behind her back, began to bob up and down on the huge prick.

Weak from hunger and thirst was how Antonio wanted his human pigs. This way they would be more apt to do anything that he wanted. A hungry whore was much more compliant than a fat sassy woman. Sun Yee was so skilled with her mouth that Antonio was soon moaning and grunting as he spewed into her gulping throat.

“Good Piggy, Sun Yee, you get to live another day.” She ate alongside the hogs as they burrowed in the trough. Her face and hair covered in slop, she ate with her hands tied behind her. Face first she ate just like another of Antonio’s pigs. Once a proud girl and from a noble family, Sun Yee had no pride now. She would live long with Antonio in his Pig-Farm from hell before he finally decided to sell her cum gobbling talents to one of the brothels in the city…


Antonio And Judith Reunited – Broken Heart Avenged

Then, one day Antonio received a call from his butcher friend in the city.


The name rang in his ears. Judith was the only woman that Antonio had ever really desired, he had courted her, taken her on cruises, vacations, and more. He bought for her all that she had wanted. Then, with no warning she had spurned his love and kindness for another man. Antonio found out later that Judith had been seeing this “other man” for months while she used Antonio for a fool. This was why he now to hated all women. Such an intimate and careless betrayal; they were all whores. Use them as he has been used. And now the butcher had captured Judith!

“The stupid cunt came marching right in just before closing and demanded ten pounds of tri-tip,” He told Antonio, “she wanted to buy meat but now she is meat. Come and get her Antonio!”

When Antonio arrived, Judith was hanging by her heels in the freezer next to all the other meat.

“Remember me, cunt?” Antonio asked as he caressed her beautiful naked body.

“Would you like me to split her open and serve you up a few nice rack of ribs and a nice rump steak?”

“No way. This sow will learn all about a pig’s place on my farm before I sell her to a very special brothel in the middle east.”

Judith was nearly dead from hypothermia but Antonio wouldn’t let her go that easily. He paid the Butcher with 10 fresh pigs instead.

Two hours later Judith, bought and paid for just like the pig she was, found herself knee deep in pigshit with Antonio pounding her ass like a freight train. She tried to threaten, apologize, promise, beg, even to scream when his cock slammed past her protesting sphincter muscle, but the gaffer’s tape kept her words hidden behind her deceiving lips.

She bucked and struggled but Antonio was far too strong. She endured her first fuck. Surely she would be able to talk her way out of this. Maybe he still loved her.

But this was not to be. After a hard fist to her midriff to immobilize her, Antonio tied the unfaithful slut to the back of his largest boar with her stomach to the sky. The boar ran wildly through the arena as the whip rained blows again and again across Judith’s upturned body. Soon she was covered with bloody welts from the bullwhip fueled by Antonio’s fury and perverted lust for revenge.

Hours later, when he was simply too tired to fuck, beat, or whip Judith any longer, he tied her naked broken-spirited body from the ceiling beams of the barn. Covered in sweat and Antonio’s cum, she swayed back and forth suspended by her ankles only inches above the excited pigs. They smelled her fear, her blood and her flesh; and they were hungry.

“I’ll be back later Judith dear. Your smell has made my large boars quite horny. Perhaps I will share you with them. After all, your just another pig like all the rest!”

Judith-School’s in Session

They’d all been imitations of Judith; poor substitutions. But now Antonio had the real thing. After a long distance call to the middle east and a visit from his contact a day later, all of his other human pigs were sold and taken to a different kind of market far away.

Judith, his once beloved, his idol, his betrayer, now lay before him in the stye with his other four legged pigs.

She begins to babble “Please Antonio, we can start all over, I can make you happy, I can change, we can… MMMMMMFFMMFFF!” Antonio slapped the foolish Judith hard across the face and and forced a huge rubber ball-gag into her mouth.

“Pigs don’t talk you idiot! Don’t you understand anything? How could I have ever fallen in love with such a stupid, selfish, lying whore like you? But I did and you fucked me over. So you get to spend the first night of our reunion sleeping in pig filth, right after I fill your ass with cum!”

With no preamble, Antonio pushed her down onto her knees and, spitting on the head of his over-large cock, split her crap-dropper like an axe splits wood.

“GGHHHMMMMMFFFFF!!” Judith screamed in outrage around the jaw distending ball-gag. He fucked her slowly at first so she would be sure to feel every inch of his prick; then faster, harder ,deeper. Soon she was drooling heavily into the mud, eyes glazed and watery. Antonio, wanted her in pain but it seemed that Judith was bearing up too well under his anal assault so he reached under her chest and grabbed two massive handfulls of tit and twisted roughly.

“GGGHHHHHMMMMMMGGFF!” Judith heaved and bucked so hard that she nearly slid off the huge prick that impaled her, but Antonio was in the throes of orgasm now and pulled her roughly back onto his cock. She felt her bowels filling with his hot sticky seed the same time she felt Antonio’s fist punch her hard in one kidney.

“Your ass will be leaking all night with that heavy load, dear Judith, but I’ll be back in the morning to fill you up again.” Then with a final savage slap across the back of her head he said, “sleep tight, sow! You’re gonna need your rest. Tomorrow’s another day and you got a full load of schooling on the schedule from dawn ’til dusk!”


The Toilet

Antonio couldn’t wait ’til dawn. The thought of Judith sleeping peacefully among his prize pigs made him too restless to sleep. With whip in hand he awoke the sleeping girl and strung her hands way up behind her to a beam in the barn’s ceiling.

“GGGHHHHRRRRRMMMMFFFFF!” He whipped the screaming Judith harder than he’d ever whipped anything or anyone. After ten minutes, he left her to go back to bed, but not before he urinated all over her whip-marked ass.

“No sense in wasting good piss when there’s a slut-assed whore like you around to appreciate it! does that sting just a little? Not as bad as your betrayal when you broke my heart!”

Judith stood there weeping until dawn; hopeless, helpless and at the mercy of a madman…


Fresh Meat for the Market

At the first light of dawn Antonio released Judith from the shoulder wrenching bondage where she’d spent the night. She fell to her knees and offered up her ass. She shook it lewdly from side to side hoping against hope to slake his sadistic sexual thirst before he could hurt her any more.

“Later cunt-face, I gotta slaughter me a few pig’s first.”

Antonio hung three squealing pigs up by there heels. He slit one’s throat and gutted it while Judith watched transfixed with horror. He was so casual about it, so calm…

“Oops, I almost forgot the guest of honor.”

‘NNGGOO…NNGOOO…KLEEZ…NGOOO!” Judith pleaded through her gag as best as she could. She kicked and thrashed around violently as he hog-tied her and strung her up next to the other hogs.

“They say a human’s flesh tastes just like pork, did you know that Judith? No one will even be able to taste the difference between a real pig and a human pig.”

Two more pigs were quickly slashed and gutted. Their steaming entrails in a pile beneath Judith’s head.The girl was horrified!

Then Antonio stood before her, his gutting knife glittered dripping crimson.

“I saved the best one for last, bitch.” Antonio said with a big toothy smile on his face. Time to go to market whore!”

His hand shot out as a blade slid across her throat and then immediately ran from the slit in her cunt to her sternum.

“NNNNNGGGGGGGMMMMMMFFFFFF!!” Judith screamed in terror certain that she was literally dead-meat. Antonio fell backwards in paroxysms of laughter.

“I switched the knife you stupid twat! The one you felt is so dull it wouldn’t cut butter. Besides, I’ve got a lifetime of revenge to take out on you.”

Then he held up the other knife. “Here’s the real-deal Judith. This one’s sharp enough to split hairs. I’m gonna take that gag outta your mouth and shove my cock down your throat. You say one word and I start cutting off fingers and toes. I feel one tooth on my cock, I’ll slice you open and leave you to hang. You’ll still be alive but not nearly as pretty.”

The gag-came out and she opened her mouth as wide as she could to show complete submission to her master. Antonio skull-fucked Judith for almost ten minutes before he allowed her to swallow his jism. Then, he used the sharp knife to cut her down. She fell face-first into the warm and bloody guts of the three slaughtered pigs. Their blood, still draining, dribbled onto her back.

“Gotta get some work done around her whore, but I’ll back to see how you’re doing later on. I’ll bring you a pork chop to nibble on. It’ll be a reminder of how you’ll taste when your time finally comes to slaughter!”


Tit Treatment

Antonio eventually came after Judith. She was still lying in a pool of pig’s blood. Flies buzzed and landed hungrily on her crimson coated body.

“Enough lying around, you lazy bitch. Time to get cleaned up if you’re gonna hang with your old lover-boy Antonio!”

He tied her to a stake outside, turned on the pump and brought out a fire-hose. The stream of water was so strong that Judith felt as if her skin was being ripped right off her bones.

“There baby, clean as a whistle. Oh Hell, would ya look at that! Your tits are starting to droop a little. Guess I better do something to help you out there.”

From his back pocket, Antonio pulled out a length of smooth cotton rope. He wrapped this around the base of her large tits tightly enough to cut off the circulation. Then out came the riding crop.

Judith thought she was beyond pain, beyond humiliation. But now, being tied like this outside like a living pain-totem took her to a whole new level of shame.

The crop smacked loudly across her tits over and over as they began to turn bright pink and then to dark purple as they starved for oxygen. Dark veins stood out on her balloon-like tits. Darker blue and yellow bruises began to appear from the blows landed by the crop.

“I think I’ll leave you out here for awhile to get a little tan on those pretty milk maids of yours.

Later on I’ll grease them up nice and fuck em’ like a cunt. Before I’m through with you baby, you’re gonna learn to love all the pain I dish out and all the shame you deserve for what you did to me!”

“UUUMMPHHH!” Judith felt the fist almost before she saw it coming. Antonio punched her hard in the stomach taking her breath away. She tried to double over but the ropes held her firmly in place. After one more savage back-hand across her still-beautiful face, Antonio turned and walked away whistling merrily…”I’ll be back for you later slut. There’s the little matter of branding you once and for all as my personal pig whore.”


Club Sadisto Pays a Visit

When Judith was rudely awakened that night, the cock was already in her mouth. She’d gone from one nightmare to another without pause. She immediately began to suck and deep-throat the huge prick that slammed into her face with wanton abandon. She looked up into the eyes of her assailant hoping to find some semblance of mercy there but, to her horror, realized that the man was not Antonio.

She glanced around wildly, careful to keep sucking. There was her master, Antonio, half obscured by shadow. He was standing in a circle of men. There had to be at least 20 of them. Then, to her adding horror, she noticed that each man held at least one leash. Fastened to each leash was a woman. She could barely see around the hips of the man who’s cock slammed into her face, but she saw enough to recognize the beauty and allure of the girls who knelt there on hands and knees. These men and their females were part of a secret society made up of sadists and slaves. Antonio was a charter member.

All these men would take turns fucking and cumming in and on Judith. The first man shot off almost immediately filling her mouth and covering her face.

She hears a spoken command and the rustle of hay as a black girl crawled over behind Judith. She turns to see the slave. She is beautiful, muscular and very slender. She is wearing a double cocked strap-on dildo. Both faux dicks are very thick, very long and lined with pointed rubber spikes. The girl smiles cruelly at Judith as she positions herself behind her victim. Then, grabbing Judith’s hips, she pushes forward…hard. Without ceremony Judith is penetrated as the men applaud. The black girl fucks her brutally. Her hips thrust like a man. The black girl seems to enjoy every second of it. Judith, however, is in sheer agony.

“AAAAAIIIIEEEEE! NOOOOO!” Judith felt the rubber spikes ripping at the walls of her cunt and ass.

“Kinda tears you up inside don’t it bitch?” Antonio said, “Now ya know how I felt when you fucked me over!”

Judith was used repeatedly that night. She was forced to swallow cum from each each of the men as a means of initiation into the club. She tasted pussy for the first time and, though disgusted to have her face buried in another woman’s crotch, she sucked and licked for all she was worth. When, at dawn, she was chained and left alone, her stomach finally revolted. She threw up all the cum she’d swallowed. Too tired and faint to move, she collapsed face first in the puddle of vomit. Sleep took her immediately, but the dreams she had were nightmares about pigs that stood upright and wore the clothes of men…


Epilogue-Judith Devoted

Judith, broken and debased, has finally accepted her position as Antonio’s slave, his whore, his human toilet and sow. She’s used to being beaten, tied-up, whipped and fucked. In a sick kind of way, Judith has become fond of the way she is treated. She doesn’t have to worry about food, money, clothes or any of the things that people in the real world chase after all their lives.

Judith attends the parties with Antonio. She’s always on a leash, always on her hands and knees. She has been used to help break-in new slave-girls. She has even been selected to use the double strap-on spiked dildo on a few of these untamed girls. She’s learned to smile when the fresh slaves scream. She loves the way they struggle helplessly and the tears they shed.

She still sleeps in the barn with the pigs, she’s never even seen the inside of Antonio’s house. She’s just one of the animals now.

She hears footsteps…the familiar tread of her master’s boots…She struggles to her knees and waits there with head up and mouth open. He stands in front of her; his pants come off, his cock dangles freely. Judith leans in and does what she’s learned to do so well….

Antonio smiles as he enjoys the devotion of the mouth, body and spirit of a once wayward and treacherous whore. After she is slapped and made to gag on his prick, she swallows yet another huge sticky load of her master’s cum. Then, Judith leans down even further to clean the pig farmer’s boots with her tongue. She is utterly submissive and hopelessly in love with the man she once scorned.

Satisfied, he leaves her to lie about with the pigs who’ve accepted her as one of their own…

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