Death Show [HINES]


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One of Mashinka’s duties was the selection and assignment of the new slaves who were sent to them weekly from all parts of Eastern and Western Europe by various trusted kidnapping rings. The Gorsinskys’ operation was of the type that needed fresh flesh on an ongoing basis. For the purposes of the particular attractions that the Shows offered, it was very important that each new girl be paired with the resident

‘Domina’ who would be dealing with her in whatever special ‘Show’ in which she appeared.

Today Mashinka watched as two of her Resident Dominas, Margerita and Big Bertha took their time in evaluating newly arrived Monique. Monique could only shiver in fear as Margerita slowly examined her skin and pinched and squeezed her breasts.

Monique, never one to smile, muttered, ” Her skin is unblemished and she smells sweet. I like that. …And her body is firm without being muscular. And she trembles and is so afraid. That excites me.”

Mashinka nodded. “Good. To Big Bertha, she asked: “Bertha, do you mind sharing this girl with Monique? It would make a very good Show for our clients.”

“I don’t mind. She looks tasty. There’s enough of her for the both of us…”

The most popular type of entertainment that the Gorsinkys offered their clientele were the “Consumption” Shows. Plainly put, these Shows featured slavegirls actually being eaten alive by the big cannibal Dominas as the viewers watched thru one-way mirrored glass portals that lined the various small Arenas in the main building.

Count Bronsan perspired and licked his lips as he watched the Consumption Show through the portal window. The scene taking place was of the sort that always left him quivering. There in the Arena, the new slave billed as Sonia screamed at the top of her voice as black Della ripped and ate away her at her lower arm; biting into the flesh with strong teeth, then chewing and swallowing the warm meat. A section of Sonia’s arm bone was now visible and Della would begin chew away at the tendons before moving further down towards the girl’s wrist and hand.

While Della always preferred to begin her eating at a slave’s arm, the huge Russian Yvenka liked to start her eating attack around a slave’s midsection; biting away small, shallow chucks of meat while often enjoying the feel of slowly pushing her large fist deeper and deeper inside the poor girl’s pussy. As with all the women who staffed at the Gorsinky operation, both women were addicted to the taste of warm female flesh and preferred it to any other food….

The massive Veronica was a viewer favorite at the Shows. Her fearsome appetite was a legend amongst the decadent crowd that came to see her. Veronica had tasted her first flesh at the age of sixteen; the disappearance of her next-door female buddy had never been solved. Once she had tried cannibalism, there had been no turning back. As a performer in the Gorsinky Shows, Veronica had found her perfect situation.

A safe place to stay and a reliable source of food; and not just any food – but the most attractive, innocent and healthy female food. Food that obediently licked Veronica’s pussy at any hour of the day or night. Food that provided her with a complete meal three times a week and was the source of her enormous size…

Veronica liked to sit and play with herself, getting her pussy wet as she let her intended slave meal endure the mental agony of knowing what was going to happen to her and having to wait for it to happen. Veronica usually sat and waited about a half-hour before slowly getting up and lumbering over to begin her feeding. The girl’s desperate pleas and begging for mercy would be music to Veronica ears. And she would always whisper sweet words in the girl’s ear – and then slowly, ever so slowly, clamp her teeth into the girl’s ear, tearing it off and swallowing it in two or three bites. Then she would lift one of the screaming girl’s legs up high and hold it by the ankles as she daintily chew off each toe…

While each Domina had her own eating style, the one constant thing among all of them was that, for the sake of the Show’s patrons, the slave-meals had to be kept alive as long as possible. While their viewers often stayed to watch them consume their victim’s internal organs and even their sucking and cleaning of the bones. The real excitement of the Shows were provided by the desperate fear and the screaming and begging of the slaves as they realized the horrible death that they were about to endure and their cries of agony as parts of their living flesh were slowly eaten…

Netlana was taking her time with the cute, fresh-faced girl named Katherine who had provided her with so much pleasure in the six days that they had shared together before Netlana’s Show tonight. Katherine, so frightened, so obedient, had given Netlana so many orgasms. She had followed Netlana’s instructions so well; her kisses were so soft and sincere, her mouth had accepted Netlana’s eager spit-covered tongue; her own tongue had learned to tease Netlana’s constantly swollen clit and had quickly become adept at reaming away at the inside of Netlana’s sensitive asshole. She had been so ready to give into all of Netlana’s needs…

And now, Katherine’s high-pitched voice penetrated the walls of their small Arena and thrilled the viewers who watched her meet her fate. Katherine was now satisfying the most urgent of Netlana’s needs as she lay chained on her stomach. For the past twenty minutes Netlana had been laying on top of her, casually eating away at the smooth flesh of her back. Katherine would live through another seven hours of unimaginable agony as Netlana enjoyed her living meal….

Not all of the Gorsinky Dominas were of the huge sort. A few of them were quite normal-sized and specialized in giving Shows that were quite different in what type of action was featured. Although the ‘living meal’ Shows were by far the most popular Shows, some Dominas provided a different kind of excitement for the clientele.

Maria’s previous employment had been as an official interrogator’ for one of the more efficient right-wing Latin regimes. For many years, she had enjoyed torturing and killing the many female political prisoners sent to her for ‘interrogation’ and finally, ‘ disappearance ‘. The regime had finally been forced to moderate it’s human rights policies, so Maria had been discreetly informed that it would be best if she manages to disappear herself before too many questions started to be asked about her whereabouts.

The Gorsinkys had been tipped off about Maria’s sado-sexual talents and nature and had quickly offered her a secure place in indulge herself. It was an offer that Maria couldn’t refuse……

Maria had wanted tall, pretty Greta for her own use as soon as she saw the statuesque blond slave being delivered to the New Arrival compound. She had immediately rushed to Petra Gorsinky and lobbied intensely for the rights to Greta.

“There is so much that we can do with her in the time that she will be with us. It would be a shame to waste her potential by giving her to one of the big ones.” And when she told Petra of what she had in mind for the girl, it was agreed that Greta would be hers.

As she escorted Greta down to her room, Maria enjoyed the looks of shock and hopelessness on the slavegirl’s face as she rudely informed the girl of her fate.

“You are here to die for the enjoyment of our customers, pretty Greta. And you will die here and there is nothing that will save you. Do not despair, my sweet senorita, your Maria will tell you how you can at least have a quick and painless death instead of the terrible death that the big ladies will have you suffer as they eat away at your lovely body for hours.

Down in her room, Maria’s voice was now soft and gentle as she stroked Greta’s smooth skin and told of her own proposition.

Maria’s pussy was beginning to moisten at the sight and sounds of Greta’s crying. So perfect for what I have in mind was Maria’s thought as she gently nuzzled her lips against the slave’s naked back.

“My sweet darling, it is important that you accept your fate and also that you let me help you die swiftly. You don’t want to die after many hours of having your body and face eaten away while you are still alive, do you? No, I think you don’t want that.”

“My machete is so sharp and I am so experienced with it that I can chop off your pretty head with one stroke. You won’t feel a thing. But if you want this way of dying, you must acknowledge me as your Mistress and you must ask me to keep your pretty head on my wall as my trophy and your heart to me to eat. In my religion, if you will your head and heart to me, it means that I also will own your soul for all eternity.”

“I am so sorry that this is your only other choice – and you must tell me right now of which way you choose to die. Tell me now, darling girl, beg me to cut off your head and cut out your heart when I deicide that it is time for you to die….”

Miss Vera always put on a good show for her fans. Her rather restrained manner of going about the business of devouring her victims stood in stark contrast to the sometimes frenzied ripping and tearing tactics employed by most of the other Eating Mistresses. Miss Vera preferred to casually cut away pieces from her slavegirl’s body and nibble away at the still warm and quivering flesh.

Blonde Susan’s loud screams thrilled the Show’s viewers as Miss Vera proceeded with her expert slicing away of the first bit of meat from the section of Susan’s back located alongside her spine. The cut would not work to paralyze Susan or to dull any of her pain senses in any way.
Miss Vera knew how to prolong her sessions; how to keep her slave – meat alive for the entire night. Yes, she knew how to enjoy a leisurely meal…..and her large and devoted fan club enjoyed watching her do it.

Madame Florette wasn’t due to put on another Show for another day or so, but that didn’t mean that her appetite was diminished in any way. Her huge size was the result of a highly – developed and highly – indulged cannibalistic nature. Luckily, the Club’s owners always had a ready stock of extra slave-meat to keep their Eaters satisfied and well-fed in between Shows.

While the Madame managed to consume a steady supplied of young slavegirls each week, she did have a long-term relationship with a petite young slave named Miska. Miska had been spared by Madame Florette, who had been impressed by her totally submissive nature and her skill at using her tongue to bring streams of pleasure to the Madame’s fevered clit and asshole. Slave Miska’s desperation to survive worked to overcome her revulsion at being forced to witness, close-up, her Madame’s frequent, bloody devouring of the many young meat-slaves brought to the cell.

As she tended to do at the beginning of her Eating of a slave-meal, Madame Florette again proceeded to empty her bowels in order to make more room for the next load of fresh meat that would soon start being digested over the period of four to five hours. Slave Miska did not have to be ordered to get into position to perform the foul duties that the Madame expected of her. Kneeling behind the Madame and shoving her face between the woman’s massive buttocks, Miska’s mouth found the Madame’s pulsating anus. With her tongue wetly burrowing deeply inside, Miska began to suck in a rhythmic manner, working to urge the Madame’s waiting load of thick shit to slowly begin to start moving out of Madame’s rectum.

The Madame raised her giant head and gave deep grunts of satisfaction and pleasure at the sensation of her bowels emptying. This slave really knew how to make her feel good!

“Uhhhhhhhhhh….!!!! That’s so sweet, dearie! Such a good job! Now don’t you forget to eat as much of it as you can as it’s coming out. You know how I like to share with you…..”

In another cell, two more new slave-meals were being introduced to the cell’s resident Eating Mistress and being immediately taught some of the ways to show respect. Following the informal rules of decorum, the slave who exhibited the most talent at impressing the cell’s Mistress would be given the honour of being the first meal.

“Oooooooo…….you’re one fine little bitch, girl. So talented with that cute little mouth of yours. Keep on sucking your Mistress’s toes like that – suck it like you’d suck a small cock. If you keep doing such a good job, maybe I’ll allow you to move up to my pussy. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? I just know that you would. And if you end up pleasing me more than your little friend here, I’ll have a real surprise for you…..”

Miss Hilda sometimes didn’t preferred to have a small snack instead of having to take the time involved to consume a large and living meal. Sometimes a few bites; a tasty foot or liver; a spleen or a nice piece of shoulder would suffice. Miss Hilda wasn’t greedy, she was just a bit hungry. She wanted to munch on a little something to hold her until tonight’s main course of a certain frightened and absolutely delicious 19-year old Spanish virgin that was trembling back in Hilda’s cell-room.

Luckily, the owners, ever so thoughtful, had provided the Eating Mistresses with a cooler/storage room in which they could maintain an available source of butchered slavemeat to be used as snacks

Miss Hilda had decided that a nice slab of ribs would suffice for the afternoon’s lunch. That would be enough to keep her stomach pleased until the big evening living meal. Yes, Hilda would love a good Spanish menu tonight. Spanish girls always fought so well, screamed so loudly as they were being eaten alive!

The Spanish girl, Sonia, had been kidnapped right off of her university campus as she exited yet another of her late-night classes. Now she was shackled and helpless in some strange place, a place where she could hear the most hellish screams and cries from just beyond these cell walls. High-pitched cries and beggings for mercy, cries that tended to increase in their intensity and that went on and on for hours, it seemed.

And that huge fat woman named Miss Hilda who had sewed Sonia’s eyes and lips shut. Miss Hilda, who had proceeded to spend hours tormenting Sonia’s sore pussy and asshole with a big, rough fist and a huge, wooden dildo. Miss Hilda, who had enjoyed subjecting Sonia to hours of whipping and paddling…

Slave Sonia had no idea of what was going to happen to her. All she knew was that she would probably be screaming in pain throughout it all, just like the other screams and sounds from the throats of other unseen girls that Sonia had been hearing practically non-stop from the time that she had been brought to this place.

Miss Hilda had muttered very gently in Sonia’s ear, “My little darling girl, I like you. I like you so much! You remind me of another little Spanish morsel that I knew a few months ago. I knew her so well. She pleased me as much as any girl has ever pleased me. So tart, so spicy! I have a feeling that tonight, I’ll like you just as much…”

Maria’s pussy juices were dripping, running down the inside of her thighs as she gently, slowly pushed Greta down to her knees and started to position her head over the chopping block.

The small group of invited guest viewers were quivering with excitement, their libidos being heightened by the slavegirl’s hopelessness and distress.

Maria had had spent a most wonderful night with Greta. The slave had pleasured her in every way possible. And after each of Maria’s orgasms, she had Greta again pledge away her soul to her Mistress. It was all so good….

Greta felt Maria’s hand urging her head and neck into position over the block. The slave still had the mixed tastes of Maria’s pussy and shit on her tongue. Throughout the previous night, she had undergone the vilest degradations – and had constantly been compelled to give thanks to the older woman for forcing her to do it all. Now, moments before her death, before Mistress Maria would chop off her head and then swiftly cut out her still-beating heart to eat, Greta was compelled, in a sobbing, quiet voice, to perform one last act of submission and hopelessness….

“In front of all these esteemed witnesses, I hereby give my life to my Mistress Maria,” Greta repeated the words that she had be taught to say in her last minutes on this earth. “I acknowledge my Mistress as the most wonderful of all womankind and I give my head for her to cut off and keep mounted on her wall and give my heart for her to eat. And I also pledge my very soul to my Mistress Maria and thank her for giving me the honour of doing so.”

Maria was so pleased. At the slave’s words, a feeling of additional power began to flow through her body. “Ah, my love, my precious angel….”, Maria cooed as she raised her sharp sword…

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