San Dominos [HINES]


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When the corrupt government of the Caribbean island of San Dominos finally fell, it fell hard and fast. Most of the ruling elite class had hastily packed their bags of ill-gotten wealth, made their bank transfers and climbed aboard every available departing plane; the military and police had either run for their lives or transferred their loyalties to the rampaging mobs and joined in the looting and bloodletting.

The former regime’s Western backers were scrambling to disassociate themselves from the now-apparent records of their former client’s systemic program of killings, rigged courts and other human rights abuses.

Any talk of sending in peacekeeping troops was, for the moment, thoroughly out of the question. That meant that those elites who had been unable to escape the country were now at the mercy of an enraged and impoverished populace that was intent on extracting it’s overdue revenge.

But the Island’s former upper crust was not the only group to suffer from the effects of this upheaval. Also caught up in the chaos and carnage of the moment was the large number of tourists who had been guests of San Dominos’ many posh hotels and resorts. Chased from their burning hotels, fleeing blindly through the streets, they were easy targets for those bloodthirsty islanders who hunted them down.

Mira, Harriet and their father had escaped their burning posh resort suite just ahead of a mob. Their father had pushed them into a rental car and had driven wildly through the frenzied streets – only to become lost and ending up right in the midst of one of the island’s worst slums.

Needless to say, they were soon stopped and surrounded by a gang of thugs who promptly shot the father dead and dragged his two terrified daughters into an alley .

There, Harriet and Mira became yet another pair of Western girls who fell victim to the strong cock abuse from their Island hosts.

In the distance, there was the constant noise of explosions and guns. But here in this slum alley, there was only the quiet and hopeless sobbing from Harriet as the thug named Mingo rocked her sore body back and forth with his powerful fucking. And the equally soft sobbing from Mira as she was forced to watch her older sister obediently buck her hips up to meet Mingo’s thrusts.

Then there was a louder noise – as Mingo let out a loud “Uhhhhhh..!” And this explosion was from Mingo’s big dick as it slammed hard in Harriet’s pussy and spurted a thick cum load deep within her, mixing with the semen of the eight previous guys who had their turn…

In another section of the slum, Diaz and his main woman, Edwina had plucked another fleeing female tourist off the street as she sought to escape an oncoming mob. Peggy had thought herself to be fortunate when the black couple had pulled her into their derelict shack just in time for her to escape her pursuers. Even though, at first glance, Diaz appeared somewhat dangerous-looking and Edwina had a menacing presence, Peggy had thanked them profusely for their help.

But there was no need for her to thank them, as it soon became apparent – because her hosts had their own ideas and plans for exactly how Peggy would repay them. Of course, Peggy had objected at first, but Edwina had used her belt strongly and to good effect for a half hour; after that, there was resistance from Peggy to whatever the couple might have in mind.

Elsewhere, things were not going well for the captured daughter of an former landowner. Her class pride had compelled her to refuse to willingly part her legs in order to keep her abductors happy. So they had taken it upon themselves to spread her legs for her and after being forced to accommodate the cocks of over twenty men, she had been taken to a tall and sturdy tree in order to provide one last bit of entertainment as she kicked frantically as the end of a rope.

But not all was chaotic on San Dominos. In certain criminal quarters of the island, some had realized that the current unsettled state of things also presented for good business opportunities.

The surplus of stranded young and attractive Western female tourists along with those captured females from the former island elite was a natural supply for those who might wish to indulge in White Slavery.

A ruthless alliance of pimps. madams, former policemen, street thugs and other common criminals was hastily assembled with the purpose of acquiring as many of the available female captives as possible for auctioning off to the highest bidders.

There would be no problem in finding prospective buyers – as a parade of enthusiastic responses from varied interested individuals and other criminal organizations from the South American mainland soon confirmed.

The honor of being the first captive to be chosen for the Auction was 19 year-old Angela. Angela had been visiting friends on the island when the revolution had come so suddenly. Grabbed on her way to the airport, Angela was now meeting a group of people who all wanted to be her new ‘friend’.

Word quickly spread throughout the Island that a nice amount of cash would be paid for attractive Western or Elitist females. Some of those who had such ladies in their possession were thoroughly enjoying themselves; having a pretty sex slave for one’s personal use was very enjoyable, indeed. But it didn’t help to buy food or gas or water, especially with how the recent chaos had made those things even harder to obtain than before.

So it was not a difficult decision for Fanita to order her son, Juan to trade the ready, wonderful sex that he enjoyed from his captive Katrina for a fistful of hard cash. Fanita had to admit that she had started to enjoy having the girl’s labor for cooking and cleaning their dusty shack – and also Katrina’s compliant pussy and asshole-eating whenever Juan was away.

The first Auction would be in the morning, and to there was only fear and despair in Ineza as she found herself awaiting an unknown fate in this dark, musty room in which she would stay until called out in order to climb up onto that small stage to be bid on like a piece of meat.

The worst thing about her being here right now is that she was betrayed and brought here by a person that she had thoroughly trusted. The older black woman named Henrietta had been her personal maid since Ineza was an infant. Of course, Ineza had been difficult at times – and perhaps somewhat tactless with Henrietta over the years, but the maid had never shown the slightest bit of resentment or peeve at any of her young Senorita’s actions. After all, hadn’t Henrietta always been given the best leftovers from the family meals? And wasn’t she always the first one to be given the pick of any cast-off clothes? Henrietta had always been a smiling and reassuring presence around Ineza and her wealthy family.

Henrietta had promised to take her to a secret location where she would arrange for a boat to spirit the both of them safely from San Dominos and to freedom. And so Ineza was shocked speechless when Henrietta ushered her into a derelict house at the edge of the city – and right into the custody of the organization that was in charge of the White Slave Auction scheme.

“Here she is,” Henrietta had said as she shoved a surprised Ineza into the arms of one of the strange men who awaited them in the main room. “This is the puta that I told you about. I know this one well, so I tell you that it’s best that someone start using a belt on her right away. She’s soft and spoiled nineteen years and after you show her who’s boss, she won’t give you any trouble.” And they had promptly followed the old maid’s advice.

And now, as Ineza continued to cry and pray, Henrietta surprised her again by entering the room.

“I just came to witness your pain. And do you know that my son is the head of this operation? Yes, I’m so proud of him! But what I’m really going to enjoy is watching you get sold tomorrow. I’m going to laugh as your new Master drags you away. You’ll scream and cry, I know you will. It will give me so much pleasure to see it all……”

“……..and speaking of pleasure, there is another pleasure that you will give me tonight – and if you even hesitate or give me the slightest bit of trouble, my son has instructed his men to come in here and gouge your eyes out!”

Henrietta let out a soft groan as she pressed Ineza against the wall and explored her white pussy with her fingers.

“Still got a tight cunt on you, well isn’t that a surprise! Well, I’m sure that they’ll soon have it stretched wide as hell after they put you to work. …”

The island’s religious establishment had always supported the former ruling elite; so when the elites fled the place, the religious leaders left with them. The Church’s lower ranking administers and it’s many regular nuns, however, were left behind to face the full wrath of the vengeful populace. The thugs and slavers were especially interested in the stranded younger nuns and apprentice nuns – both in terms of the use of their innocent bodies and in the certain higher selling prices that they would get for them from the slave auctioneers. So a raid on the island’s nunnery was soon in coming. The raiders were forceful and brash as they broke down the nunnery’s doors and streamed inside, grabbing every pretty nun that they came upon.

Needless to say, it was a trying time for the young nuns as they were stripped of their modesty and forcefully introduced to one hard cock after another. The nunnery interior was filled with the cries and screams of the nuns as their tender and previously unused pussies and assholes were filled and stretched by big, rock-hard black and brown dick shafts. “Damn, these bitches make you cum real fast with those tight cunts squeezing your cock like they do,” observed one horny thug as he prepared to mount his third nun.

The tall German apprentice nun’s name was Hilda and her strong, lithe frame was beginning to get bruised from the rough treatment from the first six men who raped her. But her pussy was even more bruised and sore – and no even all that semen that filled it was enough to lessen the sharp pain that racked her body from the huge dark cocks that rammed against her now-raw cunt walls.

“Please, please! Stop! I am so sore! I think I’m bleeding,” Hilda begged her captors in a plaintive voice. ” I don’t think that I can take any more!”

But big, black Eduardo’s turn was next and he wasn’t about to let Hilda dissuade him from his pleasure. One slap from his big hand sent her to the floor.

“Shut up, puta! You white girls are always complaining about something!” He grabbed Hilda and dragged her over to a bed in the corner. “Now bend over and stick that ass up! Now!”

Hilda cried as she bent obeyed and bent over. She heard the rustle of Eduardo’s pants falling to the floor and then felt a further panic as she felt a pressure against her asshole and realized just what he intended to do.

“Goddamn complaining’ foreign puta! You don’t want me in that cunt of yours. Well, okay………”

Eduardo was horny and his balls were full of cum and he needed his pleasure Now. Hilda let out a long, high-pitched scream as he rudely forced the big, bulbous head of his cock into her twitching rectum and then slammed all of his 11 inches inside until his heavy balls flapped against her butt cheeks.

“MMMmmmmmm….So warm……So tight…”

“Yyyyiiiiii..! Aaaiiieeeeee…..!”

Eduardo had really enjoyed himself in the time that he had spent with his friends at the nunnery. Two days and nights of fucking all those cringing white do-gooder cunts and asses would have left most men totally spent and drained – but not Eduardo. Within a few hours after leaving the nunnery, his big cock was twitching and his testicles were hanging heavy with more cum. Eduardo needed more pussy. But there wouldn’t be a problem now – because he had dragged a cute 19-year apprentice nun out with him. She would be kept at his shack solely for his own use. A little swiftly administered abuse taught her about the proper attitude that was expected of her, so now she was ready for her first lesson on how to please her new Master.

And she immediately showed what a natural little slavecunt she was going to be. Her nun’s training had emphasized submission, worship and service and now she was on her knees, worshiping Eduardo’s black cock with her captive mouth. Holding its weight in her hands. Feeling it harden and seeing it begin to swell to its monstrous size as she obediently licked its length with her wet tongue.

By the fourth day, all the former nuns had been distributed throughout San Dominos, often being traded and bartered for just like any other – very popular – commodity.

A half-dozen or so of the captive nuns eventually ended up in brothel of Senora Guzman, who was always interested in procuring fresh female flesh. The Senora was a good enough judge of human nature to know instinctively that the prospect of being able to fuck a former nun -and a pretty one at that – would be yet another incentive for her clientele. The young nuns would join the dozen or so captured female tourists who were already earning big money. Senora Guzman had limited access to her first batch of white slaves to 10 hours a day in order that they not get used up too fast. She had decided that, after their training, the nuns would be available only 6 hours a day in order that the demand for them (and therefore, their rates) be kept high.

Nativa, a big, strong and somewhat hasty woman, was Guzman’s Brothel matron; her duties being the maintaining of order and discipline amongst the many hard-nosed regular whores who worked there. Her aggressive nature and her experience as a former interrogator of political prisoners made her the ideal choice to be the one who oversaw the mental and physical training of the newly arrived slaves. It was a task that Nativa took seriously and also enjoyed. The nun slaves, Keira and Sasha, soon learned of Nativa’s way of doing things upon their being delivered to the brothel. Both were immediately confronted by the large Nativa, who shoved each of them unceremoniously into a small, barred wooden cage.

Laughing as she put them into their respective cramped enclosures, she shook them up even further by telling them in advance that she intended to regularly brutalize each one of them until she was sure of their total mental readjustment into submission and subservience.

Life was almost unbearable for Keira. First there had been the days and nights of brutal rape in the nunnery and now it had been three nights of pain and agony at the hands of Nativa. Nativa’s whip. Nativa’s paddle. Nativa’s big hands slapping her face. Native’s big fist stretching her ass.

And the knowledge that eventually she would also soon be a whore, servicing hordes of crude, unwashed men. A whore.

A whore just like the skinny whore called Rauncha who had come each day to take Keira from her cage. Rauncha, who had threatened to inform Nativa if Keira ever refused a request to eat Rauncha’s smelly pussy. Rauncha, who had also invited the other whores in so that Keira could lick their pussies as well….

Even though holding a slave auction was very serious business, that didn’t prevent the auctioneers from exhibiting a bit of home-spun humor concerning the subject. Indeed, one former English tourist named Janice served as a literal exhibition herself as she was placed out front of the auction house as a rather fetching and attention-getting business display. No guessing would be needed as to what was going on inside. Furthermore, Janice turned out to be a profitable display, bringing in twice the minimum bidding price that was placed on her.

The auctioneers preferred to keep things on a low-keyed basis rather than to hold their slave sales on a large scale. They limited the auction sessions to accommodating no more than a half-dozen bidders at a time. That made for a more intimate and relaxing business atmosphere in which the buyers could get close and inspect the merchandise at their leisure. The sellers knew that a buyer who had carefully considered his purchase would more likely to be satisfied with his choice later on – making it less likely that he or she would have second thoughts and perhaps make a fuss sometime later.

The first-scheduled auction session of the day was attended by Senores Mata and Manual, appointed as buyers for the Mexican organizations and Senoras Elaina and Dias, representing a myriad of Columbia-based operations. All of them were experienced appraisers of the flesh. But the auctioneer soon sensed that the Mexicans had been sent with instructions to buy cautiously and to limit themselves within a specified budget, whereas the Columbians had obviously been given a wide latitude in terms of the range and price of the products.

Right now, it was the novice nun Gina who was on the block. Senor Mata had hesitantly made a bid of two thousand dollars, stating that “She isn’t really as pretty as most of the others; kinda plain-looking…” But Senora Elaina had gently tapped Dias, indicating that she thought that they should bid up on Gina for themselves.

Of course, even though this was strictly business, some of the buyers couldn’t resist taking the opportunity to test the merchandise right after they had bought it. Such a waste to not see exactly what a pretty slave’s mouth or pussy could do. And this was actually something that could be considered as absolutely necessary by a buyer – to see just what the slave needed in terms of training and instruction.

Lynda and Beatrice, for instance, seemed to show a distinct ability to learn fast when their buyers put them on their knees in order that they had the chance to show what they would do and could do when presented with their superiors’ cocks in front of their faces. And they both exhibited a genuine desire to serve (and avoid punishment) by their obedient following of orders and instructions in the art of sucking cock. It was apparent that they both needed a lot more experience and guidance, but they managed to please their Masters with their efforts,

Meanwhile, in other parts of San Dominos, the interaction between the white slaves and their various captors was beginning to evolve into a more settled phase. The chaos was less, now. Now the ownerships and the enslavements were being refined; the Masters and Mistresses were laying down the rules and expectations of what pleasures were due them; the white slavegirls were beginning to realize and more fully accept their situation – hoping, of course, that they would eventually be rescued from this terrible fate, but also knowing that they had no choice other than to completely submit and serve in order to stay alive. Throughout the island, there were the constant sights and sounds coming from inside derelict shacks and shanties; sounds of female holes being used hard and frequent; the slapping of sweating balls against spread thighs and offered buttocks, of hopeless moans and selfish groans….

And there were also the case of the many small neighborhood whorehouses, often no more than a small, two-room shanty. The island whores who worked these rather run-down fuck-rooms had at first resented how their businesses had been so adversely affected by the influx and oversupply brought on by all those new white slave-pussies that seemed to be occupying some many local cocks.

Predictably, business had plunged ; their usual customers had been using all that free foreign pussy. But the local whores were adaptive and some of them seized upon the idea of staffing their little cathouses with some of these new white cunts; after all, it was easy to acquire them through trading for drugs and with pooled monies from the whores. It worked well; now the whores had become pimps and madams as they charged a horny clientele the equivalent of five cents for ten minutes of fucking the white slaves.

Of course, the customers were a rougher sort and they tended to use the slaves that way. But the whores did intervene as best they could in order to keep the white girls from being hurt so much that they would be unable to keep earning money. And in keeping with the more casual island lifestyle, the whores showed their consideration by taking the unusual step of closing down operations on Sundays.

Sundays would be the day for the slaves to get a chance to recover (somewhat) from all the fucking and sucking of all those smelly, brutal and demanding men. Sunday was the day for showing their island whore-Mistresses their appreciation by eating and sucking on their black and brown pussies and anuses. All day.

The two white 18 year-old twins from North American had become good money-earners for the whore Earnesta and her partners, Yvette and Tigi. And on their day off, they continued to endear themselves to their Mistresses by spending at least part of each hour using their submissive mouths and tongues to provide the pleasure that was needed and demanded so much.

Earnesta, ever the bitch that she was, had taken to teaching one twin a unique way to demonstrate her complete compliance in the drinking of Earnesta’s golden showers. Earnesta had trained the twin to keep her mouth firmly against Earnesta’s black pussy and swallow the pee directly. Earnesta loved how the girl had to learn to leave her throat wide open in order to be able to gulp every drop of the river of piss without letting any drip out. There was a bad whipping in store if any of Earnesta’s precious urine was wasted.

On San Dominos, there were so many tourist ladies to be used. And some many Islanders to use them. There was very little to do there except fuck; so little else to enjoy besides sex. The days and nights would be hot and humid, the society in shambles and the future uncertain.

So perhaps the white slaves served an even bigger purpose; the opportunity for the Islanders to temporarily escape all the emotional turmoil by being escape into a world of unrestrained, physical pleasure.

Pleasure like that provided by Claudette. A week ago, Claudette, a college junior, had arrived on San Dominos to experience a pampered stay at one of the most exclusive and upscale resorts – a trip arranged and paid for by her well-off parents. Now Claudette was striving to properly pamper the huge cock of a beach thug called Bamboo, making it wet and hard with her mouth as she had been taught. She did not know where on the island she was,just that this shack was small, smelly and had one rather soiled mattress. A thin mattress on which she tended to whimper as she was constantly fucked by a dick that hurt……

Marguerita had made good use of the Gringa slave that she had captured on the beach during the frantic early hours of the revolution. Once proud and very spoiled, this girl previously called “Carol” was now a very tamed and compliant little bitch re-named “Puticia”. Puticia’s former background as a very promising young corporate lawyer was now a distance memory, beaten from her over the three weeks of Marguerita’s almost non-stop abuse and forced sex with Marguerita and her large litany of male friends and customers. Puticia now exhibited absolutely no pride and self – esteem, only a desire to avoid the severe pain punishment that would surely come at even the slightest hesitation or hint of individualism or self-will.

Puticia had earned her Mistress a good wad of money in these troubled times: so much so that Marguerita now could afford to leave this Island and even invest in a nice little brothel operation somewhere on the South American mainland. The Mistress had learned of the good prices being paid for Western girls down at the old and now-deserted women’s prison and had seen the chance to add yet another profit from Puticia’s captive body and soul. She knew that the more broken and obedient an attractive young blond Gringa was, the better the money that she would bring. So for a few days before being taken to the prison for purchasing, Puticia was put through an intensive refresher course in the art of total submission.

Puticia had done so much and had pleased so much during this course. And in the end, Marguerita smiled as she had her little bitch perform one last chore for her. Marguerita’s neighborhood brothel owner had been complaining lately about how filthy his ungrateful and uncouth customers had been leaving his new toilet commode after using it and how unpleasant it was to constantly cleaning it.

So as a favor, the Mistress had her slavegirl do the honors – with her now-educated little tongue.

At the former prison, Puticia did sell as quickly as Marguerita had hoped. And the price that she brought made her Mistress very happy. The buyers who represented the varied South American interests were experienced in spotting good slave stock; Puticia’s new nature made her a guaranteed pleaser for those who would first meet and appraise her when she was shipped to her destination. The buyers had been so impressed with Mistress Marguerita’s work, in fact, that they had inquired as to whether she might be interested in handling all the indoctrination and training of the organizations’ newly-acquired slaves. It was an offer that she would consider carefully.

Puticia’s stay at the prison location would be for four days and nights; when the organizations’ next ship was scheduled to dock and take on it’s latest human cargo. In that time, her purchasers made sure that they acquainted themselves with her mouth, pussy and ass. Her good looks and compliant manner ensured that she got as much attention as she could handle – in fact, even more attention than she could handle. Puticia had been locked in a cell with Marcita, one of the older daughters of a ranking elite island family. Together, they found themselves destined to entertain the dozen or so brown hard cocks that sought the tight warmth of their holes……

The other blond slaves awaiting transport were also being giving a lot of attention. Unfortunately, they hadn’t had such a thorough training program as Puticia, so the buyers frequently were forced to apply attitude-correction measure of their own. They weren’t experts, of course, but they knew enough about what works. Their methods were rather amateurish, but it was enough to get the point across that defiance and insolence would always result in unpleasant consequences. These captives soon came to prefer taking on even the most roughest and brutal of cocks rather than enduring the agonies of the whip, belt or rope. A more effective training awaited them when they arrived on the Mainland – but here and now, this abuse was enough to put them in line….

Barbi pleasured Manuel one last time just as the dawn arrived and he would leave to get some much-needed sleep before reassuming his duties. But there would be little additional rest for Barbi; the other men would be constantly visiting her in her cell in order to give her the chance to demonstrate just how much her outlook had improved. But before leaving her, Manuel just had to empty his balls of the little cum that he had left. Barbi took care of that with her dutiful mouth, sucking him off to a noisy orgasm. And Manuel, a man who did not believe in waste, let Barbi slurp and lick off the very last vestiges of semen that he could jack out of his now-exhausted shaft.

“You’re going to make a real nice whore,” Manuel said as Barbi swallowed the last of his salty cum. ” If you keep on trying to please us here, it’s going to be easier for you when you get to where you’re going. Now my buddies are going to be coming in to have a go at you during the day. I’ll be back to spend the night – and it will be very bad for you if I hear that you’ve failed to please any of them in any way, understand? Tell me that you understand.”

And Barbi did understand and told him so.

She would go on to do her best to give all of them what they wanted and demanded from her. Throughout the day, she would give it up, give all that she could, in the way that they liked it. And Manuel did return to spend the night again, his cock as hard as ever and his balls hanging low with another fresh load of cum. But he would not being ramming her cunt tonight. Tonight Manuel would concentrate on seeing how much Barbi’s still-tight anus could take…..

There were many other stories also being played out at this former women’s’ prison as the captives, bought and sold, awaited the next part of their journey into slavery. Most of them were in an almost catatonic mental state; mindlessly following orders; trying to adjust to the pain and abuse from their keepers; not even daring to think about what fate might eventually be in store for them. They numbly opened their holes for use from their group of overseers, dully obeying whatever demands were put to them.

The slaves’ compliance bode well for the buyers and their assistants. Their criminal bosses would most likely demonstrate their appreciation by awarding large bonuses and would probably ask them to stay on at their jobs as long as there were more females available for purchase and shipping. It was quite an enjoyable assignment in almost every way. It was a chance to indulge themselves sexually and to be able to act out many of their sadistic impulses.

Evelyn Meyer’s crying and wails of despair were to no avail as Ricardo began to tear off her tattered dress while steering her towards the stairway that led down to the prison’s basement-level cellblock. Her plaintive distress only served to excite Ricardo even more and cause his cock to strain against his pants. Evelyn’s screaming and pleas for mercy were not due to the prospect of her being forced down into one of those small, cramped cell where she would be first stripped naked and fucked by the increasingly horny Ricardo. The cause of her desperate shrieking was the scene taking place before them. Her two daughters, nineteen year-old Amy and eighteen year – old Rhonda, were now being introduced to Senor Garcia. Garcia and his girlfriend Vincenta had just arrived on the tramp steamer leased by the organizations to carry this latest batch of slave flesh back to the Mainland. Senor Garcia’s job was to carry out a final inspection of these new slavecunts and see to it that everything ran smoothly.

Just an hour before Garcia’s arrival at the prison, the Meyer family’s original captor had brought them in and offered them all for possible purchase. The buyers liked Rhonda and Amy’s innocent looks and their petite, yet shapely bodies and immediately offered a nice price for them, but they were not interested in their mother; too old and not pretty enough. But their captor had said, ‘ The hell with her. I’m tired of fucking her and my place is a bit small. Tell ya what, you take her off my hands and you can have her for free.” Ricardo had volunteered to take custody of Evelyn. After all, he had commented, pussy is pussy. And besides that, she would make a convenient pain slave in times of boredom.

Senor Garcia had witnessed and approved this last – minute purchase. “Bring them over there and put them on their knees so that they can both show me that they are worthy of the money that we have just spent on them. And Evelyn had been forced to watch as her two daughters, knowing that any refusal would bring on very severe punishment, knelt before Garcia and took turns sucking on his ample cock until it began to pulse out a thick stream of white cum – which they both shared.

Being inducted into service in one of the San Dominos brothels or whorehouses was a rather programmed process for a new white slavegirl. One thing that had to be immediately impressed upon her was not only her duties concerning the pleasuring of the establishment’s many paying customers, but also showing her her place in the order of things. A girl had to be shown, and shown in no uncertain terms, that she had no rights and no choice in any matters whatsoever. Even the ugliest and lowest of the regular whores was her Mistress and even the janitor who cleaned the toilets was her Master. Her duty was to do as she was told and to do it without question; whether that meant licking a customer’s cum off the floor or licking dirt from the soles of another whore’s feet.

Although almost all the incoming slaves had been broken and trained before being arriving to work at the brothel, it was considered an established procedure to put her in her place as soon as she stepped foot in her new place of service. Today poor Sophie, a French girl fresh from the auction block, was meet just inside the entrance of the ‘Tia-Mia’ brothel by Estaban, the establishment’s manager-bouncer. Estaban grabbed Sophie and slammed her against the wall.

“Put your hands against the walll, bitch,” Estaban commanded. “And stick that ass out for me and keep it out!”

And as Sophie tearfully braced herself as instructed, the burly Estaban let down his pants and stepped up behind her, his cock swollen and rigid. Roughly, he grasped Sophie from behind, holding her tightly as he found the door to her little anus with the tip of his cockhead. Sophie let out a faint whimper as Estaban brutally began forcing his dick up her ass.

“You’re mine, you spoiled cunt. This is all you’re good for.” Estaban was a real fuck-man; plenty soon he was slamming the slave with his full weight behind that shaft of his. Now Sophie could not keep from groaning loudly as the man’s big balls were now slapping against her buttocks.

“I know you love it, girl. You love the hurt, don’t you? You dirty, worthless, low-down bitch…..”

The female brothel operators were no less firm or severe when ‘ welcoming ‘ a new slave into the household. Senora Phata had personally overseen the selection and purchase of 20 year-old Robin as a special ‘added attraction’ to her whorehouse. She liked the blond slave’s slim, good looks and slight hint of a haughty background that would be a sure attraction to the establishment’s blue-collar clientele, making them want to pay a higher rate to fuck her.

Senora Phata was a big, rough woman who tolerated no defiance of any sort and she made sure that Sophie promptly got the message in a swift and no-nonsense manner. The Senora’s first blow was a hard slap; her second was a expertly applied punch to Sophie’s stomach. That was followed by a intense pounding that left Sophie begging for mercy and pledging her total slave loyalty to her new Mistress.

“Mmmm, my sweet little girl,” purred the Senora. “Now let’s celebrate your devotion to me and my place, hmm? Here, my nipples are so swollen from thinking of what we are going to do together tonight. Come, darling, suck on my tits for a while and then, if you do a good job on them, I’ll let you eat out my pussy…”

Other new whorehouse slaves had their low status shown to them in more subtle ways. At the ‘Angel’s’ brothel located deep within the inner slum district of the Island capital, both the customers and the whores who serviced them were generally of the rougher sort. Given that situation, the addition of petite, white Dorthy was a particularly alluring move. Dorthy’s availability to her customers would have to be carefully managed in order to avoid her being used up too quickly. The fucking done within the shabby walls of this brothel was long and hard; little finesse shown here; here the whore’s pussies and assholes were constantly sore from the brutal ramming and slamming style of the hard men who frequented them.

For Dorthy, it was a case of being subjected not only to a program of shocking abuse, but also being the object of good old-fashioned humiliation. The “Angel’s” veteran Island whores had a natural resentment of Dorthy; of the attention accorded her; against the ‘special’ place that she would occupy in the establishment’s plans. They went out of their way to make it clear to Dorthy that regardless of her entertainment value there, that they regarded her as the lowest in rank and in esteem. And the brothel’s owners were wise enough not to interfere ….

Tall, lanky Glorina was the oldest and toughest of the whores. It was she who tended to think of and implement all the various schemes of Dorthy’s torment. Jealous of Dorthy to a fault, Glorina liked nothing better than seeing the white girl humbled by the embarrassment and shame of being forced to serve as the house’s toilet slave during it’s non-working hours.

Glorina shuddered as Dorthy’s wet and compliant tongue thrashed around against the inside of her asshole.

“You little bitch! You’re just supposed to lick any leftover shit out of my ass, not try and please me! You’re so damn sneaky, tryin’ to make me like ya and hopin’ that I’ll treat ya like some little queenie. Well, it won’t work! Just for tryin’ to make me feel good, I’m gonna take you in my room and whip that ass of yours raw with my strap!”

Bennie and his wife were novices to the whorehouse business. In fact, they had just one girl who’d they’d be featuring in their small shack/brothel. This little blond vacationing college student that they had snatched off the beach a week ago had done a great job of providing Bennie and his spouse with all the pleasure that they had wanted form her. Now it was time for her to start bringing in some badly-needed funds for them.

The slavegirl didn’t have a say in this decision, of course, but just to make sure that she wouldn’t be tempted to get any ideas of her own concerning her newly-imposed career, her Master Bennie made it a point to use his trust belt to clear her mind….

Michele’s assigned duty at her new whorehouse had been decided upon at the time of her purchase. Her owners knew that the novelty of their customers being able to look Michele in her deep blue eyes as they mouth-fucked her would be a great selling gimmick; one which would allow them to be able to charge an additional surcharge to their regular fee.

It would also especially please her clients to have her mouth totally captive, so as to facilitate their freedom to fuck her mouth as hard and as deeply as they wanted and to be able to shoot their loads of semen down her throat. The last thing they wanted was for Michele to dampen her customers’ enthusiasm by gagging, so a little mechanical assistance was called for. After her morning meal, a couple of the other whores would help to prepare Michele’s mouth for her day’s work….

But no matter how the all these slaves were introduced to their new whorehouse environments, the main fact was that their real submission would be to the many customers whom they would serve almost each day for the rest of their lives. Their was very little that could be done to prepare them for sheer scope of the degradation and debasement that they would be subjected to. It was such a long journey from their relatively privileged backgrounds to this life of total catering to even the most sordid desires of these hordes of smelly, unwashed men.

The rebellion and chaos that had taken place on San Dominos had worked to bring together people from wholly different worlds. In this particular wooden shack, former New York socialite Diane Von Bercas was coming to together with Manny Telcote. Manny was a field worker who had never attended school or visited New York. Just a few weeks ago, Diane had been issuing stern orders to her servant and maids; now, here in this shack on San Dominos, it was Diane who was trying her best to comply with the sexual demands of Manny Telcote.

This was the fifth hour of Diane’s assigned shift and her pussy was already fucked raw and sore. Each new deep thrust inside of Diane caused her to winch from the pain, but that was not Manny’s concern. Manny had paid money, a very rare commodity for Manny, to spend some time dipping his dick in this pretty Western bitch – and he was determined to get his money’s worth. Luckily for him, there was no limit on the amount of time or the number of times that the girls could be fucked. Manny was strong and virile and his cock was in the oversized category, so his sessions with Diane sweaty and prolonged…

As the new rebel government of San Dominos began to take power, there was a stir amongst those in the population who had developed a fondness for the pleasures that came from holding and using all those Western slave girls who had been captured during the first chaotic days and nights of the revolution.

Never mind the potential loss of all that submissive white flesh that could be used and abused to one’s absolute content; there was also the prospect of the captives’ respective Western governments demanding their safe return. Then everyone knew that the new San Dominos leaders would be forced to account for the fate of the captives and also bring all those who had used the slaves to justice.

Some panic began to surface in certain quarters, but then, again, the Island’s people had always been an industrious and resourceful lot, and the way to rid themselves of a problem like this was soon apparent. Rather than killing and disposing of the slaves, why not simply sell them off to those many ‘business people’ who had come to the Island just for the purpose of buying slave flesh for their various enterprises located on the South American Mainland?

The former police and prison guards who had served in the disposed island regime were still around and still organized in order to make some of the little money to be had. Their expertise made them ideally suited to act as the middlemen and the salesmen in the selling off of the many white slave girls brought to them by anxious owners.

The former Tangoon Institute served as a high-security prison for the old regime’s many political prisoners. Now it was teeming with scared, sweating Western slaves who were now wondering what would befall them next. They would soon find out; the buying and selling had begun and business was being carried on at a frantic pace.

The guards organized their slave product by attractiveness; those who were deemed to be the most appealing were grouped together for inspection or further training. Even though their former owners had used most of them extensively, it was still a good idea to apply a bit more discipline in order to avoid any rebellious thinking brought about by their new circumstances.

In the first days of the rebellion, most of the prisoners of the Tangoon Institute had been freed to go home to their families. But some the female prisoners felt-rightly-that given the rampaging lawlessness and pandemonium that was going on outside, that it might be a safer to remain inside the walls of the prison. After all there was still some food in the pantry and there were plenty of sleeping accommodations. And now there was an added treat. Since the former guards had retaken control of the place in order to conduct their slave-sale business, the ex-prisoners were given almost unlimited access to the seemingly unlimited supply of white slaves.

Tina and Babette were glad that they had decided to stay at Tangoon. Especially when one of the guards brought along a tasty little American treat named Karen. Karen had been an upcoming swimsuit model, destined for fame when she had accepted a wonderful photo assignment on the island of San Dominos. That was three weeks ago. Now Karen had been shoved into a cell with dusky Babette and Tina and destined to spend a night of sexual servitude…

In another cell, the big dyke guard named Lalo had shed her clothes as she prepared to spend some time with a blond slave who had caught her eye in the day’s line-up. Lalo wasn’t a mean sort, just stern and demanding. Her demands of this sweet-faced blond would not be too outrageous. A bit of ass-licking, a lot of pussyeating….

Patty had made the mistake of initially resisting the advances of a guard when he had become interested in her rather innocent, girl-next-door looks. She had quickly relalized her mistake, but it was too late. After having her pale ass flogged until she started to beg in just the right manner, Patty ass was destined for further abuse by almost a dozen guard cocks. The guards laughed as they rode her ass deep and rough, and by the time the 8th guard took his place behind her, she could barely stand. No matter, another helpful guard bent Patty over a desk and held her tightly in place while the 8th guard took her turn at her.

The buyers who came to Tangoon were very discerning and exacting when it came to which slaves they would purchase. Different buyers had different needs and sometimes it was rather hard to make final choices as to which girl to take and how many girls to take. Most of the potential buyers made their choices with business in mind; in fact the majority of the slaves wee purchased by people who had some involvement with Latin American whorehouses or upscale sex escort rings operating in the U.S.

But there were some exceptions. Pepe Filipas had come to Tangoon to buy a slave wife. Pepe’s lifestyle as a major narcotics smuggler didn’t leave for a lot of time in the seeking out of the right kind of girl to make his wife. And frankly, his rather uncouth looks and boorish manner tended to make him very unattractive to even the most open-minded females. And his almost 12 inches of cock and the fact that he preferred hard anal ramming made him an unpopular customer at the whorehouses and bordellos. So when Pepe arrived on San Dominos, his interest was personal, not business.

He had immediately been attracted to the 20 year-old French slave named Claudette. Her strong, yet very curvy body meant as much to him as her beautiful, full-lipped face. Pepe hadn’t haggled with the guards over her price; he paid it without protest. There was just one more thing: Pepe didn’t want to wait until he had her on his plane or back at his residence to fuck her. He paid the astonished guards for the use of an empty storeroom. He didn’t want to wait. He wanted to fuck Claudette now.

“Uhhhhhh….Oh, God……Uhhhhhhh….” Claudette normally beautiful face contorted from the pain as Pepe, once again, forced the head of his huge cock into her anus. Pepe was a crude man and his only concern was for his own pleasure; the pleasure that was already coming from the snug fit of Claudette’s rectum walls around his wide shaft. And the pleasure that also derived from owning this lovely slave, of knowing that he was free to take whatever he wanted from her. Pepe had a sadistic aspect of his personality, but he would not exhibit it from any spanking or whipping of this new slave. Instead, it was the pain and punishment that would be meted out from Pepe’s foot-long dick that would make Claudette suffer.

Gripping her tightly by her hair, Pepe held her in place as he rudely drove his cock in all the way to the balls. Claudette’s body winched in agony, further thrilling him as he started to settle into yet another of his patented pile-driving fuckings of her asshole. Cruel, merciless, full-throttle half-hour poundings ….

“Ohhhh! Please! Master, please! Nooooo…NOOOOOOOOOOOO,,,!”

Claudette’s pitiful pleadings would again be answered by Pepe’s deep grunts – and even heavier slamming as he pulled her head back by her hair and kept her even more firmly in position to take the full impact of his anal attack.

“Si, right there. Keep it right there! Mmmm, si! Si! Give it to Pepe! Give it ALL to your Pepe…!”

The business was going well. The slaves were being sold at a much faster pace than anyone had anticipated. And it looked as though the new government of San Dominos was not going to be as aggressive in its efforts to recover the Western slaves as they had first indicated. So there was some room to relax a bit. Maybe to spend a bit more time enjoying what those white slaves had to offer before selling them off.

Virginia was due to be exhibited for sale in a few days. She would no doubt be sold quickly and bring in a good price. But the guards had been working so hard and needed a little time for fun and relaxation. Virginia would be taken out of Tangoon to spend some time in a more informal setting in which she would have the opportunity to further serve her jailers before being put on the auction block.

The guards also had friends who would be joining in the fun. Yes, Virginia would never forget her last few days on San Domina…….

The girls who had been transferred from the prison were initially put into a temporary holding area, where they were all subjected to yet another ‘refresher’ session to assure their continued compliance and proper attitudes. Combined with a medium-level application of punishment measures, the practice of a good week of sustained discomfort always seems to yield the desired effects on these new arrivals.

There was a general lack of sound in the Holding Area, broken only by the occasional soft sob or mostly involuntary shift of a slave’s body… All vestiges of resistance or hopefulness were fading away slowly as the pain in their joints and aching muscles took their toll…

On her first trip up to the main bordello area, the American girl, Jeannette, was immediately welcomed by the regular whores who were anxious to initiate Jeannette into heir tight society. Jeanette had never sexually been with another woman, but that would all change tonight. And for countless nights afterwards….

“What a dainty little tongue you have”, remarked Rica as she took her place as the first in line. ” Now flick it out gently and let it touch mine. I’m gonna teach you how to kiss a woman properly, so that she appreciates it and wants more…”

Senor Mercedes was a brothel owner who ran his business with a tight hand. His regular whores were well mannered, didn’t steal and were always most respectful to their customers. The Senor tolerated very little back talk or trouble at his place, so it was only natural for a man of his temperament and inclination for perfection and obedience to take a personal interest in assuring that these two new American slave-whores named Jeannette and Amanda would adhere to his strict workplace demands. Still not trusting the effectiveness of their previous training, Senor Mercedes decided to take it upon himself to make sure that they fully understood the firm standards of decorum that guided the everyday behavior of his establishment.

“Just because you both happen to be blond and American won’t cut you any slack with me at my place!” The Senor drew back his arm to apply yet another round of hard flogs to the exposed backs of Amanda and Jeanette. Mercedes was an expert with his short whips; he had long perfected the ability to inflict great pain or extended amounts of time without permanently marking whatever flesh her happen to be working on. Marked girls couldn’t command as much money from his clientele. But the two slaves felt as if the Senor was whipping every bit of skin off their suffering bodies.

Then the Senor would take each separately into another room where he would give them to his brothel’s thuggish, twin-brother guards in order to further reinforce their understanding of their lowly positions. Nothing like a bit of rough rape and a good beating to put a new girl in her place…

Rollo had greeted Jeannette with a thorough session of hard punching and slapping to set the tone of how the rest of there shared evening was going to run its course. With his sadistic desires now somewhat replaced by the desire to fuck, Rolla now dragged Jeannette over to the bed to let her use her sweet mouth on his monstrous dick before getting down to the business of tearing her white pussy apart with it….

Rollo chuckled to himself as he observed Jeannette’s look of astonishment and dread when his huge cock came into view. The girls always had that reaction when they first saw that thing of his; other than his twin brother, few men in the world possessed a shaft as big as Rollo. At one time he and his brother had been featured in sex shows where the tourists had flocked in to watch in awe and wonder as they both used their oversized shafts to ravaged whatever willing or unwilling girl unfortunate to be paired with them. But that had been before the one girl had died from the injuries that she had endured form their cock’s pummelling…

“Si, good, good! That’s way! Lick it slow and wet. All the way up and down and make sure that it’s hard as a rock so that I can show ya how a nasty, worthless little whore like ya deserves to be fucked. Too bad the Senor won’t let me fuck ya as hard as I want – but don’t worry, I promise that everyone’s gonna hear ya yellin’ and screamin’ when I go to work on that ittle cunt of yours…”

While Rollo was having his time with Jeannette, his twin brother Marcus was introducing himself to Amanda. Marcus has his particular preferences for getting himself ready for a good night of hard fucking and he was now guiding Amanda through the first phase of working him up to do her properly.

“Mmmmmmm…keep it up, bitch. Keep that tongue workin’ on my asshole. That’s right, ya got my balls twitchin’ now, got ’em churnin’ up some good, thick cum. Pretty soon ‘ol Marcus is gonna put ya on your back…”

Jeannette and Amanda had learned their lessons – and their place – well. Not only were they a hit with the brothel’s many customers; they were also an added asset to Senor Mercedes’ operation as featured sex show performers. The Senor had heard their sounds while being fucked by Marcus and Rollo and had noticed the reaction of the other brothel whores and customers who also had been listening in. Ever the astute businessman and promoter, the Senor knew a good attraction when he heard one; within days, he had started planning for twice-weekly sex shows at his place featuring the two American girls and Rollo and Marcus.

“I want you to fuck them real good and make them suffer; that’ll be great for the customers”, the Senor had informed Rollo and his brother. “But you both are going to have to control your fuckin, understand? These two bitches cost me money and they’re no use to me dead or injured so much that they can’t work the regular customers!”

Practice makes perfect and before they were put on stage for their sex shows, Amanda and Jeanette were required to engage in a series of rehearsals to make sure that they knew exactly what to do. The Senor had determined that aside from the hard fucking that they would endure, that the two slave-whores might further thrill the audiences with displays of particularly nasty cocksucking and cum-swallowing. Under the supervision and advice from the regular whores, the two white slaves were coached in the art of milking every bit of semen from those huge cocks, then further entertaining everyone by exchanging the globs of thick cum with each other before gulping and slurping it down…

Don’t get wise with me, bitches… any drop on the floor means you licking it and ten of the medium rod. So better lick each other those damp chins of yours thoroughly…

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