Medieval Punishment [MR. KANE’S]


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Lesbian lovers

The countess of Monset and the Duchess of Duboy have been found guilty of offenses against the King and have received a cruel sentence. They will both be suspended by the breasts in a public square. A wooden tower has been specially made for the occasion. They will be hoisted up it and will flogged every hour for three days. If they survive, they will be sold as slaves to the Berbers.

Leonor of Monset did indeed offend the King. She refused to go to the royal bedchamber with him. She compounded the offence later when His Majesty discover her with her legs wrapped around her lover, the Duchess of Duboy. The two women were pressing their cunts together rhythmically.

The Duchess of Duboy had refused to share her husband’s bed for some months. The Duke, beside himself with rage, considered that he could best defend his own honor by making an example of the perverted women.

The well of horror

The Governor of St.Meп has a horrendous way of getting rid of his lovers. The terrible Bluebeard nails their breasts down to a plank and impales them. He then leaves them defenseless against the rats that scurry up and down the corridors leading from the well to the dungeons. He is an extremely jealous man, and cannot bear the thought of others seeing and perhaps fondling the naked bodies that gave him so much pleasure. He sits at the well, looking down at the excruciating agony of the woman he has rejected, and he drinks wine as he masturbates. He watches as his unwelcome semen falls onto his lover’s pain-racked body.

The unfaithful courtesan

The hapless Claire hangs by her swollen breasts. Her torturer pushes the member that once belonged to her lover deep into her ass. Then, slowly and methodically, he beats her again and again with a truncheon with nails sticking out of it, reducing her crutch to a bloody pulp.

The favorite of the King of Imeal is receiving hard punishment for the longing looks she cast in the groom’s direction. Both the king and the common people are enjoying the indecent torture. The courtesan may well survive, but if she does she well spend the rest of her days in the stables masturbating the stallions and offering her cunt to them.

The King’s whore

Lorena sobs desperately as the torturer takes the skin off her buttocks, blow by merciless blow. The brutal slob shows her his erect member. She knows that he will soon rape her again, as he has every day since they put her on the post with an iron through her breasts. Her rival, the lovely young Alice, has won the affections of the lustful old monarch. He has agreed to her request: nail Lorena down the way they used to nail the old gutter whores.

Cruel joke

After the siege, the Governor’s reprisals were inevitable. The unfortunate Spanish aristocrat Agnes de Imolin has been sentenced a terrible ancient punishment with nails.

She has also been sentenced to be hung by the breasts and genitals in the castle patio in the presence of the guards. To set a clear example, she has also been crowned with a jester’s hat for making fun of the Governor when he tried to seduce her.

The Governor raped her repeatedly before she was nailed and then handed her over to the guards and executioners.

The Saracen torturers

Once again Cristine has been brought before her lord and master, the great necromancer Zhamarrean.

The rebellious girl has suffered atrociously at the hands of her torturers, refined, brutal Arab specialists. She has been driven half-crazy by her suffering.

Her lovely body has been manipulated and tortured in a thousand cruel ways. Her breasts are swollen from repeated beatings and merciless stretching on the rack. Her vagina and her anus have been stretched and penetrated repeatedly by a huge variety of ancient instruments, and by the remorseless pumping fists of her torturers…

The witch-doctor will watch her being tortured again, but first he will examine her himself. He keeps a strange dark charm at hand, to keep her alive if necessary through all the unspeakable abuse.

“Keep on torturing her for a couple of more days, gentlemen… I can’t see the whore is fully compliant yet…”

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