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Story by Phoenix Prime

Elizabeth, the daughter of William the Miller, had rebuffed the advances of the son of the local Duke for the last time.

The Witch Hunter and his assistant had reached the town two days ago to listen to charges and investigate those accused of being witches.

Word had reached the Witch Hunter that Elizabeth used spells to make people sick so she could heal them again to elevate her place in the town.

The Witch Hunter asked the Edward, Duke’s son to “assist in the wench’s interrogation” to determine if she is indeed a witch as has been alleged, after all the Hunter knows that local nobility often make the best assistants, and often reward the witch hunters handsomely for the opportunity.

As she hung from the rafters of the dungeon’s ceiling Elizabeth was told by the Witch Hunter she’d been accused of being a witch and that unless she confessed he would have to search her for the Devil’s Mark on her body.

At her steadfast pleas of innocence, and with Edward’s eager assistance, at the direction of the Witch Hunter Edward rips open the top of her simple dress bearing her full and heavy breasts. His hands fill with them and he squeezes and kneads them both as the Witch Hunter instructs, “Squeeze to make sure that there be no numb places on them your Lordship. That be the Devil’s Mark if she can no feel pain any place on her body.”

“Noooo, don’t do this to me. I’m no witch,” Elizabeth pleads.


Edward frees his hard cock from his breeches and rips her skirt to her waist. His hands fill with her firm ass and in one thrust he’s buried his hard, thick shaft into her to the balls as he stares into her humiliated and horror filled eyes then he growls, “Now you can’t push me away slut. Now I’m helping the Witch Hunter by seeing if you can feel my cock fucking your whore’s cunt… and your ass is next.”

“Nooooooo! Stoppppp! Hurts, don’t… I’ve never before….,” she screams as her virginity torn from her by his long and thick raping cock as he laughs at her screams.

As Edward brutally rapes her cunt the Witch Hunter stands behind her pushing his pointed probe into her moles and any other similar place on her back, her ass and her thighs.

Then, when Edward’s recovered and is driving his newly erect cock as far up Elizabeth’s ass as he can force it, the Witch Hunter does his pricks and pierces in all of the similar places on the front of her body… including both of her swollen and tender nipples to the full four inch length of the steel probe as she screams and thrashes helplessly.

“AIEEEEEEE! ARRRRGGGGHHHH! YOU’RE RIPPING MY ASS! TAKE IT OUR I BEG YOU!” Elizabeth screams as Edward forces the fat head of his cock through her stretched and torn asshole and up the tight tube of her ass.

Her terrified eyes watch as the Witch Hunter cups, squeezes and hold a tit then places the tip of his steel probe at the center of the hard and pain filled nipple… and then, “AIIIIIIEEEEEAHHHHHHHH! UGHHH! UHHHH! ARRRRRR AIEEEE!” she screams and grunts and screams as the steel probe is very slowly very agonizingly forced into the nipple and pushed down and down until it’s all in her nipple or tit as she jerks and thrashes on Edward’s cock as she’s pricked and pierced over and over all over the front of her body.

Finally hot irons are used on her body over and over until the torture and pain break her and she confesses to being a witch.

When the Edward, the Witch Hunter and the Witch Hunter’s official assistant have all fucked Elizabeth again and again in both her cunt and ass… and even down her throat, a hot iron is laid on her tongue as it’s stretched from her mouth so it swells and prevents her to from speaking and being understood.

She’s taken from the dungeon to the stake in the town square for her final punishment.

In another place Gwendolyn’s naked body is stretched back on a wheel. She screams as she’s tortured and the hooded figure burns her with one hand and fondles her tits, crushes her nipples and twists them with his other hand as he says over her agonized screams and begging, “I will be fucking you soon witch. I’ll be fucking your ass this time witch whore so that both of your fuckholes will have been stretched, filled and fucked by my stiff cock and filled with my cum shortly you filthy witch cunt.

“Now let’s burn the hair off your whore’s pussy shall we. That will make it sooo much more sensitive when I fuck you there again, don’t you agree,” he asks rhetorically as she voices her intense suffering from the last touch of the red hot iron to her left breast, “AIEEEEEEEEEEAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

The bald Inquisitor rapes Mary as she lays helpless on the bondage table. His teeth fasten on one nipple and then the other so he can pull and stretch each with his teeth as his cock drives into her helpless cunt like a flesh spear impaling her over and over again as she screams and shrieks out her pain and humiliation and begs him to stop.

“ARRRRRRRRRR NOOOOO,” Mary screams as he rams his 8” cock into her virgin cunt. “Noooo, I beggg you stop! Don’t rape me any more! It hurts sooo badly, pleassse don’t, pleassse stop!”

Finally his balls have emptied into her and he stands up again letting his robe fall around his legs hiding his cock.

The blonde daughter of the lord of the keep is paying for his resistance to the Inquisition. Her father has already been impaled in a wooden stake that’s slowly forcing its way up his body from his wooden stake rammed into his ass. Now it’s her turn to pay for resisting as she’s tied naked on a modified cross.

One after another the soldiers take their pleasure from her helpless body. Her cunt and ass are fucked until she’s so full of their cum it flows from her stretched holes in streams, and then…

Francine was traveling to see her aunt and uncle when she caught the eye of a local Baron. She was invited to pass the night at his country manor house and accepted, not realizing what was to happen to an innocent young woman.

As she lay sleeping in a guest chamber, the Baron came to her naked as the day he was born. He slid into the bed with her and fondled her until she woke up with a start and scream.

As she tried to pull away his hand closed on the breast is was kneading in a crushing grip pulling a scream of pain from her, “AHHHH! AHHHH! ARRRRRRGGGG! MY BREAST! OH GOD! THE PAIN IS KILLING ME,” she shrieked as his finger sank deeper and deeper into her tender and firm flesh.

He let go of her tit and with a single yank ripped her night dress open down to her thickly furred pussy and virgin cunt.

The Baron dislikes thick hair on a wench’s pussy and summons his manservant, “Take this slut to the dungeon. Have all of her body hair ripped out, but leave a small arrowhead trimmed and pointed at her pussy as a guide.

“Then, to teach her proper manners and her new place as my sex slave, my fucktoy whore, have the torturer give her a ride on the Devil’s Horse as he used pincers on her.

“When she’s learned her place, and what happens if she’s displeasing in any way, bring her back to me with these nice firm melons,” he says as he squeezes one tit and then the other while using her hair to hold her in place, “nicely bound for me”.

Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!