Rania’s Agony [CORTEZ]

Rania's Agony

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Rania’s Agony
by Cortez. All rights reserved.

[Although complete in itself, this tale of the arrest and torture of Rania Safwaz continues the story begun in СLeilas Interrogation]

There were certain buildings in the city that you did not go near if you could possibly avoid it. The headquarters of the Internal Security Police was one of them. Rania Safwaz, pinned down by the weight of two armed soldiers in the back of the car, had no choice at all in the matter.

The pretty, nineteen year old secretary had just got home and closed the door behind her when her world became a nightmare. Finding that her flatmate, Leila, was still not back, Rania had grinned to herself СGetting fucked silly in some smart hotel room she thought jealously, the image stirring a moist warmth between her own thighs, Сall I get today is Aziz trying to grope me by the photocopier and the boss staring at my tits

The hot, wet fantasy crashed into awful reality as she walked through the door into her bedroom. She screamed as rough fingers dug into her arms. A hand smashed into the side of her face and the force of the blow knocked her backwards, sending her sprawling across the bed. Her first panicking thoughts of burglars and rape gave way to even greater fear as she saw the uniforms, the guns and the cruel grinning faces looking at her.

СRania Safwaz? Somehow, amid the terror, she managed to nod. You are wanted at Security headquarters. You will come with us now Bring her The sergeant in charge turned away as one of the soldiers casually flipped Rania onto her front.

Somehow it was even more frightening for her that they all ignored the provocative way her cream linen skirt rode up, revealing the elegant length of her legs and the thin cord of her black silk thong cutting up between her naked buttocks. She gasped in agony as a knee thudded into her back, then cried aloud as her arms were twisted behind her back to be fastened with some kind of thin, wiry band that cut deep into the flesh, clamping her wrists together.

Jerked roughly to her feet she was hustled out of the building, losing both shoes as she struggled uselessly against their well-practised arrest routine. The inevitable black Mercedes waited at the kerb no one watched, no one looked such things happened regularly and it was not healthy to enquire about things that involved Security not healthy at all.

Major Katabi sat at ease in the small office next to the main interrogation room. He studied the delightful curves of the dishevelled figure that had been pushed through the door to stand in front of the desk, held upright by a guard. The contents of the young secretarys handbag were strewn across the metal desktop whilst the wreckage of the bag itself lay discarded in the corner.

СSo we are agreed; your name is Rania Safwaz, you share your flat with another young lady called Leila Mamoud and you work for the Ministry of Communications the major purred. СApart from that, you keep telling me that this is all a mistake and you have no idea why you are here

СPlease, please you must believe me Ive done nothing, nothing at all Rania twisted her body; only too conscious of the disarray of her clothes, especially how her blouse had come undone revealing the proud swell of one breast, barely cupped by the shiny black silk of her bra.

СI want you to tell me about the American the one who was a friend of Leilas the one who was a spy Major Katabi leaned forward, flicking idly through Ranias things

СI dont know any American I dont, I dont. Wheres Leila, ask her, shell tell you Her voice died away as she saw the Major gaze was fixed on a page in her small pocket diary. Without a glance in her direction he picked up the phone.

СSurveillance team? Captain Matoub please Captain, the case of that American Where was he staying? I see. The number yes, yes and the room 389 excellent. No, no, no problem He looked up at the terrified girl, Сnot for you anyway Youve been most helpful. Rania looked at the diary in horror as the Major leaned back in his chair. СWell, well, so you know nothing He tapped the little book, С. and yet the hotel telephone number and room number of an American spy, as well as an appointment time, are here in your own writing

Major Katabi stood up. СI think it is time we began to encourage your tongue a little. Perhaps we should start by showing you how your friend, Leila has been entertaining us so far

Major Katabi flicked his fingers and another guard hurried across the office to press the Сplay button on the VCR below the big television in the corner. The screen flickered and then the picture cleared to show the interrogation room next door. Suddenly, with a gasp of horror, Rania realised what she was seeing

Bathed in the glare of spotlights, Leila Mamouds naked, sweat-soaked body was strapped to some kind of frame. She was kneeling back on her heels, strapped down on two wooden bars with her legs splayed agonising wide apart. With her arms down behind her she was braced back in an agonising arch so that her cunt and breasts were completely open. There were marks and trails of wetness round her groin and her labia looked puffed and swollen but it was what the woman was doing to her breasts that made Rania cry out in horror and shock.

Each was now capped with a peak of raw and weeping agony, the skin flayed away so that the flesh glistened wetly in the hot glare of the lights. But that was not the worst not by far. A woman, an Arab by her looks and colouring, dressed in a white top and black skirt was holding Leilas right breast so that the raw, wet peak pointed towards the camera. Her head was bent in concentration; using the other hand she was slowly and delicately brushing and stroking the very tip of her friends nipple with a long wire brush. Even with the volume low, Rania could hear the animal screams as her friend surged and bucked like a mad thing against the thick straps holding her down.

A hand smashed casually into Ranias cheek as she tried to turn away from the awful sight. СWatch and learn, cow! It may be your turn next if you cannot provide the explanations I want! The major let the recording run on, the woman only halting her slow torment when Leila slumped down unconscious in her straps. He walked across and pressed the Сpause button.

СThat was two hours ago. Shes feeling much more co-operative now Odd though she says that it was you, not her, who was friendly with the American. I wonder whos telling the truth?

СNo, no, please, I dont know anything. That note was for Leila, not me. I didnt know Robert Anzer. I never met him. Please believe me. You cant hurt me, please, please Rania voice broke into sobs as she looked at the screen and the flickering, pain-wracked image of her friend arched back in agony on the torture bars.

Major Katabis voice was like a knife slicing across the babbled words СTell mewho mentioned that the Americans name was Robert Anzer?

There was an awful silence as Rania realised what shed said, then the Major smiled gently and nodded. СJust as I thought Sergeant, its time to take the young lady next door. Halima can help her get ready kneeling upright I think this time with the hands behind her. Tell Halima Ill join her in five minutes


The sound was a single cry of despair as the soldiers dragged the quivering young secretary towards her appointment in hell.

It was exactly as she had seen on the screen. Dimness shrouding the concrete walls, made more intense by the glare of the spot lamps. Forced right to the edge of the lighted area, the terrified girl now saw the torture bars properly. Anchored on short, thick posts the stained wooden rails set at an angle to each other. Rania retched uselessly as she noticed the straps and buckles dangling from the slots in each bar; brown leather straps that were still dark and moist, stained with the sweat of Leilas torments only hours before.

The television had showed her the torture chamber but had given no hint of the thick, wet heat and the acrid smells of blood and arousal that filled the air. The concrete floor between the bars was wet, glistening with a mixture of sweat, the juices of her friends enforced orgasms and a spatter of bloodspots. Rania suddenly twisted and turned in the grip of the two soldiers holding her arms as Halima, the woman shed just seen working so cruelly on Leilas nipples, appeared in the lighted circle.

She smiled and nodded as the sergeant repeated the Majors message. СAh yes, this is the other one we were expecting. Lets have a look at what weve got to play with, shall we? Ranias arms were twisted, arching her chest forwards. Scarlet-nailed fingers flipped open the remaining buttons before the Arab woman carefully peeled back the young secretarys blouse to reveal a lacy half-cup bra, the black silky fabric straining to contain the full, heavy globes of her breasts. Halimas long, pointed nails scratched across the taut silk; the tickling caress bringing more twisting movements as Rania tried vainly to avoid the womans expert touch.

The young secretary flushed a deep red as she felt her nipples rising and hardening, the up tilted peaks tenting the black silk into obvious spikes as the nails scraped to and fro, deliberately arousing her and bringing coarse grins from the soldiers gripping her arms. СSergeant, if you wouldnt mind Rania squealed as she felt the cold touch of a knife against her back. A series of quick, slicing tugs and the wreckage of her bra fell away, straps and fastening cut through by the razor sharp steel of the sergeants knife.

СOh yes, yes my little one, these will be delightful to play with Halimas voice was soft and hot with anticipation as her red nails returned to scratch the soft olive skin directly before fretting and scraping across the dark, almost black, circles of Ranias wide aureoles. СSo hard already, and so long the Arab womans fingers closed on the jutting peaks, caressing the sensitive tips with a slow, milking action that brought moans of delight from Rania as she responded to the exquisite stimulation.

The teasing fingers made the girl shiver in further delight as they fluttered down her ribs and flanks to her waist. Fastening and zip were undone in seconds and she felt the coolness on her legs as her skirt fell away. Rania bucked helplessly in the soldiers hands as she felt the sudden, thrilling touch of the womans nails on the taut black silk cupping her mound. СAll hot and wet already well then, time for you the ride the bars like your friend. Halimas voice hardened. СPut the wet little bitch up lets find out how much she really knows

СNo, no, you cant, no please. I dont know anything, please, please, pleeeassse dont touch me! NOOOOOO!

Rania squealed and jerked wildly as the guards forced her between the wide СV of the bars. The sergeant grabbed one leg, lifting it and bending her knee until he could press her shin down onto the stained wood of the horizontal rail.

One of the guards pulled a wide strap across her leg at the crook of her knee, bringing a sharp cry from the young secretary as he used his strength to tighten it unmercifully. With her leg pinned down a second strap, carefully positioned to clamp her ankle but leaving her foot over the end of the bar, finished Ranias struggles before she had a chance to do anything.

Working with the speed of long experience the guards lifted the girls body, forcing her thighs apart until her other knee and lower leg rested on the second bar. The leather creaked as the straps were again cinched tight and in seconds Rania was mounted helplessly on her torture frame; kneeling, straddled so wide on the bars and desperately trying to keep her balance.

СThe arms now she heard a voice say behind her back. Hands fiddled behind her, attaching something she hissed in pain as another strap dragged her elbows together forcing her shoulders back, then her arms were pulled up away from her body and into the air.

СAh no, no please, aaaaaah! Rania gasped as the strain increased, her arms twisting against the shoulder joints. To the guards busy preparing the girl for torture it seemed as though she was bowing to them. They finally stopped pulling, leaving her kneeling up, her upper body curved out over the floor with her elbows forced up towards the ceiling by the rope running up to the hook in the overhead beam.

Between her achingly spread thighs, the black silk thong still covered the thrusting bulge of her cunt; but the curve of her body meant that the full globes of her breasts dangled and swung completely unprotected deliciously open and ready for Halimas agonising attentions.

Barely an hour after her arrest Rania Safwaz was facing her worst nightmare; a prisoner of the Security Forces she was naked and strapped to a torture frame in some secret underground chamber. Shivering uncontrollably, all her muscles trembling and twitching with the strain, she waited helplessly for the agony to start.

Dribbling and panting with fear, she stared down the valley between her dangling breasts at the pouting bulge of her sex cupped by the taut fabric, trying to find even a little movement to ease the dreadful strain on her arms. The young secretary squealed and jerked as Halimas scarlet nails repeating their earlier scratching caress. This time they teased and fluttered across the bulging black pouch of her thong. She bucked and jerked again as Halimas fingers traced the line of her hot, wet slit, pressing and squeezing the sensitive labia through the thin silk. СNearly ready, my girl now to get rid of these panties so we can see you properly

Two snicks of the little blade in her hand severed the waist cord on either hip. Halima rolled the thin, wet silk away from Ranias sex as though unwrapping a delicate gift. The sharp, coppery tang of the young womans juices filled the torture chamber and Halima smiled in satisfaction as she saw the smooth, shaven bulge and the plump in-rolling lips of Ranias cunt. She breathed in the sharp tang of the young secretarys wetness and unwilling arousal. Leaning close to the panting, twitching girl, one hand reached up between the straddled thighs to allow her fingers nails to tease the moist lips and sensitive openings of her victims body directly.

СAhhhh, so wet and ready for me, she crooned, her forefinger circling the opening of the young womans vagina. СWould you like to come for Halima? The finger dipped and swirled, forcing Rania to buck uncontrollably against her bonds as the Arab woman teased the tender opening of her cunt with exquisite skill. СOr would you like me to touch you somewhere more special here perhaps?

The finger moved along the wetness of her labia before scratching lightly on the little fleshy hood concealing the girls clitoris. СAaah! Ah n-n-n-n-nooo, p-p-please, ah, ah! AAAaaaaaah! Rania screamed softly, her protests collapsing as the point of her tormentors nail slipped under the little hood to scratch against the wildly sensitive nerve stub itself СYeeeeesss! Yes, ah God, God! Y-y-y-y-y-yeeeeesss!

СI regret the interruption but perhaps we might begin? Major Katabis voice was quiet but instantly effective. Rania was left, twitching and moaning as Halima scrambled back to her feet, one hand sweeping the wet strands of black hair away from her flushed face as she tried to bring her breathing under control. СThat is unless the young lady is ready to answer the questions?

СOh God, please, please I dont know what you want I never met him it was Leilas idea I only.

СAh well, just as I expectedNo! No more silly protests I see we must persuade you in other ways. Before Halima begins to explore that delightful body properly I think the sergeant would like to demonstrate his skill with a cane across your bottom to start with

СNo, no, you cant, I wont let you.

The major smiled, the soldiers grinning openly at her words, as they watched the girls struggles grow wilder as she saw the sergeant walking towards her; a four-foot length of blue plastic tubing in one hand. Almost lazily he swung the tube, letting it smack across her out-thrust buttocks with a wet Сthwack. Ranias eyes bulged and she jerked forwards, mouth opening in a wide СO of disbelief as the scalding agony of the stroke bit home.

Arrrggghhh! No no Noooooo!

The major smiled at the girls reaction. СI should have told you that tube isnt hollow; its filled with bitumen. Adds a nice weight but doesnt affect the flexibility so much cheaper and more effective than bamboo I find dont you agree? All right sergeantstart with fifty then well talk to the young lady again

СNo, oh God no, I cant, I wont Please dont, have mercy please, plea



Again the watchers saw the wild, thrusting jolt of the hips, the girl screaming madly as the second, cut sliced across her taut olive skin. The sergeant settled into an expert rhythm, each stroke landing next to the one before and allowing just enough time between each one for the big muscles of the girls bottom to unclench just a little from the searing agony of the stroke before.


By the twenty-fifth stroke the young secretary was squealing and shuddering continuously. High-pitched animal noises echoed in the hot, sticky darkness. Sweat spattered off her hair, her bottom and the bouncing mounds of her heavy breasts as they danced and slapped uncontrollably in response to her spastic writhing on the torture frame.

With her bottom well laced, the sergeant began to use the weighted tube with a devilish skill. The strokes became slower and irregular but between full cuts he tapped the heavy, flexible rod against the purple weals already laid so agonisingly over the full curves of each bottom cheek. Even this gentle torment brought fresh screams and pleas from Rania, as any touch on her tortured flesh was now almost unbearable.

СLace her thighs now, both sides Major Katabi ordered quietly as the high-pitched screams died to a broken, panting sobbing. The sergeant stretched, moving to the other side and changing hands so he could swing the flexible rod to land a fresh weal high up on the inside of the girls right thigh, just below the crease of her bottom. The air was driven from her lungs in an explosive gasp of agony and she was still trying to scream when the second stroke cut in just below the first.


The Major and Halima watched quietly as the gabbling squeals rang out with each crisp Сthwick. Despite the straps and the strain on her arms, the girl was managing the wriggle impressively in a hopeless attempt to ease the agony of her beating. The tension in the rope and the agonising splay of her thighs gave her no chance to shield her body from each fiery smack of the weighted rod.

Ten strokes on one thigh and Rania slumped down again. The heavily muscled figure of the sergeant, swinging the innocent-looking length of blue plastic pipe casually between his fingers, walked back to his original position.

He looked at the Major, received the expected nod of approval, changed hands again and swung the next cut against the soft unmarked skin of the girls left thigh, striking high up to match the first of the ten thick weals, now swollen, red and weeping, along the other thigh. After all, the Sergeant was proud of his skill and wanted to ensure that the marks showed the accuracy of his aim

The demented screams were interrupted by the tinkle of water as Rania finally lost control, a thin stream of urine spraying onto the concrete between the bars. СWell done, Sergeant I do believe youve got her full attention at last. Major Katabi studied the vicious pattern of weals lacing Ranias thighs and bottom. СFinish off with the feet dont want to overdo things this early. Besides I must give Halima a chance to work on her too

Slumped forwards and held by the ceiling rope holding her elbow tie, Rania didnt really take in the majors soft instructions. All she knew was that the searing, pain of the caning had stopped for the moment, leaving behind a throbbing, burning agony that made every little movement into a further exquisite torture for her whipped skin. She dangled, chest heaving with the effort of drawing enough air into her lungs, drops of sweat trickling down her breasts and flanks before falling onto the rough concrete between the bars, her head hanging limp with exhaustion



The girl surged upright with her head arching back eyes bulging and mouth wide with agony as the Sergeant brought the plastic pipe whipping down across the soles of her feet. Rania had been tied in this way deliberately, her feet left open and hanging over the end of the bars. With the straps so cruelly tight round each ankle, there was no way she could prevent the expert strokes slicing into the tender meat of her soles, especially the thinner skin in the middle of each soft arch.

The bastinado is a traditional method of torture in the Middle East and the sergeant had been given plenty of opportunities to practice the ancient art over the years. Now, he drew a series of even shriller squeals from the pinioned girl as he laid ten searing cuts across the soft pink skin of each foot.

СUh, uh, uh, uh, Eeeeeeeaaargh! NOOoooooo

The sounds forced from the figure on the bars at each stroke had become wordless grunts mixed with single broken squeals of agony by the time Major Katabi lifted one finger to allow the sergeant to rest and recover.

СThank you, Sergeant your usual expert display. If you want to take a break I wont need you and your cane for an hour or so

СOh God, oh, oh, please, oh please no, no, noooooo.

Rania Safwaz hung in her straps, her muscles shivering and quivering with the agony of the beating. She bucked violently as Major Katabi touched her cheek, groaning as his hand clasped her jaw to lift her head so he could gaze into the pain-glazed eyes.

СSo now you understand how it must be, Rania. That was just a taste imagine how it will feel in an hour or so when the Sergeant begins to stripe that elegant behind and those dainty feet once more. The girl squealed, bucking and twisting madly as the Major slapped the outthrust curve of one buttock with his open hand. СIt will hurt so much more, believe me. Unless of course you have something to tell me something about the American, perhaps?

СI-I-I t-told you. He w-was Leilas friend. P-p-phoned one day asked me to g-give her a message. Thats why it was in my book. I didnt meet him. Please, thats all, please you must believe me

Major Katabi clicked his fingers towards the darkness where Halima was waiting. His free hand stroked the girls wet skin, reaching under her body to caress the heavy, dangling globe of her left breast. СOf course I want to believe you my dear The fingers teased the long thick stub of the girls nipple. СBut tell me if you only took a message. why does hotel security video show you in the corridor outside his room two days ago?

He paused, watching the girls panic-stricken reaction to his words. СA wasted opportunity I fear Miss Safwaz. Such a pity for you, I mean because Halima does enjoy this part of our work so much as you saw on the tape.

He released his hold on her jaw and the girl wrenched her head sideways as she saw the Majors assistant walking towards her from the shadows. Rania blinked, shaking the wet strands of hair from her eyes and then her mouth gaped wide and another shrill scream echoed in the chamber as she realised what the grinning Arab woman was carrying in one hand

СAAAARRRRGGGGH, NOOoooooo, no please, its a mistake, its not me please, no, no, please dont

The girls frantic babbling pleas continued whilst Halima put an ordinary plastic jug kettle on the floor under her arched torso. One of the guards hurried up with a small wooden table. Halima smiled back at the girls horrified expression as she carefully placed the kettle on the tabletop, moving it until the spout was directly under the hanging peak of the young secretarys left breast. An electrical switch clicked on somewhere in the darkness. The major watched as the pinioned girl stared at the kettle, her panic-stricken eyes following the flex snaking from the shadows up to the plug in the base.

Major Katabi moved his hand away from the girls breast and extended his forefinger. Then, making sure that the girl could see the gesture; he flicked the finger down in unmistakable command. There was a second click, sounding unnaturally loud in the heat and silence of the chamber, as Halima pressed the switch at the base of the handle. The Сon light glowed red.

СYou have only a little more time it only takes two minutes for the water to boil and then The Major resumed his deliberately gentle caresses of her left nipple as he spoke, each movement of his fingers making her squirm and wriggle. СAh and then then these delightfully sensitive tips will give you more pain than you can possibly imagine first the steam then after a few minutes rest, Halima can show you her skill as she uses her wire brushes on these delightful nipples that are getting so stiff and excited. Just like you saw her playing with your friend, Leila.

Halima sat down on the low, wheeled stool shed used earlier as the Majors quiet, calm voice went on. СLast chance, weve used up nearly a minute my dear why were you at the hotel? The silence lengthened, broken only by the sudden panting breaths of the strutted girl on the bars. Halima licked her fingers, reaching up under the girls body and playing with her near hysterical victims other nipple.

The soft roar of the water silenced Ranias gabbled protests. Her two torturers let her breasts go, allowing the heavy globes to swing freely beneath the girls arched body. As they had planned, the gentle caresses had roused and stimulated the girls thick nipples so that they jutted at full length from each wide aureole. The first wisps of water vapour curled from the white plastic spout, the sound of the kettle fading as the water reached boiling point.

Ranias torturers, with the experience of long practice, worked quickly. Major Kethabi held the girl steady, pressing down on her neck with one hand whilst forcing her arms up against the joint with the other. Squatting on the stool, Halima waited for the final moments, listening to the gasping breaths of the girl as she felt the first scalding touches across the peak of her right breast.

Then, the water boiled with a soft rushing bubbling sound. Halima, keeping her finger on the button to stop the cutout working, moved the spout to and fro so that the plume of white, scalding vapour played and swirled across the whole of the hanging globe.


The sound from Rania was a single mindless squeal of agony as the wet heat flayed the delicate skin of her breast. Despite the pressure of the Majors hands she arched back wildly, every muscle and sinew showing like wire as the pain ripped through her body. There was now escape. Halima carefully moving the steam jet with every convulsion of the girls body, ensuring that it continued to play around the wide aureole so that the nerve rich peak was always in the hottest part of the jet.

Fresh screams echoed round the concrete chamber as Halima moved the kettle again, directing the scalding plume at the peak of Ranias left breast this time.


The girls torso was wreathed in clouds of white vapour as Halima continued to work the scalding jet across the full dangling globes in turn, making sure that the wide brown circles of the girls aureoles and the thick stubby peaks of her nipples received her particular attention.

Finally, there was a brief nod from the Major and Halima lifted her finger. The switch clicked up and the bubbling roar died away. She put the white plastic kettle back on the table as the Major released his hold on the girls neck. Rania lolled forwards, moaning and babbling to herself as she hung, semi-conscious, from her elbow tie. Beneath her body the water droplets rolled down the full curves of red glistening skin to fall, one by one, from the swollen tips of her nipples, splashing unheeded onto the wet top of the table.

СWake the stubborn cow up and well see if her memorys improved, if not He paused studying the taut, swollen flesh of the girls scalded nipples. СYou can start using the wire brushes on those teats Major Kethabi stretched, blinking in the hot lights. СI dont think well need to do much more with this one for now anyway.

СAh, AH! AH! Oh God, ah it hurts, it hurts, p-please stop, please

Rania Safwaz gasped and spluttered back to full agonising consciousness as her Arab torturer crushed the stimulant ampoule under her nose. She screamed again as Halima clenched one hand in her hair before yanking her head back in an agonising arch. СStory time bitch, the Major wants answers Like, why were you at the hotel? What did the American want? Who else is involved?

She shook the girls head from side to side. СWell, the Majors waiting Halima listened to the babbling pleas and sobs for a few moments. СSame story, Sir all her friends fault and she was never at the hotel. Shall I she broke off to make a to and fro motion in the air with her free hand.

Seeing the Majors nod, Halima let the young secretarys head flop down once more as she walked off into the darkness. СNow, my dear Miss Safwaz, before my talented assistant returns you have a few seconds to change your mind. Let me assure you that the pain you now feel is nothing to what is to come once Halima starts using her wire brush on those breasts of yours Well?

СI DONT KNOW IT WASNT ME Leila just said she had a new boyfriend; he was foreign and very rich. All I did was take a message. It must be Leila on the film we borrow each others clothes Please you must believe me, you MUST! Like her first words, the last despairing cry was shouted into the glare of the lights as Rania threshed uselessly against her straps.

СPossible, yes, very possible but there again its always wise to be sure, dont you agree?


The pretty young secretary arched back on the torture frame, her mouth wide with agony, as she felt the Arab womans scarlet-painted nails scratching the red weeping flesh of her right breast. Then she hunched forwards, head down as she watched in awful fascination as Halima lifted the little wire brush up to touch the raw, wet tip of her nipple. СReady to scream again for me, bitch? The Arab woman chuckled as she drew the roughly cut ends of the wire bristles across the swollen stub.


СBetter now let me give you a really good polishing before the Major talks to you again Halima closed her left hand, holding the warm, wet weight of the girls breast cupped firmly in her palm. Settling comfortably onto her low stool she began to stroke the brush firmly across the scalded aureole and along the length of the young secretarys raw, turgid nipple.

Major Katabi relaxed in a chair on the edge of the shadows, drinking in the animal squeals of outrage and pain as Halima worked her way round the peak of the girls right breast. He felt the familiar tightness in his groin as his cock jumped and stiffened at the sight of the sweat stained figure bucking and writhing so helplessly on the torture bars. Hed known since the beating that the girl really had nothing new to add at all but, he was Chief of Security and one should always check out every lead

He stroked himself through the fabric of his trousers Halima could have a few more minutes and then he would clear the room so he could enjoy a private discussion with the girl. Tied as she was she was so enjoyably spread and open already The major grinned to himself as he imagined the sensations in a few minutes time as he slid the full length of his nine-inch penis into the wet, clinging sheath of Rania Safwazs anus.

He eased the thick bulge of his erection not only that, he though there were so many other things that they could still do to her friend Leila Mamoud especially now that they were certain that she was the real culprit.

A particularly piercing scream brought the Major back to the present with a jolt. The girls frenzied, surging movements suddenly grew even wilder. Then he understood Halima had changed position, reaching up to hold Rania Safwazs other breast quite still so she could stroke the wire brush slowly down the scalded length of her victims left nipple

Major Katabi sighed happily it was so satisfying when you really enjoyed your work, he thought.

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