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Get your sorry ass outta that bed Maggie Mckay bellowed. We gotta be on the road by six if weТre gonna make the city by morning. Lowell Mckay slowly rolled out of bed, wiping the sleep from his eyes as his mother stood menacingly in the doorway of the bedroom. God, how he hated her in the morning. If only she would let him sleep another 30 minutes. I said move you little piece of shit. She started to move towards him and 18 years of conditioned reflexes propelled him off of the bed and over to the pile of clothes strewn in the corner of the room. After all IТve done for you sorry little piece of shit The hectoring continued as Lowell pulled on the pair of dirty overalls, his head hung low as he stared at the floor. Shoulda drowned you at birth, just like the doc wanted.

Lowell tuned her out. As long as he stared at the floor and kept moving she would run her course and the tirade would start to wind down. Mornings were always the worst. He never was able to figure out why.

Maggie was already on her forth cup of coffee by the time Lowell finished his cereal. She lit another cigarette, rubbed her forehead, and tried to organize her thoughts. They would arrive in Ann Arbor by nine A.M. That would give them plenty of time to position the van in the parking lot before the mall opened. The duct tape and clothesline were all ready. It didnТt matter which one they took. Lowell would take a liking to whoever they grabbed.

She wished it hadnТt come to this but the boy had needs. The last straw was when Jack McGregor had caught him with the goats. Old Jack had nearly died of embarrassment when he spat and sputtered out the story to Maggie. The boy needed a woman. And he sure as hell wasnТt gonna find one around these parts. And even if he found one, sheТd have to be dumb and blind to take a liking to Lowell. As much as it pained her to admit, Lowell wasnТt right. His close-set eyes and slack jaw had always made him the butt of everybodyТs jokes and snickers. SheТd finally had to pull him out of school, his temper finally snapping that day when he nearly killed one of his tormenters.

The ride home was uneventful. They stopped at a McDonalds just off the freeway and sat quietly munching on quarter pounders. She was glad it was over. She never did like the city. All those uppity people looking down their noses at her and her kind. She found herself wondering what it was like to be one of them. Pretty clothes and nice cars all the good things in life.

She wiped her mouth off with the back of her hand and climbed in the back of the van.

Lowell stayed in the front seat, staring out at the people in MacdonaldТs Parking lot. The normal people. All his life it seemed that there were two kinds of people. He and his mother and the rest of the world. He hated being out in public. The stares nearly killed him.

He watched a family pull up in a mini van: a pretty young mother with her husband and kids. The woman they had tied up in back was even prettier he thought. She looked just like one of those women in the magazine ads that Ma had given him. She even smelled pretty. It seemed strange that she was now with them.

He wondered if they would get in trouble. Were they really allowed to do this? Ma said that everything was OK. But he wondered. this woman wasnТt one of them. She was from the outside. Ma said that she was theirs to keep now. Ma said that he didnТt have to use Ol’ man McGregorТs goats or the magazine adds anymore. But why did they have to keep her tied up? Why did she scream and scream before Ma stuffed that rag in her mouth?

He frowned. He wished Ma hadnТt hurt her. He wished she had just been quiet. Ma had yelled back at her over and over to shut up but that only worked for a few minutes and than sheТd start again. She was gonna have to learn not to make Ma mad.

Her legs were sticking out from under the blanket and Maggie stopped before kneeling down beside her. She had always wanted shoes like that. But then she tried to imagine her big chunky feet and fat ankles in high heels and she felt embarrassed. Women like this one had no idea how hard it was to be poor and ugly. She flipped over the blanket and was pleased to see that her handiwork had held up. Maybe next time she was told to be quiet she would listen. She hoped this was going to work out. They couldnТt keep her tied up like this forever.

Maggie sat down beside her and lit a cigarette. She was pretty. Very pretty. A woman like this never expected to wind up trussed up like a Christmas turkey in the back of Maggie McPhersonТs rusty old van. Maggie tried to imagine Lowell humping her from behind like one of OlТ man McGregorТs goats and chuckled. She was starting to enjoy this. She made sure there was circulation to her hands and feet before covering her with the blanket and climbing back to the front of the van.

As Maggie eased the van back onto the freeway she could feel Lowell slipping into one of his sullen funks. WhatТs the matter boy, ainТt she pretty enough for ya? Lowell continued staring at the floor of the van, trying to read his motherТs latest mood. He had never seen her quite like this. She seemed well, almost happy. Where we gonna keep her was all he managed to stammer, not sure if his mothers apparent good humor was about to erupt in one of her violent outbursts. This whole thing was making him nervous. Wherever we want boy, I told ya sheТs ours now. Lowell had always trusted his mother. She knew so much more about the world than him. If she said that this was OK then it probably was. But still

What if they find out that we have her? What if someone sees her? Lowell just wanted to make sure he understood. AinТt no one gonna see her boy. Ya think were gonna take her out in public for Gods sake. Maggie shook her head and laughed. The boy was dumber than a box of rocks. But she knew she had to be careful. Look Lowell she continued sheТs gonna be our little secret, ainТt nobody needs to know about her, ya understand? She had to make sure that Lowell was with the program. She stays with you at night and during the day IТll use her around the house. She ainТt ever even gonna see the outside of our trailer for ChristТs sake.

Lowell was trying to understand. What if she tries to run away? What if she starts screaming again?

He was starting to annoy her. We keep her in the box when were both gone. And if we have to keep that rag tied in her mouth for awhile till she gets used to us then thatТs what we do.

Ma sure was smart. It was all starting to make sense. Maggie could see that he was starting to relax. She slapped him on the shoulder. Go on boy, why donТt ya go take a peek at her. She sure is pretty. He hesitated, but Maggie could see the bulge in his overalls. Go on now, ya know what to do.

Maggie lit a cigarette as Lowell disappeared in back. She smiled. This was gonna be OK. She hadnТt expected this but for the first time in her life she feltimportant. Yeah, important. For some reason she felt oddly peaceful. As if some ancient wrong had just been righted. As if some long ago buried wound was finally starting to heal.

She remembered the only time shed been in a mall like the one where they found the woman in back. She had been twelve. Melissa Parker had invited her to her birthday party. Melissa Parker, whose father owned the general store. Melissa Parker who would barely even look at Maggie unless it was to make her feel like something less than human. Her mother had saved and saved to buy her a new dress and off to the mall they went. Maggie remembered the saleswoman. She was beautiful, just like the woman in back, all dressed up in fancy clothes and high heels. Everything about her was perfect. Maggie remembered being so ashamed of her and her mother. They seemed so out of place in the store. And the sales womanby the time they had managed to find a dress that they could afford Maggie had wanted to die. The saleswoman wouldnТt even look at her or her mother. She seemed afraid of them. As if whatever they had might be contagious. She could still remember how they had all snickered as her and her mother rushed out of the store, ready to die of shame.

The memory was like a fist in her stomach. She knew from that day forward that she would never be part of the real world. The world that came through the rabbit ears on the tiny black and white TV in their living room.

She took a long drag on her cigarette, the venom coursing through her veins like some vile disease. She wanted to snuff that bitch. But the bitch she had in back would do. Yeah, sheТd do just fine.

Ma was right. She was pretty. Up close she was even prettier than he had thought. HeТd never seen one this pretty, not even in the magazines. If only she would stop crying. . He hated that rag in her mouth. When he tried to loosen the knot on the rope that kept it in place Ma had yelled at him. Ma said that she had to learn how to be quiet. Ma said that she was just gonna have to get used to it.

When he asked Ma if he could untie her legs she laughed before saying OK. He had never seen Ma laugh before. Things seemed different now. As if some big weight had been taken off of her shoulders. He liked it.

He couldnТt quite believe that she was his. Everything about her was perfect. She was so clean. He leaned down to smell her again. Nothing heТd ever smelled was this good. He just sat for a while and stared. He remembered how he felt about Beck Mayfield before Ma had pulled him out of school. Ma had called it a crushТ. She was a lot prettier than Becky Mayfield was and he felt like he was getting another crush.

He was so excited he wasnТt sure where to start. Ma said he could do anything he wanted except untie her mouth and hands. He leaned her up against the van door and started working on the rope around her ankles. Her legs were so smooth.

Maggie rummaged through the womanТs purse with one hand and steered with the other. Damn it. She had wanted a younger one. She sure as hell didnТt look 35.

There was a small photo album in her purse. One of the pictures showed her at the beach with her husband and kids. She sure was a looker thought Maggie. She was sitting on her husbandТs lap, her long slender body draped over the beach chair, her curly shoulder length brown hair all windblown and wild. She was smiling.

She must have just come from the travel agent and hairdresser. Two airline tickets and a receipt for a permanent were right on top and both dated today.

Maggie watched through the rear view mirror as Lowell untied her legs. He was having trouble. His big hands and fat fingers kept working at the knot that cinched her ankles but she could tell he was getting frustrated. Take yer time boy, she called back to him she ainТt going nowhere.

He loved her legs. He knew about pantyhose from the PenneyТs catalogue. It was his favorite section. But every time he tried running his hands up her skirt she would twist and turn and shake her head back and forth. Ma kept yelling back at him that it didnТt matter whether she liked it or not. Ma was getting mad at him, saying that he could do whatever he wanted.

He tried to tell her to settle down, to let him do what he wanted but she kept shaking her head. If only Ma would let him untie her mouth. She could tell him what was wrong. He was getting uneasy. Ma told him that this was all ok. Buthe hated the look in her eyes. She seemed so scared. HeТd never seen anybody look that scared.

He felt sorry for her. She was crying again. If she was gonna live with them now he didnТt want her to cry all the time. Maybe once they got her home things would be different. He remembered how all the puppies that they got from the pound would whine and whimper on the way home. Maybe it would be the same. Maybe in a few days she would be all right. Yeah, that was probably it. He felt better. It was all starting to make sense again.

He took her shoes off. Her feet seemed so small in his hands. Even her toes were all painted and pretty. She was crying even harder now. He rubbed her legs and tried to soothe her. But every time his hands went above her knees she would shake her head and make funny noises into the rag.

He just sat with her for a while stroking her legs, trying to get her used to him. She didnТt seem to mind him touching her as long as he didnТt go up her skirt. Her legs felt wonderful. She seemed to be calming down and it felt good to just be so close to her. The puppies had been the same way. If you held and petted them they didnТt cry as much.

When she stopped crying he retied her ankles, covered her back up with the blanket and returned to the front of the van.

Maggie lit a cigarette as Lowell plopped himself back down in the passenger seat. Ya like her donТt ya boy? He nodded. He was crouched down in the seat, holding up one of her shoes, tracing it with the tip of a finger. Ma sure was smart. He would have never thought of this. Ma said that the woman would never have come with them on her own. That she had to be kidnapped. He wasnТt sure what that meant. But he guessed that thatТs what they were doing. He was glad they got a pretty one. Ma said that they was gonna grab the first one that came by and that heТd take a liking to her eventually. They had sat in the mall parking lot all morning before they saw her. Ma asked if he liked her and he said yeah. He liked her legs.

He wondered if sheТd ever been kidnapped before.

They rode in silence, Maggie chain smoking and Lowell staring out the window. Lowell arranged her shoes and purse on the center console looked through the photo album before turning to Maggie. What are we gonna call her. Maggie flipped her cigarette but out the window. Her names Jill Alexander. But we can call her anything we want.

Lowell liked the name. It sounded so fancy. He liked fancy. She was so different from anything in his world. He liked the photographs of her too. She looked so happy in all of them. He was stating to understand why she would never have come with them on her own. How long do we gotta keep her tied up Ma? Maggie lit another cigarette and took a long drag. Till she learns how to behave Lowell. Its up to her.

Lowell turned in his seat and looked in back. She was still propped up against the van door; the blanket draped over her head, her legs curled up beside her. She was being quiet. He wondered what Ma meant. SheТs behaving now Ma, canТt we at least take that rag outta her mouth? He felt sorry for her. It seemed mean to keep her like this.

Maggie ignored him and he slunk back down in his seat, staring at the photo album. He guessed that it was all part of being kidnapped. He wondered who all the other people were in the pictures. It looked like her family. He frowned. If she had a family they would be looking for her. They would want her back. He and Ma would have to be careful. Now he understood why that had to keep her tied up and quiet. At least till they got her home. She was being kidnapped.

He wondered whether the man in all the pictures had a crush on her. He wondered whether she let him put his hands up her dress. The idea made him sad. But she belonged to him now. Ma said so. He snuggled down in his seat. It felt so good to have her. Just his and MaТs little secret. ThatТs what Ma called her. And as long as they were careful they would be able to keep her because they had kidnapped her. It was all making sense now.

He asked Ma if he could go and check on her and when she nodded, he grabbed the shoes and pictures and headed in back

Maggie was tired. She rubbed her eyes and checked the time. Almost three, theyТd be home in a couple of hours. She yawned. A red Saab convertible blew by, an attractive woman behind the wheel. Maggie smiled. If she could only see what OlТ Maggie Mckay head in the back. She couldnТt wait to get her home.

Lowell was puzzled. He thought that she would be relieved to know that everything was OK. That she was just being kidnapped. But all she did was start crying again. He tried rubbing her legs just like before but now she wouldnТt even let him do that

She wouldnТt even look at him. He wondered if she knew what kidnapped meant. But when he tried to explain it to her he stumbled and stuttered. He was getting frustrated. It was all so clear just a moment ago but now he was getting confused.

She didnТt seem to understand that she belonged to them now. That the people in the pictures werenТt going to find her. That her and Ma were her new family and that she had to behave or else. He told her that Ma said that he could touch her anywhere he wanted and that if she fussed it would just make it worse cause Ma would put her in a hog tie. The more he tried to explain the more she cried.

But it was OK now. Ma was right about the hog tie. Now he could put his hands all over her and even when she shook her head from side to side and made funny noises into the rag it was fine. But she wasnТt even doing that anymore. She just lay there with her eyes closed and let him do what he wanted. She seemed to accept that she was kidnapped. Ma sure was smart.

He still hated the gag. ThatТs what Ma called the rag that they kept stuffed in her mouth. It made her face look funny. But it kept her quiet and that made Ma happy.

His hand felt so nice between her thighs. Ma said that he should strip her but he liked the pantyhose. He even put her shoes back on so that he could admire her legs. They looked nice in the hogtie. He sat for a long time, rubbing her legs and telling her how good she was being. It was so much better now that she quit fussing. Now he could take his time.

He felt so lucky, just like that Christmas when Ma bought him that bike. It was so shiny and new. Even when he wasnТt riding it he had just wanted to sit and look at it. He had hardly been able to believe that it was his. But this was a thousand times better.

She was all his. ThatТs what Ma said, and so far they hadnТt got in any trouble. And as long as they kept her like this no one would know. And eventually she would get used to him. She might even get used to Ma. And then they could untie her mouth and let her walk around and do stuff. Ma said that she was gonna cook and clean for them too. He wondered if she was a good cook as he undid the hogtie and unzipped her skirt.

Goddamned traffic Maggie muttered as Lowell sat back down in the passenger seat. He was holding her skirt and pantyhose and began folding them into a neat pile as Maggie tried to see around the long line of motionless cars. She lit a cigarette and poured a cup of coffee from the thermos Well Lowell, how was she? Better than them magazine ads and McPhersonТs goats?

Lowell folded his arms and stared out the window. She doesnТt like me. She doesnТt like us. Were gonna get in trouble.

Lowell had never challenged her like this before. Maggie resisted the urge to backhand him, took a gulp of coffee, and tried to read him.

Lowell frowned. She had been good until he untied her legs and started taking her clothes off. And then she started fussing again. It was even worse than before. She screamed and screamed and started shaking her head again. Ma finally had to stop the van and hold her still while he got on top. But even with Ma pinning her shoulders to the floor he had had a hard time holding on to her ankles. She kicked and kicked, screaming into the gag. Ma finally showed him how to tie her ankles to the side of the van so that she would hold still. But then she started choking and Ma got scared and untied her mouth so that she could breathe better. ThatТs when she started begging them to let her go. She said that they didnТt have to keep her like this, that they could get a lot of money for her. She said that she wouldnТt even tell anybody if they would just let her go. She said that she had kids and a husband and that we couldnТt just take her like this. Ma stuffed the rag back in her mouth and told her not to spit it out or she would use the rope again.

It wasnТt like he thought it would be. She was stiff and dry and he didnТt like Ma watching him. And no matter how hard he tried he couldnТt get all the way in. She was too small and the harder he tried the more she twisted and turned, even with Ma holding her by the hair.

They were hurting her. No matter what Ma said. She could hardly breathe with that rag in her mouth and the rope was rubbing her wrists and ankles raw. And now she was bleeding from between her legs.

He looked back at her and it made him sad. Ma made him leave her with her ankles still tied to the side of the van and he didnТt like the sounds that she was making. She was moaning and groaning, tossing her head around on the floor of the van, and she was starting to shake.

Were hurting her Ma. SheТs bleeding. Maybe we should let her go and get a another one.

Lowell worked on the ropes around her ankles while Maggie took the gag out of her mouth. Pampered bitch Maggie muttered as she untied her wrists. A strange dick in her precious little pussy and she falls apart. Lowell sat back and watched while Maggie inspected the damage. Grab her purse Lowell, she growled and he scrambled to the front of the van as Maggie broke open the smelling salts.

Is she gonna be all right Ma? Lowell stuttered, handing Maggie the purse as the smelling salts took effect. She dumped the contents out on the floor and tossed Lowell the box of tampons. Here, your new girlfriend needs one of these. Lowell held the box, his brow furrowed as Maggie chided him to hurry up. Goddamn it boy, we donТt have all fuckinТ day, sheТs makinТ a mess now hurry up. Just unwrap one of the goddamned things and stick it in her.

Lowell tore open the package while Maggie held her arms. He looked at the tampon and then back at Maggie, not sure what she wanted him to do. In her pussy you stupid little shit, stick the goddamned thing in her pussy. She was conscious now but her eyes were glazed and she barely moved as Lowell managed the tampon up and inside her.

He kneeled with his arms folded, rocking back and forth as Maggie tied her wrists in front of her. He didnТt like how she looked. She just stared at the floor. She didnТt even seem to care what they did. Ma said it was shock. He didnТt know what that meant but it sounded bad. But at least she wasnТt moaning and fussing anymore. She just stared at the side of the van like she was looking at something far away.

They sat in silence as Maggie eased the van back onto the freeway. Lowell was exhausted. There was so much to think about and his head was starting to pound. But he was glad that she wasnТt hurt. Even though he didnТt exactly understand what a period was, Ma said that it was normal and that she was OK.

She wasnТt shaking anymore either. She just sat nice and still with her hands tied in front. Ma didnТt even have to put the gag back in her mouth. But stillhe didnТt like how she just stared at the floor all the time.

When they pulled into the rest stop Ma told him to watch her while they took turns going to the bathroom. When Ma left she started asking him why they were doing this to her, why they had picked her. She didnТt seem to understand that they didnТt even know who she was. When he told her that they picked her out because she was pretty and had nice legs she closed her eyes and started crying again.

Maggie plopped down at the kitchen table and heaved a sigh of relief. Another 12-hour shift at the hospital had left her feet throbbing and her head pounding. She checked the clock, flipped on the television and cracked the bottle of vodka before settling down to watch the late news. The fatigue melted away as the smiling face of their new houseguest splashed across the screen.

Her and LowellТs little secret was somebody. Somebody important. And the world just wouldnТt let her go. Not without a trace. Not without a ransom demand. Not without an explanation. They had snatched a little piece of the outside world and for the first time in her life she had something that everybody else wanted: a rich, snooty, pampered bitch that wasnТt supposed to just disappear from a mall parking lot. Her fucking shoes cost more than her and Lowell spent on food for an entire month. The goddamned airplane tickets in her purse were worth more than their trailer. And now her hubby was putting up a million-dollar reward to get her pretty little ass back home safe and sound.

A cool million she chuckled. So she and Lowell had grabbed themselves a million-dollar piece of ass. And from the sounds coming from the next room, Lowell was getting his moneys worth.

Maggie poured a drink and lit a cigarette. She took a long drag and rolled her head back, exhaling the plume of bluish white smoke up towards the ceiling. It didnТt matter anymore how poor and ugly her and Lowell were. It didnТt matter how people stared at them, snickered at them, made fun of them every time they went out in public. She was smart enough to get back at them. Steal one of them. Drag one of them back to her and LowellТs private hell and hunker down while the pretty people all went into a tizzy wondering what the hell had happened.

And they didnТt have a fucking clue. Maggie could tell. The tone of the news stories was getting more and more desperate. She wondered how much more desperate they would be if they only knew

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