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Lesson 1 – Guests in the Gym

A final swing and a somersault as dismount. Sandra clapped her hands and slapped Patty’s back.

“Very well, Patty. You will have no problem to make it in the college team.”

“Very nice indeed!” The voice from the door made her wince, four men had entered unnoticed and clapped sneering applause. “Don’t we get a little encore?”

The leader of the pack sneered at her, and somehow his face looked familiar to Sandra, even if those nasty customers certainly were no students in this college.

“Get out at once! You have no business to here!”

“Why so unfriendly? My friends and I only want to show out respect for the coach and her student, right fellows?” Bawling the other three applauded and slowly advanced.

“If you don’t get out of here at once…”

“What will happen then? Will you give us a lesson of your famous martial art, Miss Blackbelt?” He looked at her with angry eyes. “I’d like to learn how a slip of a girl trashed my brother to hospital!”

“Your brother? This dealer?” The incident last week was fresh in her mind, where she caught a dealer red-handed on the campus – yes, this face looked alike. “This guy is certainly out of hospital now and waiting in a comfortable cell for some years behind bars. She laughed gloating. ” And if you don’t vanish, you and your friends may keep his company there!”

“I don’t think so, lady. Because you will tell the police that it was nothing but a misunderstanding!” The two huge negros advanced threatening. “Or do you need a special request?”

“Fuck you, behind bars he is in best hands. Her fist hit the solar plexus of the first, a kick the soft parts of the second, and both rolled on the floor gasping for air.

“And now you? Come on, you strong boy!”

But he only applauded grinning. “This first round was yours without doubt! But for the second we will change the rules a little bit.” Behind her Patricia yelled out in fear. “You certainly want to avoid an accident happening to your student, right?”

Sandra spinned around and had to see, that the fourth of the guys had gripped the girl and pressed a knife to her throat.

“Let her go at once!” She made a step, but he increased the pressure that a drop of blood trickled down her neck.

“No step further, or…” Sandra struggled to control her rage and with clenched fist she had to watch how the two negros struggled on their feet with hateful eyes.

“The second round: this time we will have the first blows… and you don’t move, or…” He made a gesture at his neck with his fingers.

“Damned cowards!” Sandra pressed her teeth, when strong hands grabbed her arms and shoulders and stifled each rained reflex, when the fist punched forward, hitting her belly with breathtaking force.

She gasped for air, and her knees became week, but she was hold upright at her arms, and blow after blow hit her belly and stomach, until she hung coughing and gasping in the strong grip that almost broke her arms, blood dropped from her half open lips, and her sight vanished behind a dark veil.

“Enough – for now!” He grabbed her chin to raise the sunken head, sneered at her with evil smile.

“The second round was ours, right?” Sandra stifled the raising liquid from her hurting stomach, still halfway paralyzed from the beating and hold in the firm grip, she could nothing do but to look at him with contempt.

“So we need a third round to find the winner.” Rudely her arms were bent upwards, and he tied her wrists firmly with a strong rope…


Posted October 9th, 2004

“Damned, let me go…you won’t get away with this!”

He only laughed and showed her a skipping rope. “Guess where this will be fixed!” Sandra fought now wildly, but she no chance to avoid, that the rope was tied tightly to her neck like noose and moments later she was pulled her upwards with it. The strangling rope ended rudely all of her protests in chocking, she only breathed stertorously, until the ends of the noose were tied to the asymmetrical bars, and the rope at her neck was loosened enough to let her breathe if she stood straight on her legs, now trembling in weakness and fear.

But before she had filled her burning lungs with air, her leg was grabbed and pulled upwards, she lost her balance, and again the noose contracted with brute force.

“We will make it more comfortable for this final round, okay?” Her shoes were removed, while she again gasped helplessly for air, strained at her bonds with all force, but the ropes didn’t loosen a bit, she only felt the pain from the skin rubbed away at her wrists.

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