Victoria And The Emir [CORTEZ]

Victoria And The Emir

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Victoria and the Emir
by Cortez. All rights reserved
Illustrated by Aries

Illustrations added on June 28th, 2003

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The three of them had been taken prisoner two days ago when the EmirТs men had attacked the caravan and massacred the rest of the expedition. Nineteen year old Victoria Standish and her two Arab maidservants, Yasmin and Fatima, had all woken to the sounds of screams and shots around them. In the confusion the three had fled out of their tent and into the dunes.

VictoriaТs guardian, the other officers and everyone else traveling with them had been killed in vicious hand to hand fighting with the EmirТs men. The girlsТ escape attempt had barely started when they were spotted and surrounded by grinning soldiers. Victoria had expected to be stripped and raped immediately but ominously, once they had been tied up, no one had touched them at all apart the occasional vicious stroke from a camel whip forcing them to keep up with the pace of the column.

Victoria suspected the awful truth of why they were been treated so well. The EmirТs cruelty, his love of torturing captives, especially if they were young, female and attractive, was well known. Sir Nigel Stokes, VictoriaТs guardian, had been so concerned about possible capture on this part of their journey that he had actually given Victoria a small revolver Сa final escape for youЕТ he had said grimly at the time.

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Staggering along, her wrists roped to the saddle of a camel, Victoria wept bitterly at her failure. When sheТd threatened to shoot the soldiers they had all roared with laughter. Then, as sheТd struggled with the safety catch, one of them threw a cloak over her head and the revolver had been plucked from her fingers before she could fire a shot. That had been their last chance and now she knew they all faced an agonizing ordeal at the hands of the EmirТs torturers.

Once inside the red mud walls of the fort the prisoners were forced down ancient stone steps to the cells. The guards held them still whilst two women, naked except for gold bracelets at neck, wrists and ankles and a cord round their waist holding a tiny white cache sexe in place between their legs, inspected the new arrivals. Their bodies gleamed with oil and they studied the newcomers with hot, excited eyes. СI am Rena,Т the older of the two women said in heavily accented English, Сand this is MeeraЕ Our Lord, the Emir sent us to see what beauty there is to entertain him this timeЕ Т

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Victoria found herself shivering uncontrollably as the inspection went on. She had heard whispered talk of the EmirТs so-called daughters; the two women who were his favorite Arab torturers, trained to use their skills to entertain their master as they took a victim slowly and delicately to peak after peak of agony. Victoria still had her wrists bound behind her but the two Arab girls had been untied and stood waiting obediently, hands clasped in front of them, heads bowed as they were circled and inspected.

Victoria, growing red in embarrassment, tried not to watch as Yasmin and Fatima let their simple robes fall to the ground when Rena flicked her fingers. She felt a sudden hot flush of arousal as she saw both girlsТ bodies were plucked smooth. She just couldnТt help staring. YasminТs cunt lips were full, their plumpness somehow emphasizing the soft inrolling slit of her cleft.

The feeling of wetness and warmth between her legs increased as her eyes flicked across to Fatima, her arousal increasing as she studied the second girlТs slim, wiry figure. Her labia werenТt as plump and full as YasminТs but the dark lips were parted so the gleaming pink slit of her inner flesh was exposed to the young English girlТs excited gaze. Victoria felt a thrill of illicit excitement as she glimpsed the erect tip of her maidТs clitoris peeping between those moist, parted lips. Despite her guilty embarrassment, the young blondeТs tongue slowly traced along her lips; her breathing getting slower and deeper as she responded to the erotic show of pretty young girls being sexually tormented by two oiled and near-naked older women.

Both of her eighteen year old Arab maidservants had deep olive coloured skin and black hair. Yasmin was the taller by half a head; long well-shaped legs with rounded hips curving into a slim waist and then up to full rounded breasts, each tipped with thick button-like nipples, a figure very different to FatimaТs slim figure and toned dancerТs physique. In contrast to her friend, FatimaТs breasts were small. Firm, sharply pointed cones capped with wide, almost-black aureoles. However, despite their lack of size, Victoria was amazed how long FatimaТs nipples had become as she was stimulated by the two womenТs tormenting caresses; the black tips jutting proudly upwards like little fingers.

The EmirТs daughters exchanged knowing smiles as the watched the blonde English girlТs fixed stare, high colour and rapid breathing. Suddenly aware of their gaze, Victoria looked away, her face flaming scarlet with shame at being caught so blatantly playing the voyeur.

Rena moved silently behind Yasmin, rubbing the hard, oily tips of her own breasts against the girlТs back then waited for the English girlТs gaze to lift once more before reaching round to finger the fuller, rounded peaks of her chosen victim. Yasmin shivered, cupping her hands to lift her breasts; deliberately offering the aureoles and their stiff tips for the womanТs special attention.

Victoria tried hard not to respond to the sight of the young maid trembling with excitement as the womanТs fingers caressed and rolled the thick stubs in a series of slow, milking caresses. It was no use; she could feel her own nipples stiffening as she stole more furtive glances at the scene being played before her and listened to the whimpers of pleasure as the womenТs fingernails scratched those sensitive tips with delicate, maddening skill.

СYou infidelsЕ so foolishЕyou have not enjoyed the pleasures of their bodies yetЕ?Т Rena smiled, catlike, from behind YasminТs back at the blushing blonde. VictoriaТs eyes followed RenaТs left hand as it traced downwards across the girlТs mound to cup those engorged, pouting lips, fingertips stroking expertly along the wet slit so Yasmin shuddered and bucked her hips in excitement. СShe likes it, see how wet and ready she isЕТ The woman abruptly left the trembling girl and, walking over to Victoria lifted her hand so the English girl could see how her fingers were already wet and sticky with juices of YasminТs arousal. Victoria flushed red once more, part embarrassment and part growing sexual excitement as she scented the strong, musky tang of the girlТs cunt on RenaТs fingers.

СOh, ahЕaaahЕ.aaaaaaah, mistress!Т A pleading, half-whispered cry of pleasure from Fatima turned all eyes back to her. RenaТs companion, Meera was squatting in front of the slim figure; one hand resting on the girlТs hip whilst she used just forefinger and thumb of the other to caress that little pink bulb Victoria had noticed nestling so prominently between the parted lips of her cunt.

Fatima shuffled her feet astride as she cried out, thrusting her hips forwards to open herself even more; displaying to everyone how the womanТs careful masturbation had made her clitoris swell and jut from its fleshy hood like a shiny pink berry. The girlТs hips twisted and rocked gently with every delicate caress; her mouth agape with soft mewing sounds as the womanТs skilled fingers stroked and strummed her towards a climax.

СSee, she comes so easilyЕas she will, again and again until her pleasure turns to an ecstasy of torment.Т RenaТs voice was almost a whisper as Fatima jerked and chanted in her own language, hips working frantically as she rode the maddening ecstasy of the womanТs fingertips. With the ecstasy building she was now squatting slightly with her knees apart to increase the wonderful stimulation being applied to her clitoris.

No words now, just the girlТs whimpering cries as everyone watched her riding Meera fingers harder and harder. After a minute or so, Fatima suddenly bucked violently six or seven times, chanting the same cries of pleasure over and over again as her climax came. Meera grinned at her companion and straightened up, finger and thumb still moving slowly inside the girlТs cunt as she milked her of the last jerking spasms of her orgasm.

Rena broke the panting silence that followed, СЕbut it is you who will interest my Lord the mostЕТ Her fingers traced across the neck of VictoriaТs high-necked blouse and the young English girl caught the strange exotic scent of the womenТs bodies; perfumed oil and perspiration mixed with the sharper, pungent scent of sexual excitement. She tried twisting away but RenaТs fingers held her jaw, turning her back to watch as Meera left Fatima to move closer.

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СThat one is already hotЕ such passion will please my master greatly.Т Victoria gasped and jerked as Rena caressed the point of the shivering English girlТs left breast; the womanТs fingers squeezing the traitorously stiff peak through the fine linen blouse and lace underbodice. СAnd youЕso proper, so correctЕbut the sight of a womanТs pleasure stirs the fire within I thinkЕyes?Т

СNo, oh God no, of course notЕIТmЕ I mean IТm notЕn-not l-like that.Т Her voice quivered as the fingers continued to squeeze and toy with her nipple. Her voice rose. СStop, stop it at onceЕLet us go. I demand you take us to your master. You have no right. YouТre animals, all of youЕ just animals.Т

Her outburst brought cruel, mocking laughter from both women. Victoria stared at the floor in fury, her face once more scarlet with mixture of anger and embarrassment. She gave a sudden gasp and twisted in the guardТs strong grip as Meera slipped her right hand, the fingers still wet from FatimaТs orgasm, boldly between the buttons of VictoriaТs long, ankle length skirt to fondle the lips of her cunt through the damp linen of her drawers!

СAaaah! Nooooo! How can you, no, no d-donТt no itsЕitТsЕits disgusting!Т Victoria shook her head, mouth open; chest rising and falling rapidly as the woman found the drawstring at her waist and wriggled her fingers inside to probe into the wet folds of her slit, applying the same teasing masturbation she had used on Fatima only moments before.

Unable to resist, Victoria suddenly gasped even louder, catching her breath as MeeraТs hand wormed further between her thighs, fondling the sensitive folds of her cunt until finally one finger slid up into the wet opening of her vagina. Virginia arched upwards on tiptoe gasping in shame and delight at this final touch. Meera crouched slightly, smiling at her companion. The girlТs seduction was complete; both of them could see how her knees were now splayed wide within the confines of the skirt, parted to allow the womanТs expert fingers to work their magic

MeeraТs hand moved more quickly beneath the girlТs skirt, one finger vibrating the young girlТs clitoris whilst two others fucked the nineteen year old blonde relentlessly. Juddering madly, her head thrown back in ecstasy, Victoria Standish gasped and cried aloud as the waves of pleasure took her to the very edge of excitement.

СC-c-c-c-canТt h-h-help it-t-t-tЕsheТs m-m-m-making m-me c-c-c-cum Еaaah, aaaaaaahЕ!Т

But, with Victoria on the brink of losing control, Meera smiled sadistically and slid her hand out from beneath the young English girlТs skirt, leaving her sobbing and jerking in an agony of frustration. She locked eyes with the scarlet-faced girl and slowly licked the sticky, glistening fingers of her right hand СLater you will taste the sweetness of our loins,Т Rena murmured, watching her companionТs tongue lapping obscenely against the tip of one finger.

СNow, it is time for you to meet his HighnessЕТ Rena smiled unpleasantly, her eyes hot with lust and excitement, СI trust you are in good voiceЕТ She looked at the flushed, panting figures of Victoria and Fatima with open excitement. СHis Highness too likes to hear the sounds of a woman in ecstasyЕ both from pleasureЕand painЕТ Her hand stroked the taut swell of VictoriaТs breast and she leaned closer to whisper. СFor you it will be pain before the pleasureЕwe will break that English reserve so you will beg to do anythingЕanything at all that we wishЕТ

Rena watched Meera delicately licking the last of the girlsТ juices from her fingertips then flicked her own fingers at the grinning Nubian guards. СNahib! Take them upstairsЕ his Highness will be waitingЕТ One of the men, the tallest and most muscular who wore a golden chain of office round his neck, bowed and signaled to the others.

Yasmin and Fatima were hurried out of the hot, stone cellar. The remaining guards seized the young Englishwoman by the upper arms. Victoria lifted her chin arrogantly dismissing RenaТs words as she was forced, struggling uselessly, up the stone stairs with the guardsТ fingers digging cruelly into crooks of her elbows.

The upstairs chamber was large and airy, pillars and a high ceiling with arched openings onto corridors at either end. More archways down one side led through to a flagged terrace with plants and a small fountain. The floor was tiled in intricate geometric designs in blue, gold and scarlet. In the middle of the side opposite the terrace, the Emir lounged at ease on a low dais, reclining against a heap of silken cushions. He was obscenely fat, overlapping rolls of brown, gleaming flesh showing under the richly embroidered robes. Jeweled rings encrusted the chubby fingers of each hand and his tiny feet were concealed by ornate, jeweled slippers.

Forced to stand in front of him Victoria shuddered as she looked at the smooth moon-like face, the small wet, pouting lips and the hot, sexual excitement in his eyes; hooded dark eyes almost hidden by the creases in his rounded features. There was no mercy or kindness hereЕ the figure lolling on the cushions might look comic but she realized instantly that the whispered stories about the cruel and perverted pleasures enjoyed by his Highness the Emir of Quatara, Lord of the Sands and self-styled Ruler of the Seven Tribes were all too horribly trueЕ

СAaahЕMiss Victoria Standish, my reluctant guest. But what can you expect when you British are foolish enough to poke your noses where you are not wanted once again.Т He paused grinning maliciously, СI am so pleased to see you are unhurtЕalthough I fear you may well come to regret your survival.Т He chuckled at the sight of the bound and shivering nineteen year old standing before him. СBut first let us see what delightful flesh we have to play withЕremove your clothes Miss Standish.Т

Without warning the cord round her wrists was cut and she stood free for the first time in hours. СWhat! How dare youЕyou, youЕ monster, you animal! You gaarrgЕ..Т Thick fingers closed round her throat strangling her, Victoria jerked and bucked, threshing madly for air. Her own fingers clawed uselessly at the black hands gripping her throat. She was almost unconscious when there was a nod from the Emir and the guard let her go.

СDisobedience and disrespect, such stupidity has earned you considerable further punishmentЕ You must realize that you have no choice in the matter, Miss Standish, remove your clothes or my men will strip youЕdo it now!Т

Victoria, still gasping and sobbing in her efforts to draw breath, gave in. Her fingers fumbled at the tiny pearl buttons of her blouse. She was horribly conscious of the staring eyes and growing sexual interest as, item by item, the heap of garments at her feet grew larger. Naked at last she tried to retain a hint of modesty by clutching the thin, sheer cotton of her underskirt against the front of her body, desperately shielding her breasts and genitals from the EmirТs gaze.

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Two of the big, black Nubians seized a wrist apiece, one of them wrenching the flimsy garment away as he did so, and lifted her arms away from her body. Each twisted the arm he was holding back against the joint, forcing her to arch forwards on tiptoe and holding her up, body stretched out in a taut СTТ displayed for their masterТs inspection.

The two women hurried forwards to run their hands over the nineteen year oldТs flawless golden tanned skin, making her squirm and wriggle so the full high globes of her breasts bobbled and jiggled with every movement. Rena licked her fingers and rubbed the pale pink tips, bringing VictoriaТs pointed nipples to hard, jutting attention once again and making the outer circle of her aureoles swell, the coral pink colour deepening with her unwilling arousal.

Her fingers twisted in the thatch of golden hairs on the English girlТs mound. СSuch a pretty colour, but my Lord desires you to be naked as his other womenЕ prepare her!Т

A wide, knee high bench was placed in front of the dais and Victoria was forced to straddle it. She had barely been pushed into position at the end nearest the Emir when the guards slammed her down onto her bottom and then onto her back. The width of the bench ensured her thighs remained splayed apart, the position of the bench deliberately chosen to afford the Emir a delightful view of the soft pink inner folds of the young English girlТs cunt and the little jutting nub of her clitoris.

Victoria gasped as a thick leather strap slapped across her belly and for a moment she thought she was to be flogged then and there. There were chuckles as the big Nubian reached under the bench, followed by the clink of metal and the thick leather gripped her belly tighter and tighter. VictoriaТs breathing became a series of rapid gasps as Nahib cinched the strap up one last notch before fastening the buckle to hold her down hard against the smooth, polished surface.

Immediately, other hands grabbed her arms, pulling them down on either side until her wrists could be tied to the bottom of each carved leg. The sides of the bench dug in to her shoulder joints as the position forced Victoria to arch her back, lifting and exposing her breasts even more obviously. Only her long, tanned legs were left unsecured but even that freedom was denied moments later when Victoria felt the pressure of strong fingers on her ankles as two guards grabbed a foot apiece.

The Emir smiled as the two men pulled the pinioned girlТs legs straight, waited for a teasing moment and then moved apart, using their strength to stretch her astride in an obscene splits. Victoria Standish was quite helpless, exposed with the sensitive core of her body and those stiff, pink-tipped breasts completely open for her torturers attentions. The Emir leaned forwards. СBlonde hair and such fair skin is so excitingЕ tell me Rena, is she wet?Т

СNo, you bastards, no NO! DonТt you dareЕno donТt touch me, no, noooo! Aaaaarrrgggh!Т Victoria wriggled wildly and quite uselessly as she saw the older of the two women kneeling in the vee of her splayed thighs

The two heavily muscled Nubians grinned and leaned back even more, stretching her legs even wider apart as RenaТs fingers stroked the gold-furred edges of VictoriaТs cunt lips, a teasing titillating caress that made her squirm and buck her hips as much as the belly strap would allow. One finger dipped into the pink folds, swirling and twisting expertly, making the girl gasp with unwanted pleasure. She held up her fingers, slippery and gleaming with the oily juices of VictoriaТs arousal. СFlowing like warm honey, masterЕ shall weЕ?Т Her fingers twirled among the glistening cunt hairs, pulling them so hard that VictoriaТs skin lifted in little peaks and she gasped with the sharp, stinging pain. Rena kept the tension as she looked at her Lord, lolling at ease on the cushions.

The Emir nodded and clapped his hands. Servants padded silently across the tiles carrying metal bowls, wooden tools and strips of fine white cotton on copper trays. One tray had a larger bowl held over a charcoal burner. The amber yellow mixture in the bowl moved and bubbled slowly, swirling like liquid toffee. The scent of lemons filled the chamber.

СYou may beginЕТ Victoria craned her head forward, peering fearfully down between her breasts, desperate to see what they were going to do to her now. Meera twisted a flat wooden spatula in the toffee-like mixture, lifted it out and held the loaded end over the triangle of blonde hair on the girlТs mound. Rena wormed one finger into the girlТs vagina as Victoria gasped and panted in terror as she felt the approaching heat of the mixture. The young English girlТs mouth opened to protest the invasion of her cunt as Meera brought the spatula down and spread the hot, sticky mixture across her delicate fleshЕ

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СAaaaarrrggh! ItТs burning meЕplease, please aaaaaah!Т The finger was ignored as the heat of the mixture grew worse and worse. Her cries of pain got louder as Meera continued to spread the lemon scented mixture across the pouting bulge of her mound and into the tender creases at the top of each thigh. Rena picked up one of the strips of cotton cloth, pressing it down onto the sticky covering thenЕ


Victoria bucked violently, mouth wide in a scream of pain as Rena ripped the cloth away dragging the first swatch of the girlТs pubic hair away stick to the sugar syrup coating. As her scream died the only sound were her racing breaths as she felt her tormentor pressing another strip against the next patch of sugared hair.

Ten more times Victoria bucked and surged against her straps at the increasing pain of the forced depilation. The last two strips brought more choked and muffled cries from her as the inner creases of her thighs and the soft, delicate lips of her outer labia were stripped of any trace of the fine golden fur.

Suddenly, the grip on her ankles slackened. The English girl had just taken a single deep breath of relief when the guards, obeying a flick of the fingers from Rena, forced each leg back over her head so Victoria was doubled back, her feet almost touching the floor behind her head. They were big men and held her down easily as she screamed and writhedЕ her movements becoming even wilder as she felt RenaТs fingers teasing and tickling the sensitive flesh round her anus.

СNow you will have cause to scream,Т the woman said softly, and laughed as Meera let a thick gobbet of the burning hot mixture fall into the crease between the girlТs parted buttocks. VictoriaТs cries became a series of sobbing wails as the hot lemon-scented toffee was spread round her anus and into all the hidden folds of her bottom. This time, each sharp, ripping removal of the cotton strips was accompanied by a shriller, frantic cry from the doubled figure strapped to the torture bench.

At long last, Rena threw the final sugared cloth onto the tray and VictoriaТs legs were once more stretched into an obscene splay for the Emir to view the soft, newly stripped folds of her genitals . She squirmed and jerked even more wildly, sniveling and shivering with pain and sensation as RaniaТs fingers caressed the now ultra-sensitive skin, toying with the plump, exposed and hairless lips of the girlТs cunt. СAh yes, you will feel everything so much more now.Т Rania bowed to the Emir. СShe is ready, Master.Т

СAnticipation is the spice of enjoymentЕbut before you make the infidel sing with pleasure there is the matter of her disobedience. Nahib,Т the big Nubian padded across to salaam respectfully in front of his master, СI would have her feel the caress of the SerpentТs Tongue.Т He paused and studied the way VictoriaТs body was strapped down; how her firm young breasts were thrust out and upwards, their pink tips jutting towards the ornate ceiling of the chamber, and how exposed and inviting her newly plucked genitals were with her legs held wide by his men. СPunish those places she sought to conceal from us so rudelyЕТ

Rena twisted her fingers in VictoriaТs hair and forced her head round as Nahib padded back with something swinging from his right hand. СLook, English bitchЕsee what your pride has brought you!Т She waited for Victoria to look at the black leather blade the massively muscled guard was holding. The horrible thing the Emir had called the СSerpentТs TongueТ was about three feet long and shaped like a slim, elongated leaf attached to a wooden handle that was bound with silver wire. The leather blade was thick, but well oiled so it flexed and swayed with every movement of NahibТs hand.

An ornate pattern of holes was pierced down the length of the blade. Rena released her grip on VictoriaТs hair and lifted it to show the shivering girl how the SerpentТs Tongue got its name. She pressed against the supple leather so the two sides parted, revealing how the blade was slit for the last six inches. СAcross your bottom the kiss of the Tongue is like liquid fireЕbut for you it will be worseЕmuch worseЕТ

Victoria eyes widened in horror as she saw how the split ends moved in tormentorТs hands, the colour draining from her cheeks as she understood the awful meaning of the EmirТs words. СOh God, no, no you canТt, no itТs inhuman, you monsterЕnoooooo!Т

Rena traced her nails over the swell of VictoriaТs right breast, circling her nipple so it stiffened into a hard, sharp peak. СFirst here and thenЕТ Her fingers trailed down to the naked lips of her cunt, Сand then here so my Lord may watch as you pay for your earlier insult with your agonyЕТ

At another unseen signal from the Emir Rena stripped the minute thong away from her own oiled cunt before straddling the bench to sit behind the pinioned girl. She stroked VictoriaТs temples. СFirst your breastsЕ then your agony will pleasure me as Nahib uses the Tongue between your legs. Now watch your punishment beginЕТ


No warning, just a single whistling swish as the leather blade sliced down to slam across the pink circles of VictoriaТs exposed aureoles with a flat, wet noise that echoed round the pillared hall. The breath exploded from the girlТs mouth as she reared up against her straps, the two guards fighting to hold her legs still as she convulsed in wordless agony. Her eyes bulged wide and her mouth formed an O as she fought to drag air back into her lungs. And as the searing pain built upЕ VictoriaТs first scream rang out.


СTen more like that will do, Nahib,Т the EmirТs voice cut through the whimpering sobs as Victoria tried to ride the blazing pain of that first stroke. СBut slowly Nahib, slowlyЕlet her feel each one fullyЕafter all anticipation makes things so much sweeterЕI find.Т

СThwapp!Т СThwappТ! СThwapp!Т


Victoria Standish screamed and gibbered in vain as each stroke of the leather tongue flayed her breasts and their tender pink tips to fiery redness. After the first five strokes, Nahib walked round to the other side of the bench to ensure that the devilish slit end nipped and pinched each nipple equally. The girlТs body writhed against the straps and cruel hands holding her down but her tormentors were too strong; too experienced in the application of such punishments to allow her a momentТs respite. Besides, all were well aware of the dread penalties that awaited them too if they failed to do their masterТs bidding.

A pause and the wild screams became a gasping gabbling series of pleas as Nahib stretched lazily at the end of the first ten strokes. Rena brought a fresh series of high pitched squeals from her as she scratched her nails over the throbbing red-flushed globes of VictoriaТs breasts. СShe will not be so eager to insult you again, Lord,Т she said as she pinched the taut swollen tips of the girlТs nipples.

СNow you have felt the kiss of my little serpent on you breastsЕ Nahib will give you a lesson in true obedienceЕТ The Emir grinned at the eager expression on RenaТs face. СOh yes, my hot oneЕyou may ride her face this timeЕТ As he spoke, Nahib moved to the end of the bench and the two guards holding VictoriaТs feet brought her legs back and out so the split oval pouch of her cunt and the brown rosette of her anus were turned upward and held open for the scalding kiss of the tongue.

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СScream well for me English girl, Rena murmured as she lifted her self and edges forwards until she was squatting astride the girlТs face. To steady herself she brought her hands forward and gripped the girlТs breasts, the sharp nails digging deep into the hot, scarlet flesh. As the pain of RenaТs touch ripped through her, VictoriaТs mouth opened in a wide O of agonyЕbut any scream was muffled before it could be uttered as her tormentor sat down, pressing the wet, oily lips of her cunt across the girlТs nose and mouth.

СBeat her Nahib, beat her that I may feel the pleasure of her agonyЕТ Nahib whipped his hand down and the leather blade hissed down to snap viciously against the newly-plucked and still sensitive flesh of the girlТs cunt lips.


The figure on the bench jerked wildly and a long muffled wail bubbled out from between RenaТs thighs. Not to be left out, Meera stood behind her friend, gently caressing her glistening breasts as Rena shivered in delight as the girlТs cries and writhing lips worked and stimulated her clitoris.


The beating continued remorselessly, each stroke bringing even more frantic movement from the pinioned girl; and each stroke increasing the stimulation as VictoriaТs agony brought Rena to the bring of coming. Her hips bucked madly and, for a few moments Victoria was quite unable to breathe at all as Rena pressed down harder and harder against the girlТs face. But she was too experienced, too skilful in the ways of torture to allow her victim an easy escape into unconsciousness. She lifted slightly, her fingers twisting and pinching the girlТs whipped teats and that fresh series of screaming spasms was enough to tip her over the edge.

Sated for the moment she eased back onto the bench, resting against MeeraТs legs. Both of them smiled, catlike in their cruel pleasure, as the hall echoed with the smack of the last three strokes of the tongue and wild, unmuffled screams of VictoriaТs continuing agony.

The Emir clapped his hands in delight as Nahib wiped the moisture from the leather blade and bowed to his master. СExcellent, excellentЕuntie herЕТ

Victoria was released and forced to her feet, wrists gripped by the guards so she was unable to soothe the blazing agony between her legs or the throbbing, burning pain in her breasts. СOh God, y-y-you devilЕyou monster! You will burn in hell for thisЕLET ME GOOOO!Т

Victoria StandishТs yell of rage was greeted by guffaws of laughter from her tormentors. The Emir raised one hand and silence fell. СMiss StandishЕ that was simply a lesson in manners. I assure you there is a much longer ordeal awaiting you now.Т He looked across to where other guards were holding VictoriaТs two maids so they could watch everything that had been happening to their mistress. СSecure her first.Т

Instantly, VictoriaТs wrists were brought together and a thin rawhide strap wrapped round and round to bind them together. A rope with a metal hook on the end was lowered from the ceiling and the hook slipped through the wrist tie. The guards released their hold and Victoria gasped in shock as her arms were hoisted into the air. She scrabbled for balance but the remorseless pull on her arms continued until she was at full stretch and balanced on the balls of her feet.

СNow, Miss Standish, since you do not seem to understand your position hereЕRena and Meera will demonstrate their skills on your two maids. You will watchЕand learn before it is your turn to provide the entertainment.Т


СЕI suggest you say nothing, nothing at all. And do not think to spare them by looking away. If you do that their agony will so much worseЕas will yours.Т

He looked at the two maids for long moments. СThat one,Т he pointed at Yasmin, Сlet us hear how she enjoys a taste of the bastinadoЕТ

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