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Text: Lucas Illust: De Haro

My name is Gemma. IТm the one in the picture, the one with the tanga and high-flying top. IТve been doing aerobics and IТve been working on my bottom and my breasts. My teacher says theyТre both looking good Ц firm, round and uplifted. He says I stick out nicely, front and back. IТve noticed that he spends a lot of time working on me, so he should how know how the round bits feel. I have a feeling itТs a case of mutual development, because working on me develops his dick. Every time I see him heТs hobbling!

Let me introduce my brother. HeТs a force of Nature, a brute force to be precise, one metre ninety five, a hundred and thirty kilos and, poor thing, a brain the size of a cricketТs. IТve looked after him since our parents died and he obeys me like a lap dog. IТm all heТs got. He worships the ground I tread on. Until a short time ago Mongo (thatТs what they called him at school and he likes it, so itТs stuck) was an obstacle to my social, sentimental and sexual life. Not any more, though. HeТs my right-hand man, especially when IТm using my own right hand on my privates or somebody elseТs.

We live just out of town. YouТll forgive me if I donТt say where exactly. LetТs just say that we live in an old, isolated house thatТs too big for just the two of us.

My latest period of domestic bliss started when Leila, our cousin, turned up one day with her new boyfriend. I hadnТt seen her since we were kids. SheТd turned into a delightful young woman, with a coquettish look in her eye, and a body that dreams are made of (MongoТs and mine).

The boyfriend, Walter, was also good-looking: tall, strong, with dark brown eyes. IТd heard he was into bodybuilding, working out and all that stuff, which is unusual for a lawyer. The two of them together were a collectorТs item, really.

They sat down and Leila explained why theyТd come. They wanted to talk about our inheritance, she said. She looked at Walter, who took up the story. Mongo, he said, couldnТt inherit anything because he was mentally handicapped. So his share of the inheritance should go to Leila, he said.

Now I didnТt believe a word of this, because when our parents died they left everything to both of us and nobody disputed it. But I let Walter talk on. The truth was, I was having difficulty concentrating on what he was saying. My eyes kept wandering to LeilaТs semi-transparent blouse that was holding a large and extremely suckable pair of tits. I was beginning to feel restless in my cunt, and I could see Mongo getting a bit horny too. The next pair of trousers I get him will have three legs!

If theyТd come to steal MongoТs part of the inheritance, that was really very naughty of them. Mongo and I would have to think of ways of punishing them…

For the moment, what we both wanted was to get all the clothes off them as quickly as possible. A good-looking couple like this doesnТt drop in for tea every day. Talking of which, I offered them a cup and I slipped something in it. I wanted their visit to be long and memorable.

People think itТs easy for a woman like me to find a sexual partner, and it is, but itТs much more difficult if youТre into sexual partners, in the plural. I mean, I like a manТs prick up me but I also like to slip my tongue into a woman lips at the same time, and thatТs quite difficult to arrange in polite society. You canТt just go to a dinner party, rip your blouse open, peel a banana and say Is anyone here into group sex? can you?

Anyway, there we were with this unexpected little present Ц a desirable couple, Walter and Leila: the complete Do-It-Yourself S&M Masturbating, Fucking and Licking Kit, consisting of one dick, one pussy, two tongues and two lovely big wobbly mind-exploding boobs.

Anyway, it wasnТt long before the guests were sleeping like babies. A pity about the sofa. I donТt mind stains on it but I prefer them to be more interesting than tea.

Fortunately there are lots of rings set in the basement wall for tying the ropes to. I told Mongo to put them all over the wall. ItТs like electric sockets. You can never have too many.

Mongo carried them down to the cellar and I took their car keys and drove the car to another part of town and left it in the street.

When I got back everything was ready.

OK, Mongo? Do you like them? I asked. The erection sticking out of his pants made the question a bit unnecessary.

He nodded his head several times. His jaw was hanging open and his eyes were bloodshot. The guy was on heat, as usual.

ItТs cousin Leila I told him if youТre a good boy and you help me with them, you can have her too.

His hand was on his dick, squeezing it. He canТt help it. Every time he sees a girl with big boobs he has to wank. You canТt take him anywhere… But he surprised me with an offer.

No. Present. Present for you!

I kissed him and thanked him. At least it meant I could have them first. But heТd have to have his share some time. FairТs fair.

Mongo likes his women young, good-looking and with huge tits. Ideally they would be tall and thin as well, and have long, blonde hair and blue eyes.

LeilaТs pretty close to this. Pity sheТs got short hair, but itТll grow … if she survives MongoТs dick, of course!

I glanced at my watch. I had half an hour.

Walter was lying on the only bed in the basement, with his wrists tied to the bars at the head of the bed. His ankles were tied to the bottom of the bed. Mongo helped me to get his shirt off with a cutter. At first I left his underpants on, funny little shorts with bunny rabbits all over them. He looked gorgeous. I couldnТt wait to climb on top of him. Maybe he was a bit too muscular, but heТd lose that in time.

I put a couple of cushions under his buttocks. I wanted his dick up as high as possible.

I stepped back to get a good look at my lawyer. He was a good catch!

Then I got to work on his mouth. If thereТs one thing that pisses me off itТs a guy shouting. The solution is simple. IТve got two harnesses that shut them up and give me an extra dick for the same price! You strap them over their heads and tighten them with buckles. TheyТve got two rubber dicks that go over the mouth, one inside the other. The one inside is short and fat and you can use it on its own, or you can put the long one on top of it. Which is what I do … I like to feel it right up inside me.

It wasnТt easy to get the harness on him. Men arenТt as easy as women. I broke one of his teeth doing it, but in the end I got it in so that his teeth fitted inside the rubber mouthpiece. ItТs actually harder to get out, but thatТs not going to be a problem for some time yet.

I stepped back to get a good look at my lawyer. He was a good catch: firm and muscular with a nice suntan and a very responsive member. And he was well displayed and totally defenceless (which is upsetting for a lawyer).

I decided to blindfold him, to frighten him a bit and get him concentrating on what I was doing to his dick.

Meanwhile, Mongo had tied Leila to a hook in the ceiling by the wrists. Her feet were on the ground, but only just.

I got her down and put a harness on her. It was an easy job. She had a gorgeous big mouth, with very sensual lips. The mouthpiece slipped in too easily, so I changed it. The new one was similar except that the inside penis can be blown up like a football through one of the two holes in the tip. A bit kitsch, but who cares? A good come is a good come, whether itТs with a dick or a dildo or your own fingers.

I relaxed a bit when I saw that she was breathing well enough through the nose. I felt the false dick through the soft skin of her neck, opening the way down into her throat. I ordered my beloved brother to take her dress off. He ripped it off and nearly ripped her wrists off as well. He doesnТt know his own strength (or length!).

And there she was, tied down and wearing only a bra and panties. The bra looked deliciously full and wobbly. I donТt know where sheТd been planning to go that evening, but she was bursting out of her satin underwear and it made me go all moist between the legs. She was wearing tiny little panties with dainty little bows on the hips, and a bra that looked as if it was going to float upwards. I just wanted to sit on that perfect body, with its soft stomach and blonde bush showing over the panties, and stroke those lovely long legs. I was beginning to need to press myself against something…

As there was no spare bed, I decided to let her wake up on her knees. Mongo tied each ankle back to the thigh, which I like because it opens the thighs and leaves the vagina exposed with the lips partly open. He tied her wrists behind her back, which makes the breasts stick out more. The ropes came round the front and went above and below her breasts, framing them nicely.

There was just time to get the gear on. I gave Mongo a mask, a thick studded collar and matching wristbands, leather straps around his biceps and a ring on the base of his dick. Good enough, considering he already looks like something from another planet. HeТs got big round breasts that are almost feminine, a strong belly, a huge twisted dick thatТs had a knife job, short fat legs like an ape and big hands and feet. HeТs also very hairy, but he shaves all over, so he looks bald all over.

First I brushed my hair, which I keep long and flowing hair because itТs romantic and also good for rubbing in well-oiled cunts. It holds the smell. I put on a mask, the top that rides over my tits and lets the air in, a tanga pulled tight up into my crack, and leather boots with the obligatory stiletto heel, metal-tipped.

I looked at Mongo and saw he was getting very excited. I told him to jerk off before they woke up. HeТs dangerous if he doesnТt. Then I sent him to have a wash.

ItТs incredible how fast his bollocks make that stuff. He may be slow up top but heТs not slow down below. I donТt know if Leila and Walter will appreciate his recovery speed though!

Walter was the first to wake up. I couldnТt see his face, but the rest of him looked good: the ropes pulled tight, the jaws straining at the gag, snorting through his nose to get air in, his muscles tense…

It was all too much for me. I crept up to him and squeezed the base of his dick.

The reaction was immediate. Walter stopped struggling against the ropes. He waited, tense as a violin string. I could feel his pulse beating hard.

His wrinkled little dicky felt good – small and cute and friendly. It was growing in my hand. When it was firm I stroked it. I stroked the silky skin on the bottom of his balls too.

Then I put my fist around the base of his dick and squeezed again. Lovely! The hole on the tip gasped like a fish out of water. I sank my nail into it. I keep them long especially for this. Walter winced. I felt like God.

Walter still didnТt know where he was, but heТd soon find out. There was a little rough justice coming his way.

Walter and Leila were confidence tricksters, swinglers. They had to be punished. As a lawyer, Walter would surely understand that!

This particular punishment would not be meted out by a judge. It would be meted out by me or Mongo, with a cane or a whip on a bare buttock or an unprotected breast or an open pussy. Walter and Leila would be forced to have orgasms when they didnТt want them, and they would be used to give Mongo and me orgasms whenever we wanted one. Or more than one.

I played with WalterТs dick, sometimes delicately, sometimes roughly. I pinched the gland or stroked the base softly or squeezed his bollocks together unexpectedly. In the end I couldnТt resist and I had a good suck. It always reminds me of popsicles at school.

My brother arrived and I realised Leila had woken up. I left Walter nearly coming. Nearly, but not quite…

Bring her over, Mongo. Put her on the bed and give her a close-up view of a lawyerТs dicky.

Mongo acted swiftly, brutally, perfectly. With one hand on the hair of her head and the other around her bush he lifted Leila and threw her onto the bed next to Walter. Her eyes were open wide, struggling to focus on WalterТs dick, which was just in front of her face.

She was a lovely sight, with her big floppy tits down on the mattress.

Down, Mongo! I had to say, not yet!

My charming cousin looked on as I got my fist round her fiancйТs dick. I started licking and sucking.

I quite like your boyfriend, Leila. I hope you donТt mind! I said, smiling.


I got the impression she did mind, but what could she do about it? My brother calmed her down by sticking her face into the pillow and putting three fingers up her ass. HeТs always been a subtle thinker…

I quite like your boyfriend, Leila. I hope you donТt mind! I said, smiling.

The truth is, I was getting hornier and hornier. This Walter guy was good meat and I hadnТt been with another man for two years (well, except for my brother and he hardly counts as a person). So with Leila looking daggers at me, I started licking and sucking with all my strength on the penis of my new toy. HeТd have come straight away if it hadnТt been for my technical abilities. Each time he was getting near I took my mouth away and stuck my nails into his bollocks. Even a lawyer can learn.

When I couldnТt stand it any more, I crouched down on his face with my legs wide apart. I kept on working on his genitals with my hand. I licked the rubber dick that came out of his mouth and I slid myself down onto it. I screamed with pleasure.


I just stayed there for a while, with my cunt down on my little toy, choking him between my buttocks, his nose squashed against my ass. ThatТs the way to treat a man…

Then I climbed off, grabbed him by the testicles and got my thumb and forefinger round his dick. I got ready to ride his dick this time. It was a lovely feeling. Power, pure power!

Just then he started to lose his erection. There must have been something he didnТt like about the new position.

I started sucking, licking and stroking his balls again. The effect was immediate. I soon had a huge throbbing erection between my lips again. I wanted to prolong the first orgasm as much as possible, but I couldnТt fight it.



I came like IТd never done before. It ran up my cunt and into my head and shook my whole body, again and again. I think I fainted for a second or two. But I managed to open my eyes and I saw that Walter was starting to come. I managed to punch him in the balls just in time. The bastard! Who did he think he was, using my cunt to give himself an orgasm?

I felt better then and was able to devote myself to the other orgy-mates. Logically, my little brother should be next in line, to keep it in the family, so I turned my attention to him.

First, I ordered him to turn my little toy over. There was nothing Walter could do against MongoТs enormous strength. Mongo just flipped him over and lifted his buttocks. He looked quite provocative with his rippling muscular back, his tight little bumhole way up high and his strong legs tensed…

I kicked my cousin in the ribs and she fell onto the floor. I pulled her hair and made her go down on her knees. I grabbed her by the ears and impaled myself on the rubber penis that was sticking out of her lovely, sensual lips.

I donТt want you to fuck up my little toy, I said.

She looked at me. She didnТt understand. I wasnТt surprised. It was difficult to imagine what I had in mind!

She looked stunning with the harness round her head, her gazelleТs eyes staring up at me through the hair of my bush, and her lips stretched around the huge consoler that was making me happy.

When I thought the consoler was damp enough, I climbed off. My brother needed no prompting. There are times when heТs a real Einstein.

He picked up our cousin by the hair and cunt and dropped her face down between her boyfriendТs legs. He stepped back. It was my turn.

I caught hold of the huge rubber dick that came out of LeilaТs mouth and held it against WalterТs anus. Mongo gave her a sharp push on the back of her head and forced it in.

The lawyer shook like an electric eel. Leila closed her eyes and wept.

OK, Mongo, carry on. When she knows how to ass-fuck her boyfriend, sheТll do it to you. YouТll love it…

The idiot followed my instructions. He closed his giant fist around LeilaТs blonde hair and made her fuck her boyfriendТs ass. In, out. In, out…

I moved in myself and put my hand down onto his

genitals. The randy sod had a hard-on! Mmmmm … Now that was interesting. If I could persuade my little brother that a lawyerТs ass was every bit as good as LeilaТs juicy cunt, I would enjoy life a bit more.

For the moment, however, I had other things on my mind. I put the nail of my index finger into LeilaТs lips … It was little and hard and a scandalous red colour. I began to scratch it and pinch it between my fingers. It seemed very sensitive, despite the unpleasant way her face was fucking her boyfriendТs asshole. Unfortunately, the slut didnТt last long. No stamina at all! In five minutes I got three big orgasms out of her. But she was my type all right. The sort that comes out of one orgasm and starts building up the next straight away.

I was getting very juicy myself by now, with so much grunting and groaning all around me! told Mongo to flip Walter over onto his back again, with his legs apart.

Now watch me, Mongo, I said sitting on WalterТs face with the mouth attachment up my back passage. Try it with little Leila. YouТll see how nice it is!

A light went on in MongoТs dark brain.

Leila and Walter have been living with us for a month now. Nobody has enquired about them. It looks as if their visit was a private affair, nobody else in the family knew. A piece of luck for all of us (well, Mongo and me anyway).

Walter still hasnТt had an orgasm yet, but he gives me ten or twelve every day. Half of them round the back.

HeТs got a fantastic prick. Untiring. It would win a prize in a fruit and vegetable show. Parsnip of the year, maybe. The teeth marks all over it, especially over the tip, set it off and show he belongs to a woman of character. Someone who knows what she wants, and how to get it.

Mongo feeds him, cleans him and changes his blindfold some times. He also gives it to him up the ass good and hard.

I look after Leila. I wash her, feed her, and attend to her sexual needs. As I interpret them, they include buggering my brother regularly with the harness on and then cleaning his anus with her mouth.

With this exception, Leila is mine. I even think sheТs beginning to enjoy my attentions. We have some great nights together. I still havenТt untied her arms or legs though. What does she need them for? She only needs her lips, her tongue and her marvellous face, twisted into a delightful, permanent expression of shuddering disgust…Х

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