Pregnant In The Harem [MR. KANE’S]


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Aline, a young French girl, was captured and shut in the SultanТs harem. She found favor with him, and for a time was his favorite. Now she has fallen into disgrace.

She cannot conceal her state any more, and the jealous harem companions have sent word to the Sultan. She has been handed over to the Harem jailers for interrogation.

The Grand Sultan knows that he has not touched the concubine for some time. He has just returned from a military campaign that lasted a year, fighting the rebels in the north.

The first day

Aline is waiting to be interrogated, in chains. Her fine robes were ripped off and her naked body was exhibited to the women of the harem, to her great shame. She was dragged to this terrible cell and locked in. Her swollen stomach has already been prodded and fondled by the jailers.

She is half dead with fright. She does not know how much torture she can stand before she confesses. She is shaking, her knees give way, as she caresses the fruit of her infidelity.

I am innocent, My Lord, the child is yours!!!

You will confess, bitch, you will confess soon enough!

Meanwhile the torturer has prepared pincers and pliers to work on the most intimate parts of AlineТs body, and has made a ring for her clitoris.

Second day

Aline screams as the knife goes through her thick clitoris. She has been left naked all night, waiting for the SultanТs visit.

Carry on, the Sultan orders.

The torturer forces Aline to sit on a dirty chair. He has tied her swollen breasts together with leather straps that will shrink when wet. Aline begs for mercy, and squeezes her breasts until a watery liquid emerges.

The child is yours. Look at my nipples. They are full of a motherТs milk. This milk will feed our son, your heir.

You lie, SatanТs whore. You know we have only lain together once. And I took you in your ass, infidel bitch!

No, no! That was my mother… you remember how you had her impaled the next day? And you took me on the ground as she sat on the stake!

Hmmm, maybe you are right. I remember. The slut sounded like a rutting deer and writhed like an eel on a hook. But that was a year ago. Jailer, carry on with your work!

Third day

Aline has spent the night chained to her chair with her clitoris hooked to her suffering breasts. From time to time the jailer wets the straps that join them.

The Sultan returns to continue the interrogation. Aline pleads her innocence and begs for mercy.

Torture you me if you will, My Lord, but first let me give birth in peace. I beg you.

There is no mercy for the unfaithful.

The jailer sets to work with his cruel instruments of AlineТs breasts, pinching, twisting and burning her delicate, swollen nipples.

Aline screams and wets herself. She cannot stand so much pain, but she knows she must not speak. She must not confess!

Fourth day

Aline was given some hoursТ rest, lying on the floor. Now she has been carried to a table and impaled in her anus with poles of various thicknes Her sore nipples are stretched unbearably Her sex lips are burnt and squeezed with strong pliers. The jailer tightens the ropes and the Sultan waits to hear her confess.

Aline cannot answer. Her mouth is full of semen which has come from the guards and palace soldiers, poured into her mouth down a funnel.

Fifth day

Night has come Aline has been brutally beaten on the buttocks. Her nipples have been nailed to the bench and a thick anus stretcher has been inserted.

The Sultan is losing patience. Aline has not confessed. The Sultan applies the last few strokes to the almost skinless buttocks with his own hands.

IТm innocent, IТm innocent!

Aline sobs in desperation. She cannot take any more suffering or humiliation.

All right, says the Sultan finally. If you are innocent, you will be left to give birth in peace

Sixth day

The Sultan has given new, blood-chilling orders. Aline is to stand in the dungeon corridor, suspended by her breasts, until she gives birth. Unless, that is, she chooses to confess!

She has had a terrible night. She can hardly stand up on the damp, slippery stones. Her arms ache from the effort of standing and lifting the rope to take some of the pull off her breasts. She feels as if her womb is going to burst at any moment. She asks to be allowed to confess.

An hour later, the Sultan arrives.

Well, what do have to say to me?

I am guilty! I was unfaithful to you!

Name. I want a name, slut! Who was he? He will be impaled immediately!

You cannot impale him without unleashing a rebellion. You will lose your own head if you do!

Who was it?

Yussuf al Fani, Captain General of your army! The man who put you on the throne and gave you victory against your enemy, the peopleТs hero, my lover!

That is not possible! It cannot be, the Sultan turns pale and stammers. When? How?

Every time you sent him back to keep order in the capital. He always found time to fuck me!

Seventh day

AlineТs fate was sealed. There was no appeal against the sentence. She was taken to the stable, where she would spend the rest of her days working as a slave serving the stable boys, camel handlers, blacksmiths and dung cleaners, the lowest of the low on the Palace staff.

The Sultan decreed:

You will give birth to your bastard son in the stables, and then he will be taken from you and sold into slavery. Your most important task will be to satisfy Jhamel, a huge black with an enormous cock! Just getting it into your mouth will be a fitting punishment for your unbridled lust!


As for Yussuf, we will find a way for him to die in a military campaign

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