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“Hehe… each day should start with the hanging of a damned redskin!” Tom spitted to the bound squaw who looked with despise at him and gave him a curse in her language.

“Oh yes… and even better if it is a horny squaw,” Jim threw the long rope over the branch of the dried out tree and knotted skillfully a noose at one end.

A third man came from the barn rolling a barrel in front of him. “Right, better to kill those whores before they have made a couple of red bastards.”

“Come on… on your lazy legs, damned bitch!” Two of them grabbed her, forced her head in the noose . With some pulling, she was forced to climb the wobbly barrel, tried to keep her balance with some difficulty, her eyes now showing a glimpse of panic while she watched Jim knotting the other end of the rope to the tree stump.

“Any final prayer to your Manitu?” laughing they watched their helpless victim, who had closed her large dark eyes now and pressed her full lips to a narrow line. Then the first shoot… it hit the barrel, and made it move, with instinctive panic, White Feather tried to keep balance while the noose tightened, but more shoots followed, hit the barrel and make it away roll backwards slowly, until her seeking toes finally lost it, fell down in the noose with a final desperate gasp, before it strangulated her completely, her toes swinging some inches below the dried out ground.

She opened her mouth now, gasped for air, nearly blind from the pain at her neck and in her burning lungs her feet kicked wildly, and blood rushed in her ears, so she didn’t hear the laughers and mocking anymore, didn’t notice how her bladder emptied without her control, only fought for the lacking air, until each force had left her body, and she hung on the noose, only slowly swinging in the hot wind.

“BAMM” Her shot hit well, and the rope shredded , the hanging girl fell hard to the ground, but she was still moving how Sharon noticed with a fast look before she left the shadows and held her two guns threatening towards the three guys, who were completely surprised.

“Okay…and now be good boys and throw away your weapons!” A shot that hit the gun and smashed it out of his hand interrupted the try to target it in her direction, and with loud curses the men dropped the guns and their belts as well after a short command.

The squaw on the floor moved weakly, coughed and spitted, showing she was alive, so Sharon could concentrate on the men and directed them to the barn on her right.

“Not so lazy, and better don’t give me a reason to shot in your asses!”

Posted July 17th, 2004

One shouted a curse to her, then suddenly his face changed to a grin; but this warning came too late, and before she could react, Sharon felt the end of a gun touching her head.

“What’s this, can I not even sleep out in the morning?” The pressure increased when she made a movement to turn. “Stand still and drop this toys… this is nothing for little girls!”

She had no choice, and before the dropped guns hit the floor, a violent punch hit her face with a force, that it nearly knocked her out and threw her sideward in the arms of the waiting man whose firm grip prevented her to fall down. Her left arm was grabbed as well, and a kick hit her stomach, while she was pushed forward, drove all the breath out of her body.

She hung helpless in the firm grips, got more blows and kicks, until she spitted blood and the remains of her breakfast, the world vanished behind a veil of darkness.

“Nice nipples!” The pain when she was pulled upwards on her nipple brought her back, and now Sharon noticed her torn skirt, the fingers squeezing her nipple painfully, and the cold metal of a gun at her glowing face. Still she felt sick and numb, her ears were rushing, and her limbs felt like paralyzed. Again she coughed a swell of blood.

“I’m curious what is hidden here!” The gun pressed in her belly, but his fingers pointed more downwards, and the tune in his words made her tremble in anger.

“Fuck you, bastard, why don’t you shoot and make in fast?”

“No… you are the one to be fucked!” Loud laughers followed, when his hand vanished below her belt. “Why killing a nice girl like you before giving you the chance to entertain us!”

When she felt his fingers in her soft bush she fought with all reaming strength, spitted bloody spittle in his grinning face, only to receive a brutal punch in her belly.

“Hey, this squaw flees!” Almost fainted, Sharon glided to the ground, when they let her arms go.

“She wants to leave us already? Mike, Tom…bring her back. It will become a great party today!”

Lying on the floor heavily breathing, Sharon got a glimpse of her gun some inches away, her hand moved towards it, but just as her fingertips touched it, a heavy boot hit her hand with force and nailed it to the ground with a force, that her fingers felt like broken.

“AAAHaaahh…” Her scream ended, when a heavy kick hit her ribcage and drove all breath out of her lungs. A second kick followed, as hard as the first one, rolled her across the ground, where she got some more kicks in belly, kidneys, rips and back, until she didn’t move anymore.

“Let’s bind this cunt to the post!” Sharon was not really fainted, but to weak for any resistance when she was dragged to the post, and her wrists were bound tightly behind it with rough ropes.

“I need a whiskey to start the party!” Steps moved away from her and slowly her senses returned, but all over her face and body she felt nothing but painful spots. She coughed roughly and tested carefully the ropes… too strong to tear and he knots out of the reach of her still aching fingers, as she noticed with groans, as she tried to move it, maybe some of the bones of her left fingers were broken indeed.

“Do you know, what I hate more than those damned redheads?” She felt grabbed and raised into a sitting position, let her head fall to her chest, only partly from her current weakness, but more to prevent to be fainted to win more time for a chance.

“… those are such traitors of our people who like this red scum!” She calmed down with all effort, as his rough hands squeezed her breasts with brute force, but couldn’t avoid a low painful groans.

“Shall we wait for the others?” The second man has returned, taking a big sip from his bottle followed by loud gulp.

“Why waiting…I guess they will need some time!”

“Need some time to catch a bound squaw?”

“No, of course not… but time to fuck this red whore… so we can take care a bit about his special guest here.”

A heard kick hit her exactly between the legs, too surprising this sudden electrifying pain to hold back a loud scream. Blind from tears, Sharon draw up her legs to protect her from another hit at this most sensitive target and pulled with all of her strength at the ropes, but of course it was in vain, the ropes were too strong and she only hurt her wrist with the desperate and futile fight.


Posted August 6th, 2004

“Here… drink and relax a bit, whore!” Her head was pulled backwards by the hair and a stream of sharp alcohol hit her face, causing burning pain in her eyes and the wounds.

Sharon shrieked out and cursed, tried to turn her face away from the rotgut that she tore out some of her hair, fresh warm blood run over her face.

“Fool, don’t waste our good stuff on such a whore!”

“No waste… it tastes even better like this!”

She was blinded from the alcohol, only smelt the rotten breath, when a tongue licked over her wet face. Disgust made her tremble and she beat her head wildly forward…something cracked and contently Sharon noticed the scream when his nose broke.

“I’ll kill this damned bitch!” Still half blinded, she tried in vain to avoid the kick in her belly, but he grabbed her leg, bent it side wards, and kicked between her now open legs with still more force than before. “Take this… and this…” Sharon screamed loudly now by each kick, nearly broke her leg and her wrists in the futile try to get away, and when he finally let her go, she fell in her bounds, trembling and sweating all over her body.

“Enough now… you can kill her later, first we will have a lot of fun with this wildcat!”

“She will pay for my nose… I will…”

“Yes of course, she will pay for this in several ways, right?” She heard the laughers and felt the rough hands in her hair pulling her upwards on her knees.

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