Agony Of Failure [CORTEZ]

Agony Of Failure

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The Agony of Failure
by Cortez. All rights reserved.

The Sultan looked at the three captives huddled before him. His eyes narrowed with a cruel delight as he studied the delightfully curved figures of the two native girls and their white companion.

All were good looking, despite the rags they had used to disguise themselves. Now, after the struggle of their arrests, the generous curves and smooth skin of their bodies could be seen through the numerous rips and rents in their shabby clothing. The oldest of them was the Englishwoman, Charlotte Conway, who was twenty-five. Long brown hair and a deep tan from her years abroad set off her slim body perfectly. The Sultan and the men round the throne enjoyed the sight of Charlottes full breasts thrusting against the torn remnants of her costume as she tried to retain some shreds of modesty.

Charlottes maids, Mia and Soo Ann, local girls and both only eighteen, clutched each other, shivering and whimpering in fear. Charlotte tried unsuccessfully to conceal her own rising terror as she looked round at the cruel, eager faces of the guards and courtiers. Then, Charlottes faint hopes of any kind of mercy died as she saw the figure standing at the Sultans shoulder. Her lover, General Chong, the man who had been helping her to collect the information the man who had Сarranged their flight from the city, smiled back at her in triumph. The betrayal was complete and she was about to face the consequences.

As the girls clutched each other, Charlotte trembling at the ruin of her plans, the Sultan smiled, like a cat toying with a mouse. СI see you now understand that your plot has failed. It is only right that you should enjoy the penalties of failure to the full and then you will plead for death. He lifted his hand. СTake them downstairs give them to the Lady Lei Chen and her women. Let them experience everything.

A few minutes later the prisoners were being hurried along a stone corridor, lit by flaring torches and lined on each side by the barred doors of cells and rooms. Finally, the three women were pushed through another archway and into a large open chamber.

After the darkness of the corridor, the glare from white walls and many lamps was quite blinding and the three prisoners blinked furiously at the sudden contrast. Charlotte looked round, knowing as she saw the sinister equipment the hanging ropes and fastenings on the walls, that this was the Sultans torture chamber about which so many awful stories were whispered.

СWelcome to my own special place The voice was soft and quiet. Charlotte jerked round in surprise as a woman walked through another arched doorway She was closely followed by two young girls and three men. About forty but still powerful and attractive, Charlotte thought then she remembered the Sultans words Сgive them to the lady Lei Chen and the women Could these be their torturers? How could such a calm and elegant person wish to do them harm?

The womans body was firm and well muscled, her small conical breasts still high and firm despite her age. Charlotte could see she wasnt completely naked beneath the semi-transparent fabric of her sarong, as shed at first thought. Like the girls she was wearing a little cache sexe, the black triangle of silk emphasising the firm thrust of her mound whilst the g-string cut erotically up between her full buttocks to the narrow waistband. The three men wore white loincloths, their slim bodies hard with muscle and slick with oil that gleamed under the flaring lamps.

Then the woman came near enough for Charlotte to understand the truth, to see the eager heat, the hurried breathing and the cruel excitement in her face as she studied the three prisoners. Charlotte also saw that the womans long dark nipples were already hard and pointed with arousal and excitement.

СI am the Lady Lei Chen. His highness is most generous to send us three such delightful subjects to enjoy so, let us see you properly. The woman said, watching as the two girls with her began to touch and stroke the prisoners bodies. СIt is time to be rid of your clothes. She paused, a sinister smile playing round her lips, СIm afraid they will only be in the way of the things his highness wishes me to do to you Will you remove them, or should I command the eunuchs to undress you? She gestured towards the three men standing in the shadows with their arms folded

Charlotte and her maids looked in panic. СDo not think of escape, the guards are near besides, Lei Chen licked her lips, Сwe are used to dealing with his highnesss reluctant guests here. Charlotte reached up reluctantly for the first button on her dress. Immediately, one of the girls was there, easing the rags away until the beautiful Englishwoman had been stripped of everything. The girls soft hands continued stroking her back and buttocks as Charlotte watched Mia and Soo Ann being stripped naked in the same way.

СOh yes, you are beautiful, so ripe and readyyou, you will be last, Lei Chen whispered to Charlotte, her slim hands cupping the Englishwomans large breasts, fingernails scraping round the wide aureoles before pinching each pink nipple into firm arousal. СBut first, you will watch as your maids scream in agony under their punishments. Her hands moved down Charlottes body, fingers just tracing the outline of her mound and the slit of her sex. СAnd as you hear their cries, my helpers will make your pleasure come again and again, to make you wet and ready for your turn.

She stepped back, looking at Mia and Soo Ann. She pointed at Soo Ann, Сthat one on the bar I think to start with. Put the other two on kneeling frames. The eunuchs seized Charlotte and Soo Ann, hurrying them to one side of the room where two low, СA shaped frames made of polished bamboo were placed facing the middle of the chamber. СKneel down, back against the wood, Lei Chens soft voice commanded.

Shuffling awkwardly, Charlotte turned so her back was to the frame. She could see Mia being positioned against the other frame, her thighs stretched wide apart as she tried to get her knees on the floor outside the wide splay of the front struts. Charlotte could feel the smoothness of the thick bamboo poles against her own thighs as she moved her legs astride to get her knees in position.

Moments later, the young Englishwoman felt the burning tension in her thigh muscles as her feet were dragged backwards and her ankles tied together. Then, a soft rope around each wrist dragged her hands behind her. The eunuchs, working with the skill of long experience, stretched her arms back and downwards before lashing them to the frame. The ropes held her hard against the thick bamboo poles but also dragged her shoulders back, forcing her large breasts to jut out even more.

Just as Charlotte thought theyd finished, another bamboo rod was wedged across between the frame and the small of her back. Ignoring Charlottes gasps of pain, the eunuchs worked it downwards, pushing each end in turn until it was braced across her buttocks. Only then did they lash it to the frame. The agonising refinement of the pole pushing her hips forwards thrust the bulge of her sex out and splayed her body wide open for the torments to come.

Charlotte tried to control her rapid breathing as she looked across at the obscene and helpless spread of Mias body on the other frame. She knew that she must look the same and she shivered, waiting for them to start on Soo Ann who was still standing between the two young women, eyes wide with horror as she watched her friends being prepared for their ordeal.

СYou should be able to see everything from there, and it keeps you so available for us too. Lei Chen let her fingers trace down Charlottes body, watching the involuntary rippling of her muscles as her fingers tickled across the flat, tensed stomach and then slowly dipped in to tease the naked out-thrust lips of her labia. СNow to prepare your other maid for her adventures С She turned to watch as a small wooden frame was placed in the middle of the floor.

It was just a simple stand with two thick uprights, each about three feet tall with a carved, U-shaped hollow in the top. They were set, just over shoulder width apart, on the wooden stand. A short crossbeam at either end kept the frame stable on the floor. No straps, no fixings. Charlotte, fighting against the pain of her own bonds, didnt understand how such an object could be used in the torture of her maid

Suddenly the silence of the chamber was broken. Soo Ann gave a scream then turned and tried to run. There was a rain of slaps and blows as the girls seized her, forcing her back to the central area. Charlotte realised that it was the sight of one of the eunuchs, and what he was carrying, that had caused the girl to panic. Soo Ann obviously knew the evil significance of the soft black glove, leather wrist cuffs and the polished bamboo pole he was holding. She was shivering violently as he stood waiting patiently, looking at his mistress.

СI see you have heard about our ways already well then, lie down and prepareor should I tell them to make you? Lei Chen said softly to the quivering eighteen year old. The girl gave one despairing look towards Charlotte and Mia before slowly lying down on her back. Lei Chen smiled, holding out her hand for the strange, black glove. She spoke softly once more. СPoor thing, she know whats coming next Charlotte watched transfixed as Soo Ann now lifted her legs, bending her thighs back until they were pressed tightly against her breasts. The eunuch placed the bamboo pole centrally across the crooks of Soo Anns knees whilst the other one fastened two straps on the girls wrists, leaving the long ends from each one hanging loose.

Then, before Soo Ann could do anything else, the two eunuchs suddenly leaned heavily on her shins, bending her knees down over the pole and pressing her calves hard against her thighs whilst the third one knelt to tug her hands under the pole. He tied the trailing ends from the cuffs tightly together and, immediately Soo Anns wrists were secured, the other released her, the natural tension of the girls limbs locking her against the bar, unable to do anything, or move any part of her body except her head and feet.

Two of them lifted the pole, the girls body swinging down so her head and shoulders pointed to the floor and her parted buttocks faced upwards. Carrying Soo Ann like some obscenely split parcel, the eunuchs rested the bamboo pole carefully in the U-shaped hollows at the top of the uprights, leaving the young maid hanging, head down and folded tightly round the bar. Her breasts were squashed and concealed by the pressure of her thighs against her chest, but the dark rosette of her anus and the plump, split bulge of her cunt were stretched open unbearably by the dreadful position she was in.

Lei Chen looked at Charlotte and then across at Soo Ann, gently swinging between the uprights. СThe eunuchs call this little treatment the Сgoats kiss, she whispered in Charlottes ear, holding up the black glove… In old times it was a favourite punishment to bind a straying wife like that and then let a goat lick salt from her flesh Just imagine, that tongue, lapping and licking and you not able to move or stretch a muscle Charlotte gasped in shock as the woman ran the palm of the strange black glove over her out-thrust breast. It was like tiny claws against her skin, worse than any sandpaper or bristle! СGoats are so unreliable, Lei Chen purred. СWith this glove the effect is the same but we can control how much she feelsand for how long.

She let the glove drag down Charlottes breast again, this time the little barbs felt like fire and Charlotte cried out aloud, feeling as if the flesh was being stripped from her nipple as the mass of hooked, needle-like barbs caressed her body. СThe palm of the glove is covered with the skin from one of our local fishes, like a shark but rougher, much more stimulating for the victim, I find

The woman smiled, Сremember the story and watch as your maid enjoys the ecstasy of the gloves kiss. One of her helpers, a slim, black-haired girl with a narrow waist and tiny, bud-like breasts took the glove, pulling it carefully on her right hand as she walked back to the cradle holding Soo Ann.

СNow it begins, Lucy will attend to that one and Weh Ma will see to your pleasures with me, Lei Chen murmured softly, watching the struggles of the terrified girl. СIn a moment she will sing for us a song begging for Lucy to go on pleasuring her and then, in a little while why, she will scream and offer us anything anything at all, if only Lucy will stop stroking her cunt. Lei Chen laughed softly, watching the girl shed called Lucy kneeling to face the girls tightly curved buttocks, looking eagerly at the wide cleft of her body lying open and waiting for her attentions.

Charlotte saw the first, delicate caress, just a gently stroking along the soft lips, the fingers trailing over the mouth of Soo Anns vagina and across the crinkled flesh of her anus.

Charlotte winced against her own bonds as she heard Soo Anns muffled gasp, a sound repeated more loudly as Lucy continued to stroke the tiny vicious barbs of the glove across the maid’s most secret flesh. Watching the slow, deliberate torture, Charlotte could see Soo Anns head twisting and shaking, her feet working madly as she sought to release the dreadful stimulation of the glove against her exposed sex.

In minutes, the gasps and little cries were louder and more frequent, sounding almost familiar in tone. Charlotte suddenly understood that Soo Ann was already on the brink of orgasm, forced to a peak by her confinement and the rasping friction of the glove. As the cries became wilder the pole rocked and trembled in the stand. Then, Charlotte felt Lei Chens fingers teasing the wet lips of her own sex, bringing her a sudden hot arousal as she watched Soo Ann bucking and straining against her confining straps, trying to ride the spasms of her climax without being able to stretch or move at all.

Now the cries were more intense, more desperate as the gloves scraping, flaying masturbation continued. Charlotte, fighting the remorseless stimulation of her own body, could see the moisture coating the inside of Soo Anns thighs and realised that Lucy had not yet parted the lips of the girls cunt. Charlotte shuddered as she imagined the feeling of that barbed glove rasping against the button of Soo Anns clitoris, as it would surely do so soon.

Lei Chen nodded at the other girl, the one shed called Weh Ma, who was enjoying the sight of her friend working on the maid’s body. СBring me a rod, the ivory one with the vine pattern, and help me bring our English guest to her first pleasuring. The girl hurried into the darkness, returning holding a thick, carved phallus. Charlotte, knowing it was for her own impalement, hissed in anticipation and fear as she saw the exaggerated bulb of the helmet and the way the thick curving shaft was covered with a sharply raised decoration of twining vine stems and leaves.

СSlowly, Weh Ma, let us take her slowly Obediently, the girl slid the black shaft along the wet length of Charlottes cunt, wringing more gasps from the Englishwoman as the deliberately raised decorations teased and fretted against the tender flesh. СThe glove will force that one to come again in a few more minutes, Lei Chen said, watching as the gleaming wet phallus slid to and fro along the moist valley of Charlottes body. СNow, make our English guest join her as she comes Obediently, the girl moved the dildo, searching with the rounded crest until Charlotte groaned, arching against her ties, as the flaring bulb pressed into her vagina. The groans increased as the Englishwoman felt the slow, stretching tension building up.


Lei Chen smiled tenderly at the girl working the phallus into Charlottes body. They both knew the sudden cry signalled that the massive bulb had popped fully through the ring of muscle at the entrance to Charlottes vagina and the rest of the thick, carved shaft could now be worked slowly up inside her. Lei Chen watched, her breathing slow and heavy as the black shaft disappeared inch by inch into Charlottes cunt. The girl gently moved and twisted the thick column as she worked, using the raised decoration expertly to stimulate and tease Charlottes most delicate tissues.

СAh, ah, oh yes, yes nЧn-now, p-p-please, ah, Oh God yes, YES! Charlotte gabbled wildly, her cries joining with Soo Anns as the black glove continued to flay the maid’s labia and the soft mouth of her vagina.

СNow Charlotte, let your pleasure come for me, Lei Chen whispered. One finger wriggled delicately into the front of the Englishwomans cleft, stroking the little button of her clitoris as the girl moved the ivory phallus with a long deliberate rhythm. Together, the two women slowly forced Charlotte to a shaking, bucking climax, a climax mirrored by the frantic and increasingly desperate cries from the frame where Lucy attentions were bringing Soo Ann to a peak for a second time.

СGo on now, Lucy bring her off again while she can still feel it properly, make her ready for me Lei Chen, hot with her own desire, threw aside the gauzy wrap and let the ties of her cache sexe come loose so that Charlotte could see the wet, shaven lips of her cunt for the first time. СLet the rod take this one again whilst she brings me pleasure. Lei Chen ordered, her voice thick with lust. She straddled Charlottes head, pressing her sex down over the Englishwomans face as the girl began to slide the thick curving phallus in and out of Charlottes body with a long driving motion that pressed the massive bulb right against the mouth of her cervix with each thrust, building her towards her peak once again.

Lei Chen gave a cry of delight as she felt Charlottes tongue begin to wriggle and flicker against her own clitoris The woman was so aroused by the scenes in the chamber that she only needed a few moments of that special, slippery caress to feel the growing excitement of hurrying towards of her own orgasm Clutching at Charlottes long hair she could feel the Englishwomans cries and spasms of uncontrollable sensation as the driving phallus brought her to her second climax in as many minutes.


Soo Anns scream of unbearable pleasure and agony ripped through the chamber. The shrill, desperate sound served to enhance Lei Chens own rising pleasure as she rubbed her body frantically against the Englishwomans face. Below her, Charlottes efforts redoubled as the raised designs along the shaft dragged new and delicious sensations from her body as she rode her own peak.

Lei Chen suddenly broke free of the tethered body below her and hurried across to the bound figure of Soo Ann. Kneeling astride the maidservant’s dangling head she looked into the hot cruel eyes of the girl, Lucy. СNow, Lucy, part her lips and make her scream into me, strip her cunt raw so I may feel her agony against my body… she commanded. Lucy grinned in anticipation as she used her free hand to spread Soo Anns red and weeping labia. She paused, waiting for her mistress to lower herself against the young girl’s mouth, and then she started stroking the tender, wet groove, letting the fingers of the cruel glove rasp across the little nerve bud at the top of her cleft.


Charlotte, still bucking helplessly as the girl continued to work the ivory dildo within her body, looked across in horror as the squeal of agony erupted from her maid. Lei Chens body half muffled the sound and Charlotte could see the look of ecstasy on the womans face as the girls agony brought new sensations to her cunt. Watching her mistress in a duet of pain, Mia stroked and scraped Soo Anns flesh unbearably so that the wild screams and frantic head movements took Lei Chen remorselessly to a shuddering climax.

Lifting herself from the body of the young girl a few moments later, Lei Chen looked down at her anguished, tear-stained face, now glazed with the moisture of her tormentors orgasm. СThat was the pleasure my little one now feel the Sultans pain as Mia uses the glove inside your body

As she walked back towards the spread-eagled Englishwoman, her, the girl slowly withdrew the shaft from Charlottes heaving, twisting body. Lei Chen replaced her black, silk cache sexe and turned to watch as Mia slowly pushed one gloved finger into Soo Anns body. This time the scream was almost inhuman, the ties creaking wildly as the maid heaved in desperation against her bondage as the glove stripped the skin from the insides of her vagina.

Now Charlotte understood the horror of the punishment Soo Ann faced. The gentle, deliberate stroking would go on and on, first making the skin red and sore, then abrading away the top layer and finally flaying the delicate flesh of the girls cunt into a mass of raw, weeping tissue with every sweeping touch of the devilish glove ripping fresh agony from the tortured nerve endings. Bound as she was, the little maidservant could do nothing to relieve the terrible scratching bite of the glove. The pressure on her body meant that she was also gasping and crying for breath, unable to fill her lungs completely so she face the added torment of slow suffocation as the torture continued.

For the next half an hour Charlotte tried desperately to block the sounds of her maid’s agony. At first, Soo Ann had been forced repeatedly through a cycle of pleasure and pain as Mia had worked her to climax after climax. Then the agony had taken over and her voice had cracked and died to a gasping reedy whisper as her throat gave out from the continual screaming. Now, as Mia worked on with the same steady rhythm, the upturned valley of Soo Anns sex was red with blood and each new pass of the glove only brought fresh whimpers from the broken girl.

Lucy looked up, СMistress, she is not responding any more. Should I go on, or shall we try something else?

Lei Chen looked at where Mia knelt, braced like Charlotte against a bamboo frame. СNo, Take that one away we will play with her again later. Bring on the Tiger the other maid can show us her riding skills for a while. Soo Ann screamed just once more as two of the eunuchs carried her out through the archway towards the cells. Charlotte watched her disappear and then heard Mia cry out as she was forced to stand up right, held by Lucy and the other eunuch. The two men returned and quickly removed the wooden uprights leaving the centre of the floor clear once more. At a gesture from Lei Chen they hurried to fetch the next piece of equipment, the СTiger shed requested.

The device they now placed in position was made of brass and red lacquered wood. Below the carving and ornate gold decoration Ann could see the basic design was similar to the frame theyd use to hold Soo Ann, a sturdy base with two metal uprights, but this time a bar joined the uprights. The thin steel bars top edge was wavy, forming a series of small, rounded peaks down its length. As Charlotte studied the ornate device, the eunuchs fiddled with the fastenings on the uprights. The centre bar suddenly dropped until it was low enough to step over. Lei Chen signalled for Mia to be brought forward.

СThis is our own little СTiger, specially designed for girls like you to ride. Go on, step astride the bar Pushed very gently by the two girls, Mia stood as she was told with her feet on either side of the polished steel bar. СNow, we dont want anything interfering with your enjoyment, do we, so At her signal one of the eunuchs began binding Mias arms up behind her back, each wrist pulled hard across to the opposite elbow before he lashed the young maid’s forearms carefully together. That done, he knelt, pushing Mias knees apart so he could tie each one to the end of a short bamboo pole. Mia was left helpless, straddled across the bar and unable to close her legs to protect her body

СLift her Charlotte, biting her lip in the knowledge of what they were going to do to her maid, watched the bar being raised until it just touched the lips of Mias sex. Lei Chen leaned over, gently parting the girls labia so the bar slipped up between them. СOn tiptoe now she whispered to the shivering girl as they lifted the bar still higher. Mia was arched up, her toes already white with strain when Lei Chen finally signalled the men to stop raising the bar. She studied the girls pose for a moment, slipped her hands between her legs to check the seating of the ridged blade and then idly pinched one of the maids stubby nipples before moving back to where Charlotte knelt, still strapped to her frame.

СYou can watch her riding as I bring your pleasure on again. This time we do not touch her she will ride all by herself for as long as I wish. Her fingers moved to Charlottes tender cunt and the Englishwoman grunted in pain as Lei Chen stroked the wet lips once again.

СWould you like to ride my ivory man once more? Charlotte, still sore from the Weh Mas long expert masturbation with the dildo, shook her head frantically. СI thought not She turned to the girl, whod been using the ivory phallus on Charlotte, СWeh Ma, fetch me a tongue, one of the little ones The girl giggled as she hurried to do her mistresss bidding. СSomething new for you to try, Lei Chen said softly as Weh Ma handed her a little silk bundle. She unwrapped a small object and held it up for Anna to study. СSee

Charlotte looked at the curious red toy her tormentor was holding. A small handle, dimpled across its surface for a better grip, tapered down to a curving, narrow neck. As Lei Chen turned the object in her hand, Anna could see that the curving neck was flattened from side to side, almost like a blunt blade and the tiny tip ended in a little bulb. Turning the handle so the blade of the tongue curved up Lei Chen looked at her pinioned victim hungrily. СThis will bring your pleasure on despite anything you try to do. It will only search out one place but you will feel an agony of sensation with every touch Weh Ma, attend to our guests breasts while I let the tongue have its first taste of her body

Charlotte braced herself for whatever this fiendish woman was about to do to her but shivered involuntarily as she felt Weh Mas nails scratching lightly over the tender skin of her aureoles. She tried desperately to think of anything, anything at all other than the delicious, maddening arousal of those fingers circling her nipples. Lei Chen waited patiently as her young helper brought the pink tips to full erection, enjoying the sight of Weh Ma holding the creamy globes cupped in her small hands so that she could nibble and lick each stiff bud in turn.

The slow masturbation of the Englishwoman was interrupted by a sudden cry from the girl riding the bar. All of them looked across to the lacquered frame as they heard the sharp outraged squeal of pain. Mias leg muscles had finally tired, letting her to drop down onto the rounded steel edge. The cruel pressure against her cunt was too much and she had forced herself up onto her toes again. СAaah, Lei Chen purred in satisfaction. СNow her ride really begins

СIiiiiiiiih! Mia squealed as she sank down onto the bar again only moments later. Charlotte could see her maid’s face screwed up in agony as she tried to balance the pain of the bar and the burning fire in her leg muscles. She gasped at the strain and rose jerkily onto her toes once more. Charlotte finally understood. Mia, trapped on the fiendish device, would be forced to Сride up and down continually on the torturing bar, the pain in her cunt and legs growing and growing until she collapsed.

СNow to introduce you to my little pleasure tongue, look down and watch for yourself as it searches for your most delicate place Charlotte peered down between the sharp peaks of her breasts, watching fixedly as Lei Chen eased the curved blade between her exposed labia, lifting the handle so the tip burrowed up between the soft, wet lips. Already breathing hard from Weh Mas attentions, she stifled a cry as she felt the blades exquisite tickling deep in the sensitive, wet slot of her cunt. Charlotte tensed her muscles; only too aware of the place Lei Chen was seeking as she moved the scarlet blade so delicately between the folds of her sex.


Charlotte couldnt help the cry as she arched back helplessly at the shock of sensation blazing though her. СOh God, ah, ah, p-p-pleas AAAH! She bucked again, unable to control the spasms as Lei Chen found the place she wanted, wriggling the little pointed bulb very slowly under the hood of flesh to nuzzle directly against the hard stub of her clitoris.

The bulb moved again, teasing and twirling so that Charlotte jolted and jerked, the bamboo frame creaking softly as she strained at her bonds. СOh p-please, dont, dont do that, too much n-n-no t-t-too much p-please AAAAHHHH! Charlotte sobbed as the woman gently turned and moved the little tongue within her cunt.

СGive her something else to feel, play with her for me she ordered Weh Ma. The girl moved behind Charlotte, standing against her bound arms so she could reach down to tease and pinch the Englishwomans breasts as she watched her mistress bringing Charlotte remorselessly to another climax. Charlotte wriggled frantically as she felt the girls fingers tormenting her tender breasts once more, but she was also desperate for the wonderful sensations now teasing her clitoris to continue. Her cries became more pleading, more desperate as she felt the tongue tickling her very core, building her up to that delicious peak she now wanted so badly.

She heard Lei Chens voice, Сuse your nails on the tips, hard as you like shes there again already Then the avalanche swept down, a crashing flood of sensation as Charlotte Conway reached her third orgasm in the Sultans torture chamber.

СN-N-N-N-Aaaah! Y-y-yes YES, YES! GO ON! Ah, AH ARRRRGGGGGH! Oh yes, thats it y-yes, Oh, oh, oh, aaaaaah!

The two tormentors smiled at each other as they looked at the sweat soaked figure hanging against the bamboo frame. Two or three more orgasms to come, thought Lei Chen, and then then they could begin to find out the Englishwomans reactions to pain as well as pleasure.

Waiting for Charlotte Conway to recover, Lei Chen looked across at the bar and the gently moving, moaning figure of the young maidservant. Time for something else, something sharper for them to enjoy, she thought.

СLet her dismount, she ordered, gesturing at Mias rocking figure, still fighting to balance the agonies in her sex and the burning muscles of her thighs and calves. СGet rid of that thing and put her on a pole Lucy can try her skill with a cane while she feels the shaft within her.

Mia was lifted off the bar, her arms freed to allow her the luxury of clutching at her aching groin as the richly ornamented frame was removed. One of the eunuchs flipped a rope over a hook set in the vaulted roof then the others carried a heave metal disc, about two feet across, into the middle of the clear area letting it fall with a crash to rest immediately beneath the rope. As it came to rest, Charlotte slowly began to take in what was happening as her breathing came back to normal and the spasms of her orgasm subsided. She watched blankly as the girl called Lucy placed two small boxes on either side of the heavy metal plate then bent down to help the eunuchs fit a metal pole into a socket in the middle of the disc.

СOh no, no you cant, oh poor Mia, it will kill her Charlotte whispered aghast as she saw the ridged shaft and bulbous head that crowned the metal pole. She watched with a horrified fascination as Mias hands were prised away from her groin and tied tightly together before being clipped to the ceiling rope. The eunuchs pushed her up onto the little boxes, forcing her astride and then lifting her onto the rounded bulb of the shaft. As the girl felt the oversized dome of the helmet stretching the opening of her sex she began to babble frantically, twisting and turning against the unyielding hands of her tormentors.

Her sudden gabble of fear was the signal for the rope to be hauled taut, tightening until her upstretched arms were taking most of Mias weight. Charlotte gasped with horror when the eunuchs abruptly pulled the boxes away so her maid was hanging with just the rounded tip of the thick shaft lodged in the entrance to her vagina. СThey will lower her very slowly until she is on tiptoe once more, Lei Chen whispered, stroking the sweat-slick nipple of Charlottes left breast. СThen Lucy will use the cane on her Her hand moved down, stroking and cupping the fullness of Charlottes bottom. СStarting here but not neglecting the fingers returned to tickle Charlottes nipples, Сthese little places also…

Charlotte didnt see the rope move but Mia suddenly started scrabbling madly at the pole with her feet, trying to press them against the polished surface to get some grip, any kind of grip that would support her and stop the slow impalement that was beginning to stretch her vagina so unbearably.

СWatch, Lucy knows how to deal with that little game Lei Chen said, a cruel enjoyment evident in her voice. Charlotte saw the girl running her hands across Mias sweating body before she bent to kneel in front of the pole and the maid’s scrabbling legs. Looking back at her mistress she smiled like a big cat with its prey as she rubbed her moist hands up and down the polished pole, leaving it slippery with Mias own sweat. She repeated the process, this time concentrating on the base of the pole just where Mias feet were beginning to find a tiny amount of friction to help support her body.

СAaaaaiiiiiiih, NOOOOoooooooo!

Mia wailed in anguish and tortured frustration as Mia stroked her up stretched body. The girl leaned close to tickle the helpless maid under the arms, forcing her to wriggle even more violently as her feet slithered uselessly against the sweat-slick metal of the pole.

The cries and screams continued for the next five minutes as Mia was lowered very slowly onto the thick phallus crowning the metal pole. Finally, one toe scraped the base of the metal disc, then the other. The eunuchs continued lowering until she was able to rest the balls of her feet on the metal base. Charlotte watched her maidservant’s face, the grimaces and contortions as she tried to cope with the thickness of the ribbed shaft within her body. All attempts at trying to grip the pole with her feet were ended and she stood very still, the pole disappearing deep inside her cunt, her arms at full stretch above her head.

СOh Mia, oh my darling, are you all right? Charlotte cried out.

Mia looked across at the bamboo frame where her mistress was still splayed open, Lei Chens hand just tracing over the contours of one creamy breast. СNot so bad now, Mistress, but my legs are still so sor Aaaaah! Lucy wrung the cry from the little maid by simply holding her hips, turning her round on the pole a little way and then swinging her back to face her mistress. Charlotte bit her own lip, realising how the movement must have scraped the sharp ridges on the embedded phallus against Mias flesh.

СNow you can watch as Lucy uses the cane and its time your own cries joined your servant’s as you enjoy my little tongue again. Charlotte shuddered uncontrollably as Lei Chens fingers moved over her body. She started panting, desperately trying to prepare herself for the torturing ecstasy of yet another climax, trying to ignore the maddening sensations as the expert fingers tweaked and stroked the soft, sensitive trigger points of her body.

Lei Chen once more concentrated on the tender pink peaks of Charlottes breasts, working them back to rigid stubs that stood proud of the creamy globes. She nodded at Weh Ma who fetched a small, carved box from the side of the chamber. Opening it, she showed the contents to the bound Englishwoman. Charlotte looked blankly at the two small golden serpents heads nestling against the red silk lining. Weh Ma smiled, lifting the finger sized objects out to show her how they were linked by a fine gold chain.

It was only when she pressed a serpents head, and the mouth opened to reveal a line of triangular steel teeth, that Charlotte understood

СNo, no, please, please you cant. Not there, not on me, I cant please theyre too sore, please, p-p-p-please

Lei Chen laughed softly. СBut this is such a little thing and besides, you cannot do anything to stop it, can you? She took the first clip, holding the golden jaws apart so she could place it over the jutting peak of Charlottes left breast. СFeel the serpents sting Charlotte watched as the jaws closed on her nipple. She gasped as she felt the teeth biting into the already tender pink flesh and then gritted her own teeth as the pain of the spring-loaded jaws lanced through her body.

Lei Chen studied the Englishwomans reactions carefully, and then smiled in evil anticipation as she slapped the side of the curving globe very softly. СAaaah! Charlotte gasped as the blow made the fullness of her breast jiggle so that the little clamp on her nipple danced and wiggled, the jaws working into the flesh and sending more stabbing pains through Charlottes already exhausted body.

Lei Chen played with her victim for another five minutes before she held out her hand for Weh Ma to give her the other clip. This time, knowing exactly what was coming, Charlotte managed to control her first gasp of pain as the teeth closed on her right nipple. But, as the two women began to work together, Lei Chen continuing with her rhythm of soft slaps whilst Weh Ma tugged and pulled at the gold linking chain, Charlottes control broke.

СAaaah, please, no, Ah, ahhhh! No, Nooo, Please, please d-d-d-dont. P-please stop, stop, STOP! Her torturers enjoyed the cries, smiling at each other as the Englishwoman surged and pleaded beneath their cruel and busy hands.

On her own in the middle of the whitewashed chamber, Mia was trying to concentrate on two things at once. The sight of her mistress writhing on the bamboo frame and the thin, whippy cane that Lucy was flexing between her hands.

Sated for a moment, Lei Chen stopped the remorseless treatment of Charlottes teats and let the Englishwoman slump down against the polished bamboo frame. Weh Ma gave the gold chain a final tug and then reached across to remove the tiny beads of blood from the serpents jaws. She picked up the empty box and vanished silently into the darkness.

Lei Chen studied the hanging figure for a moment. СBehind, I think, Lucy to start with anyway. Weh Ma will help you. See if the two of you can bring her off with the cane alone. Like you did with that merchants daughter last week. She smiled at the memory. СRemember her fat father babbling where the money was so that wed stop and the daughter pleading for you to go on and on She stopped, replaying the scene as the young woman had screamed in ecstasy under the beating. СAnd if not, she can share the tongue with her mistress in a few minutes

Lucy rubbed her own small breasts, their peaks hard with the excitement of the things she was about to do to the eighteen year old hanging impaled on the thick shaft in front of her. She grinned as Weh Ma, carrying another of the thin, whippy canes, joined her on the other side of their victim. Mias head jerked frantically from side to side, trying unsuccessfully to watch as her two young torturers prepared to begin flogging her buttocks.


Lucys first stroke sliced across the crest of each firm mound with a crisp, sharp sound. The whippy cane curling across the summits to flick agonisingly against the opposite cheek so that Mia cried out, jerking as far as she could on the impaling rod.


The first cut from Weh Ma mirrored the one from Lucy. Hearing Mias second, semi-stifled cry and watching her twitching on the pole that thrust so deeply into her body, Charlotte suddenly noticed that Weh Ma was left handed. Between them, the two girls were able to keep a constant rain of blows coming from either side. No matter how Mia wriggled, every part of her bottom was going to be thrashed unmercifully.

Thwick thock thwick thock thwick thock

The two canes sliced in from either side. Within minutes Mia was gasping and crying aloud in earnest as the rain of blows, none of them really heavy but all hard enough to raise a stinging mark across her soft brown bottom cheeks, began to build up a crescendo of agony as stripe recrossed stripe and the skin of each buttock was slowly brought to a glowing redness.

СARRRGH! Pleeeassse, not, no no, NOOoooooo! Ah, Ah! AH! NOOOOoooooooooo!

Mia began screaming uncontrollably as the incessant stinging pain became too much. In her agony she moved and twisted on the thick phallus lodged in her vagina. Now, the cunningly place ridges did their work, rubbing and stimulating her inner flesh to a frenzy. Gradually, the tone of the screams changed. The two girls exchanged knowing glances as they realised that the young maidservant was going to climax in a few minutes. Brought to an unwilling peak by the flogging, and the incessant movement on the buried dildo Mia was unable to help herself pain and pleasure had joined in her mind and all she wanted was the release of coming.

СYou must join her as she reaches her pleasure Lei Chen whispered, fingers once more reaching for the clips that still gripped the hot, swollen stubs of Charlottes nipples. СAre you ready for another taste of my little Tongue

СAH! God no! No, no, please, no, no more. I cant, please dont touch me, please, leave me alone

СShhh, dont waste your breath. I told you how it must be I will bring your pleasure on until you have no strength even to cry out at the peak of ecstasy. And then then there will be pain She twisted the clips so that Charlotte squealed and surged against the ropes. СPain which will make this feel as nothing Picking up the little red Tongue form the floor, Lei Chen traced the tiny rounded tip over the sweat-slick curves of Charlottes breasts before running it downwards towards the wet, swollen lips of her cunt. The Sultans chief torturer smiled as she watched the Englishwoman struggling against her bonds. СShall I begin?

‘Aaah n-n-n-no, no dont p-please d-d-d-d-don. AAAAHHHH! Charlotte gasped and pleaded as she felt the little ivory blade of the Tongue once again slipping gently between her labia. Her words broke off in a breathless cry of protest as the rounded tip quickly returned to nuzzle under the little hood of flesh. Lei Chen paused, waiting for Charlotte to relax, before moving the Tongue again, using the tiny bulb against her clitoris so that she writhed and screamed dementedly at the unbearable sensations created by even the slightest movement of her tormentors hand.

Lei Chen, playing the Englishwomans body with devilish skill, was also listening to the cries of Charlottes maid as her two helpers used the thin bamboos to lash her into a frenzy of lust. She snapped a command to the eunuchs in the darkness at the side of the chamber and they slackened the rope holding her up

Impaled on the thick bronze phallus, the maidservant squealed manically, working her self up and down in a frenzy of release as the caning spurred her over the edge. The screams of her mistress filled her ears as both women were forced to climax at the expert hands of their torturers. It was only as the rain of blows from the canes ceased that Mia discovered the new horror she faced.

Holding her self on tiptoe once again, Mia tried to recover from the effects of her orgasm. Slowly, her breathing eased and she was able to take a little of the strain on her arms. Her respite was short. СMy Lady says to warm these now Lucys voice sounded in her ear and Mia felt the soft, teasing fingers of the two girls caressing and tugging the points of her small, high breasts

Unseen in the dimness of the entrance to the cells, the Sultan watched as the maid screamed and writhed on her metal stake. His gaze moved to where the Englishwoman knelt astride on her bamboo frame. He smiled as he studied the heaving flanks, the shining sweat soaked skin and the gold serpents gripping the pink peaks of her breasts. As usual, the Lady Lei Chen had prepared her victim well.

Now the traitors agony could begin.

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