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Au Pair in Hell
Chapter one

by Norgil.
Posted April 25th, 2004

This Saturday morning, Mark and Laura had been working continuously in the garage for a couple of hours. MarkТs Jaguar and LauraТs BMW had been pulled into the stone driveway, making room in the huge garage. Ropes and pulleys had been attached to the high beam; eyebolts and hooks had been drilled into the walls and concrete floor. Things were shaping up nicely for their secret and perverse project

Mark and Laura made a nice couple. On the outside at least.

At 45, Mark was a very successful on-line trader. After working many years for one of the most prestigious investment firms in the USA, he had decided to play the financial markets for his own account. A few years later, he had accumulated a rather impressive amount of wealth, accumulating gains on the options markets that he knew so well. More importantly, he worked from his house and didnТt have to go to any office in the morning. His office was one of the many rooms of his mansion, with a direct view on the swimming pool. The house itself was located on Biscayne Bay, along the interior lagoon of Miami Beach: a typical Spanish architectural style, with red-tiled roofs, many porches and loggias. And a huge expense of land, allowing for a complete privacy.

Ten years younger than Mark, Laura owned a couple of shops, selling sexy outfits to upscale customers. Both stores were doing well; both were run by efficient managers, thus allowing Laura to dedicate her time to staying in shape. She only went to the stores to make decisions regarding the new collections to buy from the best fashion houses in Europe.

Three months ago, Mark and Laura had placed an ad for a live-in domestic. The ad required an au-pair girl, with skills to care for the mansion and the basic needs of the owners. They had received many replies and seen many candidates for the position. Unbeknownst to the girls, the criteria of selection were, in reality, more geared towards the perverse needs of the couple. After a few weeks, they had finally agreed on a young Spanish girl, recently arrived to the USA. Felicia was 21 years old, spoke moderately good English and was very nice looking: long blond hair, the face of an angel with deep green eyes and a voluptuous mouth, firm round breasts, a muscular belly, shapely and tanned legs Above all, her manners were quite subdued and extremely polite, a feature that attracted Mark and Laura very much. After a short interview of less than an hour, they had decided to take her in, and Felicia had moved into their house the next day.

It was now time to show Felicia what she had actually been chosen for.


Mark stepped backward and contemplated their handiwork for a moment; he smiled with satisfaction. Lovingly patting his wifeТs rounded bottom, he said:

LetТs bring our lovely new maid in here, darling

Laura smiled back at him and crossed the garage to the kitchen door. From the kitchen, she called to Felicia:

Felicia, Mark needs you in the garage. Please come down.

Laura heard the light footsteps of the maid coming down the staircase, and retreated towards the garage, leaving the kitchen door open. A few seconds later, Felicia appeared in the garage, her low cut sundress swirling about her slim legs in a very enticing way. At the sight of her cleavage, revealed by the unbuttoned top of the dress, MarkТs cock grew hard. The little bitch was certainly exciting, in a rather sweet, innocent way

Felicia entered the garage with a wide smile on her face, as usual, but it faded when she noticed the lust in MarkТs eyes, and even farther when she heard the door close behind her. Swiftly and very expertly, Mark and Laura placed a looped rope around FeliciaТs right hand. Felicia let out a cry of surprise. Before she could recover, they looped another rope around her other wrist, and roughly pulled her hands behind her back.

What is going on? What are you doing? she asked in a disbelieving voice, while struggling to free herself. Mark and Laura pulled the girlТs arms behind her and upwards, and her shoulders began to ache. The couple pushed her backwards, and her arms were tied to the wall of the garage.

Turn me loose! Felicia struggled, but the more she jerked against her bonds the more pain she felt in her upper arms and shoulder joints. She kicked her feet in anger, glaring at Mark and Laura.

The pair stepped back, looking at the au pair girl twisting in the ropes, and smiled viciously. She was now frightened by the look in their eyes: a complete, undisguised, sadistic glare

LetТs remove her panties Mark suggested. LetТs have a look at the bitchТs cunt. How hairy do you think she is, Laura?

WeТre about to find out, replied Laura stepping towards the girl.

Please, donТt Felicia pleaded in a feeble voice.

Listen, slut! Laura snapped. YouТd better shut up for now. WeТre going to have some fun with you, like it or not! Just be quiet. Felicia caught sight of MarkТs cock through his jeans: it was obviously hard and standing up. Felicia started to panic.

Please untie me DonТt touch me, please

First weТll look at your Spanish pussy, bitch. Mark said in a cold voice, while stroking his throbbing cock through his pants. Go ahead, Laura, show us what she wants to hide

The wicked couple approached Felicia, and she struggled trying to prevent them from grabbing her feet. But Mark and Laura were too fast and too strong for her. They rapidly looped ropes about her ankles and then pulled her feet apart as wide as they would go. The ropes on her ankles were secured to the garage wall and Felicia found herself with the back of her legs pinned against the cold wall. She was so humiliated that tears were in her eyes.

Mark said: Lift her dress, letТs see her panties

Oh God Please! Felicia began sobbing softly while Laura grabbed the hem of her dress, lifting it up slowly, revealing her long tanned thighs. FeliciaТs sexy body shook as tears streamed from her beautiful green eyes. She felt the hot flush of shame come over her cheeks, and she turned her head to the side, as if trying to hide her shame from her employersТ eyes. Laura pulled up the dress higher, exposing the white panties.

At that precise moment, a strange thought crossed her mind. She wished she had worn another pair, not the tiny, flimsy lace bikini one that hugged her ass so tightly. The shadow of her cunt hair was clearly visible, shaped in a lovely triangle, through the thin fabric. The crotch was pulled tight, and her blond pubic hair curled from the edges of it.

Look how lucky we are, darling! Laura gasped. We got ourselves a real blond!

Mark was more excited now.

LetТs take the dress off. I want to see her naked.

With pleasure, Laura answered, blowing a kiss to her husband.

Felicia sobbed. Please, donТt. DonТt take my dress off!

From his back pocket, Mark removed a folding knife. He clicked the blade open and sliced downward through the front of FeliciaТs dress, while Laura took hold of the right side of the material. He tore the dress all the way down the front, until it hung open, exposing FeliciaТs white bra and her creamy young tits. Felicia felt utterly naked in front of her employersТ eyes. Wave upon wave of shameful red flushed hotter than ever to her beautiful face.

Laura pulled the torn dress from the girlТs body. She stepped back with Mark, both of them admiring the bound beauty, barely covered by a pair of panties and bra. Their eyes glowed with excitement.

Felicia glanced at the couple and through the blur of her tears she could not help but notice MarkТs hard cock, straining against the front of his pants, and the red on LauraТs cheeks. Amazingly enough, a burning sensation went through her. Her cunt, she realized, was getting wet!

SheТs even prettier than I thought, Laura commented admiringly in a low voice.

You mean that sheТs perfect Mark corrected, looking at the almost naked body tied in front of him. Mark had unzipped his pants, and was slowly and absentmindedly stroking his fat dick.

Felicia wanted to scream, to get free. She twisted and turned, not knowing that her futile attempts to escape turned Mark and Laura on and made them even more excited. Laura slid a hand under her mini-skirt and started playing with her slit, which was dripping wet. As usual, she wore no panties, and her clitoris was rock hard and covered with her own juice.

Mark approached the girl, and Felicia felt him running his strong hand over her creamy tits. She shivered as he squeezed one, then the other, firm globe. Laura had stepped to her side, and Felicia felt her soft hand crawling along her flat stomach, slowly finding its way between her legs, moving back and forth. Felicia felt her cunt twitching, sucking inward as LauraТs fingers rubbed the growing wetness.

Mark and Laura looked at each other silently. Mark winked and Laura blew him a silent kiss. They started working feverishly on FeliciaТs bra and panties, finally cutting off the flimsy garments before dropping the pieces to the floor.

Felicia felt even more ashamed as she became naked in front of her employersТ eyes. Her creamy globes strained out, nipples hard and pointing up.

She whimpered when Laura began to caress her naked tits. She had never been touched this way by another woman, and she felt a strange mix of feelings, where humiliation, anger and excitation were deeply intertwined. LauraТs manicured fingers were massaging and squeezing FeliciaТs white flesh. A sharp pain ran through her chest when her right nipple got pinched and twisted. Felicia felt some wet heat on the other nipple, and she turned to look down. Mark was sucking vigorously at her left tit, his tongue swirling as his lips pulled at the hard pink nipple.

Following MarkТs cue, Laura took FeliciaТs right nipple in her mouth. Both perverts could feel the girlТs nipples begin to throb and getting harder and longer in their sucking mouths. Felicia felt the hardness of MarkТs cock pressing against her left thigh, throbbing and dripping, leaving a wet spot of pre come near the hip.

Please, please, Felicia begged. DonТt do this to me itТs not right!

She felt hands on her naked ass cheeks, hands that probed and squeezed their softness. At the same time, Mark and Laura were still sucking at FeliciaТs tits, using their teeth now, biting hard on the rock hard nipples, making the poor girl cry out in pain. Mark began to pinch the smooth cheeks of her ass brutally, and then slapped her left ass cheek repeatedly. Felicia screamed under the unexpected pain, and jerked in her bonds. Laura pulled at the blonde pubic hair of her cunt, sending a searing pain through her crotch. She twisted and wiggled, but the ropes held her secure in the obscene spread-eagled position.

Mark and Laura pulled back. Felicia watched them kiss each other in a passionate way. Mark inserted his thigh in between LauraТs legs and started rubbing LauraТs pussy, while his hands had taken a firm grip on her ass. Laura was pressing hard on the back of his neck, keeping his mouth on hers, and pressing her boobs on her husbandТs chest.

After a while, they disengaged, and Mark said to his wife:

Go get the papers of the little bitch, darling, while I explain to her a few things she needs to know

Laura gave a last kiss to Mark and turned away, stepping out of the garage elegantly, under MarkТs constant gaze. When she disappeared in the kitchen, Mark turned his attention towards Felicia, still naked and panting on the garage wall. He came closer to her, and cupped her slit in his right hand.

Now, listen carefully, little slut. Laura is currently going through your things in your room; sheТll find your passport, your money, your cell phone, and will bring them back to me. You will not see them again. From now on, youТre ours and weТll do with you as we please.

Felicia was looking at Mark with bulging eyes; she could not believe the word she had just heard. Was she a prisoner in this house?

As youТve noticed, we rarely leave the house at the same time. And when this will happen, youТll be locked down You havenТt seen all the features of the house yet. Some of them you will find interesting, believe me Now, you need to listen to me very clearly, because I hate having to repeat myself. From this moment onwards, your life is going to be ruled by us in every aspect. I said Сevery aspectТ, without any exception. You will do exactly what youТre told, and you will do only that, no more no less. You will not take any kind of initiative whatsoever. You are going to be used hard for our own pleasure. Who knows, maybe you will like it too Apparently, your cunt is quite wet right now

FeliciaТs mind had some trouble processing the information. Was she going to be used as some kind of sex slave? Could this really happen in the real world? Could this really happen to her?

Her reverie was brutally interrupted by the slap Mark landed on her left cheek. Her head got pushed towards the right, and the pain immediately brought tears in her eyes. Mark grabbed her chin in his hand and made her look at him directly in the eyes. She could barely see his features through the tears, but she easily sensed the tension and the anger in his look.

I said, listen carefully. This is not a dream. This is your life from now on Do you understand?

Felicia didnТt know how to answer the question. This was too much for her. Mark let go her chin and pinched her left nipple hard.

For the last time, do you understand, bitch?

FeliciaТs mouth twisted in pain. Her nipple was burning horribly, and she had to make a Herculean effort to speak in an intelligible voice.

Yes, I understand, Mark Please, donТt hurt me more, I beg you. IТll do whatever you want of me

Mark released the pressure on the nipple and smiled. Ok, thatТs better. YouТd better be a good girl, or you will bear the consequences, trust me

Felicia heard footsteps on the tile floor of the kitchen. Laura stepped into the garage a few seconds later, carrying a few items in her hand. She was smiling broadly to her husband, and winked at Felicia while passing in front of her. She handed the things to Mark.

Phone, passport, money purse, diary ThatТs all I found. WeТll go through the rest of her things later, when we have more time; I didnТt want to keep you waiting too long, darling

Mark browsed through the diary rapidly, and stopped suddenly. He smiled and pointed a page to Laura.

Look at this! Apparently the bitch finds us attractive. Is this not interesting?

Laura read the two paragraphs and then turned towards Felicia, who was now trying to disappear into the wall, completely overcome by shame. Laura walked towards her, grabbed her hair and pulled back on it, forcing FeliciaТs face upwards. She looked at the Spanish girl with fierce eyes, and then kissed her voraciously. She pushed her tongue deep into FeliciaТs mouth, squeezed her lips with her own, foraged into her throat, still maintaining a heavy pull on the girlТs hair. With her free right hand, she slapped FeliciaТs pussy hard, right on the slit. The sound echoed in the garage, and Felicia gasped in pain, breaking free from the vicious embrace.

IТm going to turn you into a perfect little lesbian, my dear slut! IТll teach you how to please me. Under my guidance, you will become a perfect whore slave

Laura stepped back and squatted down. She looked up between FeliciaТs spread legs, gazing at her obscenely exposed pussy. You obviously have all the required assets for the job, darling! Laura punctuated her statement with another slap on FeliciaТs slit, which sent another wave of short pain into the young girlТs groin.

Mark, still stroking his hard dick, approached his wife and squatted next to her. Both were looking at the pink lips of FeliciaТs cunt slightly opened like two delicate petals fresh with morning dew, covered with silky, golden pussy hair. FeliciaТs swollen clit was peeking out from under its protective hood. Mark couldnТt resist and slipped his hand to the beautiful young pussy, cupping it and sliding one finger into the wet opening of her vagina.

Felicia shook, her hips jerking back.

DonТt do that, please Let me go, I beg you!

Sorry, darling, Mark explained. You can beg all you want but leaving is not an option. YouТre here to stay, and to do as youТre told

Mark started to plunge his finger in and out of FeliciaТs cunt, and to her horror, she was becoming wet. She tried to will her cunt to stop, but the more MarkТs finger thrust into her, the wetter she became.

FeliciaТs sexual experience could not be described as extensive yet, due to her young age and rather strict upbringing, but there was a tingle in her pussy that she had never felt before when having sex with her boyfriends. Being tied up and under the control of this perverse but attractive couple induced new unbelievable sensations. She thought that if Mark kept fingering her, she would come

Mark pulled his finger out, coated with FeliciaТs cunt juice and put it in his mouth to taste the Spanish girlТs vaginal secretions.

Hmm SheТs tasty too! he commented with a large smile. You should try it, darling

Following her husbandТs advice, Laura shoved a pair of fingers into FeliciaТs cunt a few times before bringing them under her nose and into her mouth.

You are right, Mark The little slut is tasty, better than honey. Laura said approvingly. They were now taking turns finger fucking the young and helpless girl, whose thighs were getting slippery with her pussy juice.

Felicia felt so ashamed by her uncontrollable response to the coupleТs treatment, and her beautiful face turned red as she heard Mark and Laura comment on how tasty her vagina was. She could not resist looking down her naked body, watching them. MarkТs cock was rock hard, pre come seeping from the piss hole; LauraТs nipples were fully erect and clearly visible through her T-shirt. A shiver rippled up and down FeliciaТs spine, and her cunt seemed to steam.

She could hear them breathing faster, and she began to hope that it would end soon. Maybe, she thought, Mark would come fast; maybe he would fuck his wife, and then untie her. Maybe this was only a sexual game, meant to scare her, and nothing else.

Felicia began to whimper softly. She could feel her clit swelling into throbbing hardness. She choked back a squeal, not wanting to come, not wanting these two depraved individuals to know that she was about to have an orgasm from what they were doing to her. Nevertheless, she couldnТt prevent it. Her hips were thrusting now, moving back and forth, grinding within the limits of the ropes.

Felicia clamped her mouth tight, biting her bottom lip between her teeth. She came.

Look at that! Mark exclaimed. The bitch is coming I canТt believe it

He plunged his finger in and out of FeliciaТs cunt faster and deeper, feeling it suck and squeeze. Her clit was throbbing visibly, and Felicia was crying with shame, yet with pleasure too. Her cunt had betrayed her, and there was nothing she could do about it. Her hips rocked back and forth on MarkТs finger.

Laura joined in and started pinching FeliciaТs nipples, using both hands at the same time. She took the erect buttons between her fingers, squeezed them hard, before twisting them in opposite directions. Still keeping her iron grip on FeliciaТs nipples, she pulled on them elongating them as far as they would go, moving them in wide circles, stretching FeliciaТs boobs to the limit. FeliciaТs gasped in pain: her mouth opened wide, and a silent scream was released while the wave of pain stormed down her spine.

Paradoxically, FeliciaТs orgasm increased and she finally cried out as she came a second time, even more violently than the first. Lost in a cloud of pain and pleasure, Felicia wondered what was happening to her. She had never come like this before!

Mark suddenly took his fingers out of FeliciaТs pussy, and circled her until he stood in her back, right next to the wall. He grabbed her hips and pushed his throbbing erection to the girlТs asshole. He paused for a second there, and then violently thrust forward, impaling Felicia with his rod. He went deep inside her, forcing past the sphincters, until his balls were slapping against the creamy ass cheeks. He pumped her hard for a couple of minutes before his hot bubbling come juice spurted into the distended rectum. It seemed to scald her entrails, and her orgasm increased once more. She shot her hips backwards, crying out again in unwanted ecstasy.

Mark grunted, and slapped FeliciaТs right ass cheek with his bare hand, leaving a perfectly defined imprint of his fingers on the white skin. The burning pain got lost in the ocean of emotions that swarmed over Felicia. She was panting now, trying to recover.

She barely felt Mark retreating from her ass. Through blurred eyes, she vaguely saw him coming in front of her, and hugging his wife lovingly. Laura spread her feet to let MarkТs hand slip in between her thighs, and the duo kissed passionately in front of the tied up maid. Mark fingered Laura for a while, pushing three fingers into her slit, burying them deeper and deeper. Laura started wiggling her hips, flexing her knees so that she could lower herself on MarkТs fingers. She slipped both her hands under her T-shirt and started playing with her two heavy tits, pinching the nipples softly. Eyes closed, mouth opened, she was abandoning herself to the coming orgasm. When it finally struck her, she yelled her pleasure, shivered for a few seconds, and then hugged Mark, burying her face into his neck.

Felicia, still tied to the wall, looked at the two lovers. She felt drying come juice still running down the crack of her ass, and her cunt seemed to keep on pulsating. This had been a new experience for her, something that she would never forget. As a matter of fact, she had rarely come while having sex with her partners; most of the time, she could only come while masturbating, and even at that, orgasm was no guarantee. She was completely confused. Her mind was in turmoil. She ought to be mad at her employers, but she seemed still in a state of shock and didnТt know what to do or say. The ropes were cutting into her wrists, making her hands numb. Her brain seemed to be numb as well.

In a trembling voice that she barely recognized, she said: Untie me now, please.

Laura looked at her with a hard stare.

Listen bitch! From now on, you will only speak when spoken to. And as far as being untied is concerned, you are in for a surprise. As of now, you will remain restrained constantly, as a slave should be, of course. Look, we have a little present for you, Felicia

Mark went to a metal closet in the corner of the garage. He unlocked the door, foraged among the shelves for an instant, and came back to his wife with a set of irons and chains dangling from his right hand.

He explained: This will be your new maidТs outfit, slut. WeТre going to put it on you now. As you can see, everything is padlocked, and we have the only keys. Laura has one set, and I keep the second one. Once locked onto you, only we can remove this set of irons. Do you understand?

Felicia looked at the chains with incredulous eyes. What were they talking about? Was she supposed to be enchained constantly, like a slave in the Old South? This was not possible; it had to be a bad dream

Laura took the set from MarkТs hands and approached Felicia. She opened a large metal collar, the two halves hinged in the middle. Mark came forward to help with FeliciaТs hair, making sure that it was not trapped between the collar and the neck. Laura closed the collar around FeliciaТs neck, and the Spanish girl shivered at the cold contact on her hot skin. A small padlock kept the collar in place.

From the collar a long chain dangled down, in between FeliciaТs breasts, reaching almost to the floor. Mark pulled the chain up and threw it over FeliciaТs left shoulder, while Laura turned the collar around. The cold contact was now running down FeliciaТs back, between her shoulder blades and ass cheeks. She felt the ropes around her wrists loosening up, to be immediately replaced by metal handcuffs. The handcuffs were fastened to the middle of the chain, so that FeliciaТs arms were bent at the elbow, her hands pinioned at kidney height.

Laura and Mark released her ankles from the rope loops. And for a second Felicia felt the burning sensation where the ropes had scratched her delicate skin. Another pair of metal cuffs were slipped around her ankles, and locked in place. A short length of chain separated the cuffs, allowing her to walk with small steps only. Laura fastened the middle of the short chain to the end of the long vertical chain.

Mark slapped FeliciaТs bottom: Move forward, bitch!

Completely naked, wearing only a large metal collar and chains keeping her hands tied in her back and her feet restrained, Felicia took a small step towards Laura. She felt absolutely helpless, absolutely shameful, utterly lost in a new world that she could not start to understand. But her pussy was still pulsating in an unexplainable way

Mark walked to Laura and took her by the waist. They both contemplated Felicia for an instant.

What do you think of our new slave, darling? Mark asked in a cheerful voice.

I think she will be absolutely perfect And training her will be so much fun

Felicia barely registered the words. Slave? Training?

Obviously, the bad dream was only beginning

Another day in FeliciaТs new life: a life that was unthinkable twenty-four hours earlier; a life that still seems impossible to contemplate; a life that goes beyond all bad dreams. The life of a slave for Mark and Laura!

What had started as a comfortable au pair position with a rather attractive couple in a very nice estate in Florida, suddenly turned into a complete nightmare of forced sex, humiliation and pain under the rule of a pair of perverts.

The day before, right after the humiliating garage episode, Felicia, still in chains from head to toe, had been introduced to her new living quarters. Long gone was the nice little bedroom she had lived in for two weeks, with the French windows opening over the swimming pool, the private bathroom and the many closets. Mark and Laura had taken her to MarkТs library, a huge room the walls of which were lined with books from floor to ceiling. In the center of the room, a low set table and a few comfortable armchairs allowed company to enjoy a good cigar while reading a book chosen among the thousands collected along the years.

Felicia had visited the library many times, sometimes borrowing a book from Mark, but she had never noticed the special feature that was hidden in the far corner of the room, at shoulder height: an electronic buzzer, large as a silver dollar, on the far side of the bookshelf. Laura pressed on it, and the precious parquet floor started moving, a whole portion opening up. It stopped when it reached a vertical position, and Felicia, who had been kept in the center of the room by Mark, could see the stairs leading down, into what appeared to be a sort of basement.

Laura went down a few steps first, and turned on the light. She disappeared down the flight of steps.

Go down the stairs, bitch, Mark ordered Felicia, pushing her by the elbow. Very carefully because of her restraints, Felicia started down into the secret room. The room was quite large, way larger than what the girl had expected. In fact it was probably running under most of the surface of the house.

The room was mostly bare, with only a few metal cabinets visible along one wall. One end of the room was not visible, because of a drawn curtain. In the visible portion of the room, along the south wall, stood a metal cage, visibly bolted to the concrete floor. The cage was a simple cube with a 4-foot side and strong vertical bars. The front panel of it, which was obviously the door, bore a little black shiny box on the left side, which seemed to be some kind of electronic lock.

Through the bars, inside the cage, Felicia could see a metal pail and a little metal bowl stuck in a corner, next to each other. A black blanket, of crude wool, was folded on the floor.

Mark explained: Welcome to your new home, Felicia. This cage is yours, all yours. From now on, this is where you will be kept when we do not require your services, and this is where you will sleep at night. How does this sound?

Felicia looked at the cage with unbelieving eyes. Living in a cage? Like a zoo animal? They must be kidding! Laura interrupted her train of thought, and added.

If you turn around, you will notice that the camera here is constantly filming the cage. She pointed to a camera mounted on the wall opposite the cage, and facing towards it. The image is relayed to different monitors upstairs, mostly in our bedroom, so that we can check on you easily, day and night. You will see very soon how convenient this is, my little slut

From his pocket, Mark produced a little remote control and showed it to Felicia. And this is the key to your cage, if I may say so. As you can see, lock picking is not an option for you; the lock is electronic. Only this remote control will open it I guess itТs time for you to get acquainted with your new palace Get in the cage, bitch!

Laura opened the front panel widely, and with her hand on the top of FeliciaТs head, made sure that the girl would bend enough to fit into the cage. Felicia crouched and stepped in, clumsily, her moves still uncertain with the leg and wrist irons locked on. She was so shocked that she could not even utter a word. While she was turning around inside the cage to face her captors, Felicia heard a loud click. The door had been closed shut. With her hands cuffed in her back, she tried to shoulder the door; it did not move at all, and all she achieved was to hurt herself.

She started crying and yelled at Mark and Laura: Let me out, please, let me out What are you going to do to me?

Laura answered the question: We are going to leave you in here for a little while, time for us to get organized upstairs. WeТll be back in about an hour, and we will explain to you exactly whatТs going to happen to you from now on DonТt be impatient, darling

Felicia kept her eyes on Mark and Laura while they disappeared up the staircase, back into the library. The panel clicked shut, and the light dimmed a little; a faint glow still illuminated the room, and Felicia noted the little red light blinking on top of the camera lens, probably indicating that the image was on. Unable to stand up in the cage, Felicia fought to find a suitable position. Kneeling down was not bearable for more than a few minutes. Lying down in a fetal position was feasible but quite uncomfortable because of the bars from the ground panel. Finally, she settled for a sitting position, her back resting on the back panel, her legs spread in front of her. With difficulty, she managed to slip the blanket under her ass, making a sort of cushion to soften the hardness of the horizontal bars.

In total despair, she realized that she was completely trapped and watched.


A little more than an hour later, Mark and Laura came back to the basement. They each carried a glass of wine, and they seemed quite pleased with themselves. Mark disappeared for an instant behind the curtain, and came back with two folding stools that he set in front of the cage. He and his wife sat down and looked at the girl with amused eyes

Mark took a sip of wine before talking to Felicia: Ma petite cherie my little darling, there are many things we need to explain to you. YouТd better listen carefully, because we wonТt repeat them twice. Burn this into your sweet slaveТs brain, and never forget anything

Mark paused and Laura intervened. She crossed her beautiful legs; her manicured toes fiddled with her shoe slipping the heel off and on. In spite of the awkward situation, Felicia could not prevent herself from finding the woman extremely sexy.

HereТs the deal, Felicia. As of now, you are no longer free. Very simply, and in a few words, you belong to us; you are our property. You no more have rights, nor personal possessions, nor choices. Your life will be governed by the rules that we impose onto you. There will be many, but they all come down to two basic rules that are easy to remember

Mark followed suit: Rule number one: you will obey all orders and instructions given to you immediately. You will do it without hesitation and without question. Mark turned towards his wife, smiling broadly.

Laura continued the expose: Rule number two: you will never undertake any action of your own accord without asking permission first. And I mean NOTHING. You wonТt speak, you wonТt move, you wonТt pee you may breathe, but that is the only exception to the rule Laura sneered at Felicia and giggled towards Mark. Laura was certainly enjoying this part the introduction to the rules of the game

Do you understand clearly the two golden rules, Felicia? Mark asked the confused caged girl. FeliciaТs face fell…her blurry eyes to the floor she shook her head in disbelief. Her mind reeled at the complexity of her situation. Truly, she was captured. Truly she could not escape. In some insane way, the rules made sense she no longer trusted her own sense of reality. Alone and lost in unfamiliar territoryshe began to slip into the insanity of her situation

Mark stood and approached the cage. He reached inside and took FeliciaТs down turned face. A whole new world is about to open for you be proud that you are one of the privileged few to whom it is presented. Give yourself over to the inescapable condition that you are in concentrate very hard on the measures you must go to in order to provide proper service to your owners.

Grabbing and pulling on FeliciaТs hair, Mark said: Look at me We expect many services from our slave: domestic, personal and sexual of course. YouТre going to be busy here, trust us And youТre going to show us what youТre capable of, right away, slut!

Mark let go FeliciaТs hair and Laura punched in the code on her small remote control. The cage door opened with a small click, and Mark pushed it opened all the way so that Felicia could go out. DonТt stand up Remain on your knees! ordered Mark.

Felicia struggled to her knees, and half fell on her right side. She connected hard with the bars, and let out a short gasp. Not being able to use her arms, still cuffed in the small of her back, she twisted and finally got out of the cage, on her knees, crawling forward in small paces given the short length of chain joining her leg irons.

Once again, Mark took hold of her long hair and twisted it around his fingers, taking a firm and controlling grip. On the stool, Laura uncrossed her legs and stood up. She slowly removed her T-shirt and slid her mini-skirt down to the floor; she carelessly pushed the garments aside with her right foot. Felicia could only admire the resplendent body in front of her: large and heavy breasts, still holding quite well in spite of their mass, nicely rounded hips connected to muscular thighs and thin legs. Laura sat down again, this time keeping her legs wide open, her pussy well visible in the fork of her thighs.

With his left hand, Mark opened the padlock keeping FeliciaТs hands tied. This time, you will be allowed to use your hands to please your new Mistress. Make good use of them, slave!

But I have never

Before she could finish her sentence, Felicia felt a sharp pain and tears filled her eyes immediately. Laura had slapped her on the left cheek, a strong and precisely aimed slap that left a nice imprint on the skin.

Did we ask you to talk? I donТt think so YouТd better start concentrating on the rules weТve given you. You do not talk unless authorized to Is that clear, bitch? Without a word, Felicia nodded, unable to look at Laura in the eyes. She still had difficulty coping with the reality of her new condition.

Laura reached forward and wiped the tears off FeliciaТs face, almost tenderly. Then she pulled the girlТs mouth towards a fat, plum colored nipple. Suck your Mistress, little slave Only a woman knows how to properly pay homage to tits.

Still uncertain about what to do, Felicia used both hands to caress the large twin globes of her Mistress as she sucked on each nipple in turn. She instinctively seemed to know what to do and found herself relishing in her new found ability to give pleasure to another woman.

Bite my tits hard, Felicia. Mark them with your teeth!

With her own excitement growing, the young girl needed no second bidding and began biting into the soft flesh. At first she used little nips but, as her confidence grew, she began biting into mouthfuls of firm flesh, thrilled by the sound of her Mistress groaning above her.

She never heard the swish of the cane.

For a few seconds she had forgotten about Mark, who had discreetly taken a thin bamboo cane from one of the metal cabinets. When it cracked across her ass cheeks, the shock forced her head back. Laura grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back, this time bringing their mouths together. FeliciaТs mouth was invaded by the demanding tongue and she greedily sucked on it as the next three lashes blasted against her fleshy bottom. Felicia could not understand her own sexual appetite for the woman who was in fact raping her, forcing her to perform something that she had considered so faras impossible and against nature.

Laura pulled away, breathing quickly. Give pleasure to your Mistress, whore, while Master canes you. Show us how good a slave you can be

The hand yanked her hair again, and a nipple was pushed into her mouth. She opened it as wide as possible and used her fingers to fill it with as much breast flesh as she could while the cane stung her, she bit into it as hard as she could.

She attacked both mounds of flesh with vigor, intent on making her Mistress moan as loud as she could, biting her each time the cane landed. When it seared across the back of her thighs, its stinging, burning cut made her moan almost as loud.

In an unexpected flash of perverse creativity, she pushed the two mounds together and was able to force both nipples into her mouth at the same time.

Yes, slave Bite them both. You are making me want to come!

She suddenly felt MarkТs fingers teasing her tight hole before dipping them into her streaming slit. She pushed back against them, trying to make them slide into her but jumped when his hand slapped her hard. She realized he wanted her to keep still and in a short instant of pure insanity she hoped he was going to fuck her as he had done in the garage.

Pulling again on FeliciaТs hair, Laura pulled her mouth away from her boobs and directed it downwards towards her pussy.

“Eat your Mistress cunt, slave. And do it good!”

To her complete surprise, Felicia felt a tremendous thrill run through her as her mouth trailed through the precisely trimmed pubic hair of her Mistress. When she felt dampness, she opened her mouth and gently kissed the soft lips, using the tip of her tongue to pry the closed slit open. Now, for the first time ever, she tasted a womanТs juice other than her own and she found it truly delicious.

She felt Laura begin to squirm against her mouth and watched as a finger sought out the hidden bud that quickly grew to an amazing size. She sucked it into her mouth, careful not to be too rough or catch it with her teeth. Just as she was massaging it with her tongue, she felt MarkТs fingers leave her and the cane cracked across her behind again, making her moan into the wet pink slit.

Unable to recognize herself as the little lesbian whore she had suddenly become, Felicia began rubbing the hard stalk with her fingers and pushing her tongue in and out of the wet depths as fast as she could. Acting now on pure instinct, she moved the other hand so that her fingers could tease the smaller, tighter hole.

Fuck my ass! Chew on my clit! Get ready to drink my juice, slave!

Her finger slipped easily into the tight hole so she pushed two more in and began frigging her MistressТs ass hole. She sucked the hard clitoris between her lips and began to bite it.

She felt Mark move close behind her then felt his hard cock sliding between her thighs. He reached down and guided the swollen knob to the wet entrance of her slit, then rammed it all the way into her.

There was an urgent edge in his voice when he spoke: Let me see you suck your gorgeous tits, darling. Bite your own nipples!

Felicia wished she could look up and watch Laura biting her own nipples, but all her attention had to be focused on making her come. Her fingers sank into the hot tight channel all the way up to her knuckles. She rolled the hard clitoris across her teeth with her tongue, the pressure dictated by the force of her masterТs cock as he kept ramming into her.

Through the loud moaning, she heard the panting voice of Laura. Tell me when to come, Mark!

As he fucked her with growing urgency, his hands began slapping her; stinging blows on thighs, belly and breasts. He found her nipples and sank his nails into them, the sudden pain making her groan into the cunt that was now almost swamping her mouth. She fought to hold back her own crisis while trying to make her Mistress come.

Come on, Laura. Bite them harder. ThatТs it. Ah yes, wait wait now come! Yes, come with me now.

MarkТs fingers dug into her breasts as she felt his dick start pumping into her. As her own climax erupted, her mouth was rammed hard up against LauraТs slit as an amazing amount of juice flooded over her lips, making her swallow as fast as she could. She felt his full weight as he collapsed onto her back, pushing her forward and making her lift her head up. Laura promptly pulled her close and allowed her to use her breasts for a cushion. She noticed with pride that they were covered with bite marks.

They remained locked together for a little while as they slowly recovered. When Mark finally spoke, his voice was casual.

Did you come good, Felicia?

Sandwiched between Laura and Mark, feeling deliriously satisfied, Felicia completely missed the trap that was laid in front of her and she stepped right into it.

Oh yes That was unbelievable absolutely fantastic!

Mark withdrew from Felicia and looked at Laura with a sadistic stare, his dick going limp between his legs. In a playful voice, he commented: Oh, is that so? Let me ask you a simple question, Felicia. Who gave you permission to come?

It took Felicia several seconds to understand the question and its implications. Permission to come? Why would she need to ask permission to come? Then the answer hit her like lightning: rule number two! Never undertake any action without asking permission first. Looking at her, Laura could almost see the wheels turning in her brain, while she was trying to figure out the meaning of the question. She took great pleasure in seeing the fright in her eyes when she realized she had made a mistake.

Obviously you already forgot one of the rules we explained to you just a few minutes ago. ThatТs ok; it will happen again But you must understand that under these rules, any mistake will earn you a punishment. And the more mistakes you make, the heavier the punishment will be. Laura paused for a short instant, and then asked Mark.

Darling, what kind of punishment seems appropriate for such an obvious lapse of memory?

While Mark was standing up behind Felicia, the poor girl, absolutely terrified, burst in tears and pleaded mercy. Please, donТt hurt me I beg you I will be more careful, but do not punish me please

Mark grabbed her arms and manacled her wrists again in her back, as they had been before. Felicia was so frightened that she did not even resist. One thing we hate, is a whining slave. Of course, we know how to cope with that little inconvenience

Mark walked to the first metal cabinet; digging around inside of it, he found what he was looking for and came back to his wife and the shivering girl. He handed out something to Laura, and showed Felicia what he had kept in his hand.

This is the ultimate remedy for a whining slave. IТm sure you will soon get used to it The gag consisted of a broad leather mouth cover with an adjustable strap. In the center of it was a semi-solid latex plug shaped like a fat, stubby prick. A hole through the center guaranteed an uninterrupted air supply.

Open your legs wider Mark ordered. Felicia complied without thinking, moving her knees apart as far as they could go with the ankles chained. She watched Mark slip the plug between her very wet pussy lips, twisting it to make sure it was liberally coated with her copious juice. When he was satisfied, he held it up to her mouth. Felicia could smell the familiar fragrance of herself.

Keep your mouth open, bitch! Felicia felt the wet prick-shaped plug touch her lips and found that she had to stretch her jaws open in order to suck its fat girth into her mouth. She gripped it between her teeth as Mark buckled the gag tightly behind her head.

Now, Laura said, Show us your tits. WeТve got something for them. From her lap, she pulled a pair of large alligator clamps with sharp teeth. To each clamp was attached a metal ball covered with spikes, dangling at the end of a 5 inch chain. Carefully pinching FeliciaТs right nipple between her fingers, Laura started playing wit it, rolling and twisting it. A few instants later, the pink nipple was once again erect. Laura opened the vicious jaws of the clamp and set them precisely on the throbbing button. When she removed her fingers, letting the full pressure crush the tender flesh, Felicia let go a silent scream of pain, muffled by the gag. Her whole body jerked under the searing pain. Laura applied the same treatment to the other nipple, causing tears to run down FeliciaТs cheeks. Not only were her nipples crushed by the clamps, but the tits themselves were stretched downwards by the large metal balls.

Stand up now, bitch, Laura ordered. Mark helped Felicia from behind and she carefully stood up. Each movement of her torso made the weights swing and the young girl let out a groan of pain. With each swing, the balls rammed into her belly, their spikes almost piercing the delicate skin. She was obviously in terrible pain and was crying constantly. The pleasure she had experienced just a while ago was a distant memory now. Pain was the only thing she could concentrate on now, and it was driving her mad

We want to make sure that you wonТt forget again such an important rule, and consequently, your punishment is not over yet. Mark disappeared again behind the curtain, and came back with a device that looked like an old metal seat from a tractor. It was stainless steel, formed in a shape made to take a human butt. However, from the middle of it a thick, hard rubber dildo pointed up. It was at least 9 inches long and 2 inches thick. Immediately behind it, was a stainless steel rod about 1 inch thick. At the tip of the rod was a metal ball about one inch in diameter. There were three more balls below the first, each getting larger, the bottom one being two and a half inches in diameter. The whole seat rested on a metal box with dial controls along the front.

Felicia stared at the monstrous seat in utter disbelief and cried even more. “Time to take a seat, cunt! Mark said happily. He helped the young girl walk slowly to the device. When she got by it, Mark unfastened the leg irons, so that the girl could open her legs widely. The teenager stood over the stool and turned to face her owners. She slowly started lowering her butt down till the rubber dildo touched her cunt lips.

Go ahead, sit down! And donТt forget to keep your legs open, so that we can enjoy the show.

Wiggling slowly on the dildo Felicia started to press down. As the thick dildo began to spread her tight young cunt, grunting as she was stretched. Slowly the first inch of dildo worked into her until her small young ass came in contact with the first metal ball. She looked up pleadingly at her Masters but they just smiled at her. Sobbing, she started to press her asshole down on the sphere. Slowly it spread her.

“Agghhh!” she moaned as she got past the widest part of the ball that seemed to pop into her ass. She pushed down to the next ball. The dildo was feeling impossibly large in her tight cunt. She pushed further and the next ball stretched her asshole out. She cried out again in her gag as it finally slid into her ass. She was starting to feel dizzy with the pain but concentrated on keeping conscious.

Two more balls, slut! YouТll take them all in the ass, or we will whip you bloody Do you understand? Laura asked, grabbing the cane from MarkТs hand and brandishing it in front of the girlТs eyes.

Felicia started pushing down on the third ball, but with every downward movement, she felt like her ass was going to tear. She just couldnТt force herself further. She sat, half impaled, weeping deeply. Her tears were now making rivers down her cheeks, over the large leather mouthpiece, dripping on her tortured chest.

Mark stroked her hair: “Poor dear! Would you like some help?” The young girl looked pitifully at him, tears dripping off her chin and nodded weakly. Mark placed two strong hands on her shoulders and nodded to Laura.

“You know what to do, sweetheart!” Laura grabbed FeliciaТs ankles and pulled them from under the young teenager. Mark used no strength to push her down, but just held her upright. Felicia plunged down hard on the two invading dildos. The one in her cunt seemed like it was going to pierce her guts as the one in her ass ripped her anal ring while the largest ball pounded its way through. Even through her gag, the tortured girlТs squeal was high pitched, and it resounded through the room.

Mark held her upright for the entire time it took for her screams to subside. Her muffled pleas to be removed from the horrible device tearing into her were ignored. Laura took a strap and placed it across the lap of the suffering slave and pulled it tight. Mark reached between her dangling legs and turned the dials. He then flipped a switch on the box and a humming started. Felicia resumed her desperate squealing in a rhythmic chant.

Her Master went behind her and checked how deeply the torture machine was thrusting. On each outward pull, two balls were pulled from her ass only to be thrust back in, like an incessant piston of pain. The tear in the girlТs ass was now slowly dripping blood. Her screams and pleas were settling into a medium level series of horrendous grunts as the monstrous balls pushed in and out of her.

Oh, Laura added sardonically, I forgot to mention that this time, you do not have permission to come Mark burst out laughing.

Ten minutes of ass tearing like this, and you wonТt forget so easily next time, will you, cunt? Mark approached his wife and kissed her in front of Felicia. He slipped his right hand in between LauraТs thighs, and was pleased to notice how dripping wet his perverse partner was. Nothing like breaking a new slave to get her juices flowing And this was just the beginning

The alarm clock buzzed in the master bedroom. Mark extended his arm and turned it off. Even though he didnТt have to go to any office, he had always maintained a fairly strict work routine, only allowing a few exceptions after particularly busy nights, which had not been the case of yesterday.

Mark rolled on his side towards Laura, who was barely opening her eyes. As everyday, Mark found that his wife was magnificent in the early morning, even without any make-up, even with her hair unmade. He leant towards her and kissed her warmly. His right hand automatically moved to her tits, and he started fondling the two heavy globes, playing with the buttons that became hard immediately.

Still half-asleep, Laura began to moan softly and spread her legs to open the way to MarkТs agile fingers. Both of them always slept naked, and it was frequent for them to indulge into a quick fuck in the early morning.

Mark pushed the covers aside and knelt next to Laura. Slipping his right arm under her thigh, he used his left hand to spread open his wifeТs slit. Bending forward, he plunged onto the pussy he knew so well, and expertly ran his tongue in between the soft folds of her cunt, taking in the delicate aroma of his wifeТs intimate parts. He ate her pussy for a couple of minutes, making her wet and dripping. After many years of marriage, Mark was still amazed at how easy it was to make Laura wet

The tip of his tongue played with the clitoral hood; when the little love button grew erect, Mark started using his teeth, lightly biting it, sucking on it with his lips. LauraТs moans grew louder. Mark inserted his middle right finger in his wifeТs slit, making sure that it got copiously covered with her love juices. Still sucking at LauraТs pussy avidly, Mark slowly pushed his wet finger into her tight asshole. With his finger firmly in place, he began making slow circles inside her rectum, and Laura immediately responded with jerking her hips. She grabbed her husbandТs hair and pushed his hair more firmly against her crotch. Mark was happy to comply. He could feel his erection grow bigger and harder by the minute


Ten minutes later, Mark got off the bed, his dick still hard. LauraТs fingers were still playing softly with her cunt, now covered with the sperm load left by Mark. On her back, legs wide open, both her arms squeezing her boobs, she was offering a great show

Darling, we must go and check on the slave, Mark said, looking at his watch. Let me remind you that I have to be at the airport in less than two hours. IТm going to take a shower He disappeared in the adjoining bathroom, and soon Laura heard the water flowing in the shower.

Laura got up too, and stared at the little monitor that was set in the corner of the bedroom, at eyes level. On the screen, she saw Felicia in her cage in the secret basement that opened under the house library. She was on all fours, looking at the floor, turned towards the front panel of the cage, knees apart, ass in the air. Exactly as she had been ordered to be every morning while waiting for her owners to come and take her out of the cage.

Almost one hour ago, another alarm clock had woken the slave up. Upon hearing the clock ring, Felicia knew that she had to assume the position in which she was to wait for her release. She also knew that the camera was displaying her upstairs, and that her Masters were checking on her. She had only been their unwilling slave for a couple of weeks, but she had very rapidly understood that disobeying orders was not wise: the punishments were systematic and very harsh. The crisscrossed marks on her lower back and bottom, the bruises on her tits, were ample proof of that

Less than thirty minutes later, Felicia heard the trapdoor open, and footsteps coming down the stairs. She remained absolutely immobile, still staring at the ground in front of her, her long blond hair falling on both sides of her bowed head. With her peripheral vision, she caught sight of MarkТs shiny black shoes stopping in front of the cage, while LauraТs bare feet moved a little sideways.

The familiar buzz of the electronic lock sounded in the quiet basement, and the cage opened automatically. Mark finished opening the door, while Laura approached the cage.

Get out of there, slut! ordered Mark.

Yes, Master Felicia answered in a respectful voice. Still on all fours, the slave crawled outside of her cage and stopped at MarkТs feet. Without adding a word, she lowered her head and lightly kissed her MasterТs right shoe. She then turned towards Laura, and repeated the kiss on her MistressТs bare toes. Good morning Master Good morning Mistress Your slave is ready for you and will serve you in everything

As every morning, this sentence that she had to start her day with, made Felicia both sick and wet. Sick because of the intense humiliation it implied: describing ones self as a slave was not an easy thing to do willingly. In the past few days, Felicia had started to realize that she was no more than a slave in the hardest sense of the term. She now belonged to Mark and Laura, who could use and abuse her without any limits. She had been deprived of everything: no more choices, no more rights, no more personal possessions, and no more freedom. She had been reduced to being a plaything for her owners, a useful piece of furniture, a piece of meat for their exclusive and insane pleasure And she had found some kind of perverse and unexplainable pleasure in this degradation.

Many rules had been added to the list of rules that she had to respect strictly, since the first two rules described the first day of her enslavement. Each additional rule had taken her one more step down the food chain. As a slave, she was no longer allowed to refer to herself as a person. The use of personal pronouns such as I, me, etc was strictly prohibited. She had to describe herself as your slave in all circumstances, both in private and in public. Mark and Laura were now Master and Mistress respectively. Of course, the transition to the new grammar rules had been very painful, and the mistakes very numerous. But with the help of carefully chosen punishments, she had rapidly improved, and she was doing much better in this respect. Unless unduly stressed, she was now able to avoid stupid errors, and she was quite proud of it, even though she would not dare show any sort of pride. A slave was not allowed this kind of luxury, she had been told

Show yourself for inspection, cunt Laura ordered. Felicia silently rolled on her back and lay down on the concrete floor, shivering at the cold contact on her spine. As she had been ordered, she spread her legs as wide as she could, bent her knees and grabbed her ankles with her hands, keeping her soles on the floor. She opened her mouth wide and stared at the ceiling, in what her Masters had described as the inspection position. The object of the inspection was to make sure that the slave was wet, that her cunt was juicy enough to please her owners. They had explained to her that it was the slaveТs duty to remain constantly wet for its owners, and every morning she had to make a mental effort to get excited without touching herself.

Laura bent over her slave and slid a finger into the slaveТs cunt. The finger disappeared easily inside the well-lubricated slit. Laura smiled with satisfaction. She inserted a couple of fingers along the first one, and started fingering Felicia, pushing them deep inside her pussy. Felicia did her best to not move. After a little while, Laura squatted next to the slave, slid her fingers off its slit and brought them to its mouth. First, she smeared FeliciaТs cunt juice on her lips, making circles around her mouth. She then pushed them inside the gaping mouth, and Felicia started to lick them clean, feeling a humiliating pleasure at tasting her own cunt flavor.

While Felicia busied herself with licking her MistressТs fingers, Mark picked up the set of steel manacles that was lying on the floor next to the cage, out of reach of the girl when she was inside.

Stand up, slave Laura instructed. We donТt have much time this morning. Master has a plane to catch. Move your ass, bitch!

Felicia stood up, with her feet apart, her hands in the small of her back, her eyes looking at the ground. She was never allowed to look at her owners, unless ordered to, which did not happen often. In a few seconds, Mark put the restraints on his slave: leg irons, metal wrist cuffs, each pair linked by a short chain. This morning, they cuffed her hands in front of her body, rather than in her back. Laura affixed the leash to the metal collar that the slave wore day and night.

LetТs go upstairs, cunt. You are going to prepare MasterТs breakfast in a hurry Laura pulled on the leash and stepped towards the staircase. Felicia followed as fast as she could, limited in her moving ability by the leg irons. Mark followed the two women and closed the trapdoor behind them.

In the huge kitchen, Felicia went to work immediately, while her owners sat down at the large table. Mark was already fully dressed in a nice Armani suit, ready to fly to New York for a stock-exchange conference to which he was to deliver a speech later in the afternoon. Laura was loosely draped in a saffron colored silk kimono, which did not hide much of her delicious anatomy. Mark got hold of the newspaper and went directly to the business section, as he did everyday.

In the last few days, Felicia had learnt how to cook and serve meals while restrained. That required some concentration because the movements had to be thought of before hand, otherwise the chain would get caught up everywhere. This way, Mark and Laura had explained, the slave had to constantly think about what it was doing, and was reminded of its condition as an inferior being. This was also a difference between a slave and a paid maid

Felicia brought the plates with the sunny-side up eggs to her owners, along with coffees mugs and white bread toast. While Mark and Laura ate their breakfast, Felicia remained in between them and facing both of them, her feet as separated as the leg irons chain allowed, her hands spreading her pussy lips as wide as possible as a symbol of her servitude and inferiority. On the table, next to Laura, was the leather flogger that her owners used to slap her in case of a mistake.

Half an hour later, Mark took his car out of the garage and left for the airport, after kissing his wife. Take good care of the bitch, and have fun with her. IТll call you tonight, and IТll be back tomorrow early in the afternoon.

Mark gone, Laura went back to the kitchen where her slave was finishing the cleaning of the breakfast table and dishes. Now, little cunt, she said, weТre going to have some lesbian fun you and I. It is time for me to train you in the subtle art of serving a Mistress. YouТre mine and mine alone for more than 24 hours, and I am going to enjoy every minute of it, believe me.

Laura approached Felicia, unhooked the handcuffs and set them back on in the slaveТs back. She asked: Do you need to pee, slut?

Eyes still on the floor, Felicia answered in a soft voice. Yes, Mistress. Your slave needs to pee.

Very well, weТre going to take care of that. Follow me. Laura grabbed the leather handle of the leash and dragged the bound girl into the garden. In a far corner of the lawn, Mark had organized a little sandy area, surrounded by a low wooden fence with a narrow opening. Next to the opening, a sign said: SLAVE AREA.

The whole garden was very private, walled with large trees keeping the ground hidden from the neighbors. Laura ordered: Step in and do what you have to do But hurry up, I have many things to do today with you

Felicia walked into the sand pit, turned to face Laura and squatted, keeping her knees very widely open. She still needed to fight a wave of strong humiliation when she had to pee in front of her Mistress or Master. Her cheeks became cherry red when the first drops of piss flowed out of her little pee hole, arching between her ankles and pooling in the sand in front of her. She emptied her bladder while Laura kept the leash in her hand, always staring at the slave.

When the flow stopped, Felicia wiggled her butt to get rid of the last drops, which added to her humiliation. With her hands bound in her back, she could not wipe herself Laura pulled on the leash, and Felicia had to struggle in order to avoid falling face first in the sand. LetТs move, slut

Laura dragged Felicia towards the large swimming pool. The air was already very sticky and the sun still quite low on the horizon. This promised to be a very hot day! Laura stood by one of the elegant teak lounge chairs resting in the sun. She undid her kimono and let it slide down to the floor. Facing Felicia, she said: You have five minutes to shower and dry yourself, while I swim. IТll keep an eye on you. When youТre done, wait for me with a towel. Go ahead, move your filthy ass!

Yes Mistress.

Buck naked, Laura dove into the pool, shivering for an instant at the contact with the cool water. When she reappeared at the surface, she looked at Felicia. Following her instructions, the Spanish girl was using the garden hose, kept coiled by the swimming pool, to wash her self. As a slave she was not allowed to use the regular bathroom facilities, and because it was the summer, she could only use cold water to clean herself. She had been given a small hand rag and a simple soap, which she used both as soap and shampoo. Five minutes was the maximum time allowed for her grooming needs, and she could not loose time, in spite of the coldness of the water, in spite of the restraints that she still wore. She did her best, and rapidly cleaned her entire body, cunt and ass included, with the rag. When she was done, she dried herself with the hand towel she had been given and very rapidly combed her hair.

Feeling that the five minutes were almost spent, she tried to run towards the lounge chair, where she picked up LauraТs kimono. She folded it carefully and set it on the low table next to the chair. She unfolded the soft and large beach towel and turned towards the pool as Laura emerged from the water. Felicia could not help but finding her Mistress extremely attractive: dripping wet, she was rearranging her wet hair, shaking it like a dog, while crossing towards the chair. She left tiny wet footprints on the ground, which disappeared under the sun almost instantly.

Felicia wrapped the towel around her MistressТs shoulders, and started drying her back with gentle strokes. She started with the neck, and slowly went lower towards LauraТs bottom.

ThatТs enough said Laura. Put the towel on the chair.

Felicia complied silently and Laura laid down on the chair, looking for a comfortable position. From the table, she picked up fashionable sunglasses and put them on. She opened her legs wide, keeping her feet on the cooler ground, on each side of the chair. She grabbed the leash and tugged at it.

Now, be a good girl and eat my pussy, bitch.

Yes Mistress replied Felicia, already getting on her knees next to Laura. With her bound hands, she carefully parted LauraТs cunt lips and slowly started licking her MistressТ pussy, the chlorine scent from the swimming pool filling her nose. It was not long before Laura pressed her hands to the back of FeliciaТs head while the younger girl sucked and swallowed the whitish cream oozing from the cunt into her mouth. Laura started to moan while her clit grew harder under FeliciaТs precise tongue treatment.

When Laura felt her climax approaching, she rolled over and put her slaveТs head under her cunt. She sealed her pussy to FeliciaТs mouth and slowly started to urinate directly into the slaveТs throat.

A week ago, Mark and Laura had begun to train their slave as a toilet slave for their benefit. Felicia had almost fainted when she heard these words, and then she rebelled in earnest. The only thing that she had gained in so doing was a severe punishment: Mark and Laura had taken turns delivering two hundred lashes of the thin bamboo cane on her entire body. No place had been spared: tits, stomach, pussy, thighs (front and back), ass cheeks, sole of the feet. She had cried constantly, begging for mercy, and when the punishment was over, her body was a complete mess of blue and red marks, some of them bleeding where the skin had been broken. In the end, in a trembling voice broken by her sobs, she had accepted to be used as a urinal by her Master and Mistress, who had made it very clear that drinking their piss was only a beginning.

She had then spent the next twenty-four hours in a special contraption, designed by Mark for toilet service training, as he had explained. He called it the urinal box. It was in fact a sort of wooden crate, the size of an old-fashioned toy trunk. Mark had modified it, affixing straps and mounts to hold the slave firmly in place, totally helpless and cramped in the torture trunk. There was even an inside liner so that when the slave pissed herself, or if her owners pissed on her, nothing would leak out and the trainee would spend the day laying in, and smelling, their piss.

First, Felicia had been fitted with a rubber waist corset, wide enough to cover her from the base of her ribs to the top of her hips. Laura had drawn it tight enough to make the slave wince. Then she had been placed in the crate, after they had installed the liner and removed the wall at the foot of the box. Straps had gone across her belly and chest. Each leg had been bent and spread, then tied to the bottom of the chest beside her waist. Her ankles had been tied down at the other end and her arms had been strapped to the sides. Her head had been put on a small block of foam, to keep it tilted slightly towards her chest.

With one end wall of the crate removed, Mark and Laura had an excellent access to FeliciaТs asshole. Laura had carefully selected a butt plug, about ten inches long and very thick. Coating it with a fair amount of lube, Laura had pushed the entire length of the dildo inside FeliciaТs rectum, taking an immense pleasure in seeing the slaveТs anal ring stretch out grotesquely, despite all of FeliciaТs crying and begging. Mark had finally slid the wall in place, which completely prevented Felicia from expelling the plug that raped her ass. Laura had fitted a sort of ring gag over FeliciaТs mouth, forcing her jaws open and at the same time sealing the sides of her mouth.

Sadistically, Laura had explained: During these next twenty-four hours, each time Mark or I have to piss, we will come down here and see you. We will piss down that tube in your mouth, and you, our good little toilet, will swallow it. The rest of the time, the tube will be capped, so you will need to breathe through your nose. IТm sure that you will appreciate the smell

Felicia had groaned and closed her eyes, knowing that she would also be lying in a puddle of her own piss after a few hours. Mark and Laura had closed the top of the box, pierced with a hole for the long tube attached on one end to the gag-like device covering FeliciaТs mouth and on the other end to a sort of wide funnel.

Felicia had spent a full day cramped in the box, the pain in her bent legs causing her to twitch uncontrollably, causing her fatigued anal sphincter to clamp helplessly on the huge intruder in her body and piss to shoot from her body. Seven times, Mark and Laura had visited the female urinal and peed in her mouth. Seven times, she had had to drink all, almost choking to death many times. At the end of that dreadful day, Felicia was ready to drink her MastersТ pee voluntarily

And today, in the sun by the swimming pool, Felicia acted as a good toilet slave for her Mistress: she swallowed the dark yellow, bitter flow as Laura ground her wet cunt onto her face. After emptying her bladder, Laura rode FeliciaТs face until she came, splashing the slaveТs face with her love juice.

During the next hour, Laura got ready for the day. She had Felicia run her a hot and scented bath in her immense bathtub; she had her rub her back, her chest, her pussy, once again. While Felicia, still naked and chained, was cleaning the bathroom, Laura applied her make-up and went to the master bedroom to dress. Today she had selected a short dress with matching shoes; the dress was barely covering the top of her perfectly shaped thighs, and if she bent forward her round bottom was completely visible. Under the dress, she wore only red G-string panties, that disappeared between her ass cheeks; no bra.

She ordered Felicia to follow her into the living room, and she sat comfortably in the large leather couch. She made Felicia bring her a glass of sparkling water with a piece of lime and she took a sip before ordering.

Now, slut, get on all fours immediately.

Felicia dropped to her hands and knees to the floor at the side of the sofa, expecting her orders. Laura said: You may have noticed that, unlike many American families, we do not have a dog Well, I should say: we DID not have a dog Do you understand what I say, cunt?

Yes Mistress You are saying that now you have a dog. Your slave is your dog, if that is what pleases you, Mistress.

Very well It is amazing how well and fast you have improved your manners; I can hardly believe it. IТm starting to wonder whether becoming a full-time slave was a secret desire in you, bitch

Felicia said nothing, but in the bottom of her heart she was asking herself the same question. Could it be possible? Was she secretly dreaming of such a humiliating condition? Was she made to drink piss, to live naked and shackled?

Anyway, this morning, I feel like having a dog to play with What kind of dog could you be, slave? Let me think With your long hair on the sides of your head, you make me think of a cocker spaniel Yes, that matches you perfectly.

Laura reached under the cushion of the sofa and produced a latex plug of medium size, a perfect replica of a manТs dick. She held it up for Felicia to take a good look at it, and she threw it across the room. The dildo landed about five yards away, and rolled under an armchair next to the large home-video screen.

Go on, doggie Fetch the dick, and bring it back to Mistress!

Felicia turned around and crawled towards the armchair. Reaching it, she stopped and slid her arms under the seat, reaching for the plug. She started bringing it towards Laura when Laura yelled to her. When was the last time you saw a dog picking up anything with its paw, cunt? Even as a dog, youТre worthless! Take it in your mouth, bitch, and bring it here

Felicia lowered her head to the ground and fought to reach under the piece of furniture with her mouth. The seat was scratching her spine, and she barely managed to reach the plug that she took in between her teeth. Clasping her jaws tightly to keep it there, she started back towards the sofa.

Laura said approvingly: ThereТs a good dog Now, when you say that to a dog, it normally wags its tail. What are you waiting for, cunt? Wiggle that butt of yours. Show your Mistress what a good doggy you are

Still crawling forward, Felicia wiggled her ass and brought the dildo to Laura. Opening her mouth, she dropped it next to her on the sofa.

Ok, not too bad You make a passable dog, finally Now, walk around the room. Let me see how you crawl. Go ahead

Felicia made a wide circle around the living room, making sure to keep her ass high in the air, and her knees well apart from one another. Because of the position, her tits were swinging lightly, to the great pleasure of Laura who commented: Crawling like this, gravity becomes your friend and makes your teats seem almost adequate. ThatТs what you have, cunt, teats Your Mistress has beautiful breasts; you have pathetic teats, my little doggy Now, come back here and hurry it up!

Felicia, on the other side of the room, hurried back to the sofa as fast as possible. Her chains were rattling noisily on the wooden floor, and the tip of her leash trailed on the ground between her tits.

Come closer Now, pant! ordered Laura, slapping FeliciaТs face. YouТre a dog, remember? Behave like one, then ThatТs better Bark!

Felicia emitted a deep sound, which was not very convincing. She was rewarded with another slap on the face, which brought tears to her eyes. ThatТs not a bark. Try again bitch! And this time, youТd better be good, or IТll beat you to a pulp

Felicia struggled to control her sobbing. She did her best to bark in a convincing way and shouted what she thought was a pretty good waff waff. Laura smiled: Now, youТre talking. That was better. A cute little bitch Laura wiped the tears off FeliciaТs cheeks.

Now, I want you to roll over Not bad. Do it again, slower this time.

Felicia rolled on her back, taking her time and keeping her arms and legs up and bent, as a dog would while playing on the ground. Then she completed her rolling motion, coming back to stand on her hands and knees.

Now, bow before your Mistress. Show me a glamour dog!

Felicia looked at Laura, with questioning eyes. Mistress, your slave doesnТt understand. What is a glamour dog, Mistress?

Keep your ass up, legs apart; stretch your arms out on the floor in front of you Yes, thatТs good. Now, rest the side of your head on your arms, and look up with nice wide eyes, and a little pant.

Felicia complied and looked at Laura with begging eyes, displaying her submission in a rather obvious and sincere way. Laura appreciated the effort and the result. Pretty good job, bitch. Remember this position well; this is precisely the stance youТll have to assume if we want to fuck you as a dog

Leaving the slave in the humiliating position, Laura stood up and went to the kitchen to refill her glass. Coming back in the living room, she stood next to the prone dog slave.

Ok, that will do for now. Get back on all fours, doggie. Hand me the leash. WeТve got to do some shopping this morning, but first IТll have to dress you up a little bit for your visit to the mall. LetТs go to my bedroom. On all fours, of course

Dragging her compliant dog slave behind her, Laura left the living room

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