Auctioneers [HINES]


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Billy Joe Coob was sure likin’ how good Holly’s tight cunt felt around his dick as started up yet another fuck session that evenin’. Damn, how many times had he screwed this city girl that day? Musta been five or six times already. And this gal’s pussy was still tight. Billy was mighty proud of the length and girth of that cock of his and he was right surprised that her holes hadn’t loosened up like most gals he’d riden in the past. Well, that little pussy of hers was gonna stay all snug, then he’d just enjoy, enjoy enjoy…

Too bad Holly’s boyfriend had to go. Billy kinda liked the guy, thought he was okay for a city fella. But again, Billy had no choice but to dispatch thim off to the great beyond. After all, couldn’t leave any witnesses to tell about how Billy had befriended the couple, gave ’em some water, even shared a meal off the three fat fish he’d caught just before encountering the two of ’em hiking up the forest trail. It was just like it was fate that he’d come across them – and Billy was one who firmly believed in taking whatever fate had to offer. After all, how in the heck was he gonna be able to resist fate when he saw cute, blond 19 year-old Holly wuth her firm tits, great butt and those shapely legs. Looked strong and firm, as good as any country gal. Also, hadn’t BethAnne always been reminded him about keeping a lookout for fresh pussy that the family could put on sale? They’d only been able to snatch up five gals so far this month, and they’d had to travel all the way to the nearest city to find those. The family was gettin’ used the extra money the slaves brought in and the nice things that it allowed them to get for themselves. Auctioning off these girls was easy; there were plenty folks around these parts that appreciated havin’ a sweet little lady ’round the house to help with chores, cookin’ and to provide a good, obedient fuck or cocksuck or eat some pussy whenever told to. Their only problem was obtaining enough new women to satisfy the increasing demand.

Billy would present this newest captive to the rest of the family after he’d done with her that night. Or maybe, just maybe tomorrow mornin’ ; the way her cunt kept huggin’ Billy’s cock, he might find himself puttin’ it to her all the way to the way to next sun-up.

“Owwww…! Oh, God! Please!” Holly’s voice was desperate as she tried to shift away somehow from the painful slamming from Billy’s big cock. But there was no place her body could go, no way to escape the overwhelming discomfort of her captor’s shaft as it knocked against the rear walls of her pussy….

“You like that? You like it, huh? Damn, girl, I’m gonna really tear that pussy up this time. Gonna make ya holla louder than ever! ”

He put her legs up over his shoulders to give himself more leverage. “Gonna ride ya real deep, girl…..”

She moaned, then started to scream as Billy really began to power-fuck, his balls slapping wetly against her ass cheeks. “God! No! It hurts so bad! I can’t take it…..Eeeeee! Aaiiiieeeee…!”

But she would take it, of course. And she’d learn that from now on, she would never have a choice.

The sounds of Holly’s rape was echoing through the old Coob house but hers weren’t the only female screams being heard. While Holly was being broken in by Billy Joe, 18 year-old Becky was learnin’ a much-needed lesson on mindin’ one’s manners. Now MaryAnne and her older cousin TammyLo had asked Becky real nice-like to crawl over and do them a favor by eatin’ their pussies. Listenin’ to that gal in Billy’s room had got the both of them plum horny. It wasn’t that Becky said she’d never done that before; hell, everybody’s gotta learn sometime. The girl had simply gone ahead and told them that she didn’t wanna do it! Like she’d decided that she was in some sort of position to refuse! One more city girl who just didn’t know her place, just didn’t show the proper respect.

Well, Becky was beginin’ to see the light now. TammyLo and MaryAnne had begun to put a real good whackin’ all over that cute body of hers. They knew that they’d both be in some deep trouble if they left any scars on Becky and lowered the price she’d bring
when they auctioned her off in a few weeks, but they were careful enough to keep puttin’ a powerful hurt on the girl in order to get their point across. And judging from the volume of Becky’s pitiful moans through her ball gag, she was learnin’ real, real fast.

“You think she’s ready to wanna start eatin’ cunt now? She looks might accommodatin’ right now,” TammyLo observed. “And all this whippin’ has really got my juice flowin’. I’m about ready for some relief. How ’bout you, MaryAnne?”

“Hell, I’m kinda enjoyin’ this right now. Always like havin’ ’em shakin’ and quiverin’ like that. Let’s give her hurt for another half-hour or so. Then I think she’s gonna be real motivated to do some serious lickin’, no matter where she has to lick….”

Holly was so grateful when two of Billy Joe’s sisters banked on his door the next morning and demanded that they get a chance to meet the new gal. Billy had began to get thoughts of keeping her for himself another day and night; the girl’s pussy was still tight and it had been a long time since he’d shoot his load some many times . She was a fine piece of ass and he was reluctant to her go. But sisters Ina and Tina would’ve make a big stink about it if he had attempted to monopolize Holly any further and he sure didn’t want BethAnne, the oldest sibling and head of the household, to enter the fray. She was not someone who would appreciate Billy’s selfness.

But Holly’s assumption that things would be easier now in the company of Tina and Ina had been a bit premature. It seemed that horniness was a Cobb family trait. Two hours of eating pussy and ass had left Holly’s lips and tongue almost as sore as her abused cunt and anus. The siblings were as orgasm-prone as their brother and like him, they wee always ready for more. Finally they Holly rest a while – for about the five minutes that it took for Ina to find her trusty strapon.

Tina positioned herself beside of Holly and giggled when she noted the girl’s shocked expression at the sight of the strapon daggling in front of her face. ” Oh, honey, you gonna be some kind of a good pussy eater after you gets more practice. And me and Ina’s gonna do our best to make sures you gets as much time to learn as possible. But we know you must be missin’ all the cock-work that Billy Joe’s gettin’ ya used to. So Ina’s gonna help ya out by takin’ his place with that big ol’ hard rubber dick of hers.”

“Yep, Sis is right,” Ina said, letting out a low chuckle while slowly stroking her oversized artificial penis. ” I’ve gotten real good at ridin’ gals with this strapon. Likes to fuck ’em hard with it ’cause it moves against my clitty while I slam it in ’em. Gets me off big time……”

Tina pushed Holly’s head forward. ” C’mon now, bitch, slip those pretty lips over that thing and get it plenty wet so that it slides in ya easier. After all, it’s even bigger than Billy’s cock.”

“…..And especially ’cause I’m not gonna be stickin’ that pussy of yours,” added Ina. ” I’m gonna start right out fuckin’ that asshole…..

“I’m gonna make ya holla a lot louder than Billy made ya, sweetie. This thing never goes soft, baby. I’m gonna make ya crazy….”

After a month of captivity, Becky had been judged ready; ready to be personally inspected by BethAnne, who had interest for her slaves towards the end of their training. BethAnne might have been a country gal and an ex-Biker Mama, but she was also a shrewd judge of female flesh; her sharp appraiser’s eye was quick to spot any flaws that might hint of a possible unrealiable slave.
She had her own unique way of doing things, but people had quickly realized that her methods worked; the girls that she sold had proven to be thoroughly submissive and subservient to their owners. There had never been any reports of one of BethAnne’s slaves being of any trouble or of running away, even when left alone.

Now BethAnne examined this newbie slave named Becky, such a cutie; smooth and radiant skin, a trim and inviting body. Something about the girl triggered an old memory. Yes, back in her early years; that cheerleader that she and her then-biker boyfriend had kidnapped, used and then sold to a Mexican drug dealer. BethAnne had enjoyed her nights with that frightened girl; the pleasure that the captive had obediently provided her and her rather crude beau. BethAnne’s appraising fingers took their time exploring the slave’s breasts, shoulders, her ass and pussy….

BethAnne decided that this slave would be wasted in service to one of the typical back-county buyers who would be attending one of the auctions. This girl just wouldn’t be suited being put to work cleaning wood floors, outside commodes,
shoveling manure out of barns and then sexually satisfying some crude farmer, his sons and perhaps a hairy-legged, smelly-pussy wife.

BethAnne decided to keep Becky for herself. There were enough slavegirls in hand to hold a profitable sale as planned at the end of the week so that the expected money that this one wouldn’t be bringing in wouldn’t be a problem. And besides, no one in the family would have the nerve to complain.

“Girl, the plan has changed. No strange man is gonna to be buyin’ ya and takin’ you off. You are gonna have the honor of belongin’ to me. Your Mistress BethAnne is a woman who is gonna want a lot of pleasurin’. And I ain’t like my brothers or sisters; they is some kind of crude ‘n rude. Me, I needs a girl who can learn to appreciate things that my family still thinks are way too nasty for them to try. Things they call ‘perverted’, know what I mean? Of course ya don’t. But I’ll teach ya.’

BethAnne brought out the ball gag and started to fasten it around Becky’s head.

“I know ya just went through what ya consider to be hell; all that punishment and pain. But I’m afraid that’s was nothing compared to how I’m gonna be hurtin’ and abusin’ ya. It’s gonna be hell for ya, darlin’. It’s gonna go on and on and on. Oh, those tears look so sweet. Go ahead and cry as much as ya want, darlin’. It makes me so hot…”

The Coob’s slave auction never failed to attract a small but serious crowd of potential buyers. BethAnne, her arms somewhat fatigued from the hours of hard paddling and belt-whipping of her sweet slave Becky back in her especially-prepared dungeon beneath the barn. The girl had been reduced to an almost mindless lump of badly bruised flesh by now – and that was only the beginning. BethAnne was determined to subject Becky to the next six months of intense punishment. After that, she knew that Becky would not be able to even remember her name or her life before slavery. Then BethAnne would re-name her and re-make her into the absolute life-slave that BethAnne had always wanted. Her spirits were up and she looked forward to the intense back-and-forth bargaining and auctioning strategies that a good slave actioneer needed to employ in order to keep the sales going in a crisp and efficient manner.

BethAnne was pleased at the interest shown in the tall, blond slave who had been re-named “Nelly” . She had guessed that the slave’s ripe breasts, strong frame and jutting ass would get attention from those excited by the prospect of being able to make use of those assets at any moment or in any manner that they desired. Most of the slavegirls usually fetched somewhere in the range of four to five thousand dollars. The bids for ‘Nelly’ had already topped six thousand.

“Six thousand I have,” announced BethAnne. ” Do I hear six-five?”

The hog farmer, Hal Giles nodded.

“Six thousand, five hundred. Is there a seven? Do I hear a seven?

The stout-bodied and stern-looking honky-tonk bar owner Kay Malley, standing at the front alongside her husband, fidgeted a bit. She turned to him and muttered, “Earl, dont you dare let this one get away, you hear me? Quit playin’ around and buy the bitch! You got all them young trailer trash you always runnin’ around with and pokin’ over at the motel – well, I want this fine-lookin’ thing to keep me all warm and pleasured whenever I want it. So get her! And one more thing. I ain’t sharin’ her with ya. The only tastes she gonna have on her tongue is my pussy and my asshole. Get it done, Earl.”

Earl knew better than to disappoint his wife. He raised a finger and sighed, ” Okay, damnmit, ten thousand.”

Among country folk, family is everything. When it was time for her turn on the auction block, Holly – now re-named ‘Peggy’ – found herself duly bought and paid for by Elmer and Dotty Fogus. Now she would be an intricate part of the Fogus family for the remainder of her days. ‘Peggy Fogus’ would be joining the Fogus family at their small, isolated farm located ‘way across the Valley.

Upon arriving back at their homestead, the couple immediately showed their slave the grim, concrete-block enclosure that would be ‘Peggy’s’ living quarters. A small mattress and an vegetable crate were the only furniture.

“This here is gonna be your little place, girl,” Dotty informed her. “Don’t ya fret yourself none about how it looks ’cause the only thing that will be important to ya is keepin’ a clean sheet. Ol’ Elmer here might look a bit frail, but the man shoots cum like our big bull out in the yard. And I really starts leakin’ juices when I gets my pussy licked. So you’ll be havin’ to change sheets quite bit. Now I wants ya to know that one of the things I’m real big on is whippin’. That’s one of the reasons besides sex that we got ya. Elmer’s just gonna be fuckin’ every day. But me, I likes to be spendin’ a couple nights a week in here just with you and this ol’ strap thats I keep in the main house. You know, I used to work as a guard over at the State Women’s Prison. Some of my best memories is how I used to take a pretty little think down to the boiler room and lay the strap to her so’s to give her the right attitude. So I knows you gonna keep me real happy with ya here.”

“Well, look at that, Dotty,” Elmer observed. ” Our little gal’s startin’ to cry …”

“Oh, she just happy to know how she’s gonna keep us happy, Elmer. The girl’s cryin’ tears of joy…”

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