Crusades [MR. KANE’S]


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The Crusaders conquered towns and villages, razing them to the ground, ransacking and slaughtering the local population. The beautiful women they found in the harems simply changed owners. They ended their days in chains, subjected to all kinds of physical and mental abuse at the hands of the Crusaders.


Malike and Amina are the EmirТs favorite slaves. They are taken to the EmirТs chambers to watch the execution of the royal family… Stripped half naked, terrified, they are forced to watch as the EmirТs sons are decapitated one by one and his wives are raped in a pool of blood. Soon it will be their turn. Meanwhile, Gifrei de Bulon, commander of the French troops, brandishes clutches his bloody sword and forces the women to perform a felation on him. Later, they too will be decapitated.

Caravan of women.

A sad, straggling line of women makes its way across recently conquered territory. They are a mixed bunch of prisoners from different places, nobles and peasants, concubines and harem slaves, all forced to follow the Crusaders on their way to the Holy Land. Every day they are flogged and beaten mercilessly, pushed to the limits of their endurance, and finally, when camp is set up, they are handed over to the troops to satisfy their lust…

The Infamous Order.

Thule is a beautiful young slave belonging to Sheik Alipe. She has fallen into disgrace and been handed over the infamous Order of the Penitents, much-feared monks loosely associated with the Knights of the Holy Supplice. First she was flogged and beaten until she renounced Islam. Now she is subjected to cruel torture for her sins as a concubine. Finally she will live an unhappy life as a penitent slave. Her food will be scanty, and will certainly include but the rancid semen of the cruel monks, and her whole existence will be one of pain and suffering. Her most intimate parts will be punished every day

Breast removal.

Yasmine, the beautiful concubine captured by King Roger when he took Konia, has become too jealous for her own safety. Her life as royal lover has turned her into a subtle plotter, always fearful of losing her privileges to one of the many women who throw themselves at the KingТs feet, begging him to intervene to prevent their own torture or that of their relatives. She has plotted against a young Frankish prisoner, once owned by the Sultan and now under the KingТs protection. The young woman lies dying in bed, and the King has orders a specially cruel punishment for his concubine.

YasmineТs large breasts will be cut off. Her wounds will be cauterized with hot irons, and she will be taken to serve the soldiers.

Public Punishment

Zamele, the PachaТs daughter, is subjected to a brutal flogging before the assembled troops. She has been raped by the soldiers. The beating on her breasts and crutch is so terrible that she will be marked for ever.

After the town was taken, all the followers of the Pacha were put to the sword. Only Zamela remains of all her family. She is being punished to put fear into all who watch. She will be tortured until nightfall, and will then be exhibited to the common people.

Seline, the SultanТs wife.

Seline the SultanТs wife is led before the Knights Templars. The Crusaders have finally captured the palace, and the Great Master wants the SultanТs favorite to prostrate herself at his feet. Seline has heard terrible stories about the Crusaders, and of the ritual ceremonies, steeped in pain and lust, to which female prisoners are subjected. The much-feared Templars wait impatiently for the lovely woman and her still lovelier breasts…

Seline can hear their lewd cries ringing round the royal chamber. She sobs at the terrible fate in store for her.


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Yule, a defenseless servant in the CadiТs court, has been summoned by the all-powerful Order of the Penitents. The monks want to experiment on her lovely body with new techniques for expiating the sins of the flesh. For hours her breasts are squeezed and stretched mercilessly. But the worst things is the much-feared instrument for punishing female genitals. It stretches them slowly, day after day…

Pray, infidel bitch, pray that your sinning crutch will withstand this purification by pain, for it is by torment alone that The Lord will take you to his bosom.


Cristine cannot stand any more torture. As a renegade, her torture is more terrible than that of other women. The Count of Montvuillon is a cruel, merciless warrior who ordered the punishment when he heard that she was the EmirТs favorite.

“You will be impaled on a hook and hung from a post before the mosque. All who pass shall have to the right to flog you and empty themselves into your mouth…”

“Take pity on me, my Lord. I will renounce Islam. I will become your loyal servant. I will follow Christ. ”

“In one way, yes. You will have a crown of thorns tied tight on each of your defiled breasts! ”

The way to the market

Exhausted, bearing the marks of flails and sticks, the Saracen prisoners are taken to the coast to be sold in a slave market. Their future is uncertain. Their owner may be Christian or Muslim. They are unlikely to be purchased by nobles, and many of them are already unattractive even to common soldiers

Most of them will end up in stables or kitchens, or cleaning private houses. The auctioneers may be able to use some of them for giving felation or masturbation.

BohemundТs lust

The Prince of Anquine was renowned for his extraordinary, insatiable sexual appetite. It became even more powerful when he was putting a town to the siege. The more difficult the siege, the more stubborn the resistance, the randier he got. His seconds-in-command were under orders to bring as many woman as they could to his tent, every night. He took his pleasure with them first and then handed them over to his soldiers. None of them lasted a night in the soldiersТ brutal hands.

Richard the Rapist.

The Count of Clermont, on the other hand, had none of the extraordinary sexual potency of the Prince, and seldom called for women. When he did, it was usually to sodomize them. If a woman had committed an offence and was publicly flogged, he sometimes sent the public torturer a small bag of coins, and the woman was taken to his tent. There, immediately after her severe beating in the main square, she was cruelly raped. Her bottom was lifted high and she was penetrated by Richard and his faithful servant Clarat.

Juliette the renegade.

After the storming of the town of Niquea, Juliette, a young Venetian who had become the third wife of the Sultan, fell into the hands of the Knights of the Holy Supplice. Her lovely body was cruelly tortured day after day to persuade her to reveal the whereabouts of the Sultan and his army. Juliette could not withstand the cruel interrogation and finally told them all she knew about the Saracen troops.

Some days later, the Christian army faced the Saracen forces on the plain of Daifa. A wagon carrying a large cross went at the head of the troops. Nailed to the cross, naked and bruised, was the lovely Juliette.


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SoldiersТ slaves

The female prisoners were interrogated in turn and then tied to the rope carried by whores. The royal concubines became slaves of the nobles and army officers. The rest had a hard destiny. They were forced to follow the Crusaders, were raped every day, flogged, beaten, and sexually abused in every way imaginable, until they were abandoned on stakes or crosses.

IТll have you tonight, woman and I expect to find you juicy and ready. So better start rubbing your cunt against the rope!

The Wells of Arsul

After the taking of Arsul, the terrible Monks of the Penitence discovered strange, apparently bottomless wells in the fortress dungeons. At the time of the Crusades, the monks used passageways leading to the wells for their ceremonies and rituals. Beautiful young women were subjected to cruel torture. They were lowered into the well to remind them of the way to Hell, and left their for hours hanging on a rope while the sinister litany rang round the dark walls and echoed down the wells.

IТll take care of you personally when all this ceremony ends. IТll make you pay dearly for all your sins, infidel YouТll show me all the tricks you sinners used to use on your men


Hadule has been left with two guards while the main body of the army advances on the fortress. Seen from the castle walls, a pale moon hangs over the enemy tents. The guards are bored and drink too much. They decide to have some fun with the Count of FontacТs wife, who has been sentenced to death by impalement. The Count has given permission to beat the woman if she protests at her sentence, imposed for attempting to stab the Count to death.

The stake between her legs is the first of a series of stakes, each thicker than the last, which will be inserted into her vagina until she dies. The Count is famous for his refined cruelty, and this girl will be shown no mercy. She was one his most trusted servants.

You gonna dance for us, huh? CТmon girl squirm move those haunches good and sexy shake those tits and start saying how much youТd love to be buggered by us

The Christian prisoner

Margaritte de Sanc is paying dear for her rejection of the Tiro nobleman. She has been shut in the dungeons, dressed as an Arab, and punished as if she was one. She is locked up, half naked, and forced to wear an ignominious chastity belt which presses hard on her most intimate parts.

Well, mТlady, I perceive that your long spell here has taught you humility. MТlady does not find me as repulsive as she once did. If your progress continues, I shall order the blacksmith to break the iron belt. You will have a servantТs clothes and will serve me at table… Under the table and on your knees, of course. For the moment, however, you will pay lip service to me. Open your mouth.

The mark of the cross

Falling into the hands of the Order of the Monks of the Penitence had many implications for the unhappy prisoners.

Not only did they have to renounce Islam and embrace the Holy Faith, but they had to dedicate their lives to the heavy path of suffering and penitence. Their tender young breast and nipples, their vaginas and anuses, were all subjected to torment by fire and iron, to seek pardon for the sins and to save their souls.

Put the pincers on this filthy infidelТs breasts, jailer, while we pray for the salvation of her soul. Her flesh is already condemned after all that fuck!

Yeah she resisted only a few days at the beginning Then the little slut came to enjoy it You gonna go to hell, filthy whore!

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