In The Hands Of Colonel Lu [CORTEZ]

In The Hands Of Colonel Lu

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In the hands of Colonel Lu
by Cortez. All rights reserved
Illustrated by Aries

Posted July 24th, 2003

Twenty six year old Sui Lin Chi sat trembling and silent on a wooden throne-like chair, her expensive designer sandals tidily together and hands clasped tightly in her lap. The wife of a high state official she was perfectly groomed, her silk dress was demure but elegantly revealing; short sleeved yet ankle length… but slit thigh high on each side to show enticing glimpses of the full length of her slim, elegant legs. She was sitting still because she was trying very hard not to shiver with fear, knowing only to well what agonising fate awaited her at the hands of the sinister Colonel Lu and his men.

Her raven black wings of hair, held back by gold and tortoiseshell clasps, gleamed in the light of the lamps as her head moved to and fro, eyes flicking constantly down towards the figure of her maidservant before looking hurriedly away again. This was so horribly different from the rich, decadent and corrupt lifestyle she loved. Oh yes she’d known about the bribes, the kickbacks and the discreet ‘gifts’, all part of the expected and unaccountable river of money that flowed into her elderly husband’s carefully concealed accounts. She’d never thought of the risks as she indulged her own pleasures, insulated from the real world by her husband’s money and influence.

Unfortunately, she too had made powerful enemies, men whose crude sexual advances she’d rejected, lovers she’d betrayed or humiliated once too often. She’d ignored the warnings until it was too late. They had been taken at the same time, her husband at his office – she at home. Now he was dead… a heart attack they’d said. Sui Lin Chi knew that someone had blundered; that his torturers had been too anxious to extract the necessary confession. She also knew that Colonel Lu would not make the same mistake with her.

Not that the colonel was particularly interested in matters of security or political incorrectness. For him, apart from the delicious pleasure of inflicting agony on a beautiful and helpless woman, the only important details were the codes and account numbers of those overseas accounts. After all, even a loyal servant of the Party must be prudent and make provision for the future…

May Tan, her young and beautiful maid, knelt upright on the polished stone floor directly in front of her mistress, elbows touching behind her back and her head bowed. Unlike her mistress it was easy for the men to study the delightfully firm, slim curves of the nineteen year old’s body, the fullness of her breasts and the jutting dark brown stubs of her prominent nipples because she was completely naked. With every hurried breath those high-riding breasts bobbed gently making the tips jiggle enticingly. Of course, May wanted to cover herself and retain a little modesty, but the broad leather strap prevented her.

In fact it exposed her even more… just as Colonel Lu had intended. The strap, cinched so tight that the flesh bulged over the edges, held her elbows and upper arms painfully together behind her body, forcing her shoulders back and lifting and pushing the firm young globes invitingly outwards so her swollen nipples thrust forward, jutting up like little rubbery spikes. She could wriggle and twist her hands as much as she wanted but the futile flapping movements only made her breasts sway and bounce even more obviously.

In two places, the girl’s smooth, tanned skin was marked by the thin red weals left by bamboo rods. The colonel’s men had enjoyed stripping her before hanging her up by the wrists then they’d spent the morning taking turns in caning her with precise, agonising skill; one session working the cane across the smooth curves of her bottom cheeks and then moving up to cane the firm globes of her breasts before the cycle of agony was repeated once again. The signs of their dreadful skill was most evident in the way the weals crossed and recrossed the girl’s dark aureoles, showing how her nipples had been beaten lightly and persistently until they had swollen like taut, shiny fingertips and even breathing on them made her scream with pain…

The room in which the two women waited was used by Colonel Lu for his more intimate and private interrogations. Long ago it had been a small audience chamber deep inside in the fortified palace. The fortress had been appropriated by the People’s Militia as their headquarters very soon after the revolution, its late master having no further use for it. The room’s ancient wooden pillars and beams, still richly gilded and painted, now served another, darker function as the looped ropes, leather cuffs and sturdy metal hooks revealed. Bronze oil lamps and flaring torches had been replaced by strong electric bulbs in white enamel shades; bulbs that cast harsh pools of light yet left the room’s edges and the heavily beamed roof in perpetual gloom.

A lighted brazier and two metal stands holding bowls of glowing charcoal added to the stifling heat and filled the air with a pungent blue haze that nearly obscured the acrid reek of sweat, fear and scorched flesh. Deliberately placed in view of the two terrified women, a wooden bench displayed a collection of sinister rods and probes. The end of each one was dark and discoloured whilst the bench’s heavy timber top was scarred with a jumble of black lines showing where the still hot tools had been thrown down carelessly after use.

Neither woman could prevent themselves stealing fearful glances at the awful copper rods on the bench… or at the carefully shaped punishment post jutting from the floor next to the shivering figure of May Tan. Carved from a single piece of timber and almost black with age, the post flared out at the top to form a thick, rounded horizontal bar about eighteen inches long. The curved, waist-high top of the bar gleamed with an oily, polished sheen from the friction of countless sweating, writhing bodies.

The two women waited; shivering and terrified and neither one daring to cast so much as a glance across to the other side of the room.

Over there, to the left of the soundproofed door, a single lamp shone on the rich green leather top of a wooden desk. Colonel Lu, Chief of Security for the Shanghai Region sat almost unseen in the dimness; only his hands were visible in the circle of light, as he studied the papers in an official folder of cheap, grey card. Every so often the sharp lines of his face would appear in dull red silhouette as he drew on his cigarette.

Next to the desk two guards watched the trembling women with hot, eager eyes. Both were barefoot, squat, powerful men in khaki knee britches and singlets with flat cruel faces and deep olive coloured skin. They grinned at each other every time one of the women twitched or moved but remained in patient silence… waiting for the colonel… and the chance to begin their work.

The colonel laid two photographs side by side on the green leather top; the red glow lit his face more brightly as he leaned over and studied the pictures intently. Taken from above eye level, they both showed the same bedroom scene. Excellent, Colonel Lu thought, these new miniature cameras so recently acquired from the decadent imperialists are amazing. Full colour and so clear it is possible to see every intimate detail. Intimate was exactly the right word for these pictures, in each one the naked alabaster figure of Sui Lin Chi was central and in almost exactly the same odd position.

The late Minister’s beautiful young wife was crouching in a deep squat, body pressed against the end of an elegant wooden table with her arms stretched out flat along the polished surface for balance and support with her fingertips just gripping the edges of the table on either side. A naked girl was lying on the floor behind her… lying so close that her head was between the older woman’s thighs. The girl’s face was half hidden, but it was easy to recognise the beautiful young body of May Tan, arms bent back so she could use her fingers to hold her mistress’s bottom cheeks spread obscenely apart.

Obviously part of a much longer series, the pictures clearly had been taken some minutes apart. In the first, Sui Lin Chi’s head was bowed forwards and turned so her cheek touched the table, her face reflected in the high gloss of the polished wood. Her fingers were at full stretch whilst, in the shadow of her parted thighs, it was possible to see her maid’s open lips, tongue extended as she licked the crinkled rosette of her mistress’s anus.

The second picture must have been taken some minutes later just as her maid’s attentions brought Sui Lin to an orgasm. In this picture her head was lifted, with her neck arched back; her face turned directly towards the hidden camera. Her mouth was wide open; her eyes screwed up with the ecstatic pleasure of coming. This time every muscle of her body was tensed; her fingertips clenched white gripping the edges of the table…

… whilst beneath her, May Tan’s face was now buried deep between the lips of her mistress’s cunt as she licked and nibbled at her clitoris. The maid’s hands had moved too. One still prised her mistress’s bottom cheeks apart… whilst the first two fingers of her other hand were buried deep inside Sui Lin’s anus. From the blurring of her hand in the photo it was obvious that she had been moving those fingers very rapidly indeed as the picture was taken.

The colonel’s hands swept the damning surveillance photos into the folder and slammed it shut…

‘Comrade Chou, Comrade Tang, let us begin with the maid…’

Colonel Lu adjusted the high collar of his green jacket, snapped his fingers at the guards then tapped the ash from his cigarette before walking the short distance from the desk to the throne-like wooden chair. He stood just behind her to one side. ‘Beautiful isn’t she… and so skilled,’ he observed quietly, caressing Sui Lin’s right shoulder with an immaculately manicured hand. ‘But where there is the greatest pleasure there is also the greatest pain… as you will discover…’ His lips curved in a sleek smile as he felt the woman shudder beneath his fingers. ‘A little demonstration is necessary… and this girl will provide it…

‘No… No, she knows nothing. She’s innoc….’

‘Be silent! The lesson is for you… not her… her flesh will respond in the same way to my men’s attentions and she will scream just as loudly whether she knows anything or not…’

Whilst their colonel was speaking the two guards had pulled the quivering girl to her feet and unbuckled the strap. One of them pushed her against the wooden post so she was staring across at her seated mistress.

‘No, no, Comrade Chou… our honoured guest must see everything; turn her the other way…’

Immediately the girl was forced round to the other side of the torture post and turned to face it, looking out into the room so her back was towards her mistress.

The shivering nineteen year old craned her head round, staring over her shoulder at where the colonel and her mistress watched. ‘Do as my men command or it will be the worse for you… and your mistress. They want you standing up… straight up… legs together against that post so they can secure you appropriately…’ the colonel said, his voice soft with implacable menace.

Shuddering with fear the maid brought her legs together, trying desperately to hold back her terror as she obeyed. She gasped and flinched uncontrollably as the men touched her; wrapping a rope around her legs just above the knee before passing it round the post to bind her hard against the blackened wood. She thought the ropes were to keep her upright… the colonel knew they were to keep those long beautiful legs straight and prevent her bending or squatting in any way when the torture began. He allowed himself a nod of satisfaction… she would understand only too well in a moment…

‘Down… hold the post!’

The one called Chou barked the command, his hand thrusting the girl forwards over the curved top rail.

‘More… down more!’ he commanded, leaning his weight on the back of her neck so the girl was bent over, her hands stretching down to hold the post by her knees.

‘Oh, May… darling…’ the woman gasped, turning away as the dark furred oval of her pleasure slave’s cunt and the tight, wrinkled rosette of her anus were obscenely displayed by her doubled posture. The girl’s genitals gaped even wider as the two guards roped her waist down to the post just under the thick round rail, canting her hips up to expose every moist, red fold of her inner lips to her mistress, and the colonel’s approving gaze. Sui Lin heard more muffled gasps of pain as the men used their weight to press her maid down over the torture post even more before tightening the ropes.

To complete her restraint the men tied her wrists together and knotted another, longer, piece of rope around each arm above the elbow forcing them together. The rope was fed round between the post and her thighs then tightened inch by inch to hold her upper body in the position they wanted.

With horrible skill the men now took their time adjusting each set of knots and turns to increase the exposure of the girl’s genitals. With each adjustment the dark pink oval of her sex gaped wider and wider. At last they stepped back, bowing respectfully to the colonel who simply nodded approval. The nineteen year old girl was doubled over, legs straight and her body bound tightly in place over the rail… all she could do was bend over even more… or attempt to arch herself backwards.

The colonel smiled as he watched his men’s expert handiwork, the girl could scream and wriggle as much as she wished… but there was nothing, nothing at all she could do to prevent the slow careful torture of her cunt and the delicate flesh of her anus. Of course they’d left her head free… the colonel liked to watch how each victim reacted to each new sensation… each delicate application of pain… guiding his torturers with quiet commands as to which instruments to use and exactly where they felt the most intense agony

He also knew that the first searing application of torture would make the girl rear up backwards, automatically lifting her head upwards… she would probably then bend forwards. Unfortunately for her, those were exactly the right movements to make the lips of her cunt gape even wider for her torturer’s next agonising attentions.

‘You can see how she has enjoyed a taste of bamboo already…’ Colonel Lu murmured turning Sui Lin’s face towards the gleaming tanned moons of her maid’s upturned bottom so obscenely displayed before her. Sui Lin tried hard not to react but knew the colonel had felt her shudder in shocked response as she saw the lines of thin, purplish weals, each bordered by a fringe of angry red, criss-crossing the golden tan of her maid’s bottom cheeks. ‘It’s a pity that you can’t see the evidence of my men’s skilled attentions to her breasts from this position… but you will be able to see the effect of a bamboo cane on her nipples when they go back to work on them again. Now, before she receives her next lesson… you may comfort her.’

‘No, no I won’t! How dare you suggest such a thing… you, you arrogant, perverted monster!’

He smiled wetly, ‘what, don’t you wish to take this opportunity make her cry with the pleasure of your tongue… in the same way she pleasured you in your house yesterday…’ He smiled as he watched the colour draining from her cheeks. ‘My men reported you cried out quite loudly at the end… you even had to hold onto the table… remember?’

‘You sadist… I can’t, I won’t… not here… not with those animals watching.’ The woman’s voice was strained with shock as she realised just how much this sadistic man knew about her.

Colonel Lu smiled gently. ‘A refusal would be most unwise. You have a choice, obey… or watch as Comrade Chou flays the skin from her cunt with a whip…’ The thickset Chou grinned as his Master spoke, bobbing his head, his piggy eyes alight with growing excitement. ‘The agony is intense… mind you it will be interesting to see if your servant remains conscious, often they don’t and then…’

‘NO! Please no, no you can’t… no please don’t touch her.’

Colonel Lu said nothing at the frantic, agonised plea, recognising his small victory. He merely pushed gently on the woman’s shoulder and Sui Lin Chi rose unsteadily to her feet and walked with dainty steps across to the post. ‘Kneeling, I think…’ the colonel murmured and the shivering woman obeyed; sinking down until she was staring directly at the girl’s trembling buttocks and the dark fur framing the moist, pink folds of her cunt.

‘One moment!’

Sui Lin jerked in surprise as Tang pulled her wrists back behind her before slipping a knotted cord over them and jerking it tight. She cried out, a single, stifled exclamation of pain as her hands was secured behind her back.

She twisted, looking sideways as the other guard, the evil, grinning Chou, put a small lacquered table down beside the torture post. The colonel carefully placed a tall, ornately caged, sandglass on it. ‘Using one’s hands would be unfair… you have until the sand runs through to make her reach her pleasure three times… or she is Comrade Chou’s.’ Chou leered at her and turned the glass; a thin, golden drizzle of grains began falling.

‘But I…’

‘The sand is falling…’

Admitting defeat, Sui Lin Chi slumped back on her heels and then leaned forwards. Her own breathing became faster as she caught the strong, coppery tang of May Tan’s sex; the engorged, puffy lips and sticky, wet folds telling their own story of unwilling arousal. She pursed her lips and blew gently. The girl’s muscles tensed and she gave a little sigh of pleasure as she felt the familiar sensation of her mistress’s warm breath across her labia.

Using the very tip of her tongue, the woman traced the edge of the outer lips… bringing more sounds and tiny helpless movements as the girl shivered in delight at each tingling caress. As she worked Sui Lin Chi forgot their shared plight. Responding to the girl’s arousal and her own rising sexual excitement, the Minister’s wife licked and tickled the girl’s cunt with greater urgency, her cheeks shining with the glaze of the nineteen year old’s juices as she leaned closer and closer.

‘Aaaah, ah yes, mistress, yes… aaah, aaah please touch my pearl, pleeeese…’

Deliberately teasing her pleasure victim as she had done so often before, Sui Lin ignore her cries… her tongue busy lapping the soft wet opening of the girl’s vagina so she squirmed and tensed with every touch. Minutes passed with only the soft, liquid noises of the woman’s tongue, the creaking of the ropes and the girl’s increasingly rapid panting breaths breaking the silence.

The sounds of her breathing became faster and heavier, the gasps now intermixed with moans and mewing sounds of excitement as she neared her climax. The creaking ropes flexed and twisted as she writhed but they had been tied by experts, deliberately holding her with her cunt wide open so there was no way she could avoid the relentless stimulation.

Colonel Lu smiled gently as he heard the pleas giving way to rhythmic chanting cries of ecstasy. He could see the reports were right, the woman was indeed highly skilled… truly an expert in the arts of pleasure. Now she was using her tongue like a blunt little lance… teasing the dark rosette and then stabbing and probing into the opening of the girl’s anus, driving her over the edge so she jerked and squealed at every reaming thrust, shouting out mindlessly as she was forced over the edge to an unwilling climax.

He flicked his fingers at one of the guards who hurried to bring him a low wooden stool. Colonel Lu seated himself just in front of the pinioned girl and reached out to stroke the wet strands of black hair away from her face. ‘Such delight… but there is still more sand in the glass… and I have said your mistress must bring you to your pleasure twice more if she is to save you from Comrade Chou’s attentions, so…’

The girl stared at him with wide, uncomprehending eyes… then she gasped and shuddered, her mouth gaping fishlike and her chest heaving frantically against the cruel ropes as she felt her mistress’s lips against her so-sensitive inner labia once more.

‘Aaaaaaah, Master, oh p-please, no, please… let me r-rest, p-please I-I-I-I-I c-c-can… aaaaaaaaaaAAAHHH!

The protest merged into a gasping wail of pure, agonised pleasure. May Tan arched back again as her mistress granted her earlier request. Now her tongue moved down to the very top of her slit to flicker tormentingly, wonderfully across the girl’s ‘pearl’… the erect, swollen bulb of her clitoris. Her mouth hung open as she fought for air, gasping in the throes of pleasure. Already so wet and sensitive she could do nothing, nothing at all as the clever, tormenting arousal went on… and on… and on.

‘Aaaah… yes… yes… yes… yeeeessss… YESSSSS!’

Despite the tightness of the ropes, the girl was still able to vibrate frantically as the bucking spasms of coming even harder a second time overtook her. Colonel Lu stroked the slick sweaty skin of one tanned shoulder, drinking in the sights and sounds of her threshing, jerking convulsions as the girl was forced to come for a second time within five minutes.

‘So pretty, such excitement… such ecstasy… but what will you do now as your mistress continues to give you such pleasure…?’ The words were soft, almost caressing as the colonel watched the girl’s expression of ecstasy turning to fear and torment as she realised that she was being given no respite. Now her mistress was using her lips and teeth to nip and nibble the soft folds of her cunt before returning to suck on the tortured little stub of her clitoris even harder.

By now the beautifully groomed and immaculate lady of Shanghai society was a mess. Her hair was plastered against her cheeks, her face covered in the sticky wetness of the girl’s juices and her careful makeup smearing and smudging round her lips and eyes as she shook her head madly from side to side, adding to the avalanche of sensations for the girl.

Her lips worked frantically as she mouthed and tongued the hot wet slot of pink flesh… racing to trigger another outburst of screaming chanting cries and bucking spasms before the final grains fell through the glass beside her. Snatching a glance at the tiny inverted pyramid of sand remaining she redoubled her efforts, breath snorting and bubbling in the slimy wetness as she worked unbearably on the girl’s clitoris… driving her up towards the screaming brink once again.

‘Aaaaarrrgggghh, h-h-hurts… nuh… nuh… nuh… naaaaaaaah, ah, aaah, ah yes… o… o…. oooooh… yuh… yuh yessssss, yessssss… yessssss!’

Moments later with Sui Lin’s lingual muscles on the point of exhaustion, the girl finally squealed and screamed in ecstasy for a third time, babbling mindlessly and jerking spastically against the ropes as she was forced to come yet again. This time, hearing the chanting cries of her maid’s third orgasm, Sui Lin collapsed, bowing forwards so the girl’s thick cream dribbled from her own lips as she twisted her head to the side, staring desperately at the lacquered table only to see the sand glass standing inert, the upper chamber already empty. She wept in fear and frustration knowing with bitter certainty that time had run out before May Tan voiced those last ecstatic squeals.

But she was given no time to plead for mercy at her failure. The two guards jerked her to her feet and slammed her back into the chair, pushing her down but leaving her hands tied behind her back. She heard the rasp of a match over the sobbing, bubbling sounds of her maid’s sexual exhaustion. Colonel Lu walked back toward her, enjoying the relaxing luxury of a cigarette, until he was close enough to lift her chin as he stared into her eyes with cruel anticipation.

‘My informants spoke truly, you are skilled in the arts of pleasure… it will make matters so much more interesting later on.’ He paused, letting the unspoken threat hang, ‘but before that… there is a price for failure which unfortunately the young lady will now have to pay.’ He paused and his voice hardened, ‘watch carefully and observe the agony your mistake has cost her. Comrade Chou, show our honoured guest the implement of correction…’

Chou padded across the worn stones and held out something. ‘Look at it!’ The colonel’s fingers dug into her shoulder like pincers, forcing Sui Lin to look at the horrible little whip being held out for her inspection. It was only about two feet long, a plaited leather handle with five slim leather lashes, each tapering to a fine tip. The oiled, flexible tails curved down, swaying and bobbling with the movement of Chou’s hand as he held it closer. ‘Go on… feel… feel the strands so you will understand why she cries as she does in a minute or two…’

Slowly and reluctantly Sui Lin ran her fingers down one of the thin tails.

‘No, oh no, no… Please spare her, no it’s horrible, horrible!’

She cried out, jerking her hand away as she touched the tiny swollen tip of one lash. Each tail was weighted at the end with a small metal bead sewn inside the leather, a diabolical refinement designed to make it flick against the victim’s flesh with extra, agonising force. Sui Lin buried her face in her hands as she finally realised what they were now going to do to her; why May Tan was tied in front of her in this way… and why she had been forced to make her come repeatedly. They were going to whip her cunt using that awful thing the man, Chou, was holding… and she had helped add to the girl’s agony by masturbating her so relentlessly that her genitals were already engorged and extra sensitive after coming three times…

The colonel leaned close to her, barely whispering as Chou took up position a few feet in front of May Tan’s head. ‘Ah, I see you begin to understand… as you are the one to be punished, we will show you what to expect by using this intimate servant of yours as an example…’

‘Stop it… STOP IT!’

Sui Lin choked and yelled, twisting away until the colonel’s iron grip forced her round again to face the post and the figure mounted over it. Chou grinned showing a filthy hedge of ruined teeth and gently stroked the crests of May Tan’s taut, upturned buttocks with the flexible weighted tails. Sui Lin watched in horrified fascination as her maid’s bottom flexed and clenched, the brown eye of her anus pouting and working like a little mouth as she reacted to the whip’s caress.

‘Twenty strokes to begin with… and you will watch and count each one. If you don’t… or if you close your eyes or look away… I will order Tang to begin all over again… do you understand?’

‘No, no please… let her go, please, please… I don’t want too…’

‘Since you refuse to answer the punishment is now thirty strokes. I’ll ask you again… do you understand?’

‘Oh pity sir, please have pity…’ Sui Lin saw the cruel excitement and arousal in the colonel’s eyes and realised that not only were her pleas useless but she was playing into his hands with every futile word. ‘No, no… I mean yes, yes I understand, yes…’ she gabbled trying frantically to prevent any more being added to the awful sentence.



Sui Lin didn’t see the colonel’s nod… she just heard the whistling whirr of those flexible strands slicing down to land with a crisp, wet noise, the tails spreading out before each one flicked inwards to cut across the pink inner folds of the girl’s labia. The weighted ends bit deep, some catching the tender inner lips whilst the third flicked against the sensitive opening of her vagina The arch of her back deepened and May Tan’s head surged backwards exactly as the colonel had expected.

There was a moment’s pause then a single, animal scream echoed round the room… a scream cut short with another snort of agony as Chou brought the second stroke slashing down so the tails cut even harder into the freshly exposed core of her body. This time, as well as scoring new lines across her labia, one of the beads snapped agonisingly against the fleshy hood guarding her already swollen and tender clitoris.

‘Aaaaarrrgggghh! Nnnnnnnnnnnnnggggghhhh!’

‘As you can hear, Comrade Chou really is a master with the whip… such a pity for her that you failed to count those two strokes aloud…’

‘Noooooooo, oh no please, you can’t… I didn’t think, I wasn’t ready I….



‘O-o-o-one… please, that’s one… I counted it, please….’



The horrible litany went on, the girl’s shrill squeals and screams of agony getting more and more intense as the tails snapped and bit into the soft folds of her labia, each stroke now leaving little beads of blood from places already raw and swollen from earlier strokes of the whip’s slicing strands. Just before Sui Lin managed to count the twentieth stroke aloud, the girl’s control finally broke. Chou grinned broadly, pausing in satisfaction as a thin stream of liquid arched from the May Tan’s cunt to splash on the stones between her and the chair.

‘Commendable, comrade Chou, most commendable… I did not expect you to break her control until after the twenty-fifth stroke at least.’ He leaned a little closer to Sui Lin and smiled sadistically, ‘but add one to the total since her mistress seems to have forgotten her duties…’

‘Nooooooo! You can’t… it’s my fault not hers….’

‘Ah, so you admit it at last… very well… Comrade Chou, please note that we must increase the honourable lady’s punishment for this latest mistake.’ He waited for a few moments, watching the woman’s shoulders slump in relief then said quietly. ‘But still add one to the count, Comrade Chou… we must keep our promises after all…’

Sui Lin’s cry of rage and despair was blotted out by the animal shriek of agony from the girl bent over the post as Chou brought the weighted tails hissing down again. This time he deliberately cut in short so all the tips snapped viciously in the tender cleft and against the crinkled rosette of the girl’s anus… as she bucked and wrenched at the cords holding her down the watchers could see the girl’s sodden buttocks writhing and clenching uselessly as the agony scalded through her body.

‘Thwuck! Thwuck! Thwuck! Thwuck! Thwuck!’

The flat, wet sounds of the strands hitting the exposed lips of May Tan’s cunt lips continued with a horrible, remorseless rhythm. The girl’s piercing squeals became a hoarse, gabbling babble interspersed with single shrieks of mindless agony at each fresh impact. The front of Sui Lin Chi’s silk gown became flecked with a fine mist of blood, sweat and mucus sprayed from the tails of the whip as Chiu thrashed her maid’s sex lips to raw meat. And, almost inaudible amid the screams her mistress continued counting as each stroke fell, the tears trickling down her cheeks as she watched the unbearable torture of the now near-demented young girl tied over the torture post before her.

There was a last, louder ‘Thwock!’ as the brutish Chou brought the tails slamming into the wet, raw cleft of her cunt for the final stroke and then a dreadful silence for a few moments. The only noises were Chou’s heavy breathing and the broken, whimpering moans of the girl as she hung over the post almost unconscious.

‘You… you… monster… you fucking monster… you’ve killed her!’

‘I suggest more thought before speech, my lady… given your own predicament such intemperate words are not advisable. Besides, she will recover in a little while… such treatment will not kill one so young and healthy. My men have much… experience… in these matters, as you will discover for yourself very shortly.’

Colonel Lu stroked the young widow’s cheeks, studying the slim, elegant lines of her body now shown more clearly where the thin silk dress was clinging to her sweat-soaked flesh like a second skin. ‘You can spare yourself what is to come. Just tell my about the accounts… those little things such as the access codes and account numbers… not forgetting the bank’s own details naturally’

‘Such things were my husband’s responsibility… there is nothing I can tell you.’ Sui Lin’s chin lifted in arrogant dismissal. ‘Especially a filthy, perverted animal like you…’

Colonel Lu smiled once more, an unpleasant, sinister smile that silenced Sui Lin’s insults without words. ‘As I expected… a foolish and stubborn attitude. Be assured you will tell me… eventually. He paused and looked at the shivering buttocks of the young maidservant. The furred oval of her cunt gaped even wider, both the outer labia and the wet inner folds pouting outwards; the sensitive flesh showing deep red and now horribly swollen from Chou’s whipping. ‘Before we continue I feel my men have earned some relaxation.’ The cruel, wet smile showed briefly. ‘I’m sure that your maid would wish to provide some comfort to such diligent comrades… don’t you agree?’

Sui Lin had only just begun to realise what he meant when the two guards appeared from the dimness. She gasped in horror as she saw they were now both naked.

Both men had the same muddy olive brown skin that gleamed with a shiny film of oil and perspiration. Their thick, muscular torsos were hairless apart from the black triangle of tightly curled hair at each one’s groin. Their lust and excitement was obscenely obvious as both men were fully erect.

The one called Tang was the taller of the two; he was stroking himself as he came nearer; the fingers of his right hand caressing the long brown shaft. As he saw Sui Lin’s eye’s staring at his groin he deliberately rolled the skin back from the dark purple glans displaying himself so she could see that the domed head was already shining with the oily seepage of his growing excitement.

Chou, the sadistic brute who’d whipped and tortured May was the bigger of the two men. He was older and running to fat, his belly swelling out over his cock. He locked his finger, flexing the joints so they popped in a series of soft cracks and creaks. He put his hands on his hips and bucked his hips so the thick up-curved shaft of his circumcised penis reared back and the heavy, wide helmet slapped against the swell of his lower belly.

He grinned, his lips slack and wet with lust as he saw the stuck up bitch in her smeared make-up and soaked, ruined dress look away in disgust. Colonel Lu waved his hand to where May Tan still hung lashed across the post.

‘The girl is yours; take a few moments to relax and show her the vigour of a true comrade before I need you again.’ He hooked his fingers under Sui Lin’s chin and forced her head round as the two men hurried towards their helpless victim. ‘Of course I would stop them but… in the absence of any information from you…?’

‘Bastard! Animal! You can’t… no it’s… it’s inhuman… it…’

Her words were cut off as Tang, without any warning positioned the head of his cock against the open, swollen rim of May Tan’s abused vagina and rammed himself into her body with a single vicious thrust. The girl’s eye’s bulged open and her head jerked back in agonised shock and disbelief. Her mouth stretched wide but she made no sound for a few moments and it was only as Tang drew back and rammed into her for a second time that a demented scream echoed round the ancient chamber.

Tang slammed against the girl’s upturned buttocks again and again; fucking her in a crude, jackhammer rhythm that gave her no chance to accommodate the tearing thrusts that were scraping and bruising the delicate inner tissues of her vagina.

‘Naaaaaaah! H-h-h-hurts… please… please… pleee… Aaaarrggh! … Pleeegggg!’

May Tan’s cries ended on a single squeal before being muffled suddenly as Chou twined his finger in her hair, wrenched her head back and forced the wide purple head of his thick, heavily veined cock into her open mouth.

Like Comrade Tang, he wasted no time. He slammed his hips forwards and the massive shaft slid deep into the straining girl’s throat.

Choking and gagging May Tan heaved and surged against the ropes, saliva leaking dribbling in long ropes from the sides of her mouth as she fought for breath. The two men grinned at one another as the girl’s wild muscular contractions squeezed their cocks, heightening their cruel pleasure with each stroke.

For almost five minutes Sui Lin was forced to watch the crude double fucking of her maid whilst the iron fingers of Colonel Lu dug into her shoulder holding her down in the carved chair as the rape went on and on.

Finally, first Tang and then Chou grunted and yelled to a climax, each in turn pulling out so thick, white gobs of semen sprayed over her raw cunt and inner thighs and smeared in a gleaming, sticky coating across her face that pasted tangled strands of black hair to her flushed and sweat-soaked forehead and cheeks.

Bowing to Colonel Lu, the two guards hurried to the side of the room to pull on their britches and singlets… once more ready to do their master’s bidding.

Colonel Lu snapped his fingers. ‘I believe our honoured guest still intend to resist… despite out demonstration.’ He looked at the post for a moment and the raped and quivering figure roped over it. ‘That one can stay there… bring the table… we will arrange something different for this one.

There was a series of scraping noises and then the two guards carried a wooden table into the middle of the chamber. It was clearly heavy from their grunts as they struggled under the awkward load. ‘There… down there in front of the post… let the maid see her mistress’s suffering for a change.’ They put the table down with a thud that made the stone floor vibrate.

To Sui Lin it looked so ordinary, about knee high and with a rectangular top about three feet by four. At first she thought it was only the thickness of the squat legs and wooden top setting it apart from a normal piece of furniture. Then she saw the straps… black, oiled leather ones with strong buckles riveted to the middle of each of the shorter sides; and the base of each of the thick leg posts. It was when one of the guards put his hand on the table top that she realised that it was covered with dark brown leather and padded very thinly.

‘Your file says you trained as a dancer?’

Sui Lin swung round, staring up at her tormentor, showing her incomprehension at the sudden change in questioning. ‘Yes, I trained for two years with the state ballet school before I grew too tall but…’

‘…Then I hope that your old skills have not entirely deserted you… you will need them, come it is time…’

With that Colonel Lu pulled Sui Lin Chi to her feet and led her towards the ominous looking table…

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