Poor Relations [HINES]


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As criminal families go, there were few that were so dedicated to doing pure evil than was the Marlew clan. With their extended family numbering in the hundreds, The Marlews not only engaged in crime as a way to make a living, they also engaged in crime simply because in their twisted ethic, it was an enjoyable experience. Along with robbery, murder and extortion, the Marlew family clan had developed a real appetite for kidnapping and enslavement – and not for money, but for the pure fun of it. Both the male and female members of this family had grown to enjoy indulging themselves in the terror, heartache and torture that they inflicted on the unfortunate young ladies who fell into their clutches.

The illicit activity of the Marlews was participated in by all of the adult age ranges of their family, from the young adults to the oldest members. It was not unusual, for instance to find Grandpa Charley and his wife Emmylou making the rounds; visiting to one of the many homes in which kidnapped slaves were routinely held and used. Charley and Emmylou liked to do some using of their own.

“Now this here’s a fine-lookin’ thing that you got here. Don’t you think so, too, Emmylou?”

“Yep. Real fine, I’d say. Nice lips on her. Do real nice ’round that there cock you got already hanging’ out yer pants. Do real good eatin’ my asshole, too, I think.”

But now thee was something special, a real coup for the Marlew family. Benny Marlew had befriended a waitress named Jenny after overhearing her talk excitedly one evening about the unexpected inheritance that was due her. A very distant uncle had died, leaving quite a sum in money and property to Jenny, who turned out to be the very last surviving member on the family.

Benny had been so handsome, so charming, so trustworthy. At least Jenny had thought so. But now Jenny was in shock. Drugged and then spirited away from her apartment by charming Benny. Waking up to find herself locked in a cramped, dank cell in some kind of basement, somewhere. And this dangerous-looking women smiling wickedly at her.

‘Well, lookee here! She done finally come to! You one big sleeper, girl!”

“Who are you? What am I doing here?!!!! What..”

” I’m Mabel – now shut up, bitch! You gonna find out soon! You gonna find out more than you ever wanted to know!”

But it was mostly a case of Mabel being the one who was doing most of the finding out. Mabel had so many questions concerning Jenny’s life, her upbringing, her friends, so many things…. And Jenny told her. At first Jenny wouldn’t answer Mabel’s questions, of course, but Mabel was so good with the cane and the belt. And then the electricity… After a while, Jenny was answering every question. Telling everything. And just when Jenny thought that she had told everything that there was to tell, Mabel came back again with the blindfold, with the electric attachments and plugs.

Mabel’s deep voice was so smooth and calm, as though in a conversation with a young student.

“Now I know that you think that you done told me all there is, but there’s always more things to tell. You might now think it, but you’d be damned surprised at what you can come up with if you try. Now I’m gonna throw the handle and keep it there for a while and let you and ol’ Mister Electricity have a real good joltin’ time together. And while you enjoyin’ your shock ‘n rock, you just maybe think of more things that you think that I might like to know when it’s over. Don’t worry too much about forgettin’ something – ’cause I’m a real patient woman and we’re all caught up on our electric bill here.”

Jenny would talk – scream – everything that night. Things that she thought that she had forgotten. And Mabel would listen……

Jenny had been so good, so cooperative. Mabel had finally summoned her cousin Shank, who was as crooked a lawyer as they came. Examining all the information that Mabel had taken down on notes during her interrogation of Jenny, Shank Marlew was very pleased. They would be able to easily take all of Jenny’s inheritance, every bit of it. But it would be better to keep Jenny alive in case of any unforeseen circumstances in which she might prove useful.

Shank made sure that Jenny would be useful right away. He had traveled a long way and he badly needed a good fuck to help him relax. Jenny would be very useful as he secured her into the right position to fully accept his oversized cock up her ass and began ramming her hard.

Shank drew up a legal document that came him and the Marlew family control over Jenny’s inherited assets. Her new “family” was very happy with her. Even the family matriarch, Grandma EllyMae herself, showed up at Shank’s office to witness the happy occasion as a crying and trembling Jenny was forced to sign away her new inheritance and sign away her freedom.

Jenny was taken away, crammed in the trunk of a car along with another girl and transported to somewhere in the deep rural outback. When they were finally pulled from the trunk, they both were immediately forced to thank their guard/escorts by giving them a blowjob and swallowing their loads.

Jenny realized right away that the reason that the Marlews had chosen this property was because it’s isolated location was perfect in light of the loud cries and screams that filled the air. This was one of the places that the Marlew clan brought their slaves in order to indulge in almost non-stop orgies of rape and torture. From almost every part of the property there emitted the most terrible sounds from the throats of various kidnapped females as they endured the many and varied cruelties inflicted on them by taunting and laughing Marlews.

And the Marlew men soon began to put Jenny through her paces and in her place as an often-used piece of fuckmeat. Although Jenny had been disgusted to have been forced to eat the pussies and assholes of Mabel and Grandma EllyMae, she now found wishing that she was back with them instead of here with all these rough, crude men. It had gotten worse since they had discovered Jenny’s oral talents. Now she found herself constantly being roughly mouth-fucked and forced to deep-throat their cocks as they spurted their semen, using Jenny’s now sore and raw throat as a cum-dump.

There was a telephone call to someone from Grandma EllyMae, that was all that Jenny was told. Whatever was said, Jenny found herself now transported to another Marlew property, this one as equally isolated and desolate as the first. But the climate here was much calmer in that no anguished screams were to be heard and fewer wild-eyed men running all over the place. Here it was quieter, but Jenny soon realized that there were many female slaves keep on the property and they were still being used constantly. Only now most of the Marlews here were older. Bound and secured to a wall-hook in the living room, she could only wait and watch.

One naked middle-aged woman walked up to Jenny and whispered, ” Hiya, darlin’. You must be that Jenny gal that my niece Mabel has been tellin’ everybody about. Her and EllyMae’s been talkin’ to Aunt Edna, who’s in charge around here. Told her to bring ya over here before all them boys at the other place done went and ruint ya. You is gonna like it here, if ya keep on being good. We keep our gals busy keepin’ us pleasured and all, but we treat all of ya a little better than the young fellas would. Like my brother Jerome over there – he may look all ol’ and fat, but he’s got one of the damnest huge cocks you’ll ever see. That’s Holly he’s got a hold of right now. We caught her a couple weeks ago and he’s been fuckin’ at least a half-dozen times a day! He’d be ridin’ her even more, but we all told him to take it easy and use some of the other gals so that he doesn’t wear her completely out.

The woman unhooked Jenny and wrapped big arm around her waist. ” I’m Patsy. You can call me Miss Patsy. Aunt Edna wants to take a look at ya. She’s out back right now inspectin’ another sweet bitch that was brought here yesterday.”

Patsy caressed Jenny’s buttocks as they walked together towards the rear of the house.

“As soon as Aunt Edna gets to sample what ya got to offer, then I wanna be next. Understand?”

“Yes, Miss Patsy.”

Aunt Edna was in the midst of an intimate training session with her girl when Miss Patsy brought Jenny to one of the slave sheds that were in the rear of the main house.

The old woman was squirming a bit as she sat on the face of the pretty slavegirl who doing her best at slurping at that huge old clit and wrinkled pussy.

“You want us to leave?” Miss Patsy asked the older woman.

“No need to go. This here young gal’s doin’ a right fair job an’ I should be cumming in a couple minutes or so. If that’s the bitch that EllyMae told me about, just take her and lock her in that next shed over there. I’ll be right with her when I finish with this one.”

Aunt Edna began to move her pussy and grind it hard against the mouth of the slave beneath her. ” That’s it, pretty. Just keep that tongue movin’ fast. Yes, gal….you gettin’ me close……..Harder! Faster!….Mmmmm…Uhhhhhhhh…..!”

It was an invigorated and refreshed Aunt Edna who came to look Jenny over in the shed.

“Hmmmm, you ain’t as beautiful as I thought you’d be by the way Mabel and EllyMae was goin’ on an’ on about ya. But I guess you pretty enough. Here gal, why don’t ya suck on this here finger. I had it jammed way up that other gal’s asshole, so you’ll probably get a good taste from it…..”

Edna liked how this girl obeyed without hesitation. Well, they all would have a lot of fun together before Ellymae and Mabel arrived and tried to hog up the show…… Jenny had suckled the shit – coated finger clean, just barely managing keep from gagging. Edna examined the finger with a smile.

“That wasn’t bad, not bad at all. But it wasn’t too much of a test. I gotta be sure that you’re worth havin’ around here instead of just sending you back to the boys at the other place.” With that, Edna reached behind under her dress and behind her and dug the finger deep in her own asshole. When she brought it back out and held it in front of Jenny’s face, the young woman gasped as she saw that it was now thickly coated with Edna’s shit.

“Prove to me that you really want to be here instead of back at the other place,” Edna cooed as she slowly touched her slime-covered finger to the shocked girl’s lips. “Prove it.”

Tears streamed down Jenny’s face as she parted her lips and let Edna push the foul appendage into her mouth.

Oh, god, what have I become, she thought.

Edna smile was triumphal as she felt Jenny’s mouth and tongue reluctantly begin to suck her finger clean.

“Jenny, sweet Jenny. You gonna do just fine around her. Now get that finger completely clean . Then kneel down and I’ll reward you by cleanin’ you mouth and throat with my piss…”

Jenny would always have plenty of company there at the farm. While some girls indeed were being taken from the farm and being relocated to other Marlew locations, other fresh captive talent was constantly being brought in to replace them. Aunt Edna was of the opinion that having new slavegirls available, particularly for her male relative’s benefit, served to keep the Marlew family in good spirits and free from boredom. From her past experience, Edna knew that certain male members of her clan had tended to get in big trouble when bored. Trouble attracted the law and the law was someone that the Marlews could not afford to snooping around their affairs.

But right now, keeping the Marlew men occupied would not be a problem; especially since just this morning, two more pretty slaves had arrived at the household. One of the Marlew women immediately went to observe and judge the latest catch.

“Hmmmmm, nice and tender. I see that you both been given some good disciplinin’ already. That’s good, it sure saves us some time. Now if you gals don’t want any more real hard whippin’ on yourselves, you’ll remember just how you’re expected to act and do. Understand me, cunts?”

But even though there were other slavegirls at the Marlew compound, Jenny was being kept pretty much isolated. After all, Jenny was a special case. A valuable asset. Kept down in the one of the cellar rooms, Jenny was able to see – for most of the time – only those who ventured daily down to sample the pleasures of her body. To keep her in a constant state of unease, Jenny was forced to spend hours and hours every day in painful and uncomfortable positions…

After a few weeks, the family had designed a new work program for Jenny. An additional chamber room, this one located even deeper than the existing cellar complex, was being built. Some of the Marlews had darker-than-usual tastes that they liked to indulge in. Tastes that called for a more secure and secretive environment; an environment that would block out the sounds of the loudest screams and shrieks of unimaginable pain and desperation; where the smell of torn flesh would be confined and where large amounts of blood could flow unnoticed….

Jenny would be put on a regimen of hard work, shoveling the mounds of evacuated soil and helping to haul away the heavy rocks in order to carve out the new underground chamber. It was hard work for Jenny, but the Marlews made sure that she had plenty of down-time, time in which she would be taken up to her cellar room and thoroughly fucked in her servile holes. Or sometimes she would be given the special thrill of being thrown down in the damp dirt of the chamber itself, and ridden hard by Marlew cocks.

“Do it quicker than that, bitch… I want to fuck you but not before you finish with this… yeah… I like fucking sore, sweated sluts… I’m really looking forward to it…”

Eventually the chamber was finished. It had been many months of hard work for Jenny, but at last it came the time to celebrate the chamber’s opening. And what could be more appropriate than for Jenny to have the honor of having her asshole opened up wider by a group of Marlew cocks to begin the celebration? As Jenny’s abused rectum was pumped full of cum by cock after cock, the other girls who had been brought down into the chamber to take part in the ceremonies awaited what they assumed would be their turn. But surprisingly, Jenny would be the only one who the Marlew men would be sweating over at this time…..

“Oh… look at this one… she’s so shy… c’mon, slut… look at this… you gonna suck it for me… and you’ll do it good and with a slut’s smile on your pretty face… understand?”

Jenny continued to service the Marlew men in every way during this chamber ceremony. After servicing their dicks and emptying their balls, she was put to work licking out their assholes with her wet, slavish tongue. Jenny was fast becoming just the kind of trained little bitch that the Marlews had decided that they wanted her to be…

“Ahhhh….Yeah…That’s so good,” grunted a Marlew as Jenny’s tongue worked his anus. Damn, the girl was beginning to get his cock hard again. But he knew that this was not a time to begin fucking Jenny again, as much as he wanted to – because Aunt Edna had already laid out her plan for what to do with Jenny next.

Aunt Edna had decreed that after she had done her sexual service, that Jenny was to be beaten. Beaten badly. And that’s just what they did….

“Ahhhh….Yeah…That’s so good… Stick it deeper, you bitch…

Yeah… you gonna spend quit a long time kneeling there… See those huge balls? Yeah… you gonna lick them all over… massaging that lovely prick of mine lovingly with your lithe hands…. yeah… this’ gonna be a long session, girl…

The Marlew boys were very experience at applying a beating. And they beat Jenny just as Aunt Edna had told them she wanted it done; severely enough to leave Jenny thoroughly in a hopeless daze, but not so much as to disable her or to make her unaware of what was to come next….

What came next would totally transform Jenny. It would take away any remaining trace of self-worth that she might have had. It would forever make her an accomplice to her enslavement.

Her mind still reeling from the painful beating that she had endured, Jenny was forced to take part in the taking of another slavegirl’s life as a couple of Marlew men guided her hand, helping her to slowly begin to slice the sharp knife into the body of a screaming slave named Monica. They would make Jenny go on to dismember the girl’s body and even drink some of the girl’s blood. After that, Jenny would be a servile, self-loathing and guilt-ridden piece of property, totally stripped of all hope….

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