The Mansion Of Madame Rue [HINES]


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Madame Rue, a long-time and devout Devil Worshiper, had made an agreement with Satan himself many, many decades ago. It was a relationship that suited both parties. For her part, Madame Rue avoided the eternal pits of Hell and retained her earthly body; never aging an additional day for the rest of her existence. For the Dark One, he was assured a steady stream of young, innocent human females by the Madame and her close-knit circle of like-minded fellow devotees; girls who would be used for his amusement and whose souls would be his.

The Rue Mansion had been in the Madame’s family for centuries. The Madame was the last of her lineage on earth and she was determined that the Mansion would be hers for all eternity. It was a rather worn and run-down place, but it still served as a great asset to Madame Rue and her activities. Located in the dark-forested and isolated countryside, it was a perfect place for the luring of delectable female meat, especially those foreign girls who liked to explore off the beaten path. For these unfortunate ladies, the attraction was a large, historic place called the Rue Mansion that offered itself as a FREE females-only hostel. A deal almost too good to be true! Over the years, many attractive young females seemed to disappear after staying in the hostel, but the local authorities never quite got around to investigating these circumstances, much less solving them. Amazing what large sums of bribe money can do and also what fear of the Madame’s many secret ‘friends’ could do to instill silence both from the police and the local villagers.

So many sweet girls to be plucked, used and enjoyed.

The Madame always made the choice of which visiting female would be abducted for the use of her and her friends. She preferred the most pretty and innocent ones; especially those who hailed from far-away lands. All of the mansion’s hostel rooms had secret doors; doors that allowed the Madame to enter quietly and quickly, taking her prey by surprise.

The cute English girl named Emily never had a chance to resist the chloroformed rag that the Madame applied to her face from behind.

“That’s it, my little pet, go to sleep,” Madame Rue whispered as she felt Emily’s body start to slack. “When you awake, you will find an entirely new adventure waiting for you….”

Claudette’s friends were a bit confused by the brief note that was left on the door of Claudette’s room, saying that she had decided to pack up and leave the group in order to go and ‘explore the countryside’ on her own. This was so unlike her, they thought at first. But, again, the note seemed to be in Claudette’s own handwriting and the nice lady at the checkout desk downstairs did confirm that she had checked out with her large backpack. The clerk even showed them Claudette’s signature on the check-out book. Perhaps there was a more spontaneous side to Claudette than anyone had suspected…..

But Claudette hadn’t checked out on her own. In fact, she hadn’t left the mansion at all. At the moment Claudette was some two hundred feet below, down in one of the large dungeon – type rooms that lined the vast corridors and passageways beneath the ancient mansion. Down there, Claudette’s open-throated screams could not penetrate the thick stone walls – at her screams were very loud.

“She is so pretty,” Countess Nopwenski said to her husband as she raised her arm to deliver yet another blow from her whip. “The pretty ones always amuse me the most – they squirm and shake so much. That makes it so much more satisfying to whip the life out of them.”

The Count nudged his wife lovingly. “Ah, and you do know how to get the most from them before you send their souls to the Master. Tell me, do you plan to finish her like this? Or do you have something else in mind?”

“No, my husband, I’m going to whip her so that the skin and meat starts to slide from her bones. That always excites me so much! I’ll take my time so that her sounds provide more pleasure for Him while he awaits her soul. I want her to still be aware when we let the dogs in to eat the bits of her body on the floor….”

Madam Rue had appreciated the long and loyal service that Yagor had given her in the capacity of servant, lover, bodyguard and procurer of flesh over the many years. So when Yagor died, the Madam had rewarded him by personally interceding with the Master to preserve his physical body. The Master, one ever so greedy, retained Yagor’s soul but allowed his massive body to retain the properties of the undead. Although Yagor’s speech now only consisted of grunts and growls, he still was able to understand Madam Rue’s instructions and could function at a fairly normal level. Which was fine for the duties and amusements that the Madame used him for.

One of the Madam’s favorite uses for Yagor was to provide him with a captive after she had already serviced the Madam’s many and perverted pleasures and was now disposable. Nothing the Madam enjoyed better than to watch through her observation porthole as the poor slavegirl was set upon by the zombie-like Yagor and his huge hell – enhanced cock. The ensuing rape was always a torture; no female’s pussy and asshole was capable of withstanding the inhuman savagery of Yagor’s devilish fuck-assault. After a few hours of enduring his attacks, the slavegirl would be dead. But their deaths never stopped Yagor: He would be rutting her corpses for hours after they had expired. Yet more tortured souls for He Who Dwelled Below.

The zombie Yagor’s large hands were cruel as they gripped and tore at Marcela’s already-bruised form. Marcela was terrified at this inhuman – like, monster of a man who had been led into her cell. The thing could only grunt and its eyes were vacant it wasted no time grabbing at her, dragging her toward the small wooden bed. She knew what it wanted – it’s grotesquely oversized cock clearly show that – and her reeling mind desperately reach for anything to mollify its behavior, to save her life.

“Please don’t hurt me, please!” Marcela stopped struggling, even taking hold of the monster’s dick. “I’ll be good. I’ll do anything!”

Her sudden change of behavior had an effect on Yagor. “Uggnnnnn….,” the thing sounded as he pulled Marcela against him. His long and thick tongue was slimy and his breath was putrid as he began exploring her quivering mouth with his. Marcela did all she could to not vomit as she accepted Yagor tongue and foul saliva down her throat. But she was also panicking even more as she felt the zombie’s trunk of a cock begin to swell and lengthen more and more.


Marcela would die within two hours – with Yagor’s monster cock still slamming away inside her shredded insides…..

The Duchess Zbwenkya had always despised her rather impossible niece. The girl was one who constantly carped and complained about practically everything in the Zbwenkya household, her favorite (and often uttered) complaint being “Things were so much better when Uncle Andrei was alive!” Which was not true because when he was alive, the Duke disliked his spoiled, overbearing niece even more than his wife. Yes, Natalia Palanski was definitely not a young lady easily liked or admired. Just tolerated.

The Duchess had been a sworn member of an exclusive and very secretive satanic society for quite some time. A society led by a powerful, ancient woman known to all as Madame Rue. None in the Duchess’s circle of royal and elite-level acquaintances ever had the slightest suspicion of her long-standing devotion to the Dark One. They had no idea of just how Duchess had seemed to manage to maintain her middle-aged looks even though she was now approaching the age of 40 years. Or how her business dealings and estate holding always seemed to prosper even in the worst of financial times and social upheaval. “She must have some very powerful connections,” they would say. They could never guess how powerful.

One day while taking tea with the Madam, the Duchess, usually one very circumspect, blurted out her ever-maddening frustration and annoyance with the ongoing difficulties with her niece. Madam Rue just smiled at her calmly and opinioned, “Perhaps, my dear, if Natalia professes to miss the Duke so much……… well, perhaps you should arrange it so that she gets what she wants.”

“You mean…..?”

The Madam chuckled. “Yes, exactly. You’ve been faithful to Him for a long time. Steered plenty of delicious souls His way………and besides, I think He’d really enjoy the humor of it all….”

The Duchess had petitioned the Dark One and had been granted her request. It was only a week later that she was enjoying the overwhelming terror on her niece’s face as she had her reunion with her dear Uncle Andrei. Dear dead Uncle Andrei.

“Well, niece, why aren’t you more pleased? You’ve been bitching and bitching about how better it would be if your Uncle Andrei was here. And now here he is – and he’s going to make up for lost time. Quit crying and making all that noise! Don’t you appreciate your uncle’s cock? And you don’t have to worry; He’s Undead, so that dick of his will never get soft on you.

“Yes, girl, your departed Uncle Andrei likes you a lot, I can tell. In fact, he likes you so much that when he’s through fucking you, he might just eat you up…..!”

At the lower level beneath the Rue Mansion, the level that housed the portals of entry directly down into Satan’s lairs, an ongoing atmosphere of gruesome entertainment was constantly in play. It was here that many of the captives who had provided the Madame and her friends with so much pleasure would meet their end in the most imaginative and creative manner. Here, the Devil’s loyal cadre of half-humans would enjoy the stark terror of his victims as they served as food for the ever-ravenous Zergonas, the giant snake that had been a personal gift from the Dark One to the Madame for her steady and loyal service. In Hell itself, Zergonas had for centuries devoured the condemned bodies that were sent or brought there; swallowing them whole and eventually excreting out their souls in a filthy mush. To help the Madame keep the bottom-level’s motley assortment of deformed and demented half human minions happy, the devil-snake was provided to as a source of excitement. The nightly torment of its victims was something not to be missed.

Rhia had endured weeks of the most degrading and painful usage by the Madame and her satanic coven. Now it was her time to finally meet her end. It was a now a quick end for Rhia as the giant devil-snake took it’s time with her. Swallowing her slowly, taking over an hour, allowing her terror to build as she begged for mercy at first, then begging for a quick release from her life as she began to feel the snake’s gastric juices start to digest her flesh. Her pathetic screams thrilled the assembled onlookers and her terror made the Devil’s receipt of her soul so much tastier…

Sometimes the Madame exhibited a sly sense of humor in her dealings with some of her doomed slaves. The pain and humiliation that she dealt out to her doomed female prisoners kept her body young and her libido at a constant high – but what’s pleasure without a little bit of fun now and then. Like she had done earlier with the Duchess, Madame Rue thoroughly enjoyed arranging reunions of the more macabre sort. Under her relentless punishment, all of her slaves confessed their most intimate misdeeds and lapses of behavior. This made her triumph and superiority over the slave so much more complete and delicious.

For weeks, Emily had pleased the Madame’s pussy and asshole with her splendid English tongue and her cries and screams under the Madame’s swift whip had provided many hours of enjoyment. And her confessions had laid bare the hypocrisy that masked her outer persona of honesty and propriety. Coming from an elitist family where great things had been expected of her, Emily had done some rather dishonest things in order to uphold her status as a superior university student. As far as the Madame was concerned, these misdeeds were nothing special in comparison to her own standards – but they did offer up an opportunity for some tasty delectation…

The Madame made her arrangements so that everything would be just right when she personally escorted Emily to one of the portals to Hell. A reunion of sorts…

“Now, my sweet slave, before you are walked through this portal to be received by the Great Satan, I thought that you’d like to meet two old friends of yours from your past. Of course they both might look a little different than when they were alive, but surely you’ll recognize Professors Gorman and Thigpin from your university days? Remember how you used to jack off Professor Thigpin in his office in order to get higher grades? And how you used to tease Professor Gorman so that he made a fool of himself by getting caught looking up your skirt? He was so embarrassed that he committed suicide, poor man. And Professor Thigpin never did get to fuck you like you promised…

“Oh, Emily,” the Madame cooed,” you were such a naughty little BITCH! But you’re going to have the chance to make up for your bad ways with these two gentlemen now. Their flesh may be rotted and peeling but they both have the hellish cocks on them now. Here, see how stout and hard Professor Thigpin’s cock is in your dainty hands? And you surely can feel Mr. Gorman’s thick dick rubbing between your butt cheeks. They’re both going to have such a good time finally getting to fuck you, dear. Don’t worry, Emily – their cocks will never go soft on you….”

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