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On a hillside resort in Morocco, a small club of rich bankers and businessmen from America and Europe gather yearly to partake of a variety of delights. The best food, wine, and entertainment are put on display for all who would be found worthy of the prestige of the club and trusted with its discrete nature.

And it was indeed discreet. Very little was known of the more perverted and sometimes twisted goings-on at the remote hillside. Handsome salaries bought the discretion of all of the servants and managers of the fortress-like complex, and sometimes they too would partake of the pleasures of the summer resort.

Bianca was the first ever woman that had been spirited away to the Aldea Trenzado. She’d been wrapped in cloth ribbons as though she was an expensive, albeit terrified, gift.


Ilyana’s skin was on fire, and her tongue felt swollen. She’d been used as a masthead on this perverted fuck’s boat for hours now, and when she croaked out the need for water, he just offered her champagne and a chipper comment.

Apparently he had decided to tour the area around the bizarre villa to which she’d been taken and had brought along his giant black assistant Marcus as a chauffeur. They eventually had passed other boats, but by then she’d already felt so weak and parched from the sun that she could not call out. She must have appeared to be bathing comfortably in the nude from afar.

Soon they parked in a secluded cove and began to fuck her as she watched the waves roll by, deep in a quiet delirium.


Before they had ever really laid a hand on her, one of Bianca’s captors had taken her on a bizarre beach picnic, not on Aldea Trenzado, but on a public beach, where it must have been assumed that she and her captor were playing some perverted game. Although she was bound and gagged, people seemed to pass by without a second though, and some men stopped to admire the beautiful Bianca’s tits and ass.

Apparently people here were no strangers to public nudity and perhaps the occasional instance of public sex. When Bianca had tried to signal or muffle loudly through her gag to passers-by, her strange captor would verbally accost her and throw sand in her face and kick it into her pussy. She did not understand a word he was saying.

Cheri was just a European small town girl who was on hard times. She had fallen prey to an internet ad that advertised rich, handsome older “sugar daddies” who were seeking younger “sugar babies”.

When she had arrived at the beautiful resort on the hillside, she’d felt awed by its lavish beauty and had thought to herself that she’d finally arrived. Her troubles were over, and she had used the best of her assets to get her ahead.

Then she had been abducted and delivered to a private beach, where she now found two strange cocks jabbing in and out of her.

It was only after three more men arrived, all drunk on wine and joking that she could stay if she still wanted a sugar daddy, or five, that she realized that nothing good in life came without a price.


When this particular plaything had been brought out to play she’d been alone with only one rich old businessman, and after he strung her up to the rafters of the cabana and begun berating and whipping her, she assumed that this what she might endure this way at the resort.

Tears had already soaked her face when more men arrived, and even a couple of women along with them. As they drank and swam and played sexually around her, they occasionally stopped to grope her, whip her, finger her, fuck her, spit on her, or just yell and laugh….


Franko had been the first gentleman to greet Sandra at the summer resort. He was indeed the ultimate handsome billionaire playboy that he had promised he was. Sandra had been instantly smitten with him. She was a long way from home. He’d seen her resume online and contacted her with an invitation to come to his Aldea Trenzado. She’d jumped at the opportunity.

Now, she was bathed daily by servants, groomed to hairless perfection and dressed in a different kinky outfit for each occasion in which she was used.

When they waxed her asshole for Franko to use, as he always demanded, she had resisted and yelped in pain, making things generally difficult for his manager Jamir. They had whipped her ass so hard that the marks still burned as Franko fucked her. The high heels were difficult on the beach as well, and they gagged her when she had had fallen and complained. It was a bad first week for her, but she was learning quickly.

When Anise had first met the tall, dark, and handsome stranger, she had actually envisioned a scene like this, but without the ropes and perhaps with more clothing. She had never been to Morocco and had been bedazzled by all the sights and the sounds—and the men. She was only twenty, and still innocent, and she had never imagined that any harm could come to her in such a wondrous place.

It was only when she caught the stranger, who called himself Franco, staring at her huge tits from across the room as he excused himself from her to make a phone call, that she had had any hint of his intention. But she chalked it up to male sexuality and welcomed his charms. She had allowed herself to be taken alone by boat to a hillside resort that Franco promised would amaze her. Indeed it did, but in all the wrong ways.


When Red and his comrades had fucked Melissa, she had actually been grateful for her period: it had at least lubricated her, and Red and company did not care enough about her to do so. They had fucked her violently in all three holes, until they were exhausted.

It was not until they put her in the water and began to talk about sharks that she really understood why they had chosen her for this expedition: her blood made the perfect bait.


Unlike most of the men at the resort, Preston had brought his own wife. Years ago she had cheated with her boss, and he’d found them picnicking happily in the park. He had watched, hidden and in a silent fury, as the giant black man lunched with his wife and then defended her from an ant invasion.

For more than an hour Preston had watched as his wife and this strange man gleefully enjoyed simple pleasures that should have been his. He had bided his time ever since, formulating the perfect plan for revenge.

Finally, he was now realizing his sordid punishment, reenacting what should have been his, and everything had fallen into place. He had even managed to bring ants.

For some of the patrons of Aldea Trenzado, a sense of power was the most sought-after goal. Victor stared in awe at his new prize, marveling at his power over her.

Her name was Mara, and Victor’s research had taught him everything that he knew about her. She was forty, thought she displayed the physique of a twenty-year-old. She was a self-made woman from Spain, the head of a large investment firm that she’d created from scratch.

She was a widow, but she had three children, two of which were already successful entrepreneurs themselves, at young ages. She had raised them alone, all while nurturing her business and becoming one of the richest people in her country. She was known for an adamant pride and her snide disposition.

Now, she’d been stripped of all that fierce pride, indeed of everything but her heels and panties. Her tits squeezed beautifully through the ropes that bound her, and she stared sullenly at the floor, trembling in fear.

Victor’s cock hardened as his hand squeezed into a fist, and he realized the true meaning of the word “power”.


Chadra had been excited when she first heard about the trip to Aldrea Trenzado. Three handsome, rich-looking men had approached her and offered to pay her more than she’d ever made before in her life, and she had leapt at the opportunity.

After fucking old, poor fat men for years, she felt that this might finally be her break in her whoring career.

They promised that she would enjoy herself, and they had made it sound like a good thing when they left their handshake deal open-ended, claiming that if the patrons of the resort loved her that she could stay and make as much as she wanted.

Not much later, she had cried when she realized just how raw the deal had been and just how much of her freedom she had given away. Still, she found it difficult to remain displeased as she was skillfully tied up, which had always been a secret fantasy of hers.

She found it even more difficult to stay upset when Ronaldo’s thick cock began to slam powerfully into her g-spot with every thrust. She might learn to love a simple life of servitude, after all.


Even after she’d been publicly hanged for display wearing nothing but hose, even after she’d been lashed until she cried, and even after her legs began to buckle from the strain of standing for so long, Erica was not left alone.

A man sat and stared at her, joyfully jeering at her as other resort members passed by and laughed.

When she finally grew angry enough with him to stare at him with a defiant, disgusted look, he pulled the gun on her. That defiant look died as quickly as she feared that she might, and she began to squirm uncontrollably while the man laughed and laughed.

“We’ll have the cognac with our desert.” Mrs. Garcia said, handing her drink menu to the waiter.

“And tonight, we’d like both the brunette and the blonde behind us sent to our room.” Mr. Garcia said, sharing a broad grin with his lovely life.

“An excellent choice, sir.” The waiter said. “May I suggest that you order our special ‘deluxe pain package’ with your two evening whores? It comes with a wide variety of instruments specially chosen to inflict maximum agony. I hear the blonde responds especially well to a cane across her tits.”

“Oh yes, dear! Please! I’d love to take a whip between that slut’s legs! Think of her writhing in pain while the other one sucks your cock! It’ll make a lovely evening!”

“I spoil you too much, my dear, but okay.”

The two whimpering women began sobbing as they overheard their cruel fate, and that evening their screams would echo across the empty beaches of the resort.

“An excellent choice, sir.” The waiter said, bowing. “May I suggest that you order our special ‘deluxe pain package’ with your two evening whores? It comes with a wide variety of instruments specially chosen to inflict maximum agony. I hear the blonde responds especially well to a cane across her tits.”

“Oh yes, dear! Please! I’d love to take a whip between that slut’s legs! Think of her writhing in pain while the other one sucks your cock! It’ll make a lovely evening!”


Mr. Takamura was an avid yachter, to him there were only two things worth having: a yacht and a tied up whore to abuse. Luckily Mr. Takamura could afford both, and today he was enjoying the sunset on the docks of the resort as his most recent painslut squirmed in her bonds.

Over the past two weeks of Mr. Takamura’s stay, his painslut, whose real name he’d never bothered to learn, had been providing him with much joy.

Pleading and crying the entire time, the painslut had suffered a harsh caning across the full round cheeks of her ass, a harsh whipping across her back and legs, and long pins being speared into her tender cunt. She’d passed out when Takamura plunged one of the pins straight down into the meat of her clit. Then there were the hard, punishing fucks that Takamura enjoyed having between her pain sessions: his long hard cock plunging into her cunt and slamming painfully into her cervix, or splitting her ass open and spilling his hot seed deep into her bowels…

“Quit whining, bitch.” Takamura sighed as he leaned back in his chair. “Just stand still and admire the beautiful sunset. Once the sun goes down, I’ll be giving that tight cunt of yours a real good fucking. But first I think I’ll have to tenderize it with a caning, make sure you really feel it this time.”


“That’s it, buck those hips!” Damien roared as he pulled Samantha back onto his rigid fleshy rod.

Damien had paid top dollar to get his slutty whore of a fiancйe at his mercy, another perk for those members of this very exclusive resort.

The bitch had refused to have sex on several occasions, even though Damien was sure she was fucking her best friend’s boyfriend on the side. Well now it was Damien’s turn.

Samantha was gurgling and gagging behind the massive leather ball shoved into her mouth, and her shoulders were nearly wrenched out of their sockets as Damien used them as handles to force her back onto his spearing cock.

The dry rasping pain of his cock forcing its way through her dry fuck tunnel made it feel like there was a hot poker burning its way through her pussy. Every painful punch to her cervix was like a sledgehammer beating into her stomach.

Even from the high balcony overlooking the beach, Samantha’s muffled screams drowned out the roar of the ocean tide…

“STHHHHPPPP!” Samantha gurgled behind the gag.

“Yeah, I bet you wish you’d let me fuck you earlier, don’t you whore!? Well it’s too late, now you’re gonna take every inch of my cock every god damn day of your life!” Damien roared, the impact of his brutal fucking making Samantha’s entire body quiver with agony.

Amy had been left in the hellish embrace of the wooden stocks for hours now, alone in the darkness of the luxury suite. She was there by special request of the arriving guest, a repeat customer who always chose Amy as his special companion on his vacations here. She still had nightmares about the last time heТd been here.

The first night of his stay Amy had been the subjected to a three hour fuck session, with his hard cock ravaging her holes only to be replaced by a viciously curved and spiked dildo when he was sexually exhausted.

When he began riding along the beach, he tied her behind the horse with a vicious hemp rope that squeezed her breasts into purple cones, and when inevitably Amy could no longer keep up, he would drag her by the breasts until her nipples were bleeding from the harsh grinding sand. Then heТd found a particularly rocky section of beach, where he forced her down onto her stomach and fucked her up the ass, hard. Every thrust made the sharp unyielding rocks cut into her soft flesh and slice open the swollen flesh of her tied tits.

Amy hung her head and wept as the door began swinging open

“ArenТt you a pretty sight? He laughed, striding up behind her. Hope you feel happy to meet me again. I have a whole itinerary planned for us this time, my sweet Amy. But first, I think youТre in just the right position to give me a nice welcome blowjob


Let me taste that sweet mouth of yours, puta. Franco said, his big handlebar moustache scratching harshly against her soft cheek.

Manuela gently opened her mouth and let FrancoТs big slimy tongue invade, her stomach turning as she felt it running across her teeth and rubbing against her own tongue. The revolting Franco had been using Manuela like a piece of meat, relentlessly pounding her with no regard for her.

Her sore pussy was nearly swollen shut from a week of being brutally fucked six times a day, and her asshole was now a swollen red wound. She was covered in bruises from where he had slapped, punched, kicked, grabbed or otherwise manhandled her delicate body.

Yeah, you like, donТt you? Franco asked, retracting his tobacco stained tongue from her mouth. Get down on your knees. LetТs see how deep I can get my cock down your throat!

Let me taste that sweet mouth of yours, puta. Franco said, his big handlebar moustache scratching harshly against her soft cheek.


The resort was dedicated to customer service. Anything a client wanted he should be able to get without any inconvenience. Sometimes after lunch men would want to enjoy a good cocksucker suckling their cocks, so the resort keeps a dedicated cocksucker on hand at all times.

Today, it was Mary, considered by most clients to be the most able cocksucker in the entire resort. Fortunately for Mary that meant she could get men to spill their cum down her throat relatively quickly. Unfortunately for Mary, there were often dozens of men waiting to make use of her hot, capable mouth.

ThatТs it slut! Suck it all the way down your throat! He said, his thick veiny cock sliding ever further into MaryТs mouth.

She was already covered in the jism from one customer, and had dutifully swallowed a dozen loads from other men. Despite her years of service as a cumbucket, Mary still grew ill when she was forced to swallow too much man slime, and already her stomach was trembling and growling in protest. However she remembered what happened the last time sheТd thrown up and willed herself to keep deepthroating the cock in her mouth.

After all, drinking cum was better than sucking down urine for an entire week

Yeah, clean me off slut. The man in her mouth said. You got a real good mouth. I think IТll ask for you to be sent up to my room tonight, I bet youТd do a real good job cleaning my asshole. Gonna safe on toilet paper!

Mary whimpered softly, but kept cleaning the last of the manТs cum from the tip of his cock

Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!