White Slavery [MR. KANE’S]


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The fate of slaves in a remote, laid back country is always uncertain. Their masters have absolute control over them, body and soul.

A master who has grown tired of his slave can decide to kill her in the most horrible way he can think of, or he may simply sell her as if she was a cow or a camel.

In that case, the slave may find that the new owner is even crueler than the previous one.

It sometimes happens too that the slaves are free-born women who have been sentenced arbitrarily to slavery.

In many cases the new slaves have difficulty adapting to a new master and new rules. They are then punished, with the aim of breaking them in.


Harim’s men are enjoying working on Sonja. The poor girl was captured when she went to the remote oasis of Kemal for water.

“Come on, my dear, answer! Do you want me to fuck you again? Think about it, you’ll be able to put your lovely legs around me!”

Business woman

Grace went to the small Emirate to sell luxury cars. The trouble was, all the Royal family had dozens of luxury cars better than hers. But none of them had a white woman in their harem…

“You will spend a week in each of our harems. When you finish, you will start the round again. Until your cunt splits. You choose, you fucking Christian bitch, where do you want to start?”

The Sultan of Jampur

Gadina, the lovely female pirate, is taking all the punishment they can give her… She knows she only has to give herself to the Sultan and the cruel flogging will stop. But this woman is proud. She was betrayed by a filthy dealer and sold to the Sultan for 50 coins. She prefers death under torture to accepting sexual abuse and torture for the rest of her life.

“Don’t think you’ll get away with this insolence, bitch!” says the Sultan, cracking his whip. “I’m going to put the whip all over your body and then hang you up by the waist… until you drag your tits over the ground, begging me for mercy! You’ll be begging me to fuck you soon enough!”

The Infidels’ Wall
The Rajah of Amkarat had the habit of accusing his harem slaves of satisfying their sexual needs on each other. From time to time, he had one of them taken out of her cell and flogged outside the Palace walls until she confessed.

The system worked well. The unfortunate women confessed their supposed infidelity to stop the terrible punishment. Then the other girls were fetched and tortured under the Sultan’s personal orders. He was a cruel, capricious man and sometimes the women were tortured to death.

“Pull the slut’s nipples off, jailer. Then put her eyes out. I have no use for a filthy lesbian in my harem.”

The Christian

Margarita of Soreno was captured by Berbers and held in Algiers in the hope of getting a good ransom. They collected the money, but then Al Pacha, the infamous pirate, decided to keep her for himself. The pious maiden refused to succumb to the will of the brutal pirate and was suspended by the breasts from a beam and forced to stand on tiptoe for several days…

The firm resolve of the Christian woman annoyed the pirate so much that he had her beaten on her tender breasts with an iron bar.

Finally she gave in and surrendered her body to the pirate’s lust.

He shot his load into the virgin’s mouth and ordered her to be sold in the camel-drivers’ market to the dirtiest and most brutal-looking bidder.

The cruelty of Al Pacha

Tales were told in that land of how Al Pacha took the daughters of local Sheiks for his wives, as a way of gaining control of the different tribes around Algeria. Later, he accused them of being unfaithful or of being traitors and he tortured them until their relatives paid a ransom for them. One after another, they were suspended over stakes that penetrated them little by little until their relatives paid a huge ransom to save them from total impalement.

The evil pirate made a fortune in this way. He kept the girls as a way of avoiding reprisals.

“Lift her up by the neck and impale her, up the ass! I want to see the stake coming out of her mouth. This bitch’s family haven’t turned up!”

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