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Scarlet – The Acquisition

It was Danny’s turn to acquire fresh flesh for the brothel. A businessman with Yakuza connections from Japan had just bought the bulk of the girls. They were put in boxes taken to the harbor where a huge transport ship waited to carry all sorts of precious cargo to the far east.

So now, even though Danny and his companions had made plenty of money from selling the girls, they didn’t want to lose their customer base of regulars. Men and women came to this special whorehouse to whip, punish and fuck pretty young slaves while they screamed and begged for mercy.

Scarlet, had been Danny’s favorite eye candy all during high-school but he never had the balls to ask her out. She was captain of the girls cheer-leading team. So nimble, so graceful, Danny imagined how she would feel crushed beneath his bulk, bucking and fighting for her life. Danny never missed a football game. He never missed a chance to see Scarlet wiggle her pom-poms and spread her legs. Senior year, she graduated and started at the community college. Danny dropped out and started the seedy no-holes-barred brothel with his brothers.

Scarlet finished her last class after dark. It was winter. She was under-dressed for the weather. For some reason (only Danny knew why) her car wouldn’t start. A dark car pulled up beside her. A shadowy figure inside asked if she needed help. Before she knew it, the man was out and coming at her. One powerful arm circled her neck as another covered her pretty face with a damp, foul smelling rag. She could feel the bulge of a huge erection pressing against her ass through the man’s blue-jeans.

“Sleep for now little Scarlet, you’ll need your rest,” Danny whispered feverishly into her ear as Scarlet began to black out, “your own screams will wake you when the whip begins to fall across your luscious cunt. I’ve been watching you since freshman year in high-school and now that you’re 18, I figure it’s time you learned what pretty bitches like you are good for: fuckin’, suckin’, and screaming!”

As she fell limply into Danny’s harms, he grabbed her by her full firm breasts and lifted her into the back-seat of his car. He slapped the unconscious beauty roughly across the face once just to make sure she was out, then drove off into the night. His brothers expected a new slave tonight, and Scarlet would do just fine…

Scarlet – Breaking In the Bitch

On her knees against the cold stone floor, Scarlet awoke, as promised, to the sound of her own screams. The heavily oiled lash slapped wetly against the spread cleft of her pussy. She jumped and tried to rise but Danny had tied her too well. She fell jerking and flopping like a drowning fish. Danny hauled the beautiful cheerleader to her knees.

Scarlet felt something long thick and warm against her right cheek. Glancing over she saw a thickly veined cock standing at attention. She knew right then that she was in real trouble. Danny reached down and pulled up her shirt to expose her perfect tits to his brothers.

“Very good little bro,” a voice said, “you’ve done yourself proud. This fine little bitch will bring in plenty of green!”

Danny knew the rules and intended to use them: whoever captures the slave gets to use her first. He wasted no time.

Throwing Scarlet roughly to the floor, he pressed her face against the cold damp stone pavers.

“No, please don’t do this,” Scarlet begged, “I’m a good fuck, really I am…j-just let me show you… NNNGHHHHAAA!

Scarlet shrieked when Danny pressed his spit-shined prick against her pussy and brutally shoved his way into her strong, and very tight young body. She struggled and twisted madly. Her eyes and mouth open wide.

Danny’s brother’s laughed and hooted as they watch him struggle to stay inside her. Eventually, Danny’s cock began to ooze enough pre-cum to lubricate the walls of her tight pussy. But this only made matters worse for the violated beauty. Danny could pump even faster now.


Danny came fairly quickly into the cunt of his unwilling sweetheart. She felt his cock fill and stiffen even more as it began to spasm and pump her full of sperm.

The brothers approached and crowded around as Danny pulled out. Scarlet looked up into the eyes of her tormentors.

“So you say you’re a good fuck, huh?” said one of the young men.

“Yes, yes I can do anything you want. Just let me prove it! I’ll make you all cum hard them you can let me go. I won’t tell a soul! Just please don’t hurt me any more!”

Laughter was her answer. “You won’t tell a soul because you aren’t going anywhere bitch. And we will hurt you ’cause that’s what turns a slut into a slave and a money-making whore. You’ll do anything we want because you’re just a dog now who does tricks for her owners and anyone we rent you to!”

The riding crop and whip came out as blow upon blow rained down upon her perfect young body.

Pepper spray streamed into her eyes and mouth. Scarlet retched struggling to breath. Then, coughing with eyes streaming, she felt something press against her ass. It was only 9:00 pm. Danny and his brothers were well rested and ready to break in the new whore.

“Tell me bitch, would you rather have pepper spray in your eyes and mouth again or maybe a quart of warm sticky cum. Well, what is it you cunt busted whore?”


“Damn bitch didn’t sound sincere and didn’t say ‘Please Master’. Spray her again…”

Ramm Takes Kimberly For a Ride

Kimberly was in the next room. She could hear Scarlet’s desperate screams but she had troubles enough of her own to deal with.

She had been rented by a sadistic perv who called himself Ramm. He was holding a knife to her face.

“Listen to your new friend next door bitch,” Ramm giggled, “hear her song of pain. I’ll get to know her soon enough, but for now you’re all mine.

Kimberly watched the shiny blade glint and shimmer in the light of the single 100 watt bulb that hung from the ceiling.

“The brothers said I can do anything I want with you. Anything at all. I pay good money for the time I spend with little sluts like you.”

Kimberly was badly bruised and hurting all over from the last two hours she’d spent with Ramm. She thought absently that he might kill her. That would be a welcome alternative to the hell she faced here naked and raped by the sadistic men and women who liked to see young girls suffer.

It had been Kimberly’s 18th birthday when she’d decided to hitch-hike to visit a friend and have a little birthday bash.

Her “birthday bash”, however, didn’t turn out like she’d planned. It consisted of her painful deflowering and descent into a horrible and depraved existence. She’d taken a ride from the wrong man. Now she was just like a piece of meat in the window at the local butcher’s shop.

Kimberly was still very pretty, even with the black and purple bruises, and the Ramm would be with her all night.

He traced the tip of the blade under her left eyelid, “maybe I’ll pluck out one of your pretty green eyes,” he whispered to her. Kimberly trembled waiting for the pain to come. Instead he grabbed one pert rigid nipple and drove the point of the knife through.

“NNNGGGGGHHH” Kimberly howled around her gag. Ramm laughed as he inserted a golden hoop. He repeated the process with the other nipple and then moved on to the girl’s nose. He used an ice-pick to force a hole in one side and out the other. Kimberly was frantic from the pain, but Ramm held her still until her nose was skewered from side to side.

Now Scarlet, covered with slime and buried beneath a pile of heaving panting man-meat, could hear Kimberly screech behind the next door.

Ramm inserted a long golden metal rod through the hole in Kim’s nose and tied rawhide leather strips onto each end. The strips were about three feet long.

“On yer hands and knees horse. Time to go for a little ride.”

Ramm mounted Kimberly like a horse. Holding onto the leather strips like reigns, he gave her a little poke in one firm ass cheek with the ice-pick to get her moving. He steered her into the next room and sat there on her back. Kim and Ramm watched as Scarlet was broken to serve.

Ramm scooted down behind Kim and pressed his cock into her battered ass for the third time this evening.

“Rear up, you old nag,” Ramm ordered, “Rear up while I fuck your crap dropper. Let your new sister whore see what’s in store!”

Kimberly, with another poke from the ice-pic, reared up as ordered. She locked eyes with Scarlet. One of the brothers walked over and shoved his cock into Kimberly’s mouth. Soon her face and mouth was dripping with cum.

“Don’t wear little Scarlet out too much,” Ramm shouted over the grunts and screams, “I want to see her and Kimberly fight it out. They’ve both got lots of hair to pull and nice big tits to punch. The loser looses her clit…”

Chloe – The Stand-by Whore

Danny, still in his favorite hockey mask, was getting bored. He’d fucked Scarlet in every hole. His brothers were busy covering her with welts and cum. There just weren’t enough holes to go around, so Danny decided to have a more private party with one of the girls the Yakuza had passed over.

Chloe could hear the other girls screaming down at the far end of the hall. But then she heard something that frightened her even more…footsteps.

Danny slammed open the door and attacked Chloe without a moments preamble. Her clothes were now just rags and did little to cover her supple young body. Danny took some lube down from a nearby shelf and spread it over his cock and into Chloe’s ass. She knew better than to beg or resist. She’d been here for two months now and had been turned into a fine submissive slave.

Chloe bent at the waist and pushed her ass toward Danny’s raging hard-on. He slapped her ass hard once before he pressed his thick cock against her puckered asshole and slammed into her rear hole.

“Two months here and your ass is still tight,” Danny said between grunts, “You’re a good fuck, Chloe. I’m glad we kept you around. Now squeeze that tight little ass of yours. Massage my prick or I’ll shove my arm so far up your ass that you’ll feel it at the back of your throat.”

Danny pushed himself as far into her as he could until his balls rested against her pussy lips. He held her by the hips and remained completely motionless. Pain and humiliation was all that Chloe had known since she disappeared into this horrible world, and this was no better.

Impaled on the huge prick, she squeezed and massaged Danny’s prick to the best of her ability. She moved her ass around in a lewd circular motion. Anything to turn him on. The hotter she made him, the sooner he would cum and leave her alone…

Soon Danny began to move again. In and out, slow at first then faster until Chloe was sure he would tear out her rectal lining.

At first she began to grunt in time with Danny’s brutal thrusts. But the grunting soon turned into desperate screams of pure animal pain.

Her tits jiggled madly back and forth. Danny was enjoying himself immensely. He grabbed a handful of hair and yanked her head back as he pummeled her asshole.

Finally he grunted one last time and spewed another load into his third slave of the night.

Not bad for a high-school drop-out, he thought to himself. Scarlet, Kimberly and now Chloe had all taken his cock into their bodies tonight; all against their will, with a great deal of screaming and pain…

After Danny had finished emptying his load into Chloe’s ass, he slowly pulled out. Her ass pushed and squeezed involuntarily as if she were having a bowel movement. His cock still full and hard was completely covered with Chloe’s feces.

“You know what comes next, bitch!” said Danny as he removed Chloe’s gag, “wrap those fat lips around my meat and suck your shit off my dick.”

Chloe – Margin of Fear

Even after all this time, the stink of her own shit still made Chloe retch. She knelt before the bobbing cock that had, almost literally, torn her a new asshole. Danny pressed his filthy prick against her cheek leaving a brown fetid smear across her cheek.

“Eat it or wear it, cunt!” Danny chided her, “I promise to lock your head into the shit box and crap on your face for a week if you don’t lick my cock clean all the way back to my sack.”

Chloe, in tears once again, opened her mouth and took the shit-stained penis into her mouth. She licked and swallowed, gagging all the while. She began to drool vomit mixed with shit onto the stone floor of her cell. Eventually, Danny was satisfied with the overall cleanliness of his cock.

“Clean enough for another bitch’s ass I suppose. But look at what you did, you’ve soiled the floor. Now who do you suppose is going to clean that up?”

With a fist as hard as iron, Danny punched Chloe hard across the mouth.

“GHAAAAANNNGGHH!” She screeched as her head bounced off the floor.

Crying and sobbing she forgot her training and began to beg for mercy.

“P-please Master…please let me lick it up…I’ll be good…I’ll clean the floor with my mouth and tongue…” Chloe blubbered and stuttered around the bloody lips that had so recently been wrapped around the cock of her Master.

“You bet your fat ass you’ll lick it up. Now get started before I forget what a nice guy I am. That was a love tap compared to what I’ll do to you next…”

This is what Danny had wanted to see. It wasn’t enough that a slave learned to accept her punishment and had become adept at making her Master’s and Mistress’s cum; it wouldn’t suffice to have a willing slave who simply endured silently the endless collection of sexual perversions to which she would be subjected; the slave’s here must constantly be kept in a state of fear and submission. And pain, although sometimes brutal and disfiguring would serve to keep any slave in line by setting an example.

Chloe, knelt on hands and knees and began to slurp noisily at the goo on the stone floor. Her bloody lip swelled and throbbed but she didn’t stop until the floor was spotless and shining. Danny watched with a cruel smile on his face. When she had finished licking up and swallowing the noxious slime, Danny kicked her hard in her left buttock.

“Get up bitch, and follow me,” Danny said as he fastened a leash and collar around Chloe’s slender neck. “There’s a bitch named Scarlet down at the end of the hall. She’s been taught how to eat cock and swallow cum but now she needs to learn how to suck a pussy.”

One to Learn, One to Teach

In the main hall before all the customers and the brothers, Chloe was tied bent over the dining room table. All the other slaves were forced to watch. Scarlet, the new girl had a front row seat.

The oak rod was raised. Chloe, her lower lip trembling uncontrollably, steeled herself for the first blow.

Suddenly, she heard the wind whistle as the rod cut through the air. She yelped and jerked as the rod passed harmlessly above her ass. The men all laughed at Chloe’s premature reaction.

“Looks like your bitch is a little skittish, there Danny. Lay a couple of good ones across that sweet ass then pass that rod over here so I can show how to make a slut holler!”

Danny wasn’t about to be outdone. He decided to mark Chloe up good before his brothers and the customers got their chance to make the bitch dance.

He reared back and brought the thick oak rod down with all his might.


At first Chloe couldn’t even scream, so great was the pain. So Danny hit her again…


“GHAAAAAAIIIIIIEEEEEEEE” Chloe had found her voice and howled with considerable gusto around the gag she wore.

The rod was passed around. It became a competition to see who could make her scream the loudest. Scarlet stared in wide-eyed horror as the slave’s ass was turned into a bloody mass of welts. Chloe endured as long as she could until a particularly savage blow across the back of her thighs made her scream so loud that she passed out.

When Chloe was untied, she flopped down onto the floor and lay still.

“Just goes to show how weak females really are,” one customer laughed.

“Alright Scarlet honey,” Danny said looking at his watch, “spread her open and lick her cunt ’til she wakes up and cums on your tongue. If she ain’t awake and cummin’ in 3 minutes, then you take her place on the table.”

After her brutal initiation into the brothers brothel of horror, Scarlet was not only afraid of the pain of the rod, she was afraid for her very life. Without any hesitation at all she crawled over to the inert girl and spread her open.

Scarlet, in a life that was now over forever, had masturbated many times. She knew what felt good and intended that Chloe would cum no matter what. Scarlet licked and sucked for all that she was worth and soon Chloe started to come around. She moaned heavily as Scarlet’s tongue did it’s magic.

One of the customers handed Danny a C-note and knelt down behind Scarlet. He fucked her from behind while she kept on licking Chloe’s clit.

“Unghhhh-aahhh!” Suddenly a gush of hot goo flooded onto Scarlet’s tongue as Chloe grunted and ejaculated.

“Congratulations Scarlet,” Danny said to her, “you made her cum good and proper. Too bad it took 3 minutes and 5 seconds. Grab her boys and bend her across the table.”

“N-NO.. NOOOO! LET ME GO! PLEEEEASE!” Scarlet struggled but it did no good. There were too many hands; too many men.

“And to welcome our newest whore to the whore house,” Danny announced, “everyone gets three free swats at that perfect ass. Afterwards we’ll flip her over and rip into her hot little cheerleader’s tits”.



Scarlet became very popular among the customers from that night on, and Danny had his girlfriend right where he wanted her.

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