The Cruelty Of C. Marcos [CORTEZ]

The Cruelty Of C. Marcos

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by Cortez. All rights reserved
Illustrated by DANI

Major Juan Xavier Marcos leaned back in the passenger seat of the jeep and inspected his fingernails with careful precision. His left leg was bent, the foot resting on the dashboard. Beside him his driver looked round, scanning the street for any possible danger. Behind them two other soldiers glowered and clutched their rifles, annoyed they were being kept out of all the fun but hoping that there might be an opportunity to shoot someone soon.

The rest of the squad were busy conducting one of their usual street checks with a quick brutal efficiency. Five men with sub-machine gun were positioned across the dirt road to close off the street and were now moving forwards; herding everyone down to where the truck and the Major’s jeep blocked the crossroads. The sergeant and the other four were searching everybody and checking papers. Naturally, it was necessary to spend a little more time enjoying the chance to molest and fondle any of the more attractive women unlucky enough to be caught up in the sweep.

Major Marcos had already noted that one of the new squad members, Anna Perez was enjoying those female searches even more than the men. He watched as she pressed close to the back of the young woman wearing jeans and a man’s open-necked shirt. The woman was biting her lip and trying not to cry out but Perez had now got one hand down the front of her jeans and was obviously playing with her cunt as she whispered something in the woman’s ear.

There was a sudden burst of laughter from the others as the woman squealed and lifted right up onto tiptoe, her head shaking frantically from side to side as she tried to get away from those probing fingers. Interested in the little by-play Major Marcos watched as Anna Perez pulled her hand free, showed her fingers to the woman before wiping them carefully across the front of her shirt. It was as she did that that Anna saw the cord round the woman’s neck.

She spun the woman round and had her pistol out before anyone else could react. The rest of the squad reacted immediately and there was a rattle of metallic sounds as guns were levelled at the motley crowd. Everyone heard the sharp sound of tearing cloth as Anna Perez ripped the woman’s shirt open. The woman stumbled forwards as Anna grabbed the small black holder hanging on the end of the cord between her breasts and tore it free.

The woman gave a single outraged cry and turned to run but Anna Perez was faster. She kicked the woman’s ankle knocking her leg from under her so she crashed down into the dirt and followed up by slamming the other foot down on the woman’s back. She leant forward pressing the muzzle of her automatic into the base of the woman’s skull.

‘Stay still, puta…,’ she took a quick glance at the small black folder then smiled and looked across at Major Marcos. ‘Sir, I think you should take a look at this!’

An hour later Major Marcos was back behind the battered desk of his office at Headquarters and studying the small collection of papers that had been in the woman’s neck wallet. Why on earth are they so stupid, he thought as he looked at the list of times and places. There are so many better ways of hiding things but wearing it round the neck like that… He smiled, he didn’t really mind, after all such foolishness made his job easier. He thought about the woman too, attractive, young and with a good figure…such things always made the more intense physical interrogation sessions even more of a pleasure.

Perez did very well, very well indeed, he thought. He’d been looking for a woman to join his interrogation team for some time now and perhaps he’d found the right one at last. He stood up, his mind made up… I’ll give her a chance to show what she can do. She can start by helping to question the woman…see how she reacts when things got noisy and unpleasant, well, unpleasant for the one being questioned anyway. He smiled again, aware that he was suddenly hard as iron with his cock pressing uncomfortably against the confines of his trousers as he thought about the interrogation methods he enjoyed using the most. His mind filled with delightful images of watching Anna Perez carefully attaching the brass electrodes to the woman’s nipples, her hands caressing her helpless flesh. Yes, a woman’s touch could be just the thing. Besides, the select group of important men who got their thrills from watching his team at work would really appreciate the sight of a woman working on other women… and it was always useful to keep your friends in high places happy, especially if you were ambitious.

Room 5 was one of a number of plain, anonymous rooms in this basement part of the building. Originally meant as storerooms they had proved to be ideal for the needs of Internal Security being downstairs, windowless and well away from prying eyes and ears. Like most of the others, this one was unfurnished apart from a battered looking wooden box standing on end in one corner. The only odd feature was a three foot length of angle iron, the kind of thing usually used for fencing, cemented into the middle of the back wall so it jutted out horizontally and fixed so the edge of the V was uppermost.

A pair of iron rings was fixed into the wall above the bar at head height and about four feet apart. An observant visitor might notice that the tiles under the bar were darker and more heavily stained than others in the room and there were darker marks on the wall around each of the rings. The woman hadn’t even noticed the bar because, before she had been dragged in from the holding cells down the corridor, Major Marcos had deliberately hung his jacket across over it concealing its obscene purpose for a few minutes longer.

With five people inside and the door closed it was hot, sticky and crowded. The vicious, flat ‘SPLATT!’ of Anna Perez’s open hand against the woman’s cheek echoed back from the bare walls. The force of the impact snapped her head to one side and she would have fallen but for the two men holding her very securely by her upper arms. ‘I asked you a question, Carla, who is Manuel…and the others?’ The woman looked round, eyes flickering across the shabby walls and cheap, plastic floor tiles that were cracked and split with chunks missing in places so the dirty grey concrete showed through. She didn’t look at Anna Perez…or at the slim figure of the man standing to one side, the one they all called ‘Major Marcos’. She knew he was the one to fear; he was like the woman, calm, controlled and deliberate, enjoying watching her, both pairs of eyes studying her with a kind of cruel anticipation.

She’d expected to be beaten, raped too probably; she’d almost been prepared for that kind of crude, brutal assault but this, this casual brutality was different. She shook her head, spraying a froth of blood and mucus on either side as she did so. She gritted her teeth knowing that the real interrogation and pain were yet to come.

The young twenty two year old student shook her head again, snorting and panting as she tried to ride the shock and pain of that last heavy slap. Her dark olive skin was shiny with sweat and both cheeks were blotched and swollen from the deliberate succession of blows that had already closed one eye, split her lip and loosened three teeth. Her long, black hair was damp and tangled with strands plastered across her cheeks and forehead. Her pretty, regular feature were now smeared with a mixture of blood, mucus and tears but with her arms held by the two soldiers there was nothing Carla Rodriguez could do to wipe away the mess. She shivered and whispered through swollen lips.

‘Don’t know, pleese…you are wrong it’s not mine…I found it on the street this morning…pleeese…!


‘Do you think we are stupid?’


‘Tell me about this man Manuel…why did you have his papers? Perhaps he is your boyfriend, heh? You like getting the rough stuff from him too…makes you excited does it? Well, tell me who he is!’ Anna Perez lifted her hand again and the woman flinched away. Smoothly and quietly Major Marcos intervened, just as they’d agreed before they’d gone into the room. He lifted the young woman’s head, his left hand beneath her chin and looked into her eyes

‘Enough, for the moment,’ He smiled, his thin lips stretching to show perfect, white teeth; a smile of pure sadistic anticipation. ‘No, I think this young lady needs some rather more particular attention.’ He looked across at the two soldiers. ‘You two let her go…and undo her hands as well; she’s going to need them.’

Anna Perez walked across to the side of the room and stood waiting quietly. She was flushed; her breathing shallower and faster than normal. It was partly the effect of the thick, moist heat in the room but more to do with her growing arousal as the interrogation session went on. She pressed her thighs together, squeezing hard and feeling the warmth and wetness in her cunt; letting the feeling of sheer pleasure grew. She shivered as she remembered the smell and unexpected wetness when her fingers had slid down inside the woman’s panties. The feel of the coarse wiry hairs then that wonderful, slippery heat as she wriggled two fingers inside the bitch’s slit. She’d almost cum there and then…and soon she’d be at her mercy…completely. She’d worked hard for this…for a chance to join the Major’s team. She was going to make sure she didn’t waste it.

Major Marcos held the woman’s chin for a moment longer then his hand moved up, caressing her cheek…

by Cortez. All rights reserved
Illustrated by DANI


She screamed as his fingers gripped and clenched, twisting in her hair and wrenching her head backwards. Her hands scrabbled uselessly against his arm, her fingers still stiff and cramped from the handcuffs. ‘Listen to me, you traitorous rebel bitch. Sooner or later you will tell us everything…the only choices you have are when you talk…and how much you are prepared to be hurt first…understand?’

He let her go and she buried her face in her hands, her words broken up by her sobs of fear and distress. ‘Please…this is wrong…I did nothing…nothing at all…I told you…that wallet…I found it…please, all it did was keep it…I didn’t know about the papers…I didn’t even know there was a map in there…please… you must believe me…pleeeesss!’

For a moment there was total silence as the woman stopped and slowly looked up into the cruel, amused face of Major Marcos. He cupped her chin again and smiled at her. ‘Oh dear…that was silly wasn’t it. No-one here said anything about a map so I wonder how you knew.’ The woman’s mouth opened and closed her face suddenly pale; forehead beaded with sweat as she shivered with terror realising the awful mistake she’d just made.

She started to say something but Major Marcos held up his hand. ‘No…don’t say anything else…for the moment. Instead, I want you to take you clothes off…all of them…now!’

‘Please…no…I can’t…please…no…no, I won’t!’

‘In that case Miss Perez and my men will have to assist you…as you can see they’re very willing…’

The four of them stood back in a semicircle round the woman, the two guards grinning as they accepted cigarettes from the Major. The smoke spiralled up, adding to the thick foetid atmosphere while they watched the woman reluctantly unbuttoning her already ripped and torn shirt. The remarks became even cruder as they saw the darker upper edge her aureoles showing over the lacy half cups of her bra, the full swell of each breast barely contained by the flimsy garment.

Comment turned to unkind laughter as she struggled with her tight jeans; her movements even more fumbling as she tried to ensure that she did not drag her panties off with the jeans. With every panicky movement the full, heavy globes of her breasts jiggled and swayed, almost falling out of the cups as she struggled to undress. Finally she stood alone, bent forward slightly with her hands held protectively across her chest. Major Marcos nodded to the two guards who obediently stubbed out their cigarettes and moved towards her.

‘Hold her!’

The men knew what he wanted and grabbed one of Carla’s wrists apiece, twisting her arms out to the sides so she was forced upright and arched slightly backwards. ‘Anna, if you would be so kind…,’ he said turning and flicking one finger towards the young woman’s body. ‘I told you to get undressed…since you don’t seem to understand, my assistant will do the last bit for you.’ Anna Perez stepped forwards and Carla Rodriguez twisted away, expecting another vicious slap.

Instead, Anna reached round and undid the clip of her bra. The two men pulled the straps down her arms then quickly adjusted their grip on her wrists so the bra fell onto the floor. They turned her arms and she arched back again. To anyone watching it looked almost as though she was deliberately flaunting the smooth, brown globes at her young dark-haired tormentor.

Anna licked her lips and her hands lifted to cup one full breast in each hand. Adjusting her grip slightly she held their soft weight as she stroked the thick, stubby nipples with her thumbs. Now the woman craned forwards, looking down at her body, watching Anna Perez’s neat, manicured hands, each finger tipped with pale pink nail-varnish, playing with her breasts, fondling the sensitive tips with delicate skill so they became erect and hard despite every mental effort on Carla’s part to prevent her body’s betrayal. She rocked and twisted in a futile effort to shield her body, her head shaking wildly.


The men laughed when she arched back even more, whimpering in fear and frustration but quite unable to prevent the woman in the plain, dark green security forces uniform continuing to caress her nipples with slow deliberate movements.

‘Nice, very nice, Carla…,’ she gripped each hard stub and pinched them…hard. She waited for the young woman’s outraged gasp of shock and pain to subside. She rolled the erect nipples to and fro ‘Just right…imaging what it’s going to feel like when I put the clips on them later… but now.’ He hands let the woman’s breasts swing free before she gave the jutting erect stubs a final contemptuous flick with her fingers, ‘let’s see that nice wet cunt of yours shall we…’

She ran her hands down Carla’s Rodriguez’s flanks, careful to stand just to one side so she could get kicked easily, and slowly peeled the white, bikini briefs down over Carla’s hips. The two men stared, mouths agape with spittle drooling from the corners; watching every movement as Anna gently removed the young student’s last flimsy defence. There was a low growl of satisfaction as the men saw the tiny, carefully trimmed strip of black hairs on her mound then the deep, in-rolling slit of her cunt between full, prominent lips. They could see every detail because her cunt was bare, shaved and plucked smooth; the plump lips gleaming with a tell-tale oily sheen from the seepage inside her slit.

Anna’s right hand slid up the young woman’s thighs, fingers crooked upwards. Carla shuddered and twisted, her eyes closed and a dull red flush sweeping up her shoulders and neck as she felt another woman’s fingers teasing along the rim of her slit.

‘Oh God…nooooo…pleeeesse nooooo…haaah!’

Her plea ended in a rising cry of distress and embarrassment as one finger wormed delicately between her labia to touch the wet inner folds of her cunt with teasing skill.

‘She’s wet already, Sir.’

‘Yes, I can see that Miss Rodriguez finds all this exciting.’ He walked across the room and took his jacket off the angle iron. ‘That box Anna, under the bar if you please.’ He turned back to Carla and once more held her by the chin, turning her head so she could see the bar. ‘We have a special seat for obstinate young ladies like you, Carla, see?’

Carla Rodriguez tried to turn away, struggling uselessly in the grip of the two soldiers and the Major’s hand on her jaw.


Oh yes, yes indeed. Alright you two, put her up.’ He let her go and the men turned Carla and forced her over to the wall where Anna had placed the low box under the bar. ‘Lift you leg over or…’ Suddenly realising that there was nothing she could do, Carla let the men support her as she clumsily lifted her left leg over the bar; moving from foot to foot until she was standing astride it with her back to the wall. Even with the box she was forced to stand on tiptoe to keep the sharp edge of the vee just brushing the lips of her cunt. Her whole body was shivering in terror and tears trickled down her bruised and swollen cheeks as she shuffled unsteadily on her insecure perch. But worse was to come.

There was a rattle and chink of metal as each of the guards snapped one handcuff round the wrist he was holding. Knowing what to do without any orders they lifted each arm up behind her and snapped the other ring of the handcuff through one of the rings on the wall. Carla Rodriguez was forced to bow her upper body forwards, panting with growing discomfort as the outstretched and twisted joints and sinews of her upper arms and shoulders took the strain. Their job done for the moment, the two guards stepped back and left the young student posed astride the bar. They watched intently; this was the bit that they really enjoyed…it was always fun as a woman began her ride on the Major’s special seat.

Listen to me carefully…in a moment Miss Perez is going to take away that box, Carla…so I would advise you to sit down on the bar now. If you don’t, it will do you very real damage when you fall onto it because she’s going to remove the box whether you are ready or not. But, of course the choice is yours…as always.’ Both of them watched as Carla obeyed; gingerly let herself sink down off tiptoe, wincing and grimacing as the rough iron scraped the delicate skin deep in the cleft of her body. She cried out in shock as Anna reached up and used forefinger and thumb to spread her cunt lips apart so they were splayed on either side of the metal vee.


Without further warning Anna Perez pulled the box away and a shrill scream of agony split the air as Carla Rodriguez’s suddenly had to sit down on the iron edge with her full weight. For a few moments her feet kicked in a futile attempt to find some non-existent foothold. Then her legs went rigid, toes pointing downwards and every muscle quivering bar-taut as she strained to clench her buttocks trying to relieve the agonising pain of the angle iron biting into the cleft between her legs.

‘Oh God!….hah…ah-hahhh…h-h-hurts…p-p-pleeese…h-hurts…can’t stand it… nooo… pleeesse!’

‘There’s not a lot you can do about it, Carla…is there? Apart from telling me what I want to know. I’m going to give you half an hour like that then we’ll talk again. But, in case you change your mind I’ll leave Miss Perez with you to keep you company.’ Major Marcos smiled and flicked the tip of one dangling breast.


‘Oh dear, perhaps I should have told you… it is really most unwise to move at all when you’re perched on that thing…make it hurt even more. But I can hear you’ve found that out for yourself.’ The smile was pure sadism as he flicked her other nipple to be rewarded by another involuntary jerk and sharp cry of pain. He turned to the grinning guards. ‘All right you two, you’ve got half an hour to take a break. Anna, look after Miss Rodriguez will you…perhaps she’ll talk to you.’ Nodding at Anna’s smile of anticipation he turned and left the room followed by the two guards.

‘P-p-p-plesssse…p-p-p-p-put the b-box b-back…please it’s cutting right into me….pleeeeesse!’

Anna Perez moved close to the shivering figure posed astride the metal vee. Her hands cupped Carla Rodriguez’s swaying breasts once more. She stroked the wide dark aureoles, her finger caressing the full length of the erect tips with a delicate milking action that made the young student moan and shift very slightly.

‘Oh God…pleeesse….no…don’t make me move…Aaaaaaah!’

‘Poor Carla…does it hurt sooo much. Her finger’s gripped the ends of Carla’s nipples and she pulled them towards her so Carla bowed forwards even more.


Carla managed a single piercing squeal as she rocked forwards and her clitoris was crushed against the sharp edge of the iron bar. Despite the pain in her nipples she arched back stretching her breasts into two cones as Anna Perez maintained her grip. Anna smiled and twisted her hands so Carla had to lean forwards again. She smiled happily as yet another shriek of agony split the air.

‘Come on Carla…that’s not even five minutes yet. You can tell me…whose is the wallet?’ Her hands twisted the other way then she relaxed letting the young student lean backwards. She kept her forefinger and thumbs gripping Carla’s nipples, waited for a few moments then pulled her forwards again. Slowly and deliberately she kept up the torture for ten minutes, using Carla’s breasts and nipples as handles to rock her to and fro on the edge of the vee. The squeals and cries joined to become a constant pleading cry of agony that rose and fell with each fresh movement.

Anna finally let her go and stood back to get her breath. Instinctively she knew that the woman was very near breaking but she needed something else. It was as she lit a cigarette that she saw Carla expression out of the corner of her eye. It was a look of horror and panic. Anna smiled, of course, why hadn’t she thought of that earlier? She had been going to enjoy a smoke and think about what to do but now she had much more pleasant things to do with that lit cigarette.

She took a long pulls and exhaled a thin plume of smoke, knocked the ash off and held up the glowing tip as she walked back to the bar. She cradled the young woman’s left breast and very carefully stroked the glowing tip across her already sore and swollen nipple.


‘Tell me what I want to know, Carla.’ The young woman bucked and screamed again as Anna took another pull on the cigarette and touched the very tip of her nipple with the glowing end. ‘Think of what I can do to these…’ her fingers traced round the smooth under curve then trailed across to her other breast. She waited, watching the student’s agonised expression, seeing the will weakening in her eyes as the pain went on and on. ‘Or should we warm you up down here…’ One extended finger stroked down the slick, moist skin, stroked the carefully groomed hairs and circled the keyhole at the top of her slit.

Anna’s thumb and forefinger parted the lips even wider revealing how the dark pink inner folds were compressed by the angle iron. With Carla leaning slightly backwards her clit was exposed just above the rough edge but already swollen and sore, the skin taut, like a satiny, rose-coloured pearl. She held the tip of the cigarette close enough so Carla could feel the heat on her inner flesh. ‘Well, Carla….?’

She left Carla Rodriguez shivering and crying on tiptoe on the box but still astride the bar. The young woman was learning the hard way that stopping the torture was almost as painful as starting as the pain of returning circulation was sending throbbing jolts of agony through her cunt. There was also the sharper individual pains in both breasts and her clitoris from the cigarette burns. Major Marcos smiled in satisfaction as she handed him the list of names and addresses that had spilled out of Carla’s mouth once she’d been broken.

‘Excellent, just what I’d hoped for. This is the breakthrough that they’ve been screaming for upstairs. Take a break Anna,’ he smiled, ‘then give her another half hour on the bar…just to check the details.’ He paused and looked up at the satisfied smile on the young woman’s face. ‘I need someone like you to assist in this kind of work. Afraid it will mean leaving your present post but…’ He paused and looked straight into her eyes. ‘There will be many opportunities to develop you interrogation skills and you will report only to me. Well, what about it?’

‘Oh yes, Sir…I’ll take the transfer with pleasure. I’d hoped you might ask me to join you. She snapped to attention and threw up a crisp salute. ‘Thank you very much, Sir.’

Major Marcos nodded approvingly. ‘Good, exactly what I’d hoped you’d say. Welcome to the squad. Oh yes, now that you’re on the team, Anna. I noticed that you are wearing regular uniform. I think you should look more…specialist, shall we say. See if you can find one of those white coats doctors wear…you know the kind that button up the front. You can wear that at interrogation sessions…it’ll give then something else to worry about…’

‘Yes Sir, very good idea, Sir.’

The information provided by Carla Rodriguez was even more helpful than either of them realised and a week later Anna was called into the squad’s office. ‘You wanted to see me Major?’

An elderly civilian in a crumpled suit looked up from where he was studying some papers on the desk. ‘Young lady, it is not Major…there has been a change… from now on you are working for Colonel Marcos.’ He smiled as Anna Perez snapped to attention.

‘Results earn rewards and Colonel Marcos tells me that you played a large part in the successful interrogation of the young lady last week. I am her to tell you that his recommendation has been approved and that from this moment you have officially been transferred to the Colonel’s private staff and…’ He stopped and looked at Colonel Marcos, ‘No, you can tell her.’

Colonel Marcos smiled at Anna’s obvious confusion. ‘Don’t worry, what he means is that you have also been awarded promotion, so I am also pleased to tell you, security trainee Anna Perez, that you are now officially Lieutenant Anna Perez of the Internal Security Bureau.’

He held out his hand, ‘Congratulations, Lieutenant.

The air inside the underground room was hot and sticky, overlaid with the smells of excitement, sweat and fear. The edges of the torture chamber were shrouded in darkness but, as she was dragged through the door, the terrified girl could see the gleam of white wall tiles and a jumble of nameless equipment on a bench against one wall.

The guards forced her forwards, laughing at her futile attempts to resist. Still dressed in an expensive blouse and jeans, it was obvious from the bruises, and the disarray of her clothes, that the soldiers had taken every opportunity to fondle her well-developed body in the short period since her arrest. Maria Jimenez, still shocked by being seized, cuffed and driven to this detention centre, fought to control her breathing and her rising terror of what unspeakable things were about to happen to her.

With her wrists cuffed in front of her and arms held in the iron grip of the two brutal guards, she couldnТt see past the ColonelТs back, but was aware that the only illumination was coming from four bright spotlights that were focused beyond him, onto an area in the middle of the floor. Abruptly, the Colonel turned, signalling the guards to drag the young Brazilian student forward until she could see what was happening in the hot glare of the lamps.

Maria Jimenez nearly fainted in horror as she stared at the familiar figure displayed in the harsh blaze of the lights. Her best friend, Juanita, had been stripped of her dress and panties that now lay discarded to one side. Completely naked, she had been mounted on what looked like a small leather saddle, set about three feet off the floor on a thick steel shaft. Her legs were stretched painfully wide apart. Each ankle was lashed tightly to a ringbolt set in the concrete floor, so that she was forced down in an obscene squatting position, hard against the damp leather.

JuanitaТs hands were behind her back. Broad straps, the leather dark with sweat, had been cinched tight round her upper arms, dragging her elbows together and forcing her shoulders back whilst a single nylon tie bit viciously into her wrists. A single rope, leading from the wrist tie to a hook in the ceiling, was holding her up. The rope had obviously been deliberately over tightened, lifting JuanitaТs arms agonisingly up and away from her back, forcing her to bend forwards so her large, round breasts now dangled away from her body.

The watching girl saw immediately that such cruel bondage opened and presented her friendТs most intimate places to the cruel attentions of her captors. In particular, Maria saw how Juanita was unable to shield her sensitive breasts from the hands of her tormentors. The diabolical torture saddle was also designed to leave the core of a womanТs body vulnerable and open. The front was cut away and Maria could see the plump hairless purse of JuanitaТs cunt jutting into thin air, completely unobstructed and exposed between her widely parted thighs.

Maria Jimenez started towards her friend, but the guards twisted her arms viciously, holding her fast. Before she could resist, a ceiling rope was threaded through her cuffs and her hands were jerked up above her head. They stopped hauling on the rope just as Maria reached tiptoe. She was left, stretched and helpless, staring into the pitiless glare that bathed the sweat-streaked body of her friend and the white-coated figure bending over her.

The young womanТs eyes widened in horror when she realised that the person standing by Juanita was not a man, as she automatically assumed, but a young woman in her twenties. Dressed in a short white doctorТs coat, her bare legs hinted that she was naked beneath the starched cotton. As she looked up, Maria saw the young womanТs calm, confident face, almost devoid of makeup but with strong bones and deep set, black eyes. Her black hair was cut so short it was almost a crew cut. Talking quietly with the Colonel, one hand continued stroking the slope of JuanitaТs sweat-beaded breast where it dangled invitingly beside her.

The Colonel turned back to the terrified student. СYou may wonder why your friend doesnТt slip off our little toy,Т he murmured, looking at the straddled figure before them. СYou canТt see it at the moment, but she is also enjoying the feel of one of these.Т He walked back to the dangling figure holding a thick, familiar shape. Colonel Marcos lifted the fat, curving dildo so that Maria could see it more clearly. At first she couldnТt understand why it looked so odd then, with increasing horror, she understood. The black shaft was covered with blunt spikes and sharp, swirling ridges. The colonel stroked the fiendish device down the girlТs cheek, watching her shudder as it scraped across her skin.

He let his hand drop and looked back at the girl in the lights. СOf course, now sheТs riding it fully, she doesnТt feel it too muchЕ as long as she doesnТt try and move. SheТs found that out quite quicklyЕТ He chuckled to himself, enjoying the shivering fear of the girl stretched out beside him. СBut if she does wriggle a bitЕ well, IТm told the effect becomes increasingly painful after a little while.Т He paused, Сsuch a pity for her that the lieutenant has so many ways of making her moveЕТ

The Colonel looked across at Juanita. СItТs so very silly… all this show of silence and bravery.Т He raised his voice slightly, Сyour friend will tell us everything, absolutely everything Е in the end.Т The colonel stroked MariaТs cheek very gently, Сjust as you will too, my dear.Т He smiled as the young student twisted her head away, her lips tightly shut. СOh, please donТt think you can choose to keep silent; Lieutenant Perez here is one of my very special experts in these matters. As a woman, she knows exactly how to provide quite unbearable stimulation to all those delightful little places that a man might so easily overlook. Pretty young students with rebel friends are a particular favourite for both of us. So much delightful and responsive flesh to play withЕТ

He paused, watching Maria wriggling madly on the end of the rope. СIt was Lieutenant Perez who designed that little toy I showed you.Т His hand closed round the girlТs jaw and his voice became a low, calm whisper. СNow, watch the lieutenant and see what she does to your friend this time. Then you will talk to meЕ or very soon it will be your turn in the spotlight!Т

He turned again to the woman who was still stroking JuanitaТs breast and talking softly into her ear. СLieutenant, what progress so far?Т

The woman took two steps to stand, almost at attention, in front of the Colonel. Her eyes took in Maria JimenezТs stretched figure with interest. СWeТve only just started Colonel; IТve been using the crab on her tits. When we start again, sheТll know whatТs coming and the effect will be that much better. SheТs got plenty of stamina left yet.Т She smiled, Сdespite all the screams and protests. But, sir IТm afraid I donТt think she really knows anythingЕТ

The Colonel looked at her with obvious understanding, and then nodded towards the dangling figure next to him. СThis young lady has just arrived. SheТs unwise enough to be little JuanitaТs roommate and CarlosТs girlfriend, the one we are so anxious to talk to, is her cousin. I thought she should first have a chance to see how you are playing with her friend.Т

The lieutenant smiled at the girl with sudden, hot expectation, and looked at the watch on her left wrist. СOf course, Colonel, young Juanita has had plenty of time to rest since the last session. IТll go on working on her nipples for now; she seems particularly sensitive there. Then, if we need to, we can try something later on.Т The Colonel waved his hand in agreement. The lieutenant smiled in anticipation as she turned her attention back to the olive skinned beauty pinned astride the torture saddle.

Juanita looked up, saw her torturer coming, and began pulling frantically at her bonds in a vain effort to escape. Suddenly, she bit her lip and gasped, holding herself unnaturally still. Maria winced, realising that Juanita had lifted slightly on the saddle so that the vicious rubber spikes had scraped and rasped against the tender insides of her cunt. Lieutenant Anna Perez, also knowing exactly what had happened, reached out and stroked the damp strands of JuanitaТs hair. JuanitaТs head jerked up at the caress. She began pleading urgently between her gasps of pain.

СNo, not so soon. Ah! More time! You said I could rest. Uh, Please I need to rest. Oh God, donТt touch me againЕ Please donТt make me m-m-m-moveЕ IТve told you, I donТt know anything. Aaah, you must believe me!Т

The lieutenant, smiling serenely at JuanitaТs sudden babbling outburst, looked to where Maria and the Colonel were hidden in the darkness. Speaking mainly for MariaТs benefit, she replied in a soft, voiceЕ СOh dear, did you feel that? Its gets so sensitive inside there after a bit they tell meЕ and youТre going to wriggle so much more in a moment. How on earth will you stand it?Т The hand continued stroking the wet straggled hair. СAnd all I want is the girlТs address. After allЕ itТs her we really want to talk to isnТt itЕ?Т She paused, Сstill nothing to sayЕ ah well.Т She turned; standing close between JuanitaТs painfully stretched legs. СThen perhaps IТd better see if youТre all nice and ready for me again?Т

Almost tenderly, she reached down to cup the dangling breasts of the shivering eighteen year old student before her. Lieutenant Anna Perez gently stroked and smoothed the heavy globes in her upturned hands for a few moments before concentrating on twisting and pinching the unwillingly offered nipples. Nipples that Maria Jimenez could now see were already swollen and red, painfully sore and raw-looking from whatever torment had been applied to them before she had been brought into the chamber. Juanita was wriggling her shoulders madly in a useless effort to protect herself from the pitiless fingers. Maria could hear her crying out in agony as the expert hands abused her most sensitive flesh once more.

The lieutenant smiled down at Juanita as she looked at the two hard, swollen peaks gripped fiercely between her fingers. The girlТs body had made its inevitable response to her intimate caresses. Juanita continued to scream aloud into the darkness beyond the blinding lights.

СNo, no, no more, not again please, pleeeease no, not again. IТve told you I canТt, not again, IТm soooo soooorrrre!Т Feeling that the woman had stopped fingering her now-rigid nipples, the girl stopped babbling and began to pant even harder in awful anticipation of the agony she knew was coming.

СNow, now,Т the lieutenant continued, digging her nails into the hard tips. СYou lied to me. These little ones are saying youТre all ready for me again.Т She chuckled as she flicked the tender stubs with her nails. СI think you should try our little silver crabs just once more, all right?Т

JuanitaТs desperate scream of protest echoed in the chamber. Maria Jimenez puzzled as to what the Сsilver crabsТ were and why Juanita was so panic-stricken by the word, saw the lieutenant reach across to the little table beside the saddle. She picked up some wires; at the end of each one, a silver, saw-toothed crocodile clip winked and glittered as it swung to and fro in the lights. Maria stifled a cry of panic, burying her face in her arms as she realised what the lieutenant had meant, and what they were about to do to her friend.

СShe canТt see us because of the lights,Т the Colonel said, and then he noticed that the girl had turned her head away. One hand smashed casually against her cheek, the impact bringing a trickle of blood from her mouth. СI told you to watch her, my silent little bitch. You want to be fully prepared for whatТs coming, donТt you?Т The Colonel knew from experience that anticipation of the pain to come would heighten the young womanТs reactions. He smiled as she reluctantly obeyed his command, looking back to where JuanitaТs torture was beginning once again.

Cupping one full globe the lieutenant leaned down and sucked on the tender, swollen nipple for a moment before positioning the open jaws of the first clip on either side of the fleshy peak of JuanitaТs left breast. СReady?Т Her fingers opened, allowing the teeth to sink into the soft crinkled flesh. Hearing JuanitaТs hiss of pain and anticipation, Anna Perez pressed on the jaws, forcing the teeth together. A tiny row of red beads across the swollen nipple showed how cruelly the little clip was being used. As she pressed harder, a further wailing scream of agony was wrenched from the strutted girl.

Allowing time for the effects to develop fully, lieutenant Perez waited a full twenty seconds before lifting JuanitaТs right breast, again sucking the nipple into glistening erection before applying the second clip. Once again she waited, asked the tormenting question before slowly pressing the clip closed so the jaws stabbed deep into the delicate flesh. Another wailing scream burst from the girl before her head fell forward.

To her friend, concealed in the darkness and heat of the torture chamber, it looked exactly as though Juanita was intent on studying the silver crabs now gripping each nipple in a steel vice.

The lieutenant picked up a box from the table. СOh God no, not electricity, not there, she canТt. Oh Juanita, my love!Т

Maria Jimenez had heard the stories round the university, stories of how the authorities used torture, especially electrical torture, to extract information; but had dismissed them as the usual hysterical left wing propaganda. Now, in this hot dark cellar, it was all too horribly real. The pain in her wrists, the ghastly scene before her and the gnawing terror of what was going to happen to friend, and then to her, made Maria Jimenez pant harshly with fear

Part of the horror was that the device the lieutenant was holding looked so domestic and ordinary, just a small, plain box with a single black plastic knob and a red button set into the top face. The thin wires hung down, curving from two little jack plugs in one side across to the clips on JuanitaТs nipples. A thicker, black cable curled away from the back to the transformer on the floor. The colonel heard MariaТs outburst, and the sudden panting breaths, and smiled to himself. These girls, they had no idea, no idea at all of what could, and would, be done to them here in the underground rooms of the Ministry, he thought. This was a world of carefully created pain and agony. His world, a world they would soon discover inch by screaming inch.

Preparations complete, the lieutenant yanked JuanitaТs head up by the hair, forcing her to look at the little box as she turned the knob on the front to a new setting. She waited for Juanita to react, watching eagerly as the girl began to gabble, crying out more loudly in obvious knowledge of what was about to happen to her. The lieutenant smiled, shook her head, and stepped back as her thumb pressed the red button.

Silence fell in the chamber, broken only by the soft humming of the transformer and, at first, it seemed as though nothing had happened at all. A low buzzing came from the clips. Then, Juanita seemed to arch backwards, the tendons of her neck and arms standing out like cords as her mouth opened in a grimace of agony. Suddenly, she screamed! A wild tormented wail that went on and on. Heedless of the torturing dildo within her, she began to buck up and down on the leather pad as the current blazed agony through her nipples. Maria Jimenez could see drops of sweat flicking off her friendТs dangling breasts as they flailed and bounced madly as Juanita shuddered and shook in pain.

The lieutenantТs thumb lifted, the buzzing ceased and Juanita collapsed like a rag doll, as far as her bonds would allow. СAnything to tell me yet, or shall we try again?

СArrrggghhh! I d-d-d-donТt know what you w-w-w-ant. P-p-p-leas-s-s-e stop. Oh God, I donТt knowЕТ

СNo no, you must try a little harder.Т The thumb pressed down again and Juanita was jerked into another screaming frenzy as the current surged through her tits.

In the darkness, Maria Jimenez watched in horror, as well as a sort of guilty excitement, as the sadistic lieutenant took her friend into a world of screaming agony. For ten long minutes she kept her young victim writhing and yelling before allowing Juanita to sag forwards against her bonds.

After watching the limp figure for a few moments, Anna Perez brought her round by simply tearing the clips free of her nipples. Juanita jolted upright, pop-eyed and open-mouthed as the little steel teeth ripped across the delicate tissues. СTime to talkЕ or would you like to try something else? Simple questionЕwhere is MariaТs cousin hiding now?Т

СNaaaargh…ha-aaah…haaah…naaaah! Oh God! I donТt, know. Told you, p-p-please, donТt. Oh God my breasts, what have you done to me?Т Juanita wailed. She sagged forwards again trying to ease the pressure on her arms and thighs, crying out as the deeply buried dildo raked and flayed her vagina right up to her cervix.

Lieutenant Perez put the controller down and lifted the moaning studentТs chin, looking into the pain-wracked eyes. СTalk you cow, or shall we start with something elseЕ?Т Her finger and thumb reached up to grasp one of JuanitaТs bloodied teats. СTalkЕnow!Т Anna Perez suddenly clenched her hand, twisting and pressing to make her nails claw into the swollen stub.

СAAAAAAHH! Oh God, I DONТT KNOW! P-p-p-please…Т

Without warning, Juanita fainted again.

The lieutenant flicked the tortured nipple contemptuously and walked to the colonelТs side. СSir, I suggest we switchЕ This one can wait. In a couple of hours the swelling in her tits will double the effect of the electricity and sheТll talk soon enough. In that time we can hear what Maria here might want to tell us?Т The colonel nodded, signalling to the guards.

Maria watched in dread as the two guards freed the ropes and leg straps before pulling Juanita off the saddle. Her friend managed to scream just once more, a long wail of agony as they wrenched her free of the impaling rod. Then, her arms still bound behind her, they dragged her out.

СNow, my dear,Т the colonel said gently, his hand just caressing MariaТs left buttock. СHow is your memory for namesЕ?Т

Colonel Marcos and his trusted lieutenant, Anna Perez, watched as MariaТs friend, Juanita, was dragged from the torture chamber. The air in the underground room was thick with the smell of sweat and agony, hot with the blaze of the spot lamps shining on the saddle in centre of the chamber. It was the same diabolical saddle that Juanita had been strapped astride for the past hour whilst Anna Perez had so expertly tortured her nipples with repeated electric shocks.

Nineteen-year-old Maria Jimenez tried vainly to ease the aching cramp in her arms but the rope holding them above her head was too tight, and with only the tips of her toes on the rough concrete floor she couldnТt lift her body to bring any relief. Maria was trembling with terror. So far they hadnТt touched her at all but she knew that she had been forced to watch JuanitaТs interrogation to increase her own fears of what was to come. She heard the chamber door thud closed and knew that the two guards had returned from taking Juanita to the cells. She kept her eyes on the floor, aware that the four of them were now looking at her with hot, cruel eyes.

The colonel ran his hand down the length of her body, smiling as she jerked uncontrollably at the touch of his fingers against the soft curve of her left breast. СSo, my dear,Т he said in his quiet, calm voice, Сnow you see how we play with dirty little students who have subversive friends. He turned to where the guards stood. СAlright, Sergeant, you can let her down!Т The rope came loose without warning and Maria collapsed onto the ground, groaning as her tortured muscles cramped and burned.

СNo, no, my dearЕ up, get up, at once, get up.Т Without warning, the colonelТs leather stick slashed across the top of MariaТs thigh, forcing her to scramble to her feet with an outraged cry.

The colonel looked at the dishevelled, dark haired young student in front of him. Very like her friend in appearance, he thought happily. Her tearstained face and sweat soaked clothes did little to disguise Maria JimenezТs beauty and the full curves of her figure. СNow you know what awaits you. So, is there anything you have to tell meЕ your cousinТs address perhaps? Or should I ask the Lieutenant here to take over?Т

Maria hissed at him in anger. СYou have no right to keep me here. IТve done nothing and you know it. IТve got nothing to say because I donТt know what youТre talking about. Juanita didnТt know anything eitherЕТ

The colonelТs voice hardened. СFinished? If thatТs all, itТs definitely the lieutenantТs turn.Т He paused, watching her lips tightening into a thin determined line, then nodded at her stubborn silence. СVery wellЕ so now, Miss Jimenez, you must prepare yourself for your first visit to hell. But, before I ask the lieutenant to begin, I want you to take all your clothes offЕТ He paused, watching the horrified expression on the young studentТs face. СYou see clothes get in the way of all the delightful things we want to do to you so, weТd like you to be completely naked for the next bitЕ just like Juanita was.Т

He watched the dawning realisation in her eyes. The bluster had failed and nowЕ now she was remembering exactly what they had done to her friend only minutes before. He smiled as her saw her eyes flicker sideways to the little clips, the electrical controller and the ominous saddle, still wet with JuanitaТs moisture and smears of blood. His voice lashed her like a steel whip. СYour choice my dear, take them off, or my men will do it for you!Т The colonel went on quietly, СI assure you, they are not nice at all, especially to beautiful young ladies who are disobedient.Т

Maria looked round the ring of sweating faces, cruel, expectant faces. Each one hot with lust, all without a flicker of pity or mercy she could see. Very slowly, she unbuttoned her silk blouse and let it fall. Then, the jeans followed, fashionably tight, she had a struggle to get them down over her hips before finally kicking them free into the darkness. The tiny red panties and matching bra did little to conceal the sweet curves of her body. Her breasts were not as full as JuanitaТs but the plump curve of her mound and the bulge of her sex against the thin silk panties were much more prominent. She stopped, head down, crouching forwards with her hands trying to shield her body from the hot gaze of the colonel and the guards. Despite her shielding hands, they had all seen the dark patch of wetness staining the front of the tiny red panties.

СEverything, I said MariaЕ or do I let the guards have their turn?Т the colonel insisted with quiet cruelty. Maria Jimenez slowly reached behind her back and flicked the clasp of her bra open, letting the lacy cups fall down her arms on their straps so that everyone could see the wide, dark aureole and the thick stubby nipple crowning each firm breast. Now there was no retreat.

The bra fell to the floor and her trembling fingers fumbled at her waist. The colonelТs cane tapped impatiently against his leg СTake them down, we can all see how excited youТve becomeЕТ Maria reluctantly hooked her fingers under the thin cord round her hips. She had scarcely managed to ease the damp triangle of red silk to mid thigh before the two guards grabbed her arms, twisting them viciously behind her back…

As they held her immobile, Anna Perez stepped forward on the colonelТs signal. She smiled into MariaТs eyes and then, very slowly, her short fingers reached in to cup and stroke the girlТs sex, squeezing the bulging lips together in a gently milking action for a few moments before peeling MariaТs panties off completely, letting them all see her smoothly shaven mound and the full plump lips of her cunt. СOh God, please not the saddle, no please not that no, no, please, PLEASEЕ!Т Maria squealed, looking aghast at the saddle and its cruel spike, as the guards started to force her forward into the pool of light.

СA moment,Т the lieutenantТs voice stopped the guards, Сlet me find out a little more about her first.Т She reached out to stroke one of the girlТs dark brown nipples.

СYou see,Т she went on talking softly to the trembling girl before her, Сevery woman the Colonel asks me to play with is different. Your friend, Juanita has very sensitive breasts, so I made sure that they received my particular attention. СNow you on the other handЕ.Т She paused and continued to run her fingers over MariaТs nipples. СSensitive obviously, but not in the same way as your friend I think.Т

Maria twisted in the guardТs hands as the soft voice and searching fingers continued to caress her body. СHere perhaps?Т Maria lunged forward as a finger slipped deep between her buttocks to press up into the dark rosette of her anus. СNo, I donТt think soЕ on this occasion.Т The probing finger was withdrawn and the lieutenant bent down to look directly at MariaТs smooth thrusting mound and the deep cleft of her sex.

She smiled even more broadly, sharing some secret knowledge with the colonel. Maria knew with a sick certainty that she was looking at the prominent stub of her clitoris peeping between the folded lips of her sex. СWell, well, despite what you might protest, our little show did excite you after all.Т The woman lifted one long finger and slid it slowly into MariaТs cunt. Using a feather touch on the very tip of the little nub, she watched in amusement as MariaТs stomach muscles tightened, her body turning and twisting in response to that single tormenting caress.

Maria prayed she would move on to examine somewhere else on her body but, like JuanitaТs nipples earlier in that long night, she couldnТt stop her body giving its unwelcome signals to the lieutenant before her. СSo now we know, little one, donТt we?Т

СPlease no, not there. Aaaaah, IТll do anything. Just let us go, please…Т MariaТs anguished cries continued unanswered as the woman stood up and gently stroked her damp hair and tear-stained cheeks.

СNow where would be the fun in that? Unless of course you would like to tell the colonel where your cousin is at presentЕ?

СI donТt know! I donТt know IТve told you that, now all of you can go to hellЕТ

СNo, no darling, itТs you who are going to hell,Т Lieutenant Perez said calmly. СIТve decided it will be a slightly different kind of hell to the one that I chose for your friend, but…Т She turned to the guards. СSergeant, get rid of the saddle. Then, bring me the copper cup, the one with the straps.Т Maria slumped with relief as the sergeant pulled the dreadful torture saddle from the floor socket and carried it into the shadows. The lieutenant laughed cruelly as she saw MariaТs reaction. СDonТt worry my little friend; there are worse things that a tingle in the tits and a rubber prick. YouТll seeЕТ

She looked at the guards as the sergeant returned, handing the lieutenant a small bundle before resuming his grip on MariaТs other arm. СWell you two , youТve seen this before and you know the position we need,Т she ordered briskly. СGet her stretched out ready for me, hands together, legs as far apart as you can.Т

The guards went to work immediately. A thick nylon band was pulled tight on the young studentТs wrists, making the flesh bulge out on either side. The ceiling rope theyТd used on Juanita was clipped to it. Maria cried in pain and shock as her arms were once more wrenched above her head. Then, before she could kick or resist, each of the guards had grabbed a leg, tying a leather cord securely round the ankle. The colonel watched interestedly as his men, with the speed of long practice, ran the cords through floor rings at opposite edges of the lighted circle and began pulling.

He waited until the weeping studentТs legs were dragged apart, the tendons of her long elegant thighs trembling as she made a futile attempt to resist the pull of the cords, before her spoke to her again. СHow silly you are Maria! Such a pity to spoil such beauty, but still nothing to say?Т He leaned closer, СIТm afraid that the lieutenant is going to be rather unkind to you nowЕ Oh, is that beginning to hurt?Т He signalled the guards, Сa little tighter yet I thinkЕТ

Finally, the young student was held immovably posed like an inverted СYТ, her muscles bar taut and only the very tips of her toes in contact with the rough concrete floor. Her breasts were pulled up and flattened by the tension in her body, but her cunt now bulged obscenely, labia slightly parted, between the aching spread of her thighs.

The colonel ran one finger between her sex lips, watching carefully as she desperately tried to avoid his intimate caress. СVery goodЕ now lieutenant, I think itТs your turn.Т

The lieutenant held up the bundle the sergeant had given her. Maria could make out an odd, hollow curving shape fitted with straps and fastenings. It was made of what looked to her like some kind of discoloured metal. СThis comes nextЕthe guards call it the Сhot boxТ, youТll see why in a little while. First, letТs get you all fitted upТ

As the lieutenant turned the hollow gourd shape in her hands, Maria could see that there was a central divider running down its length. She suddenly realised that she was looking at a hollow, metal cup designed to fit exactly over a womanТs sex. СAhhhh, no donТt put that on me, you canТt IТve told you I donТt know the things you want! No you canТt, please, Oh God, pleaseЕТ Ignoring the wild screaming protests from the young student, Lieutenant Perez lifted the copper cup, carefully positioning it and using her fingers to part the lips of the girlТs sex very gently so that MariaТs labia nestled on either side of the centre divide.

The colonel stepped forwards, helping to hold the cup pressed into MariaТs cunt as the lieutenant fastened the holding straps round her body. Satisfied with the tension, Lieutenant Perez gathered up the single strap dangling from the tapered end of the cup and pulled it up, tugging it hard into the cleft of the girlТs buttocks before clipping it tightly to the waist strap. Nodding to the colonel in thanks, Anna Perez checked that the cupТs edges were well into the creases at the top of her victimТs legs and the bulge of the copper shield covered the full area of MariaТs cunt, before stepping away and looking at the sweating girl, still babbling her useless protests.

СI see youТre beginning to understand what this particular toy might be for. Well, what happens next is up to you. That elegant little cover that we have attached so intimately to your body is made of copper, a metal that conducts heat very well. Very soon, I will apply heat to it. Then, the rest is up to youЕ talk, or burnЕТ She turned to the sergeant. СJose, IТll need the adjustable table and a candle, a small one, please.Т

Maria squealed frantically as she watched the lieutenant positioning the table between her widespread thighs. СBy the way,Т the lieutenant held up a little nightlight, СdonТt think IТm being soft on you. This is as effective as anything largerЕ it just takes a little longer once you start riding the flame. Gives you more time to wish youТd told me everything hours ago.Т

The lieutenant spent long moments positioning the nightlight in its holder so it was about six inches below the widest bulge of the copper cup. Maria screamed into the darkness of the torture chamber. СYou canТt, itТs inhuman, you wouldnТt. Oh God, Colonel. Tell her to stop. I donТt know what you want to know, please tell her to stop, pleaseЕТ

The colonel chuckled. СYouТve had your chance IТm afraid. Besides, the lieutenant hasnТt had an opportunity to use this little device recently and I rather want to watch it at work again for myself… Please go on lieutenantЕТ The lieutenant nodded, holding up the nightlight so Maria could see her lighting it before replacing it carefully in the stand. In the thick, still air of the chamber the tiny flame burned steadily, its reflection dimming slightly as soot darkened the copper cup. Everyone eyeТs focused on the little spear of flame. Even Maria was straining to see what was happening on the table between her thighs. Suddenly, they all heard the racing and hysterical breathing as the terrified girl felt the first tendrils of heat seeping through the metal.

Seconds later she was grunting madly, breath hissing in her throat as she fought to move even fractions of an inch as the heat built up. СYouТll feel it across the surface first,Т the lieutenant said in a quiet, conversational tone. СOnce it gets going IТm afraid that youТll find that central blade will take the heat right up into your slit. ItТs really going to get most unpleasant very quickly indeed from now on. Ah, are you beginning to feel it a little now?Т

СAaah, Nooooooo! Oh God, Arrrrgh, No, No AAAAAAAAHHHH!Т

The screamed words dissolved into a mindless wail as Maria vibrated like a mad thing, riding the blazing hell now burning into her cunt. Her labia were being roasted unbearably whilst the devilish central blade, just as the lieutenant had told her, was scorching her most delicate tissues, transferring the burning agony deep into her vagina.

The lieutenant watched for nearly two minutes more before moving the nightlight away from the copper cup. СNow, my dear, about that address? She waited, and then smiled in satisfaction at the frantically shaking head. СOh well, your choiceЕТ She moved the little candle back beneath the tortured girlТs cunt.

This time, the screams were immediate and even more demented as the heat bit into skin already tender from the first application. The colonel watched blood appearing at both wrists and ankles as the girl fought madly to release herself from the agony tearing at her groin. Once more, the lieutenant moved the candle away and waited for the immediate blazing pain to subside.

Four more times the lieutenant took the girl to the brink of passing out, each time the agony was more immediate, more intense as she worked on flesh already flayed and scorched by the kiss of the hot metal. On the last occasion she kept the candle in position for five dreadful minutes until MariaТs high pitched screams of agony suddenly ceased as she collapsed in a dead faint.

The lieutenant lifted one eyelid before turning back to the colonel. СSheТll tell us nowЕ whatever she knows.Т She held a little bottle under MariaТs nose. The girl snorted and gasped as the ammonia smell jerked her back to consciousness. СMaria, can you feel the pain in your cunt. ItТs soooo tender isnТt itЕ? Do you want me to relight the candle and put it back under that little copper cup youТre wearing, let it roast your clit a little more perhaps?Т She listened to the wild, demented pleading from the pinioned girl. СNo! No, I thought not. All you have to do is tell the colonel what he wants to know, orЕТ She flicked her lighter, picking up the little nightlight once more.

СOh God, no, no no that, I canТt it hurts sooo much, please, IТll help, really I will. I donТt know the address.Т The lieutenant lit the nightlight and moved towards the table. СOh God no, no, please. StopЕ STOP! Yes, yes YES! All right, I know where Isabella isЕ but not the address. All I know is that Isabella told me she was moving to Cancun Avenue, those new apartments, top floor. B-b-by the new hotelЕ Aaaah! That all, all I know honestly.Т She collapsed crying, head hanging between her up stretched arms.

Well, thank you, my dear,Т the colonel said. СSergeant! You heard, get the squad together. Brief them on the location and be ready to move in half an hour.С The two guards clattered out of the torture chamber leaving the young student alone with the colonel and the lieutenant. The colonel looked at the shaking; sweat covered body tied so immovably in the hot glare of the lamps. СLieutenant, that was an excellent job.Т He paused, Сperhaps we should take a little time to see if thereТs anything else she knowsЕ?Т.

The lieutenant smiled at the colonel as she also gazed into the girlТs pain-glazed eyes. She slipped the nightlight back into its holder. СExactly colonel, first though, just let me check those details once moreЕТ This time, the screaming began even before the candle had really started to heat the metal properly.

When Maria fainted once more, the lieutenant carefully unfastened the straps of the copper cup, avoiding the hot edges as she did so. Maria screamed softly once again as the cup was pulled free and the air swirled and teased the scorched skin beneath. The colonel noticed how the whole area was bright red with a glaze of fluid weeping from the skin across both lips. The swollen tip of the young studentТs clitoris showed between her parted labia.

The lieutenant shivered, rubbing her thighs together in excitement, as she saw that MariaТs clit was also red and puffy from the burning copper cup that had been strapped against it. СAs you see colonel, using the cup causes intense pain and surface scorching but nothing deep. It also leaves her cunt extra sensitive for any other treatment,Т the lieutenant said softly. СIf I were to leave her for an hour or so, then tell her IТm going to strap the cup on againЕ sheТd do anything, anything at all to stop it happeningЕТ

The colonel looked at the stretched, panting figure. СLieutenant, you said the other day that there was something else you wanted to try? Would this be a good opportunity?Т

СOh thank you, colonel, yes there is something from my visit to the Middle East last month. IТll show you if I may.Т

The agonising splay of her legs, still lashed to the floor bolts, ensured that her newly flayed cunt was wide open to the lieutenantТs cruel attentions. The position meant that Maria was forced to look down the length of her body, over the peaks of her breasts, down to where the reddened bulge of her sex still pouted obscenely СW-w-w-what are you doing, IТve told you what you wanted. Why havenТt you untied me again, Please, you said youТd stop when I told you, please, pleaseЕТ she gibbered, panicking at her continued confinement.

СOh dear, my pretty little friend, IТm afraid I lied. You see, weТd like you to tell us a lot more about your cousin and her rebel friends.Т The lieutenant waited for the frantic denials and the desperate repetition of the apartmentТs location to die down a little. СNo, no weТve heard all that. ItТs the other names I wantЕТ The lieutenantТs fingers traced across the hot, red flesh of MariaТs cunt; just a feathery touch but enough to bring another thrilling gasp of agony from the tortured girl. СSee, colonel, now it needs just the merest little touch and all those nerves tell her how much it hurts. And if I just stroke her clitЕТ

‘I DONТT KNOW ANYTHING! Arrrrgh! Oh NOOOOoooooooo! Ah, ah, ah, no, please, NO!Т

The scream and pleading words echoed round the chamber, Maria Jimenez arching against her bonds as the lieutenant rolled the little bundle of nerves between finger and thumb. After a few moments she stopped and walked to the side of the room, returning with a little bottle and a small container. СNow colonel, oh yes, you can listen too, Miss Jimenez, this is going to affect you quite intimately in a very few moments…Т

Anna Perez talked softly, the smile of some thrilling memory on her face as she spoke. СVery often, in the Middle East, it is the women who interrogate suspects or captivesЕ or apply punishments for crimes within the tribe. Usually, they have little sophisticated equipmentЕ but the simplest things are just so effective. I was allowed to assist two Arab women questioning a man and a girl theyТd caught spying. All they used was a little oilЕТ She held up the bottle, Сand the warm sands of the desert.Т The lieutenantТs fingers let a trickle of fine yellow sand run back into the container. СThey took the girl firstЕ After an hour they began on the man’

Did they talk colonel? Oh yes, the girl within five minutes of them starting and the man only lasted a few minutes longerЕ but, unfortunately for both of them, my hosts wanted to show me how far it was possible to go and still keep someone conscious.Т

The lieutenant placed the things on the little table with the nightlight and leaned over her victim, stroking the matted hair gently away from MariaТs face СNow, Maria, to help your memory you going to find out what I learnedЕ lets see if you hold out for longer than that Arab girl did…Т

As the young student began screaming desperately, the lieutenant licked her lips. She had noticed the prominent bulge in the colonelТs trousers and could feel the growing wetness between her own thighs.

Anna PerezТs fingers skimmed the tortured labia once more. СOh, thatТs soooo sore, isnТt it? LetТs start by soothing it for youЕТ The lieutenant picked up the bottle, dripping a thin trickle of oil onto the red weeping skin of the tortured studentТs sex mound before starting to rub it into the puffy tissues of her labia. The colonel listened and watched eagerly as the outraged squeals of agony gradually changed and the frantic twitching spasms were replaced by more familiar kinds of sounds and movement. He could see the lieutenantТs fingers sliding deeper and deeper, wriggling and probing up into the girlТs vagina. From his position, the colonel watched the lieutenant cleverly masturbating Maria, using a slow expert technique that the young student was unable to resist or avoid.

СNow then, before I hurt you again, youТre going to come for me, arenТt you, darling? No, donТt pretend, I can feel youТre nearly there already. Now if I can just tease that special little place up in hereЕТ Her left hand moved deeper and faster, two fingers curling inside the young BrazilianТs vagina until she was rewarded by a frantic mewling noise and a muscle wrenching tattoo as her clever fondling forced the quivering student over the edge into a strong, hard climax. As Maria bucked and gabbled in her release, the lieutenantТs fingers kept moving inside the parted lips of the young studentТs cunt. She looked at the colonel across the young BrazilianТs wriggling body. СWhen I watched the Arab women, they took the girl to her peak three or four times before they used the sand but, after the copper cup, IТm sure this oneТs ready now. Watch carefully, colonel, the effect is quite dramaticЕТ

With her free hand the lieutenant tipped the small container until a thin trickle of sand fell onto the open petals of MariaТs sex and her own fingers.

‘Aaah! Christ no, please, keep your hand outЕ your hand, no donТt touch me, p-p-p-p-please, Aaaah, Arrrrggggh!Т

The girlТs cries and pleas redoubled in volume as the lieutenant remorselessly worked the abrasive mixture against the tender inner flesh of MariaТs body. She continued the torture for a few minutes, drinking in the continual, high-pitched squeals as the skin was stripped away by the oily sand. Then, she stopped, smiled at the writhing girl, and deliberately dipped one wet, glistening finger into the container of sand.

СItТs just too much, isnТt it my darlingЕ whispered the lieutenant. СBut thereТs more to comeЕready?Т She placed her sand-covered finger gently at the entrance to MariaТs vagina and pushed slowly. There was a wild demented scream and MariaТs muscles locked into a spasm of agony as the lieutenantТs finger slid up into her body. Pausing now and then to enjoy the sustained wails of agony, the cruel lieutenant began to twist and turn her hand, rubbing and fretting the sand against nerves already ultra sensitive from the earlier treatment.


Maria Jimenez threshed against her bonds as the lieutenant continued to abrade the soft membranes of her labia and vagina with the mixture of oil and fine sand. The colonel eased his throbbing erection. He was now rock hard with the sexual excitement of watching the girl being tortured before him. He smiled as he saw the lieutenantТs other hand had slipping between the buttons of her white coat so she could finger her own wetness in time with her cruel fondling of Maria.

The lieutenant had noticed the colonelТs arousal. СColonel,Т she gasped in her own excitement, Сif you want to take her in the arse, I have not used the sand there yet.Т The colonel grinned and moved quickly behind the helplessly wriggling figure, stripping off his olive drab shirt and letting his uniform trousers fall. He slipped off his expensive calfskin shoes before kicking his trousers free. Maria screamed more loudly still when she felt the hard bulge of the colonelТs manhood, still confined by thin cotton briefs, nuzzling into the cleft of her behind.

He gasped aloud as he felt the lieutenantТs fingers freeing the hot, thick rod of flesh from its confinement. СLet me help, sirЕТ Anna PerezТs voice was thick with arousal as she let a trickle of oil fall onto the smooth crest of his glans. His cock jerked and stiffened even more as he felt her hands sliding up and down the length of his shaft, spreading the warm oil and teasing him towards the brink. After a few minutes, the stroking hands urged him forwards, one hand cupping the weight of his balls as the lieutenantТs fingers guided the oiled head of his shaft against the dark rosette of MariaТs anus.

The young student writhed helplessly against the colonelТs penis as the lieutenant resumed her torturing caresses of her cunt. In a few moments Anna Perez saw the colonelТs buttocks clench as he began to thrust into the screaming girl. Just as he did so the lieutenant pinched MariaТs clit hard, forcing the demented student to jerk backwards to impale herself fully on the colonelТs cock. СNow, Maria, give the colonel what he wants and IТll bring you off againЕ No more sand for a bit, just my fingers and the oil to make you all nice and slippery, Yes?Т The lieutenantТs expert fingers curved up into the rawness of her young victimТs vagina bringing her a torrent of conflicting signals as the pain in her cunt was overlaid by pleasure as she was forced towards another climax.

What was worse was that every movement dragged from her by Lieutenant Perez also jerked and twisted her on the thick shaft that was stretching her anus to its limit, filling the other entrance to her body with more pain, as well as increasingly delicious new sensations of lust as she rode the colonelТs penis.

СOh my, oh God, no, I canТt not again. You canТt make me c-c-c-come, I wonТt, I t-t-tell you IЕ Ah YES! Ah, Aaaaah! Yeeees! P-p-p-p-pleaseЕ.Т

MariaТs protests turned to frantic pleading as the lieutenant once more found the trigger spot deep inside her body. To make the girlТs climax unstoppable she now used her other hand to part the raw lips of her sex so that she could vibrate the little stub of her clitoris from side to side, forcing the girl into a mad bucking frenzy that milked and squeezed the colonelТs cock in a delicious embrace.

СOh yes, thatТs it my little rebel, go onЕ dance for me!Т The colonel jerked his hips violently, forcing the full length of his manhood in and out of the girlТs anus. СBring her off for me, make her come now, nowЕ NOWWWWW!Т Anna Perez masturbated the girl mercilessly as the colonel shouted out his release, jerking and thrusting wildly against the cruelly bound figure in the spotlights. Panting with the effort he finally pulled himself free of her body, the softening length of his penis glistening with the juices of MariaТs body.

For Maria Jimenez, the torment wasnТt over. She was alternately crying and gasping as Anna Perez brought her to a screaming pitch of orgasm again and again. The lieutenantТs devilish hands worked the sore red flesh of the girlТs cunt unbearably, wringing climax after climax from nerves already raw from the earlier torture sheТd been forced to endure. Each gasping, demented peak was followed by further frantic pleas for mercy, then a frantic babbling as Maria realised that she was going to be forced onwards to face the agony of her next arousal.

Anna Perez herself was on the brink of coming as she drank in sight of the sweat drenched figure and listened to the screams of agonised pleasure; pleasure that was rapidly turning into delirious pain as Maria reached the limits of her endurance. As the screams reached another desperate peak, Anna slipped one wet, slippery hand from the body of her victim and strummed her own clitoris, taking herself into a shuddering, bucking release just as Maria Jimenez collapsed against her bonds in a faint of complete exhaustion.

СAn excellent demonstration, Lieutenant, I congratulate you.Т Colonel Marcos, once more immaculately dressed and composed, emerged from the chamberТs shadows to look at his panting assistant and the gently swaying figure of the naked girl. СCall the guards and have her put in a cell. Later, we can begin again with both of themЕ maybe with her cousin as well with luck.Т He paused and turned towards the door before looking back. СIТm sure there so many things youТd like to tryЕТ

СOf course, colonel, IТll be ready whenever you wantЕТ

Jose and the other guard dragged Juanita back into the foul chamber. She was shivering violently and a sheen of sweat gleamed on her deep olive skin. Despite the vicious grip on her arms, she was still trying desperately, and futilely, to shield the full globes of her breasts from any more of their attentions. Colonel Marcos and Lieutenant Perez, watching as the guards forced her into the pool of light, saw that the eighteen year old girlТs long dark nipples were still painfully swollen and red from the bite of the little steel СcrabsТ and the electrical torture she endured only a few hours before.

СAh Juanita,Т the colonel purred. СAs you will have realisedЕitТs time for you to entertain us once more. No more of that unpleasant saddle you seeЕthis time you can use the chairЕ Do please sit down whilst Jose makes you comfortableЕТ Without time to react, Juanita was hustled across to where an ominous-looking, and heavily constructed, wooden chair stood in the lights opposite the torture saddle sheТd ridden in such agony a few hours ago.

СWell, go on, sit downТ the colonelТs soft voice insisted. Juanita started wildly as she looked down, seeing the ominous gaping space where the seat should have been, the short curved thigh supports at the front of each side rail and the network of thick straps bolted to the woodwork. Laughing at her realisation that this was just another torture device; the guards twisted her round, pushing her back until she could feel the low crossbar against her calves. Then, they released her arms. Jose, the sergeant, pinched one nipple between his nicotine-stained fingers and laughed at her obvious terror. СBetter sit now girlieЕ or you want us to do it for youЕ?Т Trying to keep clear of his brutal fingers she lowered herself into the chair frame, spreading her knees as she sat to get the minimal support of the two pads under her thighs.

Instinctively, she braced herself against the wooden backrest, hands clamped tightly on the polished arms, trying to hold position as she felt her unsupported bottom slipping further downwards. Jose and the other guard, still laughing at her plight, wasted no time as they strapped her at ankles, wrists and knees before moving on to fasten the wide thigh straps. Finally they took a particular pleasure in tightening the broad bellyband under her trembling breasts, each of them tweaking and tormenting her abused nipples as they cinched it tight, forcing he back against upright back so movement was almost impossible.

As they finished, Lieutenant Anna Perez walked across to the shivering, captive girl, a broomstick in her hands. She chuckled, watching JuanitaТs panic-stricken reaction. СOh dear, poor darling, did you think that this was to hit you with?Т She chuckled as she handed the broomstick to Jose. СDonТt worry, my pretty little thing, in a little while IТll have you praying for something as mild as a simple beating. All right, Jose, brace her up!Т

From behind the chair, the other guard grabbed JuanitaТs elbows, pulling them back violently until they stuck out behind the backrest. Jose jammed the broomstick between one elbow and the frame and then pushed it across and out through the crook of the other elbow. Immediately, Juanita was held immobile, arms strained backwards, wrists strapped tight to the chairТs arms. Locked in the embrace of the torture chair, Juanita could now do nothing to protect the heavy globes of her breasts and the soft, sensitive valley of her sex from the lieutenantТs cruel and expert attentions.

The colonel studied the sudden play of light across her sweat-beaded skin as Juanita wriggled and flexed her muscles, desperate to find some movement, some way of shielding her body from the agony she knew must come. He smiled to himself as he noticed that, just as she always did, Anna Perez was stroking the soft curves of the girlТs out-thrust breasts very softly as she whispered. СNow, little Juanita, how are those tits of yours after the little crabs have been at them? Just let me feel if youТre ready for me this timeЕТ

The lieutenant grinned at the squeals of agony as she rolled the swollen teats in her hands, enjoying the sensation as she felt them thickening and hardening between her clever, twisting fingers. СOh darling, what a noise, but theyТre so sore, arenТt they. Shhh, no more of the little crabs for now, IТve got something else for you this timeЕТ She stopped as she heard Colonel Marcos cough gently behind her…

СListen to meЕТ the colonel spoke almost gently, his tone quiet and reasonable. СJuanita, itТs all your own faultЕ since you still refuse to tell me anything we must try other ways of loosening that stubborn tongue of yours. Let me tell you what comes nextЕТ He paused, listening to the panting terror of the girl in the chair, Сas we both enjoy the effect they have, Lieutenant Perez is going to use some delightfully long needles on your most sensitive places.Т

JuanitaТs mouth opened in soundless protest as she saw the slim, glinting instruments in Anna PerezТs hands for the first time. Each needle was four inches long; shining steel and mounted in a wooden handle. СYou understand, my dear? Just imagine how it will feel as Lieutenant Perez slowly pushes one of those little toys into the very centre of a nippleЕ or slowly up into your body through your cunt, perhaps? NoЕ? Well, IТm rather afraid, Juanita, you will have a chance to show both exactly how it fells in a very few momentsЕТ

Anna Perez placed the bundle of torture needles on a little glass-topped table by JuanitaТs side, making sure that they were positioned so that she could continue to stare at them СYou fucking animal, you, youЕ IТve told you we DONТT KNOW what you want. Stop all this; please stop youТll kill us if you go on. Please have mercy, please, please! NOOoooooo!Т Juanita fought wildly against the ropes and straps, the leather cuffs creaking as she strained and tugged uselessly in her bonds.

СNow, now Juanita, donТt exhaust yourself too soon. Look, you can just relax for a momentЕ Lieutenant Perez has only just picked up one of the needles and youТll need all your energy in a moment I assure youЕ Unless you have something to say to meЕ before your start screaming?Т

Anna Perez grinned at her bossТs remarks as she sat down on a small, backless office stool and rolled it to the side of the torture chair. She paused as Jose put a blue plastic bucket under the chair before picking up the first of the long, shiny needles. Taking a firm grip on the wooden handle, she ran the tip down the upper curve of JuanitaТs left breast very gently.

СOh my darling, I love this part of my work,Т she breathed as she watched JuanitaТs frozen expression. СSee thisЕ this is going all the way into your breast. Oh, it will hurt sooo much youТll probably lose control and pee into that bucket Jose has just put under you.Т The needleТs tip circled the wide brown aureole, scratching a thin red line and making Juanita gasp with the sudden stinging pain. СDo you want to guess where IТm going to start pushing it in? NoЕ well you probably know the answer anywayЕТ

Seeing the colonel nod his permission to begin, Anna Perez cupped her other hand gently under the heavy globe, lifting it up so that the long, swollen nipple was pointing out towards the colonelТs interested gaze. СReady darling?Т She curved her finger and thumb round, holding the nipple firmly between them, then pressed the needle against the very tip. Holding her breath with excitement, she watched the point dent the peak of the tender stub and then, oh so slowly, begin to slide into the nerve-rich flesh.


An inhuman scream ripped through the thick air of the chamber. Juanita went rigid with agony, tendons standing out like steel wires and every muscle locked solid as the needle slowly travelled down the length of her nipple. The lieutenant waited for the first wave of pain to subside then jogged it up and down, only a fraction, but enough to wring a second anguished scream from the tethered girl.


The eighteen-year-old girlТs demented screaming continued as the needle was slowly twisted and pushed down into the meat of her breast. Finally, the lieutenant let the soft weight fall back onto the JuanitaТs chest, sitting back with a sated expression on her face, leaving the little wooden handle jutting obscenely from the centre of the skewered nipple.

СNo names yet? So, my darling, shall we try the right one now?Т Anna Perez whispered to the shivering girl, using one hand to stroke the sweat-soaked black hair away from JuanitaТs pain-wracked face. СShhh, whatТs thatЕ stopЕ? Darling, weТve only just started, of course I wonТt stop. Oh yes it hurts so much I knowЕ But itТs meant to, my darling, thatТs the idea. No, no swearing pleaseЕ all I want are the namesЕ Perhaps, if you tell me what I wantЕ then IТll stop using the needles. Perhaps, if youТre very good, IТll let you watch me using the little crabs on MariaТs clit insteadЕТ

Whilst she was tormenting and teasing the girl, the lieutenant moved her stool round to the other side of the chair. She picked up the second needle, lifting the soft weight of the young studentТs right breast in her other hand as she did so. Juanita jerked as she felt the lieutenantТs hand cupping her other breast, saw the needle, and began to pant and gasp frantically. The eighteen year old stared into the calm, black eyes of her torturer, seeing the hot, cruel anticipation in their depths as the lieutenant waited for her to realise the agony that was about to begin all over againЕ

The pleas were even more frantic this time. СP-p-p-please, n-n-n-no, not there, no, you canТt, Oh donТt, oh God donТtЕ.Т She looked down, watching the fingers tightening, holding the swollen stub of her flesh out and ready forЕ.


This time the scream was higher and louder as the needle began its slow remorseless journey into her body. In one of the short silences between the screams, a silence broken only by JuanitaТs ragged, racing breathing, everyone was suddenly aware of the sound of running water. Just as the lieutenant had predicted, Juanita had given way and was now peeing uncontrollably as the agony of the needles took her to the limits of endurance.

The lieutenant let the tortured globe dangle beside the other one, the two wooden handles sticking down like obscene teats, moving slightly as tremors wracked JuanitaТs sweetly curved figure. Intent on building on the agony, Anna Perez slid her fingers between the widely parted thighs, sliding them in the wetness of the young studentТs cunt as she fondled the naked lips with slow, intimate movements.

СAaah, nooo, no donТt make me m-m-m-moveЕТ The cry was whispered in a broken, hoarse voice as Juanita tried to ignore the wicked masturbation, anything to prevent the embedded needles moving within the flesh of her breasts.

СOh darling, you didnТt think I was only going to use two of my little needlesЕ not when thereТs all these places down in here that you will feel so much more. Perhaps that naughty pee-hole in a moment but firstЕТ One finger tip diddled against the opening of JuanitaТs urethra bringing another desperate surge against the straps. The lieutenantТs fingers moved again feeling for that special spotЕТOh, there it is! WhatТs hiding under this little hood here? Is that nice, Juanita, no, no I understand that wriggling hurts so much, but if I just stroke this little button hereЕ.Т

СOh God, ah, ah no, not there, p-please. Aaaaah!Т

Juanita writhed in pain and pleasure as Anna Perez expertly stroked her clitoris into full erection. Then, the girl began shaking madly as the lieutenant picked up the third needleЕ.

Using one hand to part the lips of the JuanitaТs cunt, Anna touched the point against the small stub she had been fondling only moments before. СOh darling, get readyЕthis one will send you wild, I promise.Т


The scream was scarcely human in its pitch and volume as the needle slid delicately into the girlТs clitoris and on, up into her body. She tore at the leather straps so that the whole chair creaked and flexed with the demented struggles. Suddenly, the overload was too much and JuanitaТs head flopped forward and she slumped forward to loll unconscious in her bonds.

Looking across to where the colonel sat, the lieutenant shrugged and carefully withdrew the needle from the girlТs cunt. She tugged the other two out as well before getting up from the stool and stretching to ease the cramp in her back muscles. Efficiently, she checked the racing pulse in the girlТs neck and said. СOnly another fainting spell, sheТll come round in a few moments, sir. No marks so far, IТve removed the needles so that she can have the delight of watching me put them back in again later if necessary. Should we go back to Maria?Т

СNo, wake this one up and weТll try the needles again, up the urethra perhaps, or right up inside but I donТt think sheТs got anything to tell us. If thereТs nothing weТll call it a day and see if the patrols can pick up MariaТs cousin tonight. This one can go back in the cells for a few hoursЕТ He chuckled. СShe can help Maria to keep Jose and the rest of the squad happy anyway.Т

СOf course, sir.Т The Lieutenant swung a series of sharp slaps against JuanitaТs cheeks. СCome on, darling, no sleeping. You still havenТt answered the colonelТs questions. Picking up a little glass phial she broke it under the studentТs nose. Juanita jerked and bucked back to full consciousness as she breathed in the powerful stimulant.

She stared down at her breasts and then at the little table where the six needles glinted in the spotlights. СNoooooo, no, no more, please I donТt know anything, no I donТt p-p-p-please, please stop, stop! PLEEEEEASE!Т

СOh IТm so sorry JuanitaЕ no names means another needle.Т The lieutenant picked up one of the evil looking objects. The point caressed each nipple in turn bringing fresh pleas and screams from the writhing girl СNow, weТve tried those and you know what itТs like going through your clit butЕ Lets see if that naughty little pee-hole of yours can help you remember some moreЕТ

Uh, uh, n-n-n-not there, no, no you wonТt no please. P-p-p-pЕ.Т

The pleas died away as Juanita bent her head to watch the lieutenant kneeling between her knees. Once more, the gentle, knowing fingers parted her labia and began to stroke the soft, wet inner membranes of her cunt. Despite the lingering pain in her clitoris Juanita could feel the tingle of sexual arousal as Anna Perez fondled her most secret flesh. One finger, then two probed up into the moist, wet opening of her vagina, bringing gasps of pleasure from the pinioned girl as she responded to the slow finger fucking from the woman kneeling before her.

The pleasure vanished as Juanita saw the lieutenant holding the needle in her right hand as her left continued sliding sensuously in and out of her body. Juanita screamed once, briefly, as the lieutenant probed for the sensitive little opening she sought. Then she jolted, just as though sheТd received another electric shock, as the point found the tiny opening.

СOh Juanita darling, thatТs it isnТt it, Now, are you ready to scream a little more nowЕ?Т Without wanting, or waiting for an answer, the Lieutenant slowly twisted the wooden handle, working the needle up the wildly sensitive channel of JuanitaТs urethra. This time the screams rang through the chamber for a full five minutes as she carefully wormed the needle deeper and deeper. Every so often she stopped, withdrew it slightly and then pressed it in once more, bring fresh agony to the pain blazing though her victimТs cunt.

JuanitaТs voice was cracked and hoarse with screaming as the needle reached full depth. СNames, Juanita, give us the namesЕТ the colonel demanded. Lieutenant Perez took a fresh grip on the wooden handle and slowly began to twist it round in a circle, working the tip against the delicate tissues deep inside JuanitaТs cunt. The extra lancing agony was the final straw and Juanita, despite the stimulants sheТd been given only quarter of an hour before, collapsed in another dead faint.

Lieutenant Perez tugged the needle free, dropping it with a clatter on the tabletop. СYou were right, sir. I donТt think this one has anything to tell us after all.Т She paused, watching as Jose and the guard unstrapped the unconscious girl from the torture chair. СBut we could try her with the electricity again tomorrowЕТ

The colonel was smiling as he strode into the interrogation room. For those in the cells along the corridor, Colonel MarcoТs good humour was something to be avoided at all costs, especially for any attractive young woman unfortunate enough to require his particular attentions. Maria Jimenez had already experienced one session in the chamber. The colonel had made sure that she had seen her friend, Juanita Gonzales, moaning and whimpering as she was carried back to a cell following her second session in the chamber. Now, the colonel, and his trusted lieutenant, Anna Perez, were ready to begin MariaТs interrogation once more.

As usual, most of the of the white tiled chamber was shrouded in darkness, a darkness made more intense by the glaring pool of light thrown on the middle of the rough concrete floor by the spotlights angled down from the arched ceiling. Just as he had ordered, the equipment was ready.

The torture saddle stood waiting under the hot lights. Mounted on a three-foot high chrome tube anchored into the floor, its front edge was cut away in a deep V. The leather was stained and marked, still damp from earlier use. At the point of the V a small fitting was let into the leather seat, a socket designed to hold a range of unpleasant devicesЕ it was emptyЕfor the moment.

Lieutenant Anna Perez, his slim and dark-haired lieutenant with a hint of cruelty in her fine cheekbones and black eyes, emerged from the darkness holding a slim cylinder in her hands. She looked across at the colonel, СReady, sir.Т

Colonel Marcos nodded and sat down at a table placed just in the shadows. He picked up the phone. СJose, weТre ready to begin. Bring Miss Jimenez in; weТll leave the other one until later on.Т The phone clicked back onto its rest. СWhat are you going to use on the saddle for our reluctant Maria, lieutenantЕ the same one as we tried on her little friend yesterday?Т

Lieutenant Perez held up the curved cylindrical shape she was holding. СI thought this would be better, colonel, especially if I use the crab on her later on.Т She handed the dildo to the colonel who examined it carefully. Only about eight inches long, it was thinner than many of the ones they normally used, but the curving shaft was covered with very fine, stiff bristles. Even the bulbous head was covered with the hair-like spines. The colonel circled his thumb and forefinger round the shaft then moved the dildo slowly up and down, watching the way the hairs bent, feeling each one teasing and tickling, as they passed through the circle of his fingers. He grinned in understanding when he felt the sudden sharp prickling as each hair dug into his skin every time the shaft changed direction.

СShe wonТt want to move and she wonТt be able to keep still eitherЕ After what you did to her insides with the oil and sand sheТll squeal like a pig. Very good, Lieutenant Perez, very goodЕТ He laughed as he handed back the cruel implement so Anna Perez could lock it into place, leaving it jutting up from the saddle in a parody of male erection.

She had just finished as Jose and another guard led Maria back into the torture chamber. Held by the arms and totally naked she stood shivering and trembling in the harsh glare, trying hard not to look at the saddle that she could see was waiting for her.

СSo Maria, as I promised itТs time for you to have another lesson with Lieutenant Perez here.Т The colonelТs voice was soft, drifting out of the darkness as he lounged back, studying the beautifully shaped body of the young student. She had obviously been allowed to clean herself up and it was only the swollen redness of her sex lips, and the raised welts ringing each wrist and ankle that hinted at the torture sheТd experienced just a few hours before. СYou know what I wantЕ the names of your cousinТs rebel friends.Т He paused, enjoying the moment. СOf course, I would normally ask her personallyЕ but it seems she is away at present. Such a pityЕ for you, I meanЕ so uncomfortable, unlessЕТ

СYou monster, I told you what I knew last time and you didnТt believe me. I tell youЕ I DONТT KNOW ANYTHING!Т

Maria screamed into the darkness. The colonel sat back, enjoying the sight of the naked nineteen year old threshing and raging in the grip of the guards for a few moments, and then he leaned forwards.

СOh dear, poor MariaЕwhat a shame for you that I just donТt believe you,Т his voice hardened. СWeТre wasting timeЕ Jose, please prepare Miss Jimenez for her riding lesson.Т The guards had been waiting eagerly for the command. MariaТs wrists were forced back and tied behind her, and then the sergeant took his time strapping her elbows together, tightening each buckle in turn to force her shoulders back so that her breasts jutted out and up as though she was somehow offering herself to her torturers.

Maria, struggling against the pain of the straps, screamed aloud as Anna Perez appeared in the light. Her head shook frantically in remembered agony as the lieutenant reached out to finger the young BrazilianТs helplessly outthrust nipples. As intended, the distraction allowed the two guards to finish buckling the ankle straps and attaching the two ropes that led away into the darkness.

СNow itТs your chance to try the ride we gave your friend Juanita yesterday. Remember, you were watchingЕ or perhaps you thought IТd forgotten my little saddle?Т whispered the lieutenant; her fingers still busy playing with MariaТs tits. СSince you wonТt help the colonelЕ IТm afraid I must jog your memoryЕ Come along now, round the back.Т Pulling her by her nipples, she manoeuvred the shivering girl until she was standing behind the saddle. СGo on, forward, legs apart, go on, go onЕ there thatТs better.Т

Maria was forced to shuffle forwards, reluctantly spreading her knees as she was positioned over the saddle. She shuddered uncontrollably as she felt the fine bristles on the dildoТs crest scraping and scratching against the scorched lips of her cunt and the tender inner skin of her thighs.

‘Oh God, no, I canТt, not, please donТt make me, pleaseЕ’

From his hidden vantage point, the colonel could see that the nineteen year old was actually standing on tiptoe to keep her genitals away from the devilish shaft scratching between her legs. He smiled, knowing that lieutenant Perez was keeping the girl poised deliberately, waiting for the telltale quivering in MariaТs calves to tell her that exhaustion and pain were really setting in. He settled back, enjoying the spectacle as the girl fought the inevitable fatigue that would soon force her down off her toesЕ lowering her body to begin the agony of riding the cruel, spiny dildo all by herself.

Anna Perez let go of MariaТs swollen teats and stroked her tear-stained cheek. СNow you have a choice to makeЕ will it be front or back? Oh donТt worryЕ that little brush you are avoiding so carefully is going all the way up inside you, whatever you doЕ but which way?Т She waited, enjoying the panic and despair as she forced the young student to choose where they would begin the torture. Of course they would eventually make her ride the dildo the other way as well, whatever she saidЕ but offering the choice provided such a delicious beginning to the session.

СI canТtЕ wonТtЕ Oh God no, you canТt make me sit on that, IТll scream. Please, IТve told you I donТt know anything. Please, pleeeease!Т

Maria Jimenez jerked and trembled as her leg muscles began to cramp, her heels dropping so she suddenly felt the dildoТs crest scratching inside her labia as the bulb parted the fleshy lips and nudged against the entrance of her body.

СOf course youТll scream, thatТs one of the things weТre here to make you doЕremember? So, no more fuss, I just want you to chooseЕ front or back for this little rod?Т The lieutenant reached down and wriggled the flexible shaft. It was only a gentle movement but Maria screamed once more as the fine hairs raked along her slit. СOh dear, still nothing but silly noisesЕ IТll choose for you then, shall I? I think weТll start here, at the front.Т

She paused, СSuch a pity for you that after yesterday youТre really going to feel thisЕ all the way up.Т She looked across to the sergeant. СAll right, gently nowЕТ In the darkness, Jose began pulling on the two ropes attached to MariaТs ankle cuffs. They had been led out through opposite ringbolts on the edge of the lighted area before being taken back to a fixing behind the saddle.

СAh, no, please, whatТs happening, no, no, pleaseЕТ Maria wailed in panic as she felt the first tug on her ankles. Instinctively she shuffled her feet, trying to keep up on tiptoe. Each time she lifted one foot, the remorseless pull of the rope pulled her stance wider and wider, forcing her body down onto the saddle and the waiting dildo.

The nineteen year old was gobbling and panting frantically as the slow impalement continued, small screams and gasps of pain accompanying each new movement down the shaft. Suddenly, she squealed wildly, every muscle tensed and her eyes stared up blindly into the blazing lights. Lieutenant Perez and the colonel smiled at each other; theyТd seen the sudden jolting spasm of the young studentТs body; both knew the shrill cry of agony signalled that the bulbous head of the dildo had suddenly popped through the ring of muscle at the entrance to their victimТs vagina and was now fully embedded in the tender inside flesh of her body.

СHold it there a moment, sergeant,Т the colonel called quietly. СLetТs deal with her armsЕ donТt want her falling over in the next bit.Т Maria screamed again as her bound arms were lifted up until the wrist tie could be slipped over the hook on the end of a ceiling rope. СThatТs fine, itТll be tight enough once we get her legs in position,Т the colonel ordered. The remorseless pull on her ankles was resumed and MariaТs legs were dragged steadily further and further apart.

Finally one long, loud wail of agony sliced through the hot, sticky air of the chamber. СNOOOOOOOOOO!Т Maria JimenezТs exhausted leg muscles gave way and she slipped down the last couple of inches, impaling herself fully on the devilish shaft. Just like her friend, Juanita, only hours before, Maria was now squatting on the wet, stained leather of the saddle. Her legs were straddled wide, each ankle lashed to a steel ringbolt with only her toes and the balls of her feet in contact with the rough concrete floor. Between MariaТs spread thighs, the plump, split purse of her sex thrust forwards, open and fully exposed by the cutaway front of the saddle.

The upper part of the young studentТs body was curved forwards, held there by the tension of the rope that lifted her bound arms up and away from her back. Thrust out obscenely by the bondage of her upper arms, Maria JimenezТs breasts hung free, swaying slightly as she twitched and writhed on the torturing shaft inside her.

СSo, now Maria, you are all ready for us once again. How do you find our little obedience saddle, a stimulating ride, yes?Т The colonelТs voice drifted out of the wall of darkness beyond the lights. Maria twitched in her bonds in a futile attempt to see beyond the glare. СNow for your lesson, something simple to start with, I thinkЕ Lieutenant, show Maria the rattan and tell her how you are going to apply it to her delightfully presented flesh. Unless that is, you have something you wish to tell me first, Miss Jimenez?Т

Anna Perez stopped the resulting torrent of frantic protests by placing her finger across MariaТs lips. СShhh, you know thatТs not what the colonel wanted. Names, Maria, the names of your cousinТs friends

ThatТs all.Т She smiled as she watched MariaТs mouth set in a stubborn line. СOh dear, bad choice IТm afraid. Now, the colonel has asked me to show you this.Т Anna watched the girlТs eyes widen in disbelief as she saw the sinister, yellow cane in the LieutenantТs hands. Maria gazed in horror at the prominent ridges ringing the shaft at intervals and the way it flexed and curved so easily.

СThis is my СpersuaderТ, Maria. It gives lessons to stubborn little girlsЕТ the lieutenant whispered, leaning close to MariaТs ear. СSometimes hereЕТ the cane caressed the taut curves of MariaТs buttocks where they bulged out over the tiny saddle. The cane moved again, Сand sometimes hereЕТ the yellow rod caressed the young studentТs dangling breasts. The Lieutenant brought a low, hopeless wail of anguish from Maria as she sawed the shaft slowly back and forwards, making the ridges bobble against the girlТs nipples so that she jerked and twisted in anticipation of the agony to come.

СJust to warm you up IТll start with this delightful bottom you are pushing out so invitingly.Т The Lieutenant took her position and swung the rattan in a flat, hissing arc.

The sharp, flat sound echoed in the chamber as the impact jolted Maria forwards. A single, white stripe appeared on the olive skin, a stripe that quickly deepened to a deep, red weal as Maria arched up in sheer agony.

СArrrrgh, ah, ah, ah, nooooooo, please no, no!Т

Too late, Maria Jimenez realised that the colonel and his lieutenant were real experts in self-inflicted agony. She was not stretched out quite to her limit because they had ensured that Jose had tied off the ankle ropes while her legs were still slightly bent so, with an enormous effort, Maria was still able to lift herself about four inches off the narrow saddle for a few moments until the strain became too much and she was forced to squat down once more. Diabolically, four inches was more than enough to ensure that the fine hairs on the buried dildo worked to their maximum, scouring and tickling the tissues of her cunt to build up a quite unbearable mixture of stimulation and pain inside her body.

Maria not only felt the agony of that blazing stroke of the rattan but also the dreadful internal scratching as it forced her up onto her toes. Then, as she slumped back down, the dildoТs torturing hairs suddenly changed direction, pricking and raking into the tender tissues and making the young Brazilian gasp and pant with pain. The Lieutenant, familiar with the dildoТs effects, waited until she was fully seated once more before sending the second stroke to blaze a fiery line parallel with the first.


Maria, unable to help herself, once more arched up onto her toes, head tilted back as she screamed her anguish to the ceiling. This time, another, shorter cry, overlaid by the ragged, gasping breathing, told the watchers that she had once more slid down on the diabolical shaft that impaled her.

СIТll tell you anything, anything at allЕТ Maria screamed out towards the colonel. СDonТt you understand I donТt know who they areЕ I DONТT KNOW! YouТve got to stop, please, that thing, I canТt bear it, IТll go m-m-m-mad, pleaseЕТ

СSuch a pityЕ All this and for nothing, but, now weТve got you in position we might as well go onЕ Lieutenant.Т For a moment, Maria didnТt understand what had been said. It was the slicing agony of the next stroke and her jerking ride up and down the flaying bristles that told her the worst. The colonel was intent on torturing her to the very limits of her body, regardless of what she might say.
СWhap! Whap! Whap! Whap!Т

The lieutenantТs arm swung with a cruel, regular rhythm, the cane biting viciously into the young studentТs naked buttocks with each stroke. The hot kiss of the rattan was agonising, each stroke bringing another gasp of pain and another burning red weal across the smooth copper cheeks that were forced out and parted so invitingly by the devilish design of the saddle.

Each stroke also forced Maria Jimenez to add to her own torture. Every arching convulsion lifted her up and down on the bristles of the dildo that impaled her. The double agony was quite deliberate. After many similar sessions, both Lieutenant Perez and the colonel knew that quite soon, Maria would force herself to a screaming pain-wracked orgasm as the vicious internal stimulation became too much to bear. Lieutenant Perez, sweating with the effort of wielding the whippy rattan, shivered in delicious excitement. Once that happened, she knew from experience that the girl could be made to ride the exquisite cycle of pain and pleasure repeatedly until she simply collapsed from exhaustion.

СOh Christ no more, for GodТs sake, please no more, n-n-n-oo m-m-m-more. Oh help me. PLEEEESE!Т Maria screamed as the first beads of blood flicked away from the criss-cross welts covering her bottom.

Then, slowly, the sounds changed.

СAh, no, oh no, no, I wonТt Aaaah, Ah yes, YES YESSS, Oh, oh, oh, M-more, y-yes, yes, YESЕ Aaaahhh!Т Lost in her world of pain and horror, Maria Jimenez couldnТt help, or control, the orgasm that now surged through her body. Jerking like a puppet on the sweat-soaked leather of the torture saddle, she was suddenly intent on forcing the flaying bristles deeper into her cunt, heedless of the pain to come.

Lieutenant Perez let the tip of the rattan rest on the floor as she watched the spasms wracking the pinioned girl. She waited until MariaТs head drooped and her body slumped against her bonds. There was a long pause. СDid you enjoy that Maria? Yes? Shall we start all over again?Т The rattan lifted until the yellow shaft was tapping the very tips of the girlТs dangling breasts. СTime to warm these up a little, donТt you think?

СOh no, no NOЕ you canТt, youТre a woman too, you wouldnТt dare, you wouldnТt, please no, noЕТ

СOh Maria, donТt be silly, of course I canЕ besides, being a woman I know exactly which bits to tickle hardestЕ like these pretty peaks for instanceЕ to let you really enjoy the full effectЕ isnТt that lucky?Т She turned to the sergeant. СJose, would you move the arm rope up under her shoulders, above the elbow tie please. IТd like Miss Jimenez to be sitting up properly for this next bit…Т

Despite her sobs, Maria found herself repositioned quickly, the ceiling rope now looped round her upper arms so that she was posed almost upright on the saddle. With the elbow tie forcing her shoulders together it looked just as though she was deliberately holding out the large firm cones of her breasts ready for the blazing kiss of the rattan.

Colonel Marcos spoke, a hint of a chuckle in his quiet voice. СNow my dear, this is just where Lieutenant Perez is so good. ItТs no good trying to turnЕ sheТs going to beat your nipples now, not hard, just a steady smacking.Т He laughed at the look of relief on Maria JimenezТs face. СOh donТt thank meЕ I assure you in five minutes youТll be pleading for her to do anything but tap them any more. If you donТt believe me, just waitЕТ

Whilst the colonel taunted Maria, Anna Perez was stroking the cane to and fro across the thick stubs of the nineteen year oldТs nipples again, enjoying the sight of each ridge bouncing across the dark brown peaks in turn. The stroking was quite deliberate, bringing the two nubs to stiff attention despite the girlТs obvious efforts to avoid showing any reaction to the tormenting caress.

Seeing the colonelТs nod, the lieutenant started tapping the rigid tips with the cane. Just as the colonel said, she was using the rattan almost delicately, letting the flexible rod swing under its own weight to cut exactly across the tender tip each time. By the tenth stroke, Maria was grunting and wincing with each fresh blow, realising, much too late, how the agony was going to build up as the nerve ends reacted to the relentless beat of the cane.

СAh, oh no, pleaseЕТ

The first breathless plea broke the silence as the count passed twenty-five. Both Anna Perez and Colonel Marcos knew she would be screaming for them to stop long before Anna Perez reached fifty strokes. Not only that, but as one oft the first effects of the remorseless torture was to make the peaks of the girlТs breasts, especially the nipples themselves, swell up, every new stroke just increased the pain and agony unbearably.

СSTOP! STOP! Please, please stop, pleasЕ. AAAAAHHH!Т

As the screams rang out, Anna Perez could see the thick, red swollen teats denting and flexing with each new blow. For Maria the pain was so great she couldnТt stay still on the saddle and she was once more working the dreadful bristles of the dildo against the flayed inner flesh of her cunt.


She wailed, flailing her head and jerking up and down; trying anything at all to move her breasts away from the biting thud of the cane on her nipples. Then, just as Anna Perez expected, the sounds began to change once more as the pain in MariaТs breasts, and the exquisite torment of the bristles moving within MariaТs body began to drive her to yet another unwelcome climax.

СOh, God, oh no, nooo, I c-c-canТt please I d-d-donТtЕ СIТm coming, yes… yes YESSSSS, NUH… NUH! Naaah… y-y-yeees… YES! Nuh… nuh… uh… NUH, NUH, NAAAH!Т

Guided by the sounds of MariaТs orgasm, the lieutenant kept the rhythm of the rattan going so that the beating forced the girl on to a second and third peak until she was literally screaming for mercy as the dildo ripped climax after climax from her raw flesh. At long last Anna Perez let the rattan fall to the floor and allowed Maria to sag, barely conscious against the shoulder ropes.

The colonel smiled, steepling his fingers and enjoying the sight of the panting girl still strutted on the torture saddle in front of him. He knew quite well that Maria had nothing worthwhile to tell them, but since they still had her strapped down, the lieutenant might as well tickle her cunt with the crab. Using electricity always gave him an erectionЕ especially when the subject was as young and pretty as this one.

СLieutenant Perez…,Т Colonel Marcos called softly to his assistant. СOnce you have caught your breath, I think Maria there should at least taste the bite of our electric crab. As you suspected, she knows nothing of importance butЕ you never know and it should be entertaining at least.

СOf course, Colonel, two minutes to get the trolley ready. I thought one clip on her anus and the other on the clitЕ the brush can stay up her… itТll add to the effect.Т Colonel Marcos nodded, leaning back in his chair as he studied the red, swollen tips of MariaТs breasts as they jiggled and swayed as the young student tried to bring her harsh panting breaths under control. He smiled even more broadly as her watched her efforts at recoveryЕ so stupid, so futile. After all, the things Lieutenant Perez was about to do to the young student were going to have her screaming insanely once again in about two minutes time. Maria looked up and her face contorted with terror as she saw the little controller, the wires and the bright, steel clips.

СNo, NO! NO you canТt. No please. Not that, you canТt I donТt know anything, no please, not my breasts againЕ theyТre so sore, please, pleaseЕТ

СNow, thereТs no point in fussing and shouting, Maria, the colonel just wants to check all the things youТve said to us are really true.Т Anna Perez held up the first crocodile clip by the fine red wire. СDo you really not want it here?Т She let the dangling clip bounce against the hot swollen peak of MariaТs left breast.

СAaaah! N-no, please no, not thereЕТ Then, Maria realised the trap sheТd fallen into as the lieutenant gently caressed the soft purse of her cunt where it jutted into thin air between her splayed thighs. СOH GOD, NO, NO YOU CANТTЕ!

Craning her neck round, Maria gasped in horror as the womanТs fingers spread her buttocks and she felt the steel jaws nuzzling the crinkled ring of her anus. She arched and hissed in agony at the sudden bite of the teeth closing on her most delicate flesh. She jerked against her bonds even more violently as she bent forward to watch the lieutenantТs fingers parting the soft petals of her cunt… and one knowing fingertip feathered the nub of her clitoris into full erection. Her breath rasped in the silence as the lieutenant positioned the second clip and thenЕ

СArrrgggh! Ah, no, oh please, that hurts, p-p-p-pleaseЕТ

The cries were ripped from her throat as Maria felt the burning pain of the little steel teeth biting hard into the most delicate place on her body. Lieutenant Perez fondled the plump lips for a few moments more, deliberately joggling the clips so that Maria winced and gasped as the teeth pulled and jabbed into her. СSo sensible to save your strength, little oneЕ Now, if youТre ready for meЕТ

She stood up and picked up the small black box. In the darkness on of the guards flicked a switch and Maria heard the soft, ominous humming of the transformer. It was the same evil sound sheТd heard when this woman had been torturing Juanita. She breathed faster, shallow, hard breaths as she tensed her muscles, trying to brace herself against the first shock of the currentЕ


Maria Jimenez curved up off the saddle in an agonising bow as her muscles locked rigid at the shock. Eyes bulging and her mouth gaping in an O of agony she lifted on her toes so that both the colonel and the lieutenant could clearly see half the impaling dildo between her quivering thighs. After ten seconds the lieutenantТs thumb lifted off the button and the young student thudded back onto the saddle, the breath rasping in her throat.

СAaaah! Oh, God, Oh God, M-m-mercy, P-please. Nooooo!Т

СSilly girl, that was just to let you understand what the little crabs can do. Now, can you remember any other names for the colonelЕ?Т Anna Perez watched the desperate head shaking as she listened to the jumble of pleading noises. СOh dear, still wrong, IТm afraidЕТ Maria just had time to realise the meaning of her words when the lieutenantТs thumb pressed the red button once more.


Again, every sinew of the girlТs slim figure showed like wire cables as she arched backwards as the current fizzed and burned through the nerves of her cunt. This time the lieutenant flicked her thumb on and off the controller so that the girl jerked and danced like some demented puppet on the raking bristles inside her body.

Five more times the lieutenant let the girl rest before sending the current surging through her clit once more. The screams broke, becoming gasping breathless sounds as her voice gave way under the strain. Finally, Maria Jimenez slumped forward, hanging unconscious against her bonds. Lieutenant Perez unclipped the connections and replaced the controller on the little table, signalling to Jose in the darkness to turn off the transformer.

СJust as you said, Colonel, nothing more from this one, perhaЕТ The soft buzz of a telephone interrupted her. Colonel Marcos picked up the receiver and listened for a few moments; as he did so he straightened up until he was standing at attention, his responses becoming clipped and very military.

СYes, Excellency…yes…I understand completely…a demonstration? There will be no problem, Excellency…you have a suitable subject in mind? Two…the arrests have been made? I see…in an hour or so. No, Excellency…we will be ready.Т He put the phone down and thought for a moment.

СLieutenant, it appears we move in exalted circles. My work and your skills have come to the attention of…Т he paused and continued delicately, Сmen of influence, let us say. A select group will be paying this centre a visit shortly and expect to see our work at first hand.Т Anna looked at the slumped figure of Maria then back at the colonel with a smile of anticipation on her face but before she could say anything he raised on hand.

СNo, Lieutenant, not that one…arrangements have been made and we are expecting two new guests. I am told that one is the wife of a known dissident and troublemaker who taught at the university…until he ran away last week. The other is one of her students. From the orders I have been given it seems the both of them have attracted the attention of some important people.Т

He paused and smiled. СTheyТll be here in a couple of hours.Т He turned to where the guards were still enjoying MariaТs discomfort. СJose, get that whining bitch off the saddle and back to the cells, then clear up in here. The Lieutenant and I are taking a break. WeТll decide what to use on our new guests when they get here, clear? Oh yes, Jose, get some chairs…the better ones with the cushions and the arms. Put them in the usual place behind the lights, right?Т

Jose looked at Maria eagerly, Сyes, Sir, of course…will you need us?Т He and the other guard grinned broadly at the ColonelТs curt nod as together he and the Lieutenant left the chamber. Behind them, the two guards started unstrapping the girl from the torture saddleЕ

by Cortez. All rights reserved
Illustrated by DANI

Elana Farez knew that she was in serious trouble. The secret police broke down the door just as she was putting the last of the papers onto the fire and she didnТt have time to get out of the flat. What made it worse was that, apart from a routine slapping and roughing up, theyТd not touched her at allЕ a very bad sign. Cuffed at the wrists sheТd been thrown into the usual black Mercedes and driven away.

Now, as she waited in the stinking little cell, she thought back to that first interview with the one called Marcos, Colonel Marcos. Very calm, thin faced with a cold, reptilian stare. Elana shivered as she remembered the soft voice in that plain, bare office and the endless questions. Where was her husband? Did she know heТd left the country? What was she burning? Who attended the meetings? When did she become an enemy of the regime?

For all her defiance she had been terrified by the ColonelТs hints and threats. Then the woman had come in, the one in the white, medical coat the colonel had called Lieutenant Perez, the one whoТd touched her bodyЕ just a gentle caress but Elana Farez had sensed the hot, eagerness in her touch, had smelt the unmistakable scent of sexual arousal as she pressed close to her, making her shiver even more under the ColonelТs unblinking gaze.

Now she waited, knowing she must stay silent and what that silence must lead toЕ for sheТd heard the stories of what happened to those who resisted. She knew that the Colonel and his lieutenant would enjoy her resistanceЕ relishing the opportunity to use their diabolical skills to draw every secret from her writhing body.

Sunk in her own despair she missed the footsteps in the corridor and the sound of the door being opened. The bikini-clad figure of Gina Morales, her young friend and neighbour from the student flat next door, was thrown inside. She tried to comfort the shivering nineteen-year-old student but barely had a chance to day anything before the guards were back, dragging her to her feet and out of the cell.

The one she heard called Carlos fingered her body and whispered crude obscenities in her ear as the two of them frogmarched her downstairs and along a dimly-lit concrete corridor. She had no chance at all, however much she struggled and squirmed, and all too soon they halted at a heavy, unmarked wooden door. Carlos pressed a button on the door frame and a few, long seconds later there was the click of an electronic lock and the door swung open.

Elana coughed as the heavy, sticky heat caught her throat. The sides of the underground chamber were shrouded in darkness. Darkness made more intense by the white, aching glare of the spotlights that formed a pool of brilliant light in the middle of the tiled floor. Colonel Marcos stood in the doorway. Despite the close, humid atmosphere inside, his white shirt was still crisp and his black trousers looked freshly pressed. He smiled and gestured for the guards to bring her forward into the pool light formed by the hot, blinding lamps.

Elana knew there were other uniformed officers present, shadowy figures hidden in the darkness beyond the lights. The Colonel confirmed it as he looked outwards. СGentlemenЕ this is Elana Farez. Mrs Farez has beenЕunwillingЕ to help us with our enquiries so far. Now we must apply a little pressure to help her change her mind. To beginЕТ He turned to her, his words cruel with false politeness. СElana, we would like you sitting on that bench thereЕТ

Elana looked down as the Colonel moved to one side. Standing in the middle of the circle of light, the bench was only about two feet off the floor, its short, sloping top padded with stained, tan leather. At the end nearest her, the two thick wooden legs jutted up almost two feet into the air above the top of the bench. She gasped and strained in the grip of the guards as she saw the straps, the wide heavy ones on the frame and the thinner ones at the base of each leg. Most horrible of all were the two thin straps with brass buckles that crowned the two vertical posts.

СNo, no you canТt, I mean I wonТtЕТ

СOh yes you willЕТ the Colonel showed his teeth, startlingly white against the swarthy complexion of his faceЕ СYou will. But I forgot to mention one little thing before you sit down. You wonТt be needing all those unnecessary garmentsЕ theyТll only get in the way, besides my guests are waiting to see you properlyЕ You will beginЕ now!Т

The sudden whiplash command jolted Elana upright and, as the guards released their grip, she instinctively started to obey, her fingers fumbling with the small pearl buttons of her blouse. Under the menace of the three men her skirt soon followed. There was a kind of low breath of appreciation from the darkness as she bent to unclip and roll the ruined stockings down her long, elegant legs. Awkwardly, she eased her garter belt down over her hips before standing up defiantly amid the litter of her clothes, every detail of her trim body displayed in the pitiless white glare of the spotlights.

Clad only in a low cut lacy bra and brief, high-sided matching panties Elana Farez crooked one knee, her arms across her full breasts in an automatic gesture of concealment.

There was a long momentТs silence then Colonel Marcos spoke very quietly, almost as though chiding a child. СYou really must listed more carefully, Mrs FarezЕI said everythingЕ or do you wish Carlos and Jorges to remove those somewhat inadequate garments by force?Т The Colonel signalled to the two guards and Elana jumped in shock as their rough hands touched her bare arms.

СNo, no donТt t-touch me, donТt make me, go awayЕ!Т

СThen do as I have saidЕ take everything offЕ. at once, please.Т

Colonel Marcos smiled again as the twenty-six year old housewife uncrossed her arms to release the bra clip and let the lacy cups fall away from the heavy globes of her breasts.

As they swung free he could see as she straightened up that, despite their fullness, her breasts still thrust forwards proudly without a hint of sag. The Colonel could also see the obvious stiffness and prominence of each thick nipple as, despite all her protests, Elana FarezТs body responded to the display she was being forced to endure.

The panties followed with a quick downward gesture and a flick of one leg. The murmur of appreciation grew louder as the watchers saw the smooth bulge of her mound and the naked pouting lips of ElanaТs cunt revealed for the first time. The final disrobing was almost a challenge but Elana was given no chance to defy the Colonel further. The guards grabbed her arms, spun her round and forced her to sit on the lower end of the bench between the uprights of the rear legs.

СOn your back, bitch!Т Carlos said in a low voice as his hand pushed against her shoulder. It was only as her back touched the leather that she realised the leather top was much too short for her body. At that moment the other guard, the one called Jorges, hooked his fingers under her knees. He dragged her backwards until her bottom was completely off the end of the bench and she was forced to brace her self with knees apart and feet flat on the floor. Despite the adjustment, her head still hung unsupported over the other end.

She gasped in shock as Carlos slapped the two broad straps across her body, one over her lower belly and the other across the very top of her chest above her breasts. She gasped as he took time cinching the buckles cruelly tight with both hands. Then there were further sharp biting pains as her arms were pulled down and strapped to each of the front legs, arching her back and forcing her breasts to jut sharply upwards. Two more straps, one above each elbow, pinned each arm against the wood quite immovably.

Panting frantically, but now quite unable to do anything to stop them, Elana craned her head forwards down the slope of her body. She tried to resist as the big men seized a foot apiece but it was useless. Despite her struggles they forced her legs back easily, bending and folding them; spreading her thighs wide apart until they could strap each knee to the outside of one the thick, vertical posts of the bench. Electrical tape bound each ankle securely to the very top of the post leaving the grubby, pink soles of her feet turned up to the ceiling. Carlos casually slapped the naked, splayed lips of her cunt, laughing as Elana surged and writhed in her bonds, her toes curling and twisting in mid air. СAll secure, Colonel,Т he reported, before moving away to join Jorges in the shadows.

Although her feet were free to wriggle and twist, with her legs spread and doubled up, her thighs pressed against the sides of her abdomen, Elana was quite unable to protect the splayed core of her body in any way. From the shadows, the watchers could see the full length of each olive skinned thigh curving round to the stretched buttocks with the dreadfully exposed cleft between them and the soft, split purse of the young womanТs cunt offered upwards by her awful restraint.

СW-what are you doing to me?Т Elana gasped, wriggling and gabbling as she watched the guards moving out of the way.

СIn answer to your question, we are doing nothing to you, Mrs Farez, nothing just yetЕ simply arranging you a little so that all the right places are available for our attentions…

The colonel faced the hidden audience. He let them study the slim attractive figure now strapped to the torture bench for a few moments and then cleared his throat. СGentlemen, this ladyТs husband was a minor official in the Foreign Ministry who was foolish enough to get involved withЕ political mattersЕ let us say.Т

The Colonel smiled broadly, showing perfect, white teeth. СUnfortunately for the attractive Mrs Farez here, he decided to take a spur of the moment holiday just as we wished to talk to himЕ and, since we found her busily burning papers when we called on her. WellЕ let us just say that I am convinced that she can be equally informative instead…Т

He bent down, letting his manicured nails trail over the soft lips of the tethered womanТs cunt, watching interestedly as she heaved against the straps, her feet twisting and jerking madly in thin air. When the movement stopped, the Colonel leaned over again and this time, very slowly pushed his forefinger into ElanaТs exposed anus. He savoured the resulting screech of outraged agony, smiling as her efforts to stop the slow penetration only resulted in a frantic twitching and further mad flapping movements of her feet. Despite that pitiful scream of pain and anguish Colonel Marcos twisted his wrist, driving hiS forefinger up to the hilt in her rectum.

He looked into the shadows СYes, quite ready as you will observe gentlemenЕ free to communicate but quite unable to prevent us stimulating the most sensitive points of her body. My assistant, Lieutenant Perez, who you have already met, is an expert in these matters. As a woman she has thatЕ intimate knowledgeЕТ He paused to let the chuckle of amusement from the watchers die down. СA knowledge that allows her to stimulate our female guests so much more fully that the crude violence of usual interrogations. YouТll find sheТs quite inventive too… Т

He wriggled his finger deep inside ElanaТs rectum for a few moments longer, each twist bringing fresh squeals from the woman. Pulling his hand away abruptly, he fetched a low stool and walked round to settle himself just beside ElanaТs head. СSo, Mrs Farez, let us beginЕ now questions just yet but feel free to tell me when you wish to provide any information that may be helpfulЕthe names and addresses of others in the group, you know, just the usual betrayal of friends…that kind of thing.Т

He stroked the tied womanТs damp hair for a few moments, studying her face and her expression of fear and grim determination. He nodded to himself and looked towards the dimness on one side of the hot, foetid chamber. СThe cane I think to start with, Lieutenant…Т Elana twisted her head to the side, straining to see beyond the lights. She whimpered quietly as the woman whoТd touched her earlier walked into view, a thin yellow object held down by her side in one hand. She was still wearing the short white doctorТs coat with the sleeves rolled up and black sports shoes. Although the buttons were demurely fastened, Elana somehow sensed that the Lieutenant was wearing very little beneath the starched cottonЕ Without any warning, the woman swung her arm and something hit ElanaТs up curved buttocks with a heavy, wet Сswock!Т. There was a momentТs silence and then a wild scream split the air. The watchers drew a collective breath, Elana convulsed madly and a thick, white weal appeared across the olive skin of her bottom cheeks and inner thighs, a weal that slowly turned into a hot, red bar across her skin. As the woman took aim again, everyone could now see that she was holding a shiny yellow cane, the kind with thick joints every few inches down its length.

The cane sang through the air once more the hiss of air ending with another horrible wet Сswock!Т noise and a second stripe was laid next to the first. Another scream echoed in the cellar. СElana, Elana, listen to me…thatТs just so you know what itТs like,Т the Colonel said softly, leaning over the womanТs dangling head. СNow, why do you think youТve been tied like thisЕ?Т

He paused, waiting for the snuffling sobs and panting breaths to ease. СWellЕ itТs because you have a choiceЕ either you tell me everything, or IТm going to ask Anna, Lieutenant Perez, to move round a little so she can use that toy of hers between your legs. No, no, donТt try all those silly noises. Just tell me what I want to knowЕ Who were your husbandТs contacts? What were their names and where did the meetings take place? Simple really.Т

СOh please, please donТt, it hurts so much, please I donТt know what you want. He never told me. I tell youЕ I DONТT KNOW!Т The last words were screamed out in a panic as Elana saw the Colonel shaking his head.

СOh dear, lieutenantЕ one more stroke across, just to jog that memoryЕ now please.Т The flat Сswock!Т of another stroke landing on female flesh echoed in the torture chamber again as the Colonel flicked his fingers.


A third weal appeared next to the others as the woman swung the cane again in response to the ColonelТs order. Т СBy the way, as youТve already felt, thatТs a fine piece of Malacca cane she is wielding. The weight and all those delicious raised joints really help the effect, donТt you agree?

Anna Perez flushed and breathing thickly with her own excitement, took three small steps, moving round until she was standing looking directly down at the splayed furrow of ElanaТs upturned body. The beaten woman was quivering uncontrollably, twitching and moaning with the pain of the first three strokes. Her head threshed madly from side to side and she gabbled desperately as she felt the yellow rod resting in the soft crease between her buttocks.

СNo…no…no…no…please! Oh God…no…no you canТt, you CANТT! Oh…please… Ah-hah…no…no…PLEASE GOD!…NO!…PLEEEESSSE!Т

The watchers could see the spastic clenching of her bottom cheeks and the uncontrolled trembling of her body; the feet twisting and turning in mid air as her torturer moved the cane slowly to and fro, allowing the ridges to scrape along the open cleft of ElanaТs cunt. The Colonel nodded gently to Anna, she smiled and lifted the thickly ridged cane shoulder high.


There was a wetter, flatter sound from the cane whipping down into the cleft of the womanТs body, followed by an instant of total silence. A silence shattered as Elana FarezТs inhuman scream echoed round the stone walls of the chamber. Every muscle of the pinioned womanТs body convulsed as she surged uncontrollably against the heavy, stained straps that held her open to the caneТs blazing agony. She had barely managed to draw breath before the second stroke fellЕ


СSo noisy and weТve hardly startedЕSheТs catching you on the lips at the moment, just wait until she gets one right up insideЕТ the Colonel said softly, leaning forward to whisper in ElanaТs ear.

СThwaack!Т С Thwaack!Т С Thwaack!Т A longer pause, СTHWOCKK!Т

Amid the high squealing cries, the sound of the last stroke was different somehow, sounding deeper and almost muffled. Elana convulsed as though an electric shock had surged through her and her screams took on a new intensity.

СAhhhh, thatТs it, Lieutenant, right in the groove. I think that one nipped her clit as well…Т The ColonelТs voice was thick with lust, as ElanaТs cries became a succession of inhuman squeals as she twisted against her bonds like a madwoman.

He held up one finger and Anna Perez let the cane rest, leaning forwards to study the puffy, wet redness of ElanaТs tortured and swollen labia.

СSoЕ now you understand how it will be, Elana. Oh donТt think this is all. Once we have enjoyed a session with the cane we can try so many other enjoyable toys. Enjoyable for us that isЕ IТm afraid that you will find our games a little lessЕ comfortable, shall we say. Then, when those lips have had a chance to rest and swell fullyЕ Anna will cane you again.Т The Colonel paused, his hands cradling ElanaТs pain-wracked face as he looked into her eyes. СIt will be even more exquisitely painful then, believe meЕ So, what is it to be? Another taste of AnnaТs skill or do you have something to tell meЕ?Т

Everyone in the chamber watched as the Colonel leaned over Elana MartinezТs sweat-beaded body. Then, without warning, she pursed her lips and spat in his face. СGo to hell, ColonelЕТ she whispered, her voice hoarse and broken by her earlier screams.

For a moment the Colonel stayed motionless then he lifted one hand to wipe the moisture from his cheeks. The other hand gently stroked ElanaТs cheek, his self-control and command absolute. His lips curved in a thin, cruel smile, СNot clever, oh no, not clever at all. I wonder what it is that makes you so proud in such a situation. Allow me to correct you, Mrs Farez. Just for thatЕ and for what you are so obviously hiding from meЕ it is you who are about to visit hellЕ Lieutenant, give her twenty more as a lesson in mannersЕ See if you can get them right up into herЕ like that last one. Make her understand what real pain is likeЕТ

The chamber filled with the piercing animal screams of agony as Anna began to use the heavy Malacca cane in a searing, regular rhythm. The dull, wet СthwuupТ of each stroke, and the following electric convulsions of ElanaТs body, revealing only too clearly that the cane was now biting right up between the naked womanТs labia to cut agonisingly across her inner lips and the wildly sensitive bulb of her clitoris.

After fifteen strokes the noises were no longer recognisable as human. Smears of blood appeared around each of the ankle cuffs. Then, as the eighteenth stroke landed, ElanaТs cries died into a series of gasps and she fainted completely, muscles twitching and her head lolling down so that her black hair trailed on the rough, red tiles of the floor.

Anna whipped the two final strokes down almost casually across the weeping, flayed lips of her victimТs sex, watching as she twitched and bucked in response. СShall I bring her round, sir?Т

СYes, wake her up but then leave her aloneЕ СAnna Perez brought Elana back to consciousness by tipping a glass of iced water onto the womanТs upturned face. The shock and pain of the water going up her nose brought her round, spluttering and crying as the throbbing pain in her weeping, swollen labia lanced through her body once more.

СNooooooo, ah, ah, no, p-please, no, Colonel noЕ please not between my legs noooooooЕТ

The babble of words echoed in the low vaulted room. Out of the darkness one of the other watchers chuckled, enjoying the frantic, straining movements of the elegant tanned woman strapped so immovably to the low torture bench.

СSo, my dear Elana all you have to do to stop it is to tell me those names and placesЕТ

СT-t-t-told youЕ I donТt knowЕ just doing what he askedЕ burn the papers in the red fileЕ oh, oh, no moreЕ thatТs what he saidЕ ask himЕ p-p-p-pleeeease! HeТs the one you wantЕ not me, Oh God, the pain, p-please stop, pleeeeaseЕТ The words died away into choking sobs, then. СAaaah! No, n-no please, no not t-t-t-thereЕТ

Elana FarezТs sudden protest was because the ColonelТs hand had traced down her sweat soaked skin and was delicately teasing the puckered, dark circle of her left aureole. Elana craned her head forward, her eyes wide with horror as he tweaked and stroked the thick nipple, stroking the jutting stub with a gentle milking action so that it rose and stiffened in automatic response to the soft caress.

СBut yes, of course there, my dear. However, first we must adjust your position a little.Т He raised his voice, СCarlos, JorgesЕ time for a changeЕ put her on the block this time. Kneeling I think, with the arms behindЕТ

The two guards unbuckled the straps allowing Elana to roll onto the floor in a ball, her hands clamped between her thighs trying to ease the pain in her bruised and swollen labia. They carried the bench into the darkness. A small, solid, wooden platform, about eighteen inches high, was left in the middle of the lighted circle. Only about three-foot square, it had black, steel ringbolts set into each corner of the planked top. The surface was heavily scratched and stained, and the platform was bolted securely into the grey concrete floor.

Elana, who was trying unsuccessfully to soothe her tortured cunt, started violently as her wrists were seized once more. Before she could struggle, her arms were again behind her back, held fast with another of those unbreakable white nylon ties. Almost tenderly, as though anticipating the new tortures she would soon be inflicting on the womanТs slim body, Anna Perez stroked one of ElanaТs breasts very gently, flicking her finger over the tumescent nipple before signalling for the guards to turn the naked woman and drag her towards the platform.

Instinctively, Elana lifted her foot and placed it on the top. Colonel Marcos chuckled. СNo, no my dear Mrs Farez, we donТt want you standing up. Kneeling, if you please!Т Elana lowered her foot and Anna carefully helped her mount the little stage. The Lieutenant used the opportunity to let her hands probe between the womanТs buttocks and into the deep cleft of her cunt. Elana Farez screamed and writhed in the grip of Carlos and Jorges as Anna used her nails to scratch and scrape the wet, raw lips of her beaten labia.

Once kneeling on the wooden top, Elana was made to shuffle forward until her knees were right on the front edge of the platform.

СNow those knees my dear,Т the ColonelТs soft voice from the darkness once again, Сwide apart, if you please.Т Elana shivered as she realised what she was being asked to do. Suddenly she jerked, almost over balancing, screaming wildly as another scorching line of pain scored across her buttocks.

Unseen by her, Anna had picked up the yellow cane and used it to give her one more cutting stroke across the weeping red bars of her first СlessonТ. СJust a reminder to start with,Т Colonel Marcos said quietly. СNow, get your knees apart so that they touch those rings at the sides of your little stage!Т

Elana obeyed, shuffling astride until she was stretched in an obscene splay over the stained wooden top. At a nod from Anna Perez the two guards each wrapped a long leather strap carefully round one of the young womanТs legs, just at the crease of her knee. Taking the ends, they threaded them through the steel ringbolts at the platformТs corners. Working together, and pulling hard on the leather thongs they made sure ElanaТs knees were clamped against the metal ringbolts, locking her down to the platform with her thighs spread wide open.

Satisfied the ties were secure, the two guards moved back into the shadows. Elana gasped, moaning softly in the back of her throat, as she felt the tendons and muscles of her thighs being stretched to their limits.

Colonel Marcos smiled at the strutted figure before him. With her legs so widely parted, Elana had automatically reared up backwards to hold her balance. In an unconscious, erotic display, her breasts were lifted towards the ceiling, whilst the red swollen lips of her cunt were shamelessly open and thrust forward by the tension of her body.

СTime for the arms, I think…Т Stepping up onto the platform, Anna Perez passed a wide strap round Mrs FarezТs arms above her elbows. Slowly and deliberately, enjoying the little gasps and cries of pain from Elana as she worked, she tightened the buckles in turn, forcing the young womanТs arms together so that her shoulders were braced back and her breasts jutted out even more strongly.

Satisfied, she reached up towards the ceiling, pulled down the end of a strong nylon rope and knotted it to the stainless steel ring set into the tightly buckled elbow cuffs.

СCarlos, take her up,Т

The rope began to tighten as the muscular guard hauled it taut. To the Colonel and the other watchers it seemed that Elana Farez was bowing towards them, her upper body forced down and forwards as the rope lifted her arms up and away behind her. ElanaТs breathing raced as she was bent helplessly into a strong curve, arms back; breasts swinging free and unprotected and the smooth curve of her buttocks pushed out and slightly parted. Judging the tension from long experience, Carlos stopped pulling as ElanaТs gasping cries told him that the womanТs arms had reached their limit.

The Colonel lifted ElanaТs jaw with one hand, Сlast chance to tell me what I wish to knowЕТ He studied the defiance in the brown eyes of the woman bowed before him. СSilly, so sillyЕ Lieutenant I think it is time you paid some attention to Mrs FarezТs chest. The hot needles to start withЕТ

Elana heard metallic noises to one side followed by the rasp of a match being struck. The colonel released his grip and she wrenched her head round frantically in an effort to see what the Lieutenant was doing. Anna Perez had just lit a little oil lamp resting on a table sheТd placed to one side of the platform. The tiny orange and blue flame glowed clear and steady in the hot, still air of the chamber. In a metal tray there were a number ofЕ Elana screamed eyes bulging with horror at sight of the long, shiny needles, each one with a wooden handle.

Lieutenant Perez selected one of the needles and carefully propped it against the lamp so the blue cone of the hottest part of the flame surrounded the point.

She watched the discolouration moving down the shaft, waiting until the tip was beginning to glow in the heat before reaching under ElanaТs body to cup the fullness of her dangling right breast. The fingers scraped and teased, rousing the crinkled peak until it stiffened and swelled despite ElanaТs efforts to ignore the tormenting stimulation.

СLetТs have it really hard nowЕТ Anna Perez whispered. She licked her forefinger and thumb and then rolled and caressed the delicate tip until it jutted like a spike of flesh, gleaming with moisture. СAh, thatТs betterЕТ Her hand moved and Elana felt brief warmth as the needle was moved towards her breast. СCome on, look downЕsee where this oneТs goingЕТ

The lieutenant giggled as she saw ElanaТs head bow so that she was staring down the length of her body, watching the Lieutenant holding her breast so carefully as she touched the heated needle to the very peak of her nipЕ.


Anna Perez kept her hands in position as the woman surged in a wild spasm of agony. She waited for the first manic scream to die and then twirled the handle slowly to and fro, easing the needle deeper and deeper into the delicate tissues, working the hot tip into the nerve rich peak of her breast so that Elana moaned and grunted in her agony.

СUhЕ huhЕ huhЕ huhЕ h-haaaaaaargh!

To the watchers in the darkness it seemed as though the young Lieutenant was gently caressing the womanТs swinging breast. Yet, each gentle twist of the needle brought fresh, agonised expressions, more harsh grunting sounds and muscle spasms that wrenched the sweat soaked figure into a fresh curve of agony on her little platform.

There was a pause, broken only by ElanaТs snuffling sobs as Anna Perez moved round the other side of the womanТs pinioned body. The now-cold needle propped against the stove, carefully positioned to let the softly hissing flame bring the tip to torture heat once more.

The LieutenantТs fingers teased the curves of ElanaТs other breast, dangling so openly from her cruelly tied body. Anna Perez licked her fingers then gently massaged the tip to bring the full length of her victimТs nipple to rigid arousal. СThatТs itЕ,Т her forefinger and thumb rolled and milked the tender stub. СNow you know what happens next, donТt youЕ.

СHuh, huh, nuh,Т the gasps were franticЕ but the slow milking movements continued. СNo, nooo, no you wonТt please, Why donТt you ask my husband! ItТs not fair. Colonel, tell her to stop, p-pleaseЕ Т

Anna Perez smiled, deep in the throes of her own arousal, as she touched the sharp heated spike to the very tip of ElanaТs other nippleЕ waited for the first, wild frenzy to subside, then slowly, oh-so-slowly, pushed the silvery six inch needle down the length of the nipple and deep into the meat of the gabbling womanТs breast.

СAh, ah, ah, g-g-g-g-g-aahhhhhh!Т

She was just beginning to work the needle in and out, moving the point delicately and bringing fresh wails of agony with each tiny movement, when Colonel Marcos jerked Elana FarezТs head back by the hair.

СLess noise and more information, Mrs Farez, or I fear things will get considerably more difficultЕТ

СAh, ah, I d-d-donТt know anything, please, I donТt really, s-s-s-s-t-t-ttop her, p-pleaseЕ Iiiiiiihh, pleaseЕ!Т

СLieutenant, I donТt think Mrs Farez is really co-operating. Perhaps if we tried elsewhereЕ?Т

Anna Perez twisted the long shiny needle free and stood up, nodding in agreement. Colonel Marcos walked back to the comfort of his chair, snapping his fingers at the guards as he did so.

Immediately Carlos untied the wrist rope keeping ElanaТs upper body bowed forwards. She surged back helplessly, gasping uncontrollably so her breath rasped and whistled in the rawness of her throat as she tried to ride the deep throbbing agony in her breasts and the spasms of cramp in her arms and shoulders.

They gave her a couple of minutes for her chest to stop heaving, letting the watchers in the darkness enjoy the way her swollen teats bounced and joggled at every movement. What she couldnТt see was Carlos re-threading the rope through a ringbolt in the floor directly behind her little stage.

Lieutenant Perez moved behind her, wound one hand in ElanaТs wet hair and pulled the sobbing woman backwards so she was kneeling back hard on her heels. СLetТs try stretching you the other way, bitch!Т Carlos dragged the rope enthusiastically through the ringbolt. Elana squealed in shock as her arms were suddenly yanked back and downwards. Seconds later that single squeal had become a series of gabbled pleas as her torso was curved into an agonising backwards arch.

Carlos, knowing from so many previous sessions what the Colonel wanted, ignored the desperate, whimpering noises and just kept pulling until ElanaТ body was almost horizontal and her hands were scrabbling on the rough concrete floor itself. Colonel Marcos studied the taut curve of Mrs FarezТs bodyЕ such a delightful position. The knees so widely parted, the legs doubled back, those heels pressing into her buttocks and that smooth elegant backwards curve running from thigh to shoulder. ItТs only those large breasts that break the lineЕ he thought, smiling quietly to himself in the gloom. Strange that, despite the heated needles, her nipples are still so stiffЕ probably just the swelling, but…

Lieutenant Anna Perez moved until she was in front of the little platform, looking directly at the open folds of ElanaТs cunt. She rested her hands on the tense, hot skin of each thigh, smiled in wolfish anticipation and slowly leaned forwards until she could lap, very gently, along the engorged lips of the young womanТs labia.

СNuh, nuh, n-nnnnngggggg, ah, ah no, Aaaahhh!Т

СJust a little taste, Miss Farez, surely your husband excited you like this sometimesЕТ Colonel Marcos voice was horrible, mocking her as the clever tongue flickered and tormented the inner lipsЕ deliberately avoiding the engorged stub of her clitoris so she bucked and groaned with need and frustration. СThatТs enough, LieutenantЕ you can see if Mrs Farez will respond more quickly this timeЕТ

Elana stared round wildly, trying to see what Lieutenant was doing. The soft click of two more needles being positioned in the hottest part of the lampТs flame was confirmation of her worst fears

СNo, no you canТt, not the needles again, no, not me, not there noooooo! Oh God, Colonel, IТve told you, I donТt know what he was doing, he never told meЕ you canТt do this, you canТtЕТ

СOn the contrary my dear Mrs Farez, I can and will. DonТt worry; Lieutenant Perez is an expert at thisЕ letТs start with those delightful outer lips shall weЕ


The noise exploded from ElanaТs mouth as she felt the intense burning agony of the first needle sliding slowly into the thick flesh of her outer labia. She bucked again; another animal squeal wrenched from her as Anna slowly and carefully worked the second needle down the length of the other fleshy lip, scorching the nerve rich tissues with each twisting movement.

Moments later the leather ties creaked and strained again as pain shrieked through her cunt once more. This time the lieutenant used a new, hotter needle to probe the wildly sensitive inner folds, calmly pushing it slowly into the soft flesh before twisting and turning the point deep inside.

Elana Farez shuddered and heaved like a mad woman, fingers scrabbling against the rough concrete, as the slow, deliberate torture went on and on. Finally, Anna Perez put the needles down, and resumed licking and tonguing the wet, swollen split of her victimТs cunt. Each torturing caress forcing the screaming woman to another peak of pleasure pain as her body reacted to the lieutenantТs clever tongue fucking.

СStill being braveЕ Lieutenant, I think you should let out guest try the pipe-cleanerЕТ The tonguing stopped immediately and Elana was able to take a few, heaving breaths as she fought to control the spasms of pain wracking her body.

СSee, this oneТs not hot at all, Е all those little hairs sticking out are nylon and Е and the tipТs been rounded tooЕТ Anna PerezТs voice was thick with arousal as she held the thing in front of ElanaТs face. СWeТve got a vibrator with the same bristles that you can try later onЕ. but guess where this long, thin oneТs going?Т She scraped the thin twisted wire with its fine, stiff bristles over ElanaТs nipples. Elana grunted and bit her lip at the scratching contact. Her legs shivered as she strained to close her thighs, even a little bit, sheТd understood with a sick certainty what the fiendish Lieutenant intended to do with the long bristled wire.

СNot inside me, no, no you canТtЕ you canТtЕ Please, youТre a woman; you canТt do this to me, pleaseЕ AAARRRGGGH!Т

The bristled wire teased the swollen tip of ElanaТs clitoris, forcing her to buck violently, before tickling the wet groove leading to her vagina. СGood guessЕ ready?Т ElanaТs Farez wailed in anguish as the rounded tip found the tiny entrance to her urethra and probed inside. Quite deliberately, the bristles didnТt start right at the tip but a centimetre down from the rounded end. Elana tensed at the first, delicate intrusion and then relaxed a little as the wireТs smooth head stroked against the delicate inner membranes of her pee slit.

Anna watched for the tiny signs, waiting to catch her victim off guard so she could begin the torture. Seeing that tiny relaxation she twisted the handle, pressing inwards so the first bristles began raking and scratching the inside of the little tube.

СNo, no, no, noooooo!Т

Now she let the womanТs own wild bucking movements work against her, using each spasm to rotate the wire, pushing it deeper and deeper so that the bristles flayed the sensitive membranes with every tiny movement. Once the wire was fully inserted she paused, letting the animal screams subside as she waited for the colonel.

СMrs Farez, the little toy that the lieutenant has inserted so painfully is called a reamer. The lieutenant is quite expert in using it on obstinate subjects. If you decide to go on being obstinate I will ask her to show you its full effect. You will lose consciousness from the pain. Then, when you come roundЕ she will push it into you once more and start all over again.Т He paused looking at the tear-filled eyes of the woman arched back before him. The he looked to the taut СVТ of her thighs where Anna hand was gripping the handle of the reamer. СPerhaps you require a demonstrationЕТ

Anna Perez smiled wickedly; the woman had no idea at all about what was going to happen. In a few secondТs time she would be in such agony that everything in the torture session so far would fade into insignificance. Carefully she gripped the wooden handle then, without warning, she started moving the wire to and fro very rapidly, her other hand pressing down on ElanaТs mound to hold her still for those few extra seconds.

Everyone saw her hand moving in and out between the strutted thighs of the arched and pinioned woman on the platform. For a long instant it seemed as though her action was having no effect at all. Suddenly, every muscle in the tethered womanТs body locked iron hard, her tendons like taut cables threatening to burst though the gleaming polished skin. Her mouth strained wide in a rictus grin of pure agonyЕ and she screamedЕ


The wild, inhuman sound rang and echoed in the hot darkness of the chamber. Elana Farez had finally broken as the membranes of her urethra were stripped and flayed away by the pitiless nylon spikes reaming viciously up and down deep inside her body. A quick flick of the colonelТs fingers and Anna Perez stopped, her fingers holding the end of the reamer jutting from between the womanТs cunt lips.

СT-t-t-t-tell y-y-you e-e-verythin-n-n-ngЕТ the words were barely audible as the Colonel leaned over the spasming woman. СP-p-p-please, s-stop, p-please.Т

Colonel Marcos smiled contentedly. He allowed himself a small smirk of satisfaction, another success to his credit, really most pleasingЕ especially with the general and his guests watching the session. He looked at the sweat-soaked, blotchy figure strapped down to the torture platform. СThank you Mrs FarezЕ the lieutenant will untie you and then you can tell me all I need to know about your husbandТs activities.Т

As he turned away the Colonel smiled privately once moreЕ Elana Farez seemed unaware that she faced at least two more agonising tortures. First, in a moment when the Lieutenant slowly extracted the wire from the raw tube of her urethraЕ and secondЕ well, she would discover the second the very next time she was unwise enough to want to have a peeЕ

He turned to the watchers in the darkness. СThe details may take a little timeЕ so, if you would care to relax for half an hour or so, we can then begin talking to another young lady who may be able to provide some additional informationЕТ

by Cortez. All rights reserved
Illustrated by DANI

She had been arrested that morning. The soldiers had burst in as she sunbathed beside the pool. Despite her struggles and flailing protests, eighteen-year-old Gina Morales had been bundled into a closed car and driven off through the city. Once they reached the remote, walled villa she was questioned for hours before being thrown into a small cell, still wearing nothing but a skimpy blue bikini.

The door had clanged shut before Gina realised there was another woman sitting on the bare planks of the bed. About twenty-six, she was dressed in what had once been an expensive silk blouse and an elegant soft linen skirt, obviously part of a smart suit. Now the blouse was stained and ripped, the skirt twisted and crumpled and her stockings showed ladders and tears up each leg. The woman looked up as Gina was pushed inside.

Gina gasped; in the dimness she had not recognised her friend from the next flat, Elena Farez!

СOh God, Gina, not you as well! They are beasts, animals!Т She shuddered, clutching her arms round her body. СThey will come for us soon, you know what they will do to usЕ you must have heard the storiesЕТ She burst into tears before trying to control herself. СThey wanted my husband but the bastard ran away so they took me instead…Т She sobbed as she looked at the terrified student. СThey want to know about the meetings, you knowЕ our womanТs group meetings. You mustnТt tell them who else was there. Please, just say we talked about fashion and things like thatЕ Say you donТt know anythiЕТ

Before she could go on, the door smashed open and two guards, identically dressed in dark trousers, white polo shirts and black trainers rushed in, laughing at some private joke as they dragged Elena to her feet, ignoring her protests. СTime for your lessons, Mrs High and Mighty,Т one of them said as they dragged her out. СThe colonel wants another word with youЕТ

The door clanged shut and Gina was left crouching against the wall in the humid darkness, sweat beading on her body as she listened to the muffled sounds and faint cries. She trembled uncontrollably at the sound of every footstep along the corridor outside the battered iron door of her cell.

It was almost two hours later when, without warning, the door clanged open again. Gina flung her hands across her eyes, trying to adjust to the sudden glare of the corridor lights. СGet up, bitch, the colonel wants you downstairs.Т The same two men pushed into the cell and grabbed GinaТs arms, pulling her to her feet. Gina started to shout out but a fist smashed casually into her belly, half winding her.

СSave your breath, BlondieЕ youТll need it soon enough.Т As Gina sobbed in shock at the blow, the one whoТd spoken reached out and casually bounced her left breast in his hand. СNice tits, perhaps the Colonel will let us have a bit of fun after heТs finished.Т

The other guardТs hand cupped the barely concealed bulge of GinaТs cunt. СHey, Carlos, sheТs damp already. God, I love these students.Т Gina struggled frantically only to be slammed back against the rough stonework. СYou can have it hard, or easyЕ your choice, bitch!Т The guard stamped down with his heel on GinaТs bare foot so that the nineteen-year-old jack-knifed forwards with a scream of pain, vainly trying to clutch her bruised toes.

СCome on, Blondie, stop blubbering, be thankful IТm not wearing boots today!Т The guards laughed as they dragged her along towards an archway at the end of the corridor. They dragged her down the steps, completely ignoring the way her toes scraped and stubbed on the rough concrete. At the bottom, another long, grey corridor stretched away. There was a heavy wooden door at the far end. GinaТs struggles grew wilder as she was dragged along, realising that this it must be the door to the interrogation room. As it swung open she could see the heavy rubber flange round the edge. Oh God, itТs soundproofЕ she thought in terror.

A man was waiting just inside. Slim, almost thin, of average height but with dark, unblinking eyes. He studied the blonde girlТs tanned body as though looking at a specimen in a lab; he was clearly enjoying the way her breasts strained against the thin material of the top as she tried to catch her breath. Gina shivered even more uncontrollably as she saw his gaze move downward, suddenly conscious of just how obviously her skimpy bikini bottom cupped and outlined the bulge of her sex.

Despite the heavy, sticky heat in the chamber, his white shirt was crisp and uncrumpled, dark trousers immaculately creased and his soft leather shoes gleaming with polish. He lifted one hand, beckoning her forward, smiling in satisfaction at GinaТs ripe young body so clearly displayed in the grip of the two men.

СAh yes, the student,Т he said softly, Сbring her inЕТ Gina was instantly pushed forward into the underground room. She felt the coolness of tiles beneath her feet, but the details of the room were lost in the dazzling glare of a circle of spotlights. From the shuffling sounds and heavy rasp of breathing she knew that there were other figures, male uniformed figures, hidden in the darkness. The thin man smiled without warmth. СI am Colonel Marcos. Your neighbour, Mrs Farez was somewhatЕunwillingЕ to help us with our enquiries initially but has since proved to be most talkative. Since I am sure she confided in youЕ it is your chance to prove your loyalty to the State by telling me about Mrs FarezТs so-called womanТs meetings.Т

СSoЕ Gina, isnТt it? Usually you would have my undivided attention but today we have a number of guests who are anxious to watch myЕ persuasive techniquesЕ shall we say.С The words were quiet and soft, but full of cruel excitement at what was about to be done to the nubile young student. The Colonel was well aware that there were no СanswersТ to be given but, as a demonstration subject for his torture techniques, Gina Morales was ideal. СNow, do you have anything to tell meЕ or have you decided to go on being stubborn…?Т He gestured with his hand.

At last Gina could see what was in the circle of light. To one side was a low square platformЕ She shuddered as she saw the heavy, leather straps that hung down from it, and the thick steel rings in the corners. Her breathing quickened as she also noticed the wetness on the platform and the floor tiles in front and caught the acrid tang of a womanТs juices. Instinctively, she knew that Elena Farez had somehow been strapped down on that platform only a few minutes beforeЕ

СI donТt know anything, anything at all. ItТs a mistakeЕ youТve got the wrong personЕ Please, youТve got to believe me, pleaseЕТ

The Colonel smiled again. СAh, the same old story, Gina I know that you have things to tell usЕ so no more time wastingЕ we will begin.Т He saw her eyes swivel to stare at the little platform and its ominous stains. СNo, no, not there Gina, come over here between the uprights please. My colleague, Lieutenant Perez, will be with you in a moment.Т

Gina gaspedЕ behind him, still in the shadows was another figure, slim, with close cut dark hair and wearing what looked like a short, white doctorТs coat. Gina couldnТt see very well against the glare of the lights but her thoughts raced. The horror of being torturedЕ hurt by another womanЕhow could she?

She looked into the lights again. To one side of the platform, two thick wooden posts rose from the floor. Just below shoulder height and set about three feet apart, each one had a series of matching holes running through it from side to side at the top. Gina quickly discovered what those holes were for as the guards twisted her round, pushing and pulling her until she was between the posts.

The one called Carlos, who had the build and muscles of a bodybuilder, muttered, СSheТs tall, use number twoЕТ and there was a metallic noise behind her back. A hand pushed on her chest and she felt the shock of a metal bar touching her skin.

СArms back, bitchЕТ

The one whoТd stamped on GinaТs toes earlier jerked the girlТs arms painfully back over the thick, polished bar theyТd slipped through a pair of the holes at the top of the posts. The position forced her upright, hooked over the cold steel, the height of the bar forcing Gina up on tiptoe as it dug into the flesh between her back and the soft skin of her upper arms.

СCome on, apart, student bitchЕ or do you want Jorges to stamp of those pretty toes againЕ?Т Carlos, was kneeling beside her now, pulling one ankle outwards and then bending her leg back so he could fasten it to a fitting on the outside of the post. The other leg quickly followed, the straddled position forcing her to thrust her hips and chest forwards, opening her body completely to the gaze of the colonel and the hidden audience beyond. Any final remote chance of movement was denied her as the two men made doubly sure by taping each knee hard against the rough timber.

She was still trying to find some way of standing in even a little comfort when she felt more straps being tightened round each wrist. Another vicious jerk and her arms were pulled downward to be tied to the back of each post.

Now she was arched back even more strongly, her breasts curving out and up, jutting forwards proudly and jiggling slightly under the thin fabric of her costume as she trembled in her bonds. Gina was held in a taut, agonising curve, not just her chest, but also the splayed СVТ of her hips forced outwards, the minimal bikini briefs straining taut to cup the bulging swell of her cunt lips.

The woman the Colonel had called СLieutenant PerezТ moved soundlessly to her side. Gina tried looking her in the eye, but the LieutenantТs calmness, and the obvious sexual excitement in her eyes, made Gina flush and look away. The young student trembled violently at the first feather touch as the woman untied the strings of her bikini top.

СOh yes, pretty breastsЕ very pretty,Т she whispered as her fingers teased across the high, taut mounds. СCome on, stand up now, and stand up for AnnaЕТ One nail on either hand flickered to and fro, scraping and teasing the crinkled buds of GinaТs nipples and making the young blonde wriggle and gasp as she felt herself hardening despite the awful situation she was in. Beyond the lights she heard a low growl from the watchers.

СP-please, no, no, please, ah, ah, n-no, pleaseЕ yyyyyiiiiigh!Т

She squealed as the young female lieutenant carefully tightened her grip, using just her thumbs and forefingers like pincers to twist the rigid nipples viciously. СThatТs just the taster, weТll look elsewhere laterЕТ the woman said, giving GinaТs breasts a final tweak. СSheТs ready for you now, ColonelЕТ

Colonel Marcos looked at GinaТs strutted pose and ran one finger down the smooth curve of her belly to the swell of her mound. He smiled, feeling the strong muscles flexing and writhing under the caress. His hand moved lower, making Gina pant with dread as he cupped the soft blue triangle. He shook his head. СSoon, very soonЕ but I think weТll begin at the topЕТ

He looked out into the darkness. СGentlemen, as you know electricity is such a simple and effective interrogation tool. Especially in the hands of a skilled operatorЕТ The rattle of metal instruments in a tray made Gina look away to the side. When she saw what was on the little glass-topped table that the lieutenant was wheeling into position beside her, the colonelТs soft voice was drowned out. The young studentТs gabbled, frantic protests filling the hot, sticky air of the Intelligence CentreТs interrogation chamber.

СI havenТt done anything, anything at all, please, please donТt touch me, not with those horrible things, please, pleeeassseЕТ

Anna smiled knowingly at the arched figure of the young student between the posts as she handed the black power cable to one of the guards. Gina couldnТt see where he went but, in a sudden silence, she heard the distinctive СclickТ of a switch and, on the lower shelf, a squat, black transformer hummed into life.

GinaТs eyes widened as she followed the transformerТs connecting lead up to the other black box, the one beside the tray of needles, clamps and wires on the glass top. Oh it looked so simple, so innocentЕ just a dial, a large silver button and a single warning bulb, now glowing red against the matt black finish of the casing. Her eyes widened, fixed with a horrid fascination on AnnaТs hands, watching her attaching the bared copper cores of two wires to brass terminals at the side of the unit. Thin, red wires that curled back to a pair of shiny crocodile clips with long jaws and viciously sharpened teeth; clips that clattered and clinked as they moved against the glass top.

СNow gentlemen, youТve seen the use of the cane and one or two other helpful techniques. I think you will enjoy watching Anna as she plays with young Gina here. Notice the stance, howЕ availableЕ she is for our attentions.Т A scream interrupted the colonel in full flow. СAh yes, gentlemen, also notice how Lieutenant Perez ensures that the subject is fully aroused so the clip can be applied to the whole engorged length of the nipple.Т

Gina bit her lip, head threshing from side to side as she tried to ignore the sudden, agonising pain of the clipТs sharp teeth biting along the thick, rubbery stub of her left nipple.

СAh, ah, no, no, ah, ahЕ haaaaah!Т

A second cry was forced from her as Anna Perez pinched and rolled the other peak, her fingers deliberately rough as she forced the long brown stub to rouse and stiffen despite GinaТs best efforts to prevent her bodyТs automatic responses. Then she dipped her head, her tongue flickering round the jutting peak so it gleamed wetly in the lights. Slowly and carefully the Lieutenant brought the gaping jaws of the second clip into positionЕ and let her fingers relaxЕ.


As the echo of GinaТs muffled gasps of pain died away, silence fell in the hot, humid chamber. The colonel turned and looked over at the young student, her body wet with sweat and trembling under the spotlights. Behind him in the shadows he could hear the soft, excited noises from the watchers, aroused by anticipation and the erotic sight of the girlТs helpless body, breasts jutting out so firmly Е each tip now crowned by the little silver jaws; the dangling red wires curving back to the controller on the table. As Gina quivered and shook in fright, so her breasts jiggled and moved, setting the clips and wires linking her to the electrical torture machine dancing and trembling in the humid air.

Anna Perez picked up the innocent looking control box. The only sounds to break the silence were the hum of the transformer and the shallow racing pants of GinaТs breathing as she braced herself for the imagined pain to come. Then, AnnaТs finger moved and a low buzzing filled the air, each clip vibrating gently as the current flowed into the nerve-rich bundle of the nippleТs tip.


For a heartbeat there was silence from the girl; just the horribly soft buzzing from the clips and the low hum of the machine, then one single high note of agony tore the air apart. The watchers saw Gina jerked back against the straps in an arch of pain, every sinew wire-tight as the current convulsed her muscles. Thirty seconds of screaming and the LieutenantТs finger lifted, letting the girl slump forward, the sweat beading in droplets across her body as her chest heaved with the effort of catching her breath.

СNuh, nuh, n-n-no, no Oh p-p-please donТt hurt me. PleasЕ AAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHH!Т

Another scream ripped into the hot, thick air of the torture chamber as AnnaТs finger touched the silver button once more and the young student was flung back in another wrenching arc as the current fizzed and scalded through her breasts.

Six more times in the next ten minutes, the lieutenantТs finger pressed down to send Gina into another screaming frenzy under the searing kiss of the electrodes clamped to her nipples. Then, as she hung against the bars holding her body spread for the torture, the colonel lifted one finger.

СUnclip her, letТs take a lookЕТ

There was softer crying wail as Anna Perez released the clips and Gina felt the agony of returning circulation thudding through the tender, scorched peaks. The colonel brought another series of harsh, mewing cries from the pinioned girl as he fingered the reddened, swollen tips of each breast.

СNow GinaЕ that was just the start, weТll come back to these delightful places later but nowЕТ His voice fell to a whisper as he leaned close to her ear. СCan you guess where weТre going to play with you next? Or do you have some names for meЕ?Т

СOh p-p-p-please. I donТt know anything. It was just a social group. We didnТt discuss politics or anythingЕ J-j-j-just clothes and m-m-men. ElenaТs my friend, she hasnТt done anythingЕТ Gina stopped, and then wailed in torment and despair as she felt Anna PerezТs fingers on the side ties of her bikini briefs.

The colonel continued to stroke the young studentТs swollen nipples as his expert assistant carefully eased the soft, elastic fabric away from the girlТs sweat-soaked loins. Once more, there was a low, soft growl from the darkness as the lighter coloured СVТ of the girlТs sex was revealed. Gina was clearly a natural blondeЕ and someone who took her personal grooming seriously. A single, trimmed strip of golden fur lined the centre of her mound, a strip that touched the dark pink lips and the inrolling slit of her sex

Her position between the posts forced her hips forwards and the strutted splay of her thighs meant that her cunt was wide open. The plump lips hung unprotected and just parted a little, so that everyone could see the little folds and soft leaves leading back to the most sensitive openings of her body. Despite her earlier torture, GinaТs cunt glistened with the moist, sticky secretions of arousal.

The eighteen year old jerked as though another electric shock had been applied when Anna Perez squeezed her labia together, quite gently, moving her fingers to make the outer lips slide and slither against each other. СAh, ah, p-p-pleaseЕ aaaaaah.Т The sounds of protest were mixed with the involuntary cries of pleasure as the lieutenantТs expert fondling worked the soft folds of flesh to and fro. Her hand moved more firmly and Gina arched back again as her clit was rolled and pressed by the pressure on her own flesh.

СOh, oh, oh, y-y-yesss p-please. D-d-d-donТt d-d-do that p-p-p-pleaseЕah, ah, aaaaaah!Т

СDo you want me to make her come, Colonel? SheТs wet alreadyЕТ

The colonel nodded, knowing that this was exactly the kind of extra entertainment his audience wanted, as he whispered into the young studentТs ear. СYou like what Lieutenant Perez is doingЕ donТt you Gina? Well sheТs going to make you come nowЕ weТll see how many times you manageЕ the last girl on this frame came four times in a row. Then weТll let you make love to my little generator again…Т

Gina moaned as Anna continued to press and roll the sensitive lips together. She strained her head sideways towards the colonel; mouth and eyes wide open in pleading anguish. Just as she was about to say something, Ann Perez slipped one finger between the wet lips of her body, eased the hood aside and scraped her nail across the bulb of the girlТs clitoris in a slow, deliberate movement.

СUhЕ oh, oh, p-p-p-please, p-p-p-p-pЕ aaaaahТ

Her body surged and jerked as though she had received another electric shock. Anything she had wanted to say to Colonel Marcos was lost in her sudden gabbling convulsions as Anna Perez continued to work the sharp nail under the girlТs hood with a delicate, almost unbearable stroking caress that just feathered the very tip of her clit.

СThatТs it Gina, isnТt itЕ shall I go faster? Like thisЕ.Т The single finger vibrated more rapidly as Anna smiled up at the shuddering figure stretched so tautly against the posts. СAh yes, nearly there so letТs justЕ.Т She moved her free hand and caressed the wet cleft between her victimТs buttocks. A moment of searching then Gina Morales bucked forwards once againЕ this time goosed by the entry of AnnaТs other forefinger into the tight ring of her anus.

Anna Perez knew exactly how near to coming Gina was. Her fingers moved faster and faster, whipping the girl into a shivering frenzy. A frenzy that suddenly dissolved into a series of gasping cries as GinaТs orgasm overtook her.

СAh-ah y-yes, IТm coming, IТm coming, ah, ah no, IТm thereЕ IТm, thereЕ IТm thereЕ Yeeeeesss! IТM THEEEERRREEEЕ!Т

Lieutenant Perez looked up at the panting girl and slowly pulled her glistening fingers free. She licked each on in turnЕ making sure that Gina could see what see what she was doing, before slowly undoing the bottom button of her short, white coat. Slowly moving her legs apart, Anna kept her eyes on GinaТs face she slipped one wet finger under the silk thong that cupped her own cuntЕ sliding it into the thick, juicy wetness.

Anna stroked herself for a few moments before rising gracefully to her feet. She placed her sodden finger on GinaТs lips. СGo on taste both of usЕТ She pressed, smiling in a shared secret as her finger sank into the girlТs mouth. СThere nowЕall ready to come again for meЕТ

Gina made unintelligible noises around the gag of AnnaТs finger. СNo, no, silly girlЕof course I wonТt stop just because you want me to.Т

Anna stepped back and moved over to the little table with the electrical equipment on it. СThis time you can try my little electric fingerЕТ Sharing a grin of complicity with the Colonel, she picked up a red plastic object. The base formed a short handgrip that tapered down into a slim, curved neck, a neck that ended in a little bulb about the size and shape of a grape and covered with small, soft rubber nodules.

Anna licked the bulbous head of the vibrator as she teased the lips of the girlТs cunt with the other hand. СDonТt try and fight itЕ this little toy will make you climaxЕ whether you want to or not. So, get ready to come for me GinaЕТ She pressed the base of the vibrator and a fierce humming filled the chamber. Everyone could hear the young studentТs sudden racing breaths as she braced herself for the vibratorТs first touch.

Anna moved the buzzing head closer and closerЕ.


GinaТs squeal ripped through the darkness as the rubber nodules finally buzzed against the soft split between her labia. The lieutenant worked the vibrating head up and down, letting the fierce vibrations sensitise the whole inner surface of her victimТs cunt as well as the delicate skin of her vagina. As she moved the head around, Anna knew that every touch was arousing the girl once moreЕ preparing her for that delicious moment when the vibrating nodules began to work on her clitorisЕ bringing her unstoppably to orgasm over and over again.

СNow GinaЕ anything else to tell the colonel before I let my little toy touch that special spot of yours?Т Gina shook her head violently. She felt the coolness as Anna parted the lips of her cuntЕ Everything was a horrible nightmare but this woman was not going to get anythiЕ


This time, the cry was louder, more intense; the watchers saw the girl, pinned against the uprights like an insect on display, throw her head back as every muscle responded to that first kiss of the waspishly buzzing bulb against the little nub of flesh. Ecstasy and agony surged through GinaТs body at the unbearable stimulation of a spot already so tender from her torturerТs scraping nails.

С No, no, nooooooЕ. D-d-d-d-d-donТt, oh donТt! AhЕ uhЕ uuuhЕ Mummmfh, nooo, no yesЕ. Yessss! IТm thereЕ IТm thereЕ stop!Е S-s-s-t-top IТve come, IТve cuuummmЕ!Т

Everyone in the chamber could the heard the rhythmic chants and cries of ecstasy as GinaТs body shuddered and twitched uncontrollably. The hidden watchers also saw the sudden flush of redness sweep up the strutted body of the student as her orgasm reached its peak. Lieutenant Perez moved the buzzing probe away from caressing the girlТs clitoris but continued to tease it across the puffed outer lips and the soft, intimate creases at the top of each thigh.

GinaТs relief was short-lived.

Anna was an expert in this kind of pleasure torture and she was only waiting for the young studentТs climax to subside a little before touching the little buzzing tormentor against GinaТs clitoris once moreЕ forcing her to yet another peak and wringing another series of gasping, wailing cries from her.

In the darkness there was the sound of snuffling, heavy breathing. The sound of male excitement as the watchers listened to the cycle of arousal; pleading, frantic words, the racing breaths then the creaking of the posts and ties followed by the final screaming pleasure chant as the girl was forced to come yet again. And underneath all the noisesЕ the insistent, high-pitched buzz of the vibrator stroking and caressing that single point high within the girlТs open cleft.

Fifteen minutes later, as the Lieutenant brought her young victim to a fifth screaming climax, Colonel Marcos held up one finger. СGentleman, as you can see, Lieutenant Perez could easily take the girl to the point of total collapseЕ just using the vibrator. However, we have found it much more effective to vary theЕ treatmentsЕ we apply. Now we let he get her breath back before continuing with electricity. This time Lieutenant Perez will concentrate on young GinaТs cuntЕ After all, it will be so much more sensitive after all that excitementЕТ

Gina, slumped against the posts, her chest heaving with the effort of getting her breathing back under control, scarcely listened to the ColonelТs quiet words. All that mattered was that the buzzing had stopped and that dreadful little bulb was not torturing her clit any longer. Anna Perez stroked the girlТs face, moving the sodden strands of hair away from the glazed, exhausted features of the young student.

СThere, there GinaЕ six times. Not the record IТm afraid but an excellent effort. Now we must get back to businessЕ what do you have to tell the ColonelЕ anything, anything at all?Т The lieutenant waited patiently for Gina to bring herself round. The sweat-soaked young student looked into the LieutenantТs hot, eager eyes as she felt her hands caressing the wet curves of her flanks. Her voice, harsh from screaming was barely a whisperЕ

СNothing, I donТt know anything. She was a friend, just a friend. We used to meet each month, all of usЕ just to talk, to exchange ideasЕ it was just a womanТs groupЕТ

СAh, Gina, but thatТs the point isnТt itЕ who wasЕ we? The Colonel needs the namesЕ otherwise we must try the little crabs again, after allЕ I did promise, didnТt IЕТ

The girl twisted and screamed as AnnaТs quiet words sank in. СNo names, I donТt know the names, they were just friends, please, pleaseЕ Oh no, no, no! OH NOOOOOOOO!Т

GinaТs pleas became a scream of anguish as she saw Anna Perez untangling the thin red wires, the wires that ended in the toothed clips that had brought such agony to her nipples half an hour before. Two gulping breaths then she screamed again as the lieutenant tickled the peaks of her red, swollen teats. СOf courseЕ these are nearly ready for me again. If I put my little crabs back hereЕ youТll really feel it this time!Т Playfully, she touched one of the clips to the very tip of GinaТs right nipple.

She left it there for a moment, enjoying the frantic noises and movements as the girl tried to avoid the touch of the little silver jaws. СBut no, not there, well, not just yet GinaЕ I can think of somewhere that will hurt you much, much more than thatЕТ Colonel Marcos smiled as he listened to the LieutenantТs soft coaxing words followed by the sudden racing panting from the girl. He watched her head threshing to and fro, the mewing, panicking cries of awful realisation as Anna Perez gently parted the puffed, sticky lips of her labia.

He brushed the young studentТs cheek as she arched forward, watching as the lieutenant spread her cunt open with her fingers. СNow, my dearЕ youТve had quite enough chancesЕ this time the Lieutenant is going to put one of those clips just inside your vagina and the otherЕ well, I expect you can guess where I want her to put the other oneЕТ He paused as Gina clamped her teeth o her lower lip, half stifling a gasp of pain. СOh, did you feel that? ThatТs the one just up inside you whereТs itТs all nice and wetЕ. Yes, yes I know those teeth are sharp but the effect is so much stronger inside and we donТt want it to come loose do we? Now, watch carefullyЕ you can see her placing this last one if you look downЕТ

СIhЕ ihЕ ihЕyyyyyiiiiigh!!Т

Colonel Marcos ignored the scream of agony as the copper jaws of the second crocodile clip bit into the swollen, abused stub of GinaТs clitoris. Instead, he waited until Anna Perez had moved back to the table then leaned forwards, tugging the thin red wire to check that the clip was quite secure. He grinned suddenly as he saw Gina doing what he had suggested, craning forwards, and trying to look down over her heaving breasts at the fork of her body. Funny how they all do that, he thought, almost as though they wanted to watch their own tortureЕ

СDonТt worry my dear, the clips are quite secureЕ seeТ He traced his finger up the wire to where they could both see the end of the silver electrode jutting out from between the lips of her cunt. Casually flicking the clip to and fro with his nail he listened with amusement to the half stifled cries as the girl twitched and bucked at each movement of the jaws against the nerve rich stub of flesh.

Tiring of his sport, the colonel turned back to sit down once more on the edge of the shadow line. СAll yours, LieutenantЕ start on three I thinkЕ then take it upЕ very slowly. Let our foolish little friend understand the real penalty of saying СI donТt rememberТ to Colonel MarcosЕТ

Silence fell and in the darkness there was a soft creaking and shufflingЕ the sounds of sexually aroused men craning forward to get the closest view of the young girl strapped to the torture frame before them. Moist tanned flesh spread wide, a body held open and helpless by dark stained leather straps; toned young muscles still quivering and twitching from the tortures already so lovingly applied.

In the thick, heavy atmosphere of the interrogation room, all was still apart from the girlТs anguished movements; her head twisting and turning ceaselessly so that limp wet strands of hair whipped to and fro, some pasted across the tear-stained cheeks. Every jerk set the heavy globes of the girlТs breasts swaying and bouncing, their swollen, scorched tips jiggling and flicking droplets of sweat onto the concrete floor below.

The hot, eager gaze of the watchers was fixed lower, on the painful splay of GinaТs thighs, the bulging V of her mound and the soft slit of her cunt. The thin red wires curved innocuously across from the control box to the connections clamped to the young studentТs sex; one deep in her vagina, the other wire trailing across the open slit of her cunt to where, peeping between the slippery, glistening labia, the electrode gripping her clitoris winked and glittered in the glare of the spotlights.

Lieutenant Perez lifted the control box so that Gina could see it, smiled and pressed the red button. Once again a faint low buzzing overrode the shuffling noises of the watchers. GinaТs muscles jerked in spasm, rocking her against the straps and forcing her head back in an agonising arch her mouth gaping wide as the shock fizzed though her genitals. Silence, thenЕ.


Gina squealed like an animal as the blazing agony of the current surged through her. Spittle dribbled from her mouth and nose as every muscle was wrenched bar-taut by the electric shock. The lieutenantТs finger lifted and Gina was thrown forwards by the sudden relaxation of her muscles. No words now, just mindless babbling cries as the girl fought to drag enough air into her rasping lungs.

In the shadows Colonel Marcos flicked one finger in an unmistakable command. GinaТs gasping cries were cut off instantly as Anna Perez pressed the control button once more. This time the screams of agony were overlaid by the sound of liquid splashing onto the concrete floor as Gina lost control of her bladder. СSilly girl,Т the Lieutenant chided as she released the switch to allow Gina to slump forwards once more. СWetting yourself only makes a better contact for the electrodes, seeЕТ


For ten, interminable minutes the Lieutenant used her fiendish skill to keep Gina bucking and squealing like a demented puppet as the shocks fizzed and burned through the copper electrodes biting into the most sensitive places in the young studentТs cunt. Each time she turned the control knob up a fraction, allowing the blazing agony of the electric current to build and build, driving the girl to the screaming edge of madness. At last Gina collapsed, her voice harsh and broken from continual screaming, her sweat-drenched body hanging limp against her bonds as unconsciousness claimed her.

СGentlemen, we will take a break for lunch at this point. With a few hours to recoverЕ and to allow the tenderness and sensitivity in her nipples and cunt to reach maximumЕ young Gina will provide an even more exciting performance later this afternoonЕ and perhaps Mrs Farez can join her.Т

Colonel Marcos gently stroked the matted blonde hair and smiled across at Anna Perez over the noise of people moving in the dimness. СЕYes, IТm sure we can find some delightful ways to persuade both of them to perform even more vigorously,Т he said softlyЕ

by Cortez. All rights reserved
Illustrated by DANI

Colonel Marcos made sure he supplied what the most senior men in the Junta wanted. Not just the carefully and agonizingly extracted supply of intelligence information but also the kind of sadistic sexual interrogations that they could watch to slake their own jaded voyeuristic appetites. Given that he and his usual assistant, Anna Perez, found considerable sexual pleasure and gratification in their work, the arrangement worked excellently. The colonel and his team were effectively above the law, such as it was under a brutal and ruthless military dictatorship. Moreover, they were guaranteed a supply of young, attractive women to include in interrogation sessions thus ensuring that those in power had the opportunity to enjoy a regular program of strictly private entertainment.

It was not just the senior officers and their wealthy political supporters who made use of the Colonel’s department. Big business, especially American big business, was making big money from the whole region, despite the level of bribery required to oil the wheels of commerce effectively. San Felipe provided many of them with convenient and convivial base for operations; luxury hotels, a refreshing lack of regulation and a pragmatic approach to difficulties that usually involved the undocumented exchange of large amounts of American currency.

Sometime those difficulties involved dealing with members of staff who were becoming too involved or too active in such awkward things as opposition politics, the activities of the police, human rights. In such circumstances it was always possible for incriminating information to get into the hands of the internal security police. Of course, should a member of staff then be arrested and, even worse, ill-treated or even disappear without trace it was most regrettable…but, after all, San Felipe was known to be a difficult and dangerous assignment and all employees had signed the appropriate disclaimers about the risks. Naturally, every effort was made to deal with the perpetuators of such outrages but with so many rebel and criminal elements at large and the need for vigorous policing these things did happen from time to time.

What about the complaints of lack of human rights and the systematic and widespread use of torture by the Junta? For the smiling executives in their protected enclaves the line was simple; it was all lies…a blatant attempt by dissidents, left-wing political activists and other enemies of the state to discredit the forces of law and order. Naturally, in such a situation it was only to be expected that the police and security forces were rather more physical and direct in dealing with things than back home, but that was how things were under a military government.

For those individuals who did try to speak out or do something the penalties of being found out could be deeply unpleasant.

Pretty, twenty six year old oil company executive Sheryl Peters looked a mess; her short blonde hair stuck up in damp spikes, one shoe was missing and her normally immaculate clothes looked as though she’d slept rough in them. Her blouse was unbuttoned to the waist; gaping open to reveal the smooth, full curves of her breasts barely held within a lacy white half cup bra.

The smart grey pinstripe skirt was rolled up over her buttocks exposing the full length of her long tanned legs. Her tiny white thong panties had also ridden up, the silky material now stretched taut over her genitals; emphasizing rather than concealing the pouting bulge of her cunt lips and cutting right up into the groove between her tanned and toned bottom cheeks to leave them completely bare.

Shivering and sniveling with fear she repeatedly shook her head from side to side, unsuccessfully trying to dislodge the stinging beads of sweat from her face. She wanted to move; to pull her skirt down… button her blouse…wipe her forehead…anything but stumble along in the grip of two grinning, foul smelling men in dirty singlets and tattered camouflage trousers.

She wanted too very much…but doing any of these things was impossible.

She’d tried screaming…until they hit her in the stomach. Once reduced to retching whimpers the men had ignored her completely. Such foolish sounds were expected…and anyway, she would make louder and much more exciting noises when the colonel started working on her. She twisted and turned her wrists until they were raw in a futile attempt to break the thin nylon disposacuffs holding her arms so tightly together behind her back. The men ignored those frantic and useless escape efforts too as they dragged her downstairs to the cellars below Security Headquarters in the centre of San Felipe.

Oh God… was it only an hour ago? Sheryl Peters tried to think clearly. The office…then the trip to the refinery with Angela and then….then all she could remember was a jumble of impressions… a black car…masked men…guns and .people yelling at her…that sickly, sweet smelling pad being pressed over her mouth and then…nothing. Waking up groggy…being pulled out of the car…the men seizing her arms…laughing as they dragged her along…they were still grinning now, forcing her into this awful place…

The edges of the vaulted chamber were in darkness but the middle was brilliantly lit by powerful lights. Sheryl knew there were other people in the room, vague shapes against the lights, but could see almost nothing else until the men pushed her to the edge of the pool of light.

The central area wasn’t completely empty. To one side in the shadows there was a solid wooden workbench with a jumble of things on it. Just in front was a much smaller table, only about two foot square…it looked very heavy with thick wooden legs and an inch-thick solid top. From her brief glimpse, Sheryl though she saw straps hanging from each side but didn’t take in any details because she was trying very hard not to collapse at the sight of the thing sticking up from the middle of the bare concrete floor.

The thick wooden post was only three feet high and topped with an equally thick horizontal bar about a foot long so it looked like an abbreviated capital ‘T’. Unlike the rough surface of the upright, the rounded top of the bar gleamed ominously with an oily sheen…as though it had been polished through long use. Her terrified eyes had just taken in the metal fittings at the post’s base and further up…and that there were strong ringbolts set into the floor around it…when she heard footsteps beyond the blazing white lights.

She froze, her face going pale with shock, as a man and a woman strolled out of the shadows. She recognized the man immediately, Colonel Marcos, the feared and loathed Head of Security for the Junta. Tall and slim, dressed in black trousers and a white shirt open at the neck, he smiled at her but the smile held no warmth… just a horrible, cruel excitement as he looked at the young American’s body… mentally completing her undressing with a sadistic anticipation.

‘You can’t do this…I’m a US citizen…let me go you-you pervert… ’

She jerked as someone grabbed her hair and wrenched her head back. Despite her resolve the sudden, blazing pain made her scream frantically.

‘Aaaaarrrgggghh…b-b-bastard! Let me go… let m…Naaaaagggh!

The man behind her twisted his wrist in her hair and she screamed again at the extra burning pain in her scalp.

‘Enough Diego, Miss Peters understands…’ The hand unclenched and Sheryl’s head bobbed forward. She shook it from side to side trying to clear the tears of pain from her eyes. Her chest heaved as she tired to control her breathing after the shock and pain of the unexpected assault. Colonel Marcos waited patiently until she looked at him again.

‘Delightful…you are everything I was promised, Miss Peters. I am Colonel Marcos…but I see you recognise me…,’ he half turned to his left, ‘and this is my assistant, Anna Perez.’

Sheryl wrenched her neck round to look at the woman next to the colonel. Mid-twenties, pretty with dark skin and short, black hair, she had the same hot excitement in her eyes as her sadistic boss. She was wearing a short white medical coat with the top two buttons undone. The cotton fabric was thin and Clair was certain, from the way the woman’s nipples showed as hard little spikes under the cloth that beneath the coat she was completely naked.

‘Release her…’

There was the snick of a blade and Sheryl gasped in relief, rubbing her wrists and wincing as her fingers caught the raw patches where the nylon band had rubbed the skin away. She stumbled forwards as the men let her go and glared at her smug-faced tormentor in speechless fury.

For a moment no one did anything…then there was a coarse comment from the darkness and Sheryl Peters went scarlet suddenly realising how obscenely exposed she was. She tottered on her high heels in her efforts to tug her skirt down over her bottom then peered down, fumbling in her haste to do up the most strategic buttons on her blouse with fingers numbed to rubbery uselessness from being tied for so long. She had only managed two buttons when Colonel Marcos interrupted.

‘No, don’t bother to do that Miss Peters,’ His voice was coldly amused. ‘Your clothes are only going to get in the way of the things we are going to do to you in a moment or two so I want you to get undressed… the tone hardened, ‘right now, please…’ She stared round wildly as she caught the low murmur of anticipation from the unseen watchers beyond the lights.

‘No…no…NO! You can go fuck yourself Marcos and take your thugs with you…I told you, I’m a US citizen…you can’t do this to me! You bastards wait till I get out of here! Dave McKinley’s Head of the whole South American division and he’s right in there with the White House…and…he’s a very good friend of mine… you and those corporate cocksuckers who set this sick joke up will be out on the streets by tomorrow so…LET ME GO!’

Her fury turned to sick despair as she listened to the chuckles of amusement in the darkness and saw the Colonel’s thin smile. ‘I’m sorry to disappoint you Miss Peters… Mr McKinley happens to be the very person who agreed your arrest and interrogation… very discreetly of course. Like me he is very keen to find out who has been talking out of turn…something I’m sure you’ll tell me…in due course……’

Sheryl Peters buried her face in her hands. Oh God, the only hope she had and it was the worst betrayal…this was no joke…no stupid corporate game…this was horribly real.

‘Miss Peters,’ his voice snapped her out of her misery. ‘I told you to do something…you have a choice…take your own clothes off…or Diego and Juan here will hit you rather hard then cut them off anyway…well?’ The sudden, dead silence was broken by the sharp, metallic noises of two flick knives snapping open. Sheryl’s head whipped from side to side as she looked at the two unwashed thugs and their leering, sadistic grins. They both moved closer, the gleaming, thin-bladed knives held comfortably, ready for use…

Her heels clicked against the concrete as she jerked away from the threat of those blades. In a sudden frenzy of obedience she ripped her blouse open so hard that the two fastened buttons gave way and pinged across the floor.

In frantically dragging the clinging material down her arms she’d forgotten the cuffs were also buttoned. She flailed about madly, wrenching at the sleeves until they finally gave way and she could hurl the wrecked garment straight at the grinning colonel; the pin-stripe skirt followed. Panting, her upper body flushed scarlet with effort and embarrassment, Sheryl struck a defiant pose standing astride, hands clenched on her hips, glaring back at the colonel, the woman and the unseen voyeurs beyond the lights.

‘OK…so now what…you perverts had enough of your cheap thrills yet?’

‘Miss Peters,’ the colonel’s voice was quiet and horribly menacing, ‘you were told you to remove all your clothes… but perhaps you’d like a little help with those remaining intimate items after all?’ The crude sniggers behind her made Sheryl’s sudden bravado desert her as quickly as it had taken over. The confident pose collapsed and she hunched up, arms wrapped across her breasts. She was suddenly very aware of just how revealing her lace bra and panties really were.

Colonel Marcos held up one finger and the men grabbed the young American again, easily unfolding her arms and pulling them away from her breasts. He glanced sideways at Anna Perez, ‘perhaps a woman’s touch…Anna, if you wouldn’t mind…’ Too terrified to struggle further Sheryl closed her eyes, lifted her face to the ceiling and wailed…

‘G-g-g-god n-n-n-no…p-p-please no…’

The warm, musky scent of a sexually excited woman caught her nostrils as soft, delicate and very knowing fingers touched her back…the clip snapped free and the men helped Anna Perez to slide the thin straps down her victim’s arms. Sheryl shuddered, flushing with hot embarrassment as the lacy cups fell to the floor. As her breasts bobbed free there was another growl of excitement from the unseen audience beyond the lights.

It was the shame and humiliation of being so helpless that was worst because Sheryl Peters knew she looked good. She worked hard on her figure, and her breasts complimented the effort. Not Playboy sized…but they still looked great; high, firm pert cones with large, pink aureoles tipped by long jutting nipples. She shivered, praying that the woman would leave her breasts alone…especially her nipples…Oh God! She was so sensitive there…even the thought of being touched by her was making them stiffen and rouse…

Sheryl opened her eyes, moaning softly in despair as she saw the woman studying her; head cocked to one side and her tongue tracing along glistening, scarlet lips. Anna, delightfully naked under the thin cotton coat as Sheryl had suspected, pressed her thighs together. Like Sheryl, she shivered too, a little frisson of delight at the sight of a pretty, near-naked young woman, all blonde hair, honey-gold tan and those wonderfully inviting soft pink points, standing terrified and trembling between the two grinning guards. She rubbed her thighs slowly against each other…feeling the growing warmth and wetness as the slippery lips of her cunt moved and slid against each other.

Any hope of hiding her body’s obvious signs of excitement disappeared as Sheryl Peters felt the familiar sensations of arousal; the peaks of her breasts swelling despite her terror. She also saw the woman’s cruel languid smile as she too watched the jutting tips stiffen and rouse.

‘Oh pretty…such a pretty colour…come on, show Anna how you like her…’ Her fingers moved closer until finally Sheryl gasped and jerked at that first feathery caress. Anna’s fingertips went on circling each aureole…slowly spiralling inwards so that the young American squirmed helplessly at the stimulation. Sheryl tried desperately to ignore what was happening, thinking of anything, anything at all, to stop the slow deliberate arousal. It was useless and the young American’s breathing became quicker and shallower as her long pink nipples grew even harder, jutting out and traitorously revealing her growing excitement to her tormentors.

‘Nuh, nuh naaaaaaaah, d-d-don’t…aaaah!’

She gasped out a half-hearted plea as Anna Perez tugged the peak of her left breast, pulling the engorged teat into a long spike between finger and thumb. Still protesting…but unresisting, Sheryl stared down at her body, watching the woman’s expert fingers repeatedly stroking the length of her nipple in a dreadful…no, no a wonderful…milking action that had her panting and squirming with unwanted pleasure in a few minutes.

‘Let’s get these ready to play with properly, shall we…’

‘Aaaah…aaaaaaah d-don’t, p-please d-d-don’t…’

The long stub bounced and jiggled bringing fresh gasps from the young American. ‘Oh, but I like it…especially when a girl is as sensitive there as you are.’ She smiled dreamily at Sheryl’s frantic squeals as her finger flicked the sensitive tip. ‘Just wait until Anna finishes playing with the other one too…’

Sheryl knew what was coming, had been expecting it…but she still jerked and cried aloud when Anna let her left breast go and immediately started the same strong milking action on her right nipple. Intent on bringing both tits to maximum stiffness and arousal, Anna Perez applied the same skilful caressing stimulation…working on the sensitive stub in exactly the same way…

‘Aaaaaaah! Nuuuh, nuh…noooo!’

Anna’s hands left her breasts alone, but the respite was all too brief. Sheryl cried in protest and bucked violently as they moved down to her waist, nails scraping as fingers burrowed under the elastic before pulling the waistband of her silky thong down over the swell of her hips.

Of course, that involuntary spasm made Sheryl’s breasts bounce wildly as she was finally stripped naked, her jiggling dance bringing yet another chorus of animal growls of excitement from the shadows. Tears of misery and sheer despair trickled down her cheeks; at last she realised she had no choice…no choice at all. Colonel Marcos and this foul woman had undressed her in front of foreign, unseen men and now they were going to do horrible, agonising things to her…and there was nothing she could do to stop them…she didn’t even know what they wanted.

Anna Perez peeled the tiny scrap of silky material down Sheryl’s legs. ‘Look Sir…she really is a natural blonde…’ Sheryl Peters shivered uncontrollably as Anna Perez ran her nails down the soft bulge of her mound, tickling through the carefully trimmed gold hairs. The young executive bent her head down, turning away in shameful excitement at the stimulation of having the pouting bulge of her cunt lips cupped and squeezed very gently by another woman’s fingers. ‘Oh, yes you like Anna playing with you down there…’


Sheryl Peters whimpered, a broken half-hearted mixture of denial and growing passion as she felt one slim finger parting her labia…probing delicately into the wet slit between the lips and touching her…


She bucked and surged against the strong fingers gripping her arms; Anna Perez smiled in satisfaction and went on tickling the fleshy hood guarding the young American’s clitoris, her nail scratching softly to and fro with an unbearable, tormenting caress. ‘Wet, colonel…she is very wet already…responsive too and very, very sensitive.’ Anna Perez held up her left forefinger, gleaming and scented with the moisture of Sheryl’s unwilling arousal.

‘Excellent, Anna… enough for the moment…we must begin. Diego, Juan…put her against the post…’ At the colonel’s quiet order the frightened young American was hustled forwards until her thighs were hard against the ‘T’ piece of the torture post. One of the men gripped both arms whilst the other bent to fasten the metal cuffs round her ankles before tightening a second pair of straps very tightly, one just above each knee.

In a few moments Sheryl Peters was pinned upright, her long elegant legs held straight so she was standing almost to attention against the rough wooden post. She cried aloud again as strong leather cuffs were fastened round each wrist, the hard edges scraping painfully across the raw weals as the buckles were jerked tight.

Sheryl Peters twisted her upper body to and fro until the men wrenched her arms back against her shoulder joints, using them like levers to pull her forwards over the bar. She was bent nearly double when Juan gripped both wrists and Diego picked up a wide tan belt with strong steel clips at either end. For one horrible moment Sheryl thought she was about to be flogged but he simply flipped it across her back just above the swell of her hips.

‘Push her down Juan…’ She grunted with pain, her body folding down over the post as the man pressed his full weight on her shoulders. She could feel Diego’s fingers busy between the wood and her stomach for a moment then there was a metallic click. ‘Got it…let her go…’

Sheryl tried to straighten up but found she was held down by the strap looped round her back and clipped onto a ring bolted halfway down the wooden post. For a few seconds her arms flailed wildly until the men brought her back under control, stretching them out and sideways. Working swiftly to an old routine, the wrist cuffs were attached to thin chains hanging down from the ceiling.

Someone in the darkness hauled the chains tighter and tighter and Sheryl Peters arched backwards, arms wide and her back dipping into a deep curve. Posed like some obscene figurehead she looked straight ahead; her breasts swinging free beneath her torso, bobbing and swaying with every laboured breath.

There was a shuffling murmur of excitement from behind the lights at the way the pink split oval of Sheryl Peter’s cunt with its delightful fringe of fine golden hairs and the tight brown eye of her anus were so blatantly displayed by her doubled posture. Moment’s later the young blonde’s genitals gaped even wider as Diego used brute strength to pull the thick strap even tighter tight over her back, cinching her waist down over the thick round rail, canting her hips up to expose every moist, pinky-red fold of her inner lips to her tormentor’s approving gaze.

With horrible skill the two men now took long minutes adjusting each set of straps and tightening the wrist chains to increase the strain on her limbs and the exposure of the young woman’s genitals. At last they stepped back, saluting the colonel who simply nodded approval. The twenty six year old executive was bent over the rail; legs quite straight so the long muscles of her thighs and calves were at full stretch, whilst her torso was stretched in an agonising reverse curve; her breasts thrust out and her arms held wide as though she was fixed in the middle of a graceful swan dive.

The colonel smiled at the results of Diego and Juan’s expert handiwork. They were good, very good indeed…especially as they enjoyed the work so much… The young woman could scream and wriggle as much as she wished… but there was nothing, nothing at all she could do to prevent the slow careful torture of her breasts, her anus and the delicate inner flesh of her cunt. Of course, Diego had also left her head free… he knew how the colonel liked to watch a victim’s reactions to each new delicate application of pain… guiding Anna Perez with quiet commands as to which instruments to use and the precise place to apply each one so as to extract the most intense signs of agony.

Colonel Marcos knew from long, pleasurable experience that the first searing application of torture would make her try and rear up, automatically throwing her head back…. then she would try and bend forwards straining at the ropes. Unfortunately for her, those were exactly the right movements to make the lips of her cunt gape even wider for her torturer’s next agonising attentions. And of course, held with her arms pulled up and out like this, her breasts and those long pink nipples were delightfully available too.

‘Now Miss Peters it’s really very simple…I want to know who told you about our arrangements with your company…especially who was it who told you about the special payments fund?’

‘Nuh…nu…no one…f-f-found it on a d-data f-file when I was c-checking…’

Sheryl’s voice was muffled, her words a series of shallow gasps as she tried to cope with the increasing strain of her contorted position.

‘I’m afraid that’s just not true, my dear… I know you’re lying and it’s time you found out what we do to liars here.’ His voice was that of a teacher, calm, quiet…almost soothing as he asked. ‘Why do you think you are tied like this?’ Sheryl gabbled wildly as she felt the colonel’s fingers tracing down her flank to cup the dangling cone of her left breast, her body jerking and twitching in a useless effort to shield her most intimate places from his touch.

Save your energies Miss Peters…no, no you can ignore that wire Diego is attaching to your left big toe…that’s just to complete the circuit. No my dear, it’s this other wire that you need to concentrate on…show her Anna.’

Sharing a look of gleeful anticipation with her master, Anna Perez held a little object down close to Sheryl Peter’s face. It was simple and looked somehow crude and homemade; just an eight inch long wooden rod covered with a black rubber grip One end was flat, the other tapered down to a blunt point. A red wire went into the flat end. About six inches of the stiff red wire stuck out from the blunt point of the tapered end.

Staring in terror at the crude implement Sheryl saw that someone had stripped the insulation from the last inch of the jutting wire and crimped the end back on itself to make it rounded and thicker than the rest. The bared copper core curved up gently like a crooked finger. The wire looked…almost rippled… as though it had been bent and straightened many times before. Just before she looked away she noticed Anna Perez’s finger resting on a small on/off switch set into the handle.

‘The old ways have their uses, Miss Peters, heated irons, needles and so on, but electricity is so much more… intense I find, so much more stimulating…’ Colonel Marcos touched the up curved end of the carefully prepared copper wire. ‘Anna likes to use clips or needles for the nipples usually, but…’ His fingers tweaked the end of Sheryl’s left nipple. ‘But, for the most sensitive openings of a woman’s body, her vagina, her urethra and her anus…the slow insertion of an electric wire provides the most exquisite agony…but it can be most stimulating elsewhere too…Anna is going to show you by starting with these…’ His carefully manicured hands stroked the dangling tips of Sheryl Peter’s breasts, ‘and then we will talk again…’

‘Nuh, nuh, no…no…noooo… you c-c-c-can’t-t-t-t-t…’

She screamed manically, the chains clattering above her as she fought the straps and cuffs holding her down. The threshing frenzy made her breasts flail wildly, slapping into each other with the violence of her reaction. Her torturers ignored her completely. Juan placed a plastic chair in front of the pinioned woman. Behind the babbling and raving young American, Anna Perez nodded to Diego who was sitting at the table on the edge of the lighted area in front of a small, humming control box. There was a sharp click and a red light glowed in the gloom

Colonel Marcos seated himself comfortably in front of Sheryl Peter’s head and lifted her chin up. ‘Can’t? Oh but I can, Sheryl…’ Colonel Marcos let the young American’s head fall forwards and held up two fingers as he leaned back and lit a cigarette. At the table Diego grinned and adjusted the setting on the control dial.

The colonel watched as Anna Perez pulled on a pair of thin rubber gloves. He let a stream of blue smoke drift upwards, ‘and you can’t imagine just how much this is going to hurt….’ Anna lifted the rod under Sheryl’s body and brought the rounded end of the wire probe up to touch the very tip of her right nipple. Then she pressed the switch…

There was a muted buzzing as the copper wire traced across the rounded tip. The cruelly pinioned body snapped taut; every muscle and sinew showing in hard relief as the young American arched back in a convulsion of agony.



Anna Perez brought the handle up again, this time stroking the rounded end of the copper wire very slowly down the full length of the young woman’s nipple until her bucking convulsions broke the contact. Sheryl’s torturers grinned at each other, enjoying the young woman’s frantic efforts not to scream aloud. With each surge of current her eyes bulged wide and her teeth bit deeper into her lower lip trying desperately to hold in her cries.


‘Warm the other one up a little as well, Anna’ Colonel Marcos said quietly as the young American’s muffled cries gave way to bubbling, sobbing whimpers as the current was turned off. Sheryl Peters’ chest heaved as she fought to get sufficient aim into her lungs to cope with the blazing agony in her breasts…

There was a faint chinking from the wrist chains as she twitched a little in her bonds then Anna Perez stroked the long, rosy stub of her other nipple with the copper wire, waited for her victim to stare down between her outstretched arms at this new point of torture before she pressed the button. Immediately, the honey tanned body arched back once more, rigid with another spasm of agony as the current fizzed through her.

‘Mmmmmmffffh! Nnnnnnnngggghh!’

This time Anna traced circles round her victim’s sensitive aureole with the tip of the wire then stopped, waited for the convulsions to die, and stroked the copper wire in an agonising caress down length of the young woman’s nipple. Each time Sheryl’s wild spasms broke the contact she waited patiently for her to relax just a little before touching her with the copper electrode once more. Finally, she stopped and stepped back.

‘And that is just a taste, a small sample of what you face if you do not tell me what I wish to know…’ The colonel lifted the young American’s head and stroked the matted, blonde hairs away from her flushed and tear-stained features. ‘So unnecessary…all you have to do is give me a name…’

Sheryl Peters peered at him, eyes slitted with pain. Her mouth hung slack, gaping wide open as she fought for breath and a thin stream of saliva trickled to the concrete below. Finally, frantic, gasping panting slowed a little and she ran her tongue over swollen, cracked lips.

‘Tol you…I-I-I… f-foun it on the h-hard disch in the office…pr-pr-private f-f-filesh…n-none one tol me…Pleash…tol you wha you wan…pleash don’t let her ush the wire…pleash…PLEASH!’

The babble of words rose to a pleading shriek as Sheryl saw Colonel Marcos nod to Anna Perez. She craned her head round; desperate to see what the woman was doing behind her.

‘You are a most foolish young lady…the information was known to very few and certainly not kept on any private file. You are about to discover that lying to me is both unwise and extremely painful. Now…to be generous, where would you like Anna to begin…back or front?’

‘NOOOOOO, no don’t pleash I don’t know any names, really I don’t stop her…pleash ple…’

‘…No, no she’s not going to stop.’ He lifted her chin once again, ‘tell me, I hear you Americans enjoy…what do you call it…ah yes, butt-fucking don’t you…’ He ignored the sudden frantic sounds of protest, ‘so, to oblige a guest…Anna is going to butt-fuck you with her little toy.’ He let her head go, ‘you are about to discover a whole new world of pain in a moment. First, concentrate hard and you’ll feel Anna sliding that copper wire right up inside your anus…’ he paused, ‘unless you’ve remembered any names for me…?’

Whilst the Colonel was talking, Anna Perez licked the rounded tip of the copper wire. Once inside the young woman’s anal ring the curved end would ensure that Anna could press the tip the against the sides of the blonde’s rectum so as to make every movement of the wire bring further hellish pain as the current seared and scorched through the delicate inner membranes deep inside her body.

Taking her cue from the colonel’s words, Anna Perez touched the end of the wire to the centre of Sheryl Peter’s anus, she smiled as it pouted then clenched like a little mouth at the touch of the cool metal.

‘Doing that won’t help darling…,’ she murmured and her finger pressed the switch for split second. It was all done by the expert use of reflexes. Sheryl jerked, goosed by the stabbing jolt of current, and then, as her muscles automatically relaxed, Anna deftly slid the wire inside.

‘Oh God! Oh God! Oh, oh…oh no…no aaah…no, no please noooo…!’

Sheryl babbled in terror…there was no real pain…yet, just the horrible feeling of something sliding inside her rectum, touching her…worming round inside and teasing and tickling the sensitive lining so she wanted to wriggle and move…but she couldn’t. Anna slid the rod gently in and out, twisting the handle so the curved tip worked and fretted the membranes of the young woman’s back passage. With every movement the already strained muscles of Sheryl’s thighs and buttocks fluttered and shivered whilst the brown rosette of her anus sucked and clenched uselessly round the slippery red plastic coating of the wire.

‘Listen to me…,’ the sweat-spiked blonde hair shook frantically and the babbling entreaties continued without pause. ‘Sheryl…,’ Colonel Marcos lifted his hand fingers spread as though he was about to pluck a gourd from an overhanging branch and steadied the swaying cone of her right breast. He took a long leisurely pull on his cigarette, tapped off the ash and delicately touched the glowing end against the swollen tip of her nipple.


The sound was soft, just a faint hiss and for a second the blonde’s pleas were silenced as she craned her head down to stare at her own breasts. Mouth and eyes widened in sudden agonised disbelief then a single scream of outrage and pain ripped through the stillness.


‘Now I have your attention, Miss Peters…,’ his words were interrupted by the American’s gasping, panting cries…, ‘or should I provide a second reminder?’ His hand lifted again and Sheryl wailed as she felt his fingers cupping her other breast…

‘No…no…please…I’m listening, please I am…I am…’

‘That’s better…., this is your final chance for you to tell me what I wish to know.’ Sheryl Peters burst into tears, her head shaking in desperate denial. ‘I see…you are being extremely foolish, Miss Peters. Anna, see if you can change our young friend’s mind for her….’ Smiling in anticipation, Colonel Marcos settled more comfortably in his chair. Behind the outstretched blonde’s back Anna Perez pressed the switch on the handle of the wooden rod…

Colonel Marcos eased himself in the chair, gently stroking the thick length of his erection through the black fabric of his trousers, as he watched the play of expression across the American’s face. First a long, shuddering gasp, a mixture of disbelief and outrage at what was happening, her eyes widening and bulging unseeingly as the current fizzed and burned deep in her rectum. Then the mouth opening wider and wider, lips rolling back and tongue curling up. Finally as the first real scream ripped through the hot, foetid air her muscles contracted in spasm, arching her head and upper body backwards, almost as though she was offering her breasts for more of the colonel’s attentions.


With that first animal squeal Anna started moving the rod, repeating the slow, deliberate stroking of the inner walls of Sheryl’s rectum and dragging a rising and falling song of agony from her with each fresh twisting movement of the wire.

Anna kept her at the peak of agony for long minutes until Sheryl slumped down, hanging limply from her chains. Only then did Anna release the switch and pull the wire free.

‘Try the urethra next…work the wire up slowly. Diego, go up to level three,’ he ordered and the grinning thug twisted the control dial to a higher mark. ‘Wait until I wake her up, Anna. Personally I don’t think she’s got much to tell us but with such a delightful subject…she ought to receive our full attention, don’t you agree?’

‘Oh yes, colonel…now those nipples are nicely blistered they’ll carry the current even better next time…and she’ll be raw up inside when we put the wire into her again…’

‘Now Sheryl…time to wake up…’ His hand cupped her other breast and once again he drew his cigarette to a bright, red glow before touching the jutting pink stub….


The sweat-soaked head jerked up and Sheryl Peters stared out at the cruel, smiling face of her torturer. ‘N-n-no, p-p-please…I don’t know what you want…please the only person who helped me was Rosa…’

‘Rosa, Rosa Sanchez? Your secretary…what did you tell her? When?’

‘Told her I had found something…told her it was big…she said I was wrong…didn’t believe me…no-one else…found it on a disc…’ She tailed off rambling as the exhaustion and pain of the electrical torture and her blistered nipples claimed all her attention.

‘Interesting but I think Anna wants to see what else you have to tell us…’

Sheryl bucked, her back arching as she felt Anna’s fingers parting the inner lips of her labia. She tried clenching her buttocks together but the position and the restraints were too carefully adjusted and Anna Perez had no difficulty in finding the little hole of the young blonde’s urethra. Rocking her hand from side to side she wormed the rounded end of the wire into the opening: Sheryl wincing and crying at the pain with each movement. Getting a brief nod from Colonel Marcos she pressed the switch.

This time the effect was twice as violent as before. Sheryl Peters’ body curved back so violently that, for a moment, Colonel Marcos thought she was actually going to break a bone. The American’s scream rang and echoed round the vaulted chamber, no words, just a piercing animal cry of anguish.

‘Aaaaarrrgggghh…naaaaaaaah….naaarrgh… Nnnnaaaaarrrrggggghhhh!’

This time, Anna kept turning the current on and off as she worked the six inch wire deeper and deeper up the length of the wildly sensitive tube. Each time she turned the current back on there was the same arching spasm and another piercing scream. Each time she lifted her finger from the button the young blonde crashed back against her restraints, chest heaving madly, her breath whooping and wheezing as she tried desperately to fill her oxygen starved lungs.

‘Well, who else Sheryl…tell me who else…!’

‘Tol Rosa…nu…nu no-one elsh…jus Rosa…’

Smiling, the colonel flicked his finger and Anna pulled the wire free. If they went on now she’d just pass out again, with a chance to rest, she would be that much more tender and sensitive when they started again. Besides, when the rest had left, he and Anna could enjoy that golden, honey-coloured body at their leisure.

He felt a tingle of anticipation thinking about the wonderful sounds she would make as he slid his cock into that tortured and raw anus…slowly fucking her whilst Anna Perez played with her tits.

He savoured the possibilities…perhaps he would watch whilst Anna enjoyed herself first. He knew all about his assistant’s ways. After torturing her with the wire she would be desperate to use that black, wickedly ridged strap-on dildo to fuck the American until she came and came again.

He sighed with pleasure at the thought, yes, that was a better idea…let Anna have her then, just when she though they’d finished fucking her…it would be his turn. He grinned, remembering the Brazilian girl they’d strapped over the bar last week. She tried to resist but he’d quickly buried the full length of his cock in her anus…then Anna had reached up between them and started playing with the girl’s clit. She come like a firecracker…climax after climax so it felt as though a strong velvet hand was squeezing and milking the entire length of his cock with every orgasm…wonderful.

Ever the professional, Colonel Marcos studied the dangling figure bent over the post. ‘Diego, Juan get a squad and fetch this Rosa Sanchez…her address will be in the file. She works at Olympia Oil but I want her taken quietly…at home or on the street…no guns, no fuss.’ He turned and addressed the shapes in the darkness. ‘We’ll finish there gentlemen…I’ll let you know when we’re ready for Miss Sanchez…or if we decide to continue talking to Miss Peters…’

There were the sounds of people leaving…important people who it was better not to upset…people who provided the protection that the colonel needed.

‘Now, Anna, you must be all hot and excited after that…if you’ve got your special toys with you…perhaps you’d like to have first turn stimulating Miss Peters in a different sort of way…

Anna Perez grinned and undid the buttons of her white coat. She reached for a leather shoulder bag, ‘oh thank you sir, with pleasure….’

by Cortez. All rights reserved
Illustrated by DANI

Nina Mendoza was only just twenty-one. She had been working with the rebels for six months. She had been a prisoner of the military junta for just over half an hour.

Ambushed whilst returning from a raid on a small police post, she had been separated from the others immediately, hooded, tied hand and foot and thrown on board a river gunboat. Still dazed from the brutal attack, she was left alone in hot, sweaty darkness, her mind panicking as she remembered all the stories sheТd heard of the kinds of interrogation and torture methods that the security forces used to question suspects, especially young women.

Two hours later the boat arrived at a landing stage on the edge of the city and, still without any words or orders, she was manhandled ashore, pushed into a jeep with the black hood still over her head, and driven away at speed. When the jeep finally stopped, coarse hands dragged her out of the seat, ripping her shirt before letting her fall forwards. With her hands lashed behind her there was nothing she could do to stop her bare knees scraping painfully as she tumbled onto the rough ground.

СIs this is the one the message was about?Т A quiet, cold voice silenced the chatter around her.

СYes, Colonel, Captain Morales thought you would wish to question her personally. Her papers say her nameТs Angela GomezЕ but sheТs really Nina Mendoza, student until last year. Minor dissident from the record, leaflets and so, on but only one arrest until now. Headquarters have her on file as JimenezТs ex-girlfriend. SheТs been isolated since we got her.Т

СGood, take her down. Hut twoЕТ

More hands pulling her upright, marching her across the hot tarmac at speed, then steps up followed by the relief of smooth wood underfoot, bootТs echoing on floorboards and the sounds of people calling and cryingЕ muffled somehow. Then the creak and thud of doors opening and closing, a few more steps and she felt warmth on her face

The black hood was ripped away and Nina Mendoza screwed her eyes up, twisting her head away from the sudden glare. She was inside a strongly built wooden hut. No windows but spot lamps bolted to the roof beams made a circle of light in the middle of the floor. The heavily built soldier who had brought her down simply pushed her forwards into the pool of light. She could only see with difficulty because the thick hood had left her long black hair, matted and wet with sweat, plastered across her forehead and pasted down against her high cheekbones and the smooth delicate curve of her jaw.

Gradually adjusting, she began to see a little more in the dimness beyond the lights. There was the glint of chrome and steel, the outlines of ropes looped across the beamed ceiling and the single red eye of something electrical on a bench at the back. Nina Mendoza shivered, despite the fact that she was still wearing her khaki shirt and shorts, wondering how long their feeble protection would last nowЕ Then as her sight adapted she realised that there was a desk in the shadows with the outlines of two people, a man and a woman, behind it.

Colonel Marcos smiled in the darkness as he watched his latest victim. He knew, despite her obvious fear, that she didnТt have any real idea about the things that they were about to do to her. He leaned forwards, forearms resting comfortably on the desktop.

СI am Colonel Marcos, Chief of National Security,Т he said in a soft controlled voice. СI collect information. My team and I are experts in encouraging reluctant individuals to tell us what we wish to know. Individuals like you, reallyЕТ His voice brought the pretty young studentТs head jerking round as she tried to see through the hot glare of the lights. She took two paces back then winced as the guard gripped her upper arms, holding her still as the man got up and moved into the pool of light in front of her.

The colonel was in his forties, slim, black haired and dressed immaculately in a freshly ironed white shirt and dark grey trousers. His black hair was slicked back from his forehead and a small moustache showed as a dark line along his upper lip. A thin scar, whiter against the tanned skin, ran from the corner of his left eye down along the line of his jaw. Nina Mendoza moaned softly, shivering as she saw the hot, cruel spark in his eyes, knowing this man was dangerous; not only powerful, but someone who enjoyed using that power to enjoy the slow deliberate cruelty of torture, especially the torture of women.

Suddenly defiant she glared back at him. СYou canТt keep me here, you bastard. IТve done nothing to you. Your men attacked us without warning.Т She faltered. СI donТt know any secrets, really I donТt. Please you must let me go, you must. I wonТt tell anyone about this place. I donТt even know where we are, p-p-p-pleaseЕТ

СLet you go? Why on earth should I? No one knows or cares you are hereЕ besides, we havenТt even started yet.Т One fined-boned hand cupped the soft weight of her breast through her shirt. СThereТs all this delightful flesh to play withЕ He stopped, forefinger and thumb rolling the stub of her nipple to and fro so that she bit her lip at the sudden surge of arousal. СBut,Т the fingers pinched so she gasped aloud, СIТm afraid youТre a little over dressed for the things we want to do to you. SoЕ you can start by taking your clothes offЕТ

СNo, no, I wonТt, you canТt do thisЕ you canТtЕТ

СNina, NinaЕТ the colonelТs voice calm and reasonable as though chiding a reluctant child. СPlease believe me when I say I can do anything at all I want to hereЕ You have a simple choice. Take your clothes off on your ownЕ or I will leave the room for a few minutes whilst Jorges, the big man who brought you in here and who is now holding your arms so securely, to do it for youЕ of course he may get a little excited as he does itЕ one of his favourite games is to see how long it takes to undress someone just using a whipЕbutЕ itТs your choice.Т

There was movement behind his shoulder as the woman stepped forwards. СOr perhaps you prefer the feminine touchЕ Lieutenant Perez, perhaps you would be so kind as to assist our guest.Т Nina peered at the trim muscular figure with full lips and fine features. Her black hair was cut short and she wore almost no makeup.

She was wearing a short white doctorТs coat, buttoned so it emphasised her figure and the firm thrust of her small pointed breasts, no tights or stockings and soft black shoes. Without being told, Nina was quite sure suddenly that the lieutenant was completely naked beneath the white cotton. She also saw that the womanТs eyes were alight with that same hot, eager excitement that she had seen in the ColonelТs face.

Trembling with fear, but scared stiff of the threat posed by the soldier guarding her, Nina Mendoza gave in and slowly unbuttoned her shirt. Her body was firm and young enough for her not to need the support of a bra. As the tattered garment slipped from her shoulders, she immediately wrapped her arms across her bodyЕ clutching the cloth against the firm peaks of her breasts in a vain attempt at concealment. Before she could do anything, Lieutenant Perez eased the crumpled garment from her hands very gently.

СVery good, now the shortsЕ. please.Т The colonelТs voice was quiet, but firm and insistent. Nina half-saw the woman reaching for her hips but twisted away, determined to finish what sheТd started. She undid her belt and zip then let the stiff material fall away.

In the hands of her cruel and merciless captors, nineteen year old Nina Mendoza was left standing alone, clad only in a brief, white thong riding high on her hips. The sheer material was so soaked with sweat that it was almost transparent. Pasted against her moist tanned skin she was suddenly conscious of the way the fabric was cupping and emphasising the bulge of her cunt

She tugged the thin elastic waistband down over her hips. As the young student peeled the brief wet triangle of cotton away from her body, the colonel was able to see the smooth, naked V between her thighs, a V that ended in the deep inrolling slit of the girlТs shaven cunt. Before Nina Mendoza had a chance to pull the scanty web of material from between her buttocks, she felt another pair of hands, hands with slim, strong fingers, easing the cord free, pulling her panties down her legs until she could step clear of the sodden scrap of fabric.

СVery niceЕ nice and firm,Т Anna PerezТs voice was a soft menacing whisper as she stroked NinaТs thigh before tracing one finger very delicately along the line of her slit. СI think this rebel bitch is ready for you now, sir.Т

Nina twisted, crossing her legs to shrug off the lieutenantТs caress as she looked at the colonelТs calm, cruel gaze. There was a sudden clatter behind her. СNow, my dear I think weТd better have you sitting down, Jorges has put a chair out ready for youЕТ

Nina looked round. In the middle of the wooden floor was a battered tubular frame chair. The canvas backrest and seat had been removed but metal rings had been welded roughly to the base and back rails. She stared unmoving at the bare metal frame, horrified by the captainТs words.

СOur guest seems to be confused by the word chair. YouТd better help her, Jorges, Lieutenant Perez will see to the straps.Т Jorges grinned, tightening his grip on NinaТs arms and pulling her backwards until her legs met the front edge of the frame. Instinctively, she sat down, hands clutching the sidebars to stop herself sinking down through the gap where the seat had been.

СLegs apart, right apart over the side bars and feet back behind you, if you donТt mindЕТ the Colonel ordered quietly. Nina winced as the metal frame dug across the backs of her thighs as she spread her knees wide apart to get into the position the captain wanted. She felt Lieutenant PerezТs hands lifting her ankles, lifting them backwards until they were hard against the rear legs of the chair and her legs were almost doubled back under her. Nina jerked and gasped as she heard a zipping noise and felt the sudden fierce grip of nylon ties being yanked tight round each ankle in turn.

СNowЕ arms behind your back, rebel girlieЕТ

There was another zipping noise and more fierce, biting pain as the lieutenant used another of the unbreakable nylon fastenings to fix NinaТs wrists together before dragging her arms back and down and clipping them to the middle of the cross bar at the base of the seat.

As Jorges pulled her arms together behind her body, Nina could feel herself being forced to arch back over the frame. She knew that they were tying her in this way deliberately, forcing her breasts into even greater prominence, but there was nothing she could do to prevent it. A moment later she cried out in pain as Jorges made things even worse by cinching a broad leather strap round her upper arms, just above her elbows. NinaТs shoulders creaked in protest as they were twisted back against the joints when the strap was pulled yet another notch tighter to lock her elbows together painfully.

Satisfied with the jutting pose of NinaТs breasts, Lieutenant Perez and Jorges quickly wrapped more of the supple, well-used leather straps high up round each of NinaТs thighs, passing each one under the metal frame of the chair as well. The lieutenant let the heavily built guard cinch each strap as tight as possible, clamping the young studentТs thighs wide apart to leave her cunt and anus wide open and ready for her expert attentions.

In less than three minutes, Nina Mendoza was seated helpless in front of her torturers, tears trickling down her cheeks, her breasts jiggling and bobbing provocatively as she twisted and writhed against the cruel restraints that held her fast. Splayed and tied down to the metal chair frame there was now nothing at all she could to protect or shield the soft, sensitive points of her body from whatever they wished to do to her.

The Colonel stroked her long, black hair; teasing the wet strands away from her tear-stained cheeks. He cupped her jaw and pushed her head back until she was staring up at the ceiling. СNow, my dearЕ where is Jimenez hiding at present? Where is the printing press?

СP-p-p-p-p-please, I donТt know what you want. IТve told you IТm not a rebel. Please donТt hurt me, pleaseЕ.Т

The colonel shook his fingers so that NinaТs head rocked from side to side. He gripped her jaw between his forefinger and thumb, and smiled. СJust as I expectedЕ you show a foolish and misplaced spark of defiance, my dear. Lieutenant, sheТs all yours. I think weТll try the copper clips firstЕТ

Nina MendozaТs breath rasped in the sudden silence, her chest heaving as she panted with growing terror at the colonelТs words. СNooo, please, donТt touch me! IТd tell you if I knew, please believe meЕТ Even as she pleaded she twisted her head away from the colonelТs cruel gaze to watch Jorges placing a small table at the side of the chair frame. The top was empty but there was an ominous collection of electrical equipment on the lower shelf.

Nina choked back a back a scream as she saw the contents of the stainless steel tray that the sergeant put down on the tabletop: a collection of long shiny needles, each one carefully mounted in a cork handle, some vicious looking copper clips, matches, candles, even a pair of long-nose pliers and a small gas torch. СNo, no you canТt. IТll scream, pleaseЕ.

A warm tongue licked the whorl of her ear. СOh yes, you willЕ IТll guarantee that. LetТs make you all nice and stiff for me, yes?Т Nina bucked uselessly as Anna Perez slid her hands over the young studentТs naked shoulders; moving down until she was cupping the weight of NinaТs full breasts in each hand. Her thumbnails moved to and fro across the peaks of her nipples in an exquisite scraping movement so that they rose and hardened despite NinaТs every effort to stop her body responding.

The sergeant rolled the thickening stubs between finger and thumb. СYou like that? Oh yes, so long and thick nowЕТ her fingers milked the girlТs teats relentlessly. СTime to decorate your tits my darlingЕТ

The lieutenant leaned across and picked up two of the heavy, copper clips, As she pressed the jaws of one clip open, Nina saw that the inside was lined with sharp, needle like teeth. Holding NinaТs left breast and using her finger and thumb to keep the peak steady, the Lieutenant moved the gaping jaws over the rigid swollen nipple. Then, after a long, tormenting pause, she relaxed her fingersЕ allowing the powerful spring to clamp the jaws shut.

СOh God! Aaaaah noooooo! Take it off, take it off, p-please, oh pleaseЕ itТs hurting me. PleaseЕТ

In reply, Anna slowly licked the inner curve of her victimТs ear, making sure that Nina felt the heat of her own excitement. Then she deliberately jiggled the girlТs breast to make the heavy clip bobble and bounce on its stub of flesh and bringing another series of mewing cries from Nina.

Lieutenant Perez let the girl absorb the full agony of the tiny needles puncturing and gripping the wildly sensitive peak of her breast before placing the second clip. This time she let the jaws close very slowly so that Nina could watch the needles lancing into the nerve rich tip until she squealed aloud as the sharp agony of their points was increased by the slow throbbing pain of the springТs biting pressure.

Thinking that the clips themselves were the torture, Nina gasped and strained in her straps. Her breath whistled in her throat as she tried to adjust to the dreadful stabbing pains in the peak of each breast. Her head fell forwards and she slumped against her bonds as Anna Perez turned away.

Then she heard the pop and soft roar of the little gas torch. She writhed madly, her efforts rocking the metal frame so it clattered against the wooden floor. The colonel stroked the soft skin of the young studentТs neck, enjoying the glossy sheen of sweat on her body. As Nina struggled, her wet, slick breasts bounced and swayed wildly. Every movement made each copper capped nipple jiggle and dance. For a moment the only sounds in the torture room were the soft roar of the flame and the terrified, panting breathing of the pinioned girl.

СNow, have you remembered where your boyfriend, Jimenez, might be yetЕ? No, well let me tell you what happens now. Lieutenant Perez is going to use the torch to heat the ends of the clips you are wearing so prettily. TheyТre made of copper and conduct heat excellently, which is something that you are about to find out. Of course, if you want her to stop thenЕ.Т

The colonel paused, studying the young womanТs jutting breasts and the way the spiked jaws gripped the full length of each thick nipple. СOh by the way, those clips come in threesЕ so, while you are learning about these twoЕ you might want to think about where the lieutenant will be placing the third one in a few minutes in your memory doesnТt improveЕТ

The colonel moved away to sit down in a comfortable armchair in the shadows. СJorges, hold her shoulders. Once they heat up sheТll want to wriggle quite a bit I suspectЕТ

The heavily muscled guard clamped his hands on NinaТs shoulders; holding her torso still as Anna Perez carefully adjusted the little gas torch until the flame was a barely visible hissing blue jet. СWatch carefullyЕ just let me warm the end for a moment…Т

Craning her head downwards, Nina looked in horror as the lieutenant carefully played the hot blue flame to and fro over the thick, copper end of the clip dangling from her right breast СCan you feel it yet?Т

She smiled as she saw the girl twitch suddenly in JorgeТs firm grip. In the silence they could all hear NinaТs sudden racing breaths as she tried to ride the first tendrils of heat lancing into her nipple.

СAh, ah no, no ah, ah, ahЕ Aaaaahhhhh! Oh God! ArrrggghhhЕ!Т

The girl squealed in agony as the scorching heat finally seared through the copper jaws into the length of her nipple. Each one of the impaling needle teeth was now sending a fiery shaft of pain deep into the delicate tip.

Anna Perez ignored the frenzied cries as she continued to play the hissing flame onto the end of the clip. Behind the chair, JorgesТs fingers were white with the effort of holding the pain-wracked girl in position, clamping her shoulders down so that she couldnТt twist herself away from the continual burning agony of the red-hot copper jaws.

СNo, No! Nooooooo, Aaaaaah!Т

The girl grunted and whinnied, her body arching back so that the tendons showed like cables beneath the skin as the blazing agony went on and on. The animal noises subsided into a series of panting grunts as Anna moved the blowtorch away and stretched languidly.

The ColonelТs soft voice came out of the darkness. СNow, Nina, you understand what itТs likeЕ what we can do to youЕ Lieutenant Perez is going to warm the other one nowЕ unless youТve remembered that address yetЕ?Т Drops of sweat rolled down the twenty-one year old studentТs flanks and dripped onto the stained planks below the chair frame.

Her eyes widened, pleading silently and hopelessly into the colonelТs calm gaze as she shook her head from side to side. A smear of blood showed in the corner of her jaw where sheТd bitten her lip in agony. СAh wellЕ Go on Lieutenant, I think she wants you to try the other one nowЕТ

The hissing point of the gas flame swirled round the clip dangling from NinaТs left breast and another silence fell as everyone waited for that first, anguished cry. Twenty seconds and Nina grunted in outrage as she felt the burning agony building up in her other nipple. Her mouth opened in a wide СOТ as she gasped for air, once more trying to ride the scalding pain. Another few moments and the young student was again surging and bucking in her straps, screaming in agony as the flesh of her nipple was seared and scorched by the hot copper jaws.

СIiiiieeeeeeeeh! Ah no, no, not I canТt, p-p-p-p-please donТt, n-no, p-pleaseЕ Ah! oh God, no, no, God! NOOOOoooooooo!Т

The metal frame jittered against the boards in a frenzied dance as Nina writhed and jerked against the harshly tightened straps and the cruel hands that held her down.

Anna Perez squeezed the base of NinaТs breast with one hand, lifting the copper clip so that she could play the needlepoint of flame more directly on the end of the jaws. The metal darkened as the searing heat played across it and the young studentТs head rocked to and fro in an ecstasy of pain. An acrid smell of scorching filled the hot, close room.

The wild animal cries echoed round the shabby hut for long minutes before Colonel Marcos gestured to his assistant. Anna Perez twisted the valve shut and the hissing died until the blowtorch went out with a soft popping noise. СUnclip her, and lets take a lookЕТ

NinaТs screams died to a babbling exhausted noise as her head slumped down on her chest. Jorges released his grip on her shoulders watching avidly as the Lieutenant slipped on a heatproof glove before removing the still hot torture clips from the girlТs nipples.


A single high-pitched scream pierced the air as Anna Perez ran her fingernails over the scorched, swollen tips of each breast. СNo real damage, Sir, very red and a little blistering on one but thatТll just add to the effect when we come back to them later. Give them half an hour and the swelling will make them twice as sensitiveЕТ

СNina, NinaЕ!Т The Colonel paused and let Anna lift the girlТs head so that she was forced to look into the colonelТs pitiless dark eyes. СThatТs just the startЕ YouТve felt the pain of just a few minutesЕ just imagine what you are going to feel in a moment or tooЕ unless of course youТve remembered that addressЕ? He waited, watching the girlТs sweat soaked breasts jerking up and down as she fought for breath. ТStill so stubbornЕ very well, lets try somewhere else. Lieutenant, perhaps you would like to prepare our guestЕТ

СOf course, Colonel,Т Anna licked her lips, understanding exactly what the colonel had in mind. This was the way they worked so often; a first agonising sessionЕ then playing with the victimТs body to arouse and torment them, making them climax again and again before bringing them on to peak after peak of agony until every secret was dragged from themЕ the victims willing to say anything, anything at all, to stop that slow, careful torture of their most sensitive flesh.

Anna Perez knelt in front of the metal chair frame. СOh yes, all wet and ready for meЕТ Her hand cupped the thick fleshy leaves of NinaТs labia, squeezing and stroking the moist lips very gently as she watched the girlТs expression change. Continuing the gentle milking action with one hand, Anna Perez reached deeper between the girlТs legs using just the forefinger of her other hand to first tease up into her vagina, then swirl round the crinkled rosette of her anus before probing up into her rectum.

Long expert in this kind of deliberate masturbation, Anna Perez chuckled as she heard the sudden catch in the girlТs breathing and the involuntary twisting surge of excitement as she responded to the LieutenantТs careful fingering.

СNo, please a-ah, no donТt p-pleaseЕ ah, aaah, p-please. Oh p-p-p-please noЕnoЕ noooooooooooo!Т

NinaТs cry of protest came as she saw the lieutenant holding a third clip in her other hand. СOh yesЕ just as the colonel promised,Т she purred. СJust let me slip it over this little nub of your andЕ.Т


Nina bucked forward so wildly that the chair moved a foot or so across the floor. But there was nothing she could do to stop the copper jaws closing on the bulb of her clitoris. Anna Perez sat back on her heels as the girl fought the biting agony of the clip. She smiledЕ in a moment or to the rebel bitch would really have something to squeal about. She flicked the thick copper stub dangling between the glistening lips of the girlТs cunt, listening to the frantic pleas as Nina craned her head forward to see what was being done to her.

The colonel broke the silence. СNina, my dear, unless you can be a little more helpful IТm going to ask the Lieutenant to relight that little blowlamp and warm that other clip for youЕ and after that there are all sorts of toys the Lieutenant is eager to try on such an attractive young subject. Please believe me when I tell you that the pain you felt earlier is nothing against what you will feel from now onЕТ The ColonelТs voice caressed her like warm silk. СOf course, itТs entirely your choice, my dear; Jimenez and the printing pressЕ or shall I allow Lieutenant Perez to show you some of her more intimate techniques shall we sayЕ?Т

NinaТs pain-wracked breathing rasped in the stillness, her head shaking from side to side in denial. СDonТt know, please, I donТt know what you wantЕ please believe meЕ I DONТT KNOWЕ!Т

Her shouted denial became a series of blubbering sobs as she saw Anna Perez pick up the little gas torch. There was a hiss followed by the soft СpopТ as she lit itЕ then the increasing roar as she carefully adjusted the flame until it was once more burning properly.

СYouТre so hot and wet alreadyЕ let me warm that tender little clit a bit more for youЕТ

The lieutenant knelt in front of the chair again, casually resting her left forearm on NinaТs pinioned thigh as she played the torchТs little blue cone of flame against the dangling end of the copper clip.

СJust a few moments more and youТll be singing for us all over again, NinaЕТ Anna Perez moved the flame a little, watching as the copper end turned dark as the heat and soot discoloured the thick metal end of the clip.

СAh, ahhhh, aaaaaah! Take it off, oh please, please take it offЕ its b-burning, no; no I canТt stand it, please. PleasЕ Yaaarrrggghhh!Т

This time, Jorges was almost thrown to the floor with the force of NinaТs demented spasms. Lieutenant Perez sat back, the torch held out of the way, as the burly guard fought to hold the chair still as the agonising heat lanced up into the girlТs clitoris. Even without the torch the pain grew and grew as the heat travelled through the copper clip, not just scorching the tender nerve stub, but also burning her inner labia where they pressed against the hot metal.

СJust another touch, darlingЕ to help that memory alongЕ This time the lieutenant used her own weight to add to JorgesТ efforts as she brought the softly roaring flame back against the copper tip. With the clip already hot it was only seconds before Nina was squealing madly once more. The animal sounds of the girlТs agony echoed and re-echoed in the wooden hut as the lieutenant continued to keep the flame against the copper clip.

It was only when NinaТs head slumped down against her sweat-slick chest that Colonel Marcos flicked his fingers impatiently and Anna sat back on her heels, turning the torch off as she did so.

СSurprisingly stubbornЕТ he remarked generally, studying the tanned, naked figure strapped to the chair frame, her sweat covered skin gleaming in the spot lamps, breasts jiggling gently as she gasped and fought to steady her breathing as the intense pain in her clitoris subsided to a pounding, thudding agony matching the pain in her scorched and swollen nipples.

СShall I use the torch directly on her tits, SirЕ Т

СNo, thatТs too finalЕ too much damageЕ perhaps later if sheТs still being stupid. Remember, thereТs no time limit with this oneЕ No one knows sheТs in our handsЕ the army will have taken care of the rest of the patrol by now so sheТs all ours.Т He paused, and then smiled back at his trusted assistant. СNo, LieutenantЕ I think we should leave Miss Morales to think about things for a while whilst we enjoy a leisurely lunch break.Т The smile became deeply unpleasant. СJorges, release her from that chairЕ Lieutenant, lets have her squatting shall weЕ with the arms above her head I think this time.Т

Colonel Marcos moved out of the lighted circle to one of the cupboards against the wall whilst Anna Perez and Jorges snipped the nylon ties holding Nina against the chair frame. The girl moaned softly as they unbuckled the straps then gasped and hissed with the pain of movement as they let her fall forwards onto the floor. She made no resistance as Anna tightened new straps high up round each thigh and then fastened cuffs round each ankle. Dealing with the burning agony in her tits and clit, Nina Mendoza ignored the two six inch long cords, each one ending with a stainless steel clip that dangled from the thigh straps.

СOn your feetЕ or shall I tickle those teats againЕ?Т AnnaТs voice was implacable as she stood over the shuddering teenagerЕТ LetТs have you under here.Т She pushed Nina across the boards to where Jorges had lowered a rope from one of the beams. СHold your hands out! No, no put your thumbs together, how can Jorges tie them like that?

СW-what are you doing? Please, what are youЕ aaaaaah! Еd-doingЕ thatТs too t-tightЕ Y-youТre h-hurting meЕ aaaaaah!Т

Neither bothered replying as Jorges carefully bound the waxed twine round and round the girlТs thumbs, cinching them hard together with a few turns crosswise between the strands before knotting it off and cutting away the trailing ends. Anna Perez stroked the girlТs hair away from her face, steadying her as Jorges slipped the steel hook on the end of the rope up between the teenagerТs bound thumbs.

СDownЕ squat downЕ right downЕТ Anna pressed heavily on the girlТs shoulders, forcing her down into a deep squat, knees apart and the soft split bulge of her cunt showing prominently between her straddled thighs.

Now Jorges took over, holding her in position as Anna Perez swiftly clipped the two black nylon cords attached to the thigh straps onto the matching rings on the ankle cuffs. The two of them stepped clear, Jorges moving to the corner where the other end of the hooked rope was attached, and Anna Perez joining Colonel Marcos who was standing behind the desk.

The three of them watched intently as the nineteen-year-old student automatically tried to straighten up as the strain began to burn in her muscles. She almost fell over, hopping frantically as the cords tightened with a jerk, holding her in the squatting position with just that tormenting six inches of movement. Colonel Marcos nodded at Jorges who slowly pulled the rope tighter and tighter. NinaТs arms were drawn above her head, straighter and higher until she was posed before them in total discomfort.

СI c-canТt m-moveЕ please, it hurtsЕ told you I donТt know about the pressЕ you canТt l-leave me here like thisЕТ

She gave a couple of little hopping jerks, her scorched and swollen nipples bouncing and jiggling painfully as she tried to ease the spasms already making her thigh muscles twitch and burn with discomfort.

СOf course we canЕ you wonТt find it so immediately uncomfortable as those clips butЕ in half an hour or so youТll be pleading for me to release youЕ I guarantee it. JorgesЕТ he studied the way Nina was twisting on the rope. СI think an elbow sleeve would stop that annoying bending sheТs doingЕТ

The guard scrabbled among the things strewn across the tabletop and held up a black leather rectangle with dangling laces and brass eyelets down the two longer sides. Seeing the ColonelТs impatient expression, Anna Perez wrapped the leather СsleeveТ in place round NinaТs arms so it covered her elbows. Jorges laced it up from the top, using his strength to force the girlТs arms close together.

By the time he had finished Nina was in agony. The elbow sleeve had removed the tiny freedom sheТd had to ease the burning agony in her legs and now her arms too were aching abominably, held aloft by the constricting leather sleeve and the steel hook between her bound thumbs.

In the darkness Colonel Marcos handed something to Anna Perez as he continued his quiet conversation with the tortured student who squatted before him, sweat soaked and panting for breath, in the harsh glare of the lights. СDo you like wine NinaЕ? Such a civilised drinkЕ However, since you have decided to be so obdurate, shall we say, Lieutenant Perez is going to introduce you to another use for a wine bottleЕ show her, LieutenantЕТ

Anna Perez held out the bottle so Nina could see it. It was one of those long-necked hock bottles, brown glass and unlabelled. Nina screamed wildly as Anna curved her fingers round the neck, slowly moving them up and down in an obvious and obscene way, then letting them spread open as her hand followed the tapering swell to the full width of the bottle itself.

Seeing that she had the girlТs full attention, the lieutenant stroked the mouth of the bottle against NinaТs flesh, deliberately covering the glass with the oiliness of her perspiration.

СYou ought to thank the colonel, NinaЕ it was his idea to moisten the bottle before I startedЕ as it was your first timeЕ so to speakЕТ She knelt beside the trembling young student, her fingers slipping up into the wetness of her cunt so her touch brought a series of jerking gasps as Nina felt the LieutenantТs fingers probing deep into her vagina.

СLift, liftЕ come on, right up nowЕТ AnnaТs voice was almost teasing as she brought the bottle up between the girlТs labia; gently twirling it until the mouth slowly entered her body. СThereЕI bet you JimenezТs not as gentle as thatЕТ

СN-nuh, huh, huh, naaaaahЕ p-p-p-p-aaaaaaah! NuhЕ nuhЕ!Т

СMore silly noisesЕ now, letТs just straighten the bottlЕ


СOh, you felt thatЕ Well, I did tell you to lift right upЕ there, all done!Т

Anna Perez settled the bottle in place with a final twist. She brought another piercing scream from the girl by flicking one finger against NinaТs left nipple as she stood up. Smiling, she walked back to the colonelТs side.

Nina Mendoza was left alone in the middle of the lighted circle, squatting impaled on the wine bottle, arms bound above her head. All that could be heard was the hoarse racing gasps of her breathing and the dull clink from the steel clips holding her down into the squatting position. To the watchers it was clear that she was fighting madly to hold herself as high as possible, trying desperately to avoid sinking further onto the swelling neck of the bottle.

Even as Colonel Marcos was nodding approvingly at AnnaТs work there was a sudden wild scream as NinaТs burning thigh muscles gave way for a moment. She had sunk down, her weight pressing the bottle deeper into her body so the increasing taper of the neck stretched her vagina even more widely and sending fresh waves of pain lancing through her.

СIТll leave you to think about things whilst we have lunch, Nina Е By the way, I wouldnТt relax too muchЕ youТll be surprised just how wide a wine bottle is at the baseЕ.Т

As Colonel Marcos and Lieutenant Perez walked to the door a long wailing scream of torment split the air behind themЕ

by Cortez. All rights reserved
Illustrated by DANI

СNow, my dear if you will just slip your clothes off, weТd like you kneeling up on those bars beside youЕТ

The girl whimpered, just as they all did, as she peered through the glaring lights at the ominously simple piece of apparatus bolted to the bare concrete floor at her side. Just a pair of parallel wooden struts, just over shoulder width apart and each one fixed across two solid, knee high posts. The flat narrow top of each bar, and the thick leather straps that dangled down from them, were dark and stained with moisture and hard use.

СThe clothes off now, my dearЕ or would you like my men to strip you?Т The colonel chuckled, Сsome women enjoy being forced, I believeЕТ The warning, and the memory of the leering, unwashed thugs whoТd manhandled her earlier when sheТd been arrested at the demonstration, was enough. Her head bent in shame, the slim, attractive young student began undoing the buttons of her cotton dress.

In the hot, sticky darkness of the cellar, her interrogators watched avidly, enjoying the view of smooth brown skin as she tried to hide her naked breasts by holding the dress against her body. СRemember, I want everything offЕ even those,Т the colonelТs voice carried softly from beyond the lights. The girl dropped the dress reluctantly, her trembling fingers grasping the narrow waistband of her brief white panties as she slowly started to remove even that inadequate covering. She peeled the little triangle of material away from her mound then reached between her legs, tugging the narrow cord free from the cleft of her buttocks.

(1)Her interrogators watched as the naked girl instinctively curled her body round, using her arms in a desperate attempt to shield her cunt and nipples from their gaze. The colonel smiled to himself. In a few minutes, once she was strapped into position, it would be exactly those places that they would work on first. СThatТs better, my dear. Now, Lieutenant Perez will help you onto the barsЕТ

Anna Perez, Colonel MarcosТ most trusted assistant, was a slim, attractive woman in her mid twenties. As usual for their shared torture sessions, she was dressed in a short, white doctorТs coat, her bare legs hinting that beneath the crisp, white cotton she was naked. High cheekbones and short cut black hair gave her face a severe appearance but, like the colonel, her dark eyes were alight with the excitement and cruel anticipation of what they were about to do to the pretty young student before her. She pushed the girl quite gently, her soft shoes making no sound on the bare concrete floor, until the quivering young students was standing where she wanted between the wooden bars. СHold the front of the bars with your hands then get your knees up.Т

Shivering violently, but too scared to make any further protests, the girl scrambled awkwardly onto the narrow bars, wincing as she was forced to kneel along the rough wood, straddling her legs wide apart. СNo, no, knees forwardЕ right forward, now kneel upЕТ Trembling and terrified, but obedient to the womanТs quiet commands, the young student edged forward, inch by inch, until she was poised at the front of each narrow beam, leg muscles quivering as she fought to keep her balance.

(2)Once satisfied with the girlТs position, the lieutenant worked with the speed of long practice, ankle straps first, then the wide, thick straps over the top of each calf to hold the knees hard against the wooden rail. With the girlТs legs secure, Anna Perez took her time tightening the oiled leather straps in turn, moving round the short bars to pull each strong brass buckle tighter and tighter. The girl moaned and whimpered as her shins were clamped down against the wood and her flesh bulged out from each side of the leather straps.

Anna Perez scratched her nails across the pink soles of the girlТs feet now jutting out into thin air over the end of the bars. She smiled as the girl squirmed, trying to curl those tender little feet away from her touch. The straps held her fixed against the bars, all she could do was twist her ankles and flex her toes…a little. She stroked the delicate flesh of the girlТs instep again, listening for that shuddering gasp as she tried to control her reaction to that tickling torment. Perhaps it would be fun to play with her feet a little more later on in the session.

Anna left the exposed soles alone and took the girlТs arms, pulling them backwards. СHands togetherЕТ The nylon tie made a sharp СzzziipТ as she yanked it tight around the girlТs slim wrists. Finally, she reached up for the rope dangling from one of the hooks bolted to the beam above the bars. She pulled it through the girlТs cinched wrists and snapped the metal clip back on itself to complete the loop. In the darkness, two of the guards hauled the rope taut, dragging the girlТs arms up and away from her back, forcing her body to bow forwards.

СNaaaah! Please…no, please…Т

The girlТs sudden cries and protests were ignored. A near silence fell in the underground chamber as the rope was secured. The only sounds coming from the bowed figure of the girl alone in the pool of light, a figure that shivered and trembled, chest moving rapidly as she panted with fear and strain beneath the hot glare of the lamps, her thighs strapped wide, the taut bulbs of her breasts dangling and swinging gentlyЕ ready for the colonel to begin.

The stillness was broken by a rattle of equipment and the girl twisted her head, staring frantically to her left to see what was happening. Her eyes opened wide and a soft, muffled scream came from her throat as she saw the polished wooden box with its side handle and brass terminals, the coiled wires and the plastic tray of clips, probes and needles on the battered top of the trolley.

СNo, not that, no, I havenТt done anything, no, no, please noЕ.Т The babbling pleas and frantic shaking of her head made absolutely no difference at all. Anna just smiled and moved the trolley into position so the babbling girl had the best view of the magneto that was the colonelТs favourite toy. Having listened to, and ignored, all those student stories of the regimeТs treatment of prisoners for years, Conchita Hernandez was about to discover the agony of torture for herself.

(3)The colonel walked into the pool of light as Anna Perez reached under her torso to fondle the girlТs dangling breasts and nipples. СNow Miss Hernandez, ConchitaЕ you are going to discover some of the truly agonising things we do to naughty little studentsЕТ He paused, watching his assistantТs expert hands stroking the helpless hanging curves. СI think weТll start with those delightfully available breasts that I see Lieutenant Perez is preparing for me so carefully.Т He picked up two shiny brass alligator clips, the thin red wires from each one snaking back to the connections on the magneto, and opened the jaws so the girl could see the wickedly serrated teeth.

Anna grinned with excitement she watched the colonel gently opening and closing the viciously toothed electrodes in front of the girlТs horrified gaze. She picked up a blue and white tube, squeezed some clear gel onto her fingers and reached under the young, eighteen year old studentТs arched body, using just a feather light touch of her fingertips to coat the dark brown aureoles and long, stiffening nipples with the glistening gel…

Watching his young victim biting her lip in growing, unwanted arousal, the colonel wondered if she realised that the gel being worked so skilfully across her teats was specially prepared to improve electrical contact in the skin. He grinned to himself, thinking with a familiar, delicious thrill of what he was going to do to this girl in a few moments time.

He watched with growing pleasure as the girlТs body gradually reacted to the teasing stimulation of those slippery, expert fingers working her nipples into thick, gleaming stubs. Then, after three or four more minutes Anna Perez looked up at Colonel Marcos across the moist copper sheen of the girlТs back, her hands still cupping the dangling cones with the forefinger and thumb of each hand stretching the hard, erect tips out to show that the girlТs nipples were ready for the clips to be applied.

(4)Conchita had bent her head down, transfixed in horror as the man and the woman so calmly and deliberately prepared her body for torture. Her breathing became faster and faster, a hard rhythmic panting on the edge of panic as woman held the firm, warm weight of her left breast cradled delicately in her palm, holding it still to assist the colonel in positioning the shiny, brass jaws right along the rigid peak. She felt the womanТs hot, excited breath in her ear as the colonelТs fingers relaxed and the brass teeth closed…

СAaaah, oh God nooo! It hurts, it hurts, take it off!Т

Conchita squirmed madly as the metal teeth bit deep into the nerve-rich tip. Her torturers just laughed, letting her jerk and flail about enjoying the sight of her breasts slapping and bouncing, the brass clip dancing wildly with each fresh convulsion. In the background Conchita could hear crude comments and coarse laughter from the guards as they too enjoyed the show. After all, there was no real hurry, and besides, everyone knew that it was going to happen all over again when the colonel clamped the brass teeth onto her other tit…

(5)With both clips in place, the colonel stroked Conchita HernandezТs hair, enjoying his victimТs growing terror before he stepped back to the little tableЕand prepared to spin the handle of the magneto. СShhh, Conchita, weТre ready for you nowЕ so, watch my hand carefully. Can you feel it? As I turn this handle, so, nowЕ you feel the pain? Oh yes, yes I see you doЕТ The colonel wound the handle for a few moments, sending the first surge of current through the thin, red wires and into to the girlТs nipples. The little machine wined softly and, for a split second, it seemed as though nothing happened. Then, almost in slow motion, the girl reared back against her bonds, muscles and sinews locked rigid as the electric shock ripped through her body.


The demented scream tailed away and Conchita Hernandez flopped back against the straps and the supporting rope, her breath coming in heaving gasps as she tried to ride the pain of that first, awful shock.

СReady againЕТ the colonel said as the pinioned girl slowly opened her eyes and stared at the grinning figure in front of her. He moved his hand and the mocking smile widened, Тwatch the handle nowЕТ The whine of the magneto was louder and more urgent this time. Once more the girl reared up, her mouth yelling her agony upwards to the vaulted ceiling, fingers and toes writhing madly as the lancing fire of the current scorched across her nipples.


For ten interminable minutes the colonel played the young girl like an instrument of pain. The whining song of the magneto rose and fell as he spun the handle, deliberately varying the speed and surge of current so that each time Conchita Hernandez bucked and twisted in a delirium of agony. Pinned to the bars that held her thighs apart she could only flex her hips and upper body in response to the white agony of those repeated shocks.

(6)Her two torturers smiled at each other as they watched the wild dance of her breasts, the way the clips and wires flailed madly as she jerked and jolted at the devilish, fizzing touch of the electric current. But the little teeth held firm despite all her efforts; each clip gripping a now-swollen, purple nipple in an excruciating vice of pain.

(7)With the sadistic skill of long practice, the colonel stopped turning the handle as the girlТs cried took on the hoarse, ragged edge of exhaustion. Almost casually, he removed the clips, watching the girl fighting to master the new, thudding agony of returning circulation. Conchita Hernandez cried out again, a thin despairing wail this time, as Anna Perez fingered the tender nipples, pressing the taut swollen flesh so that both of them could enjoy the sight of how she twitched and moaned at the lightest touch.

Lost in her worlds of pain, Conchita didnТt think about the obscene straddle of her thighs; or how the delicate, intimate folds of her cunt where exposed for her torturers attentions too. All she could think about was the agony of her breasts and the fresh stabbing pains each time the womanТs fingers touched her. Then the colonel spoke again.

СWeТll move on, I thinkЕ allow an hour or so for her tits to swell up a bit more and sheТll scream at the touch of a feather,Т the colonel laughed. The woman smiled too; excited by the knowledge of where the agony was going to be applied this time. She walked round behind the strutted girl, hands running over the slick curves of her buttocks before probing the deep valley to finger the soft, crinkled bud of the girlТs anus.

She leaned over, whispering into Conchita HernandezТs ear, building up the fear and anticipation of the next stage of the dreadful torture. СA little bulb up here and thenЕТ Her hand slid forwards, cupping the bulge of Conchita HernandezТs cunt and stroking the wet, sensitive flesh at the entrance of her vagina with one, knowledgeable finger. СЕThen you will pray for us to go back to frying your tits. I guarantee it!Т

Anna Perez loved any chance to use the bars, the position left a manТs cock and balls, or a womenТs cunt, so wonderfully wide open for all the delicious things that could be done to them. She remembered last weekТs session with the young man on these very bars. Only eighteen, but so well endowed…she recalled dreamily…sliding one hand between the buttons of her white coat to caress the naked bulge of her cunt; a single finger slipping between the already slippery lips to stroke the little fleshy hood guarding her clitoris.

Once the guards had forced him into position astride the bars and strapped him down, sheТd spent half an hour playing with his genitals. Masturbating him slowly while using the gel to provide an unbearable slippery sensation as she fondled and caressed the heavily veined shaft whilst her other hand rolled and fondled the soft weight of his testicles to bring him to the very brink before stopping. The wonderful excitement of letting his near-climax subside and then using her fingertips to torment the glistening, engorged dome of his glans, one finger teasing round the curving rim until he was again thrusting and jerking in the desperate search for that last, exquisite touch. Finally sheТd used the long expert strokes that brought him to a sweating, jerking peak heТd been unable to resist. HeТd bucked and thrust against the straps, mindlessly fucking her busy fingers until a series of bucking spasms sent thick jets of semen arcing out onto the floor as he came. Then the fun of teasing him with coarse words of encouragement, making him gasp and twitch whilst milking and tormenting his slippery cock until pleasure became unbearable and he cried aloud in pain and frustration..

Anna rubbed her thighs together, feeling the growing wetness against her busy finger as she remembered waiting for him to recover then… the slow, skilful pleasure of working the young manТs eight inch cock back to full hardness followed by the wonderful excitement of wiring him up. First the thin wet leather lace round the base of his cock, wrapped tight to hold him throbbing and rigid for the torture. Then, the big clip gripping his testicles, Oh God heТd squealed at that! Playing with his cock again, rolling the skin right back while the colonel fastened the connections to the magneto and then putting on a rubber glove before using the thin copper probe. The colonel working the magneto as she slid the carefully rounded copper rod up his urethra, working it in and out slowly and gently… each movement extracting squeals of agony that had made him sound like a woman in labour.

Oh yes, Anna Perez loved using the barsЕ

For her own amusement, whilst the colonel prepared the other electrodes, she picked up a slim, black vibrator. Licking the curved plastic rod she placed the rounded point in the dimpled folds of ConchitaТs anus. СReady again Conchita?Т She pushed gently. The colonel saw the girlТs eyes widen as she felt the intruder slipping through the ring of muscle into her back passage. He chuckled, trust Anna to keep her amused… as usual, his assistant was whispering to her victim, savouring the gasps and panting breaths as Conchita Hernandez gradually responded to the stimulation she was feeling.

Her thumb found the little switch in the dildoТs handle, СReady to come for us Conchita?Т The buzzing was quiet and muffled as the vibrator came to life deep inside Conchita HernandezТs rectum. Anna moved the handle, turning it gently so that the rounded point buzzed and fretted against the delicate tissues inside the girlТs body.

To the colonel, quietly enjoying the way Anna Perez was playing so intimately with their subject, the effect of the vibrator was much more obvious and dramatic. Conchita HernandezТs head lifted and her whole body surged forwards, her mouth opening, fishlike, in a gasp of amazement and shock as she felt the sensations being generated deep inside her by the thin, vibrating rod. About two minutes seconds later she began to cry and plead once more as she realised the rod was going to force her to a climax despite her pain and exhaustion.

СOh not that, t-t-turn it off, no nooo, oh, OH, Oh God, oh yesЕ I donТt want t-t-toЕoh god yes, yes, YES!Т

Over the minutes the cries changed, Conchita thrusting her hips to and fro, trying to push the vibrator deeper and deeper into her body as she worked herself to a climax in a flood of moisture and spasming muscles. As ConchitaТs orgasm sent her into that familiar chanting, bucking rhythm, Anna locked her free arm round the girlТs waist, trying to hold her madly bucking hips still enough so she could go on working the vibratorТs buzzing tip against the most sensitive parts of her anus and rectum. Ignoring the pleas and cries of outrage she kept the girl impaled on the buzzing rod working it in and out until the screams of despair told her that Conchita Hernandez had reached her second climax forcing the girl to stay at the peak of pleasure, despite her desperate cries for the maddening torment to stop.

СNaaah, oh please, please! Aaah….aaa-aaaah…nah….naaah…oh, oh yes…yes…YESSS!Т

The words were blurred into a mindless gabble as Conchita rode the anal vibrator like a mad thing until she was left panting and shivering on the very edge of collapse. Almost on the brink of coming herself, Anna Perez pressed the button and the muffled, hornet-like buzzing stopped as she carefully slid the vibrator free leaving Conchita hanging on the ceiling rope, the sweat pouring from her body and dripping onto the concrete floor below.

The colonel watched the girlТs slack, exhausted face for a moment and then held up the object heТd been connecting up. СNow youТve had your fun ConchitaЕ itТs time for us to tickle that pussy of yours.Т In the colonelТs hands, the polished metal electrode looked like another sex toy. A bulbous, egg-shaped top swelling from a thick shaft that ended in a black plastic collar about two inches wide. Below the collar, a black, rubber handgrip extended a further three inches. A flex curled from the base of the handleЕ a flex that trailed back to another brass connection on the side of the magneto.

The girlТs breasts jiggled and swayed, her ribcage heaving frantically as she tried to catch her breath after her sexual ordeal. She bent her head to stare at the device he was holding. The colonel grinned at her, squeezing some of the clear electrolytic gel onto the rounded top. He worked it carefully over the whole surface, making sure she could see everything he was doing. СYour see, my dear, this is going where that little vibrator was a minute or so beforeЕOh, no, noЕ donТt worry that itТs too big, Conchita, I assure you it will slide in easilyЕ andЕТ He caressed the smooth rounded top, Сonce this bulb is well up inside IТm afraid you just wonТt be able to push it out again.Т He laughed, flicking the black collar with his nails, СЕand this is just to stop you swallowing the thing completely in all the excitement.Т

Bending down he held the electrode under her body until Anna could reach down and take it off him. Making sure the wire trailed free along the floor under the bars, Anna pressed the oiled probe in between the slick spread cheeks of ConchitaТs bottom until the polished head nuzzled against the ring of her anus. Colonel Marcos nodded for her to begin, reaching up to hold the girlТs chin in one hand, gazing intently at her face to savour the expressions as the probe was inserted slowly into her rectum.

СNo, not up there, you canТt it wonТt g-g-g-goЕUH! The colonel watched the dark brown eyes widen as the bulb started to stretch the tender ring of muscle. СOOOOH! Oh G-God, N-n-n-nooo t-t-t-t-toooo m-m-much, pleeeassse!

Both her torturers grinned at hear the sudden frantic panting as Conchita tried to deal with the dreadful stretching pain of the bulbТs entry. ConchitaТs face contorted in a sudden spasm and she rocked violently against her straps as the bulb of the electrode popped abruptly through the tight ring of muscle, once inside she could feel the fullness of it sliding slowly up into her rectum.

СAH! OH G-GOD! No…no…naah…naaaagh….Aaaaarrrgggh!!Т

Anna Perez twisted the handle gently from side to side; making sure the girl was fully impaled by the device, with the plastic collar pressing hard into the fleshy rosette of her anus.

СSo, now weТre ready for the front, Conchita. LetТs just spread those lips a little, shall weЕТ As the colonel spoke, Anna pressed herself against ConchitaТs back, her arms reaching round and over the achingly spread thighs. Her fingers stroked the shaved delta of the girlТs mound before they moved down and inwards, tips just parting the plump leaves of her labia, toying with her secret flesh so that the eighteen year old student shivered and trembled, still in pain from the breast torture and the stimulation of her recent orgasms.

The lieutenantТs fingers slipped deeper, the fingertips of each hand fondling one of the fleshy petals until she could peel the young girlТs labia apart. Spread wide open it was easy for the colonel to use one finger to touch the fleshy hood at the top of the crimson gash, rolling it from side to side until Conchita HernandezТs clitoris stood proudly erect and she was once more whimpering and babbling with a mixture of arousal and fear, ready for their next agonising attentions.

He picked one of the alligator clips heТd used on her nipples. He smiled at her again as she understood what he was about to do. Gabbling in terror, she forced her head down, peering at her own cunt as the little jaws of the crocodile clip touched the tender skin on either side of her clit. СReady, ConchitaЕ,Т the colonel said softly, letting the muscles of his fingers relax. The jaws closed over the little nub and Conchita screamed again as she felt the stabbing pain of the brass teeth biting into her clitoris.

Colonel Marcos chuckled as he stroked the girlТs pain-wracked face, gently caressing her cheek and moving the wet strands of hair pasted to her skin. СSshhhh, no not yet, Conchita, not yetЕ save your strength.Т He lifted her chin so she could look across at the polished wooden box of the magneto, Сremember the handle!Т He smiled sadistically, Сlet me turn it a few times… then you can scream for us properlyЕТ

The lieutenant let go of the girlТs labia, allowing them to fold back around the brass clip, and walked round to join the colonel. The two of them took an enjoyable few moments to stroke and fondle the girlТs face and breasts, murmuring quietly to her and explaining in graphic detail what was going to happen.

Finally they both left her alone and Colonel Marcos moved over to the little table СSo, Conchita, time for you to discover what it feels like for yourselfЕТ Conchita Hernandez screamed and babbled uselessly as she saw him reach across to grasp the worn handle on the side of the box…

Anna Perez edged her hand back between the buttons of her white coat, her fingers stroking the slippery wetness that had soaked her genitals since she helped with the girlТs initial torture. She slid the fingers of her right hand up into the slit of her cunt as the erotic sight of the girl strapped helplessly on the bars whipped at her senses. Conchita HernandezТs beautiful tawny skin was shiny with sweat; her bedraggled black hanging down, almost obscuring her tear-stained face. With her arms at full stretch up behind her, the cones of her breasts still dangled free of her body, each one shivering and jiggling slightly as she tried to control her racing breathing.

But what was bringing the woman to the very brink of her own orgasm, and creating the abject terror in Conchita HernandezТs mind as she stared down the length of her straddled figure, was the sight of the two electrical connections attached to the most sensitive points of the pretty young studentТs body. The red wire jutting from the slit between the full lips of the girlТs cunt with only the very end of the brass clip showing where the toothed jaws held her clitoris in a cruel vice; and the black flex protruding from the probe buried in her anus, both snaking away between her straddled thighs to the magnetoТs brass connectors. The movements of AnnaТs fingers became more urgent as she saw the colonel touch the handle.

Silence fell as everyone paused, even ConchitaТs frantic gabbling please were stilled as the colonelТs hand moved in a slow, deliberate circle. Just one, single, shuddering gasp broke the stillness…then the colonelТs hand moved again, circling faster and faster and the rising whine of the magneto filled the room.

As though defying gravity Conchita Hernandez rose against the straps that held her, hips thrusting forwards, her body arching impossibly backwards and her teeth bared in a grimace of agony, as she was galvanised by the current surging into her cunt and the delicate tissues of her rectum. Wild, inhuman sounds bubbled in her throat, her eyes stared up at the ceiling… and a single piercing scream of total agony echoed round the hot, sticky dimness of the underground interrogation chamber.


The colonel kept the handle turning for over half a minute, varying the speed so the girlТs maniacal screams rose and fell as the current surged through her genitals. When he finally let the diabolical machine whine to a halt the screams turned into frantic, racking sobs as the girl fell forward, barely conscious and only supported by the wrist rope.

Colonel Marcos waited for a few tormenting moments. СReady again, Conchita?Т The machine whined and the girl surged upwards once more as the fire blazed through her clitoris and the current burned and seared the delicate inner membranes of her rectum.

СNOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo! AAAAArrrrrrggggggghhhhh!Т

Another scream of outrage and agony ripped through the cellar. For Anna Perez the sight of the current once again jerking the girl up into screaming, muscle wrenching spasms was just too much. Her racing fingers brought her to her own swift, hard climax, her cries of release lost in the sounds of ConchitaТs torture. As Anna closed her eyeТs and licked the slippery juices from her finger tips Colonel Marcos stepped up to the broken figure on the bars and once again lifted her head.

СNow, my dear, shall we go on or will you give me the names of your friends?Т His hands caressed her cheeks, wiping the tears of agony away as he spoke so gently and quietly to the shivering girl. СYes, yes…it hurts so much, I know… but the machine, the little clips, they donТt know…donТt care how much they burn and stingЕ they donТt get tired like you…the pain just goes on and on and on.Т

He bent closer, listening to the whispered, pleading babble. СYes I know Conchita… you want it to stop so badly, we understand that tooЕso why not tell me what I wantЕ the names, all the names.Т He waited, watching the slow beginnings of defeat in the brown eyes before him. СPerhaps, just to help you decide weТll let the machine give you a little reminderЕ while Anna moves that toy inside your bottomЕТ

СOh God, Oh God…no, no you canТt! Not more! YouТll kill me no, no, NO! IТll tЕ.Т

The colonel knew she had brokenЕ but he enjoyed his work. The confession would comeЕit always did, but he was enjoying the girlТs increasingly desperate efforts to make him stop. He knew her pleading eyes were fixed on his hands as he moved back to the table and gripped the handle one more. His hand circled slowly and the magneto began its moaning song of pain once more. This time Anna Perez crouched behind the straddled figure, one hand braced on the wooden upright while the other held the insulated hand grip jutting from between the girlТs bottom cheeks to twist and slide the bulbous anal electrode slowly in and out; letting the fizzing, torturing shocks play up and down the sensitive inner walls of the girlТs rectum.

Between them the two torturers kept Lind Hernandez bucking and screaming for a full five minutes before they finally let her collapse against her bonds once more. Colonel Marcos parted her labia and delicately freed the clip from her now swollen and scorched clitoris. Conchita squealed and jerked as the teeth came free from the taut, sore nub now standing out so prominently.

Then, it was AnnaТs turn to make her squeal again, making the most of removing the bulbous probe very slowly so that ConchitaТs cries gave way to groans of a different, deeper agony as the wide head was slowly pulled out, stretching the tender, abused membranes of her anus. Conchita gave a final, shuddering gasp of relief as she felt the polished dome head slip free.

СNow ConchitaЕwhat about those names?Т the colonel purred softly, Сor would you like Anna to put the clips back on your nipples now theyТve had a chance to swell up properly…Т

Conchita Hernandez looked at the brass alligator clips swinging from their red wires in Anna PerezТs hand, and then stared down at the taut, horribly swollen stubs of her nipples…each one still a throbbing and burning agony. Her tears splashed onto the rough concrete floor.

She would tell them everything, everything they wanted… but she also knew it didnТt matter what she told them… very soon the woman would attached those electrodes to her nipples and clitoris… and the man would smile at her as he turned the handle on that horrible wooden box…and she would scream as the agony of her torture began all over again.

Conchita Hernandez was crying because she knew there was nothing at all she could do to stop it happening… absolutely nothing at all…

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