Victims [HINES]


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Sharlene was one more victim of the Inner City, where sometimes life can be cheap. But Sharlene hadn’t been cheap; her new owner had paid quite a steep price for her because of her upper-class background and cutie-pie looks. Her buyer, the notorious Latin whorehouse madam known as Senora Pesol, had known a good piece of Anglo womanhood when she saw it. She knew what her customers would pay for – knew that she would be able to demand top rates for Sharlene. Her swarthy clientele would line up for a turn riding that tall, blonde piece of 19 year-old pussy…..

Before Senora Pesol could put her Sharlene to work along with the other whorehouse slaves, she would make sure that Sharlene was completely broken. This would require a few weeks of the Senora’s time, of course. A few weeks of hard, merciless whipping, beatings and humiliation in order that Sharlene be completely stripped of her will and identity. The Senora didn’t mind spending the time. She always rather enjoyed it.

The process of breaking Sharlene in began as soon as the Senora got her home. Senora Pesol was a strong woman and her whipping of her new slave’s pale body was heavy-handed and fierce – and it was only beginning.

“Si, go ahead and scream as much as you want, my pretty bitch! It won’t do you any good. Nobody can hear you and nobody will help you! The only thing you can do is accept everything that’s done to you… and OBEY!!!”

The street pimps who forced their stable of hookers to work on the various street corners and in the alleys were numerous and always on the lookout for new talent.

After all, their hookers soon got used up pretty fast out there. It didn’t take long for even the prettiest girls to begin to lose their looks; getting fucked hard and crude by thirty or so cocks a day tended to cause a hooker to lose even the last vestiges of her spirit and soon she would retreat into drugs.

Pimp Julious had lucked across the naive college freshman named Lean when her car happened to break down as she drove, lost and confused through the rough neighborhood that Julious claimed as his area of operation. Sure, Julious had told the grateful girl, just come up to my place over there and use my phone to call your roommates. Julious was so helpful. Until Julious got Lean inside his house. ….

Like most pimps, Julious thought that there was nothing better than the first few days of raping and beating a captured female. He usually would beat and whip a frightened gal before he stuffed his big dick in her holes to show her who’s boss. But this newest slavewhore Lean just make Julious wanna fuck her first and save the rough stuff for later. Besides, the size of his cock and the brutal way he used it was a kind of torture to any bitch.

“Yeahhhhh…just look at the big cock I gots for ya, baby. When you is out there workin’ the street for me, you gonna be used to takin’ it deep. Ain’t nobody gonna have a dick big as me, girl. ”

“Puts yo fingers around ma big thing and stroke it, bitch. That’s the way bitch. gets me all long and hard so I drive ya crazy….make ya scream…”

In another part of the city, a group of pimps carefully inspected some newly-captured white women that had been just recently put up for sale. The pimps came often to this particular seller because he usually brought in the prettier young women after he had spent some time breaking them in. A pimp who bought a slave her bought a gal who was ready to be put to work out on the streets or in one of the pimps’ vast array of small whorehouses. Fresh flesh sold best…

“Damn bitch,” one black pimp said to a potential slavewhore that he was inspecting. “You a good-lookin’ piece! You look like you can make me some money! C’mon hoe, get down on yo’ knees and suck my dick so I cans makes up my mind whether to choose you or not.”

But a voice from the corner immediately warned the pimp. “Hey, you knows da rules here,” said the seller. ” You try ’em, you hafta buy ’em! No free samples!”

Ollie wasn’t a pimp but he found himself at one of those secret slave auctions that the Mob ran down in the old warehouse district. Took him months to get checked out and accepted as a buyer there, but it was worth it. Besides, his old lady, the loud, insistent and sometimes overbearing Bertha, had constantly bugging him and urging him on.

“It’d be so much fun fo’ me and you to haves a pretty white slavegirl to keeps around the house, don’t you thinks, Ollie? Sho’ be fun to have her do all the mppin’ and cleanin’ and then be able to do anything we wants with her. How ’bout it, Ollie? Sho’ would likes that.” Damn woman just wouldn’t shut up ’til she had her way…

Bertha sure liked the former secretary that Ollie bought. “Glad yo’ approves of her, ’cause she done cost me three thousand dollars,” Ollie complained.

“You has picked a good one,” Bertha complimented him as she examined the white slave with her hungry eyes and fat, black hands. “Yeah this girl is just the kinds I been wantin”.

Ollie and his main woman, Bertha, made it a point to teach their new white slavegirl how to please them. Please ’em both. Pease ’em ral good. The slave had to be learn it from the very first few hours that she was brought into the house. But not to worry, the black couple was going to make sure to they showed the slave everything she’d need to know. Ollie started off the lessons by forcing his very long cock up the white girl’s ass.

The slave twitched in pain as Ollie’s dick pushed deeper and deeper into her protest rectum. “Nooooooo….Ugggghhhhhh….”

“Hmmmmm….,” Ollie grunted.

Every night there were new cries of panic and agony from muted rooms throughout the ghetto as yet another batch of white slaves found themselves spreading their legs for their new black Masters. Yet another group of white slaves were getting their holes punished by black cocks that rammed without mercy.

Down in his dingy basement apartment, Rufus was into his second night of raping pretty white Monique. Her pussy was already overflowing with his cum and her raw asshole leaked his liquid also. Rufus worked long and hard down at Baylor Construction yard and being able to come back to spend his free time raping Monique sure made it easier to get through the day.

Rufus was also enjoying watching all the action around the construction yard as police and detectives were going crazy looking for clues to the disappearance of his boss’s rather rude daughter. No one had any idea of what happened to Monique Baylor after she had left her father’s office at the yard at the end of the day…..

Rufus hadn’t decided what he was going to do with his white captive in the future. At the moment, the only thing Rufus was thing about was how good and snug her pussy felt as he continued assaulting it with his monster of a cock. Lots of women had teased Rufus about the size of his shaft, telling him that they refused to even consider fuckin’ that big thang.

But white Monique had no choice.

“Ohhhhh…” Monique whole body shuddered from the forceful way that Rufus was raping her, hurting her…..

“You is my whore now, bitch! All mine…..”

When Jane and Wynona were bought by the owner of the big whorehouse over in the Latin part of town, both of them realized that their previous lives were probably over. This smelly, roach-infested place was far removed from their relatively sheltered upbringings. And the regular whores there were sure different from the girls who Wynona and Jane counted as their friends. Instead of beginning classes at the posh private women’s college that they attended, both of them now were going to be getting a new kind of education.

The house’s owner had spent part of the previous night educating Jane and Wynona with his belt and the other part of the night raping them with his eager dick before turning them over to his friends. And it was made very clear that if either of them didn’t do exactly as they were told, the beatings would be worse, much worse. Their lessons would continue over the next few days before they were to be offered to the whorehouse’s many customer.

On their second day, new slaves Wynona and Jane were turned over to the regular whores in order that they get acquainted. The whores made it clear that they were going to make sure that the two newest bitches would learn quickly that there was a definite pecking order among the women in this whorehouse and that Jane and her friend were at the bottom.

“Bring her stuck-up ass in here,” one whore shouted as Jane was walked toward a group of them. “I gonna whip her sorry self real good before I piss down her throat!”

“Hey, who elected you queen?” another whore yelled as she pushed the other one back. “I was the first one who saw her when she got here! This little bitch is mine first! ”

“No, mine! ”

“Fuck you! Mine!”

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