Ghouls Dinner [HINES]


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The Annual Feast of Virgins was THE event for the more advanced and established Ghoul community. Careful hunting and abduction raids were carried out in order to bring in those girls judged fit enough to be honored to serve as ritual meals.

And there were, of course, the added pleasures that the Ghouls would benefit from – like the joys of being the first to deflower these young beauties. “Pleasure before eating” was the favorite theme.

The ranking Ghoul couple Vanna and Ivan always had first choice on their new captives. The virgin daughter of a village mayor was the first to catch their eye. Such a smooth tender body, such a pretty mouth.

“Come with us, dear. You have two days to become an expert at eating pussy and sucking my husband’s cock before we move on to seeing how we’re going to be using that tight virgin pussy and asshole of yours. If you do a good job of pleasing us, we will show mercy by killing you swiftly before consuming you. Otherwise, we will just amuse ourselves by keeping you alive while we eat you…”

Gloria could only moan in painful distress as Ghoul Mortimer continued his anal rape. A foot-long Ghoul cock could stay rock-hard for hours and the black cum that shot up from their heavy balls always burned like acid.

“Uhhhhh….OH, GOD!! Mercy!”

“Don’t you like it, cunt? You’re a poor fuck! You’re only good to eat!”

Ghoul fucking, like the Ghouls themselves was rough, hurting and without mercy. The slavegirl Anna, so battered and broken, had lost all sense of self under the relentless assault of her Ghoul Master. Her pain-numbed body now opened thoroughly to its fate, even arching up now against his, accepting yet another pulsing load of Ghoul sperm.

And this time there was the beginning of something different as Anna felt the first bite on her face. Then more screams, as her Ghoul would begin to eat at her flesh, slowly consuming her as he fucked her once more. Terrible screams. Pointless begging. The wet mixed sounds of fucking and flesh being ripped and chewed….

“I’m gonna eat you alive, slave… Mmmm… you taste good, yeah…”

Ghouls-3.jpg (141929 bytes)

“Yes, Boris, that the way…Slowly…don’t kill her or cause her to pass out yet. Let make this a long and drawn-out process before we start to slice her up.”

“Here, my sweet love, let me help keep you alert! Ah, my nails are so strong and your skin is so tender and gives away so easily!”

Ghoul Tanzayakizi was a real expert at the art of spotting the most potentially delicious slavegirls. She had a real eye for knowing which ones would turnout to be the sweeter-tasting morsels when served either raw or cooked in the ovens. She was also an accomplished butcher; good at making sure that nothing went to waste.

This preacher’s daughter’s sweet terror would provide an addition spice to the taste buds: Tanzayakizi knew just how to bring out the very last ounce of the girl’s terror by her slow insertion and manipulation of the gutting knife, keeping the girl alive even as Tanzayakizi disemboweled her, pulling out those gourmet organs by hand…

“Can’t wait to sit at the table and enjoy those lovely rosebuds of yours….”


The Ghoul Cook, Handelai, appreciated an expertly gutted slave slab. It made it so much easier to stuff properly with vegetables and exotic ingredients like seaweed mixed with brain matter.

“Mmmmm… I think I’m goona have a go at you before proceeding further, my pretty…”

Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!

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