A Saddle For Maria [CORTEZ]

A Saddle For Maria

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Interrogation 4: A Saddle for Maria
by Cortez. All rights reserved.

Maria and Juanita have been arrested and tortured by the sinister Colonel Marcos and his assistant Lieutenant Anna Perez. Juanita has been taken back to a cell after her second session and now it is MariaТs turn again

The colonel was smiling as he strode into the interrogation room. For those in the cells along the corridor, Colonel MarcoТs good humour was something to be avoided at all costs, especially for any attractive young woman unfortunate enough to require his particular attentions. Maria Jimenez had already experienced one session in the chamber. The colonel had made sure that she had seen her friend, Juanita Gonzales, moaning and whimpering as she was carried back to a cell following her second session in the chamber. Now, the colonel, and his trusted lieutenant, Anna Perez, was ready to begin MariaТs interrogation once more.

As usual, most of the of the white tiled chamber was shrouded in darkness, a darkness made more intense by the glaring pool of light thrown on the middle of the rough concrete floor by the spotlights angled down from the arched ceiling. Just as he had ordered, the equipment was ready.

The torture saddle stood waiting under the hot lights. Mounted on a three-foot high chrome tube anchored into the floor, its front edge was cut away in a deep V. The leather was stained and marked, still damp from earlier use. At the point of the V a small fitting was let into the leather seat, a socket designed to hold a range of unpleasant devices it was emptyfor the moment.

Lieutenant Anna Perez, his slim and dark-haired lieutenant with a hint of cruelty in her fine cheekbones and black eyes, emerged from the darkness holding a slim cylinder in her hands. She looked across at the colonel. СReady, sir.Т

Colonel Marcos nodded and sat down at a table placed just in the shadows. He picked up the phone. СJose, weТre ready to begin. Bring Miss Jimenez in, weТll leave the other one until later on.Т The phone clicked back onto its rest. СWhat are you going to use on the saddle for our reluctant Maria, lieutenant the same one as we tried on her little friend yesterday?Т

Lieutenant Perez held up the curved cylindrical shape she was holding. СI thought this would be better, colonel, especially if I use the crab on her later on.Т She handed the dildo to the colonel who examined it carefully. Only about eight inches long, it was thinner than many of the ones they normally used, but the curving shaft was covered with very fine, stiff bristles. Even the bulbous head was covered with the hair-like spines. The colonel circled his thumb and forefinger round the shaft then moved the dildo slowly up and down, watching the way the hairs bent, feeling each one teasing and tickling, as they passed through the circle of his fingers. He grinned in understanding when he felt the sudden sharp prickling as each hair dug into his skin every time the shaft changed direction.

СShe wonТt want to move and she wonТt be able to keep still either After what you did to her insides with the oil and sand sheТll squeal like a pig. Very good, lieutenant Perez, very goodТ He laughed as he handed back the cruel implement so Anna Perez could lock it into place, leaving it jutting up from the saddle in a parody of male erection.

She had just finished as Jose and another guard led Maria back into the torture chamber. Held by the arms and totally naked she stood shivering and trembling in the harsh glare, trying hard not to look at the saddle that she could see was waiting for her.

СSo Maria, as I promised itТs time for you to have another lesson with Lieutenant Perez here.Т The colonelТs voice was soft, drifting out of the darkness as he lounged back, studying the beautifully shaped body of the young student. She had obviously been allowed to clean herself up and it was only the swollen redness of her sex lips, and the raised welts ringing each wrist and ankle that hinted at the torture sheТd experienced just a few hours before. СYou know what I want the names of your cousinТs rebel friends.Т He paused, enjoying the moment. СOf course, I would normally ask her personally but it seems she is away at present. Such a pity for you, I mean so uncomfortable, unlessТ

СYou monster, I told you what I knew last time and you didnТt believe me. I tell you I DONТT KNOW ANYTHING!Т Maria screamed into the darkness. The colonel sat back, enjoying the sight of the naked nineteen year old threshing and raging in the grip of the guards for a few moments, then he leaned forwards.

СOh dear, poor Mariawhat a shame for you that I just donТt believe you.Т His voice hardened. С WeТre wasting time Jose, please prepare Miss Jimenez for her ride.Т The guards had been waiting eagerly for the command. MariaТs wrists were forced back and tied behind her, then the sergeant took his time strapping her elbows together, tightening each buckle in turn to force her shoulders back so that her breasts jutted out and up as though she was somehow offering herself to her torturers.

Maria, struggling against the pain of the straps, screamed aloud as Anna Perez appeared in the light. Her head shook frantically in remembered agony as the lieutenant reached out to finger the young BrazilianТs helplessly outthrust nipples. As intended, the distraction allowed the two guards to finish buckling the ankle straps and attaching the two ropes that led away into the darkness.

СNow itТs your chance to try the ride we gave your friend Juanita yesterday. Remember, you were watching or perhaps you thought IТd forgotten my little saddle?Т whispered the lieutenant; her fingers still busy playing with MariaТs tits. СSince you wonТt help the colonel IТm afraid I must jog your memory Come along now, round the back.Т Pulling her by her nipples, she manoeuvred the shivering girl until she was standing behind the saddle. СGo on, forward, legs apart, go on, go on there thatТs better.Т

Maria was forced to shuffle forwards, reluctantly spreading her knees as she was positioned over the saddle. She shuddered uncontrollably as she felt the fine bristles on the dildoТs crest scraping and scratching against the scorched lips of her cunt and the tender inner skin of her thighs. СOh God, no, I canТt, not, please donТt make me, pleaseТ

From his hidden vantage point, the colonel could see that the nineteen year old was actually standing on tiptoe to keep herself away from the devilish shaft scratching between her legs. He smiled, knowing that lieutenant Perez was keeping the girl poised deliberately, waiting for the telltale quivering in MariaТs calves to tell her that exhaustion and pain were really setting in. He settled back, enjoying the spectacle as the girl fought the inevitable fatigue that would soon force her down off her toes lowering her body to begin the agony of riding the cruel, spiny dildo all by herself.

Anna Perez let go of MariaТs swollen teats and stroked her tear-stained cheek. СNow you have a choice to make will it be front or back? Oh donТt worry that little brush you are avoiding so carefully is going all the way up inside you, whatever you do but which way?Т She waited, enjoying the panic and despair as she forced the young student to choose where they would begin the torture. Of course they would eventually make her ride the dildo the other way as well, whatever she said but offering the choice provided such a delicious beginning to the session.

СI canТt wonТt Oh God no, you canТt make me sit on that, IТll scream. Please, IТve told you I donТt know anything. Please, pleeeease!Т Maria Jimenez jerked and trembled as her leg muscles began to cramp, her heels dropping so she suddenly felt the dildoТs crest scratching inside her labia as the bulb parted the fleshy lips and nudged against the entrance of her body.

СOf course youТll scream, thatТs one of the things weТre here to make you doremember? So, no more fuss, I just want you to choose front or back for this little rod?Т The lieutenant reached down and wriggled the flexible shaft. It was only a gentle movement but Maria screamed once more as the fine hairs raked along her slit. СOh dear, still nothing but silly noises IТll choose for you then, shall I? I think weТll start here, at the front.Т

She paused, СSuch a pity for you that after yesterday youТre really going to feel this all the way up.Т She looked across to the sergeant. СAll right, gently nowТ In the darkness, Jose began pulling on the two ropes attached to MariaТs ankle cuffs. They had been led out through opposite ringbolts on the edge of the lighted area before being taken back to a fixing behind the saddle.

СAh, no, please, whatТs happening, no, no, pleaseТ Maria wailed in panic as she felt the first tug on her ankles. Instinctively she shuffled her feet, trying to keep up on tiptoe. Each time she lifted one foot, the remorseless pull of the rope pulled her stance wider and wider, forcing her body down onto the saddle and the waiting dildo.

The nineteen year old was gobbling and panting frantically as the slow impalement continued, small screams and gasps of pain accompanying each new movement down the shaft. Suddenly, she squealed wildly, every muscle tensed and her eyes stared up blindly into the blazing lights. Lieutenant Perez and the colonel smiled at each other; theyТd seen the sudden jolting spasm of the young studentТs body; both knew the shrill cry of agony signalled that the bulbous head of the dildo had suddenly popped through the ring of muscle at the entrance to their victimТs vagina and was now fully embedded in the tender inside flesh of her body.

СHold it there a moment, sergeant,Т the colonel called quietly. СLetТs deal with her arms donТt want her falling over in the next bit.Т Maria screamed again as her bound arms were lifted up until the wrist tie could be slipped over the hook on the end of a ceiling rope. СThatТs fine, itТll be tight enough once we get her legs in position,Т the colonel ordered. The remorseless pull on her ankles was resumed and MariaТs legs were dragged steadily further and further apart.

Finally one long, loud wail of agony sliced through the hot, sticky air of the chamber. СNOOOOOOOOOO!Т Maria JimenezТs exhausted leg muscles gave way and she slipped down the last couple of inches, impaling herself fully on the devilish shaft. Just like her friend, Juanita, only hours before, Maria was now squatting on the wet, stained leather of the saddle. Her legs were straddled wide, each ankle lashed to a steel ringbolt with only her toes and the balls of her feet in contact with the rough concrete floor. Between MariaТs spread thighs, the plump, split purse of her sex thrust forwards, open and fully exposed by the cutaway front of the saddle.

The upper part of the young BrazilianТs body was curved forwards, held there by the tension of the rope that lifted her bound arms up and away from her back. Thrust out obscenely by the bondage of her upper arms, Maria JimenezТs breasts hung free, swaying slightly as she twitched and writhed on the torturing shaft inside her.

СSo, now Maria, you are all ready for us once again. How do you find our little obedience saddle, a stimulating ride, yes?Т The colonelТs voice drifted out of the wall of darkness beyond the lights. Maria twitched in her bonds in a futile attempt to see beyond the glare. СNow for your lesson, something simple to start with, I think Lieutenant, show Maria the rattan and tell her how you are going to apply it to her delightfully presented flesh. Unless that is, you have something you wish to tell me first, Miss Jimenez?Т

Anna Perez stopped the resulting torrent of frantic protests by placing her finger across MariaТs lips. СShhh, you know thatТs not what the colonel wanted. Names, Maria, the names of your cousinТs friends thatТs all.Т She smiled as she watched MariaТs mouth set in a stubborn line. СOh dear, bad choice IТm afraid. Now, the colonel has asked me to show you this.Т Anna watched the girlТs eyes widen in disbelief as she saw the sinister, yellow cane in the LieutenantТs hands. Maria gazed in horror at the prominent ridges ringing the shaft at intervals and the way it flexed and curved so easily.

СThis is my СpersuaderТ, Maria. It gives lessons to stubborn little girlsТ the lieutenant whispered, leaning close to MariaТs ear. СSometimes hereТ the cane caressed the taut curves of MariaТs buttocks where they bulged out over the tiny saddle. The cane moved again, Сand sometimes hereТ the yellow rod caressed the young studentТs dangling breasts. The Lieutenant brought a low, hopeless wail of anguish from Maria as she sawed the shaft slowly back and forwards, making the ridges bobble against the girlТs nipples so that she jerked and twisted in anticipation of the agony to come.

СJust to warm you up IТll start with this delightful bottom you are pushing out so invitingly.Т The Lieutenant took her position and swung the rattan in a flat, hissing arc.

The sharp, flat sound echoed in the chamber as the impact jolted Maria forwards. A single, white stripe appeared on the olive skin, a stripe that quickly deepened to a deep, red weal as Maria arched up and backwards in sheer agony. СArrrrgh, ah, ah, ah, nooooooo, please no, no!Т

Too late, Maria Jimenez realised that the colonel and his lieutenant were real experts in self-inflicted agony. She was not stretched out quite to her limit because they had ensured that Jose had tied off the ankle ropes while her legs were still slightly bent so, with an enormous effort, Maria was still able to lift herself about four inches off the narrow saddle for a few moments until the strain became too much and she was forced to squat down once more. Diabolically, four inches was more than enough to ensure that the fine hairs on the buried dildo worked to their maximum, scouring and tickling the tissues of her cunt to build up a quite unbearable mixture of stimulation and pain inside her body.

Maria not only felt the agony of that blazing stroke of the rattan but also the dreadful internal scratching as it forced her up onto her toes. Then, as she slumped back down, the dildoТs torturing hairs suddenly changed direction, pricking and raking into the tender tissues and making the young Brazilian gasp and pant with pain. The Lieutenant, familiar with the dildoТs effects, waited until she was fully seated once more before sending the second stroke to blaze a fiery line parallel with the first.


Maria, unable to help herself, once more arched up onto her toes, head tilted back as she screamed her anguish to the ceiling. Another, shorter cry, overlaid by the ragged, gasping breathing, told the watchers that she had once more slid down the diabolical shaft that impaled her.

СIТll tell you anything, anything at allТ Maria screamed out towards the colonel. СDonТt you understand I donТt know who they are I DONТT KNOW! YouТve got to stop, please, that thing, I canТt bear it, IТll go m-m-m-mad, pleaseТ

СSuch a pity All this and for nothing, but, now weТve got you in position we might as well go on Lieutenant.Т For a moment, Maria didnТt understand what had been said. It was the slicing agony of the next stroke and her jerking ride up and down the flaying bristles that told her the worst. The colonel was intent on torturing her to the very limits of her body, regardless of what she might say.
Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap!

The lieutenantТs arm swung with a cruel, regular rhythm, the cane biting viciously into the young studentТs naked buttocks with each stroke. The hot kiss of the rattan was agonising, each stroke bringing another gasp of pain and another burning red weal across the smooth copper cheeks that were pressed out and apart so invitingly by the devilish design of the saddle.

Each stroke also forced Maria Jimenez to add to her own torture. Every arching convulsion lifted her up and down on the bristles of the dildo that impaled her. The double agony was quite deliberate. After many similar sessions, both Lieutenant Perez and the colonel knew that quite soon, Maria would force herself to a screaming pain-wracked orgasm as the vicious internal stimulation became too much to bear. Lieutenant Perez, sweating with the effort of wielding the whippy rattan, shivered in delicious excitement. Once that happened, she knew from experience that the girl could be made to ride the exquisite cycle of pain and pleasure repeatedly until she simply collapsed from exhaustion.

СOh Christ no more, for GodТs sake, please no more, n-n-n-oo m-m-m-more. Oh help me. PLEEEESE!Т Maria screamed as the first beads of blood flicked away from the criss-cross welts covering her bottom. Then, slowly, the sounds changed. СAh, no, oh no, no, I wonТt Aaaah, Ah yes, YES YESSS, Oh, oh, oh, M-more, y-yes, yes, YES Aaaahhh!Т Lost in her world of pain and horror, Maria Jimenez couldnТt help, or control, the orgasm that now surged through her body. Jerking like a puppet on the sweat-soaked leather of the torture saddle, she was suddenly intent on forcing the flaying bristles deeper into her cunt, heedless of the pain to come.

Lieutenant Perez let the tip of the rattan rest on the floor as she watched the spasms wracking the pinioned girl. She waited until MariaТs head drooped and her body slumped against her bonds. There was a long pause. СDid you enjoy that Maria? Yes? Shall we start all over again?Т The rattan lifted until the yellow shaft was tapping the very tips of the girlТs dangling breasts. СTime to warm these up a little, donТt you think?

СOh no, no NO you canТt, youТre a woman too, you wouldnТt dare, you wouldnТt, please no, noТ

СOh Maria, donТt be silly, of course I can besides, being a woman I know exactly which bits to tickle hardest like these pretty peaks for instance to let you really enjoy the full effect isnТt that lucky?Т She turned to the sergeant. СJose, would you move the arm rope up under her shoulders, above the elbow tie please. IТd like Miss Jimenez be sitting up properly for this next bit…Т

Despite her sobs, Maria found herself repositioned quickly, the ceiling rope now looped round her upper arms so that she was posed almost upright on the saddle. With the elbow tie forcing her shoulders together it looked just as though she was deliberately holding out the large firm cones of her breasts ready for the blazing kiss of the rattan.

Colonel Marcos spoke, a hint of a chuckle in his quiet voice. СNow my dear, this is just where Lieutenant Perez is so good. ItТs no good trying to turn sheТs going to beat your nipples now. Not hard, just a steady smacking.Т He laughed at the look of relief on Maria JimenezТs face. СOh donТt thank me I assure you in five minutes youТll be pleading for her to do anything but tap them any more. If you donТt believe me, just waitТ

Whilst the colonel taunted Maria, Anna Perez was stroking the cane to and fro across the thick stubs of MariaТs nipples again, enjoying the sight of each ridge bouncing across the dark brown peaks in turn. The stroking was quite deliberate, bringing the two nubs to stiff attention despite the girlТs obvious efforts to avoid showing any reaction to the tormenting caress.

Seeing the colonelТs nod, the lieutenant started tapping the rigid tips with the cane. Just as the colonel said, she was using the rattan almost delicately, letting the flexible rod swing under its own weight to cut exactly across the tender tip each time. By the tenth stroke, Maria was grunting and wincing with each fresh blow, realising, much too late, how the agony was going to build up as the nerve ends reacted to the relentless beat of the cane.

Ah, oh no, pleaseТ The first breathless plea broke the silence as the count passed twenty-five. Both Anna Perez and Colonel Marcos knew she would be screaming for them to stop long before Anna Perez reached fifty strokes. Not only that, but as one oft the first effects of the remorseless torture was to make the peaks of the girlТs breasts, especially the nipples themselves, swell up, every new stroke just increased the pain and agony unbearably.

СSTOP! STOP! Please, please stop, pleas. AAAAAHHH!Т

As the screams rang out, Anna Perez could see the thick, red swollen teats denting and flexing with each new blow. For Maria the pain was so great she couldnТt stay still on the saddle and she was once more working the dreadful bristles of the dildo against the flayed inner flesh of her cunt.

СAAAARRRRGGGGHHH! Noooooo!Т She wailed, flailing her head and jerking up and down. Trying anything at all to move her breasts away from the biting thud of the cane on her nipples. Then, just as Anna Perez expected, the sounds began to change once more as the pain in MariaТs breasts, and the exquisite torment of the bristles moving within MariaТs body began to drive her to yet another unwelcome climax.

СOh, God, oh no, nooo, I c-c-canТt please I d-d-donТt I coming, yes yes YESSSSS, UH, Uh, uh Y-y-yeees YES! Uh, uh, uh, UH,UH, UUH, Aaaah.Т

Guided by the sounds of MariaТs orgasm, the lieutenant kept the rhythm of the rattan going so that the beating forced the girl on to a second and third peak until she was literally screaming for mercy as the dildo ripped climax after climax from her raw flesh. At long last Anna Perez let the rattan fall to the floor and allowed Maria to sag, barely conscious against the shoulder ropes.

The colonel smiled, steepling his fingers and enjoying the sight of the panting girl still strutted on the torture saddle in front of him. He knew quite well that Maria had nothing worthwhile to tell them, but since they still had her strapped down, the lieutenant might as well tickle her cunt with the crab. Using electricity always gave him an erection especially when the subject was as young and pretty as this one.

СLieutenant Perez..Т Colonel Marcos called softly to his assistant. СOnce you have caught your breath, I think Maria there should at least taste the bite of our electric crab. As you suspected, she knows nothing of importance but you never know and it should be entertaining at least.

СOf course, Colonel, two minutes to get the trolley ready. I thought one clip on the lips and the other on the clit the brush can stay for effect.Т Colonel Marcos nodded, leaning back in his chair as he studied the red, swollen tips of MariaТs breasts as they jiggled and swayed as the young student tried to bring her harsh panting breaths under control. He smiled even more broadly as her watched her efforts at recovery so stupid, so futile. After all, the things Lieutenant Perez was about to do to the young student were going to have her screaming insanely once again in about two minutes time.

Maria looked up and her face contorted with terror as she saw the little controller, the wires and the bright, steel clips. СNo, NO! NO you canТt. No please. Not that, you canТt I donТt know anything, no please, not my breasts again theyТre so sore, please, pleaseТ

СNow, thereТs no point in fussing and shouting, Maria, the colonel just wants to check all the things youТve said to us are really true.Т Anna Perez held up the first crocodile clip by the fine red wire. СDo you really not want it here?Т She let the dangling clip bounce against the hot swollen peak of MariaТs left breast.

СAaaah! N-no, please no, not thereТ Then, Maria realised the trap sheТd fallen into as the lieutenant gently caressed the soft purse of her cunt where it jutted into thin air between her splayed thighs. СOH GOD, NO, NO YOU CANТT!

Craning her neck forward, Maria watched in horror as the steel jaws closed on one of her labia. She hissed at the sudden bite of the teeth closing on her flesh and then jerked against her bonds once more as she felt the lieutenantТs fingers parting the soft petals of her cunt and stroking the nub of her clitoris into full erection. Her breath rasped in the silence as the lieutenant positioned the second clip and then

СArrrgggh! Ah, no, oh please, that hurts, p-p-p-pleaseТ

The cries were ripped from her throat as Maria felt the burning pain of the little steel teeth biting hard into the most delicate place on her body. Lieutenant Perez fondled the plump lips for a few moments more, deliberately joggling the clips so that Maria winced and gasped as the teeth pulled and jabbed into her. СSo sensible to save your strength, little one Now, if youТre ready for meТ

She stood up and picked up the small black box. In the darkness on of the guards flicked a switch and Maria heard the soft, ominous humming of the transformer. It was the same evil sound sheТd heard when this woman had been torturing Juanita. She breathed faster, shallow, hard breaths as she tensed her muscles, trying to brace herself against the first shock of the current


Maria Jimenez curved up off the saddle in an agonising bow as her muscles locked rigid at the shock. Eyes bulging and her mouth gaping in an O of agony she lifted on her toes so that both the colonel and the lieutenant could clearly see half the impaling dildo between her quivering thighs. After ten seconds the lieutenantТs thumb lifted off the button and the young student thudded back onto the saddle, the breath rasping in her throat.

СAaaah! Oh, God, Oh God, M-m-mercy, P-please. Nooooo!Т

СSilly girl, that was just to let you understand what the little crabs can do. Now, can you remember any other names for the colonel?Т Anna Perez watched the desperate head shaking as she listened to the jumble of pleading noises. СOh dear, still wrong, IТm afraidТ Maria just had time to realise the meaning of her words when the lieutenantТs thumb pressed the red button once more.


Again, every sinew of the girlТs slim figure showed like wire cables as she arched backwards as the current fizzed and burned through the nerves of her cunt. This time the lieutenant flicked her thumb on and off the controller so that the girl jerked and danced like some demented puppet on the raking bristles inside her body.

Five more times the lieutenant let the girl rest before sending the current surging through her clit once more. The screams broke, becoming gasping breathless sounds as her voice gave way under the strain. Finally, Maria Jimenez slumped unconscious against her bonds. Lieutenant Perez unclipped the connections and replaced the controller on the little table, signalling to Jose in the darkness to turn off the transformer.

Just as you said, Colonel, nothing more from this one, perhaТ The soft buzz of a telephone interrupted her. Colonel Marcos picked up the receiver and listened for a few moments.

СYou have her safe? ExcellentI see, and the woman she was hiding with as well. My congratulations, sergeant No, do nothing at all, just bring them here at once. Lieutenant Perez and I will be waiting.Т He put the phone down and thought for a moment.

СLieutenant, it appears we have some new clients. It seems that an American lady who has been working at the university has been hiding MariaТs cousin in her flat. TheyТll be here in a couple of hours.Т He turned to where the guards were still enjoying MariaТs discomfort. СJose, get that one off the saddle and back to the cells, then clear up in here. The Lieutenant and I are taking a break. WeТll decide what to use on them when they get here, clear?

Jose looked at Maria eagerly. СYes, Sir, quite clear.Т Together they left the chamber. Behind them, the two guards started unstrapping the girl from the torture saddle

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