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“Hey asshole! Let me go!” Marie shouted as the man tore open her shirt and exposed her full firm breasts, “I’m a famous actress and I won’t put up with this! My agent will…OOOFFF!”

The man punched Marie hard in the gut and sent her to her knees gasping for breath.

“Your agent is the one who set you up, you stupid cunt,” the man said laughing, “Don’t worry. You’re still an actress. We’re filming right now as a matter of fact. Your days of academy awards are behind you. Welcome to Hell’s Brothel where the only award you’ll receive will be plenty of pain and healthy mouthfuls of cum!”

Marie saw her agent now standing behind a camera smilng widly. She caught her breath and tried to run, but a shot from a tazer dropped her to the ground where she flopped and twisted like a boated Marlin. The rest of her clothes were torn off as she was dragged inside. Men and women in elegant evening wear and costume masks sipped champagne as Marie, eyes wide with terror, was hung by her wrists from the beams in the ceiling.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the most famous whore ever to grace the halls of Hell’s Brothel. You all know why she’s here; now it’s time to show her!”

Whips and crops landed hard and fast across her stomach and breasts as the party got underway. A man stepped up behind the screaming woman and, after lubricating her back passage, rammed his heavily veined cock deep into her ass.


The cameras still rolled, recording every tear and blood-curdling shriek, Her agent stood next to her absently twisting one of her pert erect nipples. “Your career as a serious actor is over, bitch!” he told her, “But we have plenty of dramatic rolls for you to play. You won’t even have to act. Your going to be the newest cutting edge reality show. It’s called ‘Cunts In Pain’ and you’re the star!”

Soon Marie was pulled down from the ceiling as the guests fell upon her naked body like vampires onto a virgin. Other girls, all prisoners of pain, would be brought up to the main hall shortly but for now Marie was the center of attention.

Talia was fairly new to the rigors of Hell’s Brothel. But the training was so intensive that it never took long for the new ones to learn their place.

She had just been fucked soundly by a man and his wife. The wife had worn a huge strap-on rubber cock. They had beaten her with riding crops as they took her from both ends. After they were exhausted, Talia was bound and gagged and dumped back in her cell. Even though in pain and with the smell of cum dripping and drying over her naked body, she began to nod off. She had barely closed her eyes when she heard voices. She awoke with a start and realized that another couple accompanied by a guard was regarding her through the bars of her cell.

“She’ll do nicely,” said the woman, “Don’t you think so Harold?”

“Whatever you want Sadie. It’s your birthday…”

The cell doors swung wide. “We’ll take her here,” Sadie said to the guard, “I like them dirty and freshly fucked.”

Without another word the couple stripped as the cell door was slammed shut behind them. Grabbing a handful of hair, Sadie dragged Talia to the cell floor. “On your knees bitch. Time for a little more pain before the big party tonight.”

Sadie reached down between Talia’s legs and scooped a fingerfull of cum from her leaking vagina. She licked her finger like she was tasting icing from a cake. Harold sat at one end of the cell and watched his sadistic wife go to work on Talia, his cock grew rigid and began to ooze thick drops of pre-cum inches from the girl’s lips. Sadie’s spiked gloves slowly began to grind into Talia’s cum-filled box. Each time the fist came up, she would lick it dry, then smiling, she’d start twisting the glove into the girl’s pussy again.

“Suck him dry, slut, and maybe I’ll leave your cunt in one piece!”

Harold removed her gag and Talia opened her mouth. Fear of Sadie and pain from her glove turned Talia into a cum-hungry whore. Soon Harold grunted and pushed his erupting cock all the way into Talia’s mouth. She struggled to swallow every drop.

“Not bad, you nasty cum-bucket,” Sadie laughed as Harold pressed his cock into Talia’s drooling mouth, “now turn around sweetheart, it’s my turn. My cunt has been leaking for you all day…”

“Natalie will be perfect for the party,” Gunther said. “She hasn’t even been whipped yet and she’s already screaming.”

“Yes,” said Mr. Krueber remarked as he watched the 18 year old beauty swing and twist as she hung from the beam, “she’s been under surveillance for quite some time now. I marked her five months ago. Her days as a super-model in some shitty fashion rag are over. She’ll model here at Hell’s Brothel from now on.”

Natalie struggled, thrashing and bucking. The men talked calmly about her immediate future as though discussing the weather.

“Please let me go,” Natalie pleaded, “You can’t just keep me here. People will notice I’m gone…the police will…AAAAAIIEEE!”

She had failed to notice the cattle prod in Gunther’s hand. It came up between her legs and sent a mind numbing jolt into her clit.

Her whole body convulsed showing off every well toned muscle in sharp relief. Her pert tits bounced delightfully around on her chest.

Gunther unzipped and stroked his hard-on as he watched her writhe in pain.

“You can struggle and fight all you want, bitch! But your part of the fuck-herd now…just an animal, and animal’s don’t talk do they?” He held the prod next to her right nipple. Natalie answered him by shaking her head quickly from side to side. Her cunt still stung from the electric prod, and she’d started to cry.

“That’s alright slut, crying is allowed but try to save your voice for tonight. When the party starts, everyone will want to hear those precious ear-shattering screams and shrieks because of the exquisite pain you will endure.”

Gunther spun her around slowly inspecting her for flaws and defects. He found none…Natalie was indeed perfect.

Gunther handed Mr. Krueber an envelope. “Here’s your money sir. It’s a real pleasure doing business with you. Don’t forget that we have another party each month.” Mr. Krueber tipped his hat and turned to leave. Gunther spread Natalie’s legs and sampled her cunt for the first time but certainly not the last.

The purple head, then the shaft of Gunther’s cock, spread Natalia’s cunt wide and disappeared into her tight body. “Fringe benefits, Natalie. I get to enjoy you while your still fresh and tight…”

“Well look at you,” the leather-clad woman said to Makela, “all stripped down and kneeling on the floor. I’ll bet you’ve got a lot of questions, little bitch!”

Makela’s eyes adjusted to the light and, to her amazement, she recognized her boss’s wife Daneen.

“Allen tells me he was ready to fire you for being an incompetent secretary,” Daneen said as she grabbed a handful of Makela’s hair, “but he said he wanted to fuck you first. So I just told him to bring you here. You’ll make a fine addition to Hell’s Brothel. You’ll learn to satisfy every carnal secretarial duty given you. Be warned that your lazy bullshit won’t be tolerated here. Now let’s get you on your hands with your ass in the air. I want to see the holes my husband will be fucking later on tonight. Kiss the floor, whore!”

Makela found her face shoved roughly onto the cold cement as she was fondled roughly by Daneen. First she rubbed her rubber-gloved hand along the fleshy labia around Makela’s cunt.

“Nice pink twat. My husband will like that…”

“GG…MMMFFF!” Makela grunted around the gag as she felt Daneen’s fist press into her pussy.

“…and you’re tight too; at least for now. I think I’ll loosen you up a bit for Allen. We’re taping all this by the way. It’s my first time to double fist another woman, and I want to preserve the moment.”

Makela was in real pain now as she felt another gloved fist press against her sphincter.

“You’ve got a nice little gape down in the back hole,” Daneen said sadistically, “It’s a good thing that you take it up the ass, otherwise you wouldn’t much like what’s about to happen…”

To Makela’s horror, she felt both of Daneen’s fists shoved into her holes at once. Her screams were heard throughout the mansion as people watched on the big screen HDTV. Makela bucked and fought, screeching like a woman possessed, as she was painfully impaled on the two fist sized pistons that pounded into her ass and cunt. “Yes my dear, you’re gonna fit in fine around here, and you’ll be surprised to find out all the things that are going to fit in you…”

Walking down a neighborhood street one moment…pulled into a van, stripped and bound the next. Jessica now found herself in a cold dark basement dungeon at the mercy of a man who knew no mercy. Jessica’s leather mask was tied to her bound hands by a leather strap. Her neck felt like it would break; her shoulders hurt and her hands were numb. She could barely breath as the man inspected her perfect body.

“I like a girl who works out,” he told her as he ran his hands across her breasts and down her firm stomach, “I can see you’ve spent a lot of time in the gym. We’ll make use of those muscles here. We like to watch our bitches struggle hard when they’re gang-fucked for the first time. Do you like to fuck Jessica? Do you prefer men or women? Do you prefer to swallow cock or lick cunt? Doesn’t really matter what you like though, because you’re going to get plenty of both. With the face of an angel and the body of a high-class stripper, you will be very popular and in great demand.”

Jessica jumped a little, hurting her neck, when the man carefully inserted two fingers into her shaven cunt. She sobbed softly; tears dribbling down across her cheeks as she was inspected like a piece of meat. She was at Hell’s Brothel, a real butcher shop of sorts where all the meat was ‘grade-A’.

“Oh, very nice,” he whispered in her ear, “you’re a virgin too!” Jessica cringed and moaned in terror and shame at the lust-filled tone in his voice.

“Alyssa!” the man called out. “Yes Master,” said another woman. She entered the room and knelt, “how may I serve you?”

“Take this cow upstairs and clean her up. She’s strong and nimble so don’t let her get away from you. Use at least three other slave whores to keep her under control at all times. If she gets away, I’ll hang you from your ankles and bleed you like a pig. Understand?”

“Yes Master, she will be ready for tonight’s orgy.”

“Also Alyssa, be a good girl and make sure she knows how to eat pussy. She’s going to be part of the main event tonight.”

“Yes Master, I’ll take care of Jessica’s tongue training personally…”

Leilani stood spread-eagled and defenseless before the man in the bloody t-shirt. “I just popped your sister’s cunt,” he told her, “She was a virgin just like you. Could you hear her scream when I broke her open?” He laughed as he watched the terrified Leilani pull against the chains and straps that bound her to the rough rock wall.

“Just before I fucked her tight, and I do mean tight little pussy, I asked her if she wanted me to fuck you instead. She cried a little and then asked me to leave her alone and come fuck you. I laughed when I pushed myself inside her. That’s when she screamed. She never had a choice, and neither do you! I came after only a few strokes. But with you, it’ll take longer. You cute little asian bitches keep me hard all night long!”

When he took off his clothes, Leilani saw the immensity of his fully erect cock. It was still bloody with her sister’s ruined virginity. She turned her head to one side and braced herself trying hard to squeeze her legs together.

Mauling her tits with one hand, he positioned the head of his prick against her virgin hole and pushed. No preamble, no lubrication, just a rough bloody fuck as Leilani followed her sister in defloration. After what felt like an hour, the man finally began to cum. Leilani felt her womb fill with his vile seed as his cock jerked and pumped.

“Damn,” he said panting, “I thought I’d never shoot my wad. It takes a lot longer to cum the second time.”

Leilani, breathing hard and covered with sweat, was secretly ahamed. While the man had fucked her spread open body, it had only hurt at first. But as he rooted into her cunt, it began to feel good. Leilani had cum not once, but twice as this man screwed her brains out. She wept inconsolably. She was worthless now. Just a whore to be used and cast aside. She wouldn’t mind after awhile though. She and her sister would both learn to cum on command at Hell’s Brothel where the party never stops…

Night has fallen and the party at Hell’s Brothel is in full swing now. Every room has warm flesh on display. The crack of the whip, screams, grunts and wild laughter reverberate through the house as patrons and slaves alike play their perverted part.

Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!