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The Japanese officers’ compound. set discreetly apart from the regular barracks of their soldiers, offered a welcome respite from the dreary effects of war. Here, the various upper-echelon officer corp. was able to enjoy their supply of fine saki, imported Japanese mistresses, native music and other privileges that were unavailable to the common infantrymen. Another spoil of war provided to those officers was a plentiful supply of white-skinned Western women prisoners who had been picked out from the rest of the female captives on the basis of their youth and good looks. Since these Western bitches were all considered as inferior anyway, it was only natural that they would be pressed into service as slave whores. That way, they could repay their Japanese Masters for the time, effort and food that was being so generously provided them.

At first, some of the white whores might have resisted – but a few public executions and torture sessions soon dissuaded any more ladies from being difficult…..

Colonel Tamai’s hand reached out to test the firmness of the white Western bitch’s breasts. “Hmmmm, not bad, not bad, ” the Colonel muttered. “You white cunts have much bigger tits on you than our more dainty and refined Japanese women, but I like them big, sometimes.

Yes, you’re quite passable. And I’m sure that the rest of your body will work hard to please your new Master unless you want more lessons from my riding crop. Your friend there seems to have gotten into the spirit of things. I’m sure you will be able to do the same….”

The vast green vistas of the surrounding tropical countryside never failed to inspire General Inoguchi with it’s beauty. Every morning, without fail, Inoguchi made it a point to walk the steep incline to the top of the hill above his quarters in order to spend a half-hour or so just taking in the grand sweep of jungle and forest that stretched for tens of miles. The wonderful sights and crisp, tropical air worked to infuse the General with a fresh infusion of vigor and well-being. But Inoguchi had also discovered the advantage that came from having the pretty American prisoner named Alicia accompany him on his morning journey. This white captive nurse reminded him so much of that girl that he had dated back in his younger days as a visiting university student in America; the thick dark brown hair, those pretty, inviting pink lips… It was only natural that the General use Alicia’s submissive mouth to further enliven the atmosphere as he surveyed the panoramic scenery around him.

“Yes, it’s all so beautiful up here,” General Inoguchi commented as he looked out over the surrounding valley. All made so much better by the tight warmness of his female prisoner’s lips firmly and obediently stroking his hard cock, of course. A wonderful prisoner, this Western girl. So dedicated to fulfilling his needs. And she was doing such a good job, just as he expected and demanded.

“It is almost time,” the General said. “Almost time for us to go, so you better move that mouth a bit faster. ”

His lovely prisoner wet lips immediately began to work his member harder, faster, and it was only a minute or so before the General felt his balls starting to twitch……” Uhhhhhh, ” the General grunted as he grasped the girl’s head with both hands and began bucking his hips, beginning to empty his cum-stream into her mouth.

To solidify comradery and ensure fellowship amongst the officer ranks, there was nothing that worked better than evenings spent together in the officer’s quarters taking turns with one of the Western female prisoners.. Many an argument was forgotten and many a relationship was solidified over these lust and sex-filled hours. The Yankee nurse Wiona might have resented her captivity and enslavement to her Japanese captors, but she was helpless to resist in any way if she wished to avoid a fate that would be very much more severe than the sexual abuse that she was being subjected to. But Wiona was forced to betray her nation and her cause by letting her mouth, ass and cunt be used for the benefit of the enemy. She realized that she was now considered nothing more than a lowly, inferior bit of white fuck-meat to these Japanese officers.

They treat her roughly and crudely, giving no attention to how much they hurt or abused her. The assaults upon her filled her with thick deposits of semen that continued to leak from her cunt and anus throughout the day and night. Wiona didn’t know if she could survive the term of her enslavement, had doubts if she had the mental and physical capacity to endure the daily and nightly line up of hard and ready cocks..

It hurt Wiona as the young lieutenant slammed his cock hard up her ass one last time and began to shoot his load of cum deep within her tortured rectum. He had roughly assaulted her asshole for quite a while and now he was shuddering as he held on to Wiona tightly and made her his bitch by depositing his own gift of cum to intermingle with all that of the previous officers who had taken their turns riding her.

Sometimes an officer felt obligated to show his appreciation to someone from the lower ranks for some extraordinary feat or person service.

This was the case for General Abe, the overall prison camp commander who oversaw a sprawling complex that included over 500 Western female inmates. What Abe particularly appreciated was the covert services provided by Sergeant Matsuda in the way of choosing and separating the most attractive adult female prisoners from al the rest and making them available to the General and his closest associates. These frightened and broken white captives usually turned out to be very accommodating and compliant sexslaves, easily made to perform even the most deviant and perverted sexual acts. As participants in a war that was dirty and bloody, General Abe and his selected favourite staff officers felt a real need for female flesh and the relief that only a woman’s tight pussy and ass could provide.

Sergeant Matsuda had made sure that the prisoners had been properly whipped and disciplined well before they were presented at one of the General’s private orgies. By the orgy’s end, these cowed prisoners had performed as well as the most seasoned whore, giving the General and his guests the most enjoyable of fuckings and making sure that everyone had been satisfied. For this, General Abe was indeed grateful to Sergeant Matsuda…

The Sergeant deserved a reward for his faithful services , General Abe had decided. Such a subordinate as Sergeant Matsuda would appreciate being given a nice Western bitch like Miss Sabler to keep as his own. After all, the General had over twenty Western females interned in his own private group of thatched huts, held there for his own use. He could well spare Miss Sabler.

“The Sergeant here will be your Master now,” the General told Miss Stabler. “Now be still, the Sergeant is going to carve his initials on you in case there are any questions concerning his ownership…”

Even in the midst of war, love can sometimes blossom. This was the case with young Major Isi and the cute, freckle-faced redhead prisoner, Maddie Henshaw. Miss Henshaw, a pale-skinned, firm-bodied 18 year-old daughter of the former British Colonial Administrator and Major Isi, the hardened and much-decorated infantry officer, would seem to be unlikely lovers at first glance. After all, it was Major Isi who had personally beheaded Maddie’s beloved father with his battle sword and who had dragged Maddie’s screaming mother into a nearby shack in order to enjoy fucking the middle-aged woman for quite some time before giving her to his men for their enjoyment.

Yes, Major Isi and Maddie Henshaw were lovers – although she was his lover because she had no choice. Enthralled with Maddie’s red hear and green eyes, the Major had informed her that wither she would belong to him or else he would turn he over to his men as he had done with her mother. Maddie had not seen her mother since Isi had finished with her – but she still heard her. Heard her crying and moaning throughout the night as Isi’s men used her relentlessly.

Maddie, as Major Isi’s personal sexslave, had no choice but to service his needs whenever he was back from one of his missions or patrols. To please him, she was forced to act as his lover and his devoted whore; arching her hips and bucking to meet his determined thrusts and obediently presenting her ass up as an offering for his lusting cock. As much as she hated it, she would entwined her tongue with his as he deep-kissed her while fucking her.

Betty Loomis had not been able to evacuate off the island as news of the Japanese invasion troops caused most of the small American

community to panic and flee in a hastily-assembled fleet of boats. She had heard the news too late, the word reaching her at her nature research encampment days after most of her Western compatriots had left. Try as she might, she was only able to elude the many patrols of Japanese soldiers for a few days before being captured and taken to meet the stern and imposing Colonel Shinzo at his headquarters cabin.

A deeply suspicious man, Colonel Shinzo immediately considered Betty Loomis to be a clever spy left behind to report on the activities of he and his men. This had happened to one of his now-disgraced fellow officers on another previously-held island some time ago and Shinzo was not prepared to take any chances with this seemingly innocent Yankee female. If she was indeed a spy, the Colonel would make sure that she would eventually confess everything to him.

Colonel Shinzo was gruff as he addressed the agonized bitch prisoner who trembled before in fear. “It is no use for you to try and deceive any longer with your lies. I am insulted that you think me such a fool to believe that you are just some innocent American who happens to be on this island studying plants! Why don’t you just confess and tell me all about your mission and about those who sent you? If you do that, I’ll bring an end to your pain by just having you shot as the spy that you are. Otherwise, the harsh treatment that you’ve gotten is nothing compared to what I’m going to do to you before you die……”

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