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It was hot and my throat was felt dried out; and this not only because of the sun that shined with great strength in this early morning hours already. No – even more heat I felt when I looked down at the barely clothed girl that lied bound on the back of my horse on my front, her well formed only half-covered bosom always attracting my eyes and more then one times I found my hand lying on the soft skin.

Meanwhile she was quieter, exhausted from the long and useless struggling against the ropes that held her arms firmly on her back. Sometimes she muffled something into her gag, especially when my hand touched her skin again, but at least I hadn’t to take care anymore to prevent her from falling down like in the first hours of the long ride.

Again a look down on her perfectly shaped buttocks, and I sighed, knowing too well, that she was not for me. The orders of the Emperor left no room for any misunderstanding, and I didn’t fell like being hit from his punishment like this poor girl here.

I knew who she was: Varinia, the daughter of the General of the Barbarian legions; in those times the most important if not the only part of the so-called ‘Roman’ legions. And I also knew, why I had to kidnap her; I laughed lowly, when I remembered the story, that was told everywhere below the nobles in the Empire: that this girl rejected the offer of Emperor Virocinus to become his lover or even more – such tales change with each report -, but the basics were certainly true. And this rejection was not done privately, but during a party in the presence of all-important nobles of the Empire. Only those could tell, if she really called the ‘god-like’ Emperor of Rome a ‘decadent, drunken mollycoddle’. Of course this was a fact, as everyone knew beside himself, but it was not very clever to tell him this!

Vironicus never had heard a ‘No’ in his life, and additionally this public offence and laughers behind his back… it was obvious that he cried out for revenge. His bad luck, that he needed her father and his barbarian warriors so urgently, so he had to keep back his anger, but he never forgot it.

As an agent of the Empire I was ordered to kidnap Varinia during a party the Emperor made in his villa here in Sicilia and bring her to a certain meeting point in the desert… probably she would be sold as a slave. Bad luck for the brave girl, but without her father she probably had ended as a target of some cruel games in the Circus Maximus in Rome. Maybe she will find a good master, I hoped for her and I wished I had enough gold to buy her by myself, but these were useless dreams; a slavegirl of this category was only affordable for rich nobles.

It was easy to get her, the lifeguards of the Emperor themselves had brought me to her room, where she just prepared for the night, where I surprised her and knocked her down with a single blow. Nobody of the guests was aware, when the Pretorians led me to my horse and we vanished in the warm Sicilian summer night. But I hoped I would reach our destination soon; the look of this beautiful girl, the touch of her soft skin, her smell… this was constant temptation for each man.

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“Ah, Sybelinus! Finally you are here, I already was afraid, you had lost your way!” Gaius Septimus stood up and grinned. “Or that you’ve forgotten the Emperors order and made a short rest for another ride with this cute horse!” He laughed out loudly and advanced. “Not that I could not understand this! This Barbarian chick is a hot girl, isn’t she?” He clapped her bare buttocks, and the girl pranced wildly, nearly fell down, because my whole attraction was caught by Septimus’ previous ‘seat’.

A huge wooden cross lied on the dirty ground, surrounded by some nails, ropes, and a mallet and nearby a hole in the ground whose meaning was obvious. I shook my head in disbelieve.

“What? She is not sold? Does he really want to … crucify her?”

The girl’s body stiffened with this word, and her eyes followed my fingers pointing to the cross. Now she noticed the cross and the tools, and with this her quietness was gone. She struggled wildly in her bounds, tried to shout and argue, but the gag quietened her voice to a meaningless muffling, as useless as her struggling against the ropes.

Septimus grinned and licked his lips filled with malicious pleasure. “Oh yes… and we will have the honour and the fun to nail the wings of this chick and make her fly! Hail the Emperor! Such a task I always prefer to do myself, as you know!” He giggled childishly, and I shuddered. Oh yes, this I knew. Gaius Septimes, leader of the Emperor’s Pretorian guard, was well known for his sadism; he often does whippings and similar punishment by himself and there was the rather believable rumour, that he had tortured some dozens slaves to death just to satisfy his own pleasure. Certainly he would enjoy crucifying this poor girl.

“And furthermore,” he continued before I could say a protest. “Furthermore the Emperor doesn’t want that too many people know from this little affair. The craftsman who prepared everything left already. And this stupid Barbarian General…”He spitted out – I knew that he hated the Barbarians because they were more powerful than his own small group of mostly drunken soldiers. “… He will think that his lovely daughter had been kidnapped by some pirates or criminals… he will get a letter for ransom from them, but if he pays or not, he will never see her again!” Again he laughed, and pulled the wildly struggling girl from the horse’s back.

“What a shame for him… she certainly will be a great look, pinned to the cross… he would love the sight of his daughter when we are ready with her… but well, in this way he will at least raise his efforts to fight this filthy pirates, so this will be good for the empire itself!”

Like paralysed I sat on the back on my horse, ashamed as I recognized a strange excitement by the thought to crucify this girl, but I knew that I had no choice, but to follow the Emperor’s orders, if I didn’t want to end on a cross by myself or find an even worse fate; Vironicus was rather ingenious in these matters, something that I didn’t want to experience by myself at all.

“Yes, look at this, sweet Barbarian, later you have to twist your head rather far to see this pretty Roman craftsmanship.” Varinia struggled desperately in his grip, as he dragged her to the cross.

“And those nipples… hmmm… they are really so nice as I imagined so often when I saw you with your bastard father! I always thought, the only right place for you barbarians are slave cages and crosses, so you finally find your home.”

He dropped her to the ground, playing with her nipples, the other hand fumbling between her legs.

“I thought the Emperor has forbidden to abuse her?” I didn’t even recognize my hoarse voice.

“Yes, that is the only sad thing.” He distorted his face. “A good fuck now… and I would be in heaven finally!” With one move he ripped the gag from Varinias mouth. “But at least I want to listen to your screams, I’m sure you will sing a beautiful song for me in the rhythm of the mallet, right?”

She didn’t answer, just stared at him with despise and disgust, lied on her back now calmly, but her heart was pounding strong enough that I could see the movement on her sweat covered chest. Her eyes met mine, but I quickly looked away and pressed my lips. No, I couldn’t do anything for her without loosing my own life, even if I knew that the coming would bring me nightmares for the rest of my life.

Part 2

Posted September 27th, 2003

“What are you waiting for, Syberinus? Come on, and let’s start with her feet.” Septimus knelt down and placed her bare soles on the rough wood. Varinia followed each of his moves with pressed lips and wide opened eyes, but she didn’t struggle anymore.

Slowly I left the horse and advanced.

“Your first crucifixion?” I nodded silently, feeling a nearly painfully erection when I look down at her exposed body lying there on the floor.

“Well, then I will take the mallet, and you just hold her firmly.” Grinning with greed he took a long nail and a mallet. “And take care, she soon will move a little bit more, when the nail splitters her bones!”

On his advice I placed her left sole on the top of her right foot and fixed her feet in this position with the prepared ropes. Still Varinia didn’t move, only her toes curled and her chest raised with the frequency of her fast breathing. My hands were nearly too wet to hold the ropes in a strong grip, so I use additionally my weight to press her legs against the cross; I could imagine very well, how she would struggle, with the first blow of the mallet. I was now so near with my face, that I could smell the sweet vapor from her sex that mixed with the remains of a decent perfume and the sweat, that made her skin so shiny and slippery like oiled. Her eyes stared to her feet with terror and disbelieve, as she couldn’t believe that this really would happen to her.

“Ready now?” With the tip of the nail Septimus looked for the proper place on her foot. Sadistically grinning he twisted the nail into her skin, and the first drop of blood run along the pale skin. She groaned lowly, and a short look in her face showed, that she has closed her eyes now, her lips moved like she’d say silent prayers.

A fast movement on my left, immediately followed by the hellish sound of splittering bones, when the mallet hit the nail and drove it some inches into the poor girls feet, blood splattered from the wound and her body pranced suddenly, all muscles tensioned that they seem to burst through her skin; but no scream, only a strange ‘rrgghhhhhh’ pressed between her teeth. I nearly lost the balance, but the second blow, followed by a still stronger twist of the body below me, punched the nail finally into the wood as I could hear from the sound. The girls muscles trembled like spasming, her toes curled wildly, partially hit by the third furious blow that drove the nail so deep, that its head touched the pierced foot. Again a strange gurgling sound came out of her clenched teeth, a suppressed scream, high and full of pain.

I looked up and let her legs go that now finally were fixed to the wood resting in a puddle of light red blood that still run below the nail’s head in tiny streams. Her tear stained eyes rolled wildly now, and in her effort to suppress any screams she has bitten her lips bloody, thick drops of sweat covered her lovely face that now was distorted to a grimace of agonizing pain. Her breath went fast and irregular, her toes curled up and down in the useless try to flee from the pain. I tried to imagine how it must feel to have finger-wide iron nail in my feet and shuddered, admiring her and wondering how she could avoid screaming out loudly.

“This is done and fixed,” testing Septimus pulled at her toes and twisted her feet round this iron axis that was firmly fixed in the wood. Again this suppressed scream, when the splittered bones rubbed at the iron nail, and her leg muscles convulsed like in spasms, when the mallet hit this nail a last time – not at all to fix it more, but only to satisfy Septimus greed for torture.


He removed the now meaningless ropes from her ankles, grabbed her narrow shoulders and twisted her body that I could reach the rope that still held her wrists. She had pulled at them with such a force that the ropes had rubbed away the skin below, the knot so much bathed in blood, that I had to use a knife to open it.

Part 3

Posted October 7th, 2003

Rudely, Septimus pulled Varinias torso upwards, placing her back on the wood. Varinia didn’t resist anymore, like a lifeless puppet, she let her arms spread out along the horizontal beam.

“This you don’t need anymore,” laughing Septimus removed the golden bracelet. “And for this I will buy another slave. I will buy a Barbarian whore this time and think at you when I’m playing with her!” He laughed again, and we fixed her arms quickly with the prepared ropes to the beam.

“You don’t need to hold her now any longer, just step back, watch and enjoy!” His face grimaced in diabolic pleasure, and I felt sick, but couldn’t turn my eyes away from this disgusting and nevertheless also exciting scene.

Septimus licked his lips and placed the nail on her left wrist. Slowly he twisted it into her skin and the few flesh until it was stopped by the bones; two fast blows and the nail were through her thin wrist and fixed to the wood below. Varinia pranced in agony with each blow, twisted, tried to pull her arm away, but still no loud scream. But the third blow went wrong, hit the nail more from the side, and smashed some bones at the side of her wrist and the thumb instead, and now finally she screamed out one loud scream like a wounded animal.

“Finally, this is my favorite music!”

Looking in the grinning face of Septimus I recognized, that this badly targeted blow was fully intended, and he finally fixed the nail with a content grin.

Posted October 25th, 2003

“May I try the last nail?” My voice was trembling, but I didn’t want to give this bastard the chance to torture her still more than it was necessary to complete the nailing.

“You‘ve got the taste? That’s fun, isn’t it?” He laughed out badly, and reached me the mallet. “Just make sure that you don’t hit the main vein, anything else is rather easy!” For a moment, when I was caught by her beseeching eyes, the thought came in my mind just to do exactly this to end her torture quickly, but when I placed the nail with trembling fingers, I wiped this thought away; probably I would just end on another cross, if I would do so. So I followed his advise, examined her wrist wet from sweat with my fingers, and placed the nail just at the base of her wrist. The first blow hit exactly, and it was easier than I thought before; the sharp nail found its way through splittering bones and was driven into the wood with the first blow. It only needed the second one to fix the nail finally, and I did it quickly ignoring the prancing and twisting body, the groans and low screams that she now allowed to herself.

Septimus looked a bit disappointed, certainly he had hoped, I would be less skilful with the mallet. He already had removed the ropes, and with it my little hope, that those would be allowed for her to avoid that her body is only hold by the nails.

“This is for you, you did a good job!” I had stared at my blood-spoiled hands when he reached me her necklace, golden and showing the fine craftsmanship of her people. “This will always remember you this beautiful day!” I felt sickness arouse, knowing very well, that this day would be in my dreams forever, and quickly turned away, pretending I had to clean my hands.

When I returned from my horse, he knelt near her face; his penis pushed deep in her wide-open mouth, and pumped with animalist sounds. Varinia didn’t resist, barely conscious, it was not even clear, if she knew what happened to her.

“And the Emperor?” I tried to interfere.

“Forget him for a moment!” he replied without looking up with lustful groans. “This doesn’t count, it’s just her last meal, nothing else! Even a Barbarian cunt like her may have a good last meal!”

Moments later when his groans still got loader and he ejaculated in her throat and face, she got aware what happened, opened her eyes in shock and disbelieve; coughing and spitting, she tried instinctively to raise her arm to wipe the mess away that stuck in her face now, but the movement was of course stopped by the nail, that immediately remembered her their presence with a shock of pain, that make her scream out loudly.

“Ah, this was urgent now.” Septimus stood up spreading the last drops in her face. “Now you… it’s not her cunt, but better then nothing.”

I couldn’t say anything, only shook my head and looked away.

“You are a coward, Syberinus,” he laughed. “Believe me: a girl just nailed to a cross has other things in mind than biting your best part! Right scum?” He kicked heavily in her side.

“And the Emperor? I’m not so sure that he has the same meaning of ‘no abuse’ like you! And I don’t want to face his revenge just for a short fuck!” I knelt on her side and cleaned her face, ignoring the mocking comments of Septimus. Her cheeks and forehead were glowing like in fever and her eyes followed each of my moves suspiciously expecting just another torture. I hold the water on her dry lips, and with a graceful look she sipped the thinned vine, and tried to wash the remains of her abuse out of her mouth.

“And… UP!” Just in time I jumped back and saw how Septimus raised the foot-end of the cross with one push. Suddenly the poor girl hung in the air upside down only hold by this single nail that pierced her feet. She shrieked out loudly now, her back bent and tensioned like a bow, and pranced and twisted in the poor limits the nails allowed.

“Hey, we should crucify her this way, so her mouth is always reachable for fresh drinks,” He laughed out loudly and shook the cross, the helpless girl now sobbing and without enough breath to scream anymore.

“Are you crazy? ” I hold her ankles, trying to reduce weight on the nail, but my hands didn’t get a firm grip on the sweat- and blood bathed skin. “This will break the nail out of her foot!”

Grinning he scratched with the fingernail in the heavily bleeding wound what caused her to another spasmic convulsions.

“Hmm, yes, maybe you are right. Just lift the other end and we place it in the hole!”

I hurried to the head end, and lifted the heavy cross with some effort, staring in her sweat-covered face and in eyes that where widely opened in panic and agony.

“Here we go.” Septimus just threw his end into the hole, and surprised from the sudden move, I couldn’t hold my side, too, so that the cross with girl fell to the ground heavily from hip height, causing another howling scream that certainly could be heard miles away.

“I knew, these barbarians are really great musicians, if the motivation is high enough.” Highly amused and excited he scratched is balls below the tunic.

“Okay, now let’s bring our butterfly in her final position!”

It was not easy, only two men for the heavy beams and the girl, but slowly and with some efforts we raised the cross until it glided into the hole, swung several times forth and back and came to rest slightly bend forward, so I look in directly in her half opened mouth and eyes widened in shock and terror when I looked upwards. Varinia didn’t move by herself anymore, only in reactions on the movements of the cross itself and reflex-like twitching her fingers, her head sunken on her chest only swung a bit from side to side, spittle mixed with blood drooping out of her half opened mouth.

For a short moment I thought she was dead, but her chest moved slightly with weak and irregular breathes, the air made rattling sounds in her lungs.

“Come on, let’s fix this!” With wooden wedges driven into the ground with a big mallet we fixed the cross in a nearly perfect vertical position; each blow on a wedge send its vibrations through the wood and nails, what certainly causes incredible pain for the poor girl, that sobbed and sighed and screamed lowly now without a pause. For louder screaming she has not enough breath at this moment, so it sounded more like whimper of a wounded cat, and had not much of a human voice anymore.

Posted November 22nd, 2003

Part 5

I felt sick, not only by the look in Septimus amused face, covered with blood spreads, but even more from my own fascination and excitement when I looked upwards to the poor crucified, who hung silently, unmoving, only her hair and the rags of her clothes moved in the weak wind, and drops of blood run along her wet skin and dropped to the ground. I swallowed hardly and forced myself to turn away to go to my horse and leave this horror. There was nothing else to do here.

“Hey, Sybelinus, where do you want to go?” I felt disgust with the blood-spoilt hands of this pervert on my shoulder. “We still have something to do!” He laughed out loudly. “But first have a sip and enjoy the show, it will begin in a few minutes.” The crucified got aware his gaze and groaning she pressed her knees together, knowing too well, how poorly the rags hided her private parts.

Unwillingly I sat down, but took a big sip from the wineskin he reached, this I really needed at the moment. Wondering what else we could do, and what he meant with ‘show’ I sat down at his site, and silently we watched the nearly motionless girl nailed to the huge wooden cross. From time to time I took a big sip from the quickly emptying wineskin, and only the animalist gulps of Septimus disturbed the silence of the scene.

“Look now, soon it begins!” I looked closer, a bit blinded by the sun, but saw, that her breathing seems to flatter, her chest muscles, tired from the stretching had lost their strength, and have become to weak to press new breathe into her lungs. With wide-open mouth Varinia tried to inhale, the face turned red from the beginning asphyxiation and bent back as far as possible. But this did not help her to get the needed air, and with low screams and groans she tried to move upwards, stretched her trembling legs against the nail in her feet, the hands clawed to fists, she pulled at the nails that pinned her wrists so cruelly against the wood. Some inches upwards her face had changed to a grimace from the effort and pain, and halfway she lost the strength suddenly, and fell down with a long howling scream; she fell so heavily, that I thought the nails would break, or her arms would been torn out of their sockets.

But of course, this didn’t happen, but with tears in the wide opened eyes she tried a second time to rise, still slower this time, twisting her hip from side to side in the attempt to find the easiest and less painful way for her feet to support her arms.

“Yes, she learns fast,” Septimus laughed.” They all learn it sooner or later, and as better they learn, as longer they are living and suffering.” He giggled childishly, obviously already a bit drunken. And quickly I turned my eyes back to Varinia, who finally succeeded and gasped the precious air, half of it she wasted at once with her short, shrill screams. Her weight was now nearly fully hold by the trembling fully stretched legs, her body bent and tensioned like a bow, the soles pressed against the blood-wet wood, that didn’t give any support. No, only this one nail and the surrounding split bones had to hold her weight. After a couple of fast, hectic breathes she begun to loose the strength, I saw like her muscles spasming beneath the shiny skin started to flatter, the legs first, then the arms, and with a last desperate scream, she lost the air of her last breath and sunk down, now hold again by the nail through her wrists.

“She seems to be rather strong, this barbarian whore, more muscles in this tender limbs that I expected; maybe she makes one day or two if she drinks enough!” Again he giggled and took a big sip, the last one obviously, because he threw away the skin afterwards.

With an loud scream, Varinia suddenly pushed herself upwards with one quick effort, but only to fall down again at once with a still louder scream, that overturned the clapping sound as her body clutched against wood.

“This they try all… but only one time usually!” Staggering he stood up. ” But they have to dance the slow dance to get breath. Hmm…could watch it all the day, but first we have to prepare something. He pointed to a couple of different sized chests nearly hidden from a low hill.

“Come on, I think he will expect we have done our work, when he arrives!”

He? Who else would come here? My thoughts weren’t so clear, and my look always fell back to the crucified, which made another attempt to rise, slow again this time, as Septimus had expected.

“Are you dreaming?” He laughed badly. “Oh, yes. This is a show, and you see it the first time. Hmm…and I must say, even I haven’t seen a more beautiful dancer before. This Barbarian cunt is nearly perfect!” He had opened a chest, and I saw a packed tent inside, a tent with the Emperor’s sign!

“Vironicus? He is the guest?”

“Of course, or do you really think he wants to miss this?” Again he laughed out loudly. “Oh no… and I’m sure in the other chests that we may not open now; he has prepared some nice toys if the dance alone gets boring for him! He is a genius in questions of torture, and for this one he certainly has some very special ideas!”

I understood, that Varinia wasn’t their first prey; obviously these two perverts did something like this rather often. And I was now complice of them, a helper for future ‘games’ too – or an unwanted accessory already condemned to death. I shuddered and looked up to the poor girl, who continued her endless dance of agony; how I could avoid following her soon?

He arrived at noon. We had just finished the work of crucifying the young girl and were standing breathless and sweating in the hot sun watching her writhe in her never-ending fight for air. Had she the choice she surely would have chosen death, but the struggle for breath was an instinctive necessity that even the strongest will could not override. No matter how she prayed for death to end her unbearable agony, her body would continue to fight for breath and life until her strength gave out completely and she could not move her martyred body upward one last time.

This was the worst horror of the torture of crucifixion.

“Septimus, my dear friend, wine, fast. I’m dying of thirst!” It was a shrill, high voice, one that fit his persona perfectly. This conceited dandy wore his golden ceremonial armor even though there was barely a cloud in the sky to prevent the sun from burning the dry desert ground. No wonder he was parched. I was surprised that he dared travel alone; usually he was surrounded by at least a dozen Imperial Guards.

He drained the golden cup without lifting it from his lips, and let forth a less than royal belch.

“Ah, you have saved my life, Septimus, and this I will never forget!” He belched again and took the grapes, Septimus handed up to him.

“Oh, and my lovely Varinia, I nearly forgot you, please excuse my lack of manners!” He giggled and turned his horse to the cross, looking upward to the girl who opened her viscid eyes. Her dry lips moved, but the wind drove away her barely audible words. It was her eyes however that now showed a desperate anger and rage that veiled her pain for the moment, brought on no doubt by Vironicus’ obvious amusement.

“Let me look at you; you really look beautiful, better than ever, I’m sure.”

Slowly he circled the cross, his eyes focussed on Varinia’s body. He stopped often to eat a grape, or to look at her with pleasure and greed, especially when she was forced to struggle painfully upward for another breath. It took several minutes before he completed the circle and he stood again in front of the cross.

“But a little bit overdressed in this heat, don’t you think Septimus? Should we make it more comfortable for our barbarian friend? She seems to sweat a lot.” He wiped a grape in her sweat a sucked on it delightfully.

Posted December 27th, 2003

“You are right, as always, your majesty! Shall I…” He held a ladder against the cross and pointed upwards. “Yes, do so,” Veroinus answered, “There is no reason for our guest to be bashful before friends.” Quickly Septimus climbed the ladder. He pulled the crucified girl’s head up by her hair and forced her to look at the Emperor’s face. “Hey, barbarian cunt, don’t you know how greet the Emperor? You people don’t have any civilized behaviour!” He shook her head savagely by her long blond hair.

“You…you…bastards!” She spit out in a rasping voice, her eyes wide with impotent rage.

“The heat must have burned your head. Maybe you will be more courteous when we have helped you with this dress!” A quick move with a dagger cut the remaining strap of her dress, but not without leaving a finger long, deep slice in the skin below. Slowly the wet dress glided down her trembling torso, until it was stopped by her bent thighs. She pressed her knees to the cloth in a pathetic try to keep this last poor remnant of protection on her exposed body. “Nice, really nice. Are you thirsty?” Septimus bathed his finger in the blood running out of the new wound and wiped it on her lips, smearing it on like obscene make-up. “Here, drink this, and tell me if you need more. When this source is dried out, there are enough places on your body to find plenty more.” He pressed the blade against her nipple. “Maybe from here? This would taste especially good, certainly the best you have!”

“No, not now Septimus,” Vironicus ordered. I shuddered by the meaning of the word ‘now’. “First let’s watch how she undresses herself for us.” And indeed, at this moment Varinia needed to breathe again, and she began slowly to pull her body up, accompanied by groans filled with pain. As she straightened her legs, the rags slowly slipped down, until they were stopped by her feet. Vironicus pulled it away with a single move, and stared upwards to her now fully exposed vagina. “And I want to see, if you have followed all of my commands!” He giggled.

“Majesty, I didn’t touch her! I never ignore one of your orders, you know me!”

“Oh yes, I know you, my friend,” he giggled again, “and therefore I have to check, if your obedience really was bigger than your dick!” He waited until the girl had sunken down again, laid his hands at her thighs and spread her legs easily. Varinia tried to fight , to protect herself, but her legs were too weak to resist having just completed another exhausting part of her “dance”. “Then let’s see!” With thumb and index finger he played with her clit. I saw how she tried to raise herself up again to escape the prying fingers, her face a grimace of effort. But her muscles wouldn’t obey, they just trembled and convulsed under her skin, and with one quick push, Vironicus penetrated her vagina with two fingers until they fully vanished inside of her. She issued a heart-rending scream, more shame and disgust than pain, and a small ripple of blood ran along his hand. “I’m surprised, really, Septimus! Your dick didn’t burst?” The Emperor giggled and looked at his bloody fingertips in disbelief. “You a really my most trustworthy subject… but you’re wrong with this.” He pointed up to her nipple. “The best one is this!” And he dipped a grape into her vagina. I nearly vomited when he drew it back and ate it with a lustful smack. “I can never really get enough of this,” he said and continued with the grapes until all of them were eaten in this manner.

Posted January 18th, 2004

Till now I had been totally ignored by the Emperor but at this moment I began coughing as I tried to keep my wine down. He turned to me. “Oh, and you, another of my brave agents. This is exciting, isn’t it?” He didn’t wait for an answer, but pointed to one of the closed chests and ordered, “Open that and bring me the crown. She nearly became my empress so she shouldn’t die without a crown should she!” He began laughing hysterically at his joke while he waited for me to open the chest.

More than a little flustered I opened the small chest. Indeed there was a ‘crown’ inside, and a very special one at that, no more than a ring of thin strong branches full of sharp thorns.

“You found it? Good. Hand it to my friend, Septimus. Because of his nearly inhuman self-control he has earned the right to crown my beautiful queen!” I shuddered, and as if in a trance I stepped to the ladder and handed the ‘crown’ up to Septimus, who winked at. “I told you this would be a wonderful day!” With one hand he pulled down on Varinia’s wet hair at the back of her neck to keep her head upright.

“No, please, just let me die,” she begged. It was nearly inaudible, but it made both the Emperor and Septimus laugh with pleasure.

“Oh no, not yet. First your crown, then our wedding night and finally a big party for you and your guests,” the Emperor laughed evilly, “Then you may die and be a meal for the crows. But first, you are my Queen, just as I wished. And, as it turns out, in a way I prefer even more to the one you decided to reject!”

He nodded to the waiting Septimus. “Crown her, but make sure, it will not come loose.” Grinning, Septimus fitted the crown to her head, pressing it down hard so the thorns dug deeply into her scalp and he was satisfied that nothing Varinia could do would dislodge it. Several ripples of light red blood ran down her face from the thorns like the tears that ran from her eyes.

Varinia shrieked in pain and began shaking her head wildly. Her hair flew from side to side, but the crown stuck in its place, even when she tried to rub it off using the wood behind her head. Finally she surrendered, completely exhausted from this short struggle, and breathless again, started to rise upward. The pain made her moan and cry to the great amusement of the Emperor and his ‘brave’ soldier.

“Septimus, do you think, she can survive the crucifixion for much longer? I’m hungry, and would prefer to eat something before we go on.” Septimus pressed and massaged the trembling and convulsing muscles in the poor girls arm and legs before he nodded.

“No problem, not even serious spasms yet. This cunt is stronger than she looks. She will entertain your Majesty a long, long time.”

It was really a royal meal! The best wine and the most exquisite tidbits were hidden in various chests and the Emperor invited us to partake with him. But after the invitation the Emperor seemed to forget us and let his attention fall on his suffering victim. I for one was glad that I was almost totally ignored and therefore didn’t have to worry about insulting the Emperor by not eating; I doubt I could have kept any food down. For his part there was no doubt the Emperor enjoyed his meal and the entertainment of the watching the slow torture of the beautiful girl.

Thus I sat in the meager shadow of the tent and watched the crucified beauty continue her fight for breath. Totally naked her skin had been burned red by the merciless sun. Dehydrated now, she had stopped perspiring; the last of her sweat had long since evaporated from her skin. Her thirst must have been unbearable

“Your Majesty,” my lips trembled when I spoke his name, my eyes cast down to the ground. “Majesty, I don’t have much experience with this, but might not she need something to drink to prevent her dieing too early?”

I half expected a death blow as punishment for daring to speak to him, but instead he laughed loudly, “Oh, Septimus, what a clever agent you have found here, one that remembers what it is you have forgot!” I dared to raise my head a bit and saw them both smiling with amusement. “Of course, my agent. Bring her something to drink – diluted vinegar would be best for my Queen, don’t you think? Wine would make her so… so… absent!” Again he laughed and Septimus handed me a jug from which soldiers usually drank.

“Wait a moment!” He cried with unrestrained glee. He lifted his tunic and proceeded to fill the flask with his urine. It turned my stomach but I hid my feelings as he shouted, “This will be much better for her!” Again they laughed out loudly. “Usually these Barbarians drink the piss of horses, or so I’ve heard, but mine must certainly be superior!” For a moment I had an urge to fling the piss in his fat grinning face, but that wouldn’t help anyone, especially me as I would have ended up on a cross myself. So I kept control of my desires and slowly climbed the ladder.

It was the first time I had been so near the poor girl since she had been crucified, and from the moment my eyes reached her blood encrusted feet I couldn’t turn my eyes away from her beautiful naked body. I could clearly see the tendons in her feet trembling and the way the tension in her calves and thighs etched the muscles against her flesh. When I reached her vagina, she slowly moved her thighs to the side, not to hide her nudity – she was far beyond the point of modesty – but to drive away some flies that sought shadow. Or a meal. For I saw it was the remnants of the grapes still smeared on her labia that were attracting the flies. I looked at the other men and saw they were busy with their meal, so I used some of the liquid for a quick cleansing and she responded with a low sigh of relief. I continued to climb up the ladder, passing her sunken, narrow belly and her wide chest with ribs that pressed against her tightened skin. Her firm breasts moved slightly with her irregular, rasping breaths.

And then I reached her face, resting on her chest, nearly hidden behind the strands of curled golden hair – the mouth and eyes half open, the lines of blood from the crusted wounds in her forehead where the thorns of her hellish crown had left their bloody trace. She opened her eyes a bit more. Even this minor task was obviously a great effort for her. She looked out at me from beneath the half closed lids and I could see the panic grow in her eyes at the anticipation of some new torture. A dry rasp came from her throat and she begged me, “No…please…no more.” I carefully raised her head with my hand at her chin and brought the jug to her lips. With the first drop she understood, swallowed the liquid and finally licked the last drop with her tongue. “Thank you,” she managed to whisper and I had to look away; her thanks a terrible reminder that the drink was not an act of kindness; that its sole purpose was to lengthen her torture. I also remembered what it was she was drinking. Fortunately she did not know it and at this point the taste didn’t matter anyway. She swallowed it with greed and didn’t leave a drop that I could have used to clean her bloodstained face.

“Please,” she stammered in a voice so weak as to be barely audible, “Please…help me.” Perhaps she saw the pity in my eyes and it gave her hope. “Please…I beg you…just kill me.” Sadly I shook my head. There was nothing I could say. I made my way down the ladder as quickly as I could without looking at her again before she could change my mind and lead me to a unique suicide.

Posted March 1st, 2004

“Ah I, see it was tasty. She swallowed it all? Next time I will let her drink directly from the source!” Septimus had waited for me at the bottom of the ladder and pointed laughingly to his cock, fully erect beneath his tunic. A howling, incredibly loud scream was all that stopped me from the stupidity of smashing in his grinning face. Varinia’s body jerked wildly in pain as waves of spasms ran through her muscles. I could see what seemed like every muscle in her body vibrating uncontrollably her back, belly, shins, thighs and arms. She shook her head wildly and curled her toes and fingers in a desperate effort to relieve the agony of the spasms. It didn’t matter, she was helpless and there was nothing she could do but suffer.

Vironicus advanced still chewing a chicken wing and watched her with delight. “Ahh, the spasms begin. We had better support her now, or she will become too exhausted to enjoy the little games we have planned for her.” He pointed to a barrel filled with water. “Fetch some water to awaken her. After the spasms she will be a bit groggy and I don’t want my Queen to miss any of the fun.”

I stumbled forward, but my eyes were held as if by magic by the giant pole in his hands. The pole was rounded at the top like a wooden penis. About the length of a man’s forearm down was affixed a horizontal piece of wood studded with nails the size of my fingers. They pointed up and to the sides. It would make a painful seat once the pole was fully inserted.

When I returned Varinia’s seizure was over, and the tortured young beauty hung limp and exhausted from the nails. Viroinus stood in the front of cross touching her face and lips with the pole, the nails scratching the skin of her chest and breasts, leaving thin shallow marks on her sunburned skin. She didn’t seem to notice this, or anything else. I handed the jug to Septimus who quickly climbed upwards and poured it over her head. This had the desired effect, reviving her so she now saw the terrible pole near her face. It took but a moment for her eyes to widen in horrid understanding. “Oh no, not this,” she cried out as loud as her voice would allow, “Please no, not this!”

“Oh yes, my dear,” the Emperor giggled, “You must learn that the right tool between your legs can lengthen your life.” He giggled. “You have rejected mine, which would have given you some years, so now you get this, which will allow you survive perhaps two or three days!” He laughed maliciously. “Lick it. If it is wet it will fit in easier!”

Varinia stared at him with unalloyed loathing. To my amazement she began to pull at the nails with surprising force, her hate and fear overcoming what had to be excruciating pain. But her desperate struggles lasted only seconds before the pain overwhelmed her and forced a loud cry of agony from her parched lips. In the end the only reward for her efforts was another wave of spasms that shook her body in wild nearly orgiastic writhing that left her as exhausted and insensible as before the bucket of water had been poured over her head.

“We need another one,” Septimus sighed. Grinning he threw the empty jug in my direction. “Hurry up, Sybelinus, this cunt cries out to be filled!” I did as I was ordered and the refreshing water again brought her back to the cruel reality of her torture. Now the tip of the pole was raised so it touched the lips of her pussy.

She tried to avoid it. With supreme effort she twisted and moved her hips trying to keep the oversized wooden organ from invading her sex. But the pole followed her evasive moves easily, forcing her upward inch by inch as she responded to the touch of the instrument on her labia, rising to keep the offensive log out of her vagina. Soon her legs were stretched to their limit, the V of her crotch narrowed so the nails on the pole pierced the inner sides of her thighs leaving bloody tracks on her flesh. In a desperate reflexive action she tried to press her thighs together to keep the pole away from her. Her muscles convulsed with the effort, but all it accomplished was to drive the nails deeper into her inner thighs and shred the delicate skin further.

The pole slid between her lips and penetrated her pussy by a number of inches, enough so she could feel it stretch her and know escape from the invading wooden member was impossible. More importantly she would certainly realize that as the muscles in her thighs tired and she sank lower, her impalement would become ten fold more painful. She screamed loudly, more from the fury of her helplessness and debasement than the pain, and followed with a stream of curses in her Barbarian tongue. When she spit down on the Emperor’s grinning face he simply ignored the bloody spittle and held the pole in position. “Perfect,” he said looking at how the long wooden cock opened her widely without penetrating too far, “Just fix it where it is now.”

Septimus handed me a mallet, nails and some flat wood and together we hammered the pole to the cross until it was unmovable. As we did I looked upward every few seconds to see Varinia shudder with each blow of the mallet. Not only did the cross vibrate but each blow made the pole inside her vibrate as well, adding a new torture to her pain racked body. It took all her strength to keep her legs straight to avoid slipping down and impaling herself further. Her arm and neck-muscles seemed on the point of tearing under this enormous effort, and her face was nothing but a grimace of pain. It was unbelievable that she could hold this position more than a few seconds but she did, not only the entire time we hammered the pole into position but for a few minutes thereafter as well. Her fear of being raped by the wooden penis was that great. But finally she could stand it no more. She began to tremble. At first it was her legs, but within two seconds her entire body was shivering as if she had a consuming fever. Her strength was gone but before her legs gave way her eyes opened wide in terror and her mouth gaped in a silent scream. She fell hard and in a moment’s time she was impaled on rough wood as thick and long as a large man’s forearm.

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