Rich Girls [HINES]


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The group of masked men had done their homework in advance, knowing just which homes were populated by attractive females, what times they would most likely to be there and which ones would be the easier targets.

These were not the homes of ordinary families, but rather all the houses that were on the gang’s list were large and expensive; quite a few of them were mansions. Because this gang was interested in kidnapping the more better – looking women for sale to the underground slave market that held it’s well-attended auctions of the finer pieces of flesh on a regular basis.

Big money to be made.

This first home contained a still-attractive mother, a Mrs Morrison, and her two daughters. The invaders knew that the men were away on trips and the females were there alone, so there was no need to hurry. The gang took their time, indulging themselves sexually with their new prizes before departing with them.

Pleasure with business is always the best kind….

After transporting their prey to the pre-arranged location at which they would be examined and turned over to the slavers, the kidnappers couldn’t resist having one more turn at Mrs. Morrison’s cunt. The daughters shouldn’t be abused too much before the buyer’s arrival. That might affect the paying price. But they knew that the mother wouldn’t be as much in value – the older females were usually destined to be painsluts or deathsluts.

“Damn, you know you’re a pretty good fuck for an older bitch. We’re gonna make sure that you remember us real well! After all, we’re the one who took you away from that boring life you’ve been livin’. It’s gonna be real excitin’, where you and your girls are goin’!”

Mrs. Morrison tried to act brave for her daughters – soon she started to moan from the relentless, pounding fucking from her captors as each one took his turn…..

This latest auction would be another success; every one of these new captives was from an upper -crust, rich family- which was the secret of their attraction to the potential buyers. Very few of these sluts would be for re-sale; no, most of them would be solely for the sexual use and abuse by their Masters and Mistresses.

Since most of the buyers hailed from the lower and poorer rungs of society, the allure of having a previously spoiled and pampered slaveslut to use as one wished was the essential ingredient of the pleasure of it all.

One of the many other kidnapped debutants named Linda had been purchased at auction by a Ms. Bee. Ms. Bee had been attracted by the girl’s rather haughty demeanour, which had survived slave-training process. Ms. Bee preferred to buy girls who had spirit – it made it so much more fun to break their will, to change them slowly. So pleasurable to watch…..

First, she would hand the girl over to her good friend, Mr. Smith, for some preliminary working-over. Mr. Smith’s speciality was electricity. He knew just what Ms. Bee liked to see and he started off the shock sessions somewhat mildly, although Linda started to scream and beg almost immediately…

Mrs. R was frequently awed by her husband’s potency. Horace may not have looked it, but he was as virile as a young man. And these newest bitches were finding that out. Horace might be emptying his semen down their throats now, but within the hour he would be ready again; ready to fuck the both of them with a hard dick and a full load of cum in his balls.

Yes, regularly acquiring new whoremeat was the secret to keeping him happy. It was definitely much more enjoyable than the dull retirement from his janitorial job. And being able to fuck girls who most probably had been snobs and who would have looked down upon him in their previous lives really added to the thrill.

Of course, Mrs. R liked it too. Liked it a lot. Not only the sexual pleasure that the various slavegirls gave her – but also the pleasure she derived from disposing of them when Horace tired of them and was ready to buy new slave pussy to replace them.

Don’t swallow it yet, you slaves. I wanna both of you kissing each other deep and hot, sharing my husband cum till I tell you can swallow it…

The only daughter of a multimillionaire industrialist, Marla had been pampered and catered to.

But now Marla was the one who would learn to cater to another.

Mistress Saline was an owner who needed and demanded the most perverse of pleasures. Marla would be obediently giving up any pride or stubbornness that she might still possess.

“Oh, my dear angel, your Mistress is shitting faster than you can manage to eat. But that’s okay, love. Just swallow down as much as you can. You’ll lick the rest from the floor…”

Armando watched as his wife Maria started to remove the rest of Jamie’s tattered clothes. He knew that Maria was enjoying the captive’s panicked distress as much as he was; and that she was taking her time in order to get herself more and more excited. After all, this new girl wasn’t like the previous Gringas that they had purchased from the slave auctioneers; this was one of those top-notch selections from that long-awaited, imported “special-order” batch of slavegirls that were all from the higher echelons of Western society. This made them much more of an attraction for their brothel’s clients and customers. They would pay twice the regular rate for a chance at fucking one of these spoiled, high-class sluts who had been so pampered and catered to in their very recent previous lives. There had been over a dozen to choose from; Armando had bid a high price to get her.

Jamie was crying and her body trembled as Maira slowly pulled down her panties. She could not help but cringe when her new Mistress let out a low moan of lustful appreciation as she stroked Jamie’s smooth skin, then rudely pushed a finger inside the girl’s young pussy.

“Let’s she what we got here… Humm, nice smell! She’s not a virgin, but her cunt hasn’t been used very much at all… Still very tight.”

Of course, after an intense application of the belt, Armando had to assert his owner’s right of first fuck of his newest slaveslut. He would ride her hard throughout the night, using every one of her holes many times over. Jamie had had a boyfriend, but he had never used her like this; her new Master’s cock was big and never seemed to soften. She had lost count of how many times he had come back for more of her captive pussy and asshole.

And now Armando was nearing the end of yet another fuck session. The girl was keeping his virility high with her sweet pleadings and her wet tears as her battered body shook beneath his shaft’s relentless ramming. Now he could not resist another big orgasm; he buried his dick in to the hilt, his balls slapping against her buttocks.

“Uhhhhh…! Si, puta!”, he groaned as his cocked swelled, then pulsed, shooting another warm cum-load deep inside Jamie’s flooded twat. He would train her over the next few weeks, until he tired of the novelty of having a rich Gringa as a fucktoy and put her to work.

Just before Jamie was due to be made available to the brothel’s clientele, Armando was tendered an offer of a very good sum of money for her. His brother Marcos needed a wife. A pretty, well-trained wife who knew her place and who would submit to his every need. Someone like Jamie.

Well, Marcos was his favorite brother – and he had offered twice the sum that Armando had paid for her, so Armando would sacrifice future profits in order to make his brother happy.

“Okay, Marcos, she’s yours now. Remember that if she fails to please you, don’t hesitate to bring her back. I’ll give you a discount rate for her, of course.”

In the meanwhile, he would see if another shipment was due to arrive. After all, now he could bid an even higher price for another Gringa slave.

In the basement of one of Armando’s rival brothels, two of the more experienced whores, Darlena and Niki, were getting to know a couple of the newest additions to the operation. Life was so hard for a brothel whore, and they needed the release of pleasure. These new Gringas were so tender, so helpless in their new surroundings. They needed the direction and guidance the older whores could give them. And Niki and Darlena would insist on teaching them.

In the far corner, Niki had quieted the sounds of one girl. The only sounds now were from Niki; muted groans as her aggressive tongue probed the insides of the Gringa’s mouth.

“Kiss me back! Give me that sweet little tongue! Don’t make me have to hurt you, bitch!”

Then wetter sounds as the frightened girl’s tongue started to intertwine with Niki’s and her delicate throat opened to accept Niki’s tobacco – flavored saliva…

Across the room, Darlena was caressing the smooth pale skin of the second slave, a dispirited former debutant named Kelly. There was no resistance in Kelly. No resistance at all. Darlena instinctly knew that this young slave would be so easy to train as a pleasure girl for the other whores. She would be the one who would most likely satisfy the whores after a long day and night of brothel work. Her tongue would be one that the older women would use to wiggle against their clits and deep inside their assholes.

“You must understand now that there is no hope for you, my cute girl. No hope at all. All you can do now is to please the owner by fucking and making him lots of money. Do you understand? No one knows where you are and no one will ever rescue you. You belong to this whorehouse now. Your other life of riches is over and now all you will ever have is cocks in your holes and cum down your throat.”

As Darlena expected, her words made Kelly break down into tears. Si, this one would be so special. She pulled the girl close against her, rubbing her ample tits against Kelly’s ….

“And now I also want you to understand that you are going to belong to me and the other bitches who work here. If you don’t do what we want, we’re going to hurt you very bad. You don’t want that, do you? Good. Now, little Gringa, I’m going to take you into the other room and I’m going to spend some time slapping you around a little so you know your place. Then you’re going to get on your knees and beg to eat my pussy. Don’t worry, I’m going to teach you everything. And you’ll get to know just how each of us wants it done and what other things we like. Now for me, after a girl makes me cum, I always have to pee. So I will be pissing down your throat a few times tonight. Now kiss me and then we’ll start …..Si, that’s it sweetheart….Mmmmmm…..Such a good little girl…..Mmmmmmmmm….”

Upstairs in the brothel’s fuck rooms, the other Western girls were proving to be well worth the prices they had commanded at auction. The customers really liked how these strange new sluts followed orders and how they tried so hard to please. The rates might have been a bit higher, but these girls were worth it. Unlike the regular whores, these bitches had shallow cunts and tight assholes. And they didn’t resist being fucked really hard. Nothing better than to be have the freedom to fuck one of these crying Gringas in as roughly and as brutally as you wanted and then empty your nuts insides her!

Yes, these cunts would be used up quickly. The owners knew this and had already planned for getting the last usage out of them by selling them as pain-whores.

But in every batch of slaves there was always one who just wouldn’t accept her fate as a sex-whore. Beatrice was one of those un-trainables – and now she would be paying the price for her stubbornness and refusal to submit.

But it was not a total loss for the owner. He liked how Beatrice struggled and fought while being fucked; it made it so much more satisfying. After thoroughly busting his nuts in her for a week, it was time to dispose of the problem.

And he really liked watching her demise. At the end, she finally begged – but it was now too late….

“OK, my pretty… JUMP!”

Not all of the many abducted rich girls who “disappeared” ended up in low-class brothels or inner-city basements. There was an even more secretive and long-established network of users and enslavers of rich girls – a worldwide group comprised of people who were, themselves, members from the wealthier echelons of society. The families of the kidnapped females never suspected that their missing wives and daughters might have been captured into slavery for service to some of their neighbors and social acquaintances.

For instance, 19 year-old debutant Carrie’s abduction had been requested by her wealthy uncle as a gift to his ex-stripper and ex-porn star Mistress, ‘Chantel’. Chantel would never be introduced into her sugar-daddy’s High Society circles, but now she would have a sort of consolation from the fact that she now would have his pampered niece as her personal property. To do with as she pleased.

Chantel had experience in being aggressive and hard, so it had been easy to put Carrie in her place ; a soft rich girl soon succumbed under the relentless application of the whip. And Carrie’s jaded Mistress was determined that this now-subservient slavecunt would forever be totally obedient to every command and desire, no matter how perverted….

“Yes, my doggie bitch, that’s it – sit up and beg for another piece of Mistress Chantel’s tasty shit! Now eat it fast – ’cause I’m digging another bunch of my wonderful turd-load out of my wonder asshole…!”

Madam Bulcherwicz had been a widow for over a decade. Her friends were constantly telling her to be more social, perhaps to find another husband or take some handsome young man as a lover. She would always smile politely and reply that she was happy with things just like they were.

Her friends needn’t have worried about Madam Bulcherwicz’s social and emotional life. Madam Bulcherwicz was enjoying a sex like that surpassed anything that they would have normally imagined. Every day and night, the widow was enjoying a constant wave of the most wonderful orgasms – courtesy of two now-accomplished sisters who had been kidnapped from their industrialist father’s estate.

Such a smart purchase on her part, these girls were. Damn good pussy-eaters. Tight pussies. Strong tongues….

Mrs. Knowles’ millions allowed her to live the wonderful life of a Slave Mistress and chief organizer of a wealthy white slavery group that specialized in the use of the most beautiful young females kidnapped from the ranks of High Society worldwide. With her large and trusted staff of butlers and maids also serving as her Slave Overseers, Mrs. Knowles presided over an ongoing system of orgies, slave auctions, sex shows and sacrifices that thrilled her tight group of jaded fellow patrons who, like her, hailed from the uppermost ranks of the Global Elite.

Life on the Knowles estate was never dull for it’s owner. Mrs. Knowles always had a wide choice of erotic activities to either indulge in as a participant or as a voyeur…. She loved to venture around all the different areas of her huge mansion in order to witness the many and varied ongoing scenarios that were all a part of the daily routine resulting from her slave operation there.

A favorite destination was the quarters of her big Jamaican maid, Irma. Irma had a big lesbian appetite, and she loved to exercise her rights to the many delectable slavegirls available to her. Stern and imposing, Irma never had a problem with making a chosen slave do exactly as she commanded.

At this moment, Mrs. Knowles knew that another good show was about to begin as she watched Irma begin her patented style of sexual training on a new arrival named Monica. A week ago, Monica had been enjoying her wonderful rich life of luxury. Now, with her body sore and aching from her initiation floggings and whippings and her once high spirits now broken, Monica was about to be taught the finer points of pleasuring Jamaican pussy and rimming Jamaican asshole…

“Here, darlin’, part those pretty lips of yours. Hmmm, yas, girl, take it in slowly now. Don’t your Ol’ Irma’s finger taste real good? Now wet it a bit more with that tongue….not too much now……Yas, girlie, good girlie……”

Irma would have Monica first use this method of lipping and tonguing on Irma’s big nipples and then her toes. Then Monica would practice it on Irma’s big clit….

…And after a few nights with Irma, poor Monica was taken out to Mrs. Knowles’ horse stables where Mr. Smithe would help himself to all of Monica’s holes in a most rude and rough manner. Mr. Smithe was a trainer of fine horses and he also had a real talent for the cocktraining of young human mares.

Monica was learning all about Mr. Smithe’s ten inches of talent as it relentlessly attacked her raw asshole. Her body shuddered and her moans were fevered from the pain, this strange pain. She had lost track of how many times he had turned her over on her stomach and propped up her ass for yet another long anal raping.

“Uh, uh, uh…..take it, bitch….keep on cryin’…keep on beggin’… Uhhh….so good….so tight….Gonna fuck that asshole all fuckin’ night….”

Mrs. Knowles was preparing for the arrival of some of her more favored guests and she knew that they would be very pleased to be amongst the first to sample the assortment of fine flesh that she had just purchased from her
Eastern European contacts. These newest girls had been snatched from their Baltic summer vacation estates and villas. Ranging from 18 to 23 years, all of them hailed from the ranks of Eastern European wealth. And they would never be heard from again…

Two of them, Ivana, Pretrina and Betrska, petite and now broken in by the staff, were brought up from their holding cells to be exhibited to Mrs. Knowles’ first two arriving guests, Count and Countess Quisling. Some of Mrs. Knowles’ staff gathered to watch ; they always enjoyed noting the reactions between the newest slaves and those guest who were looking upon them for the first time.

Now it was so interesting to observe the objective, appraising eyes of Count Quisling as he examined the girls. And so much more interesting to observe the much colder eyes of the Countess. They all knew of her sadistic nature; of how she would surely end up killing whatever girl that she happened to choose. Although her face was blank, they suspected that she had already made up her mind as to who the unfortunate girl would be and how she would suffer……

Being a second-generation oil tycoon, Mr. Robb was used to having things his own way and getting what he wanted. And it was no different on this night. He had wanted the beautiful 18 year-old Tanya, the spoiled and rather haughty daughter of his most bitter business rival. Wanted her in the worst way. And after making arrangements to have her abducted off her college campus, he now had her

He had made up his mind that he would keep Tanya as his private slavewhore for the rest of his life – or at least, the rest of her life…… Right now, it was so much fun to observe his new property’s slow-paced initiation into pain and humiliation. He was in no hurry; he wanted to take his time with her, savoring every moment of her fear and discomfort.

“I’ll ask you again, slave… what do you prefer? A whipping on those fine tits of yours or some shit for lunch? C’mon, make up your mind, we don’t have all day. I have business to attend!”

Mr. and Mrs. Tavinsky’s treatment of their two latest debutants-turned -slaves was laced with humor and irony….and a lot of sex, of course. No need to let a pretty slavegirl’s time go to waste while her companion was getting all the attention. The Tavinskys were ones who believed idle time was a bad habit, so if one slave was not being used, it would be her task to serve in yet another mainly utilitarian manner.

“Honey, when you finish with this little bitch I’ll put her to work in the toilet. I’ have some pretty nice ideas on how she’ll serve her mistress there…”

Flora Harriston had always been considered a somewhat malicious gossip in her circle of high society. her mouth was feared for the trouble that it could frequently stir up among both her friends and enemies. But now Flora’s mouth was being used in a much more pleasure-giving way as it was becoming more and more expert at deep-throating and milking almost every trace of cum from her new Master’s cock and balls.

“The load is coming, slave… Open you throat and swallow your Master prick, this time you’ll get it straight to your stomach…”

Sonni Reikenberg’s billionaire family and her exalted social life were now becoming more and more distant in her consciousness with the passage of each day spent here in Mr. Boyles’ dungeon. Mr. Boyles had been bad enough with his constant sexual demands and his rough ways, but now things were entering a much more terrifying stage as Master Boyes’ wife and mistress found discovered the joys of using the strap on Sonni’s soft, yielding body.

“You ladies can go ahead and keep whipping her until she’s almost dead. But don’t kill her, understand? I want her all cut up and bloody and barely alive – then you two will watch me as I fuck what life she has left right out of her.”

Yvette and Roberta Neys had not seen the other girls who had been kidnapped along with them from the country club since arriving at their captor’s secluded estate. The two sisters had been isolated from the rest, their only contact being the big female guard who brought them food and water and had made them both become very proficient pussy-eaters.

Tonight they were brought upstairs for a reunion of sorts with their captive friends

“Remember, my little bitches, you better be at your very best and show your hosts just how much you are willing to please them. Things will get extremely unpleasant for any of you who fails to entertain or satisfy your Superiors. If you two and your friends make your new masters and Mistresses feel as good as you’ve made my pussy feel, you’ll not going to have any problems.”

“Now let’s try it again, slut. You’re no longer strutting around like a little princess in your big mansion and lording it over everyone because of your family name. Your daddy’s money can’t help you now!

“So let’s hear you beg a lot better than you’ve been doing. We’re not pleased! The screams need to be a lot more musical! I want to hear them almost form a song! Okay, bitch, here we go…..”

“NOOOOOOO!!!! NOOOoooooo! Yiiiiiiieeeee! PLEASE! Aaaeeeeeeee!”

Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!