Riding The Cone [CORTEZ]

Riding The Cone

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iding the Cone
by Cortez. All rights reserved
Illustrated by ARIES.

This is another story about Mantok, this time set in the present. Like his ancestors the Sultan of Mantok is an absolute ruler. His secret police force keeps an iron control over any kind of dissent or opposition. Refined and sadistic torture is routine for those unfortunate enough to disappear into their bloodstained clutches. For young and attractive women the techniques of interrogation are particularly ingenious and painful.


СHuh, huh, huh, huh, huh

The girls racing terrified gasps were the only sounds in the windowless room. The men working on her ignored the sounds of her agony, they knew even her loudest screams would not have been heard beyond the gardens of the expensive villa. Set in a prosperous neighbourhood on the outskirts of Rantek, Mantoks second town, there was no sign that this one was any different to all the others lining the quiet, palm-shaded avenue. Even those who suspected what went on behind the high, white-plastered walls kept quiet. A lack of curiosity was often healthier than asking questions in the Sultanate of Mantok.

The air in the interrogation room was thick, moist with heat and acrid with the tang of sweat, pain and sexual excitement. As she panted in her terror, the girls head rocked from side to side, eyes screwed nearly shut as she tried in vain to see her tormentors.

Anna Tam was a hotel receptionist. Only just nineteen she was pretty, slim and athletic, her flesh firm and taut from swimming and exercise. Usually she revelled in the admiring glances and compliments that came her way, especially when she was able to flaunt her well developed figure when bathing and relaxing with her friends at the beach or round the hotels pool clad only in the briefest of bikinis. Now she was wishing desperately that she could somehow avoid the hot, cruel stares of the men around her, but she couldnt even use her hands to shield the most intimate places of her body from their gaze.

Anna Tam was quite naked and sitting astride a strong wooden table. It was quite a small table; the stained and scarred rectangular top was only about eighteen inches from front to back and just over two feet wide. The legs were square, thick posts, each one bolted down securely to the concrete floor

There were curved indentations in the middle of each of the short sides, little cutaway curves that just fitted Annas knees keeping them spread to hold her thighs stretched apart. Of course the leather straps bolted to each side of the tabletop, the ones that the man had buckled so tightly just above each knee, helped too. And, just to keep her feet out of the way, and to help increase the strain on her leg muscles, the young receptionists ankles were cuffed together underneath, her toes held inches away from the grey concrete floor.

Of course, held like this Annas thighs werent at full stretch quite deliberately if she strained really hard she could lift her buttocks almost a foot clear of the rough wooden top. But only for a little while until the strain became too much and she had to sit down once again.

She could lift herself and wriggle just a little her torturers were experts who enjoyed their work and It was always more fun to watch a woman heaving and twisting in a futile attempt to protect her cunt and the delicate tips of her breasts from each new scalding pain. It was so much more satisfying somehow. Besides, they knew that with the top brass watching, the captain would make this one ride the cone and this was the most effective way to use that particular device

Theyd taken equal care with her arms too. Soft straps round and round each wrist then nylon ropes through the buckles. Each rope led out sideways to a pulley bolted to the wall and down to end in a steel hook. The man had grinned when hed showed her the two twenty-five kilo sacks of sand before hanging them on the hooks. Then theyd all watched and waited. Sitting with her arms stretched wide in a crucifix of pain, she remembered the coarse comments and the interrogators pinching fingers as the weights had slowly stretched her arms out wider and wider, forcing the firm, high cones of her breasts forwards, making them jut out proudly to make a lewd display of her long, upwardly pointing nipples.

AriesRidCone01.jpg (147388 bytes)

Now, thirty minutes after they had brought her in, Anna Tam rode astride the torture table like a quivering statue, every muscle straining and shivering, the ankle cuffs chinking occasionally as she twisted and turned helplessly, staring uselessly into the white, blinding glare.

If Anna was having difficultly seeing, the silent group of men behind the spotlights could study every detail of her beautiful body with ease. The way her copper-toned skin glistened in the harsh light, gleaming with moisture and beaded with droplets of sweat. How her shoulder length black hair was plastered to her cheeks in wet strands whilst her eyes were ringed by the shadows of pain and exhaustion. They joked with each other as they watched the way the knee and wrist straps bit into her flesh; the frantic heaving of her ribcage and the jutting swell of those high riding breasts breasts that jiggled and bounced so wonderfully with every tiny movement

A tall figure, slim and uniformed, stood close behind one of the spotlight stands, his assistant, a bare-chested thug called Nang, just behind him. The others, the military observers and trusted officials who paid so well for such entertainment, were further back and seen only as an anonymous group of eyes and white teeth with the occasional flash of braid and gold lace. They were intent on the scene before them, except for the soft stirrings and furtive sexual movements on their comfortable chairs every time the girl twisted and cried with each careful, slow application of agony.

It was time to begin again.

The tall, slim officer reached one arm out from the darkness, his hand turned palm up. His slim, manicured fingers opened to cup the weight of the girls right breast; thumb grazing delicately over the darker brown circle of her aureole. Annas head dipped forwards at the soft caress, her eyes bulging wide with anguish as she stared down desperately at the peak of each breast in turn.

The little brass clamps screwed so tightly to her nipples winked and gleamed in the lights, vibrating and jiggling with every movement of her body. From each one a thin red wire curled down to the floor.

The man had taken a lot of time attaching the clamps, she remembered. Tormenting her by teasing each nipple erect in turn, then fitting the clip over the jutting spike of flesh before turning the little knurled knob very slowly screwing the toothed jaws tighter and tighter to pinch her flesh in an agonising vice. That had been almost half an hour ago. Now, the tip of each nipple peeped out from between the brass jaws like a shiny purple berry, the sensitive aureoles puffed and swollen from the fizzing, scorching agony of the electricity.

The officer spoke, his voice soft and gentle in the hot, acrid chamber.

СPoor Anna, I know it hurts so much but the these, one finger flicked a little brass clip so the girl surged upright as the pain jolted through her body. СThey dont care how much damage they do. But I can make them stop Anna, all you have to do is tell me what I want to know. The hand moved up to stroke the girls cheek, one finger flicking away the beads of sweat from her upper lip very gently.

СYou see, now that Abdul is dead, he cant talk to us but you can. Tell us about Abdul Haman and his friends, Anna. The hand disappeared back into the shadows and the silence lengthened as the girl stared down silently at the trembling electrodes. The voice from the darkness was soft, almost comforting СYou know what happens now dont you? Ah well, Nang, let us try just a little moment at number four then.

There was movement in the darkness; a click and a red light glowed on the front of a squat control box. The girls head shook from side to side.


A second, quieter click and Anna Tam arched backwards, lifting the sacks halfway to their pulleys as her arm muscles clenched and spasmed again. Her breasts trembled and jutted, as though she were offering each brass-tipped nipple to her torturers. The thin, red wires shivered and jerked as the current fizzed through the tender tips. Her facial muscles locked in spasm, lips pulling back to bare her teeth in a rictus grin of agony. For a second the watchers could hear a gentle buzzing as the girl remained arched back in a taut bow of agony then a wordless scream of pain was forced from her throat, ringing out in the hot foetid gloom of the torture room.

AriesRidCone02.jpg (157322 bytes)


Captain Selim Rahman watched the surging thrusts of the girls body as her screams continued to echo round the torture chamber. He smiled quietly to himself even if she didnt know anything important the process of finding out was, as always, most pleasurable. The Sultans friends expected a good show and Anna Tam was a delightfully shaped subject for this special interrogation demonstration. Besides, such sessions offered the chance to use a variety of techniques without the time pressure of a serious enquiry. He flicked one finger in the direction of the man at the controller.

СEnough, Nang, we dont want to damage her too much yet

The red light clicked off and Anna flopped down bonelessly against the straps, bottom smacking hard onto the tabletop; head lolling against her chest, mouth half open so a trickle of saliva ran down her belly to end in glistening droplets among the carefully trimmed strip of black, wiry hair on her mound.

The Captain pulled her head back and studied the girls glazed eyes for a few moments, Сtake them off, Nang let us grant Miss Tams repeated requests for a little while. He shook her head from side to side then let it fall back onto her chest as he stepped up to the solid looking wooden table on the edge of the lighted area. He nodded politely to the flushed and eager faces of the men watching СMiss Tam is proving foolishly stubborn in a minute so well see if see if we can stimulate her memory in another way.

There was a silence broken only by the soft chink of metal as Nang unscrewed the electrodes. Annas sobs became a series of half-stifled grunts and moans as she felt the stabbing agony of returning circulation, her dreadfully swollen nipples throbbing and burning unbearably.

СNow Anna you really must have something to tell us. Nang has taken the clips off, as you wanted so? He waited. СNang, Miss Tam seems to be using her arms a little too much at present. Lets have them behind her back No, not cuffs this time something subtler. Ah yesuse the waxed cord and tie her thumbs together.

СAaaaarrrgggh! No, no, dont t-twist them no, no

Annas screams pierced the air as the heavily muscled guard released the weights and unstrapped her wrists before forcing her arms behind her in obedience to the captains orders. Nang grinned at her through rotten teeth, twisting her arms even harder before looping the thin twine round her thumbs. The grin widened as she bucked and groaned as he used his strength to pull the twine sadistically tight so it cut deep into her flesh. Released from Nangs grip, Anna threshed about, arching and bending her torso, fingers flexing vainly as she tested her new bonds. She grunted as each jerking movement made her tortured breasts bounce and joggle madly.

The men waited for the first frenzy to subside. The captain studied the way the girls leg muscles lifted her, forcing her body up then relaxing so she sank down so she almost seemed to be riding the table. He allowed himself a small smile of satisfaction. Perfect exactly the right position for the cone. He grinned as the girl sweated and writhed before them; shes putting on a delightful show for the top brass too. СAnna, perhaps we should find some other places to tickle a little For example, do you remember what you were doing when we found you?

Anna Tams eyes opened wide, remembering with awful understanding

Oh yes she remembered, only too well… Shed first seen him when he registeredand then met him later at the pool. Pierre Haman was handsome, dark tanned skin and short, black hair, smiling at her with that air of confidence and power that made him instantly attractive. Tight, brief swimming trunks revealed a body honed by exercise, broad shoulders, flat belly and hard, tight buttocks. As they talked, Anna had felt the familiar growing wetness in her cunt. She knew he was going to fuck her she made sure he could see how her nipples were showing as hard spikes through the fine fabric of her bikini top and she had certainly noticed the growing bulge at the front of his trunks. Then he had suggested a drink in his room

That was where the woman had joined them. Mrs Dominguez, Rena, his Сbusiness associate hed called her. Anna had felt her own wetness growing as she saw the way woman looked at her so boldly and openly her eyes hot and excited as she ran the tip of her tongue across swollen scarlet lips. The message about the kind of Сbusiness they both enjoyed was unmistakable Anna was going to be their shared pleasure toy for the afternoon and she knew she was going to love every fucking minute

They had both helped to strip her naked. The womans touch adding to the sexual heat. Rena had stroked Annas breasts before guiding her to bend forwards until Anna could fondle the thick nine-inch curve of Pierres penis with one hand whilst cupping the soft weight of his testicles with the other. She seemed to know just how responsive Anna was, using wonderfully expert fingers to work her towards a first shuddering peak, teasing and fondling Annas long sensitive nipples, rousing her to a frenzy and making her moan as she finally took the slippery head of Pierres cock into her mouth.

The woman had relented then, she remembered, letting her swallow the whole, thick shaft whilst one hand guided her movements until she began to tongue the sensitive rim of his glans so he jerked and gasped with the pleasure. That was when Rena stopped teasing her breasts and slid one finger down Annas belly, skilfully probing the slippery wetness of her cunt until one manicured nail flickered unbearably across Annas swollen clitoris.

AriesRidCone03.jpg (137052 bytes)

Thats how she came the first time, her moans stifled by the thick, slippery rod of flesh gagging her throat. Only after the woman had milked her of the full frenzy of her orgasm had they, somehow, all got to the bed. Pierre had gently pushed her back freeing his penis from her mouth then Rena had turned her over, moving her onto all fours.

Anna remembered how shed looked over her shoulder, inviting him, spreading her knees and dipping her back so her achingly hard nipples grazed the sheets. Shed been so wet and open, shivering with anticipation as he moved behind her, touching her. The woman had moved closer, one hand busy fondling her own cunt, the fingers wet and glistening with her juices as she watched the man slowly pressing the gleaming helmet of his glans into the soft, wet mouth of Annas cunt

Anna remembered the thrill as the head of his penis nuzzled into the cleft of her buttocks before sliding lower then the wonderful stretching fullness as he slowly pressed into her. She remembered crying out, gasping and spreading her knees even wider as he pulled back pa\using to tease her maddeningly before thrusting into her, deeper and deeper, fucking her slowly filling her so the smooth dome stroked and tormented that special place deep inside her vagina.

Then the thrilling sensation of another womans aroused nipples scraping across her sweat-slick back as Rena reached over, licking one finger before driving her to another peak of excitement as she slid it gently into the warmth of her upturned anus. She had strained back in excitement, twisting her head round to watch them kissing, her flanks heaving and shuddering as her two lovers worked on the pleasure points of her body bringing their fresh young plaything to a second screaming orgasm within quarter of an hour.

The next thing she remembered was hearing a mobile phone ringing as she gasped and panted, her face buried in the sheets as she recovered from her climax. It was Renas phone, a call that worried her. Anna remembered tense, angry words some kind of problem that Pierre told her to ignore but sent Rena scrambling into her clothes before slamming out of the room cursing under her breath.

AriesRidCone04.jpg (141425 bytes)

The horror came minutes later just as Pierre moved behind her once more, this time intent on his own pleasure.

Anna knew she had cried aloud, jerking wildly as his stiff cock touched the wet, tingling outer lips of her slit once more, when the door crashed open. Sudden noise, shouted commands; Pierres cry of rage and betrayal then the ear-splitting crash of a shot and being forced against the crumpled sheets as a warm, wet weight flopped down across her back.

A voice screaming out СYou fucking idiot I wanted him alive!

She remembered her own screams, her efforts to burrow and hide in the bedclothes then the weight of his body being lifted from her. Rough hands jerking her to her feet and the same voice saying СBring the bitch at least she can tell us what she knows

СAh, I see you do remember. So, now it is our turn. Miss Tam. Captain Rahman leaned closer, studying the shivering figure like a specimen on a pin.

СSir, please, I have done nothing, I know nothing, please this is all a mistake, pleaseit hurts, please

СThe mistake is yours Who was the woman? There was a woman there wasnt there?

Anna Tam stared at the captain, the tears running down her cheeks onto the upper swell of her breasts. Her voice was barely a whisper. СThere was no-one else j-just M-Pierre then you sh-shot him

СAn unfortunate excess of zeal but dont worry we wont shoot you. The captain chuckled and paused, Сalthough you will probably want us too later on His men laughed and there were grins and knowing nods from the watchers. His hand reached forwards again, one finger tip touching the taut, hot tip of her left breast so she flinched away, teeth biting her bottom lip as the movement joggled her tender nipples once more. СDelightful, so stiff, so responsive so much pain and so much pleasure in one place.

The hand moved lower, Anna craned her head forwards, muscles taut and shivering with awful anticipation as she watched the captain stroking the inside of her left thigh. СAh yes, it is time somewhere else received our special attention

His hand lifted and gently cupped the soft, pouting lips of her cunt, his thumb caressing the carefully trimmed black hair on her mound so she shuddered and snuffled noisily. He paused and moved his hand again, forefinger stroking delicately along the sticky, slightly parted slit of her labia. She panted harder, whimpering softly at the tingling caress. СDid you like being fucked by a terrorist, Anna? What did he call himself, oh yesPierre, wasnt it? Tell me, had he come before the corporal shot him? Or did we interrupt too soon? Go on Annatell me all about the ways Pierre Abdul Haman and his woman fucked you in that hotel room

AriesRidCone05.jpg (147893 bytes)

With each taunting question the finger stroked to and fro, spreading her wetness and making her gasp and twitch as the gentle masturbation forced her body to respond. The men in the darkness could see the girls labia pouting, the moist inner folds swelling, her cunt slit gaping wider with each stroking caress. СP-please, p-p-please dont d-do that, ple huh, aaah, aaaaah, ah p-please

Her pleas became a series of explicit gasps as the captain feathered his finger tip against the very tip of her clitoris, rolling the little bulb so it swelled and pouted to show between the girls wet, engorged labia like a taut, pink pearl.

СYou see Anna, so much pleasure from a single touch is this what she did, Anna? The woman who was with him did she make you come touching you like this? The Captains voice coaxed and teased as his finger made the girl writhe with unwanted pleasure.

СAh, aaaaaah yes, yes, yes she did, Oh thats it, yes faster, faster, yes YES!

The captain smirked as the girl blurted out her own betrayal. Knowing she was lost on the brink of climaxing, the captain used the forefinger and thumb of his other hand to spread her labia apart, showing the panting watchers the wet pink inner folds of the girls cunt. There was a shuffling in the darkness as they leaned closer, the sounds of rapid breathing and furtive easing of clothing suddenly louder as they watched that expert, manicured finger flickering so skilfully and unbearably against the little stub of swollen flesh.

The girls hips were bucking now, her buttocks clenching and relaxing as she tried to increase the tormenting pressure on her clitoris. Even the throbbing pain in her swollen nipples was adding to Annas excitement as she surged and juddered, riding faster and faster on the single point of the captains finger. Each time her bottom slapped against the rough wooden top, little beads of gleaming honey were flicked from her cunt, each droplet adding to the spreading patch of sticky wetness between her thighs.

СNnnnuuunngggh, yuh, yuh, oh, yuuuuh-huh-huh, yesss, yes. YEES! Ple-ple-ple pleeeassse!

СThats it Anna go on Captain Rahman crooked his finger just a little scratching the blade of his nail to and fro rapidly across the tight swollen bud. Anna Tam surged back immediately with another wild cry, neck stretched up, her mouth wide as her orgasm took her in a series of jolting spasms.

СAaaaaah, Im there, Im th-th-thereIm there IM THERE!

СSo you are Anna, we can all hear you The captain straightened and turned away, absently wiping his fingers along Annas left thigh to leave a glistening smear of her cunt juices on the moist olive skin. He looked towards the hidden officers. СAs you heard gentlemen in her excitement our young guest confirmed the presence of a woman in the room Now Anna, youve told me she was there so, what was her name? The long, elegant fingers gripped the girls jaw, turning her head to force her to look at the sleek, cruel face of Captain Rahman. СTell meor!

СR-Rena Mrs Rena Dominguez thats what she was called but she left, a phone call I dont know any more, youve got to believe me check the register but let me go I wont say anything I promise, Ill be good The nineteen-year-olds hurried desperate plea was almost a whisper. Captain Rahman stroked the line of the girls jaw, thumb teasing across her bitten, swollen lips. He studied her wide brown eyes for a few moments.

СWe will certainly be looking for Mrs Dominguez but have we really heard everything you have to tell us, I wonder? The silence lasted for long moments then Captain Rahman grinned sadistically. СWhilst youre here it would be a pity not to check and since you obviously liked being fucked by Pierre well give him some competition.

СNooooooo! Oh please no, no you cant, no OH NO, GOD NO PLEASE!

Annas gabbled protests ended in a scream of fear and desperation as she saw the object in her torturers hands. From the murmur of anticipation in the darkness the military voyeurs knew exactly what was coming as Corporal Nang walked into the glare of the lights holding the simple metal device so Anna Tam could study every horrible detail before they was inserted into her body.

The torture cone was moulded to look like some nightmare phallus. The helmet, domed and rounded and the size of a large egg was bad enough, but the shaft! Over a foot long it tapered out ward from under the exaggerated rim of the copper glans to form the body of the torture cone itself. The bottom of the shaft was over a hand span wide, ending in a flat metal plate that allowed the horrible object to stand firm and upright on its base. The metal surface of the cone wasnt smooth, but heavily ridged and embossed with a twining pattern of raised lines that mimicked the veining of a mans penis in full erection.

As Nang brought it nearer Anna looked away in terror. With her eyes screwed shut she didnt see how the prominent veining on the shaft was deliberately rough and unpolished, or how the flaring rim of the copper glans formed a sharp, fingernail-like edge, an edge that would scrape and torment the tender membranes deep inside each victim. Grinning at the girls terror, Nang pushed the heavy cone onto the table between Annas thighs. She again craned forwards, drawing in her stomach to avoid touching the jutting dome of the copper glans.

Captain Rahman picked up a tube and squeezed a clear gel onto his fingers, gently rubbing the exaggerated bulb of the copper cone before sliding his fingers delicately up and down the massive, tapered shaft as though masturbating the wide polished cone.

СSince we know how you enjoyed being fucked lets see how my little toy compares with your rebel lover shall we His voice became brisk and cruel. СShes see enough. Lift her on let her ride a little before the questions

СN-n-nooo aaaaaahhhhh!

AriesRidCone06.jpg (160707 bytes)

Anna had time for two brief cries as Nang wrapped his thick arms round her body from behind, stretching back to lift her up and away from the table top so her thighs lifted into a taut, inverted vee. Captain Rahman tilted the cone back until he could press the glistening bulb between her labia and against the moist opening of her vagina. Very gently he pushed it higher watching intently whilst the girls struggles increased. Both men smiled knowingly as she started making a series of frantic, wet gobbling sounds as she felt the dome stretching her wider, and wider and wider.

СNnnnnngggh, huh, huh, nnnhuh, oh, ooh, oh God! Godmummmfh! Iiiiiieeeeaaarrrggghhh!

Nang waited patiently as the captain pushed the cone inward with a series of slow movements. Suddenly, just when it seemed as though the wide rim was going to tear the delicate opening, there was a little jolt and the whole glans popped up into her body. The sudden scratching penetration of those delicate and sensitive membranes brought a further series of squealing pleas as Anna Tam tried to cope with the dreadful pain tearing at her insides.

With the base of the cone flat on the tabletop, Captain Rahman made a few tiny adjustments and stepped back. СMiss Tam Anna! Listen to me. This little toy gets wider as it goes down. In a moment Nang will let you go thenwell its up to you. If you become very helpful then Ill get him to lift you up again in a little while. If notwell, well see how fit you really are, wont we. Ready?

The captain flicked his fingers and Nang immediately released his grip stepping back into the shadows

Anna Tam jolted then jerked up with a single, stifled cry of agony. Her back arched, head tilted towards the ceiling she rode the copper cone like a quivering brown statue. Sweat poured off her gleaming body, her locked thigh muscles showing like carved steel as she held herself high off the table, impaled on just the bulbous head of the torture cone. Below her cunt, the gleaming copper shaft tapered outwards, a splitting wedge waiting to stretch and tear her tender flesh as she sank down with exhaustion.

Two minutes three minutes four.

Suddenly there was the sound of trickling liquid and the metal shone brightly as Anna lost control of her bladder. Embarrassment was added to agony as she listened to the crude comments and cruel laughter from the shadows. The cuffs joining her ankles below the table chinked and rattled as her feet twisted and strained with the unrelenting strain of holding herself up in the air.

Finally, the burning pain in her muscles was too much and the nineteen year old slid down; not much, just an inch or so, but…

СFuff, fuff, fuff, nuh, nuh, aaaaah, p-please, please, Im s-slipping, aaah ARRRGGGHH!

СThen lift yourself up again, Anna see how high you can hold yourself before the ride begins properly! Captain Rahman smiled sadistically as he watched the girls increasingly frantic efforts to remain at full stretch. Another minute and there was another animal scream as she sank down again. This time the shaft stretched her vaginal opening even wider whilst, deep inside, the copper glans pushed up against the mouth of her cervix.

СNooooooo Stttttooooooppppp!

Anna Tams screech of anguish was accompanied by another frantic spasm as she tried top lift herself back up the cone. A scream that told the captain Anna had discovered whilst the copper head was smooth, rounded and slippery going in the sharp metal rim of the glans scratched viciously going the other way, flaying the tender membranes inside her cunt with every attempt to lift her body free.

Now Anna Tams real torture ride had begun. Watched by those hot, cruel eyes in the darkness she first sank downwards, muscles giving way with exhaustion only for her cunt to be stretched and split wider and wider by the copper cone. Then, as the agony became too much to stand, she would summon her strength, lifting herself up so the copper rim scraped the raw tissues of her vagina once again.

Up and down, up and downa quivering rise and fall accompanied by a series of cries and sobbing squeals from the tortured nineteen year old astride the cone; every movement bringing fresh agony and more useless pleas for mercy.

СVery good, Anna, I knew you would be strong Light flared as Captain Rahman lit a cigarette and took a long pull so the tip glowed fiercely. СYou have excellent stamina Now, tell me about your friend, your lover Rena Dominguez

СAaaah, p-p-please, h-h-h-hurts soooo much, p-p-p-please Ah, ah, I d-d-didnt k-k-know h-her

Captain Rahman shook his head gently as the words tumbled out. СOh but you did, Anna, we have pictures of you together six months ago wasnt it. Let me stimulate that memory a little bit more He brought the glowing tip up between the straining girls thighs and stroked it along the parted lips until it touched Anna Tams swollen clitoris with a soft, wet Сssssssss.


There was a ripple of noise, soft gasps of excitement and arousal as the watchers saw the girl arch back even harder as her manic scream split the air. Then, she slumped forwards and there was a second outraged squeal as Anna Tam impaled herself on the full length of the torture cone.

AriesRidCone07.jpg (147133 bytes)

Captain Rahman waited for the shuddering; screaming girl to lift herself into the air once more then took another long pull on his cigarette. He cupped Annas left breast and flicked the taut, swollen flesh of her nipple so her head bead forwards and her eyes stared downwards in horror. СTell me about your meeting, Anna. The glowing tip touched the sensitive bud and Anna Tam surged upright once again. СSuch a loud noise your really need to save your energy, Anna, weve got lots and lots of time and I have a full packet of cigarettes here.

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