Throne Of Blood [MR. KANE’S]


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Thirst for power and conquest have led Queen Alcira, known as the Viper Queen, to threaten the lands in the East. To attack them, she must first pass through the rich Principality of Janistu, ruled by her son Marcio. But Marcio and the people of Janistu rightly consider the Viper Queen to be an invader. The ties of kinship between mother and son have long since broken. Over the years Marcio has gathered his own forces and wealth, thanks above all to his marriage to Princess Yania, heiress to the old Monian dynasty which has governed the land since the times of Janistu himself.

Marcio leads his army up to the vast steppes of Corizan. Only this cold, wind-swept plain stands between Queen Alcira and the riches of the East.

The Viper Queen learns with astonishment that Marcio has refused to grant her army the right to pass through his principality. Her response is immediate. She declares her son traitor, and the States are at war.

1- The final assault

The Janistans have fought with great valor and have repelled the onslaught of the Viper Queen and her ferocious troops again and again. The advance of the Queen’s banner is remorseless, and the once-fertile land of the Principality is quickly laid waste and its people put to the sword. The last defenders are trapped in the citadel of Harha.

The Viper Queen throws all her forces against the citadel, but is unable to take it. After a two-month siege, she changes tactics. She withdraws her troops and looks for a route through the mountains that skirt the vast wilderness of Corizan.

Arnosto, Marcio’s faithful General, celebrates the withdrawal as if it was a victory. But Marcio knows his mother and knows her limitless cunning. He decides to attack her before she comes back to finish him off. He takes his leave of his lover, Yania, and sets off after the Viper’s army.

Two nights later, his mistake becomes clear. The Queen has carefully prepared, and generously bribed, a group of supporters inside the citadel. The South Gate is opened at three in the morning. A wild, blood-crazed horde sweeps in, massacring all in its path.

Alcira in full battle armor leads her troops into the city, causing carnage with her much-bloodied sword. Her faithful lord Arnosto is one of the first of her men to lose his head in battle.
2- Yania, the rebel Princess

While the citadel is still being attacked and razed to the ground, and its brave defenders are suffering the most ignoble of deaths, the Queen’s Guard discovers the unfortunate Yania. They humiliate her and ill-treat her physically, and then take her before the Viper Queen. The Queen greets her from the newly conquered throne, still in her blood-stained armor.

“It is kind of you to come and greet me,” says Alcira ironically, looking down at her proud prisoner, “but your breasts should greet me too.” She gives a signal and her brutish soldiers cut Yania’s bodice open, revealing the girl’s magnificent young breasts.
3- The Viper Queen

“Well, my beautiful young slut. What have you done with my son?”

“Your son, my Lady, is dead. You must know this, for your brutish soldiers have killed everybody.”

“What you say may be true,” says the Viper Queen, rising menacingly. “But I am inclined to think that he is alive. And even though a traitor, he is my own flesh and blood, and I would like to meet him too. The vile coward is no doubt hiding somewhere, like a grub in a hole. And you, you bitch, are going to tell me where he is, or pay dearly for your insolence!”

4- Yania and the Royal Guard

Yania is dragged down the steps to the guards’ quarters First they strip her naked and chain her, and then they rape her in turn. Yania does her best to please them, hoping to avoid the beating she receives all over her naked, defenseless body. But the soldiers are hungry for sex and blood, and they subject her to the most brutal and perverted abuse imaginable.

Yania knows that Marcio is indeed alive. She resolves to withstand all this brutality in the hope that he will find a way of rescuing her from her mother-in-law’s clutches.

5- Blood and fire

The Queen’s orders are as clear as they are savage. Castrate all the men and cut the breasts off all the women! Then impale them all and set fire to the citadel, with the exception of the walled area and the defensive system.

Felia has been raped. Now she is being held down by a soldier while one of her breasts and part of another are severed. Her screams ring through the smoke-filled air. Mayka, already mutilated, is suspended by the arms. The man who raped her now punches her with all his might.

6- A bloody offering

The terrified Yania is forced to carry a tray full of cut-off breasts and crawl with it to the Queen. The Queen Viper waits at the top of the stairway. She is angry and sexually aroused by the rape and slaughter.

“They tell me you still do not know where my son is, is this so? Then we shall have to continue working on you until my prodigal bastard appears.”

“Have mercy, my Lady. My people are blameless. Forgive them, I beseech you!”

“You are in no condition, of rank or power, to beseech anything, except my mercy and my pardon. Think on this well. What awaits you will not be pleasant, I assure you.”

7- Alcira the Impaler.

Lubna the inn-keeper is hoisted by the neck and the breasts at the same time. The torturer holds her while the impaler pushes the long stake into her vagina again and again. He wants to be sure that the stake will find its own way up and into her lovely body.

The girl’s screams mingle with the shrieks and death-cries of the other impaled women, and cut through the cracking and explosions of the fire which is now spreading around Harha.

“Here we go, bitch! You’re one of the last. Open your thighs good and wide and take the stake in. Make the most of your last wooden shag!”

8- Whore to the Royal Guard.

Yania is still suffering at the hands of the guard. The hapless Princess no longer knows or cares how many times she has been raped by the rough lawless soldiers. She only knows that she will not be able to take it much longer…

“With the forceps in the slut drinks it all down. She’s a thirsty one, that’s for sure!”

“What you mean is, she can’t bite your dick off! Ha ha ha!”

9- Royal Torture.

On the Queen’s orders, the guard hand over the Princess to the Chief Torturer. She is already broken in body and all but broken in spirit too. For several days the man works on her with nails, thorns and excruciating breast clamps. He burns her pubic hair and her open, swollen vagina mercilessly. He pierces her breasts again and again with red-hot needles…The Princess knows the end is near…

10- Confession.

The Viper Queen receives the news from her faithful counselor Waltus. Princess Yania wishes to confess and beg for clemency.

A terrible smell comes from the tortured woman as she kneels before the Queen, the breast clamp still on.

The Queen waits to hear the confession, sniffing in the urine, excrement, blood, and stale semen….But the Princess cannot speak. The torturer has just pierced her tongue with a red-hot needle.

The Queen nods and Waltus begins to read the confession. Her Majesty’s noble son, Marcio, is still alive. He set out on a foray some days before the final attack on the citadel. The Princess begs mercy for herself and for the Queen’s grandson whom she carries in her womb…

11- The cruelest order.

The terrible concoction is prepared. The torturer pours it into a bowl. Yania is suspended face down with her legs apart, secured to two posts. A large funnel containing the terrible liquid is waiting…

“Do not fear for your life, slut!” the Queen spits out her words like venom. “It is not the first time I have had a foul-smelling harlot sterilized.” She smiles a strange, twisted smile as the Princess twists and turns in pain.

“I very much doubt that you are pregnant, after all you have had up your big fat swollen cunt. And if you do give birth, it is more likely to be to a whole Royal Guard! From now on, and until the day of your execution, you will enjoy no more men’s cocks, only the stick and other instruments designed to punish over-heated cunts! Pray proceed with your work, gentlemen!”


12- The Way to Rothen

Badly bruised and beaten, bleeding inside and outside, Yania is shut up in a closed cart, cruelly tied down on filthy straw. She is hardly aware of the rough jolts of the cart as she is taken to the capital, Rothen.

Alcira, the Viper Queen, leaves a large garrison in the citadel. She sends two regiments out to conquer Corizan, while her patrols comb the mountains and plains of Janistu searching for her son Marcio, in vain.


The punishment which is about to be applied to Yania is common in Rothen in cases of prostitution or adultery. The condemned woman is punished on the breasts. While she is receiving the punishment, she has to satisfy the torturer with her mouth. This obscene ritual was originally intended as a way of humiliating the prisoners, although the more experienced prostitute sometimes welcome it as a way of distracting the torturer and saving their breasts from some of the thorns.

Deeply humiliated, the Princess opens her mouth and takes in the man’s swollen member. She has little hope that the Chief Torturer will take pity on her and reduce her punishment…

On the post

The torturer ties Yania firmly to the punishment post and immediately sets to work, picking out the sharp thorns one at a time and pressing them into her magnificent breasts. She lets out a sharp cry as the thorns penetrate the soft flesh. The pain does not stop when the thorns are in. Yania suspects, correctly, that the jailers have put acid on them, to make them sting and burn.

The crowd watch, tense and excited. The Princess sobs and screams but her suffering provokes no pity, only insults and coarse jokes from the men…

“No need to exaggerate, Princess. It’s not the first time a man’s pricked you!”

“She’s a good gobbler! The soldiers have trained her well!”

“Ask him nicely and he’ll put his cock up your royal cunt!”


The torturer works methodically until the last thorn is driven into the soft, delicate flesh. Yania’s breasts are swollen.

“This is nothing,” says the cruel jailor. “This is just a little kiss for these big tits! They’re gonna be punished properly in a minute, you dirty slut!”

The punishment massage

Some whores are only pricked lightly and briefly, while others are forced to stand for days with the thorns in their breasts, and still others received a full breast massage and beating until all the thorns are driven right in. Sometimes the thorns in so far that it is impossible to remove them.

The Queen has given instructions that these thorns be driven fully in.

Yania stands on the platform, her arms and legs bound to the punishment post, as the Chief Torturer lifts them and massages them, showing them to the excited crowd. She flinches and screams as his hand begins to beat rhythmically on her suffering breasts, driving the thorns deeper and deeper…

Brutal Beating.

The crowd is now aroused by the Princess’s nakedness, and chants as each blow comes down onto her suffering, bleeding breasts. The thorns soon cause cruel internal injuries. The lovely breasts swell under the ceaseless, methodical blows, exciting the crowd to an even greater sexual frenzy. The Princess writhes in agony, causing the spikes on the steel rod in her vagina to tear her most intimate flesh…

Endless suffering.

The Queen has given the common people the right to decide when the Chief Torturer will stop beating Yania’s bruised and bleeding breasts.

But there is no sign of mercy from the townspeople.

“Hit the slut! Hit the thorns in!”

“Flog the harlot’s breasts! Flog all the skin off them!”

“Kick her on the cunt!”

The Queen smiles a twisted smile and orders the jailor to slap harder.

Eternal agony

The torturer changes rhythm now, beating each breast in turn, much harder than before. The blood splatters onto his hands as the thorns go deeper. He is surprised at Yania’s ability to withstand the beating. Most women lose consciousness. He does not know that the Queen has had her sedated to take the edge off the pain. She wants Yania to have a very public and very long punishment session.

Yania screams and the crowd roars in excitement. The sight of a Princess being punished on her naked breasts, in front of the common townspeople, is not seen every day in Rothen.

Such Sweet Pleasure

Queen Alcira is pleased with the spectacle. Her man has been beating the naked breasts for over an hour now and they are swollen beginning to lose their shape. The bruises are turning a darker shade of purple. But the crowd shows no sign of calling a halt to the cruel spectacle. The unfortunate Princess screams and begs for mercy, in vain. The very snakes on the Queen’s throne seem to writhe and twist in agony or excitement…

Final Massage

The rumor has spread through the crowd that the traitress will soon be placed on the wheel. The crowd shouts. They want the wheel now. They want to see her there while her breasts are still whole.

The torturer ignores them. His hands beat on and on. The Queen lets him carry on for some time, and then gestures him to stop.

Shown to the common people

The Chief Torturer stops. He steps back and contemplates his work with satisfaction. Then he unties Yania. She falls to the ground, only half-conscious. He seizes her by the hair and lifts her, displaying her to the Queen and the roaring crowd. Her breasts have swollen to three times their normal size. They hang like ripe egg-plants, about to burst open. The man presses and squeezes them, showing the mutilations to the excited multitude.

The Queen smiles. Slowly, she rises.

“Let her rest for a while. Give her wine. Then put her on the wheel!”

Whore’s Muzzle

Yania is plied with wine to give her strength. On the Queen’s orders she is doused with cold water to remove the blood, sweat and shit. She stands clean once again, ready to be tortured.

The chief torturer places the Whore’s Muzzle on her. This painful device prevents her from closing her mouth when she is penetrated.

Yania is in pain. Her breasts, horribly bruised and swollen, are agony to her. Her vagina is constantly scratched and torn by the terrible phallus and its sharp thorns.

A low, excited murmur comes from the crowd…

Mouth Rape

The wheel is made ready. Yania kneels before it. The torturers wield thick truncheons covered in stitched leather and begin to work on her bruised breasts. At the same time they force her to drink their semen. In turn they sink their erect penises into the Princess’s throat and move them around to make her squirm and choke as she tries not to suffocate.

The common people chant to the rhythm of the brutal penetration, howling with delight when Yania takes a new member deep into her throat.

Drowning in semen

There is no respite. This particular torture, which is normally reserved for adulterers and the ugliest whores, can go on and on… It sometimes ends only when the prisoner dies, her mouth full of semen, her throat deprived of air…

When the torturers have finished with her, filthy peasants take up position. They have been selected by the soldiers and are anxious to shoot their loads into the unfortunate woman’s open mouth.

The crowd yells and chants as each peasant grunts and howls and has his orgasm.

Yania twists and turns in a desperate attempt to get enough air in…


Queen Alcira is astonished at Yania’s resistance. No prisoner has withstood torture like this for many, many years. She orders the men to stop the fallation and make her ready for a session of vaginal rape. She asks for Yania’s breasts to be bound as tight as possible to squeeze the thorns out, hoping that this will hurt as much as when they went in. The chief torturer decides to tense the ropes around the prisoner’s own knees. A complex system of ropes and pulleys holds Yania on the wheel with her legs wide apart. The torturers begin to tense the ropes, causing the Princess to scream in agony. The worst pain of all comes from the cruel hook that is ripping her anus.

The Queen applauds the cruel ceremony. The crowd takes up the applause…

Raped by The Crowd

Finally Yania is made ready to be raped by as many men as she can stand. On the Queen’s orders she is given more wine. Yania stares in horror at all the erect penises pointing threateningly at her.

A powerful drug contained in the wine, and the pain caused by the hook and ropes, are driving Yania crazy…

Raped without Mercy

One after another the peasants and court staff sink their stiff cocks into her long-suffering cunt, shafting her again and again in the same soft flesh that was torn by the barbed wire dildo. The swollen penises take a terrible toll, and the tight ropes sink ever deeper into her once lovely flesh. Little by little her cries die down, and a blood-creeping howl of despair comes from her throat. Its thin, wailing note mingles with the rough sex-laden grunts of the rapists and the excited chanting of the crowd, to the rhythm of pelvic thrusts…

Stinking Beggars

There is no respite for the Princess. She suffers rape after rape all through a long day, from morning to dusk… The last to abuse her are the paupers and beggars. Yania has fallen silent now. Alone in a world of pain and madness from which she will never emerge, she hardly knows that she is being raped…

Orgasm and Pain

Queen Alcira is seized by the most perverse sexual arousal imaginable. She orders Yania to be masturbated to orgasm as a prize for her heroic stance.

Yania is hardly able to stay on her feet, but one of her legs is hoisted up and a jailor takes up position behind her and works on her clitoris. The crowd are grateful for the clear view of her open sex lips. The jailor’s skilful fingers arouse the Princess and force her to have orgasms after orgasm.

The Night of the Stakes

Finally Yania is fixed to the wheel. Broad straps of strong leather hold her to the iron spokes. She can hardly move at all now, except for her hands and they are bound at the wrist. Her breasts seem about to explode from the pressure of the bondage. The Queen is pleased. The blood-stained thorns are coming out them, squeezed by the pressure.

But the most terrible torment of all has begun. Yania’s passage will be widened and finally burst by sharp stakes, each bigger than the previous, each knocked in by cruel hammer blows…

Agony beyond Belief

The Chief Torturer examines Yania’s swollen, distended cunt. He amuses himself by stroking her clitoris and watching intently as pain and unwanted pleasure mingle in her expression.

“Keep going, you dirty slut! We’ve got enough stakes even for your big cunt! Hahaha!”


Savage Stretching

Yania’s screams fill the chill night air once again. The common people are themselves exhausted by so much bloodshed and rape, and they too stand almost in silence, waiting for the end. The sound of the last stakes being driven in can be heard clearly in the still air…

Staked Breasts

But Queen Alcira is still not satisfied. Driven on by anger and lust, she orders the jailors to hit the stakes into Yania’s huge, deformed breasts.

A cry of horror rises from Yania as the torturer drives the wood into her breast and out the other side. The crowd respond with a long gasp of frenzied lust…


The Chief Torturer picks up a bucket and washes her down ,at the Viper Queen’s request.

Blood runs down onto the wooden platform. The man picks up a thick nail and hammers it through her hand and into the wheel.

Yania tries to scream, but cannot. Her whole body shakes and trembles in the cold night air. The nails tear through her hands and feet, fixing her to the wheel for ever…

Coup de Grace

Finally, the torturer drives the last wedge deep inside her, splitting her stomach and destroying her cunt.

Yania ceases to tremble…

Death on the Wheel

The wheel is hoisted up to the top of the post. Yania gazes out at the cold, distant horizon.

The Queen has given orders for the corpse to be left on the post, at the mercy of rats and other vermin.

But Yania is not dead yet. There are still small trembles going through her body, and she gives an occasional heave and sinks down again. The Chief Torturer informs the Queen that the prisoner is still alive.

“Excellent,” she replies with a hint of a smile. “Be sure to bring me a pair of trophies before dawn.”

The Queen rises and walks slowly into the castle. The Chief Torturer reaches down into his bag and produces a huge knife. He grins as he begins sharpening it…


Countess Ragia.

The lovely Countess Ragia is accused of high treason and mercilessly tortured outside the walls of her own citadel. Her breasts are pierced with a stake and she is hung up until she decides to confess.

General Dehcio, the most blood-thirsty of the Queen’s Generals, has given the order to find the insurgents’ hiding place.

Lorna, the Countess’s daughter, has been hunted down in the woods where she took refuge.

She is taken to see her mother being tortured and she decides to tell all she knows.

“Do not speak, daughter!” Ragia says. “Remain silent whatever they do to me or to you! Rotland’s future is in your hands!”


Ragia dies while Lorna is being dragged over to a post.

The soldiers bind Lorna tightly and then cut off one of her nipples.

“Show no mercy. Torture her to the end,” Dehcio orders in desperation. He knows that his wife’s life depends on the succe ss of his military campaign. “She must tell all she knows. We have to find the rebels. Speak, harlot, and tell us the truth. Where are the treacherous rats? Speak now or my men will cut your tits off in thin slices and have them for supper. You will not enjoy that, but they will!”


Cruelly mutilated, Lorna is handed over to Waltus. The sinister counselor has great experience of interrogating women…

“What is the meaning of Abadah? Is it a password? A place? A man?”

“I don’t know! Have mercy on an innocent soul! I don’t know!”

“Then you shall be suspended with a hook in your anus until you choose to talk. You need not feel embarrassed about confessing because no one will be left alive to hear of it.”

Finally, after hours of excruciating torture, Lorna breaks:

“Abadah is the old name of Janistano on the path to Angestia. It is on the border of Corizan, a steep gorge used by smugglers…”


Andere, Count of Valmoh, finally meets Queen Alcira. He has been repeatedly flogged by the Queen’s female servants. After each flogging he was masturbated and left drained and exhausted.

He will shortly be hanged for high treason.

The rebels have been flushed out of their hiding places. Waltus carried on torturing girls until the last insurgent was flushed out. The oath-takers hardly had time to defend themselves.

“I shall ask you once, and once only,” says Alcira. “Where is my son?”

“You know that he died in the siege of the citadel of Harha.”

In the hands of the Viper Queen

One after another the leaders of the rebellion pass through the hands of the lustful Queen and her insatiable handmaidens.

“Did they give your cock a good chewing, Arnol? Perhaps you are pleased by this and will tell me how to find Marcio.”

“Marcio died in Harha. I closed his eyes with my own hands.”

“Would you have me believe that you are capable of organizing a rebellion on your own? Treacherous dog! You will all end up on the wheel while your blood flows onto your wives’ heads!

“Perhaps my girls would like to amuse themselves with you first. Or have your balls run dry?”

Perverse handmaidens

Those prisoners who are still alive pass through the eager hands and sucking mouths of the Queen’s servants. Their cruelty and lust know no limits. They have learnt a lot from their Mistress about sexual torture and humiliation…

The Viper Queen herself goes down to the dungeons from time to time in search of amusement.

“I see you are giving him his just deserts, Jana. And for your own dessert you will have his semen! Ha! ha! ha! Pay no heed if he says my son is alive. I already know that. As I also know that he will visit me one day and that I, Alcira, Queen of Rotland and Janistu, will be waiting for him!”

The last prisoners

The Queen gives precise orders for all the prisoners to be taken to the sinister gorge of Abadah, where they will be executed alongside the rebels.

The Queen’s torturers make the most of their last moments with their victims to abuse them again and again…

“Open wide, bitch, and enjoy it while you can! In a few days you will die on the wheel!”

“NOOOOOOO!!! Have mercy on an innocent soul!”

The East Tower

In the East Tower of the walled town of Rothan stands a prison for women, run by the lust-crazed, degenerate Sir Morton. The cruel Governor is not required to send his charges to their death, because they did not take part in the uprising.

Instead, the female prisoners of the East Tower are sentenced to work as prostitutes. They are normally destined to the troops or perhaps to the vain, cruel noblemen and noblewomen of Rotland, who satisfy their most primitive instincts on the luckless prisoners.

The Deadly Gorge

In due course, Alcira’s orders are carried out and a sinister forest of posts and wheels rises on top of the Abadah Gorge. The harsh calls of crows mingles with the rebels’ screams of pain as the birds peck at the defenseless prisoners….

Each wheel secures the broken body of a rebel, his throat slit. The tortured body of his wife or daughter is tied to the post below him.

The terrible vengeance of the Viper Queen hangs in the air. The red shadow of a snake twists and turns over the kingdom of Janitsu.

The Flight

Marcio and two of his most faithful men have managed to escape through the barren mountains of Mondala on the Corizan side of the border. Their bodies are racked by fever and their sprits are heavy from the carnage. They try to dodge the Corizan patrols, knowing they know they would be handed over to Alcira’s garrisons. The image of tortured Princess Yania haunts them, reminding them of their binding oath of revenge.

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