Slaves Of Yahg-Sogot [MR. KANE’S]


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According to chronicles which are considered reliable, the cult began in the ancient city of Eridu, in Mesopotamia, some 6000 years ago. Hieroglyphics on old stones tell how men came from the sea dragging a great urn, which they placed in the middle of a vast, flat expanse. They then built a temple around it. At full moon a woman was taken to the sacred site, to be handed over to the god that lived in the urn.

The inhabitants of Eridu were not especially upset by the new cult, as they themselves performed human sacrifice. The sons of Sogot, as they called themselves, were unusual only in that the women did not have to be virgins. Any woman would do, as long as she was not excessively old.

In time, the people of Eridu moved over the cult and the temple grew even bigger. Yahg-Sogot left the urn and took up his dwelling in the abyss that lay below the temple.

In accordance with the terrible rites of Eridu, the victim was taken to the great terrace in front of the temple of Sogot. She was tied by the neck and horribly marked all over her body by repeated torture and cruel abuse. Her nipples were pierced, as was her vulva, and she was penetrated in the mouth, anus and vagina. The multitude, risking their lives on the frail adobe rooftops, waited expectantly…

The Chief Priest exhibited the chosen one, bound to the huge blood-stained column which was decorated with the bones of those devoured by Sogot. At that moment the crowd roared, greeting the slave, honoring her and thanking her for her sacrifice.

The High Priest tensed the rope, forcing the woman up onto the tips of her toes until she nearly choked, and stood her by the deep well of Yahg-Sogot. Slowly, very slowly, bitter smoke came up from the dark hole, announcing the god’s arrival… an event which could take a whole day. Meanwhile, the crowd chanted a strange, blood-chilling litany…

The victim was chosen from among the prisoners that the people of Eridu had offered for sacrifice, in accordance with ancient tradition. The High Priest visited the dungeons in person, to inspect the unfortunate women who lay trembling there.

He chose the victim and carried out a thorough examination, obscenely, lustfully, weighing her breasts in the palm of his hands, probing and exploring her vulva, testing the slave’s response to his skilful fingers by the degree of arousal and lubrication.

After his precise, detailed exploration, the slave was branded in preparation for her surrender to Sogot. This act required unbridled lust and extreme pain. The woman was raped and tortured in the chambers around the abyss of Sogot, so that the unspeakable, slimy creature could hear her suffering, her screams, her groans… Only then could he materialize into hungry, amorphous mass of flesh and slime, and rise from the deep to reclaim his tribute…

The victim is made ready for sacrifice. A crowd has been waiting all day for the appearance of the god. The priests have not ceased their low chanting, praying that the viscous flesh will emerge from the dark abyss and claim its own.

The slave cannot bear any more suffering. She cannot recall how many days she has been humiliated, raped and tortured. She can only stand on her feet now thanks to the repeated bowls of Singui that she is forced to swallow. The final hour has come.

The High Priest prepares her tortured breasts. They are horribly swollen now, and covered in cuts and deep welts. He changes the iron nipple rings for gold sacrificial rings.

He strangles the suffering breasts with ox-skin straps, pulling with all his might, until the once-lovely flesh becomes lumps of bruised and battered meat.

After tying off the breasts, the High Priest turns his attention to the rings through her nipples. The girl will be subjected by breasts and nipples and then lowered into the sacrificial abyss. He gropes and turns and twists and squeezes the breasts until the flesh goes blue and purple…

Finally, the girl is declared ready for sacrifice. The High Priest stands to one side and brandishes the ceremonial sword. As the sword rises, a terrible silence falls over the city. At that moment, a roll of thunderstorm is heard and then lightning cracks down, illuminating the terrible scene. The chosen one is pushed slowly and cruelly towards the abyss… Continuous thunder rolls around and the sky turns pink and white as the girl is suspended over the abyss.

The screams of the helpless victim are drowned in an orgy of thunder as she is pulled down by the slimy tentacles of Yagh-Sogot, down to the bottom of the nameless deep…

The chanting breaks out again, but this time it is angry and brutal… The priests follow the ritual to the letter. Lightning cracks down again and again, but not a drop of rain falls on Eridu…

Slowly the monster pulls the girl down, penetrating her. He will possess her and then devour her. Finally he will spit the bones out onto the temple courtyard.

And then, and only then, will rain fall on Eridu. The caravans will bring their trade once more and the barbarian hordes from the desert will not dare to come near to the city walls.

The city is safe now. It will remain safe until the dark god demands his tribute once again, in flesh and blood and pain…

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