Mandolin & The Magneto [CORTEZ]

Mandolin & The Magneto

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The Mandolin and the magneto
by Cortez. All rights reserved.

It was such a simple thing, just a four-foot length of piano wire with a loop at one end and a hook at the other. For the nineteen-year-old black girl they had captured that morning, this simple device was about to take her to hell.

SheТd been brought to the interrogation hut on the edge of the police compound at noon. Stripped naked, her ebony skin gleaming with sweat, she now stood astride, the muscles in her long, beautiful legs trembling and quivering with the strain of her position after nearly an hourТs cruel bondage. Four thin cords held her quite securely.

The cords round each ankle were tied to ringbolts in the concrete floor; carefully spaced bolts that forced her to stand with her elegant legs spread achingly wide apart. The other two cords had been knotted round her wrists before the free ends were tied round the hutТs supporting beams on either side. The men had taken their time with tightening the cordsЕ increasing the tension inch by inch until her arms were stretched into a gleaming crucifix of polished flesh.

They had tied her in position very carefully, making sure that she stood centrally between the two thick, waist high wooden postsЕ facing the one with the groove in the top, her back to the one with the nail.

When the men were finishedЕ it had been the womanТs turn

The weights looked homemade, just crude teardrops of lead with a long copper wire sticking from the tapered end, but that didnТt stop them being horribly effective. She had shown them to the girl first, explaining with sadistic care what she was going to do to her, and how much it would hurtЕ Then her fingers had rolled and rubbed the long rubbery tips of the girlТs proudly jutting breasts.

Although the woman was in uniform, an olive green skirt and military style shirt, the girl became convinced she was naked underneath. The top three shirt buttons were undone and the womanТs excitement was obvious as she worked on the girlТs breasts. The deep СVТ of her cleavage was moist and flushed and the tips of her own large breasts showed against the material like hard spikes.

Breathing heavily with rising sexual excitement, the woman took time to bring each peak to aching stiffness. Finally, she started winding the soft, copper wire round the whole length of the girlТs aroused left nipple, each turn binding the delicate flesh tighter and tighter in an agonising and unrelenting grip. When she had finished, only the very tip peeped between the copper coils, a tip that was already swollen, taut and shiny with the throbbing pressure.

Mandolin05.jpg (133612 bytes)

СNow letТs see how firm you really areЕТ The woman giggled, letting the roughly cast teardrop dangle freely, swinging like some obscene fruit from the wire-bound tip of the girlТs breast.


СOh yes, yesЕ now, just let me do the other one for youЕТ Again the rolling, milking stimulation, the girlТs look of horror as she watched her body betraying her to her torturerТs caresses. She took a deep breath, trying to ride the hard, pinching agony of the wire being wound tightly round and round the long, tender length of her right nipple. The woman watched the girl as she worked, studying her victim and waiting for that tiny breath of relief as the girl found a way to ride the pulsing agony in her tits. That was the moment that she opened her handЕ letting the second weight swing free.

СMfff, uh, uh pleeeassse! T-t-take them off, please!Т

The girlТs cries rang out again as the woman playfully tapped the weights, setting them dancing to and fro, bouncing and jiggling on the end of each tender globe. But, delightful as the girlТs agony was, she and the men had their ordersЕOne last caress and they left her aloneЕ to struggle against her bonds and the constant, throbbing ache of her wire bound nipples; leaving her so that her imagination would build up her terror of what was soon to come. She tried to stand still but to no availЕ with every tiny movement, the weights swung and pinched unbearablyЕ

In her agony the girl thought back bitterly to her capture that morning. It was all her own fault. She should have run when the soldiers had broken up the meeting. By the time sheТd realised it was an Internal Security raidЕ it was much, much too late.

That was the moment MТbebe Metebe knew her nightmare was coming true. Being captured and tortured was a risk sheТd tried not to think about for the last eighteen months. But somewhere, deep in one of the Internal Security BureauТs cellars the pain had been too much for someoneЕ and her name had been mentionedЕ

Like the rest of the Movement, sheТd heard the stories of what they did to extract information from opponents of the Regime. On women prisoners, especially the pretty ones, the favourites were the magneto, the gas lighterЕ and the СmandolinТ. She already knew, from the way theyТd tied her, that they were going to make her Сplay the mandolinТ very soon now.

There was a draft of air as the door opened and closed. MТbebe shivered in her bonds, trying to stifle her grunts of pain as the weights moved too, twisting and pulling at the tips of her breasts like cruel fingers. She looked up as she heard someone saying her name, very softly.

The man standing in front of her was middle aged, smartly dressed in a light coloured suit, the eyes deep set, black and unblinking in a hard, merciless face. As he studied the girlТs beautiful body, and the way her bonds had forced her toned muscles into sharp relief, a hint of cruel pleasure showed on his thin, bloodless lips.

MТbebe looked down from the eager anticipation in those lizard-like eyes, staring transfixed at the shiny, coiled wire in the manТs hands, trying uselessly to build up her courage as she shivered harder under the pitiless gaze. СI hope those weights have helped your concentration, Miss Mutabe. MafumeЕ help the lesson along a little would youЕТ He studied the girlТs reactions as the woman, smiled wickedly, tapped each of the dangling weights in turn, making them swing wildly so that the gleaming black cones stretched and flexed. As they moved so they twirled lazily in the air, twisting the girlТs nipples to and fro with fresh stabs of agony and making the drum taut purple tips bulge out even more from the copper coils.

СNo! No donТt, donТt m-move them, theyТre h-h-hurting me so much!Т

The man, the woman and a heavily built guard avidly watched the young black girlТs sudden wriggling dance of pain, a dance that only added to her torment as her movements set the heavy glistening globes bouncing madly, the swollen, wire-bound tips jutting out like little pegs. For MТbebe there was a dreadful, pulsing agony in her breastsЕ She felt as though the wildly sensitive tips themselves were going to explode.

СMiss MetebeЕ I am Inspector Lubala.Т The woman quickly steadied the weights so the girl could concentrate on the InspectorТs words. СYou are thinking that you will stay silent, that we cannot make you talk. Believe meЕ you will be begging to tell me everything and anything before longЕТ He held up the wire, letting it uncoil completely so one end clicked against the concrete floor. СThis comes next. Т He showed her the small ring carefully bound and soldered into one end, Сthe corporal here will put this end over the nail in the top of that post behind and thenЕТ he paused, the cruel smile widening as he watched the girlТs sudden frantic panting. СAh, I see youТve heard about our little toy and what we are about to do to youЕ DonТt worry, itТs going to be much, much worse that any of the stories, believe meЕТ

MТbebe heard a thin metallic clatter as the guard hooked the loop over the spike. The woman the inspector had called Mafume knelt between her straddled thighs, her fingers fondling the soft, pink inner folds as she eased the shiny silver wire into the crease of her buttocks before delicately parting the girlТs labia so it was nestling right up into her cunt. She took exquisite care to ensure the thin polished strand ran directly over the fleshy hood and prominent nub of MТbebeТs clitoris.

СMy men nickname this treatment Сplaying the mandolinТ. Please donТt be fooled by its simplicityЕ in a moment or so it will feel as though someone is cutting you in half with hot knife.Т The Inspector smiled without a trace of humour, Сafter thatЕ IТm afraid it just gets worse. WeТll start with a kilo whilst I ask you about somebody weТre anxious to traceЕ of course, if it gets too muchЕ you only have to tell me what I want to knowЕТ

MТbebe craned her head forward, watching every movement as she felt the first burning pressure as the wire was lifted into the groove carved in the top of the post two feet in front of her pinioned body. СA kilo weight please, Corporal.Т

Oh God! Why had she not noticed the battered wooden table in the corner with the field telephone, the electric flex, the butane lighters, the pliers and needles and other things scattered on it! She watched the soldier rummaging through a pile of battered metal weights She bit her lip, her breath racing as panic filled her body. The one he finally picked up looked horribly heavy Е what was it the Inspector had said? СЕWeТll start with a kilo!Т

СTake a deep breathЕ youТll need it!Т The woman hooked the weight on, letting it dangle against the post. СThere, come on, up you goЕТ she teased as MТbebe grunted with the first, cutting pull of the wire along her slit. Automatically, just as the woman had known she would, the quivering nineteen-year-old girl tried to ease the sudden pain by lifting herself on tiptoe as the weight pulled the wire taut.

Only when she was teetering at full stretch, thigh and calf muscles already starting to burn with the strain, did MТbebe understand her mistake. Standing up on tiptoe had allowed the weight to slide down easily that extra few inches but when she tried to lower herself down again, it was impossible! The pain lanced through her like a blade.

Not only that but the trembling of her muscles set the other two weights swaying and turning, adding to the thudding agony in her breasts as she rode the torturing wire.

Inspector Lubala studied the trembling outstretched girl with real pleasure. With MТbebe Mutabe on full, agonising tiptoe he could relish the rigid tension in her superb figure as she fought the slicing agony of the fine silver wire she now stood astride. Unlike the infamous Сwooden horseТ or similar torture devices, with the wire there was nothing to grip, nothing for the victim to clench her muscles against for even a moment of relief.

DoesnТt stop them trying, the Inspector thought, noting the bar taut ridges of the girlТs stomach muscles and the quivering tension in her tightly clenched buttocksЕ give her a few minutes. Then take the weights off her tits and see how she dances when we tickle her with the magnetoЕ TheyТll be nicely swollen and tender by thenЕ

He rested one finger on the dangling weight, pressing down so the girl stared at him, her pleading eyes bulging with the strain in her legs and the agony of the wire cutting slowly up her cuntЕТ

СAh, ah noooooo, please, please take it off, pleeeease! IТve done nothing, nothing at all, pleaseЕ!Т

СЕAll this fuss after just a few minutesТ

СOh God, pleaseЕ just take it off, please take it offЕТ

СI need to know something firstЕТ Again the finger tapped the weight, bringing a series of frantic grunts from the girl. She threshed her head and shoulders from side to side in a sudden paroxysm, drops of sweat flicking across the dusty concrete, the copper-clad tips of her breasts jittering and joggling delightfully as the heavy cones and their cruel, dangling weights again bounced and slapped wildly against her chest.

He waited. СListenЕ listen my dearЕ I want to know where Imezi Bewanyo is hiding, Е thatТs all. Now, is this tight enoughЕ or should the Corporal fetch another kilo?Т The smile was quite satanic as he gazed at the girlТs pain-wracked face. СOr should I just let it swing a little like the other twoЕТ He jogged the weight sideways so it bumped against the postЕ

Mandolin01.jpg (130717 bytes)


СNot the answer I wanted butЕ IТll be kind and let you try againЕ where is Imezi Bewanyo?Т

СI d-donТt know w-who you m-m-meanЕТ the girl sobbed in anguish, her straining leg muscles vibrating with the onset of cramp. The man smiled at her and took an ordinary pencil from his jacket pocket. He held it by the sharpened end between thumb and forefinger then gently tapped it against the taut wire angling up from her slit to the top of the post.

СNuh, nuh, nuh, n-no, nooooooo p-please d-d-donТtЕТ

СSome of my other guests have told me itТs like a little electric shockЕ something to do with the vibration I suppose.Т He might have been commenting on the weather but the pencil continued tapping its dreadful rhythm of agony, doubling the effect of the wire as MТbebe wriggled helplessly. He only stopped as he saw the first smear of red at the very top of the girlТs slitЕ In her agony MТbebe hadnТt realised she was moving against the wire, allowing it to cut like a cheese slicer into the tender crease at the top of her cunt. He flicked his fingers at the woman and she lifted the weight, allowing MТbebe to sink back fully onto her feet.

СJust a little pauseЕ now just think what itТs going to be like when Mafume lets that weight go againЕ or have you remembered what I want to know?Т

СI donТt know him, really I donТt. Why are you doing thiЕ? Yeeeeiiiiiiiiiiii!Т

MТbebeТs words became a single inhuman scream as the woman let the weight drop again. The girl surged up on her toes once more, every muscle rigid with strain as the wire tortured her cunt, slicing back into the stinging raw flesh at the top of her slit. Just as before the cruel nipple weights added to her agony as they pulled and twisted diabolically the peaks of her tortured breasts.

СIТm doing it because you liedЕ last monthТs demonstration remember? The pictures of you and Imezi Bewanyo are very clear, very clear indeedЕ So, where is he?Т The pencil moved again, bouncing on the taut, shiny wire.

TapЕ tap-tapЕ tap-tapЕ tap-tap…

СNuh, Nooooooo! D-d-d-donТt know, uh, uh, uh, nuh! Please Sir, d-donТt d-d-d-do t-t-t-t-t-thatЕ I DONТT KNOW!Т

Mafume quickly lifted the weight as the nineteen-year-old slumped against her bonds. The Inspector threw the pencil on the floor in disgust.

СCorporal, get your shock box over here, weТll tickle her for a bit see if that will make her more talkativeЕТ He paused, watching the frantic heaving of the girlТs chest. СI suppose she could be telling the truthЕ But, get those weights off her tits first. Warm her up a bit, Mafume help her feel the joys of returning circulation for a momentЕТ

MТbebe jerked back to consciousness, automatically arching her back and rising on tiptoe to ride the wire as the woman began to unwind the copper wires from her nipples. She only realised that this was a new element in her torture as the tender stubs began to burn and throb with pain. The Inspector watched calmly as the girlТs unfettered breasts jiggled and bounced delightfully. The long black nipples were already thick and shiny, swollen and ultra-sensitive from the constriction of the copper wires.

Mafume let MТbebe feel the full effects for a few moments then gently cupped the girlТs right breast, holding it up and then leaning forwards to suck the long, black nipple before rolling it to and fro between her fingers. Deliberately working the already swollen, tender flesh, she brought fresh whimpers of anguish from the girl tried as the tender tip was teased and tortured unbearably.

СS-s-s-s-sore. ThatТs s-s-sore, no. Please no oh, ooooh d-donТt ih, ihЕ Iiiiiiiiih!Т

The pleas became a single piercing scream as the girl saw the alligator clip with its trailing red wire in the womanТs other hand Desperately trying not to move on the dreadful cutting wire, she stared down at her body with bulging eyes as the heavy copper jaws were positioned over the taut skin of the swollen purplish stub. Then Mafume relaxed her grip and the sharp triangular teeth bit down into her flesh, clamping the length of her nipple in an excruciating vice of pain. MТbebe MutabeТs head threshed from side to side, the clip bouncing and jiggling on the peak of her breast like some obscene decoration whilst the thin electrical wire moved and swayed at the girlТs frantic struggles.

СOne more to go, letТs have this one nice and stiff too, shall we?Т Mafume lifted MТbebeТs right breast, cupping the soft weight as she used her lips and tongue to bring the long finger-like stub to full arousal as well. СThatТs betterЕ now for the rest of your jewelleryЕТ

Mandolin02.jpg (129242 bytes)


Another scream was ripped from the girlТs throat as the second clip bit into flesh already agonisingly tender from the treatment with the weights and copper wire. The three inquisitors watched impassively as the strutted girl slowly calmed down, gathered her strength and adjusted to the new thudding agony in her breasts.

СNow I have your attention againЕ I still need an answer. Where can I find Imezi Bewanyo?Т Inspector Lubala studied the glistening figure astride that diabolical silver thread, legs and arms held out spread by the cruel cords. СOh dearЕ perhaps you thought that the worst was overЕ I regret to say that itТs going to get worse, much worseЕ for you that isЕТ He waited as the girl continued to mumble and pant in her agony. СSo silly, so foolish, very well, let us try stimulating your nipples with a little shock treatmentЕТ

MТbebe hadnТt really noticed the corporal kneeling to one side by the canvas covered box. СWatch the handle Miss Mutabe, watch it carefullyЕТ

She stared as the kneeling soldier turned the handle slowly and carefully. The quivering nineteen-year-old suddenly snorted, head jerking back at the burning tingling sensation prickling through the sore, tender peaks of her breasts. The soldier grinned; heТd been waiting patiently for those familiar initial signs of the agony to comeЕ the sharp intake of breath and the first bucking spasm. Immediately MТbebeТs head went back he spun the handle rapidly for half a dozen turns.

The gleaming ebony figure arched forwards in spasm, breasts bouncing and slapping together, muscles locked like iron as the appalling shock fizzed through her nipples. For two heartbeats she was posed in a quivering rictus of pain with her mouth gaping in a stretched СOТ of agonyЕ then a high, animal-like squeal of outrage echoed round the hut.


СOh very good, very good indeedЕ but I suggest you try not to move too muchЕ that wire can injure you so easilyЕТ

СArrrrrrgggghhhh! No, noooooo, I c-c-canТt, p-p-p-please t-the w-w-wire itТs cutting me in half, p-pleaseЕТ

The Inspector delicately parted the girlТs labia, making her scream again as he fingered her slit. СYes, I think youТre right but I still need answers so we must go onЕТ The Inspector pointed one finger at the corporal squatting by the canvas covered box and twirled it in an unmistakable signal.

The whirr of the magneto sounded again and once more the nineteen-year-old coloured girl arched back, squealing in despair and agony as her tits burned and the wire carved millimetre by millimetre into the tenderest meat of her cunt.

Six more times the whine of the magneto filled the air, and six more times MТbebe Mutabe played on the mandolin of torture as she bucked and surged against the fizzing kiss of the current scorching her nipples. The last time the corporal wound the handle even harder, forcing the girlТs inhuman squeals even higher until she fainted, hanging unconscious from the cords as a thin smear of blood again showed at the top of her slit where the wire was buried in her flesh.

СUnhook her and give her a shot. Take a break and change the connections, then weТll see if she prefers the current to the wireЕТ

Ten minutes later, MТbebe Mutabe was conscious and shivering with the effect of fear and the stimulant injection sheТd been given. Her ebony black skin gleamed and glistened with sweat; muscles twitching and writhing as she tried to ease the cramps in her widely-straddled legs and the constant burning agony in her outstretched shoulders.

The toothed copper electrodes had been unclipped from the shiny, swollen peaks of her breasts and the dreadful, slicing wire removed from between her legs leaving MТbebe Mutabe to suffer the thudding torment of returning circulation in her nipples and a pulsing agony in her cunt. Despite her pain and exhaustion, the girl knew they were deliberately allowing her this respite, making sure that the torture points of her body were even more sensitive and tender for the next sessionЕ

СAh, aaaaaah, p-p-pleaseЕn-nooo!Т

The girlТs gasping plea was forced from her as the Inspector gently caressed the hot, taut peak of her left breast. СOh yes my dear, nice and tender. But I think weТll let them swell a little moreЕ just think what itТs going to be like when we clip you up againЕТ His fingers suddenly pinched the bruised and scorched nipple and the girl bucked wildly


СI still need an answer, my dearЕ where can I find Imezi Bewanyo?Т

СT-t-told you, d-d-donТt know where he is nowЕ P-p-p-please you must believe me, oh please, pleeeassse!Т

СThe trouble is I donТt, my dear girlЕ I think you know exactly where he isЕТ His voice became suddenly quieter and sharper as he half turned away from the shivering girl. СMafume, weТre going to need a bulb and the persuader. Miss Mutabe has decided to be stubborn.Т He caressed the slick muscular ridges of the outstretched girlТs belly, his fingers deliberately stroking across the prominent swell of her mound. MТbebe shuddered, trying to twist away as far as the cords would allow. СSo, now we must stimulate your memory elsewhereЕТ The fingers tickled the wet under curve of her breasts, Сand please donТt imagine that I have finished with theseЕ youТve no idea how much more painful it will be when we put the clips back on those teats a little later onЕТ

СNowЕТ he murmured, holding up two objects. The first looked to MТbebe just like a giant childТs dummyЕ but a dummy made of polished shiny metal. The bulbous end was the size of a plum, narrowing down to a neck set in a black plastic collar. She caught her breath in horror as she saw the electric flex snaking from the base of the handgrip attached to the collar. The inspector smiled as he heard the girlТs reaction…

СYes, my dearЕ this one goes up inside. Now this oneЕ.Т He held up another electrode. This time the handle was longer, designed to allow someone to hold it comfortably, but it was the sight of the slim, curved probe that brought more babbling pleas from the tethered girl. Only the thickness of a pencil it was about nine inches long and curved in a gentle arc ending in a smoothly rounded tip.

The Inspector brought the horrible device, the one heТd called his СpersuaderТ, up between MТbebeТs spread thighs and carefully stroked it along the junction of her labia.

СHuhЕ ffffh! NuhЕ nuhЕ f-fuckТ

Her interrogators exchanged smiles, watching the involuntary thrusting movements of the girlТs hips as the Inspector slipped the curved finger-like electrode between her labia, teasing the delicate membranes of her cunt and moistening the polished metal probe ready for the torture to begin. After playing with the girl for a few more moments the Inspector removed the glistening metal shaft and handed both electrodes to Mafume.

СTry bulb up her bottom to start withЕ thatТll give you more room to use the persuader up inside before you tickle her clitЕТ The woman grinned in excitement and put the persuader down so she could fondle the trim muscular curves of MТbebeТs bottom.

СDonТt you fucking dareЕ!Т the girlТs fingers clenched, nails digging into her palms as she felt the woman probing into the hot, wet cleft of her buttocks. She squirmed even more as MafumeТs fingertip found the sensitive little rosette of her anus. СUmph, you bitch! Ah aaaaaah nuhЕ d-d-donТt p-push, not up t-thereЕТ The woman giggled softly at the girlТs words as her finger slipped into the hot, moist opening, twirling and twisting slowly and gently in a tormenting stimulation.

Mafume pushed the bulbous electrode against the girlТs lips.

Mandolin04.jpg (120610 bytes)

СBetter get this nice and wet for meЕТ her finger twisted deliberately inside the girlТs rectum so that MТbebeТs mouth opened in a gasp of shock at the sensation. The polished silvery plum popped into the girlТs mouth gagging her so that the gasp became a muffled gobbling noise as her tongue slurped over the surface in an attempt to dislodge the metal bulb.

СOh yes, thatТs rightЕ really wet and slipperyЕТ the woman crooned, turning the electrode to and fro in time with her slow tickling masturbation deep inside the girlТs anal passage. СNow letТs see how this feelsЕТ she eased the bulb from MТbebeТs mouth as she pulled her finger from the girlТs rectum. MТbebeТs eyes suddenly widened, her mouth opening in soundless protest as she felt the slippery wet top of the bulbous electrode against the ring of her anus. Mafume giggled again as she slowly and expertly twisted and pressed the smoothly curved head deeper and deeperЕТ

Mandolin03.jpg (115918 bytes)

СHuuuuh! Nuh, nuhЕ Iiiiiyyyyyh!Т

MТbebe squealed in sudden shock as the plum sized head of the electrode popped through her anal ring. Her own muscular spasms drew the shiny metal bulb deeper into her body as her anus clenched tightly round the narrow neck, clamping the plastic ring tightly into the soft crease of her body.

СMiss MutabeЕТ the inspectorТs voice was quiet and pitiless. СWhat is about to be done to you is worse than anything that you have felt so far. Just remember as you scream and plead for us to stopЕ we can go on for days. Just a break to allow you to regain your strength and then Mafume and the corporal will begin again. Just imagine riding the mandolin again with twice the weightЕ or how those dreadfully sore nipples will feel when Mafume wraps the wire around them for the second time.Т He let a cruel smile play across his face, СЕand all for the want of a few words, a simple addressЕ.Т

The silence lengthened as the inspector studied the girlТs outstretched figure, heavy pointed breasts rising and falling rapidly with her shallow panting breaths, the obscene tail of electrical flex dangling from between her tightly clenched buttocks and snaking across the floor to the canvas covered box with the brass terminals and the little handle protruding from one side.

СMafumeЕ this little bitch is playing games with us I fearЕ take her to the maximumЕ inside first then you can work on her clitЕТ

СOh yes, SirЕ with pleasure.Т Her fingers parted the lips of MТbebeТs cunt as she carefully inserted the curved shaft into the opening of the girlТs vagina. СMedium speed, Corporal, keep it nice and steady for me. Now girlie, are you watching the handleЕ?Т

As the magneto began to whirr so Mafume gently moved the curved metal finger of the inspectorТs СpersuaderТ deep inside the girlТs body, stroking the curved tip against the walls of her vagina and then deeper and deeper until the awful, fizzing agony of the electric current was surging through the mouth of her cervix, The girl convulsed wildly, every muscle rigid as the agony tore through her body. At first he mouth was wide in a silent scream and then a bubbling, animal cry echoed round the torture room.


The tow of them kept her at that peak of pain for nearly a minute before the corporal stopped and the girl slumped against the cords her chest heaving as she drew vast shuddering breaths, trying to control her trembling limbs.


This time the effect was even more dramatic as Mafume stroked the electrode over the nerve cluster on the front wall of MТbebeТs vagina


СAnd again, I think MafumeЕТ

The soft whirr of the magneto, more urgent now, filled the silence and the girl arched back once more as the current smashed up into her body, the blazing fire of the shocks fizzing between the devilishly searching probe and the other electrode buried in the delicate, sensitive tissues of her rectum. This time took her beyond the limit and MТbebe Mutabe gabbled the information that the inspector wanted. Unable to make out the words among the3 screams he snapped his finger at the corporal and Mafume quickly slid the persuader from the girlТs body.

СS-stationЕ aaarrrrgggghhhh! SЧs-s-s-staying n-near the station, Temaki StreetЕ t-t-the shop w-with the b-b-b-blue w-w-windowsЕТ

СThe number, whatТs the number, or the name of the shop? Or do want Mafume to go onЕ?Т

СNo, oh no, no, no! Amuwezi, A-A-Amuwezi S-StoresЕ H-he u-uses the b-back roomЕ please, please, no more, p-pleaseЕТ

The Inspector walked across to a desk by the wall and dialled two numbers. СI need a car and an armed squad immediatelyЕ Temaki StreetЕ no, by the stationЕ youТve got five minutesЕ IТll meet you by the gateЕТ

The inspector walked softly back to where the sweat-soaked figure of the nineteen year old hung tethered between the torture posts. СMafume, whilst IТm out see what else Miss Mutabe has to tell us. Try stroking her clit this time would youЕТ

The girlТs squeal of outrage and despair echoed round the room as she felt Mafume delicately burrowed the rounded metal end beneath the fleshy hood until the very tip of the electrode touched the nub of her clitoris.

СYOU FUCKING BASTARD! You canТt, you canТt do thisЕ You promisedЕ IТve told you what you wanted, you canТt, you promised, yoЕТ

Whatever else MТbebe Mutabe was trying to say was lost in the piercing scream of agony as the corporal spun the magneto and the electric current scorched and fizzled through the most sensitive point of the girlТs body.


The Inspector watched calmly as the girl arched back, screaming piteously in the grip of the current, He smiled as he heard the tinkle of liquid as the pain finally made her lose control of he bladder. СI said I wanted the addressЕ I never said we would stop when I got itЕ after all, you may have other friends I need to talk to.Т

He turned to his two torturers. СSee what else you can get then put her back in the cells. WeТll talk to her again tomorrowЕТ

As he left the hut, Inspector Lubala heard the softly rising hum of the magneto starting once againЕ

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