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Holly whimpered; she finally knew what home invasion felt like, and she suspected mournfully that she would feel a lot more than that soon. She had just returned from a date after work to find it ransacked. And she was not alone.

The intruder pressed his rigid erection against her ass. “Ready to feel this, baby? It’s like you were ready for me with those pigtails. You wanna play schoolgirl?” he mocked, and Holly cried and did her best to pretend that she was somewhere else.

But as the burglar loosened his pants and pushed his cock past her panties and into her, roughly, his mocking and harassing continued, and Holly found it impossible but to hear every word.


Hanna had staked her life on becoming a superstar model. After leaving her rich family, she had moved into one of the most upscale neighborhoods in Hollywood, blowing her trust fund and even going further into debt to lease a top-rate condo and a to buy killer wardrobe.

Unfortunately, in her naivety, she had not invested in the things that really mattered. Like a top-notch security system to go with the top-rate condo.

Now, she lay bound to her own designer furniture, wondering if she would live to see the next morning while a criminal pervert stripped her and threatened to kill her if she screamed. He was a lucky pervert indeed, to have happened upon such a stupid, beautiful cunt.


After burglarizing and kidnapping her, he had taken her back to his place, which was shabby, considering the money and property he must steal in his life of crime. His torment of her had lasted for hours before he ever even put his cock in her.

Now he grunted loudly in her ear while he fucked her, tightening his hand around her throat. He choked her as he fucked her, and brought himself close to orgasm, but then stopped, and stopped the choking as well.

He did this more times than she could count, bringing himself near to climax, all the while choking her, and then letting go of both her throat and her cunt.

Every time he began fucking her again, he tightened his grip, harder and harder, until she began to see black and she felt as though she would faint.

She lost track of time but remained dimly aware that sooner or later, he would not be able to stop himself.

Every muscle in Cassandra’s body ached as she strained against the ropes. Because they were tied to the chandelier in the landing of her home, she wobbled about and felt as though she would fall, so she strained to keep herself upright.

All while her assailant watched and giggled and jacked off.

After a while she heard the mail slot snap as the mail man delivered her post. She squeaked a muffled scream into the gag, praying that the deliveryman might hear her, but the burglar withdrew a folding baton from his pocket and whipped her across the back of the legs with it. She cried in pain and lost her balance, suspended in the air as the burglar continued to beat her and fuck her. Cassandra resigned herself to the abuse as the mailman strolled away, whistling a merry tune.


Leeann was a gentle country wife. She felt completely fulfilled in her love life with her loving, although perhaps slightly boring, husband Bill. That was why she became confused and a bit scared—and perhaps even a bit excited—when the burglar begin to roughly skewer both of her holes with his fingers, and her pussy became so incredibly wet that it lubed her asshole for him.

She choked on her own bra, which he’d used to gag her with. She felt humiliated and ashamed when she realized that her muffled screams of displeasure had slowly become moans and gasps through the gag.

She struggled for the sake of struggling and jerked her legs against the bedposts to which they were tied, but after the assailant simply untied her and left without taking anything, she wondered if she should tell Bill at all.


It was a twisted game the burglar made Kim play. After ambushing her in her own home and binding her, he hadn’t needed to search for long before he found her sex toy stash. “Jackpot,” the pervert must have thought to himself.

Kim and her husband’s stash contained not only a plethora of sex toys and bondage gear, it also contained large stack of photos of the happy couple engaged in all manner of kinky sex and domination play. The freak had cackled loudly in delight as he examined and masturbated to them. That was when Kim learned that the size of his fat cock put her husband’s to shame.

The burglar forced her to reenact the photographs, except that instead of the innocent, controlled pain of a couple at play, he laid into her with brute force, even tossing her around the room at times. Kim knew that she had learned the true meaning of submission when she began to beg for his cock, loudly and hungrily.

When Shelly came to, she was being hauled across her living room, her face bumping into the back of a stranger who smelled like gasoline.

She tried to move, but some kind of drug kept her limp, and her terror kept her passive. She was forced to try to relax and listen, uncertain of her fate, as the bastard mumbled to himself. That was when she learned that he was one of three burglars and that he had been elected by the others to carry her up the stairs to the bedroom. Fear choked her and she began to squeal and cry, but the burglar just chuckled and slid his hand further up into her skirt. Although he could not tell, he touched bare pussy there.

Shelly had been expecting her boyfriend, and she cried loudly as she wondered what would become of him when he arrived. When her boyfriend finally did arrive, they all jeered and laughed at her, and he explained sweetly, “I don’t actually work at the shipyard, honey.”


The burglar took Lisa hard and rough on her own couch, which she was now tied to, choking her and clawing at her throat when she failed to look right into his eyes.

His balls slapped against her roughly, and the fap fap fap sound of his hips on her ass made her hope that her neighbors might hear and come running.

But then she realized that she was a slut. A few of Lisa’s one-night stands had in the past reveled in the fact that her neighbors could her them fucking loudly through the wall of her duplex. All they might do now is turn up the television to drown the sounds out.

Lisa began to squeal once, hoping to draw their attention, but the burglar just took up his big flashlight and threatened to bash her over the head with it. She heard the sounds of a laughing talk show crowd grow louder next door, and she began to cry.


“We’re gonna have some fun with these before I stash ‘em away,” the robber said, his crooked teeth grinning through the slit of his ski mask. “I’ll use these earrings to pierce those nice tits of yours. And you wish I would use ice. But no, I’m gonna heat ‘em up with my lighter first. Ssssss.” He hissed menacingly through his nasty maw.

The robber clenched at the jewels in his hand, and his his deep-seeded, psychotic anger was readily apparent. Lorna knew that the pleading look and her torrent of tears would be useless. But she tried; she tried hopelessly to mumble, “Please,” to him, shaking her head as if to look pitiful.

He laughed in her face and grabbed at the taught crotch of his pants. “Do that some more, baby. Makes me fuckin’ hard.” He began to grin broadly with those nasty teeth as he pulled her necklace of large pearls from his hand slowly as if to show them off to her. “These are for your ass, honey. We’re gonna put all these in your tight, try little hole and then rip them out, fast. If you bleed, it’s just more lube for my cock, you fucking cunt.”

When she finally told herself to relax, Elaine noticed the freezing kitchen floor on her back. Goose bumps broke out on every inch of her skin, and as she shuddered, her pelvis bucked high, further exposing her to the intruder. He chuckled, totally at ease and having the time of his life. He was some kind of professional, obviously.

He had not been alone. Two more assailants and he had jumped her and threatened the Stevenson home’s master security code from Elaine before restraining her.

Now the innocent housewife heard the rummaging of her family’s possessions being loaded up to be hauled off. It had become apparent to her that the burglars wanted more than possessions when they had cut the clothes right off her body with her own kitchen shears. She had flinched as the cold blade had raked across her skin at the most sensitive areas. Her tears felt so hot in comparison, and so did their cocks, when they began to fuck her and mentioned gleefully that her daughter would be home from college soon.


Before she even knew what was happening, Sandy was on the floor with the head of the burglar’s cock roughly striking into the back of her throat. She had been settling in to a movie as part of a quiet evening at home in her pajamas when he had struck.

Popcorn and cola had gone flying as he had slammed into her from the shadows, and she hit the floor hard and felt tears coming to her eyes before he was even on top of her. She had been wearing only her panties and a shirt, which made it so easy for him to thrust dirty fingers into her pussy as he choked her with his manhood.

She gagged violently and squirmed beneath him, but his weight was too much. Her gag reflex was so strong that soon her muscles were all weak and sore, and she forced herself to relax. The hour of brutal throat fucking would be much easier without the gagging, after all.


What Jess had at first believed to be a simple burglary became a bizarre night of pain and terror. The robber had thrown her against every wall in the house and had slapped her until her lips bled. He then bound her, naked, to a chair. He drank greedily from a cheap bottle of whiskey and his speech became slurry within minutes.

That was when the robber’s brutality took a strange turn. He would caress Jess’s face for a few moments, speaking near gibberish, until his own words seemed to work him into an extreme fury. He would take this fury out on Jess, hitting her more. When she began to cry out, he began to mock and taunt her. And then he gagged her, not only with a large piece of duct tape, but with her own butt plug shoved into the back of her mouth. She gagged uncontrollably, afraid to choke to death, as the burglar took her pussy for hours.

When Kyle saw Nancy leaving the gym, he knew that she was his mark. Beautiful, with huge tits and a hard body, she would put up an amazing resistance, but she would not be a problem for Kyle, who also frequented a gym.

His cock was already stiffening when he approached her outside of her town house. Nancy stood paralyzed with fear as he unzipped. The tears that ran down her perfect cheek made him even harder than the heavy bounce of her boob as he ripped her blouse down. All that and he’d get to keep all of her nicest things. Not a bad haul.


From the humiliating position in which she struggled, Jess got her first view of the burglar’s mammoth cock. It was huge and black and perfectly formed, and after he sat across her chest and threatened to strangle her if she made a noise, she learned that his balls did not taste bad either as he used them to gag her.

Perverted thoughts raced through Jess. She had never had a black man before, but she found his sheer girth and impressive manhood intoxicating despite her dilemma. She had never been tied up sexually before, but she somehow welcomed it; she was now just a simple toy for this new master, suddenly far removed from all the daily troubles of her world.

She stared up at the huge cock towering above her as she sucked balls and licked asshole for what seemed like an hour, wondering the whole while if he would fuck her and how it would feel inside of her.

When the huge black man was satisfied and ready for her pussy, it was sopping wet and ready.


Tressa had been nabbed as she came home. After being bound and gagged and told that she was about to lose all her nice jewelry and all the cash in the house, she was impaled on the intruder’s manhood in her own bedroom.

It was ironic that she was able to ride cock so much better this way. The bed was the same that she had always fucked her somewhat lame, older (but rich) boyfriend in, but with a gun pressed to her back and a huge dick to work with, it was no wonder she felt more motivated and had an easier ride.


The stranger rubbed Heather’s her g-spot with leathered fingers, long and slow.

It was the manner in which the burglar took his time with her that disturbed her most. Although she felt miserable and knew that minutes must seem like hours in this situation, she assumed that they had been at it for hours.

Bound and helpless, she closed her eyes against the constant scrutiny of her captor, who seemed determined to make her enjoy this. Wild imaginings about how this man must know that she did not expect anyone to come to her home in days helped to distract her. Had he been watching?

She cried and resisted the eventual orgasm that she felt coming on. Perhaps he would be done, if she faked one? She could not make herself. Intense physical pleasure she’d not felt before welled up within her, to the point of bursting.

When she did cum, her pussy squirted violently at her assailant as she thrashed and sobbed. She didn’t want any of it. And she started trembling all over when after hearing the bastard’s words….

Kasey was only twenty, with perfect, plump lips and milky skin. It was no wonder that as the ravenous burglar pushed himself inside of her he licked and groped at all of her prettiest and roundest parts. She lay limp and tried to shut out the experience, but the hotness of his breath and his cruel words kept her focused on her nightmare.

Her parents were on vacation for a month, and before Kasey could wonder if her assailant knew that, he laid out his cruel plan to her.


At least he didn’t fuck her. Wendy found the strange, smelly man in her home when she knocked off of work early, and had the worst night of her life.

After a long and brutal throat-fucking that made her cry and nearly vomit, Wendy was subjected to a huge shower of cum in the face. She had never seen a man cum so much in her life. As she struggled against the burglar’s firm grip, his thick loads shot up into her nose, onto her forehead, in her already hot and crying eyes. She squirmed and kept her mouth firmly shut, but the robber rubbed his cock on every of her face until she was sticky.

She realized that she might have had a better time if she had just swallowed him. …

Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!