Torture In Mantok [CORTEZ]

Tort. In Mantok

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Torture in Mantok
by Cortez. All rights reserved.

The Sultans men broke up the attempted coup with swift, merciless efficiency. The leaders, rounded up in a series of midnight raids, now screamed and writhed on the long row of stakes lining the entrance to the palace itself. The Sultan of Mantok, elegantly dressed in a robe of white silk, had watched approvingly from a specially erected dais as his guards lifted each would-be assassin into position in turn so the carefully blunted point of a polished bamboo shaft was just nuzzling against the victims anus. At the executioners signal the guards would gently let the prisoners weight rest on the stake, just keeping a light touch on the carefully bound arms as gravity did its work.

The absolute ruler of the little island state had stayed for the whole terrible ceremony of revenge, laughing and joking with his entourage, as each mans screams and babbling cries joined the sounds of his companions as his own weight very slowly worked the chest-high stake deeper and deeper into his body.

Suspicion was everywhere. A network of informers and spies ensured the least hint of involvement with the plotters meant swift arrest and a short journey into the expert and merciless hands of Lord Telak. Almost unknown by sight, his name was whispered with fear and loathing both by courtiers and commoners alike. Lord Telak ran his Masters intelligence system with cruel and awful efficiency. The wrong words, or the wrong friends, could guarantee anyone a one-way passage to the prison cells below the palace and a slow cruel questioning under the most exquisite agonies of torture.

Madeline Defour, a willful and promiscuous seventeen-year-old, had arrived in the Indies less than a year before as the orphan ward of an elderly French merchant. Despite his entreaties, and the urgent warnings of friends and older members of the small trading community, Madeline quickly became deeply involved in the intrigues of the Sultans court. Any last restraint or sense of caution was removed when her guardian died of a heart attack leaving her the sole heir to his sumptuous villa and a considerable sum in gold.

She was beautiful and knew it. Tall and full-bodied with creamy white freckled skin and long copper coloured hair, she made a striking contrast to the slighter figures and soft dark complexions of the court ladies.

General Lom, handsome, forceful and the Sultans favourite war leader had seduced her within days of her arrival among the guests welcomed at the palace. In the months following her guardians death, enthusiastically aided by his consort Lady Kerima, he led the wild-natured teenager deeper and deeper into the sexual excesses of the Sultans inner court circle.

Madeline loved to be taken kneeling, naked and on all fours, with the general thrusting into her from behind. Working the thick, oily length of his penis deep into her body, he would fuck her in a slow deliberate rhythm that took her to the shivering peak of pleasure for long minutes. Only once the general had brought her near to her first orgasm of each session would lady Kerima join in, adding to the sexual torment by whispering obscenities into the young French girls ear whilst her long nails scraped and tweaked the teenagers dangling pink-tipped breasts.

At her husbands signal, Lady Kerima would change her attack her hands bringing the young French girl to climax after squealing climax by flicking one fingernail rapidly across the girls clitoris while the fingers of her other hand slid in and out of her young victims anus forcing her to come and come again in a wild, squealing frenzy until her bucking spasms broke the generals iron control and he to spurted deep within her shuddering body.

And it was not just the long, exhausting nights

On those hot, languid afternoons when the General was away, Lady Kerima, joined by her eighteen-year-old maidservant, Meera, would use Madeline as their private pleasure slave. Relaxing naked on the sleeping platform, her creamy skin and full breasts with their soft, pink tips in striking contrast to the slim, brown bodies and small pointed breasts of the two native women, the French girl would stretch languorously in sexual surrender under their expert fondling. Building their own pleasure they would slowly and carefully masturbate the young French girl until she screamed with the pleasure of repeated orgasms, her cries stoking their own excitement until finally desire overcame them

Then, and only then, Lady Kerima would straddle Madelines thighs, working the prominent penis-like stub of her large, erect clitoris slowly against the wet, slippery folds of the teenagers body delighting in the sensations of each slow movement. Adding to her pleasure was the sight of her maid just in front of her, writhing and squealing with as she rode Madelines face.

Lady Kerima was an expert in slow sexual torment, pacing her own climax until Madelines flickering tongue had forced her maid to reach her second or third orgasm in a row. The final trigger for her was always the wonderfully muffled sounds of the helpless young French girls own screams of ecstasy and the bucking frenzy of yet another enforced climax clamped between the thighs of her two tormentors.

Intoxicated by that world of dark pleasures, Madeline Defour was totally unprepared when the soldiers broke into her room just after midnight. Wearing only a thin silk nightgown she was gagged, her wrists bound behind her with ruthless efficiency, and then hurried away into the depths of the palace. The silent guards half pulled, half carried the wildly struggling girl down a series of long stone corridors and then threw her into a small cell. The crash of the closing door left her sprawled on the straw covered floor, alone and panic-stricken in total darkness.

Hours later, well after dawn, Madeline jerked from a restless sleep as the door slammed open. Rough hands forced her upright and pulled her across a courtyard and into a large, plain chamber. Her bound wrists were secured to a dangling rope. She cried out in pain and surprise as the rope was hauled taut, lifting her arms away from her body and forcing her to bend forwards in a desperate attempt to keep her balance. The guards continued hauling until she was on tiptoe. Then she was left, quite helpless, her arms stretched to their limit up behind her and every muscle burning and cramping with pain within moments of the guards departing.

It was only as she started to recover her wits that she realised where she was. All the myths of dark cellars and dungeons had left her quite unprepared for the clean, airy brightness of the Sultans torture chamber. Biting her lip and lifting her head against the pain of her restraints, she looked round fearfully.

High openings around the room allowed sunlight to flood in. The walls were quite plain, white painted and broken at intervals by metal hooks and rings set into the stonework. On one side, two wooden pillars set about four feet apart ran from the floor to one of the beams crossing the domed ceiling. Nearby, a single thicker column, also of wood but capped with iron, stood alone. Madeline thought she could see leather straps hanging from rings attached to the top.

In the middle of the cool tiled floor there was a low platform. Two posts, about waist high and set an arms span apart rose from it. They were joined across the top by a single round bar. From a series of holes in each pillar it looked to Madeline as if the bar could be set at different heights.

To one side of the platform was what looked, to the young French girl, like a low, table, very solidly made with black metal fittings at each corner and protruding poles attached across each end. Further away against the wall was what seemed to be another table, a round one this time Madeline shivered, trying to imagine the grim purpose of a table with a top of black leather that domed upwards so prominently.

She did recognise the charcoal brazier in one corner, and shivered uncontrollable as she saw the shimmering air above the grill that told her the charcoal was alight. There was a jumble of small, bright objects on a small table at the side of the brazier. Madeline looked away not wanting to face the truth of what those polished, shiny objects might be used for for.

On the other side of the platform was another object made of dark, polished wood. It was the size and shape of a wide, low stool but Madeline couldnt imagine why it had been turned upside down. The heavy-looking top was flat on the floor with the thick legs sticking up from each corner. On each side the legs were joined at the top by strong rounded bars of dark wood.

There was no mistake about the purpose of the only other object in the chamber. Madeline Defours panic increased as she studied the ominously simple torture device. From the side it looked like a polished wooden rectangle, waist high but barely two hand spans wide. However, from her position, Madeline could see that it was actually a very slim pyramid and, although nearly two feet across at the base, the sides tapered in to meet in a narrow blade less than a fingertip wide. She could also see that narrow top edge was notched into a series of small, triangular teeth along its length. She had heard whispered talk of prisoners Сriding the mare her heart thudded as she finally understood the ominous meaning of the phrase.

Beset by images of agony and in her growing terror and confusion, she failed to notice the rings set into the base and sides of each device. Neither did she pay any heed to the small, plain cabinet or the tall urn standing at the side of the heavy, iron barred door.

It was almost an hour before the door swung open and the guards returned accompanied by two other people. The man was slim and naked to the waist with a gold chain of rank round his neck. There was no spare flesh on his lithe brown frame and Madeline could see the hard, defined ridges of muscle across his chest and belly. His sarong, held with a jewelled belt, was of soft, white cotton, ornamented with a single line of gold embroidery along the hem. Deep-set black eyes studied the young French girl unblinkingly as she teetered and twisted against the agonising pull of the rope.

Madeline shivered as she remembered the whispered warnings of her friends about the folly of making an enemy of Lord Telak, the man who acted as the Sultans Chief Torturer a man feared across the island because of his inventive cruelty and enjoyment for the long, slow suffering of his victims.

When he spoke finally his voice was ominously soft and gentle. СMiss Defour, Im delighted to meet you. A quick half-smile, СGeneral Lom mentioned you a number of times quite loudly before he so annoyingly died. But I know you are going to help me discover who the other traitors are He stroked Madelines tear-streaked cheek. СYou know, young women are so delightfully sensitive especially to some of our more exquisitely uncomfortable techniques

One hand casually cupped the full, dangling globe of Madelines right breast. СIt will be amusing to see how a foreigner responds especially one with such the fingers tweaked the peak of her nipple so that she jerked and twisted on the rope, Сdelightful possibilities. He paused, watching as the seventeen year old struggled and dribbled, muffled gobbling sounds coming from behind her gag.

СI would suggest you save your strength. Be assured, you will need it. But first the introductions, his hand indicated the young woman beside him. СThis is May Tan. Do not be fooled by her years. She has a talent for the work here and pretty young girls are a particular favourite of hers. Her skills have the benefit of a womans understanding shall we say

May Tan was scarcely older that Madeline herself. Dark-skinned, her face was round and smooth, without obvious emotion although her full lips were parted and Madeline could see the hard points of her nipples tenting the thin cotton of her tight bodice. But, as Madeline looked into her black, kohl-rimmed eyes, she saw the hot, eager excitement, the cruel anticipation of applying her skills to yet another young, helpless female. Like her master, she was wearing a simple sarong. Hers was without decoration the material a soft blue that matched the brief, tight bodice.

Madeline twisted away in vain as May Tan moved to her side, repeating her masters gesture of cupping the weight of one breast through the thin fabric of her nightgown. To her horror, Madeline could feel her nipple thickening and hardening as the girl caressed the peak of her breast with her finger and thumb. With May Tan so close, Madeline could smell the sharp tang of the young womans obvious sexual heat, her growing excitement and arousal as she fondled the young French girls body.

СUntie her

Madeline collapsed as the rope was cut from her wrists. Lord Telak watched unmoved as she writhed and moaned on the tiles, locked in the pains of returning circulation. СUp. Up now! May Tan ordered, pinching the soft flesh beneath her arm and pulling her to her feet with an iron grip. Madeline stood, swaying and rubbing her wrists as she recovered her senses. One of the guards cut the gag away and she worked her jaws to and fro trying to undo the sudden cramps and allowing her tongue to move unimpeded once again.

СYou cant keep me her, Ive done nothing. Ask Prince Kemal, ask Lord Mothani, ask Lady Kerima theyll tell you. His Highness will have your skin when he hears of my arrest!

Madeline raged as the words poured out in and angry torrent.

СIm delighted that you admit to consorting with traitors. Lord Telak smiled thinly, Сsince both men were arrested yesterday. Now they are each riding a bamboo lance and decorating the road outside the palace. I fear that that their minds are wholly concentrating on their own discomfort and imminent demise. Again, the cruel smile flickered across his olive features, СI would take you to see them but. His hand flicked dismissively.

He paused, Сand as for your other threat I fear it was his Highness himself who ordered your arrest and questioning when he heard of the Generals treachery.

His grim smile widened in anticipation, СBut speaking of the late General Loms family of course I am expecting Lady Kerima to join us very soon. She has foolishly tried to run away but I understand she was detained as she left Mantok together with her maid. Laughably both attempted to disguise themselves as peasants. But, since I believe you spent much time being pleasured by them you can tell me most of the things I wish to know whilst we wait for her ladyship to arrive He paused, enjoying the increasing panic on the young French teenagers face as each tiny hope was removed in turn. СIt was His Highnesss suggestion actually

Lord Telak waited for the girls terror to grow, as she understood her awful plight. When he spoke again his voice was thick with the excitement and anticipation of the agony soon to be inflicted on this deliciously shaped young foreigner. СNow for the things we wish to do to you, we need you to be quite naked so the gown or shall I ask the guards to?

Madeline gazed round wildly at the oiled, muscular figures of the guards, their cruel, faces alight with an eager desire to get their hands on such firm young white flesh. The though of their coarse hands stripping her naked was too much. СNo! No, no please Ill do what you want Trembling fingers undid the pearl buttons, one by one, and then she eased the fine silk off her shoulders until it fell away forming a puddle of fabric on the stone floor.

A hiss of excitement and approval came from the guards as they saw the French girls naked body for the first time. Madelines lightly tanned, creamy skin was scattered with freckles, the high jutting globes of her breasts tipped with wide, soft pink aureoles, the nipples still roused and jutting upwards in stiff peaks from May Tans careful attentions. There was another growl of appreciation as they saw that she had followed local custom by removing her body hair. The soft curve of her belly angled down to her naked mound whilst, in the shadows between her thighs, the full lips rolled in to show the slit of her cunt as a darker, pinkish line.

СNow for you I think we should begin with a ride on my Mare, you may have heard of it May Tan will guide you. Telak gestured to where the slim pyramid reared up from the tiled floor. Madeline stumbled in terror as she felt the young woman gripping her arm, urging her towards the ghastly wooden blade.

СI shant, no, no you cant make me no no you cant

The entreaties were useless; the hard-faced guards seized her in a vice-like grip holding her arms out and bracing her up almost onto tiptoe as they forced across the tiled floor to where the wooden Mare was waiting.

СFirst the harness May Tan held up a soft leather belt, wide and supple with a double buckle and dull brass rings set into each side. Making sure it rode evenly above Madelines hips, the woman cinched it tight, pulling hard so that it shaped the girls slim waist like a narrow corset. Next, May Tan used soft, red silk cords to tie the shivering girls wrists to the brass rings on either side.

СAh, aaah, it hurts, please, youre hurting meeeee!

Madeline cried aloud as her elbows were wrenched backwards; held rigid by one of her captors as the other guard slid a short, thick bamboo rod across the gap between her crooked arms and her spine. Held securely by the natural tension of her body, the rod forced her arms and shoulders back, making her thrust the high globes of her breasts out so the jutting pink tips were offered even more blatantly than before

СKneel down sit back on you heels. The guards gave her no chance to disobey Lord Telaks quiet command, forcing her to the floor simply by pressing down on each end of the rod. May Tan waited until she could see the girl was kneeling upright, heels digging into the soft undercurve of her bottom before she started to bind Madelines doubled right leg with another length of scarlet cord.

Squatting beside her victim she wound six full turns over the top of the girls thigh and round under the lower part of her shin just above the ankle before securing the ends with a deft knot. The guards held the rod still, keeping Madelines trembling body in position as May Tan moved round to bind Madelines left leg with the same gentle care. The cords were not painful, not even particularly tight but the seventeen year old was quite unable to straighten her legs at all.

СGently, lift her on gently let her enjoy the touch of her new saddle very slowly. Telaks voice was tight with anticipation as the guards gripped her knees and the bamboo rod, carrying her forwards and delicately positioning the naked French girl astride the slim torture pyramid. Madeline struggled and whimpered as she felt the smooth tapering sides against her knees, knowing exactly why her legs were bound in such a way.

She gasped as May Tans knowing fingers parted the lips of her cunt helping the guards to lower her precisely on the blunt-toothed blade. The gasps became a rapid, terrified panting as the guards let her sink downwards. Lord Telak moved closer, enjoying the sight of the young French girls labia being slowly split by the tapered wedge of the mares notched saddle. СNow he whispered, talking half to himself and half to the guards.

Madeline Defour saw the guards release their grip felt the sudden pressure as they allowed her full weight to settle onto the devilish blade. For long moments there was only a strained whimpering sound. Madeline Defours teeth clamped down on her lower lip so hard that a trickle of blood showed at the corner of her mouth as the French teenager locked her muscles, mewing in anguish and trying desperately to press her thighs together hard enough to grip the polished sides, to lift herself; to do anything anything at all to stop the growing agony of her body crushing her most delicate places against the awful wooden teeth of the mare.


The breath hissed in her throat as she grunted with the growing pain

СHuh, uh, uh, h-hurts s-so, m-much. Off, please t-take me, o-o-off p-please!

But no one touched her or paid any heed to the frantic, breathless pleas. Standing in a grinning semicircle round the Сmare Lord Telak and his three assistants enjoyed the sight of the pink-tipped, sun-bronzed figure of the young French girl braced so wonderfully astride the slim wooden pyramid, feet tucked against the soft swell of her bottom cheeks and her knees those few agonising inches clear of the floor.

Rigid and quivering with the sheer muscular effort of trying to clamp her thighs together, Madelines body gleamed with the sweat of her agony, the sunlight glinting off the taut curves of iron-hard muscles; muscles showing in clear, harsh definition as she fought to hold herself quite, quite still. Balanced on that single torturing edge, Madeline Defour stared wide-eyed looking up towards the domed roof of the chamber, head thrown back as she arched her body in a curve of anguish.

All that moved was her fingers, uselessly scrabbling against her flanks, her fingertips just able to touch the upper crease of each thigh. So close, so agonising close but quite unable to do anything to ease the torture.

СSuch a pretty picture so still, so careful… Now you understand why my Mare brings instant obedience from all who mount it. Lord Telaks voice was quiet and teasing

СOh please, pleasepleaseplease take me off, please, pleeeeessssssee!

СSuch foolishness perhaps an hours ride will teach you more humility, as he spoke another servant padded into the chamber and whispered quietly to Telak. He listened, dismissed the man before turning to wring a further wet, mewing cry from the teenager by scraping one nail slowly across the tip of her right nipple so she jerked on the wooden teeth. СAs I told you, His Highness has asked me to entertain Lady Kerima and her maid too but, since I have just been told it will be tomorrow now before they are returned to my care you can have my undivided attention for a few hours at least.

СM-monster, you c-creature, how can you do this to me?

СVery easily his Highness tells me to and I obey him implicitly besides, I enjoy my work. Now, before we continue, May Tan has something else for you He caressed the soft underside of Madelines out-thrust breast, bringing yet another agonised whimper from the weeping girl as she flinched and jerked just a fraction on the wooden teeth of the mare. Lord Telak whispered in her earСput your tongue out as far as you can. Madeline shook her head, mouth clamped into a taut line. СVery well, perhaps it would be better if the guards used the tongs.

He snapped his fingers, Madeline moaned as she saw the guard picking up one of the glittering metal instruments shed seen earlier. Tongs, Lord Telak had called them but close too they looked more like pliers, long handled pliers with jaws lined with sharp, interlocking teeth. Then there was a blaze of pain as her head was wrenched back, the other guard digging his thumbs into the nerve points in the hinges of her jaw and forcing her mouth wide. The toothed pliers clicked against her teeth as the guard pushed the instrument into her mouth.

СGlo, slopp, SLOPPPP! Glo, glo pllllaaarrrggh!

The pliers were withdrawn. СAh, sense I see, well then do as I said. Reluctantly, the trembling seventeen-year-old obeyed, thrusting her tongue out as far as possible then gagging as May Tan trapped it between a pair of rounded bamboo splints. Madeline squealed and dribbled helplessly as May Tan removed the little blocks holding the splints apart and they sprang shut to clamp the base of her tongue in a hard, pinching grip. A soft strap laced round her head pulled the splints back into the angles of her jaw so that the girl was reduced to making a series of wet gobbling noises, saliva dribbling from her mouth before slithering down in long viscous strands onto the upper slopes of her high, firm breasts.

Lord Telak held something in his hand. СNow my dear, this comes next a rattan cane is so much more flexible than bamboo I find for light work anyway. See Madelines frantic attempts to ease the pinching grip of the tongue clamp ceased as she stared at the slim, pale yellow rod he was flexing between his hands. May Tan and the two guards smiled as their master bent it in a full circle before letting one end go so it uncoiled with a vicious Сzwiiip.

Lord Telak said something rapidly in their own tongue at which the two guards bowed and smiled broadly. Both of them were naked apart from a white loincloth and their smooth olive skins glistened and gleamed with palm oil. One padded off to the oddly domed table she had noticed earlier. The other bowed again and took the slim rattan from Lord Telak. Madeline suddenly noticed just how powerful and muscular he was and how fit. She trembled on her torturing mount as the air was filled with the evil noise of the guard cutting the cruelly flexible rod through thin air.

СIg glont low wha you wan! Pleeg, I glont low eally og luh gennels seeklets pleeg beleeg me Pleeeg!

Lord Telak smiled coldly at the garbled pleading noises. СOh dearits so unfair isnt it but you see you might know something even a very little something. So, until we have been most rigorous with you we just dont know do we? The quiet voice was soft and cruelly mockingbesides it gives me so much pleasure to see and hear such a delightfully shaped young lady in such exquisite difficulty He paused, Сsuch a pity for you I mean.

He lifted the girls chin with one elegant finger. СSoong and May Tan will now encourage you to recall the names and details I require I trust that your memory returns quickly, otherwise he left the sentence unfinished.

May Tan giggled as she stepped close to cup her hands under the out thrust curves of Madelines breasts. The touch was enough to make her victim jerk involuntarily so Madeline gobbled and hissed in agony as the blunt wooden teeth bit even harder against her cunt. СPretty breasts, lady. Soong will caress your bottom so you ride more eagerly. Whilst I listen to your cries and help you to remain upright on your saddle.


May Tans fingers dug into the firm globes as Madeline suddenly pressed forwards, gasping at the burning pain of the first cut of the rattan across her bottom. Soong waited for his victim to relax slightly then



For Madeline, those first two strokes told her agonisingly of the fresh torture to come. No escape, no way to move and ease the scalding pain just the opposite, each cut brought fresh, stabbing agony as she bucked involuntarily on the blunt edge of the Mare, forced to torture herself as the dreadful, expert caning continued.

As Soong settled into a cruel rhythm, lacing the soft curves of the girls buttocks and lower back with a network of thin, raised weals, so May Tan worked on Madelines jutting breasts. Her fingers twisted and scratched the hard pink teats in time with the strokes of the caning so that the young French girl was being tortured and tormented at the same time.




By the tenth stroke Madeline Defours control had broken and she was squealing uncontrollably.

СNnnnngggggg! Pleeg, pleeg Gaaaarrrgggggh!

The half gagged noises of agony echoed in the bright, white chamber and the tied and mounted girls head flailed from side to side, showering droplets of sweat onto the tiles whilst her jiggling breasts gleamed wetly with a mixture of perspiration and saliva. May Tan rolled the wet, swollen nubs between her fingers, nails digging deliberately into the sensitive peaks to add to the girls agonising discomfort.

СMadeline, I can call you Madeline cant I? The Sultans Chief Torturers voice was evil, low and oily. СTell us about General Loms plans who visited him? Who else was involved? The words cut through the seventeen year olds blubbering cries.

СIg glont glo. PLEEG! Ig glont, I glont glo

СOh dear, you are such a foolish child another twenty, Soong you can be a little more forceful this time this silly little girl is trying to be clever I think.

СGLO! Glo pleee



A deeper note this time like a rope hitting wet cloth, as the rattan kissed Madeline Defours scalding flesh once more.

The squeals became mere shrill animal noises as Soong began to cross and recross the raised angry weals. The French girls buttocks, still tightly clenched with the effort of trying to relieve the continual agony in her cunt, were soon decorated with tiny droplets of blood from the force of the flaying cane.

СNaaaah! Nnnnnaaaaah! Nnnnnnnnnggggggghhh!

Lord Telak studied the arched figure; the way the doubled thighs pressed so desperately against the polished wood the manic twisting and curling of the pinioned fingers and the constant outward thrusting of those delightful pink teats. Now words but who needed wordshe allowed himself a half-smile of satisfaction, noticing how carefully May Tan was pulling and twisting the girls nipples. Not really hurting the swollen, wet stubs but using them to rock her forwards at intervals so that the seventeen year olds clitoris was bruised and squeezed unbearably between her body and the Mares edge; adding another agonising spasm to her torture ride.

The beating continued for another fifteen minutes. Eventually Soong, breathing heavily and his body gleaming with the effort of each hissing stroke, stepped back to wipe the film of blood and perspiration from the slim whippy rod with one callused hand. Held arched back on the blade of the Mare by the bamboo pole between her elbows, the seventeen-year-old French girl dribbled and wailed in agony. Her tanned body twitched and jerked continually, muscles shivering and wire taut with strain whilst droplets of sweat rolled down her flanks and flicked off the sharp points of her breasts with every movement.

Madeline Defours gasped in relief and her head lolled sideways as the beating stopped. It was obvious that the girl was only semi-conscious and it was only May Tans hands cradling the firm, pink-tipped globes that were keeping her upright on the Mare. Lord Telak rapped out a command and Soong and Lak, the second guard, hurried to hold each end of the bamboo pole. They waited until May Tan had stepped to one side and then tilted Madelines body forwards, moving her until the whole weight of her body was resting on that single tender point at the top of her cleft.


The girls head snapped back, eyes bulging wide and her mouth gaping open round the tongue clamp as fresh agony lanced through her body. Her torturers smiled at the frantic squealing cry, enjoying the sight of the sudden spasms as the demented girls thighs slapped against the sides of the Mare and she tried to lift herself clear of the wooden teeth now biting so deeply against her clitoris.

СLift her off Lord Telaks commanded after studying the girls tortured movements for a minute or so. СThink of how wonderfully well shell react when we put her back on for a second ride On the tiled floor Madeline Defour was not listening to anything. The guards had removed her bonds and she was huddled in a whimpering ball, hands clutched between her thighs trying to ease the throbbing, burning pain in her groin.

СSoong, Lak, to provide some variety I believe our young guests should embrace the Fat Man next The two guards bowed and hurried over to the domed circular table that had so puzzled Madeline on her first terrified glimpse of the Sultans torture chamber. They grunted as they lifted the heavy frame and carried it to an open area of floor near the Mare.

СGet her up!

Madeline was dragged to her feet, arms gripped by the two guards so she was held facing Lord Telaks merciless gaze. СStill protesting your innocence? He listened to the wet gobbling noises for a few moments. СMay Tan, I think we might give Miss Defour her voice back it seems she wishes to tell me something

Madeline Defour gagged and coughed, working her jaws to ease the horrible cramping pains once May Tan had freed her tongue from the pressure of the bamboo splints that had been tormenting her for the last hour.

СPleeeth, Lorth Lordth Thelak. I donth know any oth the Generlth friendth She swallowed, trying to speak clearly. СY-you m-must believe me, my Lord. The General was veryprivate with me

СAnd what about last week four people, two men and two women, dark, slim build all with long black hair Your know nothing of them visiting the general either? Lord Telak didnt need to hear the repeated denials from the trembling girl. He had seen the sudden flicker of recognition in her eyes, the mulish expression of denial in her face. He smiled at her.

СYou are a poor liar Miss Defour. He stroked the domed black leather top of the odd circular table. СThe guards call this device the СFat Man an obvious name, dont you agree It is time for you to sample his embraceSoong!

The two guards pushed the girl across to the ominous black dome, spun her round and forced her backwards. Madeline screamed as her flayed buttocks smacked against the black leather. The guards used their knees to force her legs apart and then she felt May Tans fingers positioning a strap that was attached to tables edge over her lefty leg just above her knee. With the smarting pain in her bottom, the girl hardly winced as the strap was cinched tight, so tight that the flesh bulged over the edges and her leg was pinned hard against the curved leather top.

Now Lak held both the girls arms, stretched over her head whilst Soong dragged her right leg sideways until she was straddled across a segment of the rim her thighs stretched wide apart. СA little further May Tan said quietly and Soong tightened his grip to move the seventeen year olds leg round even more until May Tan could strap it down with a second leather cuff. It was only the work of moments for Telaks assistant to strap the girls ankles to the table legs in turn. СNow, Soong, back with her

СW-what are you doaaaaah! the teenagers protest finished with a gasp of pain as the two muscular guards stretched her back over the leather dome and dragging her hands down to cuffs bolted to the other two legs of the heavy wooden frame. СUh, uh, uh, it h-hurts, my back, please it hurts

Lord Telak looked down on the girls upturned face, framed by her outstretched arms and then let his eyes travel down the tanned arch of her body, so delightfully pale with the pink points of her cunt and nipples thrust prominently forwards by the domed top. Of course her position meant that her breasts had been flattened a little by the tension of her arched back but they were still firm enough to jut out magnificently.

He ran his fingers along the lower hoop of her ribcage and across the concave dish of her abdomen, watching the muscles flicker in spasm at the caress. His fingers brushed the high riding folds of her labia, the moist pink interior lips showing clearly, still so obviously sore and swollen from the torturing teeth of the Mares back. One fingertip just teased the little fleshy tent standing proud between the lips of her cunt At that the seventeen year old surged helplessly, head lifting straining to look over the arch of her body to try and see what he was doing to her most sensitive flesh

СNnnnnngggh, nuh-nuh-n-no oh dont, no not there she pleaded.

СAs you wish I shall not touch you again my dear. But, since you still have something to tell me perhaps May Tan may persuade you to tell us Madelines face blanched in shock as she saw the long yellow slivers on the brass tray the girl was holding. Each evil-looking sliver was about six inches long, one end thicker and square cut to provide a sure grip whilst the points were almost black The young French girl knew without being told that the ends of the bamboo splints had been charred and then polished to provide a hard needle tip

СSeven in all just as the old rituals demand Lord Telaks voice whispered in her ear. СIm afraid that your bonds prevent you selecting the one you would like May Tan to use first as custom demands but let me tell you where you will feel her touch. The soft voice whispered on as his fingers first brushed the pink peaks of her nipples once more. СHere, of course, he waited for her sudden surging efforts to move against the straps subsided. СIts useless, my dear, stronger men than you have tried, those straps will hold you quite securely. Youll be amazed just how much youll feel it. The second one will be so much worse of course as youll know whats going to happen in advance

The fingers trailed down the girls body once more, her hips bucked and twitched in reaction to the feather touch on her labia. СOh yes, here naturally the fingers spread her cunt lips wide СAnd then to explore these tender little openings a nail grazed the tiny mouth of her urethra before probing up into the soft warmth of her vagina. СHere and here and the finger slid down until it touched the rosette of her anushere as well.

СNooooooo, you cant, you cant do this to me I told you I dont know any of the Generals friends really I dont

СOf course you dont, youve said so but May Tan is just going to make sure we have all the details Against the background of the girls frantic sobbing screams Lord Telak bent his head to his assistant. СTry two between her legs and then possibly the left nipple. He turned to look at the writhing figure strapped and splayed across the leather dome. СOnce we have the last scraps Soong and Lak may take her in turn. He paused and smiled, Сand then she is yours

СOf course Master, it shall be as you command. May Tan bowed again and picked up the first of the black and brown bamboo splints from the tray. Holding the splint in her right hand she knelt between the girls straddled thighs, leaned forwards and parted the soft, wet lips with her other hand. Holding the point well out of the way May Tan bent her head and delicately licked the pink folds, teasing into the opening of the girls vagina then tracing upwards until her tongue tickled under the hood and fretted against the erect stub of her clitoris.

СNuh, d-d-d-dont-t-t-t-t ah, a-ah, aaaaah yes oh p-please

Lord Telaks assistant continued the gentle tonguing for a minute or two until the noises from the girl indicated that she was feeling the first shudders of her orgasm approaching. Then she sat back, her mouth glistening with the girls juices, and brought her right hand down until she could insert the needle tip inside the opening of the girls urethra. She looked up at her master

СThe visitors who were they?

СHuh, hah d-dont kn ARRRRRGGGHHHH!

Despite her position and the straps holding her down, Madeline Defour arched even higher, thrusting her buttocks clear of the domed leather top in a rictus of agony as May Tan twirled the bamboo splint and pushed it up into the delicate narrow tube of the girls urethra. She waited for the first spasm to subside then forced a second louder shriek from the demented girl as she pushed the bamboo splint another half inch into her body before gently turning it from side to side.

The young French girls cry died to a strangled, panting gasping noise a noise over laid by the trickling sound of liquid on stone. Lord Telak nodded approvingly once again May Tan had shown her skill Only the first needle and already the girl had lost control of her bladder

СYou were going to tell me about the visitors he said encouragingly. Between the girls thighs May Tan pressed the splint deeper, waited for the first bucking frenzy to die down and then gently moved the squared end in a gentle circle.


СLeave that one for a moment perhaps a second one into her anus would be appropriate now

May Tan licked her lips and slid one hand beneath the sheer fabric of her sarong. She knew that Lord Telak was unable to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh since being wounded in saving the Sultan from an attempted assassination some years before. His fulfilment was as a voyeur, watching Soong, Lak and herself wringing every drop of agony and sexual torment from each victim in this chamber below the palace.

She knew his eyes were on her, watching her nipples harden and the flush come to her face as she used her fingers to caress the wet slot of her body, building her own pleasure to a point where using the needle on the girl would be enough to take her over the edge. She felt the familiar tingling rising, her fingers moved faster, plunging deeper until she could feel she was on the brink of coming.

May Tan wiped her fingers, picked up the second needle and pressed the dark point into the wrinkled rosette of the girls anal opening. She pressed her thighs together, the jolts of her orgasm making her shiver as she pushed the needle point up into the girls rectum

Lord Telak allowed himself a small nod of satisfaction as the animal scream echoed and bounced from the walls of the torture chamber. The French girl was showing excellent stamina so far It really did seem as though she knew nothing at all about the late Generals acquaintances.

But she would continue to provide most stimulating entertainment for the rest of the day and tomorrow there was Lady Kerima and her maidservant to entertain as well

Lord Telak crossed his arms and watched as May Tan began to twist and turn both needles at once. Ones work could be so gratifying at times

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