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Mr. Lau enjoyed doing business with Captain Reid; the Captain may have been somewhat crude and he might have smelled like someone badly in need of a bath, but the man always managed to obtain the most delectable Western girls for Lau’s inspection, approval and purchase. Lau had dealt with the Captain and his seedy crew for some years now and he had developed a grudging admiration for their ruthless ability to capture just the right kind of white female flesh that appealed most to Mr. Lau’s discerning clientele.

This time the Captain and his men had pirated a luxury yacht owned by an American businessman and his family. The American and his sailing crew had been dispatched to the ocean depths and his attractive wife and daughters detained. A false radio message had been put out, claiming that the ship had encountered a sudden storm. The responding authorities would eventually arrive in the area to find nothing and assume that this was another unfortunate nautical accident in which all had been lost at sea. The real case was that the American women were now being sold to Mr. Lau, who would introduce them to the rigors of servitude in his organization’s esteemed Takers Club.

The Takers Club of Shanghai was a very private and very well-connected institution that had in it’s secret membership some of the richest and most powerful of three continents. These were men and women who wanted their pleasures in any way that they chose to have it. At the Takers Club, there were no rules concerning what they could do to or with the beautiful slaves kept at their disposal. The late American’s widow and daughters would be the latest additions to the Club’s slave ranks.

“Again you have impressed me with your ability to procure such attractive bitches for our members, Captain,” Mr. Lau commented as he gazed upon tone of the captive American girls. “I take it that our usual prices will suffice for you and your men?”

“Yeah, Mr. Lau. We have no quarrel with what you pay. But me and the boys wouldn’t mind if you’d let us stay around for a little while and maybe enjoy a couple of your girls. We’ve been out on that boat for a couple of weeks and we sure could use a bit of fun, if you know what I mean…”

“Hmmmm..,” Mr. Lau considered. “We usually don’t allow non-members to use our premises. But let me reward you with a little something extra to show our appreciation of your efforts. The American’s wife is not as valuable to us as his daughters. So why don’t I give her to you and your men as a present? Take her, use her to your heart’s content and then return her to me. She’ll make a good paintoy for one of our more demanding members….”

The Captain and his crewmen were indeed a horny lot. But as the American wife would find out, the sex was only one part of the pleasure that they would derive from her body. Her first indication of what was to come would be when the Captain was about to take his second turn at mounting her now-sore pussy.

The slap came hard, shocking her, drawing a trickle of blood from her nose. His hand then clamped down over her mouth as he growled, “This time I’m going slap that pretty face of yours while I’m fucking you. And you better not try and avoid it or cry out when I’m doing it. If you do, then I’m going to hurt you a whole lot more, understand?”

Mr. Lau’s duties as the Takers Club general manager and overseer were varied. Although the Club was nicely supported by it’s wealthy membership, it’s side-business of slave sales was quite lucrative and not only help defray some of the costs of the day-to-day Club operations, but also helped to further finance the rather substantial expenses involved in the always-ongoing procurement of new slaves from all parts of the world.

This sale was for Harriet, a delightful little piece of aristocratic British pussy just recently kidnapped away from her fiancŠ¹’s estate on the day before her scheduled wedding. Mr. Abdul, a repeat customer from Morocco, would be coming tonight to package Harriet away on his plane and install her as the latest slave addition to his harem. In the meantime, Mr. Lau would help Harriet prepare for her new life and the duties that she would be expected to perform. After all, the girl’s mouth was so petite; it was so important that she have some type of training at stretching those pretty lips over a large cock and learning how to take as much of it as possible down her lovely throat. It was the least that Mr. Lau could do to assist her.

Mr. Lau was quite hung and proudly so. Harriet petite lips struggled to fit around all that meat , but Lau was the patient sort, gradually feeding it to her an inch at a time.

“That’s it my little bird, take a bit more. Hmmmm, that’s the way. Now make it more wet; it’ll help your mouth to slide over it better….”

Harriet cried and gagged but knowing the cost of failure, continued to obey. She was now managing to accommodate almost half of Lau’s cock in her mouth and throat and now Lau was guiding her captive head back and forth. Yes, the faint tingling in his balls as her lips began to work wetly …..

Mr. Abdul’s new English harem slave was immediately popular. Her slim physique and pale skin served to make her a center of attention. She was of course a center of Mr. Abdul’s attention; unlike the regular harem wives, Harriet could not refuse his daily anal assaults. Mr. Abdul loved nothing better than ramming a girl’s asshole with that fat cock of his. As he could easily afford it, he had come to rely on the purchasing of slavegirls who would be available just for that purpose. He preferred petite, tight Western girls with petite, tight buttocks. Harriet would probably last another month or so before she was totally used up. Then it would be time to sell her off in one of the local slave markets and contact Mr. Lau’s organization to buy yet another worthy slave.

Right now Harriet was giving her new Master everything he wanted. Her body shuddered as Abdul rudely mounted her ass once more, forcing his shaft into that asshole.

“Ahhhh…You little English whore..,” he grunted, his thick dick prying her tight anus wider as it plowed deeper.

“Ohhhhh….God! Goddddd! Please it hurts!”

Mr. Lau’s daily business duties at the Club were not always a matter of fun and games. The girls were pretty, of course. And also available. But it was also hard work. All that fucking, all those pretty mouths milking his cock -a man could get tired! But being a man of much experience at such things, Mr. Lau had long learned how to add some spice to his routine and rejuvenate his enthusiasm. Sometimes he just needed to settle for a more traditional one-on-one relationship for a short time in order to fully appreciate the opposite sex. In this, he usually would randomly choose one slave out of the rest; for the next few weeks Mr. Lau would bestow upon this slavegirl his full and undivided attentions.

Mr. Lau had picked out the blond Italian captive, Marcela, to be his ‘woman’ for the next few weeks. He had sensed her inherent haughtiness and prideful nature; a perfect match for what he had in mind.

He immediately began to prepare Marcela what the kind of relationship that was in store for them as soon as he walked her into the small, dank room that would serve as her bedroom.

But there was to be no bedding or no bed at this time. Mr. Lau instead placed his chosen lover in a shallow alcove located along one wall; a recess already equipped with a number of heavy leather binding straps attached to sturdy iron hooks. “Step up there and be still while I fasten you into your little ‘holding area’. I’ll hurt you badly if you give me any trouble.”

Mr. Lau worked fast and within a few minutes, Marcela was securely and very tightly bound into place. She let out a desperate, muffled moan of distress. Already her muscles were beginning to throb from the tightness of her leather restraints and the thinner leather strappings against her nose and mouth made it so that she had to put an extra effort to breathe air into her lungs.

Lau stepped back, enjoying the results. It usually took them a bit over an hour to really start to suffer. And they would begin to twitch in agony before five or six hour’s time. So much fun to watch.

“When I finally free you from your bindings, I’m sure that you will be very anxious for me to begin teaching you how to be one of the nastiest cunts around here, bitch. You are going to be Lau’s personal whore. But I’m in no hurry since I’m sure that you are enjoying your posture lessons at the moment. Perhaps two or three days and night’s stay in that position will suffice, don’t you think?” He knew that she would be so grateful to be released that she would debase herself, suffer any degradation.

But there would be more for Marcela to endure. Much harsher things.

Marcela’s face and body was constantly battered and bruised from the intense attentions given her by Mr. Lau. But as sore and hurting as she was, she knew that she must do her very best to provide him with every bit of pleasure that he demanded. This was Lau’s version of the ideal relationship between the sexes. He wanted everything from her; she must give him everything like he wanted.

Lau licked Marcela’s tits as she sat impaled on his cock. This was only the third day with him, but it seemed like it had already been weeks. His big cock hurt the insides of her sore cunt as she obediently rotated her hips while slamming her pussy up and down over it. She could feel all the cum he had deposited deep inside her and she could also it seeping out of her cunt, down over his cock. The wet ‘flap flap flap’ sounds that came as her pussy repeatedly slapped down over his meat, rubbing against his balls. It seemed to her like his shaft would never go soft; even after he shot yet another of his cum loads up inside her.

Lau bit her nipple hard, then said, “You’re beginning to fuck just like one of those old low-rent prostitutes who do their business in the alleys. You’re such a good whore…..”
Freda Collins had left the States in a hurry, in a desperate attempt to escape from the government agents who had been pursuing her. The rest of her family had already been arrested and imprisoned back there and she feared for their safety. The Regime that had come into power in the States had usurped the Constitution and had rescinded most of the rights previously enjoyed by it’s citizens. Freda’s family-owned newspaper had been one of the few that had continued to report true fully about what had been going on and exposing the Regime’s abuses. And the government had struck back. Freda Collins knew their agents wouldn’t stop trying to either capture or even kill her, so she had managed – just barely – to escape using a false passport. She had found her way to Shanghai and had begun to think that perhaps, just perhaps, she had finally eluded them. She was wrong. The large bounty placed on her head had resulted in her being spotted and captured by the rather shady Chin-Lu, a brothel owner who kept her restrained at his place until a Regime agent arrived for her.

Until then, Freda would receive more than her share of attention from Chin-Lu’s two daughters. Freda’s good looks and white flesh was so inviting, so tempting…..

Now don’t injure her, my daughters,” cautioned Chin. ” It’s okay for you to have your little fun with her, but make sure that you keep it under control.”

“Oh, dont worry, Father,” replied daughter Li. “We’re very experienced at exploring tight little pussies like this one. Lots of practice breaking in all those fresh young whores that you’ve brought in to work here.”

“Right. We’re just having a little fun,” daughter Yuan chimed in. ” We just like the way she squeals and squirms. Acts like she’s never had a couple of fists in her before, the little bitch.”

When the Regime’s agent finally arrived for Freda, it was quite a surprise to her. This was someone that she knew. She had expected to encounter some big, hulking and dangerous-looking male agent. Instead, when she was escorted into a small, dank, cell-like room in the basement of the brothel, the agent turned out to be a wild-haired female. It took Freda a few seconds for the agent’s face to register with Freda’s confused brain. It was her own cousin Ann! Ann, who had been bitterly estranged for the rest of the Collins family and had broken all contact with them long ago! Now she looked so different, so unlike the Cousin Ann whom Freda had known most of her life.

And why was she dressed like this? Or rather, why was she so undressed like this?

“Well, Freda, you recognize me, I see. Aren’t you going to say ‘hello’? Aren’t you glad to see your loving cousin? My superiors thought that I should be the one whom they send for you. You know, as a kind of reward for my help in supplying the information that allowed them to quickly track down and find you and your asshole family. They’ve also taken every other damn relative of yours that I could name. And you were the last one – and now it’s over. No more running for you.”

Freda eyes teared. ” But why you, Ann? Why would you do such an awful thing? Betray your own people? What did we do to make you so mean and spiteful?”

Ann sneer at Freda’s indignation. ” Don’t act so fuckin’ innocent, you bitch! You and the rest of them always treated me like shit and you know it! Always lookin’ down your nose at me. Disapproving of how I dressed, the way I wore my makeup, my friends, every damn thing I did. Well, you’ll all going to pay for it now. Pay in spades. And I’m enjoyin’ every minute of it. And I’m gonna enjoy this even more!”

Ann glared at her cousin and spat out the words, ” Now I’m gonna make it very plain to you about your new situation. If you don’t do exactly as I say and do everything I tell you to do, I’m gonna first have your tits cut off and then I’m personally gonna gouge out your eyes. Don’t think for one moment that I’m bluffing! You think I’m bluffing? Want me to show you that I’m not? I hope you think I’m not serious so that I can have fun doin’ you in a real bad way! So how do you want to go with this? Want to test me to see if i mean what I say? Tell me, cunt!”

“N-No. I believe you,” Freda answered in a trembling voice. Something in Ann’s face and voice warned her that the woman was fully willing and capable of carrying out her threat. “P-Please don’t hurt me. Please.”

“Hmmfp, the haughty, nose-nosed Freda Collins begging. I like that. Not so fucking proud now, are you?” Ann reached and grasped the girl’s hand and guided it to her breast. ” You know, I always was attracted to you, know that? Always wanted to try out that nice body of yours. Mmmmmm….let me see if that pussy of yours is still tight and firm. Heard you had some good fisting already, so you shouldn’t have any big trouble with a few of my fingers trying it out.”

Ann’s fingers rudely probed Freda’s pussy. Then she took Freda’s clit between her thumb and forefinger and began pinching her hard, twisting and tugging it. She chuckled at Freda’s anguished gasps from the pain.

“You know you love it, you fucking cunt! Tell me you love it! Say it!!!”

“Freda complied through gritted teeth. ” Yes! Yes… I – I – I love it!”

“I knew that all you needed was someone to show your place – like I gonna do tonight. And maybe longer. I reserved this little room just for us. It’s far enough from the rest of them that no one can hear or disturb us. We got a lot to discuss, but first, cousin, get down on your knees…..”

Throughout that night and for the next three days and nights, Freda gave up all the information that she could possibly give. She felt so ashamed of what she was doing, but the fear of what she knew Ann could and would do to her was greater. And after every disclosure, she was made to reward her tormentor even more; nothing pleased Ann more than having Freda add to her own distress by serving Ann’s pussy and asshole. In this way, Ann’s victory over her cousin was made more complete – deliciously so.

“You’ve been such a good little girl. So cooperative. So obedient,” Ann told her captive. ” So willing to tell me everything I want to know.” She moved her cunt off of Freda’s mouth and shifted to lower her twitching asshole down towards Freda’s face.

“Here, honey. You do such a good job of rimming. If only your parents could see you now; their sweet little daughter with her tongue licking another woman’s asshole! Ohhhhh…ahhhhhhh….that’s it, cousin.” Freda’s tongue was moist and warm, thrilling Ann’s hungry anus.

“Such a slut you are, making me feel this way. Now you know what I want…..put that tongue in my ass deep and keep movin’ it around. Uhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhh….”

After a long week of more questioning, many answers, frequent whippings and countless sessions of forced sex, Ann was satisfied that she had gotten all the useable information from cousin Freda that she was going to get. It was now time to carry out the final part of her orders concerning the end of Freda’s interrogation. Her superiors initially had some doubts as to whether Ann would be strong and dedicated enough to what had to be done. But they needn’t have worried; Ann’s hatred and resentment towards Freda and her family was deep and unrelenting. Freda’s sexual servicing of Ann’s holes, all the orgasms and all the pleasures weren’t enough to change that. They had ordered her to return with proof of her loyalty and reliability by either bringing Freda back or……

Freda panicked as Ann escorted her, her hands firmly bound behind her back, into another small room and she spotted the awaiting wooden block and bucket on the dirt floor. And she let out an audible gasp as she turned to see the small handsaw in Ann’s hand.

“No! Nooooooo! Oh, God! Please! You can’t do this! Please! I’m your blood relative! You can’t kill me!”

Ann smiled, her eyes hard. She enjoyed the animal-like fear in her cousin’s face. ” Oh, yes I can, Freda. They told me to either bring you back or some other real proof that you were dead. You’ve given me all the information that you have, so you’re of no further use to me. Your head will do just fine……”

“Now don’t make it any harder on yourself, cousin.” Ann pushed Freda’s head downward. Towards the wooden block. “Don’t fight it. I promise that you’ll be dead before I’ve sawed half-way through your neck. Maybe it won’t hurt much. There, there, that’s the way, my darling. Accept it….”

Freda started screaming as she felt the saw begin to cut into the back of her neck.

Freda was not the only lady fugitive who had fled overseas to escape the new Regime’s reach. But the Regime’s reach was long and it’s tenacles were many. Former university student Madeline Wilson had also fled to Asia with her friend Ada upon being tipped off about the Regime’s plan to arrest and imprison them. They had managed to elude capture for over a year but the one hundred thousand-dollar worldwide bounty offered for them eventually resulted in them being spotted. The Asian gangsters who abducted them decided to indulge themselves with their frightened captives until the Regime’s agents arrived to collect them.

Madeline’s mouth was stretched , her lips tightly fitting around her captor’s cock as he fucked her face. This was the fourth or fifth time she had been face-fucked that night and she had finally learned how to avoid gagging, which had gotten her face slapped when it happened. But it was still difficult for her to resist retching as that cock kept hitting against the back of her throat. And still more difficult for her when the cock started pulsing another thick stream of warm sperm as the gangster emptied his balls.

Ada Benson dully awaited her fate as the Regime’s resident agent for Asia stared at her like she was some kind of prize farm animal at a county fair exhibit. Mr. Rubes was the man who coordinated all the Regime’s intelligence activities in the region and he was glad to actually get out from behind the desk and get involved in some of the field work himself – especially when it concerned very attractive fugitives like Ada and Madeline. His superiors back in the States would be pleased with their return, no doubt. As pleased as he was at the sight of Ada’s naked body.

The Asian gangsters had chosen Miss Han to represent them, as she hd done many times before, because of her fluent English. She was gracious to her white guest but also blunt and businesslike. ” Your stated offer for these two fugitives was two hundred thousand American dollars. I assume that is still the case, Mr. Rubes.”

“Well, yes……,” Mr Rubes began. He had hoped that he might be able to bargain these people down, maybe to one hundred, fifty thousand, and pocket the rest for himself.

“Ah, good,” Miss Han confirmed before her visitor could qualify the offer. ” Two hundred thousand it is, then. Cash, of course..”

“It’s so pleasant doing business with you , Mr Rube,” commented Miss Han. The price that your government is paying was the capture of this girl and her friend is quite generous, indeed. Are they dangerous criminals or terrorists?”

“No, they’re both just a couple of student agitators who managed to convince quite a few other malcontents at their college to start all sorts of trouble. You know, the demonstrations, petitions, etc. We don’t tolerate that kind of behavior anymore. And we make it a point to hunt down any troublemakers, no matter how minor they might be. It sends a message that our government is very serious when it comes to taking action against those who would oppose us.”

“Ah, I see. And what will you do to these two girls?”

“That’s up to those who make the decisions,” Rube declared. But he had already made a decision of his own. No need to immediately hustle the girls to a plane that would deliver them back to the States. That would be such a waste, he thought.

His cock slowly began to swell under his pants at the thought of how Ada was going to look, feel and sound as he rode her hard and rough back at his hotel suite.

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