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“You donТt look so haughty now, slave. Remember the first time we met? You said Сfuck off, you fat slob or IТll call the policeТ.

That was a bad move. I only wanted to fuck you the way youТre fucking me now

CТmon now, swing those hips nice and slowly and squeeze me. I donТt want a quick job, I want it to last. And I want you to cum first If you make me cum before you do, youТll be punished.

Yeah itТs going to be a pleasure to punish you too! IТll have you hung up by your thumbs, with your toes barely touching the floor. Then IТll whip you. Nothing too severe. IТll keep the bullwhip for later. IТll only use a swishy willow rod.

One hundred strokes will do, all over your body Shoulders, back, buttocks, thighs, calves Not forgetting the front, of course IТll make you dance nice and sexy for me

Oh my God! Just thinking about it makes me cum! NO, DONТT STOP! YOUТLL ONLY MAKE YOUR PUNISHMENT WORSE! CТMON, SLAVE, FUCK ME, DRAIN ME!!! ”


“Ok, slave, now that formal presentations are over and that youТve been so kind as to strip naked for us, weТre going to get to know each other a bit better. First youТre going to cum for us all, using this vibe. I suggest you put on a good show We want to know what sort of slut you are. Up to know weТve only had Japanese slavegirls. We bought you Сcause they say white sluts are hotter and more fun to train.

So for your own good, youТd better not disappoint your Masters

Now raise your buttocks and plug yourself in youТre going to do all the work, you know, like a bitch on heat. IТll hold it for you! If you do a good job youТll get ass-fucked by us three. If you donТt, youТll be made to eat our shit ”

“Ready? Steady? Go!”


“I paid thousands for you, slave. Pretty young blonde cunts like you are not cheap in this part of the world So only first class service is going to be acceptable, right? I imagine you are clear about what sort of service will be required from you. Standing here, stark naked and roped, should give you a pretty good idea. In any case allow me to give you a few hints Firstly, you will show utter obedience, no matter how disgusting or repellent a given order may sound to you . Secondly, we expect a hundred per cent enthusiasm in each of the many different sexual activities that youТre going to be involved in. Again, no matter how disgusting and degrading they may appear to you.

IТm a fair slave owner and you wonТt be punished if you follow the rules. But I have to say that IТm a very strict Master too, and punishment is going to be extremely severe if you disobey.

For instance now YouТre looking straight into your MasterТs eyes. That shows a lack of respect in our part of the world. A slave only looks into his MasterТs eyes when sheТs sucking prick or licking balls. Even then she only looks up when sheТs ordered to. In any other circumstances, a slavegirl stares at her MasterТs genitals!

Do you understand?

There are other rules. One is that ignorance of a rule is no excuse.

OK, youТre going to get your first punishment now: the tazzer up your shit-hole. So get down on your knees, press your pretty nose onto the floor and raise your white buttocks as high as they can go”


“Surprised to see me, Mrs Nichols?

Allow me to explain what you are doing here, waiting for me, stark naked like that

ItТs simple. Your father owes me a lot of money. Fortunately for him, we Japanese are reasonable business partners and Mr Nichols had no assets to pay me with. So we came up with a fair solution. I lease you for 3 years, with a right to keep you for a price at the end of that period if IТm satisfied with your performance.

I have always fancied you, as you know. And you always rejected me as a fat yellow bastard, you will recall Your opinion no longer matters. YouТre going to be my fuck-toy for three years, minimum. And itТll be up to me to decide if I want to keep you for ever. IТm going to give you a welcoming fuck right now. I want you to be the very affectionate with me I want you to kiss me back when I kiss you, I want you to rub me with those full white, titties of yours, and I want your juicy cunt lips wetting me all the time, squeezing me, polishing me up, giving me a nice shine, you know?. Oh yes, and I want you to cum too. Failure to cum will be interpreted as lack of respect for your Owner. A slavegirl cums when her Master fucks her. Failure to accomplish any of these simple requirements will mean your first punishment And you wonТt like Japanese punishments. You can be sure of that ”


“Yeah I always dreamed of you. A white snooty, stuck-up stewardess that refused to serve me. I was in first class and if I wanted a fuck, your job was to deliver the goods. Instead, you made all that fuss and I almost got thrown into jail!

Well, well now I hope you feel better about discussing my requests. IТm feeling more laid back myself now, sitting here looking at you. We can talk things over now. So far, IТm very satisfied with what IТve seen of you. Would you be so kind as to turn round now, go down on your knees, press your face to the floor, raise your buttocks and part your knees as far as your knickers will allow? IТm going to give it to you up the ass for starters. Good and hard. ItТll let some of the steam off and IТll be able to concentrate on your body better. Then IТll make a list of your duties here.”


“I know IТm the last one you wanted to be bought by. I saw the revulsion in your eyes when you looked down at me from the auction block But money and not looks is what matters to the auctioneer. So now youТre mine for ever, to do whatever I like with.

I said WHATEVER.. Is that it clear?

The first thing, youТve already done – going down on your knees in front of your master. Congratulations. YouТre not so stupid. You know whatТs good for you

The second thing youТre going to do is rub your big fat cunt against the tight rope I harnessed you with. You wonТt stop until I tell you to. I want it soaking wet with your womanТs juices. In the next few days youТll be taught how to cum like that, on your knees, just you and the rope. Some girls need a lot training, others donТt

CТmon, slave, thatТs enough talk! Time to obey! And look me in the eye while you fuck the knots

Just to let you know, when IТve had enough of the show, IТll fuck your snooty white face. IТll rub my fat yellow dick all over those cheeks, all over that cute, dainty little nose, all over those blue, dazzling eyes, all over your eyebrows, your ears, your lips Then IТll fuck your throat”


“This is your Master’s welcome-to-slavery present. I’m a very generous Master, as you’ll see…”

“Oh… c’mon, why are you so sad? You’ve got lots of reasons to be happy… Yesterday you were free and you had to earn your keep by yourself. Now you’re my slave. You won’t have to worry anymore about useless things like jobs, money, buying an apartment… You’ll only have one job, to satisfy your Master to your utmost ability.”

“Learning how to make good use of this fat big dildo will be your first duty as my sex-slave. It’s quite a tricky device… it’s powered by a 1kw vibe-engine and the surface stings when you get aroused and your woman’s juices start coming down… It’s a Japanese invention!”

“Cґmon slave… MOUNT IT!!! Put it up that big juicy white pussy of yours and then wait for my orders!!!”


“Good girl… That’s your first lesson. If you had obeyed me straight away and impaled yourself right up to the cervix, you wouldn’t have welts from my cane all over your white skin…”

“Can you feel the vibe, slave?”

“Y…yes, Master…. It jerks around a lot though… it hurts… ughhhhhh! AAIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE!!! It’s stinging!!!”

“That’s because it’s getting through to you. You’re a randy little slut on the quiet… I was lucky to kidnap you…”

“Now you’re going to fuck the shaft of the dildo… I mark the rhythm. C’mon… lift yourself almost off it, till just the helmet is between those lovely lickable sex lips. And pull yourself up slowly, so you grease all of the shaft. I wanna see it shining! Then you’ll go down on it real fast. And don’t close your lovely blue eyes. I want you looking at me at all times!”


“Good morning, slave. How are you feeling today?”

“You haven’t seen much action since that wonderful show you put on for me with the big dildo, have you? You must be horny after two days tied to the post.”

“Any idea why I had you posted so long with that gag in your mouth? It’s because I’m going to fuck your pretty white face and I want to make sure that your jaws don’t have the strength to bite me… It’s going to be a long, slow fuck with you on your knees. I’ll guide you at the beginning. I’ll hold your head by the hair. Then I’ll let you find your own rhythm. I want plenty of action – lip, tongue and throat all working on my cock. And lots of that sweet saliva of yours…”

“If you do a good job I’ll feed you and lock you up in a cage. It’ll be far more comfortable than here… If your performance is not so good, I’ll hang you upside down by your big toes and cane you on your open cunt… That’s the way it is for slaves… if they perform well, they get rewarded. If they don’t do a good job, they get punished…”



“I wanna see it wet and shining, slave… And it’s not just a question of rubbing your red thatched cunt up and down the rope… I want you to feel it! I want your pussy syrup running down your thighs. Your Master is going to fuck you for the first time just as soon as the rope is wet enough.”

“C’mon, slave… perform! I can’t wait to grab those creamy haunches of you and dig my prick hard into your wet, red cunt. Then I’ll grab those fleshy tits good and hard and I’ll start pumping till you scream for more!”

“Yes… I’m going to rape you now… and I’m going to hurt you… That’s the way I like to use my slave-cunt. You’re my first redhead, you know?. They’re highly valued in this country… When you’re fully broken-in and trained I’ll share you with my Japanese partner, Masters.”

“You won’t have time to get bored, I promise. So do your best! Be a good hot little sex slave, and you’ll be rewarded with lots of fun! C’mon, keep moving now!!! Fuck the rope! Fuck one of the knots with your clit, damn you!!!”


“Now, slave, here’s how it goes. First you get down on your knees and start licking it like the little white bitch you are. I want those creamy white buttocks of yours stuck high up in the air. I want you’re big slit well open so I can see the goods. You’ll lick and lick until you get horny. I wanna see your cunt moistening up and ready to drip. Then I’ll stuck the vibe into your fuck hole and I’ll switch it on to full power.”

“Keep still now and present me your buttocks. I want your cheeks well spread too. Then I’ll bugger you. Powerful, long strokes… I’ll make you cum like the white slut you are, I’ll make you cum till you can’t cum any more. Then I’ll cum myself, and you can clean my balls and my cock with your pretty lips and tongue.”

“When you’re done, you’ll go back to your dog-cage.”

“That’s the program for today. Let’s get going. Open your mouth and get your lips round this…”


Sharon had dressed up for the society party. She wanted to looked sexy and elegant at the same time. She wanted to impress all those Jap money-makers… But one of them, Mr Fuckimoto, was so impressed that he made quick plans for Sharon’s future. After the party, she disappeared on her way back to the hotel.

Half drugged, she came round to find herself with a coarse rope digging painfully into her wrists. She had been stripped to her lacy, sexy bra, knickers and stockings. The white high heels were not her own… she would not be seen dead in such common stuff!

Now she’s awake and the hours are going by very slowly. Her cell is dark and the iron bars on the door look forbidding…

A tremendous crack of the whip on the bars startled her. She shuddered. Who was that masked fat man standing naked and erect, leering at her?

The second crack make her jump even more. It was aimed at her feet!

“Show your master those white buttocks or you’ll feel the kiss of his whip, slave!”

That was the beginning of Sharon’s horrendous life as a sex slave…

Fuckimoto is a much-feared sadist who enjoys raping, abusing, and torturing beautiful white girls. Like Sharon he has his own aesthetic taste. He likes his victims to squirm and scream in their expensive satin underwear.

He had Sharon’s own clothes brought from her apartment. He’ll enjoy abusing and humiliating her in the clothes she wore when she was free, the clothes that covered the lovely breasts and pussy that were now his…

It was Carol’s eighteenth birthday yesterday. It should have been one of the happiest days of her life, but something went wrong. She went out for dinner with her friends, and then they all went to a disco. Afterwards, they went clubbing. She drank too much. And she met this gorgeous-looking guy. She danced with him all night. At four in the morning she was still there having a great time. She never saw him lace her drink. She just wanted to be with him, to go back to his place…

But where was she now? Where was he? Who was this middle-aged Japanese-looking man?

Why had he tied her hands behind her back like this?

Why was he making her squat down on her toes like this?

Why was he showing her that stupid pink dildo?

And why was he leering at her with that criminal expression on his ugly face?

“Rock your hips and show me how you fuck the dildo, slave!”

“Slave? What do you mean? Who are you?”

“I’m your owner. You don’t need my name and I don’t need yours. I’m your Master, you’re my Slave. You cost me a lot of money, serious money! That’s all you need to know. You’re here to do things, not ask stupid questions. The first thing you’re going to do is show me how you cum on this dildo.”


“Shut up, slave, and open those legs wide for me. You’re gonna rock the dildo until your cunt and your thatch are all dewy. I want you good and wet. I want you to cum good and hard for me. I want to see you jerking. I want to see your tits wobbling, right? I’m just going to hold the dildo and watch. I want to know how much training you need to serve me good.

“No… I won’t do it… you are sick… a pervert…”

“Yes, you’re right, my little slave… I’m a pervert. And what is worse; you are my sex slave, my personal fuck toy… You’ll never get out of here so better get used to the idea and do whatever I order to you…”

“You have no right… you’ll go to prison…”

The man slapped her 3 times. Very hard.


“If you don’t obey, I’ll bend you over that sawhorse with your cunt facing up. I’ll tie your legs apart with ropes to each leg and your neck to the floor. Your cunt will be the highest part of you. It will be open, naked, and defenseless. I’ll whip it until you faint and then I’ll shag you again and again… And then I’ll make you cum with that dildo anyway!”


posted June 26th, 2005

The girl came six times on the dildo before Yakamoto stopped her.

She was afraid. She was in panic. This guy was crazy, she could see. A psycho! Her best bet was to do what he said. She had real orgasms, good and hard, making sure that her tits bounced well and turning her body for him to see them as they wobbled and settled into place.

Then the bastard nailed the dildo on the floor and ordered her to keep on fucking it.

He stood with his erect member out, holding a stop-watch and taking methodical notes. He gave her thirty seconds between orgasms and then made her start again.

One hour and more than a hundred orgasms later…

“You’re a slut! You blond bitches are natural sluts. You can’t get enough of it, can you? Women in this country are not allowed to cum like sluts. You you’re going to be punished for being one…

Stand up and keep your foot on the box. I’m gonna whip your ass and the inside of your thigh for starters. Then I’m going to bum-fuck, just the way you are, standing up. The whip is made of kangaroo leather. It’ll go in deep. It’ll hurt you a lot. Are you ready?”

Carol was weak from the brutal session with the dildo. She felt the panic rising inside her, but she tried to hide it, controlling her breathing as best she could. She begged in a very low voice:

“No, please… I’ll do whatever you want… please… don’t hurt me anymore…”

“One last thing, slave… you mustn’t bring your foot down or the stroke won’t count… You’ve got to learn to love this whip. Ten strokes, five on your buttocks, five on your thigh. And you count them and say thank you, Master!

Thwack! In the middle of the buttock, the tip of the whip cracked on her belly…


“Count! And say thank you, Master!”


Twenty seconds pass. The pain is unbearable…

THWACK! This time on the upper part of her inner thigh. The pain is agonizing, worse than before…


Don’t hurt me! Stop, please! I’ll do whatever you say!”

“Count and thank me, you stupid bitch!”



The strokes fall and Carol manages not to lower her foot. She is standing trembling, in tears, on tiptoe…

Yakamoto is crazy with desire…

“Now slave, your Master is going to bum-fuck you. You’re gonna get my yellow prick right up your shit-hole… And if you dare to lower your foot I’ll whip you again, and this time it’ll be one hundred strokes!”

She awakened stark naked and tied in a more obscene way.

The coarse ropes bit deep into her tanned skin. They were tight, inescapable, cruel ropes

She couldnТt close her legs, she couldnТt cover her breasts she couldnТt feel more defenseless, more vulnerable. Or more terrified.

It was completely dark. Only the thinnest beam of light penetrated the unknown place, drawing her eyes to the small hole of the lock of the door in front of her.

Hours passed

A full day passed. It seemed an eternity to the captive girl, unable to measure time in the darkness.

Her twisted arms, her bound legs and her back were aching. She was hungry and thirsty. She need to pee. She had no choice and to complete her misery, she wet herself.

Suddenly some footsteps approached.

The sound of the key unlocking the door sounded like a thunderstorm in her unaccustomed ears.

She started trembling like a leaf in the wind. She felt more naked than ever before. A surge of horror cramped her body and soul. Her white skin suddenly glistened with sweat.

She had been anticipating this moment since she woke up alone and roped to the post. She had worked out the questions a hundred times, the threats, the pleas she would direct to her kidnapper

Now the words didnТt come to her lips. She was paralyzed, her big, green eyes looking at her kidnapper trying to distinguish his face against the sudden light.

Keep your eyes down in the presence of your Master, slave!!!


The pain on the thigh was unbearable. The willowy bamboo cane hurt like a million hot needles.

The man moved over and pushed the inside CarolineТs right knee with the cane, opening her legs wider.

Let me see what we got here Mmmm youТre a lovely white girl, a beauty Yeah they told me you were a model

With a twist of the wrist, Yakamoto stung the under part of CarolineТs right breast with the cane. The perfect mound of womanТs flesh swung and trembled sexily. The girl shouted out in pain.

The man was mad with desire.

Lift your face, slave, and look at this.

Caroline obeyed. In front of her the manТs penis was swinging freely. It made her feel unwell. It was long, unusually thick, and sickly yellow. But what revolted the girl most was the horrible stench. Some pre-cum was already dripping onto the floor.

Serving this is the only reason for you to stay alive from now on, Yakamoto said, and pissed onto the girlТs face.

Why why are you doing this to me? My father is rich. He

Shut up slave!!! shouted Yamamoto, striking the girl once more on her breast.

Never say a word if you are not ordered to speak, understand?

Horrified, Caroline saw the man sitting in the floor, in front of her. She could clearly see his face now. He was an Oriental, middle-aged man with thin eyes and a twisted smile. He was fat and flabby, but looked strong. He looked shorter than her.

He had his kimono open, revealing his fat belly, his yellow, porky prick and his extremely hairy balls.

Again the stench turned her stomach.

Two cold, chubby hands pushed her knees wide open. He slid his body close to the girl, his own legs open wide, his feet beyond the post, his balls and prick against the girlТs shaved belly.

Caroline closed her eyes.

Look into my eyes, my pretty, he said lifting her chin with his index finger.

Two big, wet, green eyes came into view. There was deep despair in them. Yamamoto saw it and grunted with desire.

Yeah weТre going to have a lot of fun, slave

He grabbed the girlТs buttocks and lifting her, he slid himself closer to the post forcing the girl to sit on top of him, impaling her on his thick erection

UUGHHHHHHHHH!!! shouted the girl in disgust.

The flabby, sweaty chest of the man was pressing against her breasts, his chubby hands were running over the back or her panty-hose, his mouth was pressed against her ear whispering, slobbering

How does that feel, slave ItТs quite a prick, donТt you think? YouТre a lucky slave, uh?

Suddenly the cold, probing hands left her panty-hose and she felt even more of the manТs erection impaling her still further

Aggggghhhhhhh she groaned with a deep whisper. Then she shouted out loud


Yakamoto was savagely twisting her nips, making her squeal.

Did your Master order you to stop looking into his eyes, slave? asked the man without releasing the now inflamed buds of pink flesh.

Finally Caroline managed to react and raised her face The man looked horrendous, and his smelly breath almost made her faint.

Now listen to your MasterТs first two orders I suggest you follow them as diligently as you can

Relieved, CarolineТs felt the nipples released. Her kidnapper had slipped his arms between the post and the small of her back and was hugging her against his chest and sagging belly, pushing his swollen member deeper inside.

First start rocking your hips, slave fuck your Master and milk his bollocks with your slaveТs cunt

Terrified, not daring to lower the eyes, Caroline did her best.

Her stomach turned over. The manТs fat flesh was flapping repugnantly against her fit body. The pigТs sweat was splashing on her with every push

The man smiled at her.

Now moisten those sexy lips of yours, open your mouth and deep-kiss your Master until you make him cum. I want you to remember this first time with your Master for the rest of your slaveТs life

SharonТs first session with her Master couldnТt have been more revolting and abhorrent.

It was only yesterday that she was appointed to a job vacancy in Mr YakamotoТs office. She sat down demurely in front of the old chairmanТs desk for just one minute before leaving the office with an indignant look on her face. The old lecher wanted a private western whore, not an English translator!

Then came the strange smell in the lift

Then nothing

Until she woke up in a dark basement, on her knees, with her back against a short, thick vertical pole. Her wrists and elbows were severely tied behind the pole, and so were her waist and upper torso. Her ankles, crossed and tied behind the post, were suspended from a nail.

Only her knees were touching the floor

Every part of her tanned body was hurting.

To her dismay, she was stark naked and a huge ring gag was forcing her jaw open to the point of dislocating it

After what seemed like days to the terrorized girl, Mr Yakamoto entered the cellar

He was naked too. He was especially repulsive to the girl now, even more than in the office.

His body was very hairy, which is unusual among Japanese people, but his genitals were completely shaved. His balls were huge and deformed, hanging like empty sacks all the way down to middle of his thigh. His prick was fat and short. It was circumcised and crisscrossed by dozens of prominent ugly blue veins. The knob was purplish and looked diseased in some way

The man took her by the hair saliva was hanging from the girlТs chin.

You whites are so stupid you never know when you mustnТt say no.

Yakamoto started rubbing his penis all over the girlТs face.

You could have had a respected job as my fuck-whore, but your disdain and haughtiness led you to reject the career opportunity I was offering you

Absolutely revolted by the manТs words and filthy caresses, Sharon started to gag.

Now youТll serve me even better as my fuck-slave. ThatТs suits me fine. Better really Slaves amuse me even more than whores

To the girlТs horror, the man inserted his half-erect member thru the ring gag.

It stank like hell

Yes IТve always wanted to teach a western slut like you her place.

The man was now pumping, grabbing SharonТs head by the hair. He was completely erect and his cock head was hitting the back of the girlТs throat

Nobody will ever find you here YouТre going to be trained to perform your sex duties to the high standards required by a demanding master like me.

The man was throat-fucking the girl. Her nose was bleeding from the brutality of the assault. She was chocking on his girth She could only breath in the brief instants when he withdrew his infected tool from her throat

You will be mine until the moment I derive no more pleasure from you. Then I’ll bury you alive in this basement. YouТll dig your own hole under the whip, just for the fun of it

The man gave a low groan, and lurched forwards.

What seemed like gallons of fetid jism filled SharonТs mouth and stomach.

The man withdraw his tool and took the ring gag out of the girlТs mouth. Sharon was unable to close her mouth after wearing the gag for so long. The man swiftly placed a huge ball gag in place, this time stretching SharonТs jaw beyond any normal limit. The pain was awful

Semen, mixed with SharonТs own saliva, dribbled down the girlТs chin Only a little way though, because the ball gag acted as a perfect plug, trapping the manТs juice inside the girl.

Yakamoto slapped his lovely white slave hard, hurting her, humiliating her

DonТt fight it! Swallow it, slave this is the only food youТll get from now on. This and your MasterТs shit

Then Yakamoto cleaned his dick in the girlТs blonde hair, switched the light off and left the basement.

Sharon dropped her head, humiliated and terrorized She was so agitated that she couldnТt get enough air thru her nostrils. She started to probe the thick jism with her tongue she had to swallow it, she had no other choice But nausea was stronger than her will. She choked and some of the jism came out of her nose. Her face was a sticky, smelly mess.

Hours pass and footsteps are approaching the door.

Sharon raises her face in dismay She has dirtied the floor between her knees.

Yakamoto appears with a huge, coiled bull whip

Ready for some fun, slave?

Sharon starts to tremble all over…

Breaking in a new slave is always a great pleasure, but in this particular case the pleasure is even greater than usual.

Being a traditional Japanese myself I never approved of my sonТs plans to marry a foreign slut, even if this particular one was a real beauty.

But my young sibling was mesmerized by the slutТs creamy long legs and all her other body parts. Well, he has a point there. all these white sluts have long, straight legs, not like the short, bendy ones our women sport.

So it was my duty as guardian of the good name of our family to stop all this nonsense.

They delivered her only yesterday and she has spent all night like this: bent over at the waist with her arms severely cinched together, hung up in the air. A most painful position, youТll have to agree.

But even this did not soften the young cat fighter the slightest.

You? WhatТs the meaning of this? Your son

Shut the fuck up, you white whore, and listen carefully White women are fun to fuck but not to marry. In fact, according to tradition, a man of class owes respect to his wife and will never fuck her for any other reason than to reproduce. Only slaves are fucked So by preventing your marriage and making you my slave I have granted you a very important right – the right to have a good, thorough fuck. Every day, all day! And by a real Samurai!

You are crazy. You wonТt get away with this! IТll never submit to you

Oh, yes, you will And the longer it takes, the more fun it will be for me For this first rendezvous I plan to skin those long legs of yours with a bamboo cane. Of course IТll fuck you in every available hole, included your snotty white face. Properly ring-gagged of course

But your son

YouТll see him, donТt worry, slave when youТre properly trained IТll share you with him. Rest assured, heТll enjoy getting his kicks whipping and raping you. HeТll be bored with his wife by then!

His wife? but

Yeah Satosan is going to marry a lovely girl of his own kind, not a foreign slut. He doesnТt know yet, but thatТs no problem.. His mother will explain it all to him and heТll understand.

This is sick you are a fucking pervert

No need to take offence, dear. youТll get exactly what you wanted. YouТll have your whoreТs cunt screwed by my son and by me too.

YouТll get more jap cock and cock juice than you can take

NOOOOO!!! Let me go! Help me someone!!!

Enough talking, slut brace yourself. IТm going to cane you all over those white buttocks and long legs until thereТs no skin left youТll dance nicely for me, girl, I can tell and then youТll get the most thorough fucking you ever had


I’m alone, for now at least.

My perverted kidnapper left some time ago. I can’t pull myself together yet.

I’m desperate.

I’m not sure how long I’ve been locked up down here in this awful place, perhaps a week? I can’t be sure.

What I know for sure is how many times he has come to visit me; twenty-one in total and each one worse than the previous one.

The first day, just hours after the kidnapping, he made me strip in front of him at gun point. I couldn’t do otherwise. He made me dance for him while I stripped for him. It had to be an extremely humiliating strip-tease.

A gun shot into the rafters over my head stopped any thought of any resistance on my part. The sound of the gun being shot was terrifying! While I lived there was a chance of escape, but if he shot me…

After stripping came the stun-gun. The spark crackling on my breast knocked me to the floor, all my strength gone. The pervert tied me like this. He knows the knots. I haven’t been able to work one loose. I’ve never got free again, but I try when he’s not here with me.

Then he dropped down on top of me, kicked my knees apart and brutally raped me like a possessed madman.

It was cruel, awful, painful, humiliating, and it was the only time that he’d really fucked me.

Then twenty more visits, each one different, each one worse.

Sometimes he feeds me, making me lap some dog food and biscuits from a pot on the floor. I also have to drink from a bowl like a dog, as he calls me, “His hot little bitch.”

Sometimes he makes me perform my bodily needs crouched in front of him looking into his eyes, straight into his leering, sarcastic face. My god the humiliation as I have to pee or poop into a bucket as he watches, listens.

Sometimes he simply starts a polite conversation. I’m on my knees, of course, talking mostly about my previous sexual life and my present experiences with him. It is deeply humiliating as I have to describe in detail every time I’ve been fucked and every cock I’ve ever sucked.

Sometimes he makes me belly dance for him, which is not easy tied like this, but I have to do my best or he’ll hurt me even more. He told me so. He’s threatened to whip my breasts, my pussy if I don’t do as I’m told.

Sometimes he makes me masturbate on a dildo fastened to the floor. I have to squat or kneel over it and, as he watches, fuck myself until I’m cumming as he watches me with his filthy raping prick in his hand.

Sometimes he makes me clean the floor with my tongue, especially around the dildo where my juices have pooled and around the bucket where my pee may have splashed or spilled. I also have to clean his body, give him a tongue bath… his dirty asshole too. It’s so hard not to vomit, but if I do he told me I’d lick that up too and swallow it again. That my motivation to hold it.

But always, on every visit, he rapes me. He rapes my pussy, my ass as I have to move to help him and even my mouth as he orders me to lick and suck on his cock… or else, like today, he tries to rape me.

I heard the key on the heavy bolt and I hurried to my knees as he requires. The light went on and there he was already naked stroking his flaccid filthy raping prick!

I know what that means. I started trembling like a leaf on the wind. He slapped me hard on the face, while holding my hair. Six hard, humiliating stinging and burning slaps.

He let my hair go on the seventh, dropping me to the floor. He turned me over on my back with his foot, my arms tied behind my back adding to my pain, arching my body and offering my breasts to him.

He stepped on my stomach with his right food, and pushed down hard. Then he dug into my slit, onto my clit with his bare heel. “You’re dry, slave. You gonna get punished for this. Your cunt always has to be wet when I want to fuck it.”

I started trembling again. I know to much about his punishments and I dread them. All of them are either painful, agonizing or humiliating beyond belief… or both.

Then he was all over me. His breath reeked of an alcoholic drink. His saliva all over my face; his tongue probing deep in every corner of my mouth; his hands mauling my bound and swollen breasts hard and painfully. His teeth chewing on my nipples, his tongue in my ear, on my neck, on my nose, on my eyes, I was close to throwing up the revolting dog food and biscuits he fed me this morning.

Then I felt those fat knees parting my thighs. Then I felt him start to move against my open pussy again. He was soft, unable to properly fuck a woman.

He tried for hours as he mauled me, kissed me, licked me, bit me, slapped my face or my breasts… to no avail.

Now I’m alone again filled with terror, and desperate. The pervert promised to come back to punish me for not being able to arouse his desire. I fear the agony and pain, the humiliation I’ll have to endure will be far, far worse than it has been so far.

I think I’d rather die…

Attired for her first service.

When her step-mother suggested she should travel to Japan to do a language course, Jill was a little angry. She detested learning languages and Japanese seemed especially difficult to her. What was the point? They all spoke English!

But when her step-mother told her that she was going to stay on Mr MashimotoТs vast estate on the remote island of Hoki Huka, Jill was definitely upset.

Mr Mashimoto had been the business associate of JillТs extinct father in Japan and a long-time family friend. Jill hated the guy nearly as much as she hated her step-mother. There were many reasons for this, among them the leering way the old lecher had looked at her even before she became a woman, and his intention of marrying her off to Mashimoto Jr, his idiot son. Apart from that, she didnТt like Japanese men at all. She found them physically repellent and socially unfathomable!

But Jill had no option but to submit to her step-motherТs will. She wouldnТt inherit her fatherТs fortune until she was 21

But never, in her worst nightmares, would the young woman have imagined that reality could be so much worse than any fiction she had seen in the cinema.

As soon as she arrived at Mr MashimotoТs estate she was led to an obscure, damp-smelling basement and locked up in a bare stone cell, not much larger than a bird cage. For two days she heard nothing and saw nobody

And then, suddenly, she heard heavy footsteps. A pale light came into her pitch-black cell, and a huge figure stood over her. She could just make the menacing shape of a man who looked like a sumo fighter, naked but for a loin cloth, and then she felt rough hands dragging her clumsily from her cell.

Jill was absolutely terrified.

Under the close surveillance of the giant, two Japanese women carefully bathed her, filed her nails, perfumed her and finally, to her total horror, gave her six consecutive enemas.

Then they painstakingly combed her hair into a sophisticated Japanese coiffure.

To her surprise, she was given no clothes. Instead, her arms were tightly bound at her back with rough, painful ropes.

Then the sumo fighter took the young girl bound, naked and barefoot, to a warm comfortable room. She was glad to feel the carpet under her feet.

And there, standing next to her, was Mr Mashimoto


Jill steps back. She sees the familiar leering eyes of the middle-aged lecher, her step-motherТs friend!

Once more she feels the cold, wet hand of the sumo fighter, this time pushing her nearer to Mashimoto.

Kneel, slave says the giant.

For the first time in 2 long days someone has addressed her in English.

Unable to resist, unable even to think, the girl obeys, stepping forward. The word slave is screaming in her head

A frightening silence goes on for some minutes. The only noise in the room is Mr MashimotoТs tense, heavy breathing, punctuated at times by a low grunt, a heavily-charged sexual noise that suggests some deep animal pleasure

Perfect hairstyle for a cocksucker says Mr Mashimoto finally, with his habitual leering grin.

Jill lowers her face. SheТs trembling SheТs no fool. She knows what she is in for. SheТs let herself be lured into a trap set by her step-mother. Now sheТs paying the price, kneeling naked and roped in front of an old pervert who has been lusting after her since she was a child

Your mother told me about your visit. She said you had been reconsidering your refusal to become my sonТs concubine

MashimotosТs words sends shivers down her spine.

The post is not an easy one. It has very detailed, specific requirements Some of them are aesthetic, and you very obviously meet them. Some are skill-based. You will have to learn and demonstrate these. Others are to do with the proper attitude for a sexual slave. IТm sure you lack those totally, and will need a lot of enforced training to acquire them.

Jill tried not to show any emotion, but felt the tears running down her cheeks

DonТt cry, slave if you prove unable to achieve our goals and you are not accepted as my sonТs whore, youТll be used as my personal fuck and toilet slave. You wonТt be fired, thatТs for sure. You are here to stay Now I want you to thank me for all the attention I am going to dedicate to you. You are going to untie my belt with your teeth, unbutton my pants, take down my underpants and lick and kiss my yellow balls with unrestrained female passion. Then, when I tell you to begin, you will give me, your Master, the best blow job he ever had. And you will smile, because the whole performance will be filmed and sent to your step-mother and more important, to my son for his approval.
Remember; you decide… either you convince him to accept you or you’ll be mine. Now start, slave!

Warm welcome to slavery.

He stepped back and looked at his work. Perfect. The thick, rough ropes pulled tight on the top of her new slave’s large breasts, lifting them, offering them to him. Another rope went under the tits and lifted them, just that extra inch, enough to make all the difference

He was glad he had decided not to pass another rope between her legs. It could have gone down from her waist and disappeared into her prominent mons veneris. He could have pulled the rope tight onto her jealously-guarded clitoris while she knelt sucking at his cock. But in the end he left her cunt naked, exposed, defenseless

He wanted her to feel her nakedness.

He watched in fascination as she tried to bring her left thigh up to cover her cunt. It was useless. He had tied her ankles to prevent it, but not too tight

“Now slave, start rubbing your thighs together. I want you to masturbate for me by squeezing and jerking”

The young slave shyly obeys Humiliation brings tears to her hazel eyes.

His hand squeezes on the long cane.

He’s not decided yet where to cane her. His erection is becoming urgent, overwhelming him.. He looks at the shiny soft skin of her breasts should he make her stand facing the wall, pressing her breasts onto the rough cold stone? Should he cane her on her firm, naked buttocks, marking them, making them jolt and shudder, making her dance for him?

Stop all that rubbing, slut! And open your legs for your Master he orders. Show me your cunt. I want this cane wet and shining

On her knees, fearing the worst.

It all started yesterday when Jill woke from a drug-induced sleep. Slowly and painfully, she realised that she was gagged and hanging by her wrists in a warm, muggy, pitch-black prison

A man she had never seen before was leering at her. In his hand he held a long, thin, vicious knife. A sudden flash from the blade made Jill tremble with terror.

In just a few seconds, the Oriental-looking man had brutally torn off all her clothes.

Stark naked, Jill swung painfully for hours, suspended by the wrists in front of the unknown pervert who walked round and round her, over and over again, inspecting her, leering at her, drinking in her beauty, studying every detail, every fold and crease of her magnificent body Feasting on every one of the girlТs shivers and grimaces of terror

Then he left, leaving her with her wrists still above her head and her ankles crossed, tied to a peg nailed in the floor.

Not a word was spoken. Just one last leering glance came from the door at the naked, kneeling white girl. It sent shivers down her spine. Then total darkness Total silence


SheТs been like this for 24 hours now Not able to sit or stand. Feeling the unbearable pain on her knees, the insufferable strain in her tortured body.

Suddenly the door opens with a start and the man is there, naked and erect

He is holding a long, willowy cane in his right hand

The man stands in front of the kneeling girl and swishes the cane in the air

The first words are spoken in perfect English

Come over here, slave, as close as the ropes on your ankles will allow, and present those big tits of yours to your Master

Terrified, her will snapped by fear and the long night on her knees, Jill obeys.

IТm going to whip your body until you wish youТd never been born.

Jill wants to ask why, wants to plead with him, wants to say something, anything but she canТt say a single word

A Master does not justify his acts to a slave, but I will this time. IТll whip you to within an inch of your life, or beyond, just because it pleases me to do so. ThereТs nothing you can do about it itТs simply that I enjoy whipping the naked body of sluts like you.

Silence. The threatening words seep through into JillТs troubled mind…

IТm going to whip you all over on your breasts and shoulders, stomach and back, on your buttocks, on your thighs, front and back, on your shins and the soles of your feet And as for your haughty Western face, IТll enjoy slapping and backslapping it with the full force of my arm

Jill gulps. She expected sex, not this

The pervert seems to read her mind…

Sorry, no sex. I have a much-cherished wife for that. SheТs one of my own kind. I canТt beat her. And I canТt play away from home with a slut like you.

Jill crouches down, as far as the ropes will allow, still unable to say a word.

The pervert swishes the cane again in the air

I lied to you, slave there is one way you can avoid suck a lethal whipping tonight. You kneel back and offer your slutТs body to your Master. And IТll squeeze those big white tits of yours, and IТll slap them around and punch them to my heartТs content, all night long. But if you fail to offer them just once and you recoil, I shall whip you to death…”

A intimate talk.

“Sato san did an excellent job, don’t you think, slave? You look even more beautiful!

Did it hurt? Did you cry? Did you scream when the red-hot needle pierced you?”


“Answer your Master, slave!!!”

“Yes… yes… Master… it hurt…”


“Your Master asked you other questions too, slave! Answer them all!”

“Yes… this slave did scream and cry… Master….”

The dirty old bastard Yakamoto tugged on the silver rings. The sensitive flesh of the nipples was still very sore from the barbaric piercing…

“AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Please… Master…Don’t… It hurts!”

“Are you going to be a good girl now, slave? Are you going to obey every one of your Master’s orders eagerly and quickly? With real enthusiasm?”

“Yes… Master… this slave will obey her Master’s every command eagerly and quickly and with real enthusiasm…”

“Even if I tell you to lick my asshole clean?”

“Yes… Master…. This slave will do whatever you say….”

“OK, you may start your slave duties now by making your Master hard. Start kissing, licking and sucking his honorable yellow prick…”

Jill, revolted to the depths of her soul, obeyed at once…

“Don’t forget your Master’s balls, and make them build up some yellow jism… you’re going to get fed with it!”

Yakamoto’s old dick needed more than half an hour to become erect. The walls of the basement where Jill was held prisoner rang with sucking and slurping noises. The old bastard kept his eyes fixed on the wobbling blond head of his new slave… A Caucasian! Not even nineteen yet! And an upper class American! A blond WASP fuck-slave, all to himself!

Yes, the girl would give him a lot of fun… for many years to come!

“You can start sucking on your Master’s mighty cock now, slave… And do it properly… I want to feel the back of your throat and beyond…”

“And look me in the eye while you’re working on me…”

“Know what? If you spill a single drop of your Master’s jism, you’ll get your classy nose pierced. It’ll will hurt much more than a nip piercing, I can guarantee that… And I’ll do it myself to be sure you never forget the pain for the rest of your life….”

Jill’s sucking became more intense after just a moment’s hesitation. The girl, who had been a free woman only 24 hours earlier, was utterly terrorized by Yakamoto and his deformed servant Sato san. Their sadistic cruelty and sick lust was beyond anything she could ever have imagined.

“Yeah… a big, thin ring would do… four inches wide at least, going up under your chin… You’ll be an even more pliant slave then, don’t you think? Yeah… just thinking about it takes your Master to the point of not return…. Get ready to receive your Master’s load, slave… and don’t forget to swallow every single drop of it, and what’s even more important… I want you to get rid of that snooty, sad expression and smile when you feel my cum. It’s a big day for you, whore. You’re gonna have your face fucked by your Master for the first time…”

Slave Training.

“Mick held the knife close to her face. He wanted her to see how sharp it was.

ItТll go through your nipples like they were hot butter, he said. And your clit too.

The girl swallowed. He could see sheТd blown a fuse. She couldnТt take it all in. ThatТs alright, he thought. ThatТs fine by me.

Mick enjoyed his work. HeТd never met his bosses, the Honorable Ones. WeТre a fraternity, they told him. WeТre just a bunch of guys with money and we fuck slaves. You train them. You keep your mouth shut. They keep theirs open.

Jennifer, her name was. HeТd shaved her cunt before she came round. They liked their slaves bare from the eyebrows down. Still unconscious, he worked on her with the purple dildo, spreading her legs wide. He ran the knobbly part up and down over her clitoris. He dipped the tip in a kind of sauce. It stung the soft flesh, making her thigh muscles contract onto it. Then he pumped the dildo up and down inside her, watching closely as the pain got through to her Finally he put the ropes on her. They kept her arms out of the way in case she was a fighter, and they lifted her lovely tits, presenting them for a suck or a beating, framing them, giving them a life of their own. The Honorable Ones liked tits. They used bamboo canes, and whips and other stuff too

When the girl came round Mick slapped her face and tits around and stood her crying against the wall. He wasnТt allowed to whip her breasts. They always wanted to be the first to put a criss-cross pattern of red welts on tits.

He sat down in armchair and took a swig of beer. She was a good-looker alright. He removed his pants and underwear. He gripped his member and gave it a couple of pumps. DonТt look away, bitch! YouТve had a few of these up you before now, from the size of your cunt! Look at my cock! Jennifer was breathing hard and fast now, in a deep panic. She had no idea where she was or who the man was.

Let me go, please. Who are you?

Think of me as your personal trainer, but call me Master. Say yes, Master.

Jennifer looked at the man. Tough. Dangerous. Psycho. DonТt make him angry.

Y Yes, Master.

Turn round and kneel down. Put your head on the ground and show me your butt. JenniferТs eyes flickered round the room. Embarrassed, eh?. He liked that. Slowly she went down and lifted her buttocks to him.

You are a lovely girl, I say that for you, slave

Now get up and come over here on your knees. You are about to start your slave training

He grabbed both her nipples and squeezed hard, pulling her, on her knees, over to the purple dildo. It stood fixed on a small table, still shining with her womanТs juices and the stinging sauce, like some mad religious icon. She shuddered in repugnance at the sight of it.

Start practicing, bitch! ThatТs gotta go right down your throat. I want your lips on the table. It looks solid, but itТll bend. When you can kiss the table, youТll be able to kiss my bollocks.

Jennifer looked at him. No use pleading. She looked at the knife. Yes, Master, she said, and taking the evil-looking replica into her mouth. It stank. Her stomach heaved. She pulled away. Mick took a firm grip on one of her nipples and held the knife near it. Quickly she put her head down again. The false cock was slimy. It stung her mouth. She went down on it again. Further! he ordered. She spluttered and choked. It began to go round the corner. She couldnТt breathe. Further. All in or you lose one good nip. And IТll cane your cunt till it looks like a cuntburger before I eat it.

She took a deep breath and forced the purple rubber round her throat. Mick saw it through the soft skin of her throat. She put her lips against the table. Alright. Sit up.

Jennifer sat up, flushed, gasping for breath, her lovely breasts heaving and wobbling

“You’ll be practicing for the next 6 hours. See this? It’s a video camera, I’ll be watching you. If you stop for a single second, I’ll make you regret you were ever born”

The girl looked at her torturer unable able to breath normally yet

“You’ll suck the knob strongly for one minute. I wanna hear all the noises Then you’ll gulp it down, all of it, until your lips touch the wood. You’ll do it 4 times very slowly and 4 times as fast as you can. On the last gulp keep your lips on the wood for 30 seconds. You count slowly up to 30

Then you start the whole drill again You keep going like this for 6 hours, got it?

Then I’ll come to visit you and you’ll show me what you have learned so far… Put those lips of yours to work, slave. Now!

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